Monday, August 24, 2009

Dumbest. Shit. Ever.

You are officially warned, folks. Yes, we did a podcast, but no, it ain't pretty. For reasons so ass-tootly captured by our fellow bloggers last week, All My Children was dumb-as-shit last week. A Scorpion on Krystal's chest? Nurse Gayle working a bar for David and hiding some super-mysterious (duh) guest? Zach locking Kendall in the attic? Madison "Cartoon-character" North constantly twirling her Jolen-Cream-Bleach-ed mustache with threats for Jesse, Frankie, and Angie? Angie and Jesse now both breaking the law? Frankie agreeing they should keep Rancid's kidnapped baby and yelling at his mother so ruthlessly? (Pratt really don't know black folk. You don't raise your voice at your momma like that, not without a slap upside the head. At least not where I come from. And certainly not at Momma Angela.)

I must have the word "idiot" stamped on my forehead, folks. It's so weird. I don't see it when I look in the mirror, but it must be there. Certainly the execs at AMC see it.

So go ahead. Listen at your own peril. Just don't ask why we decided to open with Guiding Light and end with One Life to Live.

Feel free to rip the show - or me - a new one, here.

8/21/09 Podcast


Bxgal said...

YAY! new podcast! the only thing regarding AMC, that is worth anybody's time!!

Jordan, please tell me you saw True Blood last night. One of the funniest of the season!

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Jordan, I'm here! haha I've still been listening. I couldn't give you guys up! I just haven't commented in a long time because quite frankly AMC, as you know, gives me nothing to comment about and I have been busy (watching Y&R.. haha!!). But I will starting trying to visit the blog site more because, hell, if you and Ashley can't take out time in your life to discuss this "daytime drama" (in quotations for obvious reasons), I can take time out to post on the site.. Thanks for the shout out tho! Glad to know I was missed.

Arizonagal said...

BXgal, True Blood RULED last night, and hell, every other night. Ashley, too bad you don't like vampires, this show is priceless, and also a creation of the same folks who did Six Feet Under. The meat tree must've stunk to high heaven, Sam in that apron LOL, and I love Hoyt and Jessica.

OMG, I actually watched all of AMC this week, finished late last night. Just once, tho I know this is never going to happen, I want to see Erica looking like a mess. She shows up in Africa talking to Ryass on a webcam and saying she's a mess, and every hair is in place, lipstick perfect, eye makeup not smudged, just having stepped out of the makeup artists chair. Of course, Ryan tells her she looks terrif and she does that hair tossing bullshit which I have come to hate. Sorry folks, but 60+ year old ladies don't preen and hair toss when they get a compliment. gimmeabreak ms lucci.

The scorpion looked like it had a key chain attached to it, not realistic. Does Looch ever get tired of this crap? Does she ever get to be a real friggin person, ever, just once???

The destruction of the Hubbards is well under way and it is stinking up the joint. I'm embarrassd for Darnel and Debby. Randroid, stupid as ever, keeping the baby like it was a stray puppy...


Mel Got Served said...

True Blood was AWESOME last night. Loved Mad Men as usual.

Wait, what's All My Children? EXACTLY!

Shadow said...

Casey! Good to see you. I've missed your posts too.

I stayed up too late last night watching Mad Men and DDD. Ya'll right about how great these shows are. Mad Men's Don Draper is fascinating. In my head I kept comparing him and his many secrets to those Nurse Jackie is carrying around. (BTW, I know the British doctor on Nurse Jackie really is English, but for some reason her accent sounds totally fake to me.) Anyway, Brook Elliott on DDD really is a terrific actress. Jordan had mentioned in one of the podcasts how great she is at channeling the character of Deb and he was spot on. I read she had experience on Broadway. Too bad AMC is going to lose the ability to tap Broadway talent that has served it so well in years past.

Thanks for the heads up on these shows PVP!

ONE LIFE TO LIVE TODAY: I hope ya'll saw this. I was at lunch with some business associates. There were flat screens all over the restaraunt. The one closest to us was showing OLTL. Some brown headed girl on today's episode reached out and grabbed Stacy's boobs. Everybody happened to see that at the same time and just went speechless until another guy finally asked, "Did you just see what I think I saw?" Everybody watched for a few minutes more hoping for more. I can tell you OLTL picked up several new male viewers today.

Melissa said...

Awesome Shadow! OLTL needs as many viewers as they can get.

Tea's performance today had me in tears. I didn't even watch the show when all that hooha with the island was going on, but that woman should be given a lifetime achievement award for her work today with the ex-Pedaphil. That lady even had real veins poppint out in her forehead! We're not worthy!

Speaking of not worthy... Let's talk about AMC. Oh why bother. I got nothing.

Shadow said...

So who was that copping a feel off Stacy?

Bxgal said...

Shadow, that was a new girl named kimberly. She is stacy's friend from vegas. She's the best thing to come out of this morasco fiasco.

And yes, true blood was AMAZING! I can't believe there are only two more episodes left! And the finale is two weeks after this upcoming episode. Ryan was amazing in this episode as jason stackhouse. So funny! And god, he's ripped!!! Haha. I'm glad tara is out from under maryann's spell. And since she's back to normal, hopefully she and sam will start things up again. And does anybody think that it could be a possibility that that scene between sookie and eric qctually happened and she was just looking back on it? Although there weren't any bite marks on sookie's neck. I dunno, just thinkin.

Ugh... I probably should mention at least something about AMC. It sucked last week so i'm not watching this week.

Mel Got Served said...

I think it was a dream. I hope they take their time with Sookie gravitating towards Eric- I don't want it rushed (like AMC did with Ryan and Kendall). Jason Stackhouse was amazing this episode, and him, Sam, and Andy Bellefleur make an awesome team! I really hope the Queen can kill Maryann cause that beotch is killing me! She's insane. And what was up with Sookie's lightning power or whatever? Ca-razy!

DancingElf88 said...

Wohoo a new podcast! I'm not gonna harsh on you for being negative because I couldn't watch an episode of AMC last week.
But I loved me some OLTL. I love Stacy's new friend Kim. SHe was so hilarious with Cristian and Layla. Loving everything about OLTL except maybe Gigi and Rex. I'm over them.

Terry in Toronto said...

I LOVED True Blood! Sam in the apron was priceless and Jason and his "horns". Too funny. I think Sookie and Erik are hot even though I know I should want her only with Bill.

The Otalia actresses have brought Hillary B Smith (Nora from OLTL) on board for their new web series Venice. Check out the article about it.

OLTL was really good today. Blair's excitement was so infectious now I want to find out what Tea's secret is. Scott Clifton just keeps hitting home runs. Give that guy an emmy nomination.

Shadow said...

I can't believe nobody was as enthralled by the boob grab as me. Ha!

