Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Life's A Beach...

What a crazy week! OLTL’s Carlotta is recast and sparks a debate over the burgeoning Fish storyline with our own Jordan and DiscoDan weighing in on the issues. The entertainment world takes a big hit with the losses of Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson and pitchman Billy Mays, and we, like the rest of the world, paused for a moment to share some reflections on how our lives were touched by them all. Beth Ehlers sounds off about her sucktastic experience on the Chuck Pratt penned AMC. Our friend Norn (n69) goes inside ABC studios and gets a first hand look behind the scenes at ABC Daytime! And our sweet Mel Got Served takes a shot at an audition for “Wheel of Fortune”. Oh yeah, and from what I’ve read here on the blog, a bunch of stuff happened on or about AMC.

Sorry guys, I didn’t watch much of AMC last week because I was too busy getting ready for our beach vacation this week. That means I won’t be watching much this week either. Kids rule and they want to snorkel, swim, fish, build drippy castles and play putt-putt golf all day. (I have to say, that’s all pretty fun stuff too!) If you wouldn’t mind watching so I don’t have to, I sure would appreciate it. I’ll reset the blog so it doesn’t get too huge, and you post your ass-toot comments right here.


jason said...

So I went to a taping of Chelsea Lately today (my third time) and this time I got to meet her! I gave her a cup that I made and she said it was sweet and thanked me for it and then she signed both of my books. She is very sweet and the camera does't do her justice to how hot she is in person. Michael Buble was the guest and he is hot! lol the episode airs July 8th.

Mel Got Served said...

I'm soooooo pissed that they are probably making Annie Stuart's killer. What a cop out. Every time there's a murder, let's make Annie the culprit. Well, first accuse Zach or Kendall, then make it Annie. STUPID.

Mel Got Served said...

Forgot to tell you, I was talking to ElyseV on Twitter about Jake and Amanda's moving into Greenlee's place (because with the way Pratt's writing, if you miss a day, suddenly it's a new show). But once I saw the new digs on Thursday, I looked really closely at the fireplace. I have HD and if you look really closely at the fireplace, you can see carved into the brick, "I CREATED RHAPSODY IN RED"

discodan said...

I apologize as well, Beth Ehlers. I was out of line and my comments seem immature and irrational looking back on them.

Anyways, did anyone hear JR's scoops on what they might be doing with Brot? Good stuff

Mel Got Served said...

Is there a summary any where of what went down on that interview? Did they actually name drop commentors who responded to what was posted?

Anonymous said...

Here's a short recap of what was said, when clearing the air.


i didn't here any commentors' names being mentioned in ref to this.

Anonymous said...

^oh but they did mention reading responses on the boards.

discodan said...

it was a fantastic interview. i really enjoyed listening to JR.


Terry in Toronto said...

Hey Jordan and Shadow?

How're Ashley and the twins doing? I for one am dying for an update? I heard that JaLu is desperate for a baby so I want to make sure that the Mendoza newborns are safe.

Shadow said...

Ashley sent me a short message the other day. They are all doing well, albeit a little overwhelmed adjusting to two little ones. She said she would try to post on the blog this week.

DancingElf88 said...

I'm also really pissed that Annie is noe the killer. How freaking convenient...boo. How does Amanda not recognize her baby?
OLTL: so confused about the baby switch and the secret donor and the nurse. I love me some Destiny and Sean. Greg is interesting to me. I felt so bad for Bo today with Nora and Clint.
Y&R: I love MJ...she's bad for what she did to Summer but her kitty convos make me giggle. The whole Phillip Chancelor thing confuses the crap out of me.
Have fun on your beach trip Shadow!

discodan said...

Have fun Shadow...I'll be bloggin it up while you're away. Good to hear from Ashley, too.

Watching reruns of Pratt Falls...

"Do not worry Julie. I have everything under I have 5 year olds getting drunk off scotch. I have mental patience and secret agents falling in love in the loony bin. I have mysterious people, roaming the tunnels of the Chandler mansion. And I have Zach having sex with bisexual lesbians."

LMAO Gets me every time...

discodan said...

I was also looking over past podcasts to find my favorite podcast moment. I've got five words for you...



Shadow said...

Somebody asked in the last blog who we would rather have AMC snuff out, Ryan or Aidan. My vote would be Aidan. They should get rid of him and let Brot take over as the special ops, private investigator guy. That could make sense with his war hero background. Or make him the heart of the show. He's a good, interesting guy. A creative writer would be able to figure it out. A shitastic writer like Pratthole will eff it up and lose him to Y&R.

Thank for the good beach vibes. I'm sitting by the pool at the end of a beautiful SC day. The kids are swimming, the adults are relaxing with a drink, I snuck out with my computer to catch up on a few things and watch the sun set. I love being a beach bum.

AMC Question: Is it a given than Annie is the killer or have they just thrown the suspicion her way?

Norn Cutson said...

today Darbi shot her scenes, they will air July 13 and August 6!
she's playing a reporter & she says she got to be pushy with ADAM & KENDALL!

i picked up her script last week @ the studio all the way on the west side. i didnt see anyone but the security guards, just got the script & left... & the autograph people must have been out of luck stars too because when i came out, they asked me what show i'm on.

jordan hudson said...

ughhh so over fing pratthole and his over the top writing. AS if killing Stuart off for no reason other thne hoping that it would bring in the ratings, and then making it so it no seems as if it's Annie who is the culprit...( why would she wnat to kill Adam...stupid. I now found out form my source a spolier of what will be coming up in August with one of my favorite characters...and need I say it.....I'M NOT AMUSED!!!!! Yet again character being sacrficed at the alter of plot. UGGH. Pratt is evil personafied.

Meanwhil I know he is staright but I'm so in love with Adam "Scott" Mayfield. sigh he is so dreamy!!!!!

This is the year...after being single my entire life , that's %& something years. I'm determine to have a BF by the end of the year. Even if I have to travel to Canada, London and Australia...( I think my soulmate is in one of those places),
I mean if we can put a man on the moon, then we should be able to put one on me. LMAO okay what TV show did i get that line from.

jordan hudson said...

Jason your my hero you have been to a chelsea Latley taping sigh

discodan said...

Jordan, is there any way u can send this spoiler to me somehow. Maybe email? ddprkb@mizzou.edu

I wanna know how far into the depths of hell i could think of, of one Charles Pratt Jr.

brtedi said...

Hey, Jordan! :-)

At the risk of sounding like a total message board geek, I was just over at daytimeconfidential.com., updating my avitar, where I found something that I bet you'd get a kick out of...a youtube link to some "Cruz & Eden footage, from Santa Barbara. The clips have German subtitles, but the original English soundtrack is there too.

In the clip, Eden is being chased, by her former boyfriend, played by none other than Robert Newman ("Josh"/GL) that, in itself, made me do a doube take! LOL!--Who knew there were SB clips on Youtube?!

