Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dreams of Californication?

Last week on AMC, Annie asks the burning question: “Want some?” to which Scott replies, “Hell yeah!” and rips off his velcro shirt.

David and Liza share a kiss and the perfect Valtrex moment reminding us, as they say in the commercials, "it can affect both men and women, causing periodic outbreaks that may appear as painful or itchy clusters of blisters, bumps, and rashes in the genital area." Last week Adam got a prescription for Viagra. Next week Krystal’s Irritable Bowel Syndrome causes an embarrassing moment at ConFusion, but leads to the start of another cougar romance with an empathetic Petey who suffers from spontaneous bouts of greasy discharge.

Kendall’s face is plastered on the PV Bulletin Online, but nobody realizes someone else is impersonating her in jail. Meanwhile, the real Kendall hides out in a safe room furnished with cardboard boxes and Annie’s old furniture from Oak Haven dreaming of happier times and nicer sets.

Pratt continues his plan to turn the Hubbards into boring white people by making Jessie Zach’s new nanny and forcing Angie to wear Annie’s hand-me-down dresses and tresses with bangs.

Frankie learns how to use a key – with his fingers! Madison acts circles around Randi and sort of comes on to Frankie I guess because he’s really good with keys.

Randi is still a little gassy so she goes to the hospital to yell at Angie. Randi runs into Opal who reads her palm, but unfortunately Opal doesn't see acting lessons in Randi’s future. I also think Randi actually said “supposebly”.

AMC and Pratt continue to display a stunning grasp of realism as Tad and Taylor leave baby Trevor on the back porch of the church that looks just like the one Emma burned down in Puerto Rico. Fortunately, Jessie is the Chief of Police of Pratt Valley so it doesn’t matter that it’s a criminal offense. Opal, Tad, Taylor, Amanda and Jake are utterly surprised that the plan goes awry, that Child Protective Services whose job it is to provide for the health, safety and welfare of children, especially ones abandoned in burned out Puerto Rican churches, may get involved and possibly not turn the baby over to Jake and Amanda, if they can ever even actually find Trevor.

It’s been a week since TPTB announced AMC’s relocation to Los Angeles and subtle changes can already be seen taking place on screen. If you look carefully behind the outside shot of the Pratt Valley, uh Pine Valley Hospital, you can just make out the HOLLYWOOD’ sign and the giant Mickey Mouse water tower. For the next few weeks, the real question isn’t “Who Killed Stuart” but who among the cast will check into the Hotel California to Live or Die in L.A.? Will Susan Lucci become a California Girl? Will Cameron Matheson attempt to find out if it really Ever Rains in Southern California? Will David Canary find All the Gold in California? OMG, will Brianne Moncrief like totally start talking like a Valley Girl? Whatever! That is OMG like, so, like, stupid, like, really, like, stupid! She totally like already talks like that!

It may be a podcastless week, but keep the blog just keeps going right here.


Laura said...

It seems like all the soap drama is behind the scenes. AMC heads out west like the Donner party. It's my only hope for getting rid of some of the ones who are staying!

Will Y&R bring back Victoria Rowell after Peter Bergman said she wasn't playing with a full deck, and Michelle Stafford supposedly spit on her?

Austin Peck is fired off ATWT for cheating with a married co-worker, and everyone liked her husband.

Damn they should just sneak some camera's behind the set's and go Big Brother on us and then maybe we will see some real drama.

Great intro Shadow. I tried to watch today, but I couldn't. Baby Trevor is a much better actress than Rancid. Sorry I doubted your ability, baby porkchop!

brtedi said...

The whole, Ryan and Erica go on a sight seeing date might not have been so bad, but I kept thinking "No!...She's Spike's grandma." ---Not that they would ever actually use the "g word" in terms of Erica....

Discodan said...

Has Randi returned Trevor yet? I haven't watched all week.

Mel Got Served said...
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Mel Got Served said...

Ugh- Daytime Confidential posted a promo and yet again, "Kendall's life is in danger." Maybe they mean Kendall's lookalike who is being forced to probably have a heart attack by taking medicine that's not hers.

With a new baby on the way, I really doubt Alicia Minshew will make the move out west, leaving her husband in NYC.

DancingElf88 said...

I tried watching AMC...I couldn't do it.
OLTL is brilliant. I love Kyle. Love love him.
Austin Peck plays Brad right?
I heard that Dru is actually being recast.

Arizonagal said...

Shadow, Randi did say "supposably", and not just once, but always. I caught it a few times. And that surprises us because.....

Actually, second or third time she said it I googled the word and damn, it really is a word, definition practically the same as "supposedly."

What is with Angie and that wig? Does she have on white go-go boots too? Dem boots was made for walkin' Ang, all the way to the Golden State!

Liza is a big fan of the smoky eye, liked the white dress with the big black T on it.