Funny listening to the podcast. I was struck with how their is so much to discuss about GL, OLTL, and the storylines of any show other than AMC. When it comes to AMC on the podcast or the blog, seems like the conversation is more about "the things" like The Weave, The Abs, The Eye Brow, The Bangs, The Thong, The Man Hands, The Fivehead, The Eyes, The Move, etc. That should be a signal to TPTB that something is amiss in Pratt Valley.

Mel Got Served said...

This week's Drop Dead Diva [SPOILER ALERT!]: Is Fred really gone? Say it isn't so!!!!!!

I just wish Jane/Deb would just tell people she had amnesia, then she could get away with more stuff. And seriously Grayson, get a new conversation topic. But I say this all in jest/love, because I loooove this show.

Shadow said...

From the PV Bulletin:

Outstanding Drama Series nominee All My Children submitted the show that aired October 17, 2008 - A tornado rips through Pine Valley destroying most everything in it's wake. PLEASE DON'T REWARD PRATT AND FRONS FOR THIS BULLSHIT EPISODE.

Outstanding Supporting Actor nominee Jacob Young (JR) submitted the show that aired October 23, 2008 - JR and Babe realize she is dying so he brings her to the hospital chapel where she dies in his arms. THIS IS THE EPISODE WHERE THEY DRUG HER AROUND THE HOSPITAL LIKE "WEEKEND AT BERNIES". SERIOUSLY? AN EMMY FOR THIS SHIT?

Mel Got Served said...

Shadow, I just LOLed. All I can picture is nu-Babe in a Hawaiian shirt and sunglasses being carried around the hospital just like Bernie.

The Emmys also do best drama for those big episodes- like the GH Metrocourt, OLTL's Prom Musical... it's always the spectacles and hardly ever the touching stories.

I'd love to know what Melissa Claire Egan submitted.

In upcoming stories, Wouldn't it be more believable if we found out JR's liver was completely destroyed because of his alcohol abuse?

I'm going to say something pretty ballsy about AMC, but here goes: In the first 3 years of Passions (which yes, I watched)... it was better than what AMC is right now. Yes, I said it. Because even with all the crazy shit that went down on Passions, at least in the beginning, you could understand why the characters did things. The stories dragged on, but maybe that's a good thing. Passions at least had couples to route for when I watched. On AMC right now, I could give a crap who is banging who now (unless it's Annie and Scott- then I'm listening). I know Passions was the beginning of the end of soaps, but at least I was enjoying the ride there more than I currently am for AMC.

Mel Got Served said...

Wanted to also add, I remember in the 1st or 2nd year of Passions they had the Prom Boat disaster and Theresa, Ethan, and Gwen were all stranded in the ocean after the ship sank and he had to choose between them and I was like 14 at the time and I remember being on the edge of my seat and couldn't wait to see who Ethan picked. Or Kay finally taking action to get Miguel and humiliating his soulmate Charity, which triggered her to go insane/evil and sink the boat. And there were a few other couples/triangles on the boat and it was the age old question of who do you save. That prom probably lasted 2 or 3 weeks, but I watched every minute of it because it at least had me interested in the CHARACTERS not the stupid boat sinking. I know I'll take some crap for liking Passions at some point and defending it (and in my defense, I was 14 and loooved the idea of starting a soap from day 1), but like I said, even as crappy as Passions was... I enjoyed it more than AMC over the past 8 months.

Bxgal said...

JORDAN!! I just finished listening to the podcast. Can you PLEASE e-mail me and tell me about Tea's big secret?? I have an idea, but i cannot wait any longer. Haha. My e-mail for all things amc and other soaps is


Shadow said...

According to the Bulletin:

Outstanding Supporting Actress nominee Melissa Claire Egan (Annie) submitted the show that aired September 15, 2008 - Annie blames herself for her miscarriage and is taunted by the ghost of Richie.

I'm guessing this is the scene where she burst into tears in the bed. She was starting to rock it then.

Tasha from Brooklyn, NY said...

Come on the last shot on Friday wasn't bad. In fact it was one of the most romantic things I have seen on soaps including anything on OLTL. When Zach listen to Kendall's heart beating and her playing with his hair. It reminded me of what he said in Feb about how they use to act.

Laura said...

1-818-460-7477. I found this number on Denise Vasi's site. The AMC comment line. Boy she must be stupid posting this.

I see Y&R got rid of their black model and she was better Rancid. Looking forward to listening to podcast.

The last Kevin, Dan Gauthier is coming back, rumor is so is Marcy. Yeah, I love OLTL.

Since Jacob Young is moving, I'll say he be cured soon.

Thanks for watching so we don't have to.

Laura said...

Speaking of Denise here is an expert of an article that was in the Chicago Tribune this summer.

Denise Vasi, who plays
Randi Morgan on ABC’s “All
My Children,” had been
chatting for about 20 minutes
about the recreation
areas in her 32-story building,
the contemporary furnishings
in her apartment,
her favorite colors, about
Blu, her Weimaraner, when
she suddenly said, “But I
completely forgot to tell you
about the pole.”
Turns out the actress, who
just completed filming
“When in Rome” with Josh
Duhamel, Kirsten Bell, Angelica
Huston and Danny
DeVito, has been studying S
Factor for about 21⁄2 years.
It’s a workout inspired by
yoga, ballet, striptease and
pole dancing and counts
Kate Hudson and Teri Hatcher
among its fans.
Vasi started when her
acting teacher suggested it
as a good way to learn movement.
And Vasi fell in love
with it and bought a pole of
her own, setting it up in
between the love seat and the
dining room in her onebedroom
Manhattan pad on
Wall Street.
“It emotionally frees you,”
she said. “So, eventually, I
got a [floor-to-ceiling] pole
for my home because sometimes
you just want to
In addition to the exercise
she gets, the pole’s also good
for the occasional laugh.
Says Vasi: “It’s really funny
when boys want to try it.”

The most shocking thing is not the pole, not even acting in a movie with Angelica Huston, but the fact she has an acting teacher! Girl, you are wasting your money! Later in the article she said she likes to read books on acting. Unbelievable. She is a beautiful girl but fire her, she can't act.

The wonderful Ellen Holly who played Carla Grey on OLTL was beautiful, but she could act.

Sorry guys, she is also part Puerto-Rican, but I won't hold it against her. Sorry for my tirade but her with that baby all week, got on my nerves.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Haha Denise Vasi has an acting teacher!! Best laugh I have had all day.. Thanks for the in depth look in to Denise Vasi's mind Laura lol

Terry in Toronto said...

Poor, poor, simple Denise Vasi.

Mel Got Served said...

Wait, she lives in a 1 bedroom apartment on Wall Street??? How the hell much is she making???

Bxgal said...

I don't know. But if she's able to live in Manhattan, they are paying her too much. Haha.

Arizonagal said...

If DUHnise Vasi makes more than minimum wage, she's getting paid too much.

She probably makes more than her AMC salary, isn't she a model? We know she's no actress.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Maybe she has a rich boyfriend?