Search: Cruz and Eden Aqualand 1985/86 Part 1

The person responsible for uploading the video is katieeee9999. Using the name may even make a search easier.


Mel Got Served said...

I'm so livid about what's going on with Annie. I kid you not, I'm almost angry when I watch the show because I can see what they're doing. They are sacrificing a good character for plot. Remember when AMC completely wrote the character of Richie Novak into a corner? We lost probably the most talented newcomer I've seen in years because AMC had to write a scapegoat character. You can't kill Stuart Chandler (or any Chandler for that matter) and then have the character still exist in Pine Vally. Poor Insannie is being written into a corner and I bet out of the show. If I'm wrong, someone please tell me so I can rest easy!

What I hate even more is this baby storyline, because it's obvious when the truth comes out Amanda will leave Jake. It's SO obvious. The one couple that works on this show and they'll screw it up with this stupidity.

I don't think I've seen a character's gravestone on any soap in my life as much as Babe's. I wish they'd just get over her.

Jordan, I'm so on your team with Scott. DREAMBOAT!! Sorry Frankie, you've been replaced.

Have a Mai Tai for me Shadow! The weather here in Boston seems to be rain, rain, rain.

Shadow said...

I think Pratt is too proud of his InsAnnie to kill her off. My guess, and this is purely speculation--no spoiler here whatsoever--is that Adam killed Stuart in a paranoid, drug induced fit which is why Annie saw Stuart drop and Adam doens't remember anything. It's outrageous and unbelievable which is consistent with the news reports. It sacrifices Adam and Stuat for the sake of the plot. Alternatively, it was Emma. She found one of the hundreds of guns laying around the mansion and picked one up and it fired killing Stuart. That would explain why Annie remembers some it. Pointlessly stupid. But my point is, I don't think Pratt would let her go. Either of these scenarios allows Annie to be redeemed. I don't want to see Annie leave the show, however, I do think now is a good time to...


DancingElf88 said...

I'm not sure if they're trying to make Annie a red herring or if Pratt is just that transparent. The flashbacks that Tad had were of two different women and Ryan's dumbass was so convinced that it had to be Annie. I love the DA North and how he put that mofo in his place.
Jordan I agree with you about Scott. He is so dreamy. I'm sure any guy would thank his lucky stars to have you as a boyfriend. If you could send me the spoiler at szfontus@yahoo.com...I would appreciate it.

discodan said...

Mel, I think that everyone that was responsible for destroying the character of Richie Novak needs to swallow a gallon of gasoline, because Billy Miller is the best find in the last ten years. And he does it with such swagger and confidence. He's a good guy and if u don't believe me, watch this..


Miller has taken a pre-created character and literally made it his own. Previously, the best portrayer of the character of Billy Abbott was its originator, David Tom. Miller has added a maturity level to the immature character of Billy. Billy is a womanizing, slick, hard-ass who would do anything for what he wants, and never would betray the trust of those he loves. That's why I never bought that he would sleep with Sharon. As messed up Billy has been, he still wouldnt cross that line and betray Jack's trust. Sharon would, but Billy....not gunna happen. Sigh....

As far his pairings, he has been given some good ones. It started with Amber, which was just some good, old fashion, casual sex. When it was over, they literally shook hands and said "It's been fun.."

Then there was Lily. I never saw any chemistry between them, but she made him want to be a better person. I can't stand Lily and her glittery hoo-hoo, so I never really liked these two together.

Then there was Chloe. Chloe and Billy were heat. They were passion. They had history...not as much as Billy and Mac, but they had a past of their own, a beautiful past, where they spent months together in NY. Their story was fantastic and their chemistry was even better.

Elizabeth Hendrickson and Billy Miller are some of the best actors on daytime right now, and pairing them was the best idea that anyone has had in the last few years. And giving them a child, Cordelia, was a fantastic move that provided brother v. "brother" (Notice the quotation marks....nice try Cane, but you're no Chancellor).

That's the reason I'm really into Y&R. The group of characters that I'm talking about really got me hooked. Billy, Chloe, Cane, Lily, Amber, Jill, Katherine, Nina (I LOVE NINA!!!), and now, with Philip III being alive, it's going to be a great summer.

If only AMC was as dedicated to their fanbase as Y&R, the mistakes of the past, there, are being rewritten as we speak. I just hope that we have enough time to rewrite Pratt's mistakes.

As far as Insannie killing Stuart, the fact that Annie had a gun at all doesnt make any sense whatsoever. She had absolutely no reason to feel threatened at all, let alone, want to kill Adam. I just hope they're trying to make Annie look guilty just so they could move on to the next suspect. They just did it with Kendall.

I think we can all agree that killing Stuart was a huge mistake, but the fact that they brought Scott on at all, should have been a red flag. It didn't seem that AMC was committed at all to past minor characters, but rather, in the business of creating new ones, which some have worked (Brot....) and some have not (too long of a list).

Shadow said...

Beaker is a good guy-there is a lot of great stuff they could do with him and JR that would help get JR out pof this drunken-loser-punching bag-babe loop he's been stuck in for so long. If only AMC had a head writer talented enough to pull it off. Pratt has no imaginative depth.

Mel Got Served said...

HOLY CRAP! The "prostitution whore" Danielle Staub aka Beverly Merrill from The Real Housewives of New Jersey was ONCE ON AN EPISODE OF AMC! I'm dying- this was from like 2001. Jackson is out on a date with her (character is named Maura). And yes, you get some LEO! (he wants Jackson to press charges against Greenlee)


And what's hilarious is Jackson is taking her out citing his "long dry spell." I'm pretty sure that's why people take her out in real life too- ZIIIIIIING!

discodan said...

HAHA Fish and Layla...

I'm pretty sure Kyle was hilarious today. He was really getting into Fish and Layla kissing. It was a little creepy but I laughed. I don' know, but this is going to be a good story.

Melissa said...
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Melissa said...

I was gone all last week, and I really missed this blog and all of you!

Glad to hear that Ashley and the baby are doing well!

I agree with the outrage about Annie. She can't stay on the show and out of prison if she keeps on killing people! This sucks - she's the best character on the show right now, and her bangs alone should be nominated for an Emmy(take notes, Angie's weave and shape up!).

Speaking of hair, I had to laugh at Babe's appearance today - I guess they have hairdressers in heaven, because she's lost a coupla inches and has some nice layers around her face.

jason said...

Haha Thanks Jordan good luck with your love life.

Mel i saw the clip of Danielle on D-listed today, lol he was like is there anything she can't do... Coke whore, kidnapper, stripper, accidental amateur porn star and now.......SOAP ACTRESS EXTRAORDINAIRE!

I'm with everyone on Annie. I'm tired of them making her the scapegoat. I want to see her grow and make changes and fight to get Emma back, not start all over again.

jordan hudson said...