Shadow said...

Arizonagal, I googled it too. Apparently supposably is a word. It's just often misused interchangeably with supposedly, and I think that was the case here, though they have fairly similar definitions. To be supposable is essentially equivalent to being fathomable; thus the adverb supposably can describe an idea which may well exist, though there is no connotation that it in fact does. Supposedly would more accurately describe an idea which may be thought by many to exist but has a connotation of doubt.

Oh well, I'm sure it won't be long before we hear her say something like "aks" instead of "ask" or cimmanim, doggy dog world, etc. Something tells me she's stupid enough to stare at a juice box just because it says "concentrate".

Bxgal said...

I actually thought the scenes between Ryan and Erica, were pretty cute. Though, I have to admit, while the scenes were playing, I didn't acknowledge it was Ryan. I was picturing someone else. But I was unfortunately brought back to reality when they kissed.

robyn said...

What's up with the Africa crap again? I'm all for aid to Africa, but if they're going to use canned "documentation" from Save the Children or something, they should promote an actual charity. And what's with Jamie being one of the two starting up the organization. I could swear that David had him kidnapped or something, and that when Tad came home from Africa, it wasn't because he found Jamie, but maybe something about Krystal?

I've meant to ask this for a while, but has Kendall ALWAYS been this stupid and annoying? If you're hiding in a safe room, you should not come out for anything. Harping on Zach for having dinner with Liza instead of her? OMG, she wanted Liza to see her.

And Kendall telling Zach to go out to the casino so no one sees him being out of place? He did that while, as far as anyone is concerned, the children had no supervision as he won't let anyone babysit. Plus, they're going to create major problems for Spike and Ian, who will have no ability to distinguish reality from pretend after they talk about spending time with mommy and everyone humors them.

I think that the entire cast should refuse to go to CA. The show is going to end when they lose half of Pine Valley anyway, so they might as well ruin Pratt's career over it, since writing crap can't seem to end it.

Shadow said...

Where is everyone this week? It's sort of feels like yelling into the Grand Canyon.

Tuesday's AMC...

As if ERICA would travel anywhere with KRYSTAL. People are starving in Africa and ERICA had to drink an oral vaccine that tasted bad and can’t pack her stilettos. A pilates ball? Really? Has ERICA ever been that vapid? At least JOE got to see her ass.

NATALIA is getting prettier in a lesbian sort of way, but ANGIE is turning into BLANDGIE with that haircut and dishrag attitude.

Too bad NATALIA is turning into a good cop. I was hoping they would never find TANCID and the baby.

RANCID, a hooker, has a big secret that JESSIE, a cop, knows about. How come it’s taking everyone so long to piece this together? BLANDGIE is finally catching on, but why does she have to be the private dic now? She’s more ANGELA FROM MURDER SHE WROTE than ANGELA FROM AMC.

Bullshit Alert: The ANEGLE I love would have kicked FRANKIE'S bee-hind for talking to her the way he did when he kicked her out of his apartment.

KENDALL is imprisoned in her home listening to ZACH and JALU eat. Why would anyone like ZACH’s character? He’s the most passively aggressive, mean douchebag.

Speaking of ZENDALL, this is the most absurd storyline PRATT has come up with yet. It simply isn’t plausible for a litany of reasons. And ZACH went to the casino the other day and left the kids unattended—one of whom is deaf. Worst father ever.

This version of KENDALL is the dumbest, most clueless boneheaded incarnation yet. I’ve can’t imagine a KANE woman being this stupid. Seeing her legs through the fire place was idiotic. I HATE THE SLATERS. I really hope THORSTEN decides to stay in NY, the SLATERS divorce and social services takes the kids. And KENDALL'S Sex and the City voice overs suck too.

BLANDGIE told JESSIE ”this is just like 20 years ago”, and I thought “I wish it was just like 20 years ago, when AMC didn’t suck”.

The only thing missing from JALU'S T dress are the giant shoulder pads.

RANCID is acting like she found a puppy in the yard.

MADISON'S character is so unlikeable I can’t decide if she’s talented or not. She has a presence. She’s not DBTE. What do ya’ll think?

I wouldn’t mind the ERICA and RYAN thing if they could just be infatuated with each other. In the past I enjoyed their chemistry in the way they were protective of each other in a mother/son sort of way. I can see them both trying to test that a bit at some point in their relationship, but I see them figuring out quickly that a romantic relationship would be a mistake. Her having a cougar romance is a decent idea. Her figuring out that she wants that by way of her friendship with RYAN is plausible, but her actually doing the horizontal pokey with him is wrong. Their relationship is too complex. It would be a much stronger story to have them think about it, but decide not to do it. Then she could hook up with some new guy from LA.

Laura said...

