Sunday, June 07, 2009

Angie Great. Brot good. Randi bad. GhostBabe worse. Pratt worst.

  • As if killing Stuart wasn’t bad enough, Pratt makes us relive it over and over as he drags the “Who Shot Stuart” murder mystery out all summer long. Of course the real mystery is “WTF is with Tad?”.

  • Jessie is still acting like a Private Dick. Erica is the worst Private Dick ever, and Petey ruins the most significant piece of evidence discovered so far.

  • What does Emma know about Stuart's death? She has a thing for guns. Not long ago she found a gun under the bed, and while most girls draw bunnies, flowers and butterflies, Emma draws an Astra, 357 Magnum, 3 " barrel, Armaloy satin finish, Lee Reloading dye, handgun.

  • Pratt shoots another blank with an old storyline involving the sperm switch fiasco of Colby’s conception.

  • Colby tries to read. Annie gets shanked for reading. Ryan tries basic math. Bless his heart.

  • It’s Smackdown at Wildwind as KWAK and David go mano y mano over the end of their loving union!

  • Kendall is torn between two lovers, and feelin’ like a fool, because lovin’ both of them is breakin’ all the rules…

GOOD NEWS! Chrishell Stause aka Amamda Dillon mercifully extends her contract through the end of the year!

NEXT WEEK ON All My Children: One character’s sperm ends up in a place it doesn’t belong! Another beloved character suffers a blunt force trauma to the head! (Ok, I totally made that up, but the odds are in my favor.)

Well folks, there may not be a new podcast this week, but there’s plenty to dish about. Let’s keep the blog going while Ashley takes a break to start the adventure of her life with Carlos and The Twins. Be on the lookout for Jordan’s posts. No doubt he’ll have plenty of ass-toot commentary about AMC and the whole summer TV season! Post your thoughts and send Ashley happy thoughts right here.


Anonymous said...

Colby tries to read...

HAHAHA - she is an idiot. Those scenes with her an JaLu are so hard to watch.

TWINS!! Holy crap!! That is SO exciting!!! But she will have her hands full for awhile.....

What the heck am I doing...wasting an hour watching "Kendra"...what is wrong with me. I would rather watch JaLu...oh wait, maybe Kendra would be better.


Jason said...

I had the same reaction on the twins Jenny. lol Congrats Ashley! So exctied for you and Carlos. You're gonna make a great mother.

I didn't watch one episode of AMC this week. That's a first for me since I started watching. I just didn't care. Maybe i'll start next week when I have more time on my hands, with school being over.

I wonder what Bree Williamson's mind went through as she was giving one of the best daytime preformences I have ever seen. She's amazing. OLTL was heartbreaking this week. I don't read spoilers, so I hope Starr and Cole give Marcie and Michael, Hope.

Does anyone here watch In Plain Sight?
And True Blood fans next Sunday is the season premiere! So excited.

jason said...

Wanted to add: Love the captions Shawdow and thanks for staying Chrishell Stause!

Anonymous said...

Good question - I thought the same thing about Bree W - where did she get all the emotion! She did a wonderful job I cried, I smiled, I was was another wonderful week on OLTL.

The best part was at the very end of Friday's episode when Jessica was in the baby's room crouched down and crying....and Brody appears! There's are next supercouple!!!

Sad to go from that to AMC....and Tad is bugging the hell out of me!!! I feel so sorry for Michael makes him looks like a real idiot.

Argh..just finished "Kendra". What a train wreck.


Shadow said...

Thanks Jason. I've never posted a blog before, so I was a little worried I would do something to crash the whole site. Whew!

Mel Got Served said...
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Mel Got Served said...

I think Annie getting shivved was perhaps the funniest thing I saw all weekend (and I saw The Hangover in theaters). I laughed soooo hard. I love Insannie. Like 2 years ago I hated her, but now, she's my must-watch (unless Aidumb is onscreen). Jordan, I'd love to hear what you'd do with Annie, as you mentioned on the podcast.

Someone is going to have lots of little cuts and bandaids all over their hands when they clean up Wildwind. David threw like 4 glass objects. Couldn't he have thrown a few pillows instead?

Arizonagal said...

WTF Jordan, did you say twins? un-friggin-believable! Our beloved little chica is going to have her hands full.