Shadow I was just thinking that a few days ago and told Ashley the same thing. That Adam killed Stuart and if that is the case then Pratt is right up there with Mctavish killing Dixie with poison pancakes ugggghhhh!!!!

I really need to give up ATWT but watching it actually makes me appreciate what little there is on AMC.

RH on Soapnet is so bloody good. Y&R is just killing me. OLTL is hot and GL should be saved.

I heard that Jamie Lunar is so nice and friendly but I can't take her Liza anymore. If AMC was smart they would grab Beth Chamberalin when she is doenw ith Gl to play Liza. So Gina T. is gone as Dinah hmmmmmmmmm. I wonder if AMC would bring her on to play Greenlee. At this point they would need to recast the role with a diva.

Thou I no longer watch GH. I have seme bits and pieces and while the show is not what its use to be. Mark Teschner is a damm good catsing director unlike Judy Blight Wilson. Alexis daughter is incredible I'm almost tempted to watch just for her. She is amazing.

Terry in Toronto said...

Good luck finding that special someone to share your life with Jordan. I've heard it said that love is most often found when we stop looking.

jordan hudson said...


LOL I tried that my whole life. I think now I have to put some effort into it.

Michael said...

Jordan, GH has a fantastic cast and great production value; they need to write for their supporting cast and must find a contrast to all the heavy mob stuff. The SORAS Christine and Michael are both acting finds, but why make them both horrible spoiled brats. Now it looks like Sonny’s long-lost son is also a mobster—enough, it’s just too much dark, grave stuff. I would tune in just to watch Maurice Bernard address envelopes though, he is great. Remember Nico Kelly?

I do not know what to think about KISH on OLTL. I like Fish a lot, but Kyle--not so much and the hype is a tad extreme given the fact that barely a hint of the story has come out so far. Mama Vega leaving in a snit over the whole thing is just insane.

Everyone loves Destiny, but seeing her slave away at the Lanview Country Club had me searching for information about the child labor laws in Pennsylvania.

Love any mention of Ryan’s Hope and Veronica Mars—two of my all-time favorites.

Hope Ashley and family are well

Wishing Shadow a great vacation!

Laura said...

Love the comments this week. Jordan, gay or straight, it's hard to meet the right person. I was over 30 when I got married.

Maybe we could have a little public service announcement at the end of the next podcast with what type of man you are looking for. I think 1-800-4JORDAN should be set up as a dating hotline.

Is the actor Fish available? You said he's hot. You have soaps in common. It could work.

I wonder why LOGO hasn't done a bachelor type show for gays. I would so watch.

Discodan, I remember that music camp bit. I posted it on the blog about it saying how stupid it was.

Norn, please remind us closer to the date when your friend is on.

I live fairly close to the hometown of Walt Willey. He is doing a production of the Odd Couple at the high school in Ottawa, IL. It doesn't say which part he is playing. I am thinking of going just to see if the head bobbles that much in person.

Y&R has been hot. Mary Jane is a hoot. At first I thought they were using a prop cat, like a baby doll. Maybe Annie can go over to Y&R after they write her into a corner.

I just watched Y&R on SoapNet, now AMC. The black model on Y&R who is pretty bad, looks like Meryl Streep compared to Rancid. But Y&R is like Shakespeare compared to AMC. Seeing them back to back, really shows how sad AMC is. Adam is on saying how he wants to beef up security until Kendall's put away! Duh, shouldn't have beefed it up years ago. He's now afraid of 90 pound Kendall.

Aidumb just said adfd dfde gumm Annie. Or something that sounded like that.

I'd rather see him go. At least I know what Ryan is saying. Ryan has improved some over the years. Aidumb has not. Ryan's problem is the character. Aidumb is the acting or lack of it.

I'm rambling a bit but I hope everyone of our family has a great 4th of July. Maybe when I sign in next, a flashing banner with Jordan and his turn-on's and turn-offs will be here, so he can meet his true love. Anyone would be lucky to have a great guy like you.

Luis Merino said...

Is AMC still on the air?? Seriously. UGH!!!

How's Ashley doing, btw? And the new baby?

Crystal said...

AMC - Randi & Natasha in the same scenes. UGH
'Nuff said.
Oh and please don't turn Scott into an alcoholic. Just worried me when I saw him drinking on screen.
Erica looked amazing in her strapless dress this week! Holy cow. Of course, she is about as big around as one of my legs...or maybe arms. I am still not feeling the Erica & Ryan thing.

OLTL: Woooo baby, Téa and Todd were HOT. I wish they hadn't put all the couples doing IT in the same montage. They kind of took away from the moments, although they were all nice separately.
I wish I didn't know anything about the Kyle/Fish thing. The comments seem so obvious now but, I was wondering if I didn't know anything if I would really think Kyle was eying Layla etc. Blair/Layla/Christian conversation seemed weird to me! Maybe I haven't been watching long enough and don't know their history.

discodan said...

Crystal, Blair and Cristian actually slept together when they were stuck in a cabin together. This was during the time when Evangeline and Todd were getting closer. She's always had a protective thing for Cristian because of that, which is actually why when Antonio lost all of his Santi money, she bought the place from them and kept them in the business.

Crystal said...

hmm interesting. I should do some reading up. I have a giant doughnut hole of viewing (like 20 years, ha ha.)

jordan hudson said...


Until Gh is freee of Phelps and Guza I will never watch. the show has lost all it's heart. The cats is great and the production values are awesoem and no one does disaster epsiodes like GH. But I'm so sick of the mob and killing off Quatermaines. The fact that Zeman and Francis were both pushed out by that heffer Phelps pisses me off. She should be ashame of herself as a woman to treat two female veterans like that. I can't wiat till some 22 year old bimbo gets her job and she is told she is old and not relevant see how she likes it.

discodan said...

Amph, I'm really excited for Dante/Michael/Kristina/Morgan scenes that will definitely be coming now that it's been confirmed that Dominic is Dante. Sonny has seriously been reenergized since the kids have been aged. Drew Garrett, Lexi Ainsworth, and Aaron Refvem have been fantastic and I'm excited to see what Dominic Zamprogna can do as Dante. I also can't wait to see what they do with the new Molly, despite the sad truth that her dad, Ric, isnt there anymore (WTF).

Plus, Michael's living with the Q's so we get Q's!

Crystal said...

I am listening to the Beth E. interview and I have to agree people were way harsh on her. I did not like her on the interview with JR but, now that I actually listen to hers it is not as bad as I thought it would be.

Mel Got Served said...

Sonny Corinthos needs a vasectomy NOW.

discodan said...

LOL wait a second now...

When Shawn Brady on DAYS has a baseball team of kids, it's blamed on him being irish (which is BS), but when Sonny has a few (like five...that we know of), he suddenly needs a vacectomy. I don't buy it.

Mel Got Served said...