I think we are all just disgusted with AMC, it's harder and harder to watch. When I watched it on SoapNet, I couldn't pay attention. But OLTL had me paying attention, especially when David was on. Like other on Daytime Confidential, Stacy is better with a partner in crime, someone she can explain things to.

I think AMC is a sinking ship.Fire Pratt, Fire Frons. Today's storyline was so stupid, I can't even comment. Shadow you did a great job recapping.

Shadow said...

I hear you, but there's so much to talk about! Mad Men premiered last week! I still have to watch it but it's on my DVR. Was it any good? Project Runway premiers tonight with the first show from LA on a new network! (Hey, AMC wasn't the first.) Trainwreck Lindsay Lohan is a guest judge. Maybe there will be booze! The show has new producers! Mel, I know you're watching Runway. OLTL is smoking hot entertaining right now...

Mel Got Served said...

Shadow, I'll have my Reality Rundown featuring Project Runway and Top Chef up tomorrow. But I must say, when Lohan walked out I was like "Shark jumped!" but I actually found her to be a good guest judge. Because I also watched Big Brother, I fast forwarded through a lot of the All Star episode- I'll try to watch that in full this weekend, but it was a lot of Runway/reality to fit into one night.

Mad Men is just amazing as always. Even when I don't love an episode, it's still better than 95% of other shows. I just wish we got more Peggy this week, but it looks like we'll get some Peggy this week. The Ken/Pete promotion was hysterical- I love how Ken is just like "Yeah!" whereas Pete thinks it's either all his or it doesn't matter.

Speaking of amazing, NURSE JACKIE. Now I am going to have to get Showtime once a year just to watch this show. The finale was sooo good. When Eddie came into the hospital drunk and told Jackie he met Kevin, I died. Soooo good. I haven't been so into a show like I have about Nurse Jackie in a while (probably Lost- by the way, I got a Flip video camera and designed it to be Dharma Initiative branded- there's a pic up on my blog. I love this lil' cam!)

True Blood is still good, but I know some people are frustrated. I like the Sci-Fi/Fantasy kind of stuff more than my family so I think that's why I can deal with Maryann more, but they need to start wrapping it up (which it looks like they are). I want the guy who plays Rev. Steve Newlin Jr. to get nominated for an Emmy. That man is PERFECT casting.

Haven't watched AMC a bit this week- I'll save it for my usual weekend marathon, but I keep hearing there's a lot of Ryan/Erica scenes so I'll be able to fast forward a good 30 minutes or so.

Getting my hair cut tomorrow- I dream of being able to have bangs like Insannie, but I think I'll end up going for my usual look... or I'll just borrow Angie's wig. ;)

Shadow said...

Nurse Jackie has been fantastic. I still have a few eps to watch--so funny, so moving, so shocking. Packs a lot in 30 minutes.

Looking forward to watching Mad Men this weekend.

Love my flip video too!

Wednesday’s AMC

Ok Laura, I’m going to follow DiscoDan’s lead and comment only on things I find that are positive and/or don’t suck in this episode.

Catchy theme song. (That was easy.)

TAYLOR looks beautiful. She’s a good actress. A good actress does wonders with the dialogue. (Ok, I’m getting the hang of it!)

RANDI’S clothes still look very clean after several days of wear. (I feel like maybe I’m slipping a little.)

LIZA is beginning to question the stupidity of her storyline. (Hey, I’m just summarizing what she said.)

The baby RANDI is holding really is cute. (I’m a sucker for a cute baby.)

ANGIE’S wig is really testing my limits of positivity, but I will fight the urge to comment negatively because I am strong and I am positive!

RANDI is OK in non-verbal flashbacks. (Damn, I wasn’t expecting a Randi challenge right away.)

Always nice to see OPAL getting a chance to work with BETH EHLERS who also can act.


JESSIE is telling the truth which is much more like real Jessie.

Boy that really is a cute 10 month old baby RANDI is holding.

I have never seen a soldier wear prettier dresses than TAYLOR.

I like TAYLOR, TAD and OPAL as a clan.

TAD is telling the truth to LIZA, and I always like the truth. (This positivity thing is sort of boring.)

FRANKIE is only wearing one brace. Nice to see him healing well. When he was yelling at his parents I noticed that his teeth are so large and clean! I think it’s wonderful that AMC supports starving African children *and* good dental hygiene.

JESSIE is coming clean to ANGIE without turning the tables on her and questioning WTF is with her hair as some men may be tempted to do in this situation.

OPAL said to DAVID: I am sorry for the loss of any child, but the way a man deals with his tragedy speaks volumes about his character, so why would anybody care about your feelings when you never gave a damn about anybody else’s? Not kidding here. That was the best dialogue out of OPAL’S mouth in a year. Delicious delivery too.

ANGIE hopes she and JESSIE can “get back what they had”, and so do I. I liked it when they had AGNES NIXON writing for them. Oh shit! I messed up on my positivity thing. Oh screw it,


Anonymous said...

