Tuesday, June 02, 2009

A Boring Whodunit, and a Surprise (from Us!)

  • Stuart gets killed, as Chuck Pratt commits another desperate act for the sake of ratings.
  • Jesse acts like a real Private Dick.
  • Jennifer Bassey's Marian makes us cheer, while J.Lu makes us wanna hurl.
  • The whole murder mystery has us rolling our eyes.
  • The Young and the Restless anyone? Anyone?
We're back from a brief hiatus folks! And we're about to take another one! We hope you enjoy the podcast, and that it'll all make sense once you get, oh, about 5 minutes in! During our hiatus, Jordan and Shadow will keep everyone busy and buzzing with new blogs (minus the podcast) every week or so for the next month or so. We love our little PVP family, and we hope you'll stick around and keep on posting. We'll be back before you know it, but in the meantime, keep the commentary going this week here.

5/29/09 Podcast


Ashley said...

Should be about 30 minutes or so before it's on iTunes. It's a big file this week, so you may wanna download overnight! ;)



jason said...

Downloading it on itunes now. Can't wait to hear what the surprise is. missed you guys.

Anonymous said...

I am so excited!!!

weird.....iTunes went from 17 hours to 6 hours in two minutes..??


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Ashley!!!! I'm so happy for you and Carlos. I've missed this and I'm going to miss you and Jordan. But like you say it's not forever. Love the podcast as always.


Mel Got Served said...

I can't download the podcast until I get home, but wanted to share this amazing article posted on Daytime Confidential about The Problem with Liza Colby. It is so spot on.


Elyse and Susan in Toronto said...

So happy the new podcast is up!

Melissa said...

woo hoo! I've been going through withdrawals... can't wait for the new podcast!

Does anyone watch an obscure British comedy on LOGO called "Beautiful People"? It's absolutely hilarious - just be prepared to stop your tivo a few times to figure out what they are saying. It helps if you are already conversant in Aidumb.

Anonymous said...

I stayed up till 1am last night to finish my download and listen to the first 5 minutes so I could find out what is going on!

Congrat Ashely - that is SO exciting! A baby changes everything - and all for the best. They are amazing little creatures and soon you'll wonder how you ever got along without him or her.

But it will be hard without a podcast for awhile, but we understand. Jordan - any chance you would do it by yourself, or how about with Taylor?? Any chance of that?


Shadow said...

The DC article about Liza underscores on a bigger scale the general problem with Pratt’s AMC efforts so far. His writing style misses the point of the serial nature of the genre. I read an interesting article once that basically commented that a soap viewer’s understanding of and pleasure in a soap opera comes from the knowledge of what has happened in previous episodes and expectations about the loose ends to be taken up in future episodes. Serial characters change over time and have histories and memories. On "Mark H. Soap Musings" last year, he commented that time and memory for both the characters and the audience are at the heart of the soap opera. He said, “the very narrative structure of the soap demands that the viewer bring memories of the pain and joy and subtle emotional nuances to each scene. When characters with such rich, penetrating histories …confront each other, the viewer fills in the sustained silences and piercing reaction shots that characterize the genre with a keen knowledge of their pasts, thus becoming an important partner in the scene. This deep, emotional involvement in a story that is unfolding day by day over years is ultimately the triumph of the soap opera. No other art form can achieve, much less sustain, this kind of connection with an audience for so long in such a deeply satisfying way. ”.

From what I have observed so far, Pratt’s storytelling is more of the episodic style. He is attempting to make his mark with outlandish special effects and storylines designed to grab lots of media attention to increase overall viewership. Obviously the need to increase viewership is fundamental for the show’s survival, but what will sustain it is adherence to the fundamental tenets of serial storytelling. As Mark H noted, the exchange of feeling and memory between the characters and the audience is what gives these shows their heart. The mere fact that a character is reintroduced into the show, called by a certain name, and spews some historical references, doesn’t mean that the audience will be accepting of it especially when, as in this case, the character is being written in a style that makes her otherwise unrecognizable to the audience. The DC article doesn’t treat Liza’s history as if she were a seasonal Melrose Place or Desperate Housewives guest. It reads like an autobiography of a person’s lifetime—a person who was born, struggled, lived, loved, lost, and changed over time, but always stayed driven by the fundamental values and motivations that shaped her life. Liza’s relationship with Adam before she left the show made sense in the context of her other relationships with Marian, Jenny, the Nelsons, Jessie, and Tad. Watching Pratt's version of Liza is a little like watching The Stepford Wives. You sort of recognize people, see their lips moving, but the stuff you hear sounds nothing like what the character would really say and their actions seem very artificial. For me as a viewer, the worst thing a writer can do is make me feel like I don’t know these characters after all these years. It invalidates the relationship and consequently the bond I have with the show.

I get the sense that maybe Pratt understands all this a little bit and when he gets stuck or the audience bows their collective back, he relegates the characters to supporting roles while he searches for the next big InsAnnie. What we are left with then are a lot of characters bustling about with nothing to do. Erica, Jack, the Hubbards, Greenlee, Aidan. They are (were) on the screen, but on any given day they don’t really accomplish much. Total failures like Dr. Sheridan Crane just disappear (mercifully).

There really isn’t anything wrong with Jamie Luner. I don’t care what color Liza’s hair is and I can get over the difference in age. Liza was a broadcast professional. I can see where she may have had some work done to keep her youthful, competitive edge. I just want the character of Liza to act somewhat recognizably. And that starts with better writing.