Shadow said...

Zach trying to close his broken door was ridiculous. You would think at some point during the entire day he would have had that fixed.

Surprise!! Annie's judge is an old white geezer.

Shadow said...

If Denise Vasi was hired for her looks (obviously) then she should look good. It's all she's got, but she spent the last week running around in a t-shirt and ponytail.

Shadow said...

Here we go again...

According to Digest and Weekly, Leven Rambin (ex-Lily/Ava, AMC) may have been approached by Y&R to test for a new role named Daisy, a student with a complicated past.

DancingElf88 said...

I can't even watch AMC right now. I saw a bit of it yesterday but never finished it. Did Annie get free? I changed right aroundthe time Ryan hulked out and started yeling at the old white geezer judge.
But how perfect was OLTL? I loved how Todd finally admitted that he loves Tea. I actually enjoyed Rex and Gigi yesterday. Their arguments amuse me. I love Schuyler. Poor Layla finally figures out that Fish is is he going to get out of this one? I miss Blair and John together. Marty and John bore me.

brtedi said...

I'm doing something I've never done...blogging and listening to AMC. I think, that'll keep the plots moving along--LOL!

The one bright spot (aside from her dress) is Madison North--I think, I'm gonna like her broke, yet clad in designer duds...What exactly did Kendall hit Liza over the head with, anyway? WHatever it was maybe the writers should have opted for 'Liza coma 1.0'--

If Zach had to have a fling, where was "Hannah" (Stacey Haiduck) when we needed her?! X-( That would have been a somethin'! Hannah and Zach had a past--and a connection--Ethan! Bad, Pratt...Bad, bad Pratt!


Crystal said...

I think Kendall is more like 'trapped in a closet'


brtedi said...

"...Leven Rambin (ex-Lily/Ava, AMC) may have been approached by Y&R to test for a new role named Daisy, a student with a complicated past...."

As long asa "Daisey" is nothing like "Ava"--I could handle that...Looks like that's on show Jeff Branson won't be trying out for! Bwwwwwaaaahhh!


Ms.CaseyShameless said...

I'm watching Tuesday's episode.. Listening to JaLu recount her "hot night on the gaming table" with Zach... Ick. Nast. Vom.

On the other hand, I am going to be sad if (when) Alicia and Thorston decide not to move to L.A. with the show. They have such great chemistry. AMC is really going to suffer (more) without them.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Oh and Marissa needs to do something with her eyebrows. Who does she think she is? Eden Riegel.

Okay I'm done.

Terry in Toronto said...

Hey Ashley & Jordan,

Great podcast! I loved, loved, loved it. Don't ever apologize for telling it like it is. Daytime TV needs more people who are willing to call the crap instead of just nodding and going along. Maybe then AMC wouldn't be in the state that it is.

OLTL was sooooooo hot today! I'm not even finished watching and I had to run to the computer to post. Langston walking in on the producer in the stable and then David and his crew busting in on Rachel and Greg were both funny and hot and priceless all at the same time. Ron C is writing such a terrific show. I'm not buying Stacy's change of heart but at least I'll agree that her friend Kimmy is good comic entertainment.
OLTL is dramatic and comic gold!

Shadow said...

Check out this post by another concerned AMC viewer. It's called Help Me, Help You: All My Children. Pretty accurate feelings I hope TPTB see.

brtedi said...

I need to take a moment reguarding GL...I say this with a tremendous amount of respect for the actors involved with the whole Mallet, Marina & Shayne storyline. Mallet was such a wimp, today! X-( Even though, wearing my 'soap fan hat' on this- Shayne should be in Henry's life. Very True. But, why in the world is Mallet, almost literally, throw out the baby with the bathwater?!

Considering Henry was illegally adopted (witout even Shayne's knowledge) Shayne would still have parental rights--Two words: joint custody. Then, if Rob Borgue (Sorry, did I spell him correctly? was still set to exit--Why not let Mallet go "Splat!", in a rather nasty traffic accident?

On a slightly different note,was it just me, or did anyone else notice Gina Tognoni is still in the end credits?--Hope springs eternal! :-D


Arizonagal said...

brtedi, I read that tho she left early, Gina Tognini taped scenes that would keep her on the show until the end... Sept 18, 2009, a dark dreary day in TV history!

Laura said...

I tried to call the ABC hotline to leave a comment, but it didn't recognize my commands. Proof they don't care about us viewers. I continue my obsession/hate with Denise Vasi and why she should be fired. Aidumb just had a baby, so I'll lay off him this week. The talk of the rich boyfriend was interesting. Rumor had it she helped break up Russell Simmons marriage.

Very upset, found out the Glee cast was at my mall after it happened. Can't wait for it to start. Love Jane Lynch in everything she does. At least I didn't miss her, she is from my area.

I am interested in the Ted Kennedy tributes. He was far from perfect but he cared about the every man and the disabled.

Shadow said...

Today David Vickers said: "We're more than a family. We're a television show about a family. We can't let a little thing like manure come between us. Now let's hug it out."

He's hilarious.

jordan hudson said...

OMG I just cant take my soaps. I feel like it's 1980 again, from the flawless OLTL....Florencia just keeps on with true greatness. I was mad that has never received an Emmy nod during her first run she better next year. Ford hotttt. I have to admit he works out at a gym where I train one of my clients. As good as he looks on screen and he does... he's even hotter in person. Tika was so great today because she made such a great choice to play the reveal. Scott Clifton as Schuyler amazing and they gave us even more reason to believe that Schuyler and GIGI belong together. See he was drugged and still did not sleep with Stacy because he loves GiGI. Rex was sober...I'm just saying.

Y&R has been so delicious. I can't get enough of Jack and Victor going at it. Yet for me. next year best supporting actor and actress, Doug Davidson and Stacy Haiduk. Doug has been sos trong that I forget I'm watching a show and believe that this man is torn at finding his long sister and seeing her in such distress. He is giving Oscar worthy work people. A tip of the hat to you Doug!

I have been crying all week watching GL. They are so going to go out in a blaze of glory. Character driven, intense storytelling. When I saw Maureen garret back as Holly today.... god I can't believe it will be over soon. But thank you for giving us the true GL before you go. I don't even have a clue how they will end it because every episode keeps giving me a suprise.

Then there is ATWT and AMC.. blah.

If Scannie is not on I could care less.

DancingElf88 said...

OLTL was delicious today. I loved it. I love Stcy's friend Kimmy. She makes me laugh.
Y&R is on fire. Billy still loves Chloe. I really don't want him with Mac.
AMC...blah like Jordan said. I also could care less unless Bangs (my new name for Annie) and Beaker are on.

Laura said...

How about Bangie for Angie in the Bangs. Y&R has been good but a lot of people have been complaining about it. Watch AMC for a week and then you shut up about Y&R.

Anybody planning on watching the daytime Emmy's? I wonder what hair Debbi Morgan will show up with?

