Monday, April 06, 2009

72 Seasons of Love

  • No, we're not talking about All My Children, but it's relevant: Guiding Light was cancelled this week, and soaps fans everywhere are mourning.

What more is there to say? Guiding Light did everything right as far as we can tell, and the ax still fell. What does this mean for our little show, which doesn't feel very right lately? For more on this and other crazy-ass soap news (Kathy Brier getting fired from OLTL? Alexander Cambias, Sr. coming back to AMC?), go to for their amazing daytime coverage, and to AMC Superposter for his amazing AMC spoilers. After you're done reading, don't forget to leave your comments with us. We're not the only ones with ass-toot observations!

4/3/09 Podcast


jason said...

Woohoo New Podcast. I try to stay spoiler free except for casting news, but I haven't heard that Alexander Cambias sr. is coming back! NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Satin Slayer is the worst storyline in AMC history! I don't even know how it ended.

shelly said...

awe only an hour podcast this week :( Still can't wait to listen.

Anonymous said...

i think part of the podcast is missing it just cuts off mid-sentence


WMD said...

Downloaded ok for me. Length should be 1h 37m.

It's super late, but I just wanted to get this in. Great show this week guys! Very good discussion of everything at the beginning. One thing I can't help but notice is, CBS seems to be repeating NBC's past mistakes - they have canceled their good show instead of a bad one (Guiding Light vs. As the World Turns), just like NBC did (Another World vs. Days of our Lives). Or at least, that's what I get from reading about the shows and Jordan's take on them. But like I said last week, GL survived radio and TV, so don't count it out just yet.

Oh yeah, and I'm glad I'm not the only one who loved the song at the end of Thursday's OLTL. In fact, I got out my audio cables and whatnot and recorded it into my computer from my VCR tape. Being that I record shows in SLP/EP mode (so I can fit 3 days of 2 shows onto the tape), it has a distinctly lo-fi sound...but it works for it, since it was a club performance. And, sorry for digressing a bit, but unlike a lot of stuff on TV, they didn't butcher the audio for this part. It was mixed at proper volumes, with ample dynamic range. It sounds great! Compare that to commercials (and many shows) that are brickwalled at -0.1db so that they sound LOUD OMGLOL. Does anybody reading this know who wrote/performed that song and what it's called? (I couldn't make it out on the show.)

I'm sure there's much more I could talk about,'s REALLY late and I need to sleep. Again, kudos A&J!

PS: That part about Young Annie and where the blood came from...funniest damn thing I've heard all week. :D

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the new podcast despite all the work I have to get done today.

Terry in Toronto

Amanda said...

I just got caught up on OLTL, and I have a question for Jordan (whom I love because he knows EVERYTHING).

Friday's ep, Zach shows up to see Todd. Have these 2 seen eachother since Todd's reconstructive surgery? How did Zach recognize him?

I haven't watched since recently, but I remember the surgery storyline when TSJ took over the role. Help!

jordan hudson said...


Great question...I would think that if Zach has benn on a mission, then he would have read all the articles in various newspapers about Todd and Marty. The articles must have stated and show pcitures of Todd in both stages. Who knows how long Zach has been keeping up with all things Todd. he obviosuly has a score to settle. I totaly believe that he would know Todd at this point. It's not like Todd isnt in the newspaper every time he does something bad.

Better Off Ted is great not only is it funny as hell but a realsitic storyline where a single Dad has decided not to pursue an office romance with a woman who might bolt. A dad thinking about how the person he gets involve with will effect his child. HMMMMMMMM. The AMC parents sure never take that into consideration.

Norn Cutson said...

AMC's Luner Landing on April 17

“I love things sexy – I certainly see myself that way – and I love playing women who are out to get what they want at any cost,” says the actress. Last seen in 2005, Liza has since become an attorney and returns to town intent on destroying her ex-hubby Adam in court. “She’s still a battered soul and she still has her wicked ways, only now Liza has the power of the law behind her.” Luner says. “It’s a juicy set-up.”

Luner was brought to AMC by the soap’s head writer Chuck Pratt, who wrote and produced several seasons of MELROSE. “Back then, Jamie’s nickname on the set was ‘Turbo’ because she’s such a ball of energy and you can throw anything at her,” says Pratt. “I warned her that joining AMC would be daunting and crazy. What with 30 actors and all the behind-the-scenes stuff, it’s like high school. But they’re the ones who have to watch out. Jamie’s not an ass kisser. She’s very straightforward. She’s going to shake up the cast in a very good way.”

Pratt says he’s not going to commit to any romantic entanglements right away but he does want to see how Luner sparks with Thorsten Kaye. Says the scribe: “His character Zach is at a desperate, dark place in his life when Liza returns — he’s at the lowest point he’s ever been — so that could be a very exciting match for the audience,” Pratt says. “But we’ll play it by ear. We’re going to put Jamie with a lot of guys and see what kind of hell she can raise. After all, that’s what she does best.”

donna said...

Interesting, and I'm using that term loosely, article about Jamie Luner here:

Pratt's arrogance and disdain for AMC, it's actors, it's history, and it's audience is written all over that.

Luner's gonna teach them all, huh?
How did AMC survive all these years without you and the magical Ms Luner, Chuckie?


Norn Cutson said...


Chrishell Stause - STRAWBERY WINE


Peg said...

Howdy everyone!

It's been a super long time since I have posted -- but I listen *EVERY* week and watch the show, faithfully. At times it's been way difficult to do -- but i do think we will get our show back..i hope! don't even know me! However, I know you will grow to love me! (smiles)

Ashley...You rock girlfriend!

Jason! memba me, baby? I completely agree with you about Alexander C. sr. and the satin slayer....oy...WTF?

Look for my astoooot observations on this here pages real soon!
hugs and smooches,

WMD said...

RE: n69n's quoted article...calling Chuck Pratt a "scribe" is above him.

Norn Cutson said...

more vids from SOAPSTOCK



Laura said...

Listening to podcast. I have christend Krystal Kloudy. It means the opposite of Crystal. She was clear and now she is clouded.

lisa said...

I need a Ashley/Jordan podcast every week! AMC or OLTL it doesn't matter the subject matter. If it comes down to it and you just can't take AMC anymore, I'll take a OLTL related one.

Mel Got Served said...

As much as I don't like Amanda taking back Jake after he called her such awful things, I would be one million percent OK with the writers rewriting the timeline to make Jake the actual babydaddy.

jordan hudson said...