Anonymous said...

Listening to the podcast now.

Jordan - you HAVE TO tell us what Ashley names her baby. I can't wait until she returns to find out what character will have the same name as her baby.

Jackson? Trevor? Josh? Juan? Tad? Zarf?


SOAPFAN said...


Watch out for Jordan, he might try to change the paternity results and make himself the father!

Also, check your milk!

Gucci is gonna have a sibling...yay!

Terry in Toronto said...

I'm downloading right now but from the postings I'm getting that Ashley has a bun in the oven. Congrats to you and Carlos!

Can't wait to listen to the show.

Melissa said...

This is the BEST NEWS, Ashley!!! Your PVP family will have to throw you a virtual baby shower! You'll be a great mommy :-)

Anonymous said...

If Tea's secret was that she has a child with Todd - - that would be AMAZING!

I LOVED when Todd was so gentle with Tea in the hospital. This couple does it for me.

Once again, Jordan proves that he should be a writer.


Melissa said...

Liza is a pretty smart woman, so if she figured out all those years ago that Adam wasn't letting Trollby read the letters, why didn't she call / email / telegram / call the hospital where she worked / carrier pidgeon??? She could have sent a letter care of the school? Anything! It's your daughter!!!

I finally figured out who Petey reminds me of - Henry Grubstick! Henry's like Petey all grown up... just as geeky, but still kinda sexy.

Jenny, I'm with you: Todd and Tea forever! They're just too hot together not to be in love.

lisa said...

Congratulations Ashley! We'll miss you but take all of the time you need. Being a new Mommy is challenging and tiring. You are going to be a great mom!

Michael said...

I am downloading the podcast right now. I should have imposed a “no spoiler” anti-peeking rule on myself, but I was too curious about the surprise.

Shadow, I have to say that was a really brilliant post. There is something about the relationship between soaps and their viewers that is unique in the world of entertainment. We spend decades with these families and characters and every scene has the potential to bring the weight of that history behind it and impact in a major way.

Arizonagal said...

Holy Shit Ashley, I am soo friggin happy for you. When you announced your "condition" I was as happy for you as I would be for any friend. I'm just thrilled for you. Still listening to the podcast, just finished downloading, but hell girlfriend, welcome to the world of cankles, hemerrhoids, stretch marks, and most importantly, beautiful chubby little babies. Damn girl!

You must post an address where we can send gifts.

Erica Kane said...

OMG!!! Congrats Ashley!!!! That is such wonderful news!!!I am dying to know which Character shares the name you might name the baby!! I am thrilled for you and Carlos, having a baby is a wonderful experience...just don't be like my name sake and block it from your memory...LOL J/K!! I am finally caught up with both AMC and OLTL!! OLTL shines while AMC is just FF material for me. I was so stoked to see them use a real city for Bess-ica to hide out in plus Morgantown WV is only 50 minutes from me...I was tempted to hop in the car!! LOL
Jordan I want to tell you Thank You for getting me to tune back in to OLTL it is such a well written show, and I feel emotion from almost every episode...plus I was so pleased to see and hear that you are enjoying Y&R. I love Y&R and you were right the scenes with Phyllis pouring her heart out to Nick were FABULOUS!! I personally can't stand the character of Sharon Abbott, but I loved the scenes with her and Jack. Peter Bergman made me cry when he told Sharon how much he loved her. I also loved the scene when Phyllis slapped Jack in the face and called him out for not keeping Sharon away from Nick I think she really hit him. I don't think that was faked.
I love how we can come here and chat about our different shows and not get attitude about going off topic...I love coming here and reading everyone's posts it is the first place I come everyday when I get home from work and before I go to bed. I often wonder if anyone else from the blog watches a show that I watch. Out of curiosity does anyone else watch Wipeout on ABC??? I laugh so hard every episode!!
Again, Congrats to Ashley and Carlos please let us know if you need anything, and keep us posted!!

Shadow said...

I watched Wipeout last summer. I heard it was coming back. It was pretty entertaining.

Did anyone watch "I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here"? I heard that was a trainwreck. I watched it several years ago when it was on with Melissa Rivers and a Baldwin brother. That Rivers girl, she's a horse isn't she?

I still haven't watched the last hour of Lost! I'm going to try to start watching Mad Men. You guys have piqued my interest and I'm actually going to commit the time to it. Is it critical that I catch up on the past two seasons? Burn Notice looks good. Curb Your Enthusiasm is finally coming back. Everyone in our house except my son watches Project Runway and that starts soon--in L.A. this time. I've been in and out of Weeds, and may try to catch it some. I'm sure I'll catch a few Wipeouts.

kim said...

Congratulations Ashley =) <3 <3 <3

jason said...

Heard the first five minutes. OMGEEE Congrats Ashlee!!! So happy for you and Carlos.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Ashley! I'm glad that you are coming back. I'm listening to the podcast right now and just wanted to stop and say congrats!
Semi (DancingElf88)

Crystal said...

How exciting! I haven't listened yet but, had to peek and see what the surprise was.
Congratulations! I will have to knit you something. Do you have a PO box?
You're naming the baby Colby aren't you? ;)

I can NOT stand JaLu/Whyza/SLiza she is just too weird. In a 'Hey Colby, why don't you come up and see me sometime' weird. Her together with DBTE Turdby is just too much.