So the rumor is Levin Ramblin will now be on Y&R. Just cancel AMC, and move the best over to Genoa City. They already have Cliff, Maggie, Richie, and Hannah! David Izzarry is probably sorry he got killed off that show.

Shadow said...

I think the way Angie has been so dumbed down and wearing Insannie hand-me-downs we should call her Blandgie. Nothing against Debbie Morgan, but they're giving her shit. She does her best and with anyone else it would be worse, but since when did Angie become such a wimp and a liar? Where's the righteous fire that used to glimmer in those eyes and the verbal lashings that leapt from that tongue of hers? Calling DC and perpetuating a lie? Never. Breaking into a house? No way. Being a doormat when her son disrespects and ejects her from his house. Not in a million years. She would woop his BEE-hind as she used to say. Why can't there be a character on this show, like Angie, who is as vehement about what is ethical and right as the ones who are unethical, immoral and deceiptful? It would be so much more interesting to see someone struggle to do things right, to resist the temptation to do things the easy or wrong way. But lately Blandgie just gives in with a purse of Jesse's lips. And when Frankie throws her out the door, she just scampers away. I LOATHE what they have done to her more than I HATE what they have done to Jesse. Rumors I've heard is that they are both making the move. They should center the show around them and bring back Cassie and Frankie's kid. Ditch the hooker. Keep Natalia or not. It's all pissing in the wind if Chuck Pratt is still head writer.


brtedi said...

"...Gina Tognini taped scenes that would keep her on the show until the end...."

Yay!--That's what's going around the Shaynah board I frequent...Thanks AZgal!

Bxgal said...

I agree with you Jordan, Ford is really good looking. And its crazy how you many soap stars you see in NYC!

also, could you please email me, letting me know what tea's secret is? I'm just DYING for the details! haha!

Thanks so much if you email!!!

Anonymous said...

Laura...I constantly remind myself how bad AMC is when I want to complain about Y&R, but sometimes I can't help it. I don't want Y&R to go the way of AMC with plot based writing, storylines that change from day to day, and out of character acting. My main issue with Y&R right now is how they are segregating their main AA family. AMC has destroyed Angie and Jessie's characters - but they are well integrated into the cast. I still don't know which is worse.

6 of one, half dozen of another I guess...LOL


Unknown said...

OMG Jordan! Did you see today's Y&R yet? Mary Jane (AKA Patty) was cracking me up! Two words...Kitty Kitty! You are so right about Doug Davison deserving a nod for his fabulous work he has had me on the edge of my seat all week.

The weak links for me on that show are definitely Clementine (Mac) and Amelia (Victoria). Colleen stepped all over Victoria last week and Chloe has been stepping all over Mac this week.

Side note: after seeing Heather in scenes with JT and Chance this week and considering the fact that she and Adam are so over (great break-up scenes with them by the way), who would you rather see her in a pairing with? Personally, I'd like to see her with JT so he can divorce that dead weight Victoria.


jordan hudson said...

You and I are so there. I love me some Heather and as much as I will miss her with NU Adam. I to was digging her opposite Chance and JT. I would like to see her and JT go at it thou. They would be smoking.

I really think Stacy Haiduk is brilliant. I was telling Ashley how she is turning it out. She is playing this character with so much heart. No campy. I care about this sad broken woman and want her to heal. She is also funny as hell. Patty Williams love her

brtedi said...

I have a comment or two reguarding Friday's GL...It's pretty telling of me, a diehard AMC fan, has yet too watch today's eppy ((sigh)).

OK, back to GL, I was really impressed with Kim Zimmer's and Tom Pelphrey's performances. They were sooo good!-- That said, in terms of "Jonathan's" reaction to Reva's grief and Jeffery's pictures hanging all over the cabin--Was I the only one who had the urge to 'go NCIS' upside his head?! What a jerk, mocking his mom, and her grief! ( Admittedly, her way of dealing with the loss of Jeffery would seem to be extreme,to alot of people. But, the way one copes with loss is a very personal, individualistic experience)

Come to think of it, I suppose it's a testament to the writing and performances on the show, if they got that strong of a reaction out of me.

I have to comment on the scene with Mandy Bruno, Jeff Branson with one of the "Babies Henry" at the hospital...Kudos to both of the adults for their baby wrangling skills. No matter how rambunctious the little guy got, that baby always faced the camera, even if one of the adults faced away from it.


Anonymous said...

Just a few observations this week...
Did anyone else notice how HUGE Marissa's veneers are? She looks like Jim Carey from THE MASK or Matt Dillon in THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY. I sense a new nickname coming!

Also...a small thing, but why is there a freaking ice chest in Kendall's room. Is Zack so cheap he can't afford a mini-fridge?

Finally, did anyone notice that Annie's dress on Monday matched the pillows on Adam's sofa? What is this, the Sound of Music?

Anonymous said...

All of us in NYC should meet up one day, I would love to meet all of you...

what do you all think?

Unknown said...

Ugh...Rancid's fake crying today was some of the worst acting I have seen in a long time! When she was "screaming" for Angie to give the baby back I was hoping Natalia would arrest her for criminal overacting!

YR was fabulous again today! I was LMAO when Patty was telling Jack about their wedding with that tablecloth on her head and then when she said Kitty Kitty could be the "flower kitty" I was gone!

Shadow said...

Ebabe has some big teeth. She's a bit unorthodox looking, but she's not a horse or anything. I hate to make too much fun of her because she at least has some talent. I applaud AMC for at least considering talent as a requisite for hiring her after so many years of hiring beautiful, talentless model types--Rancid, Aidumb come to mind. I'll take Unibrows, Horseteeth and Veggie Tale looks over DBTE and Inarticulate any time. Of course my preference would be reasonably attractive people who can deliver powerfully emotional performances like Julia Barr. The hotter the actor or actress, well that's just gravy. The lady playing Madison seems to strike a nice balance of hotness to acting ability. Beaker is good. It can't be that hard to find. Honestly, Denise Vasi is so bad if AMC is really committed to her character, I would accept Bucktoothed Boogarface Bianca as a recast. She was a way better actress. She was sort of a horse, but you get my point.

Terry in Toronto said...

Hi Guys,

I actually watched AMC today, sort of. In between folding laundry I listened and watched when I could. I think Angies wig looks better pulled back at the sides like she had it today. I'm glad she set Crazy Randi straight about the baby.

Poor Dr David has been set up to twirl his mustache and there's nothing else in his playbook. Vincent Irizarry is going to suffer the same fate in Pine Valley as he met in Genoa City.

Why was there no Amanda and Jake?

Adam and Annie are just creepy as a couple.

I feel sorry for JR. That was the only good soap in the whole episode.

OLTL on the other hand was terrific. Kim is in town to keep the skank element while they redeem Stacy and Tika did a terrific job with the gay Fish reveal. She was pissed and crying and still somewhat levelheaded. I liked that she was even able to see his pain that's causing the denial. I know not many people think that a woman deceived would be that way but she reminded me of some wives of DL guys who I saw on Oprah. They were way more supportive than I'd expected.