I DVR AMC, OLTL & Y&R everyday.

Yesterday, I "accidentially" erased one of my husband shows to make room for more of my shows.

To get me back, my husband "accidentially" erased a few AMC's from the week.

Little did he know that I was actually happy cause that meant I wouldn't have to watch them!! :-)

I didn't dare tell him not to touch my OLTL!!!


Anonymous said...

Sorry if this has already been asked....

But does Natalie on OLTL look thinner? She was gone for awhile, and all of the sudden she is back having sex with Jared on his desk and she looked good - ALOT thinner (however, she still needs to get a better bra. The jiggle in those things is distracting).

Did anyone else see this? Guess she went to a fat farm while she was gone.


Mel Got Served said...

So that I don't find myself repeating everything about my obsessive reality watching, here's a link to my latest Reality Rundown which covers Weds & Thurs show (Top Chef, TC Masters, Big Brother, and Project Runway) http://www.melgotserved.com/2009/08/reality-rundown-auf-wiedersehen-bravo.html

Shadow, love your positive thoughts. It made me wonder, How come no soap characters are ever dentists? C'mon, Dr. David knocking people out with Nitrus Oxide could make for fun.

I'm still confused how Zach constantly leaving the house alone because it "helps keep up the appearance that everything is normal since"- HE IS THE ONLY CARETAKER! He fired Rachel, so to the world's knowledge, Zach leaves the house and lets Ian and Spike run amuck sticking forks into outlets and eating candy and making a mess.

Here's one silly gripe: why does Kendall's secret room have to be furnished with college dorm furniture? Couldn't Zach have bought her a decent room set so she'd be comfy? Perhaps a bright comforter to keep up her spirits, than the Ikea showroom white duvet? Just because she was rescued from prison doesn't mean she needs a room like one.

DancingElf88 said...

I haven't watched AMC...I can't take it. It's so horrible.
But OLTL is fabulous! Those David scenes were funny as hell. I love little matthew.
I'm actually liking Kim. I find her funny.
I think I may just quit AMC

Terry in Toronto said...

Hi Everyone,

I glanced briefly at AMC today, first time in over a year, to see for myself what all the fuss is about Angie's new do. I don't think the long straight look is bad but it just isn't our Angie. It looks like one of the hooker wigs they used to put nuBabe and Annie in whenever they were in disguise or doing "undercover" work. Randi came on the screen and I quickly changed the channel. I got a glimpse of Frankie. Poor guy having to spend so much time with that lifesource sucker.

Laura said...

Let's talk Emmy's only about a week away. I am mixed for best actress. Debbi was good but Jeannie Cooper was great. But since she won last year, who knows? Is AMC up for soap of the year? I can't even remember. When is it on and what channel again?

I'll say something positive. Watching AMC helps show how good OLTL and Y&R are right now.

Michael said...
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Crystal said...

Jenny, I noticed Natalie (sorry I don't know her real name) looked thinner too, and I don't usually notice stuff like that so she must have lost a lot.

Shadow said...

Laura & Amph--Positively funny!

So what's the concensus on Madison? Do we like this chick?

Ericka said...

8/21- Remember the days when Friday used to be a cliffhanger? I mean like this is the only time you couldn't wait for Mondays? I just got done watching todays AMC and I had to check the DVR to make sure it was todays and not yesterdays. No suspense, no nothing. The only suspensful thing that happened at the end was the eerie promo for GH. What was that all about?? The carousel hourse bleeding from the eye???? WTF!

Michael said...

Shadow, your stuff has been extremely entertaining this week. Thanks for all the smiles.

Laura, I have never been a Y&R watcher, but once on a small commuter flight from LA to Palm Springs, Victoria Rowell was sitting next to an obnoxious man, so she turned around to our party and chatted with us and asked about restaurants in the desert. She had a "Diagnosis Murder" ball cap on and could not have been more beautiful or more gracious.

MelG, thanks for the Reggie update—great news indeed. Love your blog, and love Project Runway and Top Chef. TC Masters was a bit slower paced, but I enjoyed it.

Discodan, GH has been good these past few weeks. Dante/Dominic is a great addition.

Like Shadow, I am trying not to follow the Carnegie school and attempting to avoid complaining, criticizing or condemning. So I definitely will not say that the mindless musical montage of Erica and Ryan frolicking around the city would be an effective replacement for waterboarding as a method of extracting vital information from enemy combatants.

Melissa said...

Long-time OLTL peeps, I have a question: can someone please fill me in on Ross Rayburn and what happened with him and Tea on the island? I've only been watching for about 6 months (thank you Jordan!!!) - I LOVE the show, and I hate not knowing what's going on.


Melissa said...