Also why would Liza have TWO fake bellies? Does she have to send one to the dry cleaners or something? Ha ha ha.

Melissa said...

Shadow, the Mark H. soap musings are absolutely 100% on point. That's exactly why we watch our soaps. Can this be forwarded to TPTB??? Somebody has forgotten the reason we've given so many hours over a lifetime to our beloved shows.

Amamda looked gorgeous today in her flowery maternity dress. That girl is so incredibly beautiful!

Ash, please give us a mailing address so we can shower you with gifts ;-)

KaeKae said...

Congratulations Ashley! I'm so happy for you!

Shadow-Mad Men is worth the time. I think it would help to watch the previous seasons, but I don't think it is necessary. You could read summaries of the episodes. But to truly appreciate catching up would be great if you have the time. I can't wait for Burn Notice tomorrow night!

Did anyone watch today's OLTL yet? I just finished it. Wow-Bess/Jess did an amazing job. I enjoyed most of today's episode. I have a hard time with Stacy's scenes. Her voice is like nails on a chalkboard to me.

Getting ready to start AMC, needed a break first.

Anonymous said...


Congratulations on the baby! I am sure that this will add so much to your busy days...LOL! As my husband said when we had our baby girl "a new baby is the swiftest kick in the nuts, but the best feeling ever"


JSpear8 said...

wow, well there goes that suprise. Seriously, some people should put spoiler on their comments. lol

Well, its a regular show for me then because I have not listened yet. lol *sigh*

JSpear8 said...

And Congrats Ash!

jordan hudson said...

Shadow if you like charcater driven storytelling then Mad Men is a must. Some people find it slow. For me it's a really deep look at a time period and how people were so oppressed in their every day life. It's amazing.

Also finaly saw the last hour of LOST.......LOST ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
One more season and I will miss this show when it's gone.

Okay going to check out Nurse Jackie. Saw Mental on Fox. It was ok will check out the second episode.

jason said...

I saw Nurse Jackie a couple days ago, and I loved it. I knew it would be good because of Edie Falco. It was funny and dramatic and felt very real. I can't wait for more episodes.

Shadow said...

Jordan, let me know what you make of Nurse Jackie. Like Jason, I'm an Edie Falco fan. Loved her on The Sopranos and she was hilarious on 30 Rock. With the exception of Lost, there hasn't been much "appointment TV" since Sopranos and SATC left the air. I really want to zero in on a new show.

jason said...

Hey Shadow I second on Mad Men. It's one of the best tv shows I have ever seen. It has so much depth and has the best writing and acting I've ever seen on tv.

Is anyone else having a problem plaything the podcast on their ipod? For some reason on my i pod it skips and just ends. It works fine on itunes and redownloaded it.

Michael said...

I have to first wish all the best to the fantastic Ashley Mendoza. Congratulations, I just started listening to the podcast and I will miss it, but I am glad to hear you will be taking some time for your family.

Jordan, I loved Ryan’s Hope. I vaguely remember watching as a kid when Yasmine Bleeth and Grant Show were on, but seeing the old episodes on Soapnet is a treat. Kate Mulgrew was great as Mary Ryan and Ilene Kristen as the original Delia was knock-your-socks-off-good. So many greats have been on the show: Justin Deas, Catherine Hickland, Ana Alicia, Marg Helgenburger (was a great, feisty Sibbhon Ryan) and of course Nancy Addison as Jillian. That show did have a heart and a soul and they re-casted the show like mad. There must have been five Frank Ryans, but the show never lost the sense of family. It is dated (the first episodes have the nurses walking around in those pointy hats for God’s sake) but a great show. I also want to hear more about the celebrities you met during your paparazzi days. Did you ever meet Victoria Wyndham, Anna Stuart, Linda Dana or Beverly Mckensie? Were they nice to you? Answer if you have time, and get that Facebook page up soon!

Laura said...

Congrats Ashley, everyone assumes that it will be a character name when I know you will name the baby Chuck Pratt Mendoza if a boy and Julie Hannan Carruthers Mendoza if it's a girl.

It's funny you are pregant when Amanda is. I was pregnant when Dixie was with JR, but my daugther is 19 and JR is like 30 now!

You mentioned your morning sickness, I don't know how you watched AMC at all then. You deserve combat pay.

Oh in the breaking news department, Adam Lambert is gay. Next thing you know they say Susan Boyle is overweight with gray hair and bushy eyebrows.

I think Jordan should sit in on some Daytime Confidentials during the hiatus. Norn and I bugged Jamey until he listened to you. So this is my next mission, to get you to guest again on there.

Ashley just wait until you have one baby and you will understand why everyone thinks octomom is nuts.

Arizonagal said...

Ya know, that Chia Obama looks nothing like the real thing. How disappointing.

I love the idea of having Jordan back on DC for a day. Watched an epi of AMC today, first time in a few weeks, great seeing Marion. Ash said she could see the grief on Marion's face, so I watch, preparing myself for a stellar performance. I was not disappointed, she was awesome... except... her forehead did not move as she was expressing her grief.

Years ago Jennifer Bassey was an outspoken fan and user of botox. Anyone notice that forehead was paralyzed? frozen?

Damn JaLu is tall. She must've had a good 12" on Eek. You're right Ash, she looks and sounds like a smoker.