Of course we can always count on Ron C to write nuanced and subtly complicated storylines that work.

Now the viewers know Tea's secret. Do you think it's all out or is there more?

Mel Got Served said...

Went to do my chores, I mean watch AMC, and it turns out Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were all pre-empted here in Boston for Ted Kennedy coverage- looks like another AMC-less week for me... and I'm relieved! You know it's bad when you call a show your chores.

And I'm making an effort to begin allotting some time to watch OLTL. Reading recaps is just not enough!

Anonymous said...

Watching Thursday's OLTL:

Holy crap - Vicki's bedding is SO ugly!!! The pillows, the comforter, the walls - ugh! Looks like something from the 80's. Hey Vick, how about putting some of that money towards a good interior decorator? Or maybe one of your personalities could do the job? Something needs to be done. That shit is FUGLY.


Shadow said...

Mad Men

Love how everyone is ogling over Ann Margaret, but Salvatore is humming and bobbing his head side to side. Funny.

BBDO, J. Walter Thompson, Pepsi, Campbell’s….Real iconic companies. I love that.

What a different time—pregnant, drinking wine and smoking, smoking in the car and the office. I can remember people doing that.

Sherry at 10:30 a.m. In the office. Green appliances at home.

One thing I really do admire—people dressing up and caring about the way they look. Ties, hats, handkerchiefs, suits, gloves, no tattoos, people drinking cocktails. Clean. Why can’t people present themselves a little more appropriately now? Today it’s all bike pants, body piercings and thongs. I love not being repressed and all that, but I wish people wanted to look nice more often.

That office secretary has a huge rack!

Peggy always looks so drab. She needs a makeover or some hot sex, but I love that she’s smart and has learned something from her mistakes. (Unlike our beloved AMC characters.) Hey she got some sex! I like her finding a booty call and *she* was the one who got dressed and left. Back in the office, she looked sort of vixen-ish in that “I had sex last night” sort of way. Just hope she doesn’t t over course correct and become a big fat ho.

Don is a great pitchman. “Change the conversation”--It actually works. I feel bad about him having to turn down Madison Square Garden.

Why is William such a dick? I’d hate to be his father. Has Betts always been so cold and harsh? She and Don have such a fascinatingly strained relationship.

I freaking love this show! Thank you Jordan and PVP for turning me on to this!!

jordan hudson said...

Terry there is more to Tea's secret trust me. Tika needs to hold class for the rancid and Coldby and teach them how to act. She was outstanding. Her choices as an actress were amazing. The build up to the final moment. The pain and shades she played. This woman need to be even more front and center.

As much as we are suppose to hate Stacy. I can't help but love the friendship that is Kim and Stacy. Yes they are up to no damm good but...the way Kimmy has her back. Don't we all wish we had a friend like that who will help you lie and deceive lol. She was going to tell the truth but Rex and Gigi and Shayne even thou they were justified were so relentless. Nice turn.

Sigh Michael Lowery started finally and he has aged beautifully. He still gets my motor going.

brtedi that is actually in Jonathan's nature to deal with Reva in that way. He does not have social skills and knowing that Jeffrey is alive. He was just trying to help his mama bless his heart!

Sadly I'm stuck on Wednesday's episode of AMC. 30 minutes into it. It is torture to watch this show when Rancid is on. Honestly OLTL, GL and Y&R I'm like the hour is over already. AMC and ATWT one episode feels like hours.

Shadow said...

Wednesday on AMC

This is some stupid shit.

Matthew/Trevor always looks scared like "OMG black people! Mommy, we're being robbed!"

Natalia looks really pretty with her hair up like that. I think I may be softening up about her even though I hate the way they brought her into the show. The jury is still out though.

Where did Taylor go?

Shadow said...

Agnes made a website. It's like a big scrapbook with a blog! Check it out:

brtedi said...

"brtedi that is actually in Jonathan's nature to deal with Reva in that way. He does not have social skills and knowing that Jeffrey is alive. He was just trying to help his mama bless his heart!"

Thanks, Jordan! :-)

The only thing I know of Tom Pelphrey/"Jonathan" is what I saw in an clip on the Emmy's a few years ago---Reva and Jonathan were having a monumental argument...I remember thinking-- Wow, he's good!

I had no idea "Jonathan" was so out of touch, with how people usually relate, to each other.


Norn Cutson said...

hey ya'll
Darbi has started a new podcast (in addition to her EVERYTHING ACTING podcast) called THE BROADcast.

its Darbi & our mutual friend Lizz Winstead just talking about life, politics, sex, food, etc...

jordan hudson said...

Shadow no Trevor only acts up when he is alone with Randi. It's her bad acting that scares him. He actually out acts Randi.

Brtedi yeah you should you tube some Johnathan scenes. His character is amazing . It was a brilliant storyline. How he came back and learn to love his mother. One of the greatest things was that out all her children, he is the one most like her. There bond was incredible. You should see Johnathan do his own version of Reva jumping in the fountain.

One of the reasons I love Jeff Branson so much as Shayne is that he too works so well with Kim. You believe that mother and son bond. Oh God I'm going to miss GL. yes Im crying lol so silly. Tonight on the Emmys they are going to pay tribute to GL.

jordan hudson said...

Norn do you have Ron C. email address I want to congratulate him on the job he is doind

Brian said...

Why is it that I like some moments of AMC then hate others. Like if Randi was re-cast, I might like the stuff this week. And why are all of the character in PV guilty of crimes that should put them away for life? Like murder and a murder cover-up? Breaking out of jail? Harboring a known criminal? Faking the death of an infant? Please, Agnes Nixon, Save us!

Keep up the amazing podcast. Love the impressions and the recaps!

Stacy said...

has anyone else discovered the delightful She is fantastic. If only we could get her to come to AMC's rescue!

Laura said...

Thoughts from the daytime Emmy's. Congrats Jamie from DC for being an expert there. I bet you are sweating alot with that 105 heat. What's with Susan Lucci's breasts? Did our beautiful Amanda look great or what? Loved Tamara Braun's dress. Do they make it in something besides a double zero?

Colin Egglesfield looked good in the Melrose Place ad. Like him with any length hair.

How come nobody asked Lucci if she was moving. I guess the official announcement comes Labor Day, per Ricky Paul G.

Anybody else watching. Go Debbi Morgan, grab an Emmy and hit Frons and Pratt over the head with it for me.

Laura said...

Jordan, Nelson is on facebook. He answers back. I think he is cute, don't you?

Mel Got Served said...

I'm DVRing the Emmys and pre-show but got to see a minute or two of it and can I say yet again: ADAM MAYFIELD IS A DREAMBOAT!!!