Okay Jordan, 'splain this...
Nominations for best daytime series: AMC, DOOL, B&B??

I just want to know who's in charge here. Who nominates these shows? None of these crapfests deserve to be on a best series list.

Also amazed at the nominations for best actor: Vincent Irizarry and Jacob Young. They were given nothing but crap last year. VI gave us one-note mustache twirling evil. Jacob Young gave us OTT over wrought melodrama that bordered on silly... he's drunk, he's sober, he's drunk, he's sober... Dan Cosgrove seems like more of a supporting actor, but I adore him and he gets great material from TPTB.

I think Bree Wmsn acted circles around Kendall and Annie. Kendall had too much coma time. Annie made the best out of bad material, but her character is ultimately a failure because every time we think she can be redeemed, she does something even more unthinkable.

Too bad there isn't a category for worst performance on a soap. Here's my list of noms for that:
Cameron Mathison
Cameron Mathison
Cameron Mathison
Cameron Mathison

Anonymous said...

God Bless you Ashley,Carlos,and baby girl and baby boy.

Anonymous said...

Did we ever hear what the baby girl's name is????


kim said...

congratulations to ashley and carlos. i can't believe she had TWINS!! that's amazing, i'm so happy for you ashley, you deserve all the happiness in the world. congrats and best of luck <3

discodan said...

I've got to say Ashley...if anyone deserves this slice of happiness, it's you. Congrats on the twins...and maybe when my new laptop comes in, i can blog as much as I used to.

Anyways, I haven't watched today's episode yet, but as far as Friday...I liked the Hubbards stuff. I think that Brot is doing an excellent job, and really needs to give Denise Vasi some pointers...maybe a little of fine tuning (Pratt, this is not an inuendo to hook up Brot and Randi...maybe if u broke up Brot and Taylor, you could hook him up with Annie...that'd be cute, and better than her and Adam...icky). I liked that Jesse had to remind Angie to let the kids deal with their own problems their own way, it was a throwback that I actually appriciated a lot.

I cannot...CANNOT STAND JAMIE LUNER AS LIZA COLBY! What the hell does Liza want with Amanda and David's kid? Why does she want to be a mother again? Why isn't she leaning on anyone other than Colby and Jake? For that matter, why is Jake so open and willing to be leaned on? She threatened him a couple of days ago. It's redic.

I really like that Marissa is jumping on David's side in everythng. Even though he probably doesn't deserve it, I think that everyone needs at least one person in his corner....if they want to redeem David....again.

Krystal is a moron...Tad is Stuart, which brings me to this question:

If you wanted to make Tad a more fun and simple character, why not just use Stuart more? Why kill him?

And where was Haley and Mateo at that funeral? Like Nelson Branco said, I'm sure Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos would have worked for a day for the cost of a sandwich. It's not like they have to travel far. AMC IS FILMED IN NY!

And if Chuck Pratt expects us to believe that bringing back Marian and Ruth was an accomplishment, he's partying harder than a 420 Hippie.

I like that there's no Aidan lately...let's try and keep it that way, but I'd like more Scott...he's fun.

Oh, and another thing about AMC...they're making me root for throwing Erica off of a cliff and I don't like it. Why is she in everyone's business? Let's just say that she's about to be all up in Ryan's business, according to Daytimeconfidential and Pratt Falls (NEW EP!!! WOOO!!!!

Loving my Y&R! Can't wait for the Chancellor storyline to get going...but Sharon is still a ho

OLTL is hot. Love Schyler and Gigi's quest to make the skank disappear, but I kinda want Stacy to sleep with Rex, just to make him feel dumb and used. Kind of a slap in the face.

Starr + Cole + Hope = family...go away Marcie...I love you dear, and Michael too, but they shouldn't be raising this's a shame we're losing those two.

I kinda want them to redeem Kyle...I mean I know that he's a jerk and an opportunist, but I can't help but feel that this character is a Paul Cramer throwback, and Paul is, was, and always will be my favorite character of all time.

GH is getting better. I am absolutely loving Kristina and Michael. They are fantastic finds and are going to light up the screen for years to come.