I'm not a big GH watcher, but every time I hear them reveal a baby's father, it seems to be Sonny. But Michael technically isn't his by blood- so I guess maybe he doesn't need a vasectomy. Just a condom sometimes. Plus, since I don't have history, I am just not a Sonny fan- he eats up the whole show.

Shawn Brady only had 3 kids biologically. He adopted 2 and claimed Bo as is own (since Bo is Victor Kiriakis' biological son). I believe I also made a similar comment years ago on a Days message board about Kate Roberts, once they revealed she was the mother of Gemini Twins Cassie and Rex.

And Sonny is a mobster who pretends to import coffee. Shawn Brady gets to make delicious green beer once a year!

Anyone know what character in daytime has the most kids? That would interesting to know.

Mel Got Served said...

Just checked. Kate Roberts has 6 biological children (though Cassie and Rex were carried in the womb by Marlena). Kate had Billie, Austin, Lucas, Philip, Cassie, and Rex. So right now, she's my top contender for most kids in daytime.

Someone must've had more! I'm thinking maybe Stefano. I'd recommend he get a vasectomy too, but he's past his daddy days.

discodan said...

I know who has the most kids Mel....


Mel Got Served said...


It's so true! I think if all of us here look at a birth certificates, we'd be shocked to find out we've all be lied to. We are All Dr. Madden's Children.

Mel Got Served said...

Forgot that not only does Sonny have his 3 kids and Michael, but he COULD be the father of Claudia and Carly's future babies.

Just checked- Stefano had 5 bio kids, 1 adopted (Tony).

But forgot also, Kate didn't carry Philip either; Vivian Alamain did. So Kate has 5 kids, but only had to deliver 3 of them!

discodan said...

But yeah, I think the most legitimate answer has to be Kate. We have Austin, Billie, Lucas, Rex, Cassie, and Phillip....damn

Although, Shawn Brady, who actually died last year, had Roman, Kayla, and adopted Max, Frankie, and Bo....so he's right now a competitor...better yet, Carolyn Brady is a competitor lol

On OLTL, it's probably Clint...he has Cord and Natalie, plus adopting Jessica, Joey, and Kevin.

On GH, it's Sonny. No contest. Kate Howard is legitimantly the only girl he hasnt gotten pregnant, which sucks because she's one of my favorite Sonny pairings.

On Y&R...hmmm....doesn't seem to have any big families. Does Victor Newman win this one, just with having Nick, Victoria, Adam, and Abbey? WTF

I honestly don't know any B&B, but heard that the Snyder family is like a pack of rabbits on ATWT. Not too sure about GL, but I also heard that Reva's vaj is like the hollywood walk of fame...Tom Pelphrey, Jeff Branson...I think I'm making my point

discodan said...

What does that mean Mel? Does that mean that Kate Roberts isnt as tore up as we're saying...


Stefano could have fathered a million kids for all we know. You know how that DiMera gene pool works...it's like magic, or the most successful recycling program ever.

Poor Jax, but I don't think that Carly should have anyone else's children. And I think Claudia's kid better be Ric's or I'm going to punch her in the overy. She needs to stay away from Sonny. She's too whiny and she had his kid shot. I don't know if anyone's missing that part...

Bxgal said...

hey jordan, just like discodan asked... could you send me the spoiler your source told you?

heres my email: firechuckpratt@aol.com

yes... this is my email address! haha!

Mel Got Served said...

Discodan- LOLOLOLOL. Yeah that's probably what I meant!

Also, it's late now to introduce another kid, but since Kate was also a hooker, I wouldn't be shocked if she had another kid roaming the world.

So by far, it seems Kate Roberts has the most biological kids. Shawn Brady rivals her once you count in the adopted, as would Stefano I guess.

BTW, Days has been phenomenal lately- and by Days, I should say Alison Sweeney. Her scenes with losing her baby (but it's not her baby, the babies were switched) made me burst into tears almost immediately. 2010 is her year for the Emmy with this material.

Mel Got Served said...

I asked Jamie from Daytime Confidential about who has the most kids. He said:

Eric Forrester had 6 bio (one deceased), 1 adopted. Stefano had five bio (three deceased) and three adopted.

DancingElf88 said...

Jordan hope your manhunt is going well.
I don't like what they're turning Erica into. Ryan pisses me off every second of every day. I'm liking the DA more and more.
I actually didn't mind Natalia too much today. If onlly she weren't brought on to ruin Jesse I could enjoy her friendhip with Randi more.
Erica is about to choed. No Annie no!
I love OLTL!! Who is that crazy ass nurse? Jess/Brody are so hot and I love Dorian. Todd and Tea are so hot. I'm so excited for the Sole wedding.
YR is killing me. Mary Jane is a coocoo bird but he's funny. I'm still not feeling Mac. I don't want her with Billy. This whole Cane baby switch thing still confuses me.

discodan said...

Days has been been pretty good lately, I'm not going to lie. Plus that Summer promo was pretty darn awesome...and they have some vets comin back like Wally Kurth and Crystal Chapell.

I've always liked DAYS, just from a distance. It's on at the same time as OLTL and no one's messing with my Llanview. But on Soapnet, it's really good.

I like Sami and Rafe, but I like her better with EJ, but I still understand the dynamic that they are creating. It's Marlena/Stefano 2.0, but its better than the original.

I hate Nicole. Enough said.

Brady/Arianna/Melanie/Nathan should be fun...Melanie's getting better, and Nathan is a Horton so that's always important. I like this Brady Black better than the original.

Philip/Stephanie are annoying me. Stop it and break up already.

Daniel is a creep. Kate would never be this evil. Lucas is dumb. And Chloe is still hott.

So who else thinks that Kate has perma-crabs? haha

discodan said...

Dancingelf, I'm hearing that Phillip IV and Chloe are a go once he gets here...

DancingElf88 said...

Discodan...really? NOOOOO! I want my Chilly. I don't like Mac...I don't. Grrr

discodan said...

i love my chilly too...but think about it...what would be more pure-bread for Chloe, the woman who just wants to be a Chancellor, than being with Phillip IV?

Erica Kane said...

Emma Snyder from ATWT has five bio and one adopted child.

jordan hudson said...

LOL I love it that this blog is talking about every other soap but AMC. This is your fault Pratt.

Okay I saw AMC yesterday and guys I was falling asleep through out the hour. I swear I'm not joking. The show is that bad.

Doesn't matter that the actors are good the dialogue and storytelling is at an all time low. Adam and Annie scenes yesterday were written as if the two of them were grade schoolers. Really listen to the dialogue. They sound like Emma and Little A. I think right now that is the biggest problem.

I'm not going to pretend that I have the greatest command of the english language but come on. It is especially noticable after I watch a Ryan's Hope episode from 1979. Writers today write as if we are all dunces or maybe they all are. It's a shame but then you wtach reality T.V. and you realzie as a society we are loosing the ability to truly speak.