Shadow, I like Madison, because she's nice and evil. InsAnnie is fab, but you can't have too many bitches on a soap. The actress is good at making us hate her, so she gets a thumbs up from me.

On the other hand, I can hardly watch when Rancid is on. I swear, she gets worse as the weeks go by. WTF??? We can't be the only people who notice her glaring lack of talent!

Arizonagal said...

Amphitrion, your pic looks like Nelson Branco, any relation?

I like Madison for one good reason. TIIC actually hired an actress. Go figure. Stephanie Gatschet (sp?) was terrific on GL. She played a nice girl, a good girl, but she was never boring, never one note. AMC blew a royal opportunity when they made her a murderer.

I have a weeks' worth of AMC dvr'd and I can't force myself to watch it, been catching parts of it on soapnet, and doesn't appear i'm missing much besides Randi's pathetic attempts to act.

Everything I see Randi, my brain's voice says "ahh look, it's trying to act." Mean, huh?

Laura said...

You could also go Oh look she's trying to act, bless her heart!

I don't think DHS would give a baby to an ex-hooker! Maybe if it was years ago, but she just got off the streets.

Okay I am trying to be positive. She makes a beautiful mom. But she even looks DBTE when looking at a cute baby. How can that be?

I watched Mad Men Sunday, trying to get into it this year. But it's opposite Hung. I know I can DVR, but I want to see them both fresh!

I don't have Showtime, but I wish I did for Nurse Jackie. Maybe I'll get the first season DVD.

Anymore word on who is going west on AMC?

Any word on what our dear Kathy Brier is doing? I think she'd be a great friend on any sitcom. Ugly Betty comes to mind.

Shadow said...

Did you hear Randi begging Natalia not to take the baby? She said "Please please don't take the baby" with all the emotion of a voicemail auto-attendant. That may sound a little negative but it's much less critical than what I would normally have said.

Mel Got Served said...

Laura, try calling your cable company and asking if they have a special for people to try Showtime. My dad called Comcast wanting Showtime so he could watch Big Brother After Dark (in addition to the normal live feeds) and they ended up giving us Showtime free for 3 months. Pretty good deal!

AMC clearly didn't learn their lesson when it comes to casting some of the best talent around and making them murderers that can't come around from it. Billy Miller is kicking ass on Y&R, when maybe if they didn't trash Richie so much he could've lasted in Pine Valley. You blew it, TPTB! Now don't screw it up too much with Madison North.

And after the Liza/Zach one night stand, it's basically been dropped for a pairing. I figured TPTB saw that no one wanted this... now suddenly she's like in love with Zach?? Can ANY woman in Pine Valley not want a fling with Zach? Watch out Randi, Amanda, Natalia, and Angie- YOU'RE NEXT!

Zydeco said...

It's so bad I don't even know where to start. Jesse as police chief covering up not one but two murders at the same time??? Not the Jesse we all know and love. And now, it looks as if we're pratting the way for him to cover up Randi's church shopping for a baby of her own. Gag!!

It looks as if they still haven't decided who killed poor Stuart. Or was it Adam? And really who the F cares???

I've been watching this flippin show since 1970 and the only reason I'm still watching is habit. But, hey, even the worst habits can be broken eventually. I quit smoking 9 years ago. I think this one's gonna be easier than that. = P

Shadow said...

Zach would make Randi's head pop off. I could actually see Zach and The Weave have some hot wild relations. Natalia is a dude though.

Shadow said...

Project Runway is still a great show even on Lifetime in LA, but this wasn’t a particularly riveting episode. Lindsay Lohan was actually articulate. I was glad Christopher won. Hard not to root for the underdog with no formal training, but spare me all the crying. I was ready for the meth-addict to hit the road from the first teardrop. This week's creations weren’t too interesting. My girls love this show.

Did anybody see the all-star episode?

Mel Got Served said...

I watched the All Star episode but had to fast forward through maybe a good 30 minutes or so just so I'd have time to watch the new season and Big Brother. So GD long. I was also unimpressed with most of their collections as well. Despite my dislike of her in her past season, I thought Uli did a great job but was pidgeon-holed by her old self. I didn't go to fashion school, but I think I could've made the winners collection (to an extent!)

While Runway came back on a new network and new producers, it at least looked and felt the same. But ITA Shadow, I didn't like any designs. All pretty safe... well except the Samantha Ronson lookalike who must live on Red Carpet Jupiter. How fitting that Lindsay sent her home! But I'll give them a little slack since it's the first week and you're just getting used to the madness that is Project Runway.

Just finishing catching up on Drop Dead Diva, which I love (and Tim Gunn cameo there too!) My new running joke is Grayson always bringing up his dead girlfriend. No matter what good thing happens, Grayson always brings up dead Deb. How he hasn't picked up the personality signs that Jane is Deb, I just don't know. And the nail polish is a dead giveaway! (But kudos that he got a haircut- he looks better now!) But I have to say, while Brooke Elliot is amazing, that guy who plays Fred steals the show for me all the time. He's adorable and a real acting find. The character is so great because he's like a child, never experiencing the world before.