Ethan is getting better, and I kinda like his contrast to Nikolas, although I wish that Ethan and Lucky were a bit more civil towards each other. Heck, I'd settle for a Lucky storyline...poor Greg Vaughn

They're ruining my Kate, but Olivia and Johnny are hot. Lisa LoCiero always looks so hot in those short dresses, but it's still funny that they have her running a hotel, when she was a mechanic.

Too much Claudia...make it stop.

I'm really going to miss Ric. Rick Hearst is probably the best actor in daytime and GH doesnt know what it's doing not writing for the character of Ric. Good luck at B&'re going to need it.

I still need more Spixie and more my Sam lol

I miss my PVP fam. How's everyone doing?

Gene said...

Hey, guys, I hope you are having a great week, but AMC still sucks. Nelson Branco from TVGC name PVP must hear podcast. Congrats, guys. I can't wait until the next one and Ashley, Congrats on the child.

Melissa said...

Jason, I watch In Plain Sight, and it's one of my fave shows right now. Very well cast.

Today's episode of AMC made me ill... namely DBTE Randie's boring, robotic work opposite Jessie. I have more emotion in my voice when I'm trying to get my damn vaccuum cleaner to work! Maybe she'll contract some rare German disease and die a horrible death. Hell, I'd settle for her to just run off with one of the orderlies. Anything to be rid of that woman!!!

Melissa said...

When will Tad start wearing his shirt collar out on one side?

Unknown said...

I wish Ashley all the best on her babies. What an amazing blessing to you and Carlos.
I wish we could see a picture of you Ashley ...... I bet you are one beautiful pregnant lady. Enjoy it sweetie. Congrats again.

Anonymous said...

I agree OLTL is fabulous. I know it's nitpicking, but did they ever have Jessica and Star have a conversation about the whole teen mother thing - remember Jessica got pregnant with Will as a teenager, but she lost her baby. It is one of those older real life cousin would talk to her younger cousin about her experience, but I don't remember it being brought up.

I think the acting on One Life is so far superior to AMC.

I am actually liking GH too. I think the new Michael and Kristina are so cute and they're good little actors too.

Mel Got Served said...

LOL Crazy Daisy. If I see Tad wearing argyle and plaid, I know we're in for the worse.

If anyone is looking for a fun but random reality show, check out How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria? on BBC America. It was filmed in 2006, but it's Andrew Lloyd Webber trying to find the lead for a West End production of The Sound of Music. I just watched the finale of another show to find a West End star, Any Dream Will Do, to find a Joseph. It's good summer fun- plus Graham Norton hosts and is perfection.

Shadow said...

Ok, I hate to brag, but I'm only halfway through today's show. They already showed a recap where David got hit on the head the night of the murder, but I'm not going to count that since it was a replay of a prior head injury.

However, 10 minutes later and voila! David throws JR into a wall at Wildwind causing JR *hit his head* and pass out. Now all we need is to find a little sperm in a place it shouldn't be and my predictions are 100%!! I did read that Ryan and Erica are going to hookup! That would count, right?

Bxgal said...

YES! i think we would all LOVE to see a picture of you and the babies!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Ashley had twins???? Congratulations to the brand new family!!! (I'm still trying to connect the last podcast, via my media player, but Windows thinks I'm 'offline'--Grrrrrr!)So this is the first I've 'heard' of the news.


Anonymous said...

Please!! Please!! I ask once already!! Can you please break down the June 3 podcast into two parts!! It's to long to support my iPod touch!! It will not download nor can I here it in line. Please!!!! Please !!! I also have listen to you for along time!!! I enjoy the podcast sooooo much!! I would like to listen to the last one!! Also congrats to you Ashly:)

Shadow said...


I'm sorry I don't know how to do that. I would email it to you but it's 57m and I don't think it would go through.

I know Ashley was working with her computer peeps to fix the downloading time and this last podcast did seem to download faster from Itunes than it had the past couple of weeks. Have you tried downloading from Itunes on your computer rather than from the website with Media Player? I have never been able to download a podcast directly to my Touch.

Maybe Luis or someone else will have a suggestion on how we can get it for you.

Anonymous said...

Shadow, thank you for getting back with me. Yes, my daughter downloaded it for me from her computer, then put it onto my iPod touch, still no luck:( I tried listing to it on line too, no luck. I never had this happen. I believe it's to long of a podcast for the iPod touch to hold at one time. Hope you can download it on 2 different podcast 1 hour or so at a time. Thanks again!!