Yet not on this blog everyone expresses themselves so eloquently. Having Kendall daydream about everyone testifying against her was so wretched to watch. Yeah because her and Tad have had so many great scenes together over the years. they are B.F.F. I wasn't even aware that they knew each other. This show is so strange. I feel like I'm in a the mirror universe from Star Trek and this is like the
Anti-All My Children.

I'm sorry but Jesse's daughter needs to go. She is beyond annoying already. I can't stand her. Bring back Ya Ya. Also the hooker with the heart of gold needs to go to.

This is the other problem with AMC. There are way too many bad actors and useless characters floating around town. The only new charcater that I fidn interesting is Madison. Yes I'm bias that's my Tammy from GL. Yet how interesting would this story be if a stronnger acto was playing the D.A. and Randi. I can deal with the D.A. but Randi is so emotionless. The borgs from Star Trek give off more feeling.

Thank god for my other soaps.

Yes fish is gay in real life but I tried and he looked right through me. :( I wonder about Kyle thou....hmmmmm He is a hottie. I know Adam Mayfield is straight I wish he was playing on both or the same team. He is so hot. I don't have a type. It's the energy I feel from the other person. If you saw everyone that I have bene attracted to and in love with. All diverse in race, gender, age. Sigh this is all starting up because the B'day is around the corner and my biological clock is ticking lmao.

Anonymous said...

i need help here
Since my GL is being cancelled :-( and amc is not looking so good (haven't watch for months except for a few minutes here and there in the gym) I've been watching Y & R and i'm confused, too many ppl named Phillip
Is phillip III jill's son and he was married to nina before faking his death???
And what's the deal with Cane. Who is he pretending to be? He's says he's jill's son but who's the Daddy?

On a side note Mel and Cyrus look good together

thanks for the help

discodan said...

Well Sylvie, here's what's going on...

Phillip II was married to Katherine...then she had an affair with Jill and Jill became pregnant. Phillip II was on his deathbed, marrying Jill after divorcing Katherine. They were married, he died, then Katherine announced that the marriage was invalid because of her not signing the papers for divorce.

Supposedly, in order to get back at Jill, in a drunken stuper, switched Cane and Phillip III. The secret's about to be revealed that it never happened and that Cane's been conning everyone.

Anyways, Phillip III grew up and became the guy every girl wanted. Eventually, Nina married him and they had Phillip IV aka Chance as they will call him when he debuts later this month.

But Phillip III supposedly dies in a car accident, however its been revealed that he's alive and working with Cane on this con. He didn't think that his family would be accepting of his coming out.

jordan hudson said...

Sylvie...... Philip was Jill's Son with Katherine Chancelor's husband Philip. He supposedly died as a teenager after fathering his own son with Nina. Philip also but recently it was announced he would be called Chance. I guess the writers realized there were too many Philips. Chance is going to be played by GL John Coop Driscoll Yeah and he will be starting soon. Thom Bierdez who played Philip back in the 80's as a teenager is also back . It seems he faked his own death. The ex writing team came up with a story that kind of came from nowhere where Katherine switched babies and the real Chancelor heir was given away. That would be Cane. The current writing team is trying to correct what some consider rewriting history. They also corrected the Katherine as Jill's mother fiasco. Props tp Tenna Maria Arena Bell and her team for actually listening to what the viewers want.

I just saw Thursday's Y&R and was once again blown away. this is the kind of deep meaty stuff AMC should be doing. How Alicia Minshew would tear up the kidn of material Michelle Stafford had yesterday. When they accused her of deliberatley hurting her own child to get Nicholas attention. the fact that Maryjane "Patty" was orcherstrating the entire et of events. That's good soap people. I only hope they are careful as to not write Stacy as Maryjane into a corner. I'm amazed with her performance on this show. What could have so easily been over the top camp is coming across as a rich deep portrayal of a woman with true mental illness, haunted by her past that she can't forget. This kind of reminds me jsut a tad of how Janet was on AMC before she became the caricature of recent years.

Hey Ron more Jessica and Brody. I can't get enough of them.

Also saw Elizabeth Hubbard on her Ducth soap on Daytime Confidential. She should stay there where they seem to want and respect her unlike the miserable ATWT. I don't understand how they can keep brining on big stars to this show when it supposedly only has one more year. I thought it was announce when GL was canceled that ATWT would be renew for one more year but that would be it.

Tasha from Brooklyn, NY said...

So I haven't been here for a while glad to hear that Ashley and her twins are doing well. Did she have two girls or boys or one of each.

Anyway about AMC I am soo over Stuart's death. Let this storyline finish and fire Chuck Pratt already. If not demote him. I can't believe they are going on with this stupid trial. If I were Kendall I would sue the PVPD and the district attorney

Carlotta- loved the actress and character but I grew up with old west indian people so I know where the actress ideas are coming from. She reminds me of my dad.

Starr and Cole getting married? Really! This is one of the stupidest ideas this soap has had. Starr is too young to be a mom much less a wife. I see divorce in two months.

Y&R I used to watch it when Phillip was on but know it is too old. Can't stand Victor. Jordan you talk about sexist men they don't come anymore misgonistic than Victor. Sorry for my spelling.

discodan said...

LOL we should be writing this stuff, Jordan. I say we take over a CBS soap... I'm sure Brad Bell won't mind haha

Tasha, I hate Victor just as much...he's just a jerk to everyone. I don't understand the appeal.

DancingElf88 said...

Discodan I I know that Chloe wants to be a Chancellor. But I kind of thought that she had changed a little with having Cordelia. but who knows. Thank you for explaining the baby fiasco because my head was a-spinning with the plethora of Phillips on this show.
Jordan I agree about the dialogue.

Adam and Annie are adults and they are being written so badly. Why couldn't they write them as a woman who needs a father figure that she never had and a man who feels like he is losing his family so he clings to the one person who doesn't disdin him? I would love that. And now of course with Annie choking Erica that will solidify it even more to everyone that she is still insane. Ugh. I don't like it.
I'm looking forward to Starr and Cole's wedding. They can make it work. I liked it when Haley and Nathan got married on One Tree Hill. Yes I watched that show and yes I loved it. I still do.
I watch ATWT when OLTL is on commercial. The only time I'm interested is when Luke and Noah are on and their storylines are over in one day. I like Bonnie and Jade. But Jade has been sucked into a black hole somewhere along with Derek so I don't know when she'll reappear.

discodan said...

Well, from the Coop Bradshaw scenes that I've seen, I'm confident that John Driscoll and Liz Hendrickson can be supercouple-worthy stuff.

I understand the draw to Chilly. It's hot. It's edgy. Lots of chemistry and a lot of tension both angry and sexual. It's actually one of the most edgy couples I've seen in soaps.

But BAC was broken up in such a way that is truly dispicable, and I think the show owes them and their fanbase a second chance.

