Monday, June 22, 2009

Keep It Simple

  • Emma faked a tummy ache knowing Ryan would immediately rush her to the hospital where she could sneak away to visit Annie. Is Emma the new Crazy Kathy? Like Mother, Like Daughter I hope.
  • Aside from the complete implausibility of the plot, Chrishell Stause delivered an emotional and moving performance as Amanda delivered a perfect baby boy and told the world he died. David continued to defy the limits of time, logic and probability by being everywhere, all the time, at just the right time. Fortunately for David, flights leave Pine Valley every 30 minutes for Barbados. After finding out Jake and Amanda were there, he immediately hopped a flight and arrived minutes after the birth. The entire hospital staff was primed and ready for him and swore the baby died. Will David just accept the baby’s death or will he keep harassing Amanda until she cracks? Where is Janet From Another Planet in Amanda’s hour of need? David is no match for Grandma JFAP.

  • Speaking of David, he proved his love for Krystal by driving drunk and wrecking into a guardrail. Krystal suffered her 80th head injury this year and was hospitalized just after she did a Penelope Pittstop in Tad’s arms. David also mocked Marissa for trying to be the daughter he never had, but JR made her feel better by explaining how she reminded him of cherry coke swilling, guacamole eating Saint Babe of Pine Valley.

  • Tad mixed with the ladies and showed chemistry with JaLu, KWAK and Taylor. After reminiscing about old times with JaLu and realizing that Krystal’s heart is still with her head bashing husband, he pondered if Tad the Cad was dead. Then he sipped wine and popped a woody with Taylor at the ConFusion bar. Taylor and Brot’s relationship hit the skids.

  • Angie’s Mood Weave turned limp and lifeless as Angie fretted over Frankie’s future. Frankie continued his downward spiral unable to turn the pages of his favorite magazine, sip from a wine goblet, or eat macaroni and cheese with a fork. The whole family staged an intervention and reminded him that he’s married to a really hot hooker.

  • JaLu took on Annie’s case, while Adam accepted Annie into his home and kicked JR and Lil’ A out on their Lil’ Asses.

  • Adam and the DA continue working to make the case against Kendall, who responded by sleeping late, watching TV, playing with her kids and parading about in low-cut blouses revealing her glistening 10” scar. Adam & Co. may be out to get her, but she’s too busy rubbing Mederma scar fading cream all over her chest and fantasizing about a ménage a trios’ with Ryan and Zach to care.

  • Ryan kissed Erica in a weird, unnecessary scene. Annie kissed Adam and I felt a little bile rise up in the back of my throat, although I wonder who is playing who. Adam and Annie are gross, but sort of interesting. Ryan and Erica are just gross. Pratt says the audience wants it to happen though. The lesson here is: keep it simple enough for Pratt to understand or he will misinterpret what we say. Here’s how you do it:

    F-I-R-E C-H-U-C-K P-R-A-T-T !

    Now it’s your turn, right here.


DancingElf88 said...

I Love your blog, Shadow. Emma is smarter than Ryan and Aiden combined.I know her mom is crazy but I love Annie and want Emma to see her mom. Annie/Adam--interesting but if they kiss one more time I'm going to barf. I hope she's not playing him and Aiden takes the next cab out of PV because he annoys me now...I got interested once he got involved with Annie but now I want him gone.

The Ryan/Erica kiss was gross too. I hate Ryan with a passion and want him away from my beautiful Erica. he pissed me off more durig that custody hearing. I throw things at the television when he's on. I don't have soft chancletas but I throw various other objects when he's on the screen.

Tad is less loopy now...good and I liked the way he told jake that he was on to him.

Chrishell Stause turned it out for me. Although I felt just wee bit bad for David and the way they put the blame on him for losing the baby. I don't want JaLu to get that baby...Amanda needs to raise her baby.

I feel no emotion from Randi with Frankie. I'm not sure how I feel about this development with him. The actors are good...but this storyline leaves me confused about how I feel about it.

I'm not entirely sad that JR and Lil A are out. He's a grown man always complaining about Adam's control issues and yet he lives off of him. And I don't like JR horning in Beeker's woman.

DancingElf88 said...

Yay I remembered my password. BTW Jordan have you been watching SYTYCD? What do you think about it this season? I'm not as excited as I was before for some reason.

Mel Got Served said...
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Mel Got Served said...

I literally gagged at Ryan and Erica dancing, imagining what might progress from there. Sorry, but this grosses me out.

Also, is Ryan is such a good dad, why is he always leaving Emma home? He's bitching about Annie wanting to take Emma, she's not safe, etc... and then he's out at dinner with Erica, sans his precious Emma. Give Annie her daughter!!!

Am LOVING Annie and Adam. I hope she's not playing him because this coupling I don't mind. It can't harm pairing my favorite characters.

And when Frankie went to eat the spaghetti I had to laugh- Randi, be a bit more sensitive and make easier to eat sandwiches or maybe soup in a mug next time.

Shadow said...

Remember, Frankie isn't good at lapping up drinks or sauces--especially if he's in a bad mood. Rancid needs to keep everything lightheared to lift his mood. Maybe she could buy him a Silly Straw to drink the soup out of the mug!

I almost fell out of my chair laughing last week when he was trying to figure out how to drink out of the wine goblet. It was less AMC, more SNL for me. This is the stupidest POS storyline since Randi the ho' was introduced. He absolutely cannot write for the Hubbards and it's a travesty because Angie and Jessie are legendary talents. Frankie has been way off on this storyline (when he walked into Randi, punched her in the tetas and collapsed screaming) but I think it's more the material than anything. I'm even starting to feel kind of bad for DBTE Denise in these scenes. They have taken a legacy couple's child who had a promising future to build the Hubbard brand and carry the show going forward and have sandbagged the character with this idiotic injury. Is he supposed to wear gloves forever now? And although I love Brot, why does everybody else have to be scarred too? Kendall has that weird scar down her chest that looks more like a wet worm hanging around her neck. Now Frankie has webbed hands or whatever. I'm in no way making light of Brot's injuries, but this thing with Frankie is doing nothing to enlighten us to the Brot's suffering because it's being done so poorly. What next, Erica with a pegleg?

They have got to get us out of the hospital and out of the courtroom and back in everybody's homes and offices and more realistic lives.

This isn't ER. It sure ain't Law & Order. And I don't want it to be Melrose Place. I want some class strife a la' the Wallingfords and Martins or Jenny & Greg. I want some hot love story with regular people like Angie and Jessie. I want my moguls to act like moguls. Did Palmer ever get his money back? Is Opal of all people just going to accept being bamboozled and sleep in Tad's attic forever? I don't want anyone to die for awhile or suffer from any sort of head injury. In fact, I'd like to play "What in the World Ever Happened To..." Brook, Livia, Tom, Carmen, Marian, anybody related to the Wallingford family, Skye, Mark, Mary Smythe, Ross, Ellen, Janet, take your pick.

It doesn't have to be so complicated and contrived--just honest, sensical storytelling about people we can somehow relate to.

Laura said...

Shadow your blog was 100x better than the show. Funny stuff.

Thank goodness the end of Y&R is on at the beginning of AMC here. So I only have to watch half an hour.

I hope that lawyer hooks up with Randi and takes her out of town. I'd spoon feed Frankie!

Luis Merino said...

Thanks for the updates Shadow... without them, I'd have no idea what was going on in Pine Valley.

I haven't watched a full episode of AMC for about 2 months. So I watch about 10 minutes every week or so.

Anonymous said...

Mood-weave! Hah, I love it. And Randi is starting to annoy me more that Colby with her bad acting. She's really pretty, but needs to be dubbed or something, by a more expressive voice. Or maybe they could digitally animate her expressions! Someone call Pixar.

Terry in Toronto said...