Kristian Alfonoso also looked gorgeous (as usual). The only hot mess dress so far was that girl who played Chelsea on Days- that was one huge rosette.

Shadow said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shadow said...

Vanessa Williams is still hot.

Why is it that the shows you don't watch always look ludicrous even though they are probably pretty good?

Good for Jeff Branson. Too bad the dumbass that called out his name called him by his character's name Shane.

Vincent Irizarry thanked Chuck Pratt damnit. He was being so classy and polite thanking all the crew and then he thanked Pratthole and ruined it.

A tie seems like bullshit anyway. Pratt must really know how to blow to get this kind of accolade for such shit work. I so wish Jamie Giddens could let loose on Pratt. It wouldn't be appropriate but maybe it would generate some press for the Emmys.

Shadow said...

Bindi the australian girl is cute. Rachel Ray looks like Betty Rubble. Kim Zimmer looks like a wrestler.

Shadow said...

Does CW even have any daytime shows?

Cory In The House has the hots for Debbie Morgan who looks great tonight.

Did they nominate every character on Sesame Street? Bindi Irwin must be pissed. She's going to let a snake loose on the Sesame set.

Shadow said...

As a montage AMC looks great. I'm watching and thinking "That sucked. Oh, that sucked. Angie was beautiful at her wedding. That sucked. Mufasa? I can't believe that put the Lion King moment in it! The helicopter thing was cool. There's the tornado. Who cares. Dead Stuart, boring. Lipstick Annie, stupid. That sucked..."

Shadow said...

Holy shit Chishelle's giving me wood in that bikini. I want be Ricki Paull Goldin so bad right now.

Dang, work it Susan Lucci. I dare you to tell ABC to suck it on national TV!! She had to introduce Montel? Bummer.

OMG, Daytime Gives Back. Doesn't Idol Give Back?

Tony Gear is 1000.

There's a starving African kid and there's Erica Kane high fiving them all. I swear that kid said, "No Ms. Lucci, you eat it. You need it worse than me."

Shadow said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shadow said...

Tamara Braun won for Supporting Actress and they started playing the theme to AMC and cut it off immediately. Hilarious!

They were either prepared for an AMC win or just screwed up her theme song. Too bad for MCE and Bree Williamson though.

Shit OLTL won for directing and they thanked Brian Frons.

No thanking Frons, Crapputhers or Pratthole!!

Mel Got Served said...

After tonight, we AMC fans are totally f*****. If AMC wins best drama, Frons will justify the writing of Chuck Pratt and the utter decimation of this show. If AMC wins best drama tonight, this show will end in a year from bad writing and lost viewers.

In vanity talk, don't love La Lucci's gold dress- looks like something from The Rave or a sassier Dress Barn.

Tony Geary looked liek that albino guy Powder.

On Twitter no one wanted Insannie to win, saying they hate her. We really are the only fans of Insannie. But Insannie and Bree Williamson were robbed.

jerrica76 said...

OMG Collin E. Looks A-Freaking-mazing

jerrica76 said...

la de da de da la de da de da.....whats the name of this show!?!

jerrica76 said...

Muppets make me so happy ....Just saying

Laura said...

Do you think the daytime Emmys will celebrate AMC 40th like they are Sesame Street? The actor who plays Gordon was on both. I loved his as Tyrone the Pimp better. He was on both at the same time.

C. Stause is beautiful. I thinked OLTL thanked Frons just to keep their show on the air, glad they won, but none of the experts said AMC will win. Rarely do Days actors win Emmys. I want special Johnny back on AMC. He is a good actor.

Beaker couldn't be in Sesame Street tribute because he'd be confused with Scott!

Shadow said...

I had to take a break and read a bedtime story. OK, I liked Vanessa's opening but how many songs is she going to sing? Besides WTF does this violin song have to do with daytime. All her hotness flew out the window with that bronze dress and weird eye makeup. If anyone is tuning in now, they are totally tuning out.

Shadow said...

I had to take a break and read a bedtime story. OK, I liked Vanessa's opening but how many songs is she going to sing? Besides WTF does this violin song have to do with daytime. All her hotness flew out the window with that bronze dress and weird eye makeup. If anyone is tuning in now, they are totally tuning out.

jerrica76 said...

he freaking ate it!! ROTFL

jerrica76 said...

is gonna be sick if people keep thinking fronzy

Shadow said...

Nobody from The View, the ABC Daytime crown jewel, couldn't show up? I hate that show but I'm just saying.


DAMNIT WHY DO THEY KEEP THANKING BRIAN FRONS? Bob Guza though? Who cares? Pratt lost!

Shadow said...

I can't believe those bitches from The View didn't show. Not one couldn't drag their asses to LA for the show? I loathe them but dang there are 5 of them!

Who doesn't adore Betty White? Sue Ann Nivens, Rose Nylund... a classic.

Showing the cast of Guiding Light and somewhere in NYC Jordan is crying his eyes out. Hang in there Jordan.

jerrica76 said...

woo hoo Susan Haskel won....Rock on

Shadow said...

Nice that BB won best drama, but they didn't give them any time to say thanks. That was kind of shitty.

I feel bad for AMC. I should be rooting for it, but it didn't deserve it.

Shadow said...

I so love Mad Men. "I'm Peggy Olsen and I want to smoke some marijuana".

I can't believe Roger is doing a minstrel show. How totally wrong.

Mel Got Served said...

Mad Men had me rolling- I was sooo shocked by the Derby Party. Love Sally's lisp.

jordan hudson said...

wow that's all I can say. Amazing that a network that has never had a daytime Drama hosted one of the best Daytime Emmy's show in years maybe even a decade.

Don't get me had some minor flaws. A drunk Camera man. Some people who should not have won. The GL tribute should have been longer with more clips and not that annoying Rihana song in the background. And while I love me some Vanessa Williams hosting ...uh what was up with her second song and dancing with the French guy with the large Penis.

I really was happy about Jeff Branson but did not like it that he was tied with Vincent Irizarry.
Thou I will give Vincent props for including the crew in his thanks.

Bree Williamson was robbed. I really would have liked EJ Bonilla to have won younger male. Rather then the potty mouth from Dool who is loosing his hair and is so flaming for a straight boy. Julie Berman should have won last time so glad that Lulu won. Not amused about Christian Leblanc he can act we get it. Would have been nice for Reckell or Daniel to have won especially Daniel considering GL going off the air.

I was really hoping for Debbie but not surprised that Haskell took it. Both are Equal when it comes to being fine actresses it comes down to the material your playing in this case.

OLTL should have won writing UGGHH!!!

B&B winning is disgusting that had only one real moving storyline that got them best show because the judges did not see all the campy horrible over the top material that was playing the rest of the year. DOOL should have won being that Y&R OLTL were not nominated.
Well this could be the last year this will air unless the ratings are through the roof.