Tried to watch AMC earlier, opted for Real Housewives of Atlanta instead. I just can't get myself to do my chores (as I call watching AMC).

Tasha from Brooklyn, NY said...

Today wasn't that bad especially the end with Kendall and Zach. I think it was kinda of sweet.

I usually take up for Kendall but I am going to defend Zach. Yand R Victor is the most self-centered male character on any soap. If you think Zach treats Kendall bad look at the way way Victor has treated the women he loves or loved

Laura said...

Tasha I have to agree Victoria treats women, and his own kids bad. I don't know if he is worse than Zach, or he has just been at it longer. I can't wait until Jack finds out what poor Ashley has been subject to in that house.

AMC let a real find in Billy Miller go. I think he should go over to the new set and go na-na-na-na. Maybe Peter Bergman would join him. These two are one of the best couplings on tv. Both were let go from AMC.

Saw a few minutes of Kevin Collins with Dixie on ATWT. Two other good actors let go by ABC.

I'll make my positive statement. ABC did pick up two good actors from GL, and it looks like they are using them more now.

Arizonagal said...

Hmmm Laura, DHS? Dept of Homeland Security?

Arizonagal said...

Oh about Project Runway All Stars. Everyone jokes about Chris March and his constant napping, but damn, the guy looked a bit sick to me. He's such a fun, sweet guy, I hope he's okay. Occurred to me he might have sleep apnea. I was really touched with the way he reacted to being in the final four. He saw it as a victory even though he didn't win, great attitude but he needs to believe more in his talent. Danny V won and I was happy for him but really, I did not get his designs and really liked Korto's and Sweat P's. I'm so done with Santino, he was so much more annoying than funny last night and his designs were crap, hooker wear.

Laura said...

A slip, DCFS. Didn't Frankie say something Friday about the baby putting the light back in her eyes. I wanted to scream nothing will, she's DBTE.

Shadow said...

Anybody know if they are going to rebroadcast Project Runway All Stars? My girls want to see it and I forgot to DVR it.

Shadow said...

lAURA, I've been paying attention but hearing nothing lately about who is moving west and who isn't.

Mel Got Served said...

Shadow, check MyLifetime.com. I believe they are airing episodes of Project Runway now, so they might also air the All Star episode on the site too.

Anonymous said...

Watching Friday's OLTL:

Someone tell Stacy not to hold her cell phone so far away from her face. You could totally see the fake front on the phone. It looked like something my 3 year old would play with. I guess with budget cuts, that's all they could get!


Arizonagal said...

Ahh, Frankie said he saw a light in Randi's eyes? It's those creepy "children of the damned" eyes of hers and it may not be a good thing to see that light Frankie! Be afraid, be very afraid.

I have a new nickname for Randi - Randroid, because she has all the personality of an automaton.

Shadow that PR allstars has been on quite a few times, i'm sure you'll find it again. Damn how many kids do you have?!

jordan hudson said...

Crazy Daisy...Ross Rayburn was played by Shawn Christian Ex ATWT and Now DOOL. He was a pilot that Todd hired and he along with Todd and Tea were stranded on an island where Todd and Tea finally had sex after so many years but as much as Todd loved Tea, the pull of Blair and his children made him leave and go back to Llanview for them. He sent help to rescue Ross and Tea but we the viewers never saw Tea until she came back last winter. Ross should be making himself noticed this week played by the super manly hot Michale Lowery who was my favorite Jake Martin on AMC. I use to love when he called real Liza Marcy Walker ACE! sigh.

Hello I'm back people and with good news we will have a new podcast this week....yeah...... Needless to say I don't want to say too much have to save it for the show.

I will say this AMC was so stupid this week. It was like torture watching this material and the poor actors giving there all to try and make something out of nothing.

OLTL on the other hand was at an all time high. With the return of David Vickers and his new scheme. The intense trial scenes. and new scene stealer Kimmy. She reminds of the day when you actually created a character who had a personality. She cracked me up.

I do confess that with a month left 20 episodes it is getting harder to watch GL without crying for the hour. Talk about going out with a bang. GL has been superb with so many tender character driven moments. Yes visually the show still sucks, but when you have the kind of writing and acting that is on this show, I would pay for them to just do it in central park. Robert Newman deserves a damm emmy for his performance these last few weeks. I'm crying as I write this knowing that it truly is over, that come Sept 18 there will be no more Reva, Billy, Josh, Beth, Philip, Shayne......etc. WHY... WHY... WHY?

Damm you Brian Frons I blame you for everything. For GL being Canceled, for the economy, for the Jonas Brothers, for the bad weather this summer in NYC for Rancid and Aidumb.