Thanks for the blog posting Shadow. You're keeping me in the loop. I wouldn't know what's up in Pine Valley otherwise.

Hey Jordan, I started watching US of Tara and am really enjoying it. Toni Colette is such an incredible actress! I've also started watching Nurse Jackie with Edie Falco. The cable series, are so well written.

Norn Cutson said...

shadow, you are ***TOO FUNNY***!!!

my fridn Darbi, frequent dayplayer on AMC, got bumped up to UNDERFIVE for her next appearance (you'll recognize her, she always plays newscasters & reporters)

Anonymous said...

"Little Rex" tee hee...I love Bo. Always the voice of reason.

Does anyone else notice that funky thing Vicki does with her eyes? Please tell me someone else sees it too. You could see it today when her and Marty were talking. What the heck is that?


Anonymous said...

Argh - I am depressed.

First Jon and Kate split up, then the bachelorette lets Jake go. I'd watch Today's AMC, but I don't want to kill myself.

The only bright spot was OLTL. Todd was hot today. I love him.


Shadow said...

Terry-I like Nurse Jackie. It's quirky, oddball stuff with good writing and performances. I dvr it and watch late on the weekends.

We didn't know Jon and Kate were splitting up last nite. My girls love that show because of all the kids. They turned it on last nite and were so confused by that. Nice. I hope that stupid show gets canceled.

Mel Got Served said...

Shadow, I'm so sorry your kids had to encounter this on a show that used to be so family-friendly and a happy half hour. As soon as all the J&K drama started, I said "Does TLC even care that CHILDREN watch this show??" Of course, TLC just wants money.

Jon & Kate Plus 8 is so exploitive by now. Shame on TLC for allowing this to go on- and c'mon, this episode was teased all week to get ratings. I hope this cash-cow of a product placement mess goes away (but of course not). I love how Kate doesn't blame the show for the marriage falling apart. While maybe the marriage would've fallen apart without a show, the show is a cause. Jon has said he didn't like the show and lack of privacy, but let Kate call the shots. I'm not saying he's innocent either, but Kate saying the show isn't the cause is BS. She's just saying it so the show can go on and the money can keep rolling in.

Oh and stop complaining that you're raising the kids on your own. We all know you have multiple nannies and babysitters helping. Most single mothers don't have those benefits and are struggling to make ends meat, so suck it up. I would assume most single mothers don't get free clubhouses delivered and set up in their backyard.

Anonymous said...

Shadow, thanks for keeping up the blog. I have been enjoying AMC more than usual lately: My Zendall is headed toward a reunion, Krystal/Susan split with David (who btw is much more interesting in mourning), and insAnnie is fun fun fun.

Now, DA North anyone?

I'm *loving* him.

Finally, a new character that's not one dimensional. I just hope the writers continue to show the audience multiple sides of him, and don't turn him into some bland Randi stalker.

Ugh, Randi. In the scenes between her and North yesterday, I would feel so much hurt on the behalf of North, and believe the pain in his face, and believe that he gave up on love after being dropped by this incredible woman... and then the camera would turn to Randi's face and I'd think, "Wait, this is the incredible womean that you long for?!" And Randi would say something unbelievable and forgettable, and then back to North who would turn it out again.

Recast Randi, please!!!! I cannot stand Randi!!!

What do y'all think?


Mel Got Served said...

Becky, I LOVE DA North. He reminds me of Mayor Tommy Carcetti on the Wire, but maybe not as skeezy as the DA. I hope they keep him around as well. Finally some people who can act are being hired!

Melissa said...

I agree with y'all about the DA. Pine Valley needs a DA who is a regular character, and he seems like he could be fun.

Jenny, I totally notice Viki's strange head bobs and weaves. She's obviously been to the Walt Willey school of dramatic acting!

Melissa said...

Oh, and one more tiny thing... the Ryan / Erica pairing is GROSS!!! They have less chemistry than the two dust bunnies living underneath my bed! It would be hilarious to see Greenlee's reaction when she returns to PV, though.

Shadow said...

About Jon & Kate, I feel the worst for the kids--8 more kids of divorce. I agree Jenny--that's something to be sad about. Actually, I think Jon and Kate need to man up and live up to their responsibility to take care of those kids as a family and take themselves and the kids out of the media spotlight before they do this. I know they needed the money to take care of them all, but it's time to take a step back and reassess how to make life work for the kids. They don't need to document their divorce before a TV audience, and how are they going to shuffle 8 kids back and forth for visitation? This isn't a normal situation to say the least. It was sort of a compelling show when they gave the appearance of working on the marriage. I wonder if the ratings will start to nosedive now that the question has been answered.

So you guys are liking DA North? I wasn't a fan last week, but I haven't seen Monday yet. I'll have to check it out. I'm a professional too, but I've never known anyone who dated a hooker. Maybe the lawyers and doctors I know just don't share that information. Randi's got doctors and lawyers clamoring for her. She must have some sort of hypnotic, magic vajajay.

Mel Got Served said...

Maybe I just like the DA cause he has it out for Zach and Kendall ;) BTW, was DA North at Marissa's old massage parlor last week? Welcome back massage parlor!

Just read J&K are going on hiatus until August. I'm glad TLC is allowing them to take time off to deal with his. But if TLC really cared, you'd think there would be an option to get out of this show. It's exploiting their divorce, but considering this show was meant to document memories for these kids, I don't think these 8 was to see their parents divorce play out on TV.

Anonymous said...

Mel & Shadow - I COMPLETELY agree with your assessments of Jon & Kate. You both put it very well.

Randi must have a magic vajajay - -that has to be what got her the acting job in the first place!

I have to fast forward thru her scenes, but sounds like i missed some good stuff with Frankie trying to eat and drink!


jason said...

Haven't watched AMC in a week now, I'll start again this week. With no PVP I don't really feel the need too. I like the idea of Annie and Adam. I hope they don't keep Pratt on much longer, i can't take it.

OLTL is great and what's great about is it's character driven. There are no missing scenes like you see on amc and i don't feel like I have to watch it.

IDK if anyone here watches True Blood but this new season has been amazing. It's the best show on right now. Every week ends with a cliff-hanger.

Thanks Shadow for updating the blog!

discodan said...

Is anyone else missing Chris Stamp right now? I'm thinking that they shouldnt have made that switch, remaking Ryan, the son of Patrick Lavery. Erica would have her fling back and not be going after his son...which is icky. Not to mention, all of these crimes going on in PV, Jesse could use a partner. Stamp could put North in his place. And we wouldn't have to result to Natalia...gah

RIP Chris Stamp

Most ridiculous moment of the week:

"Are you suggesting that we get back together?" -Adam
"No. No no no no no" - Liza

Funniest moment of the day...just the look on Jamie Luner's face... she wouldn't know what to do with David Canary even if she wanted.

Shadow said...

I dunno Dan. JaLu may be of questionable talent, but something tells me JaLu knows her way around a penis. She's probably hesitant at the thought of messing with Papa Adam's peepee.

discodan said...

I'm not saying that Jamie Luner isn't a whore...I'm saying that Adam seems out of her league.

Shadow said...

Ouch, but your making me laugh.

discodan said...

well then, ive done my job, shadow. But in all seriousness, aside from all kiding.... WHERE THE HELL IS AMANDA'S BABY? SHE POPPED A KID OUT OF HER VAJ AND NO ONE KNOWS WHERE IT IS? WTF IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE!

D-Money said...

What's up with Randi's Samantha Stephens hairdo? I feel like she's going to start twitching her nose at any moment. The hairstyle looked good on Elizabeth Montgomery but on Randi...not so much.

Shadow said...

Interesting article about Stuart and Lily and the now absence of any disabled characters on AMC:

Crystal said...

discodan, you are cracking me up!