I will say this Chrishelle looked great she has obviously doing squats to get some junk in the trunk but as hot as she was no one came close to SUSAN LUCCI. Sorry for me she did it again. When you look at this woman...sigh she is beautiful. She saved that silly modeling sequence. How hot was she.

I DESPISE TYRA BANKS so much. How this woman has a career is beyond me. She is vapid, self absorbed, insincere and a troll. I can't wait for her 15 minutes to be up and her to go away forever. I don't think there is anyone I despise more. I would rather watch a revival of Three's Company starring Rancid, Aidumb and Colby then ever have to see Tyra Banks and that busted looking face ever again. She disgust me. She is an idiot and ditto for Dr Phil and his wife.

Loved the Seaseme Street tribute.

Shadow said...

Was that Tyra's real hair? Looked like shit. She should stick with the extensions.

Terry in Toronto said...

What channel was the Daytime Emmy's broadcast on? I looked everywhere here in the Canadian TV guide.

Shadow said...

Watching the awards, I kept thinking "looking at all the hot people who used to work on AMC".

How did GMA not show up? WTF is with that network?

Shadow said...

Terry, the show was on the CW here which is more of a netlet--used to be the WB. The "C" is for CBS and "W" for Warner Bros, the two corporate partners who own the network.

Shadow said...

Susan Haskell was sweet and I thought she looked kind of cool. Even though I don't care for Zach, I sort of wish for their sake he would have won. It just would have been a nice coup for them together and maybe helped him make his way back to OLTL.

Laura said...

On the pre-show Tyra said it wasn't her hair but on her show she was going to show her real hair straight from the shower, and show her getting her hair done! A public service show my a**. Must be for sweeps week. How is getting a weave public service. But speaking of weaves. Debbi Morgan looked great.

Anonymous said...


Did anyone else notice Shane's face - - his lip was swollen and he was talking funny (when he came home to find Stacy and Kim standing there). It looks like someone hit him in the face! A school yard bully perhaps? Hey Shane, maybe if you didn't have that loser hair cut, the bullies wouldn't beat you up.


Michael said...

You guys have the most entertaining Emmy coverage anywhere! I wasn’t even going to watch, but I had to after all the hysterical commentaries. Susan Lucci-SWEET MOTHER OF GOD, she was unbelievably, drop-dead gorgeous. She would be smokin’ hot for a woman half her age. Dr. Phil and his wife needed to be forced into Buzz Aldrin’s space capsule and sent into orbit so they will never, ever pretend to have witty banter with anyone ever, ever again. All things Sesame Street and Betty White were sublime. Good show, and great running commentary from the podcast gang.

brtedi said...

"All her hotness flew out the window with that bronze dress and weird eye makeup. If anyone is tuning in now, they are totally tuning out."

Thank you, Shadow! :-)

I know, she's talented, lovely, etc. ---But that odd brown dress (It was kind of icky, imho)---and did she have to dance w/ that Geo dude, or what ever his name is?--The GL tribute could have used some of the 'extra' time.

Some random comments:

Bree Williamson and that actor playing Brody came off wonderfully in the fashion photography secquence. (Ok her dress got caught, but generally it was cool--It got me thinking about the scene where"Brody" danced w/ "Jessica", that was enough, for me) Ms. Lucci. She worked it, like Erica Kane! Crishell looked amazing, both in her bikinni and Greek-styled dress.

In stark contrast, what were those two from DOOL doing?--Was I the only one having an Austin Powers/Madona "Vogue" flashback--That was just painful! LOL!

Emmy winners:
Jeff Branson!--Yay!(That just made me happy!)

Christian LeBlanc--Yay! (Yep, I catch Y&R, some on SOAPnet)

Susan Haskel--Yay!

The Bold and The Beautiful--Why?!

Jordan, thanks for the 411, on Tom Pelphery (spelling?) I'll be looking him up on youtube.

brtedi said...

I saw the clip of Collin Egglesfield...I might have to watch an episode, or two, of Melrose Place. ;-) The actor should be great, as long as his character doesn't, eventally, end up shot in the head! :-|


Shadow said...

Mel said Looch's dress looked like it came from "a sassier Dress Barn"--still cracking up at that remark. You never know. In the spring it was NY&Co. This fall it just may be the Dress Barn.

Mel Got Served said...

LOL Hooray for corporate partnerships! I thought her hair, face, etc. was gorgeous... just not digging the dress. Gold lamay isn't much my style.

Poor Lulu looked more like Nana in her outfit- I thought she was a 40something.

I know I should've wanted AMC to win best show, but I'm glad they lost to at least not pat Pratt on the back. It's funny how B&B won, considering how it's been the biggest joke on the Soup the past 12 months. But all it takes is 1 good episode out of the 300 they air a year to submit. I was pulling for Days, which has really improved. However, the kid who played Max Brady winning best younger actor blew my mind- if anyone from Days should have won it, it would be Blake Berris. Pretty shocking.

Some stylist is getting fired today for dressing Kirsten Storms and Kim Zimmer in basically the same dress.

I need to find some more pics so I can choose my best/worst dressed.

Shadow said...

Lesley Ann Down and Winsor Harmon were wearing some fugly clothes. Cobalt blue leopard? A shiny suit? Seriously? The WTF ensemble of the evening was Judith Chapman. She must have a big bald spot or something.

Mel Got Served said...

I started looking at Getty Images and maybe I shouldn't list a best/worst dressed cause there were a lot of hot messes!

Anonymous said...

ZomG Laura, thank you SO much for that lolz Denise Vasi interview.

Did you ever see "Welcome to My Home" starring Brenda Dickson from Y&R...this is what it reminded me of. I can see Denise Vasi doing a video about her life of high fashion, acting, and!

Last night's Daytime Emmy's had to have been the most ghetto that I have ever seen! I know daytime is strapped for cash, but it was so chintzy!

a half empty theatre, cheezy Vanessa Williams numbers, and 2 seconds to deliver an acceptance speech.

ROBBERY all night..Cornelius, Kristen Storms was anal raped..Julie Berman is so overrated and her character on GH makes me sick.

Bree, Alicia, AND Melissa Claire Egan were robbed. Tamara Braun is a great actress, but she beat out bree? What did she do? That tiny stint on Days...which is like Passions to me...just ugh all around!

I liked some of the fashions with the exception of Kim Zimmer's "Charmin Shoulders".

It was so cool that former AMC start got Emmys...SUCK IT FRONS!

brtedi said...

I read this and couldn't resist passing it along.

The second winner in the category, a nervous

Branson, thanked his Guiding Light family.

"This is so bittersweet. I know that you don't get to work with a family

like I had on Guiding Light," Branson remarked. "This is a big part of

Kim Zimmer, of Robert Newman and Bradley Cole and Gina Tognoni."

Though experts, including our own Emmy panel,

pegged Branson as a front runner in the category, Branson tried to

remove himself from all of the phone calls that said he was a shoo-in.