Shadow said...

Ha! 4 kids AZgal. That's part of the reason I'm watching AMC again. I skipped a few years and began to see a pattern. First there was one. Then two... Finally I realized the importance of watching TV. No TV = pregnancy.

Shadow said...

Thursday on AMC

Erica trading barbs in a tent in Africa with Krystal.

Erica: ”Not all of us grew up with facilities 20 yards away.

Krystal: ”I didn’t either. Mobile homes have running water."

Imagine how powerful this might be it were Erica and Brooke in Africa. Funny to listen to Krystal telling Erica how out of touch Erica is with the less fortunate of the world. Who can forget those very special episodes when Krystal sat in her tub at the Chandler mansion crying for pygmy children? But Erica really told Krystal off when she said, “Handjob for Toto” or whatever in real African speak.

The Slaters have a glass front door and Kendall is sitting on the couch which is in front of the door.

Randi’s talking about how “the system” will turn you into a hooker.

After 20 years on the show, Walt Willey has what I think is his last scene with Adam and instead of anybody saying anything remotely nice, has to hear from Adam that “attorneys are as plentiful as fleas”. TIIC at ABC apparently think the same thing about Legacy Characters. Disgusting.


Krystal is swilling pills while Erica is learning Swahili. Erica called her a bitch is Swahili. So much for the starving pygmies. Plus, I think Pratt made it up. According to the online Swahili translation I found, the correct Swahili word for “bitch” is “barabara”. And since when did Erica become afraid of a wild animal.

Adam sounds a little like himself in this episode. The scene between him and Scott about coveting another man’s wife and the 10 Commandments was good. Adam said, ”Thou shall not lie to me. That’s a big one.” The dude can still be intimidating and riveting when the dialogue is as good as his acting skill. Too bad scenes like this and Opal’s scene with David Wednesday are so rare.

I wish Jessie and Angie would just shut up and do it already. I’ve got jungle fever and the only thing that can cure it is some Hubbard love.

I’m a “boob man”, but I’ve never heard of a “boob scorpion”..

Liza’s baby burps like an old drunk.

Was Kendall having a heart attack or an orgasm?

Crystal said...

Ha Ha, Randroid...that's a good one!

Mel Got Served said...

Shadow said: "Liza’s baby burps like an old drunk."

Maybe JR is the father after all. Ziiiiing.

P.S. Just realized that On Demand has the Nurse Jackie finale already up but it hasn't aired yet (airs on Monday night). So sorry if I mentioned anything spoilerly in another post!

Shadow said...


What kind of a mean bitch would you have to be to cop an attitude while there’s a scorpion sitting on someone’s titty?

Damn Kendall knows how to pleasure herself so well she passed out. I want to read *that* chapter of her book!

Yeah, nobody is going to notice or question why Frankie and Rancid suddenly have a little white baby. It could totally happen. Pratt is really getting real, isn't he?

Ack! I just saw Nurse Chuckie’s stringy pony tail.

Ashley mentioned how she and Carlos ride around in the car to calm the twins when they are cranky, but that’s so old school. All the MILFs these days put the kid in a stroller and take them to the local vodka bar just like Liza. I’m sure ConFusion has *great* chicken nuggets!

I wish Madison and Angie would get in a fist fight so Madison would try to rip Angie’s wig off. Angie would take her out!

"That’s how we do it in the trailer park". It would have been a better line if the Erica part preceding it hadn’t been so stupid.

CONFUSION OPEN MIKE NIGHT? TAD A COMEDIAN. It's like they are daring me to turn the channel!

Why is Natalia, the wannabe Hubbard, the only one acting like a Hubbard? Frankie is lying for Randi. Blandgie is lying for Randi. WTF? Why would any of these people go to this kind of trouble for a homicidal hooker?! OK, fine, I’ll accept Natalia if they will get rid of Rancid! Aside from the character Denise Vasi is talentless.

Inside the pristine yellow tent Erica and Krystal look lovely and coiffed and there are some lovely, tropical plants swaying just outside as if they are in a tropical paradise. You can even hear birds singing. Yet when Erica walks outside she doesn’t emerge from a tent at all. Instead it’s a clay decrepit building. There are no large ferns or tropical plants dancing in the breeze around the doorway—just a bunch of annoyed looking bald kids in sweaters. (Do they wear sweaters in the African desert?) Her hair is fried, it's hot as shit and flies are buzzing around. And why, in the middle of her plea for help, does SoapNet put a giant picture of a surf board and palm tree with the OLTL logo in the bottom left side of the screen? Sort of a mixed message if you ask me.

Erica went to Africa to help the kids, but they saw her bony ass and started giving her their food rations.

Is this a real attempt at charity or just exploitation of their misfortune for the sake of plot? How are we supposed to help? Call Joe Martin? Knowing AMC someone is going to steal one of these African kids and hide them in Pine Valley.