Sadly I started with AMC and ATWT thought it better to get rid of the bad and save the good gl and OLTL for later.

AMC was so so. Due in part to the veterans being on. I just enjoy watching Tad, Adam, Jesse in whatever form I can take them. With this hideous writing team it's hard for me to invest in the Adam Mystery. As of right now it just seems ridic. He is draiwng Erica but calling her Lottie. Colby was her usual wretched self today. It's almost like a satge hand has a stick and is poking her when she has to say her lines. Pete has become a truly dumb character. As if last week offering to marry Amanda was bad now he thinks Colby murdered david so he brings a shovel. If this is their attempt at humor.....yawn.
Oh why could Annie not fall for her hot Doctor. Rather he be put on contract then have to endure another day of Aidumb. I guess this is England's way of getting back at uf ro all the times we remake and butcher their shows. Why is Resse there? She actually thoguht she would be met with open arms and the final scene between her and Ryan was just bizzare.

Well thanks for the article about Lunar and Pratt. I don't think I cna watch AMC when she arrives. This just shows that Pratt has no game plan when it comes to writing the show. This is a Soap you need to have some idea and long range plans. Calling the behavior backstage to be like high school. So he is basically insulting the current cast and crew. Most likley because they have been vocal about the hatchet job he is doing. That article was unbelievable.

As much as I like Jamie Lunar. Pratthole shoudl think again. Daytime is only for strong people. Many a nightime/film star thought they could handle it. We will see who is the on that will get schooled.

donna said...

Amen, Jordan.

Pratt basically planted a target on JL's back with that interview.

He did the same thing with Beth Ehlers and Ricky Paull. And we all know how well the Gush redux worked out.

And if we're being truthful, Ms Luner did herself no favors there, either.

And Craputhers just needs to STFU, permanently.

Mel Got Served said...

Why does EVERY woman on AMC have to interact with Zach? Why couldn't Liza try to hook back up with Jake? Make a man out of Petey? Seduce JR to get back at Adam? Rekindle something with Ryan?

Everything, and every woman, on this show has to revolve around Zach and I'm soooo tired of it. It's just so obvious that every woman that re-enters Pine Valley will forge some bond with Zach.


Anonymous said...

The singer is Rachel Yamagata, she's GREAT!! and has a ton of amazing songs

the sound bite at the end made me sad, KZ is so amazing and to think I won't get to see her act again after the fall is just wrong...Even though that scene was before my time it's just so powerful and I remember a clip where she talked about taping it and how she knew it was something special because the whole crew was standing up and clapping after


Crystal said...

I loved the Krystal being called Susan. I think you should call her 'Susan with a K' ha ha ha.

If you want to call the writers something worse than stupid you should call them Pratts. ;)

Annie's doctor was a hottie! I think I am feeling a breakdown coming on.

I can't believe you hadn't watched Friday's OLTL. I was waiting for that. As Jordan would say it was HOT!!! I am guessing you have watched it by now so I can say I was dying when Schuyler was getting in the shower. (Why did they have to spell his name like that?!)

discodan said...

hey guys sorry that i havent been able to get on. im at the local library cuz my computer is on the fritz. JordAsh, I have to send u guys the completed version of my story and if anyone wants a copy, they can email me at

WMD said...

Thanks Sylvie...she has a Wikipedia article, already updated to reflect her OLTL performance. Apparently the song is called "Elephants."

As for the spelling of Schuyler's name...that's actually the traditional way that name is spelled.

I wanted to say this about AMC last night before I finally forced myself to bed. When Krystal brought Little A back to the Hubbards', and she started reminding people that they've all broken the custody agreement, I thought to myself, "Are you kidding me? KWAK doing David's dirty work now?" I mean, all soap characters get their turn at being stupid, but this is just ridiculous.

Norn Cutson said...

notes on Monday's episode

• here's ROXY.

• here's CHARLIE!

sgrave...MARCIE shows up.

• dang, STARR's in heat!!!!


• i like that ROXY figures it out instantly.


• man, COLE's on fire.

• real life news of Kathy brier being fired is making this scene of her & NATTY even sadder.

• poor REX.

• how do they think they are gonna work this bone marrow switch?

• aw MARCIE talkin about SAM.

• Charlie: "Keep it simple"


• man, STARR is goin nuts.
nuts for MR J's nut!

• that SETH is a real dork.
& the actors a real ham.

• tsk! NATTY is convincing herself to keep the secret!

• what kind of rehab is this that COLE can run all over town & take drugs?

Melissa said...

Does anyone think David Canary looks thin? Maybe it's the fact that he's not wearing a suit, but he does look like he's been sick. Has anyone heard anything about that?

Crystal said...

WMD, isn't that funny, I haven't ever seen it spelled that way. Maybe too many hippies around here?? Not that that's possible but, I digress.

I can't believe Marcy is leaving 8( I hope they write them off in a nice way. Maybe they could transfer to AMC. We could probably fit ONE more doctor in the hallway, ahem, I mean hospital. Marcy could give all these poor children a good home.

Laura said...

Daytime Confidential is reporting Good News and Bad News about who is coming and going on AMC. I won't post it here. But take a look over there.

Observations from today. Adam and Erica are way too old to be wearing jackets like that. Erica's top focuses too much on her neck, her worst feature.

David wasn't as bad today. Krystal wasn't as Cloudy.

I think Reese got her sight back and said ooh my hair is greasy, I better wash it.

Oh, Tad has his stupid velour jacket on.

Adam really hid good, huh? Everyone found him in like 2 minutes.

Gee I guess the story is so bad, I focus more on the clothes.

Actually I can deal with the Satin Slayer coming back if he gets rid of Cryan, Rancid, Coldby, and of course Aidumb. Also I would like him to turn Kloudy back in Crystal. He could also bring Dixie back, since he killed her.

Smelly Kelly Jay said...

I was gonna come up in here and post the links to the videos from SoapStock weekend, but I see that n69n beat me to it.

What's with the Ilene Kristen ones being taken down? Those are the ones I really wanted to see.

I'm not impressed with Chrishelle's voice. Kim Zimmer is pretty good. And, despite his forgetting some of the lyrics, Jacob Young is really good,

I can't stand that horrid, hateful Stacy Whorasco with her Latoya Jackson nose and flabby stripper arms. I want every character on the show to line up and take a whack at that mole.