I don't know how much more AMC I can take. I was just watching so I would be caught up for the podcast, lol.

OLTL: I think I may take my small child to a night club to get dance lessons from a stripper. Is that wrong?

jordan hudson said...

Hey everyone. I so miss you all and Ashley and doing the show. I don't miss AMC thou.

I will say it still is way better then ATWT.

I have mixed feeling about the D.A. He isn't all that but in comparrison to others on the show he may well be Tony Geary.

How this storyline could have been so deep and rich if a real actress was playing Randi.

I also know whats going to happen with it, not sold on the turn of events coming.

I think that sometimes Pratt hasa decent idea but he blows it when it comes to execution.

So much miss oppurtunities ...... where is Scott. Do we really want JR with EBabe. So predictable!

The only thing I'm hot for is my Adam and Insannie. Sorry I love them together. Thou I have no faith in the writers milking this couple for all it's worth. God if I was writing this show you would all love them.

I have high hopes for My Stephanie G. as Madison thou.

BIG News my personal favorite jake Martin. The sexy manly but sensitive Michael Lowery is joining OLTL. And everything is right with the world. I so hope he is Kevin or Joey Buchannon.

OLTL and Y&R is rocking my world.
Stach Haiduk is amazing as Patty Williams.

GL is killing me. This show so does not deserve to be canceled. The other day when the show ended with Phillip going to see Ed Bauer. I cried. So many old timers coming back. I can't it hurts. While the show may not look great due to the change in the way they shoot. The writing is there , the characters and storytelling are strong. And you can't get more real then Natalia finding out she is pregnant. Talk about a modern day family. We will never get to see Otalia becoming a couple . Learning how to live with Frank as the father of the baby and surrogate father to Rafe. GL is so damm good and to know I will not see my Reva Shayne...... CBS SUCK IT. I'M NOT AMUSED

Shadow said...


Did you get the email I sent you?

Shadow said...

Jordan, reading your comment reminded me that it's time for a public service announcement:


discodan said...

hey Jordan, how's it goin?

I've gotta admit when I first heard that Stacy Hiaduk was playing a character hired by Victor (least favorite character on Y&R) to mess with Jack, I was extremely skeptical. We saw her pushing an agenda on AMC. The only difference is that the writing is better, therefore the character is better. She was just as insane as Hannah, but the difference is that instead of talking to stuffed cats, she was having sex with Josh in the office or Sean in a dive motel.

I do like her incorporation into the Jack/Sharon/Nick/Phyllis dynamic...because other than Michelle Stafford, Mary Jane is the only other thing saving this thing.

I am loving these darn Chancellors. This is how the Kane family should behave. The matriarch in Katherine (Erica), the "daughter-ish" figure in Jill (Kendall), with Nina, the instigator/outsider (shoulda been Josh) and the child that is never around in Brock (Bianca). Along with their assorted children, this is one of the strongest families in daytime right now, with or without Cane. He's just the sprinkles on the cake right now.

As far as Adam, I'm gunna miss Chris Engen. This upcoming storyline with Rafe, of Rafe blackmailing a straight man into having sex, sounds like pushing the boundaries a little bit. Not a fan...

...However, I am somewhat excited for the Kyle/Fish storyline, although I wish that it was a bit better introduced. The characters have straight this whole time, macking on we're expected to believe they're's tough.

Unknown said...

First I will say: Shame on Jon and Kate for letting this show go on. Kids are dealing w/ the divorce of their parents, hard enough w/o TV cameras in their faces.

NOW .........
I have been hearing for the last few months that OLTL is great .... so I started back watching. I have been watching for 4 weeks now and I have loved this show. (Minus Stacey) Its a great show and so much more entertaining than AMC. As of Tuesday of last week I gave up on AMC for a while. I can't even stick around for my Jesse and Angie. That show gives me a headache. I'm pregnant w/ my second and I cannot let this show send me into premature labor.
My soaps are now: GL (should not be canceled, shame on you CBS), Y&R (Stacey H. and Tricia C. ... LOVED them last week), and OLTL (Destiny and Matthew are my new fave).
I will say one thing about AMC (LOL) my mom watches and what she told me about Frankie is ridiculous. I get his angry and frustrated but I'm sick of his total disrespect for his mother. No excuse for that and Angela "Don't Get It Twisted" Hubbard needs to smack his butt into the middle of next week.

P.S: Summer TV is HOT right now. Is anyone watching the guilty pleasure of the summer (IMO): Wipeout? I LOVE that show and I LMAO every week. Also on my summer list: The Closer, Raising The Bar, Hawthorne, Army Wives, The Little Couple, Crime 360, and The First 48. I know I missed some but, (LOL). Anyone watch any of those?

~ Amelia

jason said...

So I finally watched AMC today..and I liked it. Then again Former Melrose Place star Jamie Luner wasn't on. I loved the Erica/Adam/Annie/Ryan scenes. Today was one of the few times Ryan wasn't annoying. I liked Harry North and I'm interested in where his story is going. The only thing i didn't like is Frankie's s/l. I think Cornelius Smith Jr. is a good actor but he's not pulling this off for me.
I liked Jake and Amanda together but Jake is annoying. First they had the most unromantic wedding ever and he's forcing to give Amanda's baby away. How are we suppose to root for him? I imagine it must be harder to read spoilers for this show

INAHAM said...

Okay,Ryan Lavery has sunk to a whole new level of assholeness! So, he thinks Annie is still ill, so his brilliant idea is to have Erica mess with her head? WTF! Don't get me wrong, Susan Lucci was on point in those scenes and Erica has no allegiance to this woman who stabbed her,but Ryan could at least pretend to act like a caring ex-husband. Instead, we have a man so desperate to keep *HIS* daughter away from her mother that he is willing to break her fragile psyche instead of trying to make sure she gets better so maybe one day she can be reunited with her daughter. I am so sick of this character and Cameron Mathison's inability to play anything other than what's written on the page. He, as an "ahem" actor, could have made the choice to say *OUR* daughter instead of repeatedly saying *MY*. It makes Ryan sound like such an asshat. Even the other day, when Jamie Luner told him he was the reason Annie was insane, Cameron's line delivery was so flippant that it made Ryan seem self-centered and unable to accept consequence. You know what, I think I'm going in circles here. Let me stop and move on to happier things.

OLTL's Sextacy is definitley BSC! How else could you explain that hilariously inapropriate conversation with those little kids. Between Insannie,Sextacy, and Y&R's Mary Jane, psychos are definitley the best thing about soaps now a days.

DancingElf88 said...

I honest didn't think it was possible for me to hate Ryan even more...but he proved me wrong today. I hated the way he acted with Annie but I LOVED her telling him about the paranoia.
This Frankie storyline is not working out for me. I like the DA. And I like madison. Are the tring to introduce an abuse storyine with them? Maybe we should let Frons know that he already has the abused women storyline in EVERY single one Pratt "writes."
Y&R is hot!
OLTL: brilliant! Can I just mention how HOT Brod is? OMG...that sauna scene today I could hardly concentrate.

jason said...

DancingElf88 I know right! Brody has an amazing body. Rex is hot too. lol. It was a hot scene.

jason said...

Did anyone else catch Nurse Gayle on Nurse Jackie this week!? lol she played a newleywed who was addicted to pain killers. lol

Bxgal said...


discodan said...

Okay...I'm watching Y&R right now, and this nuAdam seems really stiff and he's overacting...I don't know, maybe it's just me.

Anonymous said...

Just saw Mama Vega on the second episode of Royal Pains.


Laura said...

RIP Farrah. It shows you that money and beauty is not worth anything if you can't have your health. My uncle knew her when she was married to Lee Majors. He thought she was one of the nicest celebs he every met, but Lee was a jerk.