Jalu is so Not Liza that when she and Marion first noticed each other I was wondering, well how do they know each other? Oh yeah...

I have a new nickname for La Looch - Slooch! It's short, it's kitchy.

This new Tad is an idiot, a jerk and I hate this incredibly lame schtick. Add him to the list of peeps I gotta FF thru on AMC.

Chief Jesse, the dude is breaking my heart. What a waste of talent! I so wish he'd taken that prof job. He is now officially a D Frye clone. What happened to all the Hub personality? Damn shame to waste Darnell's time.

Speaking of which, why the hell did Jesse shoot Tad??? That made no sense at all. Shouldn't he be on desk duty pending a formal investigation?

I hadn't seen the show in awhile and it nearly bored me to tears, which is much better than when my eyes bleed while watching.

Ah, and now for the good stuff - OLTL!

Mel Got Served said...

Finally got to download the podcast! My laptop's hard drive crashed so had to borrow my family's computer to get the podcast on my iPod. Only about 40 minutes into it, but CONGRATULATIONS ASHLEY! I'm so happy for you and Carlos. Just please don't let David Hayward deliver your baby- he is desperate for a child.

jordan hudson said...


On the whole most everyone on daytime was so nice and gratefull to the fans outside the studio. I really trying to remember who was nasty and mean but as of now, no one comes to mind.

It was a great deal of fun and kept me out of trouble. I hung out with an odd assortment of people. It also got me my very first job working for a photo stock agency.

We would jump from studio to studio. AW was out in brooklyn! That was a voage out there. ATWT is now in their old studio. The AW cast had a special place in my heart. They were always so nice. One day Douglas Watson offered to buy me a hot coco. He said " It's freezing out here. You need a hot chocolate". Ellen Wheeler was amazing. Stephen Schnetzer, Linda, Anna.

AT GL Kim Zimmer was always fun to meet. If you think she is a riot on the show. You need to meet La Zimmer in person. She is one of the funniest. sexy and sassiest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She is just honest and real.

And of course RH ....Nancy Addison and Gloria Dehaven were just so nice. Loving's Lauren Marie Taylor who played Stacy. I also met a young Luke Perry, before he joined 90210 he was on Loving. The Santa Barbara cast was fun to party with.

Then there is Eva La Rue. Who is like Snow White come to life. Not only is she even more stunning without any makeup ( Just like Chrishlle. I'm telling you they should not put anything on her. She looks even hotter) she is such an increibly pleasent human being. So gracious...you feel like your her friend.

Melissa said...

Wow. OLTL Wednesday was the most beautiful episode I've seen in a long time! Those scenes between Viki and Jess / Bess couldn't have been better. Viki's work was so perfect, and Jess coming through at the end - even her tears were perfectly synchronized with the music. I'm in awe. If those scenes don't get those women Emmys, then I'll be completely shocked.

Terry in Toronto said...

I agree Crazy Daizy. It was so wonderful seeing Erika Slezak getting some good airtime again and she sure didn't waste it. She and Bree were good together. I really want to see how accepting the loss of her baby and coming to terms with taking Starr's is going to get played out for the character of Jessica. This could be really rich material. I'm so glad she has Brody and I hope those two are together for a while.

Michael said...

Thank you for the thoughtful reply Jordan. I think Douglas Watson’s Mac Cory was my all-time favorite male character and that story about the coco made me smile.

Do you know a theater in The Bronx called Pregones? I have an invitation to see a play there. I can’t get away now, but I am going to try to get to NYC before the end of the year. Thanks again.

brtedi said...

Ashley,I haven't been able to download the podcast yet. But From the comments posted, I see congratulations are in order, for you and Carlos---Much happiness to you both! :-D


jordan hudson said...


Yes I do know pregoness. Terry and Crazy are so on point about oltl yesterday. I'm not a big Slesak fan but I have to admite she rocked it out yesterday. I was a mess. Brody's love for Jessica....my god it's like a modern day Austen Novel. Bree I have to be on team Bree for supporting Emmy and yesterday showed why. OH OLTL>

an yes I think Stacy haiduk is going to be Patty on Y&R

Shadow said...

I watched a whole OLTL episode—something I never do. The part with Gigi, Shane and Rex sucked. Stacie doesn’t bother me too much. At least it seems like she can act circles around Turdby, Rancid and Natalia. As a matter of fact, the scenes with these people almost seem like a different show. It didn’t gel with the things that were simmering on the inside with Starr, Blair, Todd, Cole, Rachel, Marcie, Bess, Brody, Phil and the gang. The girl who plays B/T/Jess has got mad skills and she’s the hottest thing on daytime TV. The scenes with Todd and Starr were touching. Scenes with Blair always seem comforting somehow. To me she’s like a big piece of fried chicken—southern fried comfort deliciousness. And I’m always amazed at how much better looking the sets are on OLTL than AMC. They use color and texture so much better. Kind of bummer to see them use the old vase over the head thing to knock out Brody. I’ve never known anyone to get knocked out with common household consumer items like the characters on these shows. As a group, the actors may be better looking on OLTL too, except for that Marcie and little Starr. That Starr, she’s a terrific actress, but otherwise, Bless Her Heart. I'm going to try to catch the Viki/J/T/Bess ep this weekend.

Shadow said...