Wasn't "Edge of Night"'s Skye Whitney's full name Schuyler?

Jordan Hudson, you are my new best friend since I've read how much you loved EON and visited the set and met some of the cast. That was my show when I was a kid. Let's meet up in the city. I'll buy you a Sex on the Beach, and we can talk about the good ole days.

Laura said...

Smelly Kelly Jay, Jordan, and others. Ever since the GL news I have been thinking about how much I loved the edge of night. I now find it entertaining to youtube old episodes of Soaps I loved than watch the crap most of them have become. Here is a link to a great interview with Sharon Gabet.

It's from a few years ago. She mentions Dennis Parker and how they all teased him about doing porn movies. I can't believe 30 years later we are such prudes. I think about those days and wonder what Frons would have did?

Also it was interesting how she said P&G almost built their own studio. Good thing they didn't.

Anonymous said...

Hey Amanda,

On today's OLTL Zach commented on Todd's "new" face and complimented the "work".

I thought Stacy was interesting when she first appeared but she has quickly outworn her welcome thanks to being in too many scenes for her one trick deadpan acting style to handle.

Nice to see Natalie today and I like the way RC is stretching out the baby switch storyline. It's moving forward in fits and starts like in real life and involving lots of people in different ways.

Pratthole article re: Lunar was a joke. I guess she's going to take over Pine Valley and teach Susan Lucci and all the rest of the vets how to act and save the show! Puh-leeze! Give me a break. I continue to maintain that all this is intended to run the show into the ground so the network can put on cheaper programming like gameshows and reality tv.

Terry in Toronto

crs 17 said...

Thoughts on Monday's ep:


Seriously, though. I feel like we're getting back to what AMC was this past week. I feel like new storylines are getting started. It's just taking some time after the train wreck from a few weeks ago. Seriously, it was like all of the Stupidity on this show collided at once, culminating in Frankie and Randi's dumb wedding (who cares?), the umpteenth time David tells Krystal he isn't after her to be after Little A (snooze), and Zack pigging everyone around like he usually does (snort, grunt).

I don't know, though, storylines aren't necessarily Pratt's problem. It's his pacing and some of the gaping holes. The ideas themselves could be entertaining. But, honestly, I'm not holding out hope for this brief respite (that's a good word Ashley--respite), based on Pratt-hole's history. It's just nice to see things slow down and take a breath and not "sizzle" me off the screen at every commercial break.

By the way, an expression you may have been looking for on last week's podcast. All sizzle and no steak. All style and no substance.

Oh, yeah, I suppose Jordan will be somewhat happy with today's ep, because Annie's psych returned.

crs 17

Cherries4376 said...

Hey Ashley,

I have been dying to hear your podcasts ever since I heard you on DC. But none of them seem to download. Is there something special I have to do in order to get them? Please let me know because I'd love to hear them!


Ashley said...

Hi Cherries!

Are none of them downloading? I haven't heard of folks having too many difficulties, but I am missing some of the older episodes from 2006 - is that what you're talking about?

Also, are you downloading directly from the blogsite or iTunes? iTunes might be easier....

Let me know -

Ash xo

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

UGH! Pratthole disgusts me! You guys were right when you said that a pen this man's hands is a weapon. It really is. I wish it were a crime to kill a tv show.

Arizonagal said...

So if the Satin Slayer is returning to PV, does this mean he's going to finish cleaning house? If that's the case then hell, consider me the welcome wagon! Too bad he can't clean out the behind the scenes forces that make this show suck, because I'd have him start with Pratthole and Crapothers.

Ooh Jordan, did ya see Heroes last night? Are we finally gonna get some answers? Everytime I see Claire Bear, I think of GL and our little Lizzie.

jordan hudson said...

Well guys. I have to say that AMC today was watchable.

I prefer when things are more grounded and the characters drive the storyline. Dialogue and stories are still clunky.

It was a nice turn of events with David and Susan with a K. She was almsot KWAK again. Nice scenes with David and her. Debbie as always will steal the scenes she is in. I was kicking myself for not seeing this coming. A classic Soap move and I loved it. Why?because for a moment David and Susan were human.

I still feel that Amanda and Jake were ruined when he got verbaly abusive with her. Yet I like them together. Thou I did not get that scene were Jake was playing gay for the camera. Tina Fey has nothing to worry about with the AMc writers. They should watch OLTL to see humor done right.

I guess it's offical the torch has been passed to Opal, to be the new Myrtle. What can I say I love me some Jill Larson. MK again another peformer who, give him a scene he will steal it. Let's give him his own storyline already.

Ryan had a good hair day. Latley I was wondering if he had hair plugs put in, like Kamar at OLTL. The hair just doesn't look natural at times. I will say this Cam looked good in that Black Tank top.

Now Aidumb is a Psychiatrist.... seriosuly!

I have to say OLTl rocked today. Oh Matthew was so good. I'm loving this storyline for so many reasons. The reality of how the strain of this kind of sitaution can pull two people apart. Nora not letting Clint in. That's real people. Destiny maybe she can come and coach Rancid and Coldy.Hank and now Rachel is back. Yeah!

Brain Frons is the biggest dumb ass. How, How, How do you not see the magic that is Ray and Dorian. As much as I love David and Dorian. This is how you have a triangle going. Ray is all man and Dorian needs someone who will not cower down to her. They are smoking hot!

Jess and Brody. I love me some Roxy. When she told Stacy off. See now thats funny. David's commercial that's funny. Even Shane asking for a video game if there was any money left over was funny.

Still mourning GL. I watched today's epsiode and just don't understand. From Reva getting to see her son via modern technology. The hot sexy scenes between Dinah and Shayne. The fact that Edmund is back to his old ways and wants revenge. Yet today was all about the Spauldings. Alan being manipulative. Beth and Philip. yet the gold star goes to Marcy Rylan. She was not playing Lizzie when Grant was on the show. Yet from day one of his return and their meeting. They have had chemistry. You would think she had always been Lizzie. That's called acting. Today when Lizzie realized she loves her father. I cried. A tip of the hat to you Marcy Rylan.

Well I'm looking forward to the Unusuals on ABC and Southland on NBC.

Bxgal said...

YAY! good news! Jennifer Bassey is returning to AMC when Jamie Luner starts!!
This is probably the only good thing coming from Liza's return...

Melissa said...