Does AMC hate babies? The steal them. Trade them. Barter with them. Lose them. Abandon them. Kidnap them. Leave them alone. If they know what’s good for them, those African kids will see AMC coming and run the other way.

So when Erica and Krystal come home, are they still going to be friends or act like it never happened? Pratt will probably forget that it happened.

Angie apologizing to Jessie makes me want to vomit.

Oh, I totally forgot about being positive. Sorry.

I’m going to call it. I feel *positive* that Nurse Chuckie is obviously taking care of Greenlee which makes me feel *positivie* that this LA thing has been in the works for a while and some people knew it was going down a long time ago. I’m just saying…


Shadow said...


According to Lynda Hirsch, Michael Knight has agreed to go west. Susan Lucci, David Canary, Thorsten Kaye are still undecided.

Shadow said...

So I've been harping on Randi and Frankie for keeping Trevor. Now I'm watching Nurse Jackie and wondering why Gloria still has the baby in her office? Mel, do you know?

Shadow said...

Zoe to Nurse Jackie: "I went to second with my manager at Burger King".

I love this show! If you've seen it, you're laughing. If you haven't, you have to download a season pass from Itunes. It's hilarious.

jason said...

I can't wait for the this weeks podcast. JordAsh you guys should do a Man Men one! I thought the Mad Man premier was good, but not great. I think it might have been hard for new viewers to get into it (like my dad who watched it and didn't get) stay with Mad Men though, as the season goes on, it's gets amazing.

Speaking of amazing oltl was on fire this week! I love Kimmy! She's a great actress, I was totally buying it when she was telling Sky how much Stacy still wanted him. Is it sick of me that I want Stacy to get preggers? lol

Laura said...

Kimmy is the best thing to improve the Marasco fiasco. A true schemer. At least this way we get inside Stacy's head, if there is much in there.

Kind of upset, just found out my cousin's 33 year old son dropped dead yesterday. Proves life is too short.

Mel Got Served said...

I think timewise Gloria still had the baby cause it was only a day or two (but I'm not sure). I think when I watched that episode there was something that implied it was the next day after something else happened.

And I believe Gloria had alerted the proper authorities, though I think the nuns were helping her keep the baby too.

Shadow said...
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Anonymous said...

I am a few epsidoes behind, so there might be more, but so far I have counted TWO All My Children references on Drop Dead Diva.

Once by the nasty lawyer chick that is mean to Jane and once by Jane's best friend Stacy.

Given the state of the show and the possibility of it not being around much longer, they'll need to brush up on their One Life to Live references! :-)


Arizonagal said...

Scorpions on titties? Is that an enticement to get us slackers to tune in to AMC? It's working...

Unknown said...

OMG...I'm a little behind on my viewing and I just saw Friday's episode. Nurse Gail now owns a bar??? And she is hiding someone? Why did they bring this character back? What purpose does she serve other than to annoy our Ashley and Jordan?

Shadow said...

It may be too late but I am praying PRAYING Ashley does an imitation of Erica speaking Swahili and the opening for the podcast is Erica and Jordan singing We Are the World as Angie, Jessie, Opal, etc.

Shadow said...

Catching up on Mad Men so I can start watching this season. I downloaded the 10 Most Shocking Moments on Itunes. "Get a wider lense so we can shoot her in Cinemafat!" Roger throwing up after the clam contest. Roger and the twins! Kids mixing drinks for parents! I'm going to love this show.

Shadow said...

And I watched a preview of Drop Dead Diva. Looks pretty good so I downloaded that too. Is it any wonder the networks are suffering? All the creative, quality stuff is on cable! Other Lost and occasionally Heroes and DH, I can't find an entertaining primetime show on the big 3 to save my life and they're killing the one show I've watched since 1970. Nurse Jackie! Mad Men! DDD! I may have to check out Psyche and Burn Notice. Kind of nice to find some inventive tv.

Laura said...

Favorite Rancid line of the week.

To baby Trevor: The look on your face so lost so helpless, you were just like me.

Truer words have never been spoken, but Baby Trevor acted it out better.

Madman was good, and Hung too. Why are they opposite each other. I know they air a lot but still? I am glad Ugly Betty is moving to Friday nights. I think I will like this show, got to support my girl Ya-Ya, who should tell AMC Na-Na.

Mel Got Served said...

I deleted all of last week's AMC without watching. My mom was pretty surprised and asked if I was quitting (she used to watch back in the day). I said I wasn't sure but I just know this week was god awful and I didn't have the energy (or 5 hours) to waste watching it.

Mad Men went over it's allotted time by a minute or two so I had to re-record it so I can catch what happened at the May Pole ceremony.

True Blood was sooooo good last night. It's really leading into what I hope is the end of this insane Maryann storyline.