Nice daytime exterior shot of the Chandler Mansion. Back in the day we used to see the PV grounds more and I like that. Oh but in the inside it was a fashion disaster. Scott in a vest? I thought maybe I sat on the remote and butt-dialed Gunsmoke. Turdby in a robe and fuzzy slippers? Her entire wardrobe is straight out of Limited, Too or Justice. At least with terminal bed head she never has to worry about her hair.

Drunk David is horrible. Suddenly, David is doing a 180. Oddly, he’s no more likeable. He’s banging on the piano and for some reason. I never bought him being in love with KWAK, especially since only a week ago he was preening over Bride of Chuckie. And why does he sound like a Soprano when he’s drunk? Oh, and the part where was fake shooting in the air, WTF? And why would Marissa stay there? She’s got no real relationship with him. I’d say, “See ya Crazy” and get outta there. Of course, if she really wanted to calm him down she just should have given a massage. Nothing takes the edge off like a happy ending.

Nice to see KWAK finding her voice again. It’s all bullshit, but at least I’m seeing her with some backbone. I would have preferred that she just have kicked old David in the nuts rather than have Scott show up out of the blue and punch him in the face.

Jack and Erica at the Yacht Club. Seemed like old times for a second, but then in walked JaLu. JaLu is talking in her sexy husky voice stroking herself gently with her nails while Erica peers on in the background. Funny how sexy JaLu tries to be. I always thought of Liza as sort of uptight, frigid but not unlikeable bitch. Marian was into sex. Liza had sex, but never seemed so overtly sexual. Jack looks better than he has in a while—filled out a little. Still a head-bobbler though. I had to hold onto the couch with both hands so I didn’t get dizzy.

If I were going to sneak into someone’s room, I would shut the door all the way behind me. And what hotel have you ever stayed in where the doors to the rooms had slats rather than solid core, fire rated doors? Not private. Not safe.

Everybody on AMC is orange-Zach, JaLu, Ryan. Even Opal and Tad have a certain Sunkist look about them. But not that new DA. He’s the whitest man ever—glow in the dark between Zach and Jessie at the jail.

I enjoyed listening to him talk about Opal and Palmer. Too bad Palmer can’t come back ever so briefly just for a proper send off and sweet Opal/Pete scene. Too bad Turdby had to speak responsively to Pete.

Ian is trying to sleep and Ryan and Kendall are just talking away with their loud voices. And Ryan is trying to do math which is just funny.

Time is a theory on this show. While Kendall and Ryan have their little cribside chat, Erica is everywhere—the yacht club, the hospital. In one scene Turdby is lounging in her Limited Too fuzzies and after the commercial she’s siping OJ with Pete at the yacht club.

Crystal said...

Shadow you are cracking me up! That is so wrong about David/happy ending. hehehe

I was noticing Beaker's vest too.

I think JaLu is fine (still not Liza of course) if she is trying to seduce someone or fighting with another woman. If she talks to anyone else it is bizarre. I am just waiting for her to get this baby and talk to it. C-reepy!

I think it would be a better idea if they induced Amanda a little early she had the baby and then SHE wore the fake belly for a few weeks. In the meantime JaLu could 'have' her baby. That would be trickier imo.

Shadow said...


Of course Scott’s punch knocked David out. Because people on ABC shows know the exact amount of force to apply to the head to conveniently knock someone unconscious without causing any permanent injury. It’s like everyone in Pine Valley is a Vulcan.

Ryan had a nice idea about the marriage of Kendall and Zach, but the marital communications privilege isn’t slam dunk. Some states won’t allow it where the communications occurred prior to marriage or after divorce (as in this case). Courts will not permit its use by partners who have a sham, or false, marriage (as in this case).

Erica and Turdby are combing JaLu’s penthouse without noticing the giant maternity pad all but laying in the middle of the floor. Really, JaLu is kind of a pig—papers under the bed, maternity pad on the floor. I’m surprised we didn’t see a dirty thong hanging on a doorknob.

Jake apparently has no ethics.

Beaker is all over David like a pistol packing, spur wearing cowboy. I like Beaker, but not in these scenes. Way too over the top. In fact, now he looks like Randy Travis. Jessie is a total dork. He’s wearing a dorky jacket, leisure suit thing. Jessie’s more dorky than Petey and more Derek than Hubbard. BTW, Petey’s sort of cut. Never noticed that before.

JaLu is talking, talking, talking. Colby is trying to phonetically sound out the letters on the note but she can’t figure out the big words. She even shed a tear out of frustration.

Who writes letters anymore? Don’t they have a gmail account? A cell phone? An instant messaging service? FaceBook? MySpace? Twitter?

JaLu’s crying but the tears aren’t flowing.

Crishelle’s baby bump is hanging almost to her knees.

Pete’s on twice this week! I would say yeah! but the whole CSI thing is retarded.

Opal looks like a tranny in this episode. It’s like Return of Zarf.

Emma’s picture was hilarious. Most little girls draw butterflies, rainbows, houses, bunnies. Emma draws mommy holding a gun and tip toeing around the house.

Michael said...

ROTFL from Shadow’s hysterical comments!
Let us not forget the new “short bus” Tad. The guy was shot in the head (like twenty minutes ago), collapsed in the hospital hallway and now he’s home, raising his kids, singing at funerals and acting like an idiot. Everyone around him is grinning from ear to ear and thinking he is just a sweet hoot-and-a-half. Shouldn’t somebody get this man to a specialist? Maybe they think he should have been shot in the head years ago because he can really elevate the mood at a memorial service. Michael Knight is great BUT come on; this plot device is beyond silly.