I feel bad for her dad. He lost his wife and two daughters and has a grandson in jail. A lot for an old man to deal with.

Watching OLTL now. I hate the fact that Sean may lose Rachel to that brother. I liked how Destiny dumped the water on them. She should have threatened to file an EEO suit. Didn't see a lot of people of color at that country club. But that is typical. Typical of kids to call her density.

Kind of funny Blair telling Starr marriage isn't something you just rush into. I just realized I haven't seen McBain lately. Gee maybe he moved away with his brother. A girl can hope.

On AMC how does that hooker get both a doctor and a lawyer to fall in love with her. Many women dream of this, so maybe you just have to hook to find a professional man. To heck with getting an education.

I like Tad and Taylor together. Please go that way, he needs somebody of his acting caliber.

Also when I was pregnant, the last thing I would wear in the heat outside would be a black knit jersey. I know Faux-liza isn't pregnant, but that fake belly's got to make you sweat. Let alone piling dark clothes! As Ashley would say Redic.

Anonymous said...

yeah and apparently BEh/Taylor desperately does too...need an actor of "her caliber" to work with. since according to her Stardish interview...JR Martinez/Brot was so beneath her, she needed to "hedge her performance" while acting w/ him since "it's going to be a long time for him to get out of 2nd gear".

i mean as she put it..."She can't be doing Shakespeare while he's doing something else."

JR/Martinez sure didn't take it well either, when it got back to him as it was shown on his Twitter page and in Facebook....

"@stardishradio I believe everyone including myself knows IM NOT AN ACTOR, however, she never did any coaching. Apparently SHE sold the
@stardishradio she continuously reminded me I'm not an actor instead of coaching me. I feel some props shld go 2 Brot for holding his own.
Goodnight for real! Better to sleep it off then let things get to me...better day tomorrow"

"Here's another one for your Tuesday morning; not everyone chooses their words carefully b/c they just like to talk. Use it as motivation to prove to yourself that you can. Don't waste your energy to prove it to them b/c all that matters is YOUR opinion! "For every failure, there's an alternative course of action. You just have to find it. When you come to a roadblock, take a detour."

now i see, why most likely they didn't write more for Brot/Taylor.

discodan said...

Wow, Beth Ehlers is a jerk if that's true. JR Martinez has done a fantastic job, and if anyone's holding anyone back, it's her. She's holding him back. Before this "Frankie's hands" storyline, we didn't see her for months. At least, Brot gets the occasional nod here and there with hospital stuff and an actual career. What has Taylor done? Nothing. She ran around with no makeup on through the woods. Not exactly Shakespear sweetheart. And for those that will throw out the argument that she didnt have RPG because story didnt dictate it, that's a load of crap. She had her chance, lightning didn't strike twice, and they decided to go with what worked.

The thing about RPG and Stause that I don't think that anyone expected but loved, is that they started from complete scratch the second time around. It started with him calling her a whore, and they built their friendship around the apology and the deal with David and eventually the pregnancy that brought them to a new level.

As far as Brot, he is a fan favorite. People are intrigued and inspired by his story and his strength and it's ridic to keep saying the statement: "He's not an actor". It's kinda like Happy Gilmore if you think about it. He kept telling himself and everyone else that he wasn't a golfer, when by the end of the movie, he had become a golfer. JR Martinez has become an actor. It's just a shame and a bad reflection to the industry, writers, producers, and AMC when a hero is dishonored and smeared by an unprofessional has-been. Go back to Peapack, Beth.

Mel Got Served said...

All I can say discodan is... SERVED! You hit the nail on the head!

Anonymous said...

Here's the link to the interview for you can listen to her own words, yourselves:
(no spaces)

discodan said...

LOL thanks Mel

RIP Michael Jackson

Laura said...

Wow, what a day, first Farrah, now Michael Jackson.

jason said...

Wow what a week
RIP Michael Jackson
RIP Farrah Fawcett
RIP Ed McMahon

Shadow said...

They always say things happen in threes. It's like a celebrity deathmatch trifecta, Ed, Farrah & Michael. I always wanted to win that stupid Publisher's Clearing House contest but gave up filling out that stuff and ordering magazines after college. I remember being mesmerized by Farrah's poster as a kid and watching her shake it on Charlie's Angels every week. She was hot. I remember the anticipation of Michael Jackson having a "world video premier". People had parties just for the event. I always thought he was a weirdo though, but he was a really cute kid in the Jackson 5 days.

How times have changed.

discodan said...

I just had a thought....if all of this happened to a Brian Frons, or a Chuck Pratt, would the fanfare be the same?

I'm saying ney too haha

Norn Cutson said...

guess what, Darbi is sending me to the ABC studios to pick up her script tomorrow!

i'll tell ya'll all about it!

Shadow said...

Somehow I don't think as many would mourn Frons' or Pratt's nipples like people will mourn the loss of Farrah's.

Laura said...

Most people have no idea who Frons or Pratt are. Frons would get a mention on the View because he was head of ABC daytime. I think the only ones from ABC soaps who would get mentions would be La Looch, Tony Geary, and Genie Francis.

Unless they were ex-stars of the soaps like Tommy Lee Jones, Demi Moore, or Brian Underwood, et al.

discodan said...

...or Kelly Monaco. She would definitely get a following.

Norn Cutson said...

OMFG, Beth Ehlers is an ASSHOLE!!!
(if thats true)

discodan said...

I'm tellin ya...she is a jerk, and obviously not a smart cookie. Did you know that she turned down Y&R in favor of AMC? The original plan was for her to play the role of Patty Williams, a role that's thriving portrayed by Stacy Hiaduk. They've since rewritten it so that Victor Newman paid for plastic surgery that made this blonde, a black haired woman with a different face so that no one recognizes her.

Anyways, Beth Ehlers is dumb. Personally, I feel bad for Michael E. Knight. Taylor doesn't deserve a guy like Tad. Tad is a legend. Taylor isn't even a footnote. I never watched GL, but I can't imagine that a tiger would change her stripes.

Shadow said...

The lady at the pharmacy I just went to was named "Dung". How much would it suck to have that name?

Mel Got Served said...

Shadow, in 5th grade we all paid $1 to get pen pals through one of those school sponsored programs. Mine was from Russia. Her name was Anita Lepinas.... yeah, I never wrote to her. Even at age 10 I thought "WTF?!" And if not, sorry I didn't write you Anita, but your name sounded like a huge hoax.

Terry in Toronto said...

Miss you Jordan and Ashley,

Thanks Shadow for keeping things going.

Michael Jackson's death is all over every channel. I guess we'll be seeing that for a few days. How come the news doesn't ever really invade soap opera lives. Imagine if everybody was glued to the news channel on AMC?

Speaking of glued to .... Brody wrapped in a towel in the steam room made my day. Rex is OK but Brody is heavenly. I'm so glad he and Jessica are getting together. They are a great couple to root for and both deserve good love.

Michael said...

Shadow, you are doing a great job updating the site, and your comments continue to be hysterical and full of veracity.

I am reading and enjoying everyone’s civility and witty, heartfelt comments. I love this PVP podcast community!

I feel the whole Taylor and Brot story was poorly executed. I think “issue” stories are best when they occur from spontaneous character-driven plot points. There is value in the story of war-impacted veterans, and I have a world of respect and many thanks for JR Martinez. Once characters tell a story they were brought in solely to tell however, they seem superfluous to the canvas. One of these characters should have been anchored to a core family in Pine Valley. As for Elher’s claim that she had to temper her acting to work with a novice player; long before Brot came on the scene, I thought the actress’ choices caused the character to come off as unbalanced, but since, she merely seems uninteresting.

DancingElf88 said...