WMD said...

Hey Anon, the podcast won't work on your iPod Touch? It did with mine. You might have to tell iTunes that it's an audiobook. Right-click on the file and go to the Options tab, and there you should find media type, or something like that. Change it to audiobook, then sync it to the iPod.

Unknown said...

Congratulations Ashley! I can't wait to hear all of your stories about your twins on the podcast!!!

Are you still wrapped up in Y&R?

OMG...Peter Bergman is knocking it out of the park every freakin day! Today when he touched Sharon's stomach my heart just melted for him. Also...WTH, was it dayplayer day on Y&R or something? We had Summer's teacher, the doctor Adam is blackmailing, and the man Victor is hiring, I couldn't keep track with all of the random characters today. I digress.


Crystal said...

Whew, I've been two days without my laptop and today without internet at all. I am so happy to be back!

I think Annie and Scott would be HOT!!! I would love a eBabe/insAnnie/Beaker love triangle!

Jordan, have to get us that girl name! lol

A. Noyd said...

WTF?? ABC offers full episodes of General Hospital on their web site but nothing for AMC or OLTL????

Terry in Toronto said...

Congrats Ashley once again on the twins!

OLTL has been amazing this week. Jessica and Brody are hotness! I'm sorry for Marcie and Michael but I really want Starr and Cole to keep their baby. Someone remind me again why the baby is better off with someone other than his parents. I loved that Blair offered to help Starr raise the baby. That's what families do. I know several women who gave a child up for adoption and they all say that they never recovered from the loss. Would be interesting if that gets explored on OLTL.

Shadow said...
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Shadow said...

Just watched Nurse Jackie. She's a work-a-holic who is addicted to pain killers and prays for God "to make her good, but not yet". Hilarious and totally original. Well written, comedic and tragic. At the very least, quirky and interesting. Goes without saying it's well acted.

Perky Instern to Nurse J: "I think it's super great that I'll be with you all day. I can tell you're somebody who totally lives the job...totally..."

Nurse Jackie (interrupts): "Ok, a quick question?"

Intern: Sure!

Nurse Jackie (deadpans): Shut up.

Intern(thinking maybe she's kidding): "Is that a question?"

Nurse Jackie qickly quips: "I don't like chatty. OK? I don't *do* chatty. Quiet and Mean. Those are my people."

Then, after she tells one of the resident interns what a douche he is, he reaches out and grabs Nurse Jackie's boob which he claims was a "tourett's response to stress".

One case: 16 year old pothead shot a roman candle out of his ass and singed his scrotum and perirectal area. He's in stirrups facing the door with nuns giggling outside the open door. The intern asks if she can take pictures because her "stupid little brother is a bong hit away from launching fireworks from his asscheeks and maybe this will make him think twice". Just about when you think it's over the top, they cut to a poignant moment with a surviving spouse of another patient. Do I roll my eyes? Laugh? Cry? Guffaw? Actually, I did all of that.

Anonymous said...

WMD, Thanks you for getting back with me. What you said to do was tell iTunes it's a audiobook. Right?? I'm really not stupid just don't understand all this technology stuff, LOL... Is this something I can do right from my ipod Or do I need a computer?? If I can do this from my ipod could you please explain what to do??

Tricia said...

I have fallen behind on my AMC updates, but Ashley Congratulations!!! I wish you, Carlos and your new twins all the best for many, many healthy and happy years to come.

I am actually watching AMC today, and just want to say thank-you to Ms. Kane for being stunningly gorgeous as always.

I can appreciate the storyline AMC is doing with the DTV conversion, but come one our we to believe Tad Martin can't afford cable or the dish? I think not. Is it really that easy to get ordained as a minister?

I do have one question, why does JaLu always where black? I dont get it.

Again Congrats to you Ashley!!

Savannah said...

I know I am in the minority, but I am glad Starr gave the baby to Michael and Marcie. It is sweet to think of Starr keeping her baby, but the reality is that she's still in high school. She has her whole life ahead of her (not to mention many more storylines as a young adult). And she knows Michael and Marcie will make wonderful parents. Plus, she had already made a commitment to them. I love Starr to death, but I also like Marcie a lot and I think she deserves some happiness. And you know if the show is around in 10+ years, they will SORAS Hope and bring her back as a teen.