Mel Got Served said...

Jordan, I LOVE Party Down. "Are we having fun yet?" Too funny. Love me some Jane Lynch and was so psyched to see my girl Kristen Bell in the finale. So glad they got a season 2 pickup.

I was thinking the other day how unoriginal Tad getting shot in the head and going cuckoo is. If I recall correctly, this happened less than a year ago to boring-ass Ryan. Yawn. Been there, done that, didn't like it then either.

And I'm sick of them saying Colby never spoke to Liza. I recall numerous times the past few years where it was mentioned Colby spoke to Liza on the phone. Granted they weren't the best calls, but they were in touch.

When my mom saw Whyza she goes "Wow, that chick's real pregnant!" And I said, "No, FAKE Liza is FAKE pregnant and wants to take my Amanda's baby!" She used to watch AMC back in the day, so we always joked about Stuart's shirts (RIP!) and now I vent about Fake Liza.

The Dr. David buying the baby would have been a more feasible scene if he approached Amanda to sell it. Not that she would, but we know Amanda has a history of greed and a desire to be wealthy. It still would've been a No, but to me it would've made more sense.

And they probably didn't kill Ian because in 6 months they'll need to use him again to fill up time with another heart problem. His heart issues will be used over and over and over under Pratt's reign- know that!

PS If I have recommend something everyone watch, pleeeease watch re-runs of Psych on USA (or buy/rent the DVDs). I just got into it the past few months, and I absolutely love it. It's a detective show that's so smart and so funny- amazing cast, good mysteries- do watch!

Shadow said...

Writers on AMC: "Pratt, what should we do during sweeps?"

Pratt: "Oh, I don't know. Yes I do! Let's shoot somebody in the head!

Writers: "Well, we already shot Tad in the head. And before that we shot Ryan in the head. Although we didn't shoot her in the head, we did cause Reese to go blind because of blunt force trauma to the head. We had Krystal hospitalized after Colby hit her on the head with a vase. Pete was struck in the head by lightning. We think maybe that gig is up."

Pratt: "How about lesbians!"

Writers: "We already did that, remember?"

Pratt: "Really, we had lesbians on our show? Damn."

Writers: "So any other ideas?"

Pratt: "Well, we could destroy the town with a hurricane. Or Annie could just totally lose it and blow up the Yacht Club or the Casino."

Writers: "A hurricane may be a little too much like the tornado last fall. And a few years ago we had Janet blow up a charity ball and kill some people. And on Melrose Place, didn't you have Kimberly blow up the apartment complex. It sort of has a "been there, done that" feeling."

Pratt: "Well then let's kill a baby or the second most loved character on the show. Hey, let's bring back Brooke. People love her! She would be awesome to kill!"


jordan hudson said...

Mel you made my day. Party Down season 2 so on. Yes I think Ms. Lynch is the next Dame of comedy. I think she must have bene doign Glee and that is why she was not in the last two but what a replacement huh. Party started slow with the first epsiode but I knew this was going to be awesome and it did not dissapoint. And yes we are Both Kristen Bell fans. She is so &*^%$# Awesome. Love her and so Miss Veroncia Mars.

Royal Pain did nothing for me zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. It also didn't help that ,that wretched Liberty from ATWT was a guest star.

Mel Got Served said...

Aw man, Royal Pains wasn't good? I DVRed it for the weekend. Jordan, some time me and you need to compare shows cause you are the only person I know who watches as much TV as me (maybe even a little more since you watch more soaps).

My brother always calls me and starts the conversation now with "Are we having a good time?" I thought the same thing about Jane Lynch's absence in the last 2. I think last minute they put in Jennifer Coolidge (also amazing on the show) and wrote in a line about Constance. I died laughing when Bobbie (Jennfier Coolidge) said she wanted a role in Cannonball Run 2 so much that she pushed her competition out of the way- and it was Constance. AHAHAHAHA Can't get enough of it.

Shadow, your dialogue is so right on. I think you may have actually bugged the writer's room. I actually saw they have a webcam and heard them talking about another recast:

Pratt: My Melrose Place plan is falling into place. Jamie Luner as Liza is TURBO casting. Now onto getting another Melrose alum on the show. Oh, how about Courtney Thorne Smith as Brooke English?!?!

Shadow said...

Check it out:


Released by SOAPnet

its Prime Audience for the Fourth Straight Month, SOAPnet Tallies its Largest May Audience in Prime in Total Viewers and Women 18-49, Increasing by Solid Double-Digit Percent Margins Year to Year

In Women 18-49, May '09 is SOAPnet's Third-Most-Watched Month Ever in Prime

2008/09 Season to Date, "All My Children" Records the Show's Five Largest Total Viewer Monthly Audiences Ever, with "One Life to Live" Delivering its Three Biggest Monthly Audiences During the Time Frame.

Shadow said...

And in other news...

Canadian TV (CTV) renewed AMC and GH, but canceled OLTL and will replace it with repeats of ER.


ThaGodivaShorti said...