Beth Ehlers is a dick! I ove Brot and JR Martinez has been doing a bang up job.
RIP Michael Jackson.
Finished watching AMC I don't like that Marissa is being taken away from Beeker.
JaLu is annoying me with this baby crap. I want Amanda to have her baby. Exactly how did David get into the penthouse? WTF
Quick question about the Annie/Adam/Ryan/ Erica dinner--some people on a board I will not mention think that Annie's reaction proves how insane she still is. But I think that the provocation she felt justified how upset she got...thoughts?
OLTL: I love it! I'm in love with Tea. I'm ready for this Shane bone marrow story to end. Has the mysterious donor been revealed? I love Kyle! He was Tim on OTH and it's nice to see him play something different.

jordan hudson said...

Wow what a day.....what can I say...Two Legends in one day. sigh....... terry yes Toni is Amazing on US of Tara. I have to say that the show was not what I was expectign at all and wen to soem real and deep places. We really get ot see how this ilness effects the entire family. The cast as a whole is pitch perfect. Which was not the case for HawthoRNe. I have yet to start Nurse Jackie.

My guilty pleasure thou is NBC's Merlin. I loved it but....I have a thing for the Brits! and I also love period and fantasy stuff.

I miss all of you and with so much to comment on it's a shame that we are not on but soon once Ashley has herself situated we will be back up for sure. So don't forget us!

Scandel this Ehlers interview have not heard it but tacky tacky tacky. I will say this piece of gossip.....Miss Ehlers and Mr. Golden were both known to be a tad Divaish at their old soap GL. So this doesn't surprise me at all.

Mr. Martinez may not be a trained actor but he can act and he has heart and passion and I would rather see him then DBTE Rancid, stiff Cooldby, Mumbles Devane, or Cryan. So to you Miss Ehlers YOU CAN SUCK IT! SUCK IT BIG! Don't be dissing Mr. Martinez. I'm not kidding if anyoen can get in touch with Mr. Martinez you let him know to check out our Blog. So he knows he has supporters who are enjoying his performance and want him to stay on the show. We had this debate awhile back for a similar comment she made on the view about him. Shame on you Beth Ehlers!

Shadow said...

Thanks everybody for the nice comments. This is such a great place.

Mel, your Anita story cracked me up. I would have been suspicious too. I can just imagine how excited you were and then perplexed when you saw the name. That's funny.

Jordan said "Mumbles Devane". So right on. Every scene with him is so *akward*.

I haven't been a Michael fan in a long time, but my fave MJ song and video was Billie Jean. How about the rest of you? The Way You Make Me Feel? Thriller?

Mel Got Served said...

"The Way You Make Me Feel" is not only my favorite MJ song, but my favorite song of all time. "Beat It" was my ringtone for a good year. And I had a sweet I [GLOVE] MJ shirt that I couldn't find last night. While his past is checkered, the man is a god of music.

Also, kudos to the Boston Herald for being so classy about his death. Today's headline story "FADE TO BLACKO". Bravo Boston Herald.

What stunk most Shadow is I looooved pen pals as a kid. I had a pen pal in Alaska for like 4 years and she was awesome. So getting a dirty named one was a Debbie Downer! I guess that's why I love chatting on these boards- it's like virtual pen pals!

discodan said...

Guys I can't remember what his username is, but I know for a fact that JR Martinez has twitter. Someone needs to get a hold of him,

we miss u too jordan

Mel Got Served said...

JR Martinez is @KnowJR on Twitter. I have sent him numerous messages showing my support. I think we should be more worried now, because based on a Twitter post last night, it sounds like he could be phasing out.


Such BS. I could think of several ways to keep him around. And while I don't love Randi, I felt they had a bit of chemistry during those hospital scenes and could see potential that Randi would find comfort in the arms of her husband's best friend.

BTW, I wished him a happy birthday and gave him kudos for his scenes with Frankie in the hospital about a week ago. He responded back to me on Twitter and thanked me. What a class act reaching back out to the fans.

Shadow said...

MJ overload. Fox is reporting his death is an Anna Nicole-ish type situation. I still guess it's better than hanging naked in a closet in some weird sex act like David Carradine (allegedly).

DancingElf88 said...

Question about today's AMC: are they trying to have it so Annie killed Stuart? Cause if they I'm gonna be seriously pissed.

discodan said...

I don't know, but according to reports, they will naming Amanda's baby, Stuart.

I don't know how I feel about this, simply because we unnecessarily lost Stuart, and he was the heart within the show. Having a baby named Stuart just doesnt seem to cut it in my eyes. I just don't know...

DancingElf88 said...

Discodan...I agree about Stuart.
Why does JaLu get that baby? This is so frustrating...grr

Shadow said...

I've wondered the same thing DancingE. Adam seems up to something more than what he's said so far. I can't imagine him kicking Lil 'A out just for Annie. But who knows. I'm sure Pratt is making it up as he goes along based on what he thinks public sentiment is. If he senses that we hate it, he'll change it. There never seems to be a well thought out plan for a storyline with Pratt. Adam and Annie are hedging because he hasn't thought thru the story yet.---which is why Pratt sucks and I wish that ABC would....


discodan said...

Maybe Marian should raise the baby. She seems just as deserving as Liza....and it's not like Tad could sleep with hm too. LOL

Crystal said...

J.R.Mar. was out acting B.E. in the break up scene. Take THAT B.E.!

Dh walked in and asked 'what was that woman's expression supposed to be?' I asked who and he said the woman in the skanky black dress (JaLu). LOL I said 'oh yeah, she is terrible!' He noticed in one second.

OLTL- Natalie's left boob was out acting everybody today! ;) Why was her dress off to the side like that? It was really weird. You would think they would tape her dress down or something to keep those puppies in check.

discodan said...

Leave Natalie's boobs alone, Crystal. They are perfectly fine where ever they may be.

Mel Got Served said...

If they make Annie Stuart's killer, I will be LIVID. I loooove Annie. Her sassing Erica Wednesday- LOVED IT!

Annie: Oh right, you're a convicted felon and I'm still innocent until proven guilty.

Erica: I learned from my sentences.

Insannie is awesome. Please don't ruin this character and write her into a corner. It's so cliche and convenient to have Annie be the killer again.

Anonymous said...

OK, fave MJ song may be Billie Jean... I love me some Jackson 5, too, though. Little MJ was so precious! Dang, Beat It is great, so many are, and to watch him dance... I was really sad that he passed.

Jordan, I read some spoilers about DA North and am likewise disappointed in where his storyline is headed. Why does AMC avoid every possible love triangle? I would love it if Randie cheated on Frankie with North. It could be a storyline similar to Maria cheating on Edmund when he was in a wheelchair and uber negative about life. Also, if Randi cheated on Frankie with North she and Frankie could 3eventually break up as part of her exit storyline.

I'm adoring insAnnie and the Adam/insAnnie combo.

I actually also enjoyed Friday's fake baby birthing scenes, too, b/c Tad and Jake were so on target with their acting. Former Melrose Place Star Jamie Luner did a good comedic performance, too. Wait, was it supposed to be comedic?

Loving the blog, y'all!

Becky :)

Mel Got Served said...

While Beth Ehlers was a total d-bag about JR Martinez, at least she's spot on about Chuck Pratt. From Daytime Confidential:

"Chuck's been writing in a different medium for a while. Chuck's been doing primetime which is one episode a week. He's been doing a different genre entirely. He has not been writing soap operas. He's been writing camp basically and that's a whole different kind of thing. You don't have to commit to history. You don't have to commit to the gravitas in a situation when you write camp. Camp's all making fun of stuff. It's all broad comedy stuff. And so maybe he needed to be reminded that soap audiences don't take kindly to you messing with history. And even if you can't see the seriousness of a situation, they see it. And they want you to write it seriously. You're asking them to trust you, and soap audiences are very generous. They'll forgive you as long as they think you're taking it seriously and trying. If they feel like they're being, pardon me, f*cked with is when they get pissed off. He's clearly a talented writer and has a good resume. I hope the show can find it's way back on track."