Melissa said...

Jordan, your idea of getting rid of Aidan and putting Brot in as the P.I. around town would be perfect! If he worked with Tad, the dynamic with Tad and Taylor would make for some juicy scenes. Seriously, have you ever thought of writing? Your left big toenail could plot out storylines better than Pratt on his best day!!!

Melissa said...

... and I know it's been said, but how can Susan Lucci play these scenes??? They are killing her character - please, please bring in a love interest for her. Not been-there-done-that Adam and not Ryan! Ewwww.

Contrast AMC with this week's OLTL with all the delicious lovemaking and great writing. I was a lil let down with the Rex and Gigi reveal. I don't mind Gigi, and I like her with Rex (but I didn't watch in the Aidrianna days, so maybe that's why I can stand them together), and I was waiting for a better payoff with that story. Maybe it will come when the donor is revealed. I kinda felt sorry for Stacy when she had her first dance class. Maybe she'll go InsAnnie on everyone after she's dumped by Rex. OLTL could use a good bitch... besides Dorian, of course. She's hands down my fave character, and as much as I don't like Viki, they play off each other so well. It reminds me of the Erica / Brooke days.

Bring back Brooke!!! Damn that b&*tard Pratt!

jordan hudson said...

Just sat down for two hours and cried my heart out. Thank you Guiding Light. I don't know if it's the parellel of Philip having three months to live and the show having three months left that is making everything so much more poignant but this is how a soap should be. If you have not watched the two day Bauer BBQ got to CBS.com and check it out.

To see characters come home like Danny, Michelle, Mindy Sue. family and friends reunite for the holiday. The four Muskateers making
that incredible speech at the end.

Sweet sincere moments. yes the way the film the show is not all that but, good quality character driven writing and acting will always triumph. When Beth caught Lillian and Buzz coming from the bushes. Rick forgetting to get things for the BBQ and sending Balke out to get them. When Blake asked Philip for money and he says, it feels like we are still married. Father and son connecting for a brief moment. Philip and James in the three legged race havign fun bonding. Alan sees them and tells Beth, " They lost" and beth turns to him and say " Oh Alan you you just don't see". Two lines one moment spoke volumes. My heart is brekaing that Gl will be no more come Sept. I'm crying as I write this.

I hate to disagree with Mimi Torchin but I love the latests obstacle in Otalia. It's relastic and makes sense and shows why Otalia is working where so many other attempt have failed. The bottom line is White, Latin, Black, Asian, Gay, straight, Jewish, Catholic whatever you need to have a storyline and it needs to come from a universal human starting point. In other words you need to be able to somehow relate even if your not jsut like the character. I'm not a Lesbian but I know and can relate to Olivia's pain to finaly have someone who you love and care for and the disappointment of them running away from you. The twist is that this is two women but the storyline is classic. Your in love with someone but pregnant by another. I only wish this storyline could have played out.

jordan hudson said...

Dancing Elf Holla One Tree Hill!!!! Yes Nathan and hayley still get to me and so glad they are now the stars because honestly so over Peyton and Lucas. I was actually hoping they were going to kill her off that would have bene more interesting. But at leats now they can really allow Nathan Hayley and Brooke shine.

jordan hudson said...

Tasha I think Victor is suppsoe to be like an Anti hero/villan. I mean anyone who woudl go the lenghts to bring back his enemies ex wife to town with a new face ain't no saint. I like him as an actor because he is so evil and menacing when he delivers his lines. I like that he isn't screaming or huffing and a
puffing but cool.

I really love Paul's daughter the D.A. She really gets me going. She is sexy as hell and that voice. I hope they are not getting rid of her.

ATWT ughh poor Cady. Maura West is a goddess for pulling off this shitty ass storyline they have given her.

discodan said...

Jordan, I agree with you on Vail Bloom. I actually really like that girl. I know that's not a popular opinion, but she's hot and she can act. Her and Chris Engen were pretty awesome...and you know how I feel about Michael Muhany. haha

DancingElf88 said...

Jordan hudson I love Peyton and Lucas...I really really do. I'm sad that they're gone but I still watch the show because unlike on AMC I like all the characters even the evil ones. I want more storyline for Skills though. He's my boo.
I love Heather too and I also love her voice.
Poor Maura west on ATWT. She does the same everyday: look stressed, go to kitchen cabinet and remove half empty bottle of generic vodka, take drink, give a look pure satisfaction, return bottle, sneak out of kitchen. they should just put her scene on repeat because it's all she does.
Haven't watched AMC yet...is it worth it?

jordan hudson said...

Vail Bloom is going to be on Entourage Disco Dan. I'm so happy. I really think she has that it factor for nighttime and film. If that horrible Ashley Jones canget on True Blood.

I love Skills but wonder if he will even be back after his scandal a few months back. was so into him and Deb and they just wrote her off.

I liked Peyton and Lucas at the beginning. But when they made us care about Brooke and Lucas and Peyton and Jake and then aborted that because of most likley what was going on in real life. It was kind of hard to swallow. I just didn't buy peyton and Lucas the second time around.

I love Nelson Branco but he keeps calling Judi Evans the real Beth Raines and that pisses me off. It's a lack of respect for Beth Chamberlain who has played the role longer and to me has years ago made the role her own. So Nelson I say Judi who? Please she is sellign cemetry plots until here first day at ATWT enuff said. Beth Chamberalin is the only Beth Raines for me. Kettle Bell strike!

jordan hudson said...

No Dancing Elf unless your ahving trouble falling aslpee I wouldnt watch The last epsiode of AMC or just like Summer on Y&R you will be in a coma.

Anonymous said...

thanks DiscoDan and Jordan for the help it makes so much more sense now and I also love maryjane she's batshit crazy and plays it so good


Bxgal said...

WAIT.... jordan hudson!!! you watch ONE TREE HILL?????? that is my all-time FAVORITE show!!!!!! We could have been talking about this all along???

i agree with you... i am happy that Leyton is gone. To many bad things have happened to Peyton in her life and it just didn't seem believable that anything good could happen in her life anymore. As for Lucas, he was such a strong character before season 5.

I am so glad that Naley will become the stars of the show next season. For the past two seasons they have been on the back burner. They were only there to react to the other character's storylines. but anything with Naley, always attract my attention.

I love Brooke and Julian!!!! Bulian? J-rooke? Julian is such a funny character! shinning moment - when he made fun of Nick Lachey at Leyton's wedding.

I feel like next season... OTH is going to go back to its roots. more like seasons 1,2,3

And Jordan.... until you meet that special someone... there's always OTH's latest addition... Robert Buckley! HAHA!

what do you think Jordan??

discodan said...

I wonder a lot about which actors could ever cut it in Primetime. I personally think that an actor like Colin Egglesfield will cut it and we'll all be looking back and missing Josh the same way that we miss Leo.