I would be soooo much more invested in Kendall and Ryan if they handn't been thrown together so suddenly and stupidly after Greenlee's "death". They are beautiful together, and I like them as a couple, but come on!

Good grief! Thank goodness Krystal didn't have a baby on the way. How many kids does this soap need? Are they trying to amp up the target demographic to include the toddler set?

What was Tad wearing? That butter yellow trench coat with the Mandarin collar was strange.

Laura said...

Ashley and Jordan, I loved your beginning opening this week. Because of your song, I got tickets today to see Rent in Chicago on Saturday. I'll be in the Balcony, but I'll be there. I am looking forward to it. It's my birthday present to myself.

Bxgal said...


Laura said...

Judy Blight Wilson dropped me as her facebook friend. Maybe she reads this blog. But she is still friends with Ashley Mendoza. Maybe she saw me post here. Oh well, it's not like I knew her or anything.

But I wished I would have sent her some nasty messages before she dropped me.

Norn Cutson said...

notes on Tuesday's episode

• DAVID!!!

well, at least they were setting up to play the DAVID/DORIAN/RAY triangle.

this is a good day!

& NIGEL!"I need to check on the corndogs!"

• thats so neat that BREE takes gymnastics @ SERENITY SPRINGS!

• ROXY & this lab tech dude are sneaking into REX'S Dad's room.

• BRODY: "I'm crazy about to speak!"

oh i got all butterflies in my belly!

• MATTHEW is comin home!


she just punched SEAN in the gut!

• DAVID's filmed a commercial, & he's called DORIAN to tell her!

how can they cut short this magic heat between DORIAN & RAY???
they are PURE CLASS. classic soap!
i dont get it!!!

• WHOAH HO, SKANKY's on the spot now!

• DORIAN's building up how ***TALENTED*** DAVID is to get RAY you *KNOW* DAVID's commerical is gonna be **HILARIOUS***!!!!!

this is what we watch soaps for!!!!
frons delibertaly doesnt get that!!!

• look how much cast they have for MATTHEW's homecoming. that shows that this is a significant event.

oh NORA's trying so hard to be just makes everything worse.

• DAVID's got a hemmoroid commercial!

its not so funny, but DORIAN & RAY's reaction shots are a scream!

• HAAAAAA, SKANKY's being dragged away!!!! how's she gonna get outta this?!?!!?


RAY: Bravo.

• DAVID: "You;re talking to the new face of HAVE-A-SEAT!!!"

• SEAN: "Dont get in my face, little girl"
DESTINY: "Dont get in MINE."

when DESTINY says "I'm doing this for Matthew", i get all teary-eyed.

• ROXY: "You broke my baby's heart,so whatevers in those needles, i hope it kills ya & makes ya fat!"

• OH MAN DORIAN & RAY have my jaw on the floor!!!!


• i love seeing VIKI playing with the baby!

• OMG SKANKY's goin thru with it!!!!

Laura said...

Rumor on Daytime Confidential is that the P&G soaps may go to Lifetime. I hope so to save the genre. I am sure the budget won't be the same. But along with my nicknames, I have a new one. Sucknet for Soapnet. Named in honor of Brian "Suck it" Frons. He obviously doesn't like Soaps. Actually I'm surprised he doesn't rerun the View over there. Better than 90210 all the time.

Anonymous said...

Laura, I like Sucknet very appropriate! Why can't they show real soaps on there?! 90210, O.C. and One tree hill are constantly on there ugh....granted they show Ryan's Hope and I've seen a couple of Port Charles eps. but why not other soaps like Another World, Search for Tomorrow, or Edge of Night!?

By the way Jordan you got me really interested in another soap....that isn't even on the air anymore!?!?! I youtubed Edge of Night and watched clips wow what great stuff hell even the theme song is awesome!

Now I'm going to scream(Granted I'm typing but Im going for effect)...WHY THE F*%K ARE KATHY BRIER, A MARTINEZ, and CHRIS STACK FIRED WHILE RANCID, COLDBY, AND NATALIA STILL WORKING! You're all correct Dorian and Ray are AMAZING while Marcie and Michael are good characters to me. These characters still have so much potential it pains me to see them on screen when I know they're leaving soon..

I've read some spoilers for AMC over at DC and I'm not sure how I feel about them....

After reading that article about Chuck Pratthole I hate him even more...He is a real AHOLE...and I kind of feel bad for Jamie Lunar. I mean she's coming on this show probably getting the feel of things, getting to know her castmates and then this article comes out.

I'll leave on this note....I learned from the play In The Heights the phrase Paciencia y Fe (Patience and Faith). Patience to deal with the crap we're dealt with and Faith in hopes that things will get better. It can be applied to our daily lives and to our soaps. Patience in dealing with crappy storylines and Faith that the writers and powers that be will do the right thing! (hopefully)

Paciencia y Fe fellow Bloggers!


Amanda said...


I was happy to hear that comment to Todd on Monday's episode of OLTL.

See, these writers have GREAT continuity!

Yesterday's episode had some great lines from Roxy. My fave? "I hope the stuff they give you kills you, and makes you fat!"

Love me some Roxy!

jordan hudson said...

EON was an amzing show to the bitter end. It went out with a sort of cliff hanger because rumor was that it might be picked up. It went out with a mystery. The show started out as a crime daytime drama and towards the end it became a mix of a traditional soap/mystery serial. Many great characters with unique names. One of daytimes best Vixen's Sharon Gabet as Raven. One of my all time favorite couples Raven and Sky. Sharon and AMC's Travis, Larkin Malloy. Also Lori Laughlin of Nu90210 and Full House as the hottest young ingeune Jody Travis. Yes the theme song rocked. I also loved the lyrics which would play at the end when they rolled the credits. sigh!

Well last night was the second episode of Cupid. The show is quite different then the original. A little more light hearted. I still would rather have had a different female lead. I do love the fact that there are two Latins co starring. Rick Gomez and Camille Guatey. I also love that Diane Ruggerio is a writer and producer she had a show on CBS "That's Life". I loved it. Only lasted two seasons.