AMEN! "Soap audiences don't take kindly to you messing with history" is key to this whoooole thing. Beth Ehlers is spot on in her analysis in Pratt's writing. So while I wish she would've shut up about her SL annoyance, at least she sees the writing is flawed too. At the same time, didn't she learn from poor Cady McClain?! Don't mess with the boss!

jordan hudson said...

Hmmmmm as I catch up on a week of Ryan's Hope on Soapnet...I'm even more certain that I'm right. Claire Labine should be the head writer of AMC.

I cried as the Ryan clan gathered to celebrate Mother's day with Maeve. sigh. It remined me of Tad with Grandma Kate and Ruth. They just don't get it. Thank god for Ron C. and Teena Arena Maria Bell.

Y&R was just amazing this week. I was literally blown away. Twist and turns, not knowing where they will go next. Unlike AMC where everything is so obvious,' even Stevie Wonder can see it coming.

Disco Dan I might be bias because I know Michael (NuAdam) from Veronica Mars but I thought he kicked ass. He is different from Adam 1.0. But the intensity and the knowledge of history. He didnt miss a beat which is hard when your coming in midway in an intense storyline. I loved him.

I also like Heather. It seems the fans don't care for the actress. Something about her I love. I mean she won't be playing Medea on Broadway anytime soon but she has that movie Star Quality. I know people are not going to be too happy with what MaryJane did to little Summer. You go into a corner when you have an Adult character put the life of a child in danger. Unless it's GH.

I'm loving NuAdam using Rafe. Twisted. I love the three Diva's of Katherine, Jill and Nina. I can watch a whole hour of them. I finally am feeling Clemintine Ford as Mac this was her best week, since I started watching, for me.

I have to say that the girl who plays Lily Winters annoys me to no end but the one I really dislike is Daisy (Amber) De La hoya. She is a hot mess. Billy Miller, Peter Bergman...Y&R is breath taking. People were having sex all week.

So I did hear what Beth Ehlers said. Yes she was rude and arrogant with her comments about JR. Yet I do think she was dead on with her comment on Pratthole. It will be interesting to see what the fall out will be. At this point...I'm over Taylor not because of her, but the writing is not there. Her character has never been intergrated. It's one dimensional and how are we suppose to care about her after the way she dissed Jake and now Brot. If anyone should leave the show it's Taylor. Brot is friends with Frankie and has made genuine connections with other characters on the show.

I too will not be amused if Annie turns out to be the killer. God Bless MCE for making all this crap that they give her work. She truly is a Soap Diva in the making. I only wish she had writers that would realize how good they have it with her.

Becky you then know what I'm talking about if you know what is coming up with D.A. North. Stupid.

I thought I was the only one who saw Natalie's left breast popping out during her argument with Roxy. I rewinded just to make sure I saw what I saw lmao. She can feed all of Africa with that one breast.

I know everyone is over Stacy but I love her. I actually like Schuyler with GiGi. I will never like GiGi with Rex. I loved when Stacy and Jessica went at it. I too was a mess when Cole proposed seeing the comercial knowing it was coming did not take anything away from the moment I cried like a beeyotch. Todd and Tea... TNT is back. Everytime Matthew and Destiny are on I feel like I'm watching a John Hughes film and Destiny is a modern day Molly Ringwald. Glad that Dorian is not being put on the back burner with Ray out of the picture.

Scoop...David is coming back and wait to you see how they are bringing him back. I thought the Buddist thing was hysterical. wait to you see what he is up to now.

Also a recurring character who has been on the show for over twelve years has been recast. Don't know if this is a temp or perm situation. An ex GL Villaness is playing the role.
Hint : "Anyone want some Flan?"

Mel Got Served said...

Just saw that on Daytime Confidential too Jordan. It's shocking that another person leaves a show due to personal beliefs (or, this time fired).

Not even lying: if MCE were written off the show and got cast on another soap, I'd totally jump ship and watch. Or at least add it to my Tivo lineup. And I really hope Annie isn't totally playing Adam. I know most are grossed out by it, but I think they make a good team. Maybe they don't have to be romantic. Just 2 hellraisers that are completely obsessed with their children.

Ryan only has 2 emotions: bewildered and angry. I really can not ******* stand Ryan. I've always hated him, but never so much as now. He's a crappy dad so I'm sick of his saintly act.

I swear, they talk more about Babe dead than they did when she was alive.

The DA is such a good character if only because he isn't taking Zach and Kendall's crap. These 2 get away with everything. Yes, Kendall's innocent, but I like that he's not giving up. I just like to see the Hart-Slaters in torment. And of course, a new female character is introduced and her first interactions are with ZACH SLATER. Great, another woman for Zach to rescue and probably plant a smooch on. Been there, done that. Also, and I don't know casino rules, but I think even casino owners can't just give back money someone lost, not to mention dismiss dealers so he can just play on his own with a pal. Lame casino.

On a side note, going to Wheel of Fortunes auditions tomorrow. I'm praying for a miracle that I get called up for a shot. I heard thousands show up and they maybe audition 30. Pleeeease pull my name. Not to brag, but I am awesome at this game. I've been watching since I was 4. If not, hopefully the sun will come out and my translucent skin will get a nice sunburn and save me a week from stocking up on my fake tanner (Famous Dave's tanner works wonders!)

jordan hudson said...

WOW okay Daytime confidential broke the story so it's out. Saundra Santiago is playing Carlotta Vega. I did not know why. Patricia did not want to be involved in anyway with the Gay storyline because it went against her beliefs that homosexuality is wrong. HMMMM how she has worked on OLTL all these years is beyond me then. With so many Queens working the show. I'm sorry everyone has the right to feel what they feel. Yet hatred is still hatred. Hating someone because they are gay, lesbian, transgender is no different then hating someone because of their skin color. This is a big deal because if she had protested ten years ago when they go her character involved romatically with a Black man. There would have been all hell to pay. The NAACP alone would have been in an uproar. She isn't even Latin. I always liked her as an actress but I'm so hurt and dissapointed in her as a person. For someone to be in this industry. I have never been political at all never felt the need to march or whatever. To me sexuality does not define an individual. That's like saying because I'm Puerto Rican...I'm going to love all Puerto Ricans. I despise Perez Hilton and his tactics. So happy that someone stood up to that coward. yet right now tomorrow I will be at the Pride Parade and I will scream "WERE HERE WERE QUEER GET USE TO US!"
2009 The summer the soaps went gay. Know if only we can get more Latins, Asians and some Indians on the soaps sigh We have come along way we still have a long way to go. LMAO HAPPY PRIDE BITCHES!

jordan hudson said...

Mel I want to see you on Wheel of Fortune. You have Jordan's blessing! lol good luck. Here is a practice Game for you.


Mel Got Served said...

ROFLMAO! Ummm, can I buy a vowel??? Just watched a woman lose $33k on the show because she misread the final answer (said "beaches" instead of "beach")

Mel Got Served said...

PS Thanks for the blessing!

Mel Got Served said...

Maybe Frankie would've been able to move his fingers for the doctor if they didn't wrap him like the tightest mummy in the world!!

BTW, how is Taylor paying rent? Does she even have a job?

And JR has been looking good lately. Looks like he slimmed down, and hair looks good. And Beaker is back after what, 2 weeks gone?

Does David Hayward have a part-time job as a locksmith? That's the only explanation I can think of for him being able to get into everyone's home without them knowing or allowing him in.

discodan said...