I also don't like Marty and Cole so I didn't want Starr to keep her just because Cole wanted her to. I think Starr was very mature, brave and selfless, and a blessing to Marcie. I think they made the right move in this story.

Just my opinion! But I can see where others would disagree. It is a tough call. I only wish AMC were compelling enough for me to even have an opinion about any of the storylines. Jesse is the worst cop ever - Monday he was discussing evidence with three suspects - Kendall, Zach and Ryan - and those three talked freely to the chief of police with no attorney present. That would NEVER happen in real life!!! Tad is annoying. That show is so messed up, I could go on forever...

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Ashley and family!!

I love the name! And with two, you may need a longer hiatus than previously scheduled, correct?

Oh, congrats congrats congrats!!!


brtedi said...

THanks for responding, Shadow! I really wasn't expecting a comment or advice. But, I definately appreciate your suggestion. If I signed up for Itunes, does that mean I can still access that service from my computer?---I don't have an Ipod...Wow! Looks like all of this will 'force' me to branch out into unknow 'techie teritory'--LOL!

Now on to AMC...Today. I noticed Tad was officiating at Jake and Amanda's wedding...Since when did he become a minister????


Melissa said...

I know there's a lot of dissention with my opinion (I'm talking to you, Jordan! xoxo), but I really want Kendall and Zach back together. She needs a real man, and Ryan just ain't it. He has hurt and disappointed Kendall over and over throughout their relationship, and his stubbornness and selfishness isn't sexy. Viva la Zendall!!!

I'm with you, brtedi... did I miss the part where Tad is ordained? Do they ordain murderers? Oh yeah, that storyline went upstairs with Ritchie Cunningham's older brother.

Shadow said...

brtedi, I thought you said you had an Ipod Touch? Oh well, at least with Itunes you can download for free and listen on your computer. Sorry I couldn't think of anything better to help.

I googled "online ordained minister" and apparently you can get ordained for free online these days. This is just getting goofy and stupid. Is it too much to ask that Pratt try to make some logical sense out of the shit he writes? This stupid murder s/l doesn't jive. Liza doesn't work. Handless Frankie seems stupid long term. In any event, why is he being such a puss? Not like his character. Tad isn't acting like any version of himself, Tad the Cad or otherwise. GMAFB.


Michael said...

It seems as if we were promised a post-head wound return of "Tad the Cad" but instead we get a brand new incarnation: "Tad the Spazz"

GH was fun today-Love that Constance Towers!

brtedi said...

brtedi, I thought you said you had an Ipod Touch? Oh well, at least with Itunes you can download for free and listen on your computer. Sorry I couldn't think of anything better to help.

No, Problem, Shadow. :-)

Nope don't have an Ipod, but I did look at the Ipod page--I'm going to look at what I have to do to litterally 'get the the show rollin'--again. Honestly. over the past several days, I've tried to access with my media player around a dozen times. So at this point what could it hurt if I downloaded the itunes setup on my computer, right?

And as far as Tad goes, I think, Pratt is trying to get Tad back to his former lighter self--He's just doing it in a really dumb way.


jason said...

Just stared watch today's AMC and I was interested in what was happeing to InsAnnie till AiDumb had to come and save her. I can't stand him!

OLTL on the other hand was great today. Blair and Dorian were amazing, and I'm going to miss Ray. Stupid Brian Frons for firing him. Marty annoys me, I wish John McBain choose Blair, I hope the writers don't put Blair with Todd, I like Todd and Tea.

Tasha from Brooklyn, NY said...

Congrats Ashley twins what a blessing. I wish you and Carlos the best.

SOAPFAN said...

Congrats Ashley on the twins!

SOAPFAN said...

Uncle Jordan, make sure Ashley doesn't sell one of the babies!J/K

discodan said...

This babyselling twins thing needs to really stop....GH is doing it right now, with Emily and Rebecca and it's absolutely ridiculous. Where do u even go to get that done? Babies'R'Us? I dont even know...