I have to say I'm hooked on Cupid. Maybe it's because so much has changed and happen since 1998 and the first one. I'm a sucker for romance and romantic comeies. In a world and time where things are so dark, is it so wrong to have something that is just pure hope and corny. We need shows like Cupid to balance things out, at least I do. An ex friend use to say the thing he admired about me most was that no matter how many times I got my heart broken I always was able to get up again dust the rubble off and move on. After so many years of being unlucky in love, maybe I just need a show that is going to remind me to have a little hope. Plus Bobby Cannevle is so fing sexy. Oh why are all the good ones straight. Sigh.

jordan hudson said...

amanda, thank you I also loved when Roxy attacked stacy with that line. I almost choked on what I was eating at the time. funny!

Anonymous said...

I guess we all agree. RC and the OLTL writers know how to write!

Terry in Toronto

Laura said...

Ron C also knows to bring in the vets. One of my very favorites, RJ Gannon, the delicious Timothy D. Stickney is also returning, just at the same time he became my facebook friend! Ashley you will love him.

jordan hudson said...

I.... hold on... kind of liked AMC today. Again the scenes where character driven and even david came across with some depth. I liked the Brother Martins and the use of history. They need to get out of the corner they are writing themselves into. The audience cares about Brot. In order for them to move into a Taylor/ Tad pairing they are going to need a convincing reason for taylor and Brot to part ways. The AMC writers should stay away from humor. The brot scene at then end was just awkward.

GL was great today and my Gl source was not kidding. James Spaulding is one hot ticket. It's a shame the show is getting the axe now. They have a hot young leading man with possibilites and is a legacy character. Sadly the writers are pairing him with a Cooper...yawn. And Daisy no less. How about Rick's daughter or Maureen. The Spaulding/Cooper thing has been done to death. Not to mention I still don't get how Daisy is still a High school student. She was born before Shayne or Jonathan. She was a teenager when Lizzie was still a kid and before James was even conceived. Not since Erica Kane has a character had a case of the Benjamin Buttons....well now there will be Liza joining the ranks.

Also if AMC was dead set on Liza ebing a redhead rather see Crystal Chappelle or Liz Keifer play Liza over Jamie Lunar. Anyway this wont be Liza, this will be Chantel. Chantel Colby.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

I agree with you Jordan it was nice to finally see David have a little heart in todays episode. It reminded me of the days when I actually liked the character.
However, the whole Aidumb and Annie thing is still giving me a headache.. I thought she had to be asleep to remember the stuff from her birthday, now she can just close her eyes and remember everything because Aiden is talking her through it... Please
And I also agree with you about the Taylor/Brot/Tad thing. I really like Brot, but understand why the writers are wanting to move Taylor on to Tad. They just better do it in a good way, without effing it up. And that is asking a lot of these writers.

Now on to the whole Liza thing.. Pratt really ruined it for Jamie Lunar because now when she comes on screen I am just going to think of the "no ass kissing" remark. I think, due to that comment, I am not going to like her at all from the get go.

Norn Cutson said...

notes on Wednesday's episode

• MARTY comes to visit BLAIR in the hospital

• JACK gets a shot of DORIAN & RAY kissin.

im lookin forward to seeing what this actress has to offer.

• JACK is blackmailing DORIAN
"one push & your husband sees you swappin spit with your new little BOY FRIEND muah muah muah!"

RAY gets him to give up the phone.

• tsk, MARTY tryin to make peace & BLAIR actin catty!

• i think STARR is nuts!

(but ive been in that crazy obsessed love place too)

• ooh COLE just told TODD all about STARR & MR J!!!


• FISH is annoying me...he's cute & all, but he seems the kind of cop who does police brutality.

• ooooooh here's TODD!!!!

• "Twinkle twinkle, Little Starr"

shes like "who the eff is *this* dork?"

he's just not very threatening!

Anonymous said...

Isn't Crystal a little old to be having a baby?


Anonymous said...

And I love Melissa Clair Eagen, but she NEEDS to have the big ol' mole under her left nostril REMOVED! It is so distracting and ugly!!


Anonymous said...

Just caught the beginning of today's episode - thank goodness Crystal can't procreate with Evil Dr david.

Hey Crystal, how about taking care of the kid you already have? When's the last time you saw Jenny?


Arizonagal said...

Food for thought...

Wow, just listening to DC discuss the cancellation of GL. They are bashing the show like they think GL deserved this. But, they do say that Ellen Wheeler had a vision and really cared about the show's quality. About this, I have no doubt.

This got me to thinking about AMC, Pratthole, Crapothers, and beyond. As part of the working class, don't we all, in our jobs, in our personal life, seek a certain quality in our tasks? That's how we succeed, right? We take pride in our work. We don't want to deliver a shoddy product, whether it's in the workplace, school, home, wherever!

The philosophies behind the two shows are completely opposite. Wheeler sees GL as a gem to polish and respect. She screws up from time to time, but the bottom line for her is delivering a quality product. She cares, it shows.

OTOH, Pratthole and others see AMC as a nuisance, but they'll use it until the money drys up. They have the luxury of not caring about the outcome of their soaps or the viewers. The end product is the result of Pratthole's lack of vision and respect. We get a little glimpse into the black shriveled souls of the TIIC at ABC.

A few years ago on GL, Wheeler decided to take the cast to Biloxi and New Orleans, after Katrina. I think this video says so much about the kind of person she is, the kind of show GL is, a show with a lot of heart. Check this out.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Just finished reading an article in Entertainment Weekly (the one with Jennifer Hudson on the cover). It was talking about movie executives and how now in this economic time they don't care about what movie goers want to see, they just care about what the movie goers will go see a.k.a. what will for sure make them money. And the last line in the article made me think of Frons and Craputhers.
Here it is..

"Executives who insist that all we want is comfort food because that's all they know how to cook are missing our appetite for variety, for surprise, for something we've never seen. And in underestimating our intelligence, they overestimate their own."

I think it pretty much hits the nail on the head of what they think about their audience. If they would only realize that they are smarter than they think maybe our little shows quality would start picking up.

Anonymous said...

Brody working out doing chest presses on OLTL this week was hot! Here's a youtube clip of Boot Camp With Brody from "National Love Our Children Day" which is an event with soap star participation.

Gotta love that Brody.

brown penny said...

Hey, when did TPTB decide to give David a little depth? Think it was monday, he had some nice scenes with Krystal. I finally felt something genuine was happening between those two. Is it possible he really loves Kwak? If that's the case, why didn't we see that? Ooh and then we had an Annie Freakout that was pretty good. Why has Oak Haven given Aidan special privileges?

Crystal said...

BrownPenny, LOL, what??!! If we thought David was being written too evil we must have just been so clueless. Just like when we misunderstood the Zach and Reese relationship, ha ha ha.