OK I can't remember the last time I've been on here but after listening to the podcast today I couldn't resist. Jordan, thank you for finally seeing the light! Every time you said you couldn't get into the Bell soaps I would wince! B&B, that's understandable. But Y&R, best soap on the air! OLTL comes second to it! Glad you're getting into it. I was dying when you were getting into it on the podcast. I was like Yessss! Finally! lol

And congratulations Ashley! I'm gonna miss you guys when you're on hiatus.

Unknown said...

OMG Jordan!!!! Did you see Y&R today? I'm not going to ruin it for you if you didn't get a chance to watch it yet but...OMG! Let me know.

jordan hudson said...

LOL I know that Y&R is going to be good today so I'm saving it for last. I need a break from greatness after OLTL. Which had me crying form beginning to end. Bree I adore you!

I'm not going to win any fans but after seeing OLTL, GL and now Y&R....Atwt and AMC SUCKS!

The fact that Y&R has four ex AMC cast members who are on fire, shows the poor choices AMC makes. You get rid of Billy Miller but you keep Aidan.

AMC makes no sense. Today's episode while I understand what Jesse was saying and his point of view.

I'm sorry but If I had a kid , no matter how old he or she was
and if they have a spouse, I
would still be there by their
side. I want to hear from you parents out there...am I wrong.

I love Cornelius but he was over the top. Some of it was him and some of it was the writing. Yes its serious. I get that he was to be a surgeon. But it's not like he lost his hands altogether. It was all a bit to heavy handed for me. It makes me appreciate the subtle acting on Y&R and the fact that OLTl sometimes does not go down the obvious road. Like how Matthew is handling his situation on OLTL.

Who saved the day was Jr. Martinez who acted his little butt off. and his fellow army bud the guy in the wheelchair. It was like a different show...a good one. Everything else was a snore fest. I did like when Adam asked JaLu if she too got Zach's sperm. That was actually funny.

OLTL was heartbreaking. Bree was outstanding. Erika Sleazak
amazing. The end killed me. Brody and Jesse are a super couple hands down. When Cole read his father's
poem I was a mess. My god even little Baby Hope and Bree were better actors then Coldby, Rancid, Natalia and adiumb. Baby Hope killed me how they were able to get the perfect performance form this baby is beyond me. Maybe she can crawl over to amc and teach
those four how to act.

I'm off to watch the gretaness that is Y&R.

I gave up Mental after the second episode. It's just too ordinary.

brtedi said...

My OLTL moment of the day---While, most likely, many of us feel Bree Williamson should get an Emmy nom for her performances, lately. I would be remiss if I didn't comment on a scene with the 'wee ones' ("Cloe"/"Hope" and "Bree") Bree gave Cloe her teddy bear and said, "I'll always be your big sister.", kissing Cloe on the forehead. Bree moved back, as if on cue,Cloe had a huge, toothless, grin on her face. Moments like that is one of the reasons I watch soaps! :-)


Anonymous said...

My computer was not working for a while...so I haven;t been able to comment. I floved the podcast. I love OLTL...Destiny is my girl I love her.
I actually like Gigi..I thought it was smart of her to rip out Stacy's hair in the catfight. Bree Williams is AHMAZING! She absolutely broke my heart.

I finally saw my Hubbards today and they continuously save AMC. I loved the Angie/Jesse scenes when talking about Frankie. Cornelius Smith is absolutely awesome. I felt his pain about his hands. The Brot/ Frankie scenes were also great.
My annie got stabbed! I love her but I hated how everyone now suspects david and conveniently Annie remembers david at the mansion. She needs to get out of jail already.
Semi (dancingElf88)

brtedi said...

During the final scene of today's OLTL, if I wasn't an official "Brody" fan before, I am now!...I don't think, Jessica was the only one who needed Brody to get down on the floor with Jess. After all that went on in that one, single, episode, we-- the audience--needed (to see) that too!


JSpear8 said...

Thanks Jordan! I missed today's AMC show so I came here for a recap. I am mad I missed Frankie coming back! I was looking foward to seeing that. Did he see either Jessie or Angie? Im sure that will be a great scene. Maybe Jesse will over act it but I know Angie will shine during that scene. Ms. Debbie Morgan is going to go to work on that scene, just wait. lol

Oh and for some reason I am scared for Ash. I mean I am scared that after the nurse give her "the shot" the next thing she is going to see is McTavish, Pratt, and Carruthers (excuse the spelling) standing over her. lol

Anonymous said...

Ashley said she was ready to pop...

but no baby yet??

Jordan, I trust you wil let us know THE MINUTE that little one pops out; with the name and all vital details, right??


Shadow said...

Jordan, you are spot on about the Hubbards and Frankie. You never stop being a parent no matter how old your child gets. If your baby hurts, you're there to help. Of course you try to give them space to fight their own battles, but if your child happens to have part of his or her anatomy blown off, I think it merits some facetime, especially if your sweet angel of a child happens to be married to a DBTE, brainless ex-hooker.

jordan hudson said...

as soon as I know you guys will know in regard to ashley giving birth to her own Ebabe.
Thansk Shadow....I thoguht I was crazy. Just did not seem right that J&A would not be by Frankie's side.

Shadow said...

Is she in delivering today?

Listening to the pcast. Y&R is great in part because it has talented actors, but the main reason is because it has talented, experienced and real soap writers like Tom Casiello rather than a wannabe hack like Pratt.


JSpear8 said...