Speaking of GH, Loved that Lucky/Ethan scene yesterday... I have to say, out of the two cons, Ethan and Rebecca, Ethan is the more likable character. Originally I didnt like him because there's too many guys in the same age bracket (Johnny, Matt, Spinelli, Ethan, Milo [even though they never use him]) on GH as it is, but Ethan has surprised me. He has great chemistry with his on-air sister, Lulu, and I kinda hope he ends up with Rebecca, because Rebecca and Nikolas are just getting disturbing. Who hooks up with their dead fiance's twin? Disgusting...

Mel Got Served said...

Discodan says: "Who hooks up with their dead fiance's twin? Disgusting..."

Probably JR Chandler! (especially if eBabe gets her bartender's license at the Yacht Club)

Mel Got Served said...

Ahhh I just read a spoiler about who Rex's dad is on OLTL! I might have to jump back in to see how this plays out.

Mel Got Served said...

Whoa whoa whoa whoaaaaa- stop the presses! (Which is appropriate since I work in printing) Aidan Devane was nominated for a Daytime Emmy in 2003??????? I think my heart stopped from shock for 20 seconds.

Savannah said...

I have had my suspiciouns about who Rex's dad is for a while; I can only think of one person it could be, but I don't think the actor is available so I could be completely off base. It is interesting and I wish they would get on with that story. After all the buildup, I am expecting an awesome reveal!

Shadow said...

I've always looked forward to the time when Amanda finds true, reassuring, affirming love. She's always been an outsider. Beautiful girl with a nutjob for a mother. Hers is a life full of bad choices and rotten men or good men and self sabotage. But always deep down not a bad girl, just sort of lost and misguided. So I've always hoped that when true love came, hers would be an especially moving episode. I have to say, the actors did a good job. The vows were goofy, but they sold it. I still see so much wasted opportunity. I had never thought of her getting married in a small affair, but for her and Jake it worked. But why not in a church with a real minister officiating or even just a Justice of the Peace? What was the point of Tad the Spaz officiating? Budgetary concerns? Why have David burst in, start a fight and end of bound and gagged through the ceremony? Why have Marissa storm in without knocking? Why was she even there? And when did she become such good friends with the Martins that should could let herself in? Doesn't *anyone* in this town lock their door? All that was so unecessary. I would love to have a genuinely thoughtful moment without all this crazy crap going around. Why not stretch out the marriage scene and let us savor it? Wouldn't that be cheaper anyway? When do we get to see Amanda tell her mother she got married and is having a baby. Can you imagine how Janet would react to that news? Talk about sensory overload. Man they could go so many directions with Janet now. Ah well...

Don't virtually slap me, but I think I saw some life in JaLu today. Like the daytime confidential boys say, it isn't Liza but there's a possibility whoever she is playing could be interesting. Seemed like she loosened up a little today. I saw a little chemistry with Liza and Marissa and Liza and David. Whoever this Liza is, Jamie Luner has been saddled with some awful shit to sell--the fake pregnancy, the law degree. All tha is so random and unecessary.

Ever notice that Adam has a perpetual itch on his chin that he scratches with his right hand?

Tad may act stupid, but don’t call him stupid or he'll clock you.

Anonymous said...

Catching up on AMC this week. The scenes with Randi/Brot & Frankie....this is the first time I have actually fastfowarded thru a whole storyline. I just can't take it. I would rather watch the tampon and Valtrex commericals.

This is killing me - - what the heck is that girl twins name?? :-)


Arizonagal said...

Reading too fast and saw "Adam has a peritoneal itch" thanks to an earlier post Shadow. I'm not watching much, several of the characters just annoy me so much I can't stand them. Ryan as always makes me nauseous. This new incarnation of Tad is also pukeworthy. JaLU is incredibly skanky and not remotely reminiscent of Liza. She comes off white trashy and not in a good way like Opal.

Ryan and Erica together? That's got to be because she's gone thru every other man in town. I don't buy it.

I want to see pictures of those babies Ashley girl, when you have time - ha!

Savannah said...

Shadow, thank you so much for the detailed updates and analysis. I am down to just watching Friday episodes now, in hopes that there will be a cliffhanger that will reel me back in. My hopes are not too high for today though.