Norn Cutson said...

notes from Thursday's episode

• LANGSTON sees the photo of DORIAN & RAY kissing. i like how real LANGSTON is with her.

• RAY & LOLA español, i like that.

• VIKI's cookin, TÉA comes to visit.

• TODD's got MR J now!
"You little pervert."

• i like how they are developing JACK's character!

• oh dang, TÉA.

• i'm not real invested in this ZACH ROSEN story.

• i like that RAY knows what a little hootch his daughter is!

• TÉA: "Unfortunately, any man who shows the slightest interest in me, I find vaguely repulsive."

• i like that MARTY is gonna be involved in the rescue!

• LOLA: "I told him I'd stop, but...I LIED."

• DORIAN sent the picture herself!
i know how she feels...its like late-night facebooking.
sometimes you'll send something & then instantly regret it!

Norn Cutson said...

pardon me, but wasnt the SATIN SLAYER a low point in AMC history?
wasnt that what sent Taylor Crawford over the edge?

why would AMC want to remind people of that era?

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Satin Slayer was the worst storyline.. Possibly in the history of all television. The fact that there is even a rumor going around about that returning is scaring the crap out of me.

Does anyone remember what the ratings were like during the Satin Slayer?

bizarra said...

I've just discovered your podcast and I LOVE it! I watched AMC for quite some time (well, only a couple years. I was caught up in the Zen. Thorston does it for me, what can I say...) I no longer watch AMC because its just painful to watch. Much like my Days, which is the soap I grew up with. I'm on and off with Days, mostly off these Days.. oy..) So right now, I am soap free and happy! But I love you guys and Daytime Confidential. Keep making me laugh at work! Love ya!

jordan hudson said...

alas the news about AMC just makes me even more sure that my days of wtaching may be numbered. A plaing wrong recast of Liza and now the Satin Slayer 2: revenge of the slayer.

Also yesterday's epsiode almost put me into a deep sleep that I only would have woken form if Luke Mcfarlane came and kissed me.

This Adam mystery is not really a mystery just plain weird. By Pratt's own admission in the article about Jamie Lunar, he has no idea what's going to happen with Liza. Once again this man is paid to write a show, yet he seems to just be throwing caution to the wind and has no real game plan.

Then I watch OLTL, where storylines are happenin and moving forward.

Thursday so much happened. Tea confiding in Vicki. A grudge almost 15 years old begins to play out. Langston is close to finding out she can't trust her cousin. Dorian makes a move that could save or destroy her marriage. An intense confrontation between Schuyler and Todd.

Let alone that Jack has been amazing all week again wish he would go teach rancid, coldy and Aidumb how to act at AMC. After yesterday's epsiode can't believe that they still plan on gettign rid of Ray and Lola, makes no sense.

On a primetime not. I saw Harper's Island.... at this point I'm going into wtachign new shows waiting to hate them because the last thing I need is another show to my list. I really was expecting the worse. I loved it. It's campy, fun and entertaining. A long horror movie which has more time to delve a little deeper with story and characters then your average 84 minute horror film. Harper's I sland my new guilty pleasure.

discodan said...

So did anyone enjoy Adam Mayfield as Scott Chandler today? He's no Forbes March, but he did a decent job. I liked his dynamic as frienemies with JR, but the way that Stuart just walked up to Scott in ConFusion. I'm sorry...but what the heck is Stuart doing in ConFusion? That should be the question of the week.

I also really liked Frankie's scene today with David. It helped keep him human for a little while anyways.

I wish that Erica's breakdown today was a repression of grief of Josh instead of this "I'm Erica Kane and I want to be fabulous again!" That would have been some awesome writing.

Annie is fun. I like her, and I kinda miss her friendship with Ryan, but Aidan needs to die.

I hate Zach and Kendall needs to close her legs.

I'm back and I've missed you all.

Norn Cutson said...

notes on Fridays episode

• dont tell me SKANKY is gonna get tangled up in TODD.

• this ZACH guy is dumb, but i like TODD, MARTY & MCBAIn workin together to rescue the kids!

• i can just lose myself in RAY's warm eyes.

• i LOVE that MARKKO just tells LANGSTON THE TRUTH!!
take a lesson, GIGI!

• hmmm, whats goin thru JESS's mind?


• SKANKY's puking.

• DORIAN's playing off the photo as a joke.

WHAT is this about her moving to LA?!?!?!

• whoah, what a cliffhanger!

Anonymous said...

I LOVED Todd all this week, and he made me laugh out loud when he grabbed Schyler by the nose after knocking him to the ground. I LOVE TODD!!! He TOTALLY does it for me.


Anonymous said...

I love that Todd's past has come back to get him where it hurts - his kids. I don't think for a second that he's going to learn his lesson but at least when Schuyler ripped into him Todd heard the hard truths that obviously hurt bigtime.

I don't understand getting rid of Ray Montez. Right now he is so great, both with Dorian and with Lola. There is so much potential for this character.

Can't wait for Monday to see what happens on OLTL. Now that really is a Friday cliffhanger.

Terry in Toronto

jordan hudson said...

Terry so there with you on Ray and even Lola now. Damm That Brian Frons. Also the Todd storyline was great. Althought they wont go pas the line with Starr paying the ultimate price for Todd's past. Just the thought of history repeating itself is enough to make my skin crawl. OLTL is so good. I will forgive them when they make the wrong move like axing Ray.

Here it goes for me this week ATWT
has finally become the worst soap that I watch. I found myself watching AMC before the hot mess that is ATWT.

Okay people ....I must be crazy but I want Erica and Ryan to hook up. Don't know why but it is so working for me. Also even thought it was a stupid way to introduce a character...I like NUSCOTT. he can act. My favorite Scott of course was Danny Cosgrove who is now Bill Lewis ON GL. Not the evre annoying Forbes March ( Thank God Nash is gone).

I adore all of you and will miss you so. Toodles. Keep the light on , the world turning and watch all your children because we only have one life to live.

Norn Cutson said...

Jordan, are you goin' somewhere?

Shadow said...

Hey all I'm back in town. Jordan, what's was with the Toodles? Going tpo the beach again?