I feel terrible...Patricia has been on the show since the mid-late 90s. I personally believe that Patricia has gained the seniority necessary to dictate Carlotta's belief system, regardless of her personal beliefs. It's a lack of respect from OLTL, that really brings this soap back down to earth. Granted, the stories are a lot better than most soaps, but treating the veteran actors with the integrity that they have earned should be a very very high priority.

Plus, it's not like Fish or Kyle require Carlotta to be involved in this storyline at all. They could be going to Roxy, Viki, Nora, any of the old skool cast members. It would have worked just as well, but no... they would rather release one of their tenured actors than change a minor plot point in their story.

As far as Michael Muhaney, I really don't see this guy lasting long. I know that the character of Adam needs to stay on the canvas, but at the same time, this guy is taking a lot of turns in the wrong direction by twisting the knife with Ashley and being a straight man having sex with Rafe while still being in love with Heather (I agree Jordan, I love her. She's pretty hot too).

I still want more Chancellors though. I feel that last week we didnt get enough. I don't know...maybe it's just me.

Love BAC and Chilly...if he could have a triangle similar to what Tad had with SImone, Krystal, and Liza a couple years back, I would be in heaven.

DancingElf88 said...

Mel Got are like my honorary twin I feel the exact same way you do about the show. and I hope you get on Wheel of Fortune.
I actually do like Heather too and I like MM as nuAdam. This thing with Rafe is intriguing to me...that;s how a ot of romances start..manipulation--->love. We'll see how it plays out. I'm feeling CF better but still prefer Chilly over BAC.
I love love Destiny and Matthew. They make me smile everytime they're on. I like GiGi with Schuyler too.

Laura said...

Gee maybe if these actors had a problem with gays they shouldn't have gone into show business!

I had a discussion with some co-workers saying that I was glad my home state of Iowa allowed gay marriage. They started quoting the bible on me. I just agreed to disagree.

I can understand people having the debate about marriage vs. Civil unions. I say leave it up to each religious organization to determine whether they will perform the ceremony.

I'm trying to think where this actress can go to avoid gays besides outer space.

I can understand Chris Engen's point a little bit better, because he had to do some horrible things. Maybe he didn't think a gay man would be that stupid. But I am very disappointed in Sandra. Oh, well good riddance to them both. I like nu-Adam. I am giving him the benefit of the doubt for showing up at a crucial time. Just like nu-Michael had to do on OLTL.

First we had the soap stars getting busted for drugs, now homophobia seems to be the trend.

I forgot how much I like Michael Jackson's music. I feel sorry for his kids. But I did so before he died.

I am going to the Cubs-Sox game in Chicago tomorrow and I am rooting for the Cubs at Sox park. That was for you Discodan.

I just realized I didn't mention AMC, so here goes. Fire Pratt!

D-Money said...

Mel, I am SO rooting for you to make it on Wheel of Fortune! That would be so much fun.

I have a funny story about that show. For my 21st bday (a very long time ago) my mom and I went to Beverly Hills and LA. During the trip, we managed to snag some tickets to watch the taping of Wheel of Fortune. It was a blast seeing what goes into making the show (and a challenge to keep from shouting out the answers). Anyway, when we got home, I taped the shows we saw. I played them when I had some friends over, not telling them that was actually at the show. So when there were only like 2 or 3 letters showing on the puzzle, I would shout out the answer like I was some kind of genius. They were all saying, "Wow! You should really be on this show." I had them fooled and thinking I was brilliant for a long time but I finally had to admit the truth. :)

Good luck to you!


jordan hudson said...


I have to say that with the original Adam I don't knock him. If the issue really was that he didn't wnat to play the gay stuff. That is his right and he should not be condemed for choosing to not play something that he was not comfortable. Roscoe Born left AMC because he did not know his character was going to turn out to be a pedophile.

Patricia was not asked to play a lesbian she was not asked to kiss another woman. Her character is suppsoe to be okay with a man being gay. If everytime an actor felt that something wasnt right to their beliefs then JP would have quit or been fired because of the Stacy storyline. Beth Ehlers would have bene fired...oppps she might be lmao. I know it's a very thin line but I see the Adam Y&R thing and the Carlotta thing as slighlty different.

Mel Got Served said...

LOL! If I don't make it on, I hope I can at least get tickets to a filming. They're filming 2 blocks from my office in September, so very convenient.

Thanks for all the wishes of good luck!! :)

discodan said...

Jordan, it's a minor plot point that could have easily been rewritte, and given her tenure, she at least deserves the consideration. Of course, she doesn't get it, because the soap industry doesnt seem to be too concerned with the actors lately. But that's a different topic all together. All I'm saying is that she wasnt a necessity in the storyline.

Laura, Gordon Beckham is gunna save the day again, and the series will be ours. Go Sox!

Mel Got Served said...

Well everyone, I did not get picked to play Wheel of Fortune today. The audition process is nutty there. We got there at 8:30 and were probably 10th in line and sat inside the mall with out lawn chairs and snacks (auditions began at 1, but we actually started earlier- maybe 12:40). Basically, a room filled with maybe a thousand people or so put their applications into a gold barrel and they pull 5 people out at a time (so about 30-40 people per group). Those people get to win prizes and then are the ones who can be considered for the show. They sort of judge game play, but mainly are looking for personality and the total package. So me and my new Wheel crew, we did not get picked. I got into 2 of the 3 audition groups. But I'm holding out hope/being optimistic because they claim they will also go through applications and randomly select people to come to the 2nd round of auditions. The whole picking at random is dumb though, because it's largely based on personality and a majority of the people on stage were total duds (and that's not just me being bitter). But there were a few good ones, and one woman I had a conversation with made it up and also solved the puzzle, so we'll see what happens!

It was fun to make new friends and have a chance, but definitely bummed I didn't get called on stage. I had thought out all my fun stuff to say, etc.

Oh and some crazy lady tried to cut us in line when the line was already waaaaaay down the mall corridor, and my friend Lisa showed her who's boss and told her we've been here since 8:30, you can't cut, scram. LOL- my friend Lisa is awesomely blunt like that. The woman claimed she sat in front of us because she thought "this is where the people with chairs sit." ROFLMAO.

discodan, are you GO SOXING! for the Red ones or the White ones? Just checking! Go Red Sox!

Now I'm off to go watch last night's Harper's Island. Too bad it got cancelled, but luckily it was already written as a 13 episode season with a concrete ending. It's just a fun show- like a really long horror movie.

Mel Got Served said...

Oh, but PS, one person in our little group had put her Wheel of Fortune Spin ID on her application and ended up winning a Sony Dreamstation for her iPod, so someone at least won something! She just wishes they called her name one earlier- then she would've been on stage!

discodan said...

White ones Mel! Taking two outta three from the Cubs and saw Transformers today...good day in my book ha

Erica Kane said...

Dan what were your thoughts of Transformers?? I saw it today too and I thought it was a little long and drawn out. I also saw My Sister's Keeper this weekend it was fantastic...I haven't cried that much at the movies in a long time. I am so into OLTL and Y&R right now it is not funny, I basically FF thru AMC anymore, and it was my first soap. FIRE PRATT!!!

Terry in Toronto said...

I'm with you Jordan on the Carlotta Vega point. Everyone is entitled to their personal beliefs but in the workplace discrimination is against the law ... at least it is here in Canada. Nobody has to like anyone else or subscribe to other people's beliefs but everyone must be treated with respect. Even if she were to go work in christian theatre she wouldn't be able to avoid the gays. What kind of actress can't find the humanity in the role, no matter how far that character is from her own personal experience and belief system? Clearly not much of an actress. Would she have quit if the script called for Carlotta to kill someone? have an affair? tell a lie? If every actor refused to participate onscreen in an act they disapproved of then there'd be no show to watch at all!

Happy Pride Jordan!

Terry in Toronto said...

Oh ... and Happy Pride to everyone esle too!

Anonymous said...