The old joke with soaps used to be that you could miss months and still pick back up where they left off because they went slowly. AMC is the opposite - they do too much, too fast and it's confusing me because I don't understand the characters' motivation for anything they do. It is either completely random or counter intuitive to what a real human being would do. And like Jordan and Ashley have pointed out so many times, they skip over scenes. Am I just dumb or does anyone else spend so much time scratching their head going "why?" And I really loathe what they've done to Jesse.

GH is my all time fave and I actually think I might like it now for the first time in years. Anybody else watch that one?

Mel Got Served said...

I'm hoping that now that Chrishelle has extended her contract until the end of the year that maybe we'll be able to have Jake and Amanda remarry in a true soap wedding. My fingers are crossed that Amanda will somehow either keep the baby, or get her baby back down the line, and then her and Jake will renew their vows with their baby on hand (that child may have the DNA of a Hayward, but I consider it Jake's child).

And maybe Tad's BFF Ne-Yo can sing at their reception!

Speaking of baby, on OLTL is Starr definitely giving her baby to Marcie or is she going to take up Marcie on that offer they keep showing in the promo? I figured there are 2 ways it would go down: Marcie and Michael get baby and leave Llanview, or Marcie and Michael don't get the baby and decide to leave Llanview because it's too hard to be there. Sadly I don't have the time for OLTL, so recaps are all I have.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for fixing the podcast so I can download it and listen to it. Not!!!

Anonymous said...

Cameron and LaLucci were on the View pimping their new "love story" and all I can say is EWWWWWW!!! The Kane family will be decimated. WHY???????

On another note, I sense sarcasm from Anon's post about the podcast. From what I have seen, the other posters have done all that they can to help you, short of coming to your house. I assume that Ashley, as the owner of the podcast would be the only one that can actually change something, and if you haven't heard, she's quite busy with twins.

Patience is a virtue,

Shadow said...

Funny thing about the cougar s/l. How much betrayal can Kendall take? First Bianca uses Zach's baby gravy without Kendall's permission. Now Erica is going to get horizontal with Ryan--probably because she thinks it will divert him from pursuing Kendall. The Kanes I know have a better understanding of boundaries than this. I don't have a problem with Erica having an affair with a younger man, just her daughter's ex-husband and father of her grandchild and whatever else Ryan is to Erica. Besides I see them more trading thongs than having sex.

Anonymous said...

Any chance the whole Ryan/Erica thing is just a publicity stunt, not a real storyline?

Norn Cutson said...

hey ya'll!
did you see the Chuck Pratt item in Nelson Branco today?

here's the item with the assholism in bold

"Head writer Chuck Pratt actually made me laugh. The AMC scribe tells Soaps In Depth that Greenlee is alive (well, duh!), but he’s just waiting for Rebecca Budig to return to the sudser (good luck with that). He says, “You can print this: I’ll get Bob the Bachelor [Guiney, Rebecca’s husband] on the golf course and I’ll talk him into bringing her back. I don’t want to sound like [GH head writer] Bob Guza and Vanessa Marcil.” I could say something bitchy here, but I’ll leave it to you guys to insert your own joke in here because this mess bores me."

got it? Pratthole assumes a woman doesnt manage her own career, he can override her choices, GO OVER HER HEAD by having a MAN TO MAN with the woman's HUSBAND.

whatta doucheburger!

WMD said...

Anonymous said...
WMD, Thanks you for getting back with me. What you said to do was tell iTunes it's a audiobook. Right?? I'm really not stupid just don't understand all this technology stuff, LOL... Is this something I can do right from my ipod Or do I need a computer?? If I can do this from my ipod could you please explain what to do??
I was away for a day or two, sorry for not getting back. I assume since you have an iPod Touch, you're using iTunes to put stuff on it. I'm guessing you don't download the show right from iTunes, because if you did it should work right away. If you copy it from the web site, here, and add it into itunes later, it shows up as music. Find it there, and do what I said in my previous post.

Shadow said...

Pratt is a douche, isn't he? What was the point of him saying he didn't want to sound like the GH writers? Can this guy alienate anyone else?


Mel Got Served said...