I ffd thru AMC last nite. It was OK. Loved the Erica meltdown. She even actually looked more like her old younger self. Nice to see her let her hair down and mess herswelf up a little. I liked her calling bullshit on Bianca and Zach. It was almost like she was declaring what we've all been saying for a while--a giant -"WTF is with this show?--Why is everyone so douchey?--They are all bringing me down!"-- totally in character. Witty and even acted well. And Ryan didn't speak. Mute Ryan is great! Erica is the only one who makes him tolerable. Not sure I want to see him tickle her cat, but as a surrogate son or younger brother or nephew type he's ok.

Scott reminds of Beaker in the Muppets- the skinny one who sort of makes high pitched noises and only moves his bottom jaw.

Adam is doing better. Maybe their going to give him a little dementia. Makes it hard to tell Adam from Stuart.

References to Marian, Lottie, Emily Ann, Leora, Ray Gardner, Les Baxter. Erica shed a tear. Real moisture emerged from her tear duct! Some actual human emotion between David and Kwak. No head trauma for Susan or Kwak. Ok, she lost a fallopian tube, but at least that could actually happen and it didn't put her in a coma. We saw Stuart. He wasn't painting the moon or speaking fortune cookie. Angie softened up a little and showed a little compassion. Brot? Looks like his life will be fulfilling on his terms with or w/o Taylor. BE is a great actress who needs out of this war story. She has hot chemistry with Tad. I want to see them do the nasty. Jake? At least he's making it up to Amanda. He even said he's tired of bars and all that. He's looking for meaning. And how nice would it be to see Amanda truly settle into a relationship where someone actually wants to make her feel safe and loved? When he said that, she did a great job of expressing facially what she's longed to hear her whole life.
Look, it's far from great. There are so many things wrong that need to be fixed-Rancid, Turdby, Crapputhers, Pratt. But I think I see some "effort". I haven't seen actors putting forth the effort to act in some time and the effort helps shine the shit a little.

I can't help but love what this show represents in my life and pray when I see these little signs that it will rise again and we will outwit and outlast Frons, Crapputhers and Pratt with the aid of forums like this. Someone is listening, but we have so much more to teach! I hate that GL is a goner, but let's accept it as a challenge to elevate our favorite ABC shows and help them thrive as the perfect counter-programming.
Maybe I sound like a cheerleader, but that's ok. Sometimes the best way to break a cycle is to force yourself to think differently and seek the good in things. So those were some of things that I took as hopeful.

Two more things--Jamie Luner? OK. I'll try her out. Marcie Walker doesn't want to come back and who could blame her after the way they let her go? But JL is talented. Maybe she'll make it her own. At least she isn't a model, reality show winner or McKenzie Westmore.

And this week I am mourning the passing of my dearly beloved Buck-toothed Boogahface/Bianca.

Terry in Toronto said...

Hey Jordan,

What's with the toodles and missing everyone? Please say that you're taking a short trip and not leaving the PVP? I couldn't take it if Brian Frons engineered Soapcyclopedia Hudson's exit. That would be a conspiracy worthy of Oliver Stone!

Anonymous said...

I think Jordan posted something about not doing the podcast this week but back after that not sure if no podcast at all or just no jordan for a week


SOAPFAN said...

Ugh...I just saw this promo on ABC with Zach having sex with Skeeza(Liza). It was supposed to be hot, but it was kind of disgusting...Jamie Luner looks so trashy! LOL! Pratt is already re-introducing the character as a whore!

Laura said...

Ashey, and Jordan I just saw Rent yesterday with original cast members Adam Pascal, and Anthony Rapp. It was wonderful. Of course I thought of you singing Seasons of Love. So glad I went, you singing the song this week, is the sign I needed to buy tickets. Hope everyone has a good Easter/Passover and Sunday.

Terry in Toronto said...

Isn't Rent a terrific show Laura? I remember seeing the original cast on broadway and just sitting in my seat with tears streaming down my face ... and I'm not a crier!

Laura said...

Terry, I am so glad I went. So much better than the movie. I hope there is a podcast, but with it being Easter I understand if there isn't one. Very worried about Jordan's message. Jordan if you don't like to podcast about AMC, we'd listen to you and Ashley talk about anything. American Idol, OLTL, Obama press conferences, or anything you like.

Unknown said...

Yes I agree w/ Laura... if AMC just got too unbearable... I'd love for you guys to podcast about OLTL or just about anything you talk about!!

Laura said...

Anybody else watch Celeb. Apprentice. A stupid show, but I usually watch the last hour. A lot of cat fights. It was good with Rodman.

Shadow said...

Hi Laura. I still watch The Apprentice. I think Joan may go all the way on this one. Clint is a surprise to me. And I don't care how talented Melissa is, she bugs the crap out of me. She works hard but takes credit for stuff she doesn't do. Rodman is crazy.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

I love Celeb Apprentice. However, I can't stand that Poker Player Annie. Like Joan says, she is a snake. I hope she loses this Auction challenge. And I agree Shadow, I think Joan is going to go all the way.

Shadow said...

I don't even consider Poker Playing Annie a celebrity. That lady is a bit of a stretch if you aske me. I don't expect the Jolie Pitts are going to be on the show but the only thing that lady has over Lassie is the ability to conugate a noun and verb. Hey, I guess that means we won't ever see Aidumb on Celebrity App! Ha!

Crystal said...

WTH is this show trying to do. They do realize they come on AFTER lunch, don't they?!

Frankie & Randi's sex hospital room with Angie waltzing right in after the deed this time TG!

Erica and Ryan leaning into 'kiss'.


Ok I guess I will watch past the intro now. Just, ewwww is all.

Mark said...

Watching AMC in real time today (no FF, sadly).

They really won't have Ryan and Eric hook up, will they? ick!

Bringing back the satin slayer? Maybe a dream sequence where Tad wakes up and Dixie is in the shower -- ooo, better yet, Tad has been knocked out during a Dixie/Brooke smackdown and he awakes to them rolling on the ground pulling each other's hair. Everything has been a dream while hes been unconscious. The past three writing teams mistakes wiped away in an instant.

No death by pancakes. Return of hot-Simone! Richie still alive and causing trouble (I know, a different story line, but look at all the people that have been killed off that had actual talent: Richie, Simone, Julia, Dixie).

Oh well, back to nightmare as we move closer to the May - December romance and I barf up my lunch.


Mark said...

Thank god, it was just "comic" relief. Those writers are so witty and original.


Anonymous said...

I know it was Easter Weekend but is there a podcast this week? Hope so! Amc didn't suck last week and Oltl as Jordan says was HOT!