Angie really wanted to go but Jesse stopped her. My guess now that I have seen Friday's show is that Angie made the right move by not coming. Randi is going to have to find a way to reach her husband and make him listen. It must be killing Angie not being there after hearing him screaming over the video chat. Poor Randi.. and then for Frankie to see her hugging Brot, you know there will be some jealousy coming out of Frankie and soon!

Shadow said...

Brot is going to tap dat ass awright!

Norn Cutson said...

hey ya'll!
i am so happy & excited for Ashley!
i still havent been watchin teevee but i have been listening to the podcasts.

nothin much new in my world.
i think Jill Larsen lives near me, coz i see i her @ the health food store @ least once a week.

tryin' to get some new energy flowin' in my life, so SOMETHING will happen, i joined up with a group that feeds the homeless down in tompkins sq park every saturday morning. its kind of fun.
i mean, if i cant find work, i might as well help people.

donna said...

Congratulations and buena suerte, Ashley!

A spoilery picture all AMC fans need to see.

Warning, Ashley:It could send you into labor, so proceed with caution.


Mel Got Served said...

VOMIT!!! Donna, that is so gross!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I feel like someone sprayed pepper spray in my eyes.

Anonymous said...

Mel, I'm so sorry. I did warn that it was spoilery, but I should have warned about the need for eye bleach afterwards, too. Although some may feel differently, I guess.

I feel for poor Lucci. The woman's an ICON and she deserves better.

Norn Cutson said...

oh man i was hopin that was just photoshop!!!!

Elyse and Susan in Toronto said...

Hey Ashley,
Congratulations on the baby, we are sure you will be a great mother as you take care of Gucci and Jordan so well LOL. How was it possible we did not know about the pregnancy when you were sitting across from a paparazzi every week. We never saw a pic of the baby bump on TMZ so jordan must be falling down on the job LOL.
Much love and lots of luck
Elyse and Susan

Elyse and Susan in Toronto said...

Hey all watching Thursday's ep and we were wondering if ABC is so cash poor that AMC no longer has any conditioner did you see how frizzy Erica and Kendall's hair was?

Shadow said...

When did Erica move out of the Casino and into the Yacht Club?

Bxgal said...

EWWW! i'm watching that malibu pilates commercial now with susan and cameron. Cameron is as annoying on the infomercial as he is on the show. They call him "Snaps" on set. gross.

jordan hudson said...

OKay well Latinos never want to jinx things. So Ashley was keeping everything on the downlow. Carlos told her she was thinking too much about it. I told her that if you all knew it would just be even more positive energy coming her way from all of you who love her. So she told and now I can say that Mama and babies are fine. That's right Ash had one more more surprise or should I say two. She had twins. She gave birth on Thursday. A boy and a girl...uhhh I forgot the girl's name sorry Ash. The boy is Jesse Mateo Mendoza. I'm so happy for Carlos and her. They truly are going to be great parents. I told her she should name them Adam and Stuart if they were both boys and Mirabella and Arebella if they are both girls.

Erica Kane said...

OMG!! Thanks for the update Jordan!! Congrats to Ashley and Carlos on the twins...wow I don't think I could handle two at once. Good tidings to the new parents!!

donna said...

Thanks for the update, Jordan. So happy to hear Mama Ashley and babies are doing well.

The top story at Yahoo news today:


Warning to Mel and others: That picture is posted along with the article.

Lucci is a trooper, but this crap is ridiculous. Not because of the younger man/older woman aspect,Erica's done that before, with Charlie Brent.

Nope. It's the Ryan Lavery aspect. He's repulsive.

Lucci/Erica deserves better.

Mel Got Served said...

Twins?!?! Congratulations!! I'm glad I didn't make any selling twin jokes before ;)

That is such amazing news and I'm so happy for you, Ashley and Carlos!

Ugh- the article. This quote made me gag and wonder who the hell thought this: "Viewers noticed the chemistry and writers decided to capitalize on it." Whaaaaat? Chemistry??

But my most favorite quote is from Crapothers who says they're taking their time: "Make 'em wait, make 'em wait, make 'em wait," Carruthers said. "There are a lot of almosts."

WHAT?!?!? Every storyline on this show begins and ends in 6 days so I found this absolutely hysterical.

Savannah said...

Congratulations Ashley!!

So fabulous....two new additions to the next generation of All My Children fans (assuming they get their act together and the show sticks around). I had two little piggies so if your experience is anything like mine, you will have loads of time to watch your shows when you are sitting down feeding them. When my babies were tiny, I used their constant feedings to clean out the DVR and then some.

Best of luck!!

Savannah said...

Jesse Mateo for the boy. Well, obviously the girl is Angela Haley, right?

Shadow said...

A boy *and* a girl. That is so perfect! That is a fantastic blessing. Lucky little kids to have such great people for parents!

Dianne said...

Twice the blessing! How wonderful!!

Congrats, Ashley and Carlos. Wishing you and your little ones great health and happiness!!

JSpear8 said...

Twins!! Wow now that was a twist for you. lol

I like the boy name is Jesse (one of my favorite AMC characters) and the middle name is Mateo (another nice AMC character)! :-)

bizarra said...

Congratulations to both Momma and babies! You're gonna be a great mom Ashley!

Unknown said...

Hi Ashley and Jordan, I've been listening for awhile but haven't commented on the blog before. I love the podcast even if I don't agree with you and Jordan on everything.
Congrats, Ashley!