When I read that quote that Chuck Pratt thinks he'll be able to get Rebecca Budig back my internal monologue said, "ARE YOU ******* INSANE?!?!" Chuck Pratt single handedly ruined Greenlee. Even Bob Guiney himself probably knew Rebecca was on a sinking ship. And BTW, the live in LA, so while they filmed AMC, Bob and Rebecca were apart so yeah I'm sure Bob Guiney is going to be so easily swayed to make his wife move back to the East Coast to be on the one of worst written soaps currently on. Rebecca, if you're gonna go east coast, go One Life to Live. Don't come back just so they can ruin Greenlee again.

Norn Cutson said...

it wouldnt matter if it was the best role in the best production think that you, as a MAN, can OVERULE a woman by appealing to her HUSBAND...

thats just assholism!

Anonymous said...

WMD, Okay! Thank you! All the other podcast work fine in the past, going to iTunes and downloading them and they went on my iPod just fine, (even thoough sometimes it took over night for them to download). I did what you said, yes it did come up as a song. I tried doing it from my iPod but could not get it to work. I used a computer and it work the way you explained. Thank you again!! I will enjoy listing to the last podcast.

WMD said...

Wow. I'm starting to think that Pratthole is only giving these interviews to get a rise out of us, as if he gets some sick entertainment out of it. After all, we hate his tenure on the show anyway, what's he got to lose? He fits the "internet troll" profile very well. Seriously, there can't be anyone stupid enough to not only believe what he says in this day and age, but to say it in public regularly as if there was nothing wrong.

Melissa said...

I'm a lil confused about this whole Jake / Amanda / JaLu / Baby thing... I get that Jake and JaLu are scheming to give Liza the baby, but why all the secrecy with Amanda? Why is she not in on this, especially since it's her baby!? If they wanted to protect the baby from David, Jake shoulda picked a mom out of Pine Valley.

Erica looked HOT in that black and white dress with the yellow flowers and matching bag! Her hair is adorable pulled back like that.

Anonymous said...

AMC just hit a new low for me...if that is possible. Tad hitting her in the stomach with a dart!!!!

Beyond lame. It was stupid when they did it on Desperate Housewives...and stupid now.

I am disgusted. I will be on vacation next week...trying to decide if I should even bother to TiVo it.

Wonder how Ashley is doing? I remember those first tired and overwhelmed you can feel...and I only had one!! But i am sure she is doing an amazing job...she seems like such a neat lady.


jason said...

I can't beleive Chuck Pratt said he would get have to talk to Bob Guiney to get RB back on. 1. I don't want Greenlee back! 2. He is a womanizer! This isn't the 1950's! This make me want him fired even more. FIRE HIM. In last weeks ABC Soaps in depth magazine they asked Ricky Paull Goldin about Pratt-hole and Ricky said about 10 times Patt-hole has a lot of confidence. What Ricky was trying to see is this guy is a pompous asshole. lol. I wish Ron C. could write both OLTL & AMC.

Willa said...

Hello all--

I somehow missed the announcement about Ashley's twins. When were they born and what are their names?

Wishing her and Carlos all the best!

Cheers, Willa

Shadow said...

More from Pratt in Soap Central:

It's been weeks since it was revealed that Frankie Hubbard was critically injured in Iraq. But since then, Emmy-nominated Cornelius Smith, Jr., hasn't been seen on-screen. The actor finally makes his return this week, his absence being attributed to extended contract negotiations.

Cornelius Smith, Jr. (Frankie Hubbard) returns to All My Children this week after an absence of several weeks. The reason, according to head writer Charles Pratt, Jr., was a contract negotiation period that took much longer than expected.

"In these new days of money, [I am] forced into situations where we don't write [scenes for] a person past a certain date while business affairs people work things out," Pratt said in a recent interview with Soap Opera Digest.

Terry in Toronto said...

Erica's cougar storyline is one thing but her getting it on with the father of her grandchild is beyond disgusting. La Kane may be many things but no one messes with her kids or her grandkids and I can't believe that Erica would cross that line.

Thankfully I'm still only watching OLTL anyway.

The whole Rex/Gigi/Stacy storyline is such (&(^*&*%^^ that I am grateful for all the loving couples in Llanview who we got to see a glimpse of last week. When will Pratthole get that what viewers what is some romance and some true love not all the contrived, unbelievable shenanigans he serves up in Pine Valley.

chesty morgan said...

Here is Rebecca Budig