I always wondered whether or not Cameron Mathison had the acting chops for primetime. He's got enough star power to at least get by, but to accell? I don't know...

Anonymous said...

my problem with the Otalia pregnancy is more that they make her look stupid cause i mean it's already 5 mths in. She been pregnant before you think she'd remember what it feels like..it should have been brought up earlier if that's were they were going
and also since the show is ending there's no time to adequately play all the beats in the story. I think she's back for the last 4 weeks or something

I mean a pregnancy by someone else is classic soaps but I just not a fan in this case

plus Olivia was just heartbreaking today ...after all these years and again she's left alone but the whole i'm so happy thing she had going is never a good sign in soaps that always means the worst is coming

I hope we keep getting old favs for the last few mts

OTH - i love Naley and I agree with you Jordan once lucas and brooke happen I no longer bought him with peyton


DancingElf88 said...

I don't know if Cam could cut it in Primetime unless it was like some sort of hosting kind of show. He's a good host and TV personality...not so much with the acting.
I love Brooke and Julian. Julian is an awesome character. I love him!
As for AMC I'll only watch Annie scenes and see what went down with her and Erica.

Shadow said...

Hey everyone. I took my son to see Transformers yesterday. The movie was OK. The last battle sequence could've been shortened by 30 minutes, but gotta admit, the Josh Duhamel seems like a good guy. His years were my "donut hole" years. Too busy working to pay off student loans, starting a family and no DVR or SoapNet at the time. He seems charismatic and handsome. I kept thinking, "he's the anti-Ryan, anti-Aidan"--the real deal. AMC needs another find of his caliber. An actor who can make shit from shinola as Ashley likes to say. There are too many people like Rancid, Turdby and Natalia who can't sell it.

OK, we have to come up with some sort of nickname for Natalia. So far, it's like she's so boring we haven't even tried to come up with a moniker for her. She totally sucks. The entire conception of her character sucks. The portrayal sucks. Her lame ass career as a police girl sucks. I can't get that scene out of my head when Erica bosses her around at the station and she goes scurring off as Erica demands. Or her police hat with the hair poofing out. Is it too late to abort Natalia?

discodan said...

Just FYI, we might start seeing Natalia in scenes with Brot, so she doesnt seem to be going anywhere

Shadow said...

Happy 4th of July PVP friends!

jordan hudson said...

Sylvie....yeah that was the problem with OTH that my sister and I both had. You start the show with Lucas and Peyton as star cross lovers and you ask us to buy that. Then you put Lucas with Brooke and they have insane chemistry. You then ask us to invest in them and we are there 100%. I aslo loved Peyton with Jake. Some great storytelling. Then there personal relationship tanks and you have to break them up and then want us to go back Peyton and Lucas..... not.


Robert Buckley from Lipstick Jungle fame is on OTH. I guess he got the role they wnated Brian Austin Green to play. He is okay saw him in real life here in NYC way too thin thou. On screen he looks hot but in real life he looks like a model with an eating disorder.

In regards to Cam outside of daytime. I have a source who told me that is why he came back to AMC. he left around the same time Josh did and they were always up for the same parts being that in Hollywood they are considered the same type. Josh did well and Cam did not thats why he returned to AMC Cam is no where near Josh's league. Cam is a nice guy and he is a celebrity but not an actor.

One of the thinsg I love about 1979 Ryan's hope they might not be the best lookign lot but they are actors.

Happy fourth of July wish I was at the Bauer BBQ

discodan said...

Happy fourth of july guys!!

Terry in Toronto said...

Hey Jordan,

I started watching U.S. of Tara on your recommendation and it's amazing! I've watched the whole first season in two weeks it's that good! I love how complex and real the characters are.

I also love Brody & Jessica on OLTL and agree with you that more of those two is always a good thing. I still don't like Crystal Hunt as Stacy. She's just too one-note for me, plus I'm at the point where I couldn't care less about Gigi & Rex. There are too many other great characters and actors on the Llanview storyboard like Todd & Tea, Cole & Starr, Destiny & Matthew, Marco & Langston .... plus Jack. Btw, is Jack played by a boy or a girl? The actor's name is Carmen and I keep looking close whenever they're onscreen but I can't tell.

Happy 4th of July to all the Americans!

Bxgal said...

Oh that sucks jordan... he looked GOOD onscreen. Jordan, you gotta tell me where you run into these celebs in NYC! I'm always in the city and I've only run into Rebecca Budig, Amanda Bynes, and I saw Susan Lucci across the street.... all more than five years ago!

I definitely agree with both Sylvie and Jordan. In season one, peyton and lucas were a perfect match for each other. and when they brought brooke into the mix, it made for a really great story line. but after sophia and chad divorced, it was obvious that Brucas would never be the same. and it was inevitable that in the end, peyton and lucas were going to be together... no matter who they brought in (lindsay). they just seemed to perfect, and it didn't make for a great story line. i also agree with you jordan that mark schwahn should have gone there, and have peyton die during birth, and eventually have lucas come to terms with her death and leave town with they're baby.

discodan said...

Pretty bored on 4th of July, so I decided to watch some B&B on youtube. It was the stuff about Katie Logan getting shot by her brother Storm, and him comitting suicide to save her.

Intense stuff, I must say...and at his memorial service, Katie gave one hell of a speech.

And this got me upset.

Kendall has taken advantage of the second chance in life that she has been given. She has just slept with whomever she feels like, not taken care of her chldren, and possibly committed murder.

And what about Josh?

In Katie's speech:
She explains that she hates the connotation that a part of Storm is living inside her. She deals with the grief of losing her brother. She deals with the truths that the pain that he was in was her doings. She deals with the scars that remain, both emotionally and physically.

I have one question now: When the f*** is Kendall going to wake up from her oblivion?

jordan hudson said...

Terry I only tuned in because I love Toni. When I first heard about the show and it's theme I was a bit hesitant but it was nothing like what I thought it was going to be. The characters are so rich and the fact that they deal with the illness in a very deep and serious manner. I also love that we get to see how this effects the entire family. US of Tara is that sleeper hit.

BxGal yeah thought it would be more interesting storyline way to have Peyton die. I know it sounds morbid but that is real life. Not everything has a happy ending.

I saw Robert Buckley in the west village on Christopher Street he was window shopping. he use to work out at the Equinox on Greenwich Ave. I always see celebs in manhattan just the other day I saw Daniel Sunjata Franco from Rescue me on 23rd street.

OMG Just saw Y&R from friday what an episode. Everyone was so good minus the scooby gang. Still can't take Daisy Dela hoya. I love the veterans on Y&R. I can't believe they are letting go of Melody Thomas. She has been so brillant since I started watching this show. The thing I love with the vets on this show is how subtle there work is. They can show such a range of emotions without having to scream and grunt (Cameron Matheison). I also love how the writers put so much detail into how everyone knows and relates to one an another. I was so on the edge of my seat. Can't wait till Monday that is a damm cliffhanger friday wow. Also Billy Miller is f*&^%ing amazing as Billy Abbott.