Announcing the Big Brother cast this week...hopefully tomorrow!!

I LOVE BIG BROTHER!!! Thank God for Showtime!!

I've said it before and I will say it again - - Susan Lucci's left breast is higher than the right. It was TOTALLY obviously on Friday's episode Does anyone else see this?


Anonymous said...

Hey PVP Fam!

I finally listened to the Beth Ehlers interview and while some of her comments weren't the best, I recommend that you listen to it because she also made some no-holds-barred comments about Pratt - that most of us here on this board agree with.


discodan said...

well, Erica, I really loved it. I thought that the story was told well, and Megan Fox was on her game. She looked good, but then again so did that decepiticon that tried to seduce Sam.

Mel Got Served said...

Erica, did you see UP? That was probably the most I've cried since my dog died. It had that many sad moments. But I would guess My Sister's Keeper would give me the tears too.

Mel Got Served said...

Poll of the Week:
If you could only keep one of the following 2 characters in Pine Valley, who would it be:


Mel Got Served said...

PS My answer is Aidan. I hate Ryan SO MUCH. I have hated this character since I started watching this show in like 20043/2004. At least I can make fun of Aidan.

Erica Kane said...

No Mel I have not seen UP I usually take my godson to all of the animated movies, but he didnt seem interested in UP. Our last movie was the Hannah Montana movie, and he ended up not liking it as much as he does the tv show so I think he is leery of movies...he is 5. I guess my next movie will be Harry Potter 6, followed by GI Joe. I am so mad that they went the easy route with Sharon's baby daddy on Y&R I think it would have been better if it was one of the other possible fathers. I was thinking that hottie that plays James Spaulding on GL would make a nice addition to OLTL as a CJ recast he might be a little young, but anything to get him on one of my soaps....

discodan said...

I would probably say Ryan...he's more of a draw from the audiences because of his connections. Plus, anything to get fish and chips off of my screen.

Erica, that kid that plays James on GL, I have seen a couple of scenes on youtube and he's pretty good. I tend to agree with DC's Jamey Gidden on where he should end up: on Y&R as Kyle Abbott, Jack's youngest son.

Add him to the mix of Eden, Noah, and Abbey. The only thing is that they cant pair him with Abbey because she's an Abbott. And then, Y&R would be facing a similar situation to GH right now with the Corinthos kids.

As far as GL actors, I'd like to see someone like Jeff Branson play a role like CJ. There were always rumors, since Paul Cramer mentioned being friends with him when they were in the air force, that the role of CJ was possibly gay/bi. The Buchanans could use a little bit of a kick in the pants and I think CJ could try and follow in grandpa Clint's footsteps while dealing with his own identity.

As far as other GL actors, I'd also like to see Marcy Ryland come to GH as Brooke Lynn Ashton...gotta have more Qs around and she would be perfect with Dante, Matt, or maybe even Ethan.

Erica Kane said...

OOH I like that idea of the kid from GL being Jack's son Kyle...That is a great idea!!!

discodan said...

I really think that he could bring a lil bit of edgy angst to the scene, that has Noah just whining all the time, and Eden...being boring, and Abbey being the ditz. None of it makes sense and I think there needs to be some glue to these characters. Maybe Kyle could bring the glue. Of course, they're going to need a female to bring the balance. Maybe aging Ana Hamilton...

jordan hudson said...

Yeah the Carlotta situation is a hot topic in light of what went down on Y&R and Miss California.

I do understand where your coming from Dan but I can just as easily say being that it is such a minor plot point and being that she is not being asked to kiss another woman why can't just she play it as the writers wrote it.

Terry your point is on the money actors play all sorts of characters. My god Kevin Bacon played a child molester in that movie. You act.

Daytime Confidential broke the story and people have been weighing in. Some say she felt the character would not support. I think to have a Latina mother be a homophobe would be sterotyping.

As a latin I can assure you that for most Latins, family comes first. Regardless if your a druggie, drunk or gay. We may not like everything our family does but family is first. Not for all Latins but a good majority. I know what the storyline plot is with Carlotta and it's a funny little twist as written.

discodan said...

Jordan, I just think that there's a side to the story that we're probably not hearing. What about David Fumero? The scene was suppose to be that she finds a coming out to ur parents book in their apartment and confronts Cristian. I would love to hear his thoughts, considering he's been working with Patricia for the past decade.

As far as having all these other people weighing in, I think that unless you truly follow the soap industry and understand every variable involved (like an actual informed the ones that could be found here, DC, etc.), that none of us are really in a place to speculate. It's gotten to the point where we have people like Perez Hilton attacking what he doesn't know and calling Patricia a "self-rightous idiot". Seems a bit out of line, to say the least.

Everyone needs to listen to the JR Martinez convo tonight. He's going to be on the same radio site that had Beth Ehlers and he's going to set the record stright. I'm excited.

Best moment of the day: Sky meets Hope, and finally burries the hatchet with Starr and Cole. It was beautiful and closure to his opening storyline. His convos with Gig also signified a turning point in the character. He's no longer the creeper teacher or the druggie with the stripper girlfriend, but rather, a good guy who just wants to do the right thing. I can appreciate that..

jordan hudson said...

Disco Dan
Im so with you on that. I have no respect for Perez Hilton. There is a big difference between him and people like Wendy, Chelsea and Howard. He is pure venom a man who is so miserable and thinks so little of himself that all he can do is put others down. He has some nerves commenting on the OLTl situation after calling the manager who punched him the F word and I mean the gay F word noth the four letter one. he has no credibility as far as I'm concern.

Is there more to the story.....there always is......

discodan said... is reporting that this could have possibly been one big plot device to get people talking about OLTL. It says that they saw the Chris Engen situation and how it got people talking about Y&R, and the higher ups wanted buzz for OLTL.

They are also reporting that Patricia had been upset for a while and that ever since they changed the name from Carlotta's diner to the Buenos Dias cafe, she had gone so far as to ask fans to write in asking for the switch back. She also said that it was insulting to Carlotta's history with the show.

The source also suggested that the writers knew that portraying Carlotta against her traditional old-school attitude would push Patricia's buttons. And they did it anyways.

I guess everyone got what they wanted. Except for Patricia...

I really feel bad for her as a veteran actress on the show. It seems that she was singled out to fulfill a bigger scheme and it worked. And now, we lose a valued piece of OLTL history because of it.

After all, Carlotta may not play a big role, but a lot of what she was is still talked about daily. It almost seems like a daily occurance when Dorian says how she practically raised Cristian and Antonio in her home as their own. (Some of my favorite Dorian stuff btw, is with her and Carlotta...they don't go to it as often, but she used to be her conscious..those were the days)

As far the conspirocy, ABC should prolly be ashamed of themselves for costing someone their job that she's spent nearly 15 years working at and creating a character that she could be proud of. Personally, I think that nobody knows the character that you are portraying better than the veteran actor that's playing it. AMC is a perfect example of that. That's why AMC has people acting out of character (Greenlee, Kendall, Ryan, etc.)

It's just a tough situation.

And I heard about the Perez Hilton/Will I Am incident the next day. The J. Nice and Julian Show on B96 that I listen to every morning has a segment once a week from Perez where he dishes gossip, and he decided to tell the whole story of what happened during that segment. Later on, I heard about the internet feud where some heated words were exchanged. Personally, I think they're all acting like children. But that's just me.

discodan said...

LMAO by the sounds of this pre-interview portion of the radio interview, it sounds like Beth Ehlers reads our blog.

discodan said...


discodan said...


(I sent him an email during the broadcast from his website, and he mentioned it) gahhhh


Norn Cutson said...

i apologize, Beth Ehlers!
i'm so glad ya'll cleared the air!

Norn Cutson said...

JR is so intelligent & sensitive...mah dream man!