Chloe said...

Here is a TV Guide article that uses quotes from Pratt regarding a Bianca and Reese reunion:

Eden Riegel returns to All My Children April 24 — though just for a week — so that her character, Bianca, can have a happy ending with her estranged partner, Reese (Tamara Braun). The two were wed on Valentine’s Day but the marriage ended a day later when Bianca found out Reese had kissed Zach (Thorsten Kaye) at the rehearsal dinner. Bianca sought an annulment and fled home to Paris, leaving many fans — especially those who appreciated the gay history being made — pretty damn furious.

AMC head writer Chuck Pratt blames the mess on Riegel’s exit for pilot season. “I was led to believe we had her for longer than we really did — suddenly I got word that Eden is leaving now,” he says. Meanwhile, Braun had agreed to a six-month stay, so that left her neurotic, sexually confused character dangling in the wind.

“We got to play everything we wanted to with Bianca and Reese but not in the time we’d hoped for — in my mind, it was a two-year story,” Pratt continues. “I guess I could have rushed to the wedding earlier so that they’d have had more time together as a married couple and then had them break up, but I think the fans would have been even more unsatisfied with that.”

What if Braun had been willing to stick with AMC? “We discussed that possibility,” Pratt notes. “But if Tamara decided to stay, keeping her on the show as an angry lesbian — with no other lesbian characters on the canvas — would be kind of insane. So we thought about making Reese bisexual — kind of an Anne Heche who bounces back and forth — and maybe make her an opportunistic black widow, a real bad girl. And Tamara would have been really great at that. But, ultimately, we decided to stick with the message.”

And that would be? “That love wins out. Reese and Bianca will go back to France together,” says Pratt. “They will survive as a couple.”

Ha! Pratt trying to blame the mess on ER? Oh please. Actors sign contracts. They are not vague. How could he not know how long she'd be available? That's just asinine. There's no way he "suddenly" found out about her exit. What bullshit. And did he really think TB would be interested in playing an insane "Anne Heche" type character when she signed on to play a lesbian? WTF??? Be a man, Pratt. Admit you f**ked up, and for the sake of everyone at AMC, shut the f-up. He is incredibly offensive and I'm happy Eden Riegel and Tamara Braun are getting the hell out. Pratt does not respect his actors or AMC. Sorry for the rant, but I just found this disgusting and offensive.

Arizonagal said...

Oh that's baloney Pratthole. Way before ER returned to AMC, we knew she and Braun were just staying long enough, 4 months I think, to cover Kendall's vacancy while she got married in RL to that "old man" as Jordan once referred to him >;')

There was plenty of time to write that SL correctly, but then you'd have to have actual writers to do it. This guy is something else, blaming Riegel for that whole mess. He probably thought he'd done a good job until he heard of the viewers' displeasure with his crap.

Didn't watch every episode last week, but liked the scene with Eek and Ryan stranded. I liked it totally because of Erica, who was back to her old self, and when she told Ryan to solve his own problems and get his shit together, I bowed down before her! Thank god, a moment of perfection as Eek tells it like it is.

I'm still sick of Ryass and his bulging eyes and hoarse voice. He's a total fruitcake. At this point, I think he and Kendall and Zach all deserve each other, they are all a hot mess and so busy pointing fingers at eacy other, they never take inventory of their own stupid actions.

Arizonagal said...

Because I'm too lazy to try and find it, what was the name of David Vickers' hemorrhoid cream? Was it "sit on it" or something like that? My god, that guy is so adorable.

Crystal said...

Arizonagal, 'Have a Seat' swipe with a wipe and you'll never be afraid to be glued to your chair! LOL

I heart DV!

Shadow said...

That's a pretty douchey thing for Pratt to write. I'm sure it isn't easy to write a story when contracts are up in the air, but all he had to do was write them a happy storyline. That's all anyone wanted for Bianca. There are plenty of challenges a straight couple with children deal with on a daily basis. I'm sure he could have come up with lots of interesting challenges for them, as a lesbian couple with children in a small town, to deal with to fill four lousey months. It could have been a great party with lots of showers, returning vets during the holidays--all kinds of feel good stuff. He didn't have to rush the story and turn it into a big "is she or isn't she" fiasco.

The good news in these idiotic blurbs from Pratt and Crapputhers is that they obviously feel some heat from how they screwed this up.

Guess we won't be seeing ER in the future. I'd be pissed. They may as well recast with another Ex-Melrose star. Wonder what Daphne Zuniga, Traci Lords and Brooke Langton are up to?

Norn Cutson said...

the worst thing is that it makes Eden & Tamara sound unprofessional, when we know that:

1. Their contracts were signed before any story was shot, so anything about "not knowing" how long he had the actors for is BULLSH*T.

2. They worked the *HELL* out of the *COMPLETE CRAP* they were given.

this *REALLY* cements Pratt's reputation as misogynist, that he thinks that he, as HEAD WRITER, can get away with PUBLICALLY PLACING THE BLAME on a YOUNG WOMAN who ISNT EVEN ON FULL CONTRACT.

...& that "angry lesbian" comment just seals the deal.

turns my stomach.

the man's a douchebag.

Crystal said...

Yeah, suck it Chuck Pratt!!!!!

Luis Merino said...

I'm growing more annoyed by this Stacy-Rex-Gigi storyline. Roxy is being absolutely selfish by sacrificing Rex's happiness with Gigi for her own ass-- which is absurd.

Roxy should man up, tell Rex the truth, and deal with the consequences. I think he would be too busy killing Stacy to be mad at his mom.

Anonymous said...

Where is the podcast??????????????????????

Arizonagal said...

I don't know where this Erica/Ryass thing is going, but if Eek does allow Ryanderthal to do the nasty, then first, eeewww. Second, shame on Ryan. How will he justify that? Pathetic! I can see how Eek would justify it, but Ryan? No excuse for anything that idiot does. Sheesh, I can't STAND Ryan, no matter what he does, I just can't stand this character and he has been front and center ever since he returned. Will we ever get a break from this tool?

We sure get a lot of guilt sex, grief sex, revenge sex. Then when we get love sex, it's Frankie and Randi f**king at the friggin hospital! That was disgusting.

Oh, the new Scott Chandler. Hey, I think this guy is okay. I'm impressed. He's not a classic pretty boy and he can act. What a relief!