DancingElf88 said...

I just finished Friday's Y&R and OMG!! This is hot. I love Billy Miller. Ok, I admit that I am liking Mac better. Maybe I just need to give her more time. Their chemistry is improving. I hope Summer is ok. I liked the Victor/Nikki scenes. I don't like Victor but he was good today. Nina is my girl. The Scooby gang amuses me. I love Greg Rikaart.
That Cane reveal is so bomb! I'm loving it. The only thing is how did Cane mangae to be a contender for Chloe's baby? That's the kicker and I hope it will be explained.
Jordan Hudson if you can't wait till Monday...there are people on Youtube who updated what we are going to see on Monday...they go by Canadian time. Although I'm not sure if it's the full episode or just the Phillip fall out. The user is MsYRfan.
Haven't caught up on AMC yet...I doubt I will.
Jordan I know you watch SYTYCD what are your feelings on this season? I'm not so excited about it. I don't know what it is.

Mel Got Served said...

While I'm always loving SYTYCD, I think this season they are lacking people you are really routing for. They don't have the personalities that they did the last year or so. But it's really early, so fingers crossed. In terms of dancing, I thought this week was the best yet and even the couple I disliked most at least danced well (Caitlin/Jason- I don't know what it is, but I'm just not a fan of hers. My old roommate loathes her.)

My favorite couple is Brandon and Janette, followed by Melissa and Ade, then Evan and Randi.

I am just glad my favorite choreographer, Jean Marc Generaux, is back. That guys cracks me up!

discodan said...

Dancingelf, I just watched Monday's episode on the youtube account you mentioned, OMG....

It's like gold. It's what I've been waiting for. Jill = fantastic. Nina = compelling. Cane = suck it!


DancingElf88 said...

Mel Got Served: I think that's it. They lack that oomph I saw in past shows. The choreography is great but the dancers aren't all the way there. I love Brandon and Janette and Ade and Melissa. I like Randi and Evan also.
Discodan: I know right. Nina is the bomb. Cane can suck it.I think the account I mentioned missed some scenes like the Devon/Cane one. Another account you can try is partygirl045. She uploads all Billy/Chloe stuff and she put in the Cane reveal. It fills some gaps I believe.

Michael said...

I was jazzed about being home yesterday so I could watch ABC Daytime (okay--I know thats a little sad but...)I used to love to watch the soaps on holidays. Now, every holiday is a repeat of an episode from months ago! Bummer!
Happy 4th Everyone
I'll go get a life or something.

discodan said...

Dancingelf, the vid was mislabeled...it says that it was from the day before.


It was probably the best episode of Y&R that I've ever watched in my life. Lily was actually really good, which surprised the crap outta me. Billy and Chloe showed glimpses of why they are great parents and loyal to a fault. Mac stayed outta the way which was good, and she was there for Murphy. Murphy is fantastic, BTW. Devon needs to go away though, but at least Neil was good. And Phillip, well, he's just not making any sense, but everyone knows what happened and when things unravel, everything will make more sense.


DancingElf88 said...

Oh...ok,thanks. I love Murphy too. He's so nice and sweet but is there for Katherine when she needs it. I had to read some of the background on Phillip because I didn't understand what was up with him back then. Billy and Chloe were great. Lily surprised me too...she usually annoys me but she did good work today. They need to give Devon more to do then chastise people for their mistakes it makes him look self righteous and I don't like that. I'm a bit biased when it comes to him because he was Richie on Family Matters. Great great episode

J.albi said...
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jason said...


Bxgal said...

by the way jordan, you got me hooked on Y&R. I don't even mind missing the first half of AMC. but who are you referring to as Daisy De la Hoya?

jordan hudson said...

Dancing Elf. I think everyone here has nailed it with whats wrong with SYTYCD. Usually the dancers are really intense and have the it factor. One of the reasons that I liked this over Amercian Idol is that they always got talented fierce dancers there were never people that you were like come on they are not all that. Also the show is not a popularity contest they dont go so much into the contestants lives like A.I. does. but for some reason this season the contestants are a little lack luster in talent.

BXGAL Amber on Y&R looks like Daisy De La Hoya to me. Her and the british girl are annoying. So is Lily she looks like a fragil from fragil rock.

discodan said...

C'mon...Amber and Jana are okay...they're a hell of a lot better than their equivilant on AMC: Randi and Taylor.

Besides, Daniel and Kevin are likable characters, and Adrienne Frantz is actually a really good actress. The stuff when she was on the run with Kevin was truly fantastic.

Terry in Toronto said...

Mel & Dancing,

I've been watching SYTYCD too. Wasn't Desmond Richardson amazing on Thursday's episode?! And he's not 21 anymore. I can't believe that anybody's body can do the things he does.

Anonymous said...

4 days till Big Brother!!!

I know I mentioned this/asked this before - - are there any good web-sites you Big Brother lovers use? I like bigbrothergossip.com. But please let me know your favorites!

Mel Got Served said...

For Big Brother, I am all about JokersUpdates.com. I post on their forums and they have amazing live feed recaps. I find myself hitting refresh every 30 seconds to keep up.

The pas de deux this week was beautiful. I love the guest performers each week because it really broadens the dance world.

DancingElf88 said...

Unfortunately I can never finish the SYTYCD episodes because I have to drop someone off at work at 9:30. So I missed Desmond's piece. I loved the pas de deux. it was beautiful. Ade and Melissa did a wonderful job

Mel Got Served said...

Dancing Elf, good news! I found Desmond's piece on YouTube! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-53-X1p6m4

Also, this weekend I've become hooked on a new gameshow... BrainRush. It's on Cartoon Network. It's Cash Cab, but on a rollercoaster! Here's a kid freaking out on a coaster and can barely answer the questions http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=182GMMxyuOk

Hope everyone had a great 4th! I am still eating leftovers. Made these amazing s'more brownies- OMG, I'll have to share the recipe.

P.S Favorite AMC moment: Ryan getting SERVED by the DA. I was going to SERVE him on my blog, but I'm looking for a better time when Ryan Lavery is hopefully completely decimated.

DancingElf88 said...

Mel: you're my hero. Thanks so much. That was simply amazing!! I absolutely loved it.
Ryan getting served was awesome.

Robin C. said...

Mel Got Served said: "I don't think I've seen a character's gravestone on any soap in my life as much as Babe's. I wish they'd just get over her."

You said it! Every time they show it with the "golden" angel and lettering, all I can think is that it looks like baby poop got splatted on it. Ashley can probably back me up on that :-)

Anonymous said...

Sorry discodan I love Kendall and what ever she is doing is fine with me. She came out of a coma and had the whole world dumped on her so of course she is going to act out. Give the woman a break