"I'm not going to lie. I wanted to win this baby. I wanted to win it,"

Branson admitted. "At the end of the day -- and I mean this with all of

my heart -- to be nominated, to have the opportunity to be standing

up there with that talent recognized by my peers for this... Not to

sound cheesy, but that's the honor."

As for what's next for Branson, the actor played coy and said that he

would have something to announce soon. He revealed that he will

move from New York to Los Angeles and also declined to rule out a

return to daytime television. There have been rumblings that The

Young and the Restless might be considering Branson for a role.

jordan hudson said... I did no think it was Ghetto....I compared it to last years emmys and the last few. I think this was more tasteful and actually flowed better. The speeches should be short. I hate when anybody rambles on. I thought Vanessa was awesome. The only thing that was not needed was the Song and Dance with Vanessa and Gilles. That time could have been given to the GL tribute.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Totally agree, I thought the Emmys last night were better than last year's show.

However, their tribute to GL was bunk.. Totally disrespectful. In my eyes, if that's how they were going to do it, they shouldn't even have done it at all.

Sad that Melissa and Alicia didn't win, but happy for Tamra Braun, she's a good actress, so I can't be too upset.

I am happy that Julie Marie Berman, from GH, took home Best Younger Actress.. She's great as LuLu

Did Vincent Irrizary really praise Chuck Pratt's writing? Now, there was the laugh out loud moment of that night.. Thank God AMC didn't win best writing. That would have made me cry...

Chrishell and Ricky were very cute during the "Photo Shoot/ Fashion Show" thing. Chrishell looked smokin'.

Overall, the show was good(ish). I thought Vanessa Williams did a good job.

Shadow said...

Aside from some lame attempts at being funny and wardrobe errors of judgment, the people themselves were actually all fine IMHO. I would have like a less Sesame-centric show.

The was only one moment that had dazzingly star power, and it was when Susan Lucci was on stage. Obviously I'm a fan and sort of biased but when she shimmied on stage, even Crishelle's mega hot sex wattage dimmed a bit. Lucci is it and ABC is foolish to let that go. Deidra? Gone. Zimmer? Fat and sort of abrasive, not that there's anything wrong with that. As their stars have started to fade, I swear Lucci aura is getting brighter.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Well, said Shadow, I found myself smiling from ear to ear when Ms. Lucci was on stage. She is a force to be reckoned with.

Plus, I thought the footage they showed from her trip to Africa was 100x better than what they showed on AMC.

Mel Got Served said...

I thought the piece on Africa was so moving. And what I thought was even better is how AMC used this trip to Africa to make a farce of a story of scorpions on chests and Erica and Krystal agreeing to be friends (Erica never forgave Babe and would never forgive Krystal either).

Shadow said...

I'm all for feeding the hungry whereever they may be, but it doesn't do much to prop up the soap genre unless they are simultaneously handing out TVs and including them in the Neilsen ratings count. As much as admire the good intentions of those involved, I hope from this point forward, at least until the shows are stabilized, the networks spend their money and efforts on quality writing and production. They need to leave the stars alone. What else can they do? Looch for example has danced with the stars and schills herself out all over the place for ABC, goes to Africa to feed the world and still gets totally shit on by ABC.

This Dierdra Hall rumor pisses me off. Lucci is the face of Daytime, ABC or otherwise. Hers is the only true personality brand left--like Carson was the King of Late Night and Cronkite was the King of News, She is the reigning Queen of Daytime TV. You see her and you know what channel to turn to. You can't buy that sort of wattage anymore. NObody has the patience to pay attention long enough for someone to ever create that type of recognizability anymore. If she leaves AMC because ABC found another show or way to capitalize on her fame and brand, then good for them and good for her. However if they squander all those years of goodwill, loyalty and branding, then heads should roll. When a business is in such disarray as AMC is, if you think of it as a business, the problem isn't in the rank and file (here the actors). It's the management (here Frons, Pratt, Carruthers, et al.). They should be held accountable for lame scripts, poor production, lost profit, cost overruns, and declining ratings. You fix those things and create a situation where the actors can deliver their performances and then, if it fails, it's time to pack it in. The cast and crew however have suffered enough. Whatever systemic problems the show has now that have led to this mess will likely follow it to LA if the management deficiencies aren't also addressed by someone with the balls to step up.


Laura said...

I watched AMC today, and I have some dumb questions. Since Ryan's baby mama is supposedly in jail, don't you think he would get custody from Zach. Both baby mama's are murderers, and he's still alive?

Nu-Liza spills the beans about baby pork-chop right away, after she kidnapped her own child for years. Why?

Vincent I. had to thank Chuck Pratt for writing this crap. He's good, but today's scenes with him are horrible.

Is Erica afraid of the G-word? Zach calls her Erica in front of the boys. She says I'll be hear for the boys. Say it Grandma! Although the term Glam-ma fits for her.

Anonymous said...

i just want to say that GL tribute was so disappointing I haven't watch the daytime emmys in almost a decade and tuned in just for this and it was over in 2 minutes
hardly any classic clips, we only saw the cast from far away no one got to was insulting

Jordan - I only got to listen to the podcast today and just wanted to say that Mimi did not hate the pregnancy story line as much as it execution
since usually couples have obstacles and then get together before something like this happen but we just never got the payoff with Otalia and according to spoilers we never will


Anonymous said...

@Jordan: Yeah, maybe it was not the most ghetto, but I do think a lot of it was tacky. The only saving grace in the "Fashion" show was Crishelle in that damn bikini...HOTTTT!!! And Susan Lucci was just right! Not too much, and she really gave that little skit some glamour. She lent credibility to the whole show!

The audience just seemed "dead" to me, and there were mad empty seats in the balcony!

And I suppose I should give the CW credit for doing such a good job with the small budget.

Jordan, you didn't like Christian Leblanc trying to deep throat his Emmy? In your immortal words...THAT QUEEN!

Sadly, the Emmy's did horrid numbers. I think the show averaged a 2.6 nationally...pretty good for the CW, but bad overall.

On Tyra: She is her own joke now. She tries to seem down to earth, but her mascara is running, and we see how really self absorbed she really is. Top Model stopped being good after Season! Her talk show is nothin but her mugging for the camera. Honey wake up...Ricki Lake did it better!

Off topic...Jordan, what do you think of Disney buying Marvel Comics? I collect most of the X-Men books, and Avangers, and I liked how Marvel sort of had gritty, realistic and adult type stuff.

Not saying Disney will start changing it, but the company is known to directly manage content. Will Emma Frost have to cover up now?

I know Disney produces a lot of adult type stuff, but comics and videogames sort of attract children by default. My fear is that Disney will start pushing a "Family Friendly" agenda that may change content.

One more thing...My heart BROKE for Layla during the whole Fish thing. I was almost crying...I love Tika!

jordan hudson said...

Okay well sit down for this. I liked three things about Monday's episode of AMC. The two 10 second scenes with JR & Tad actually got me to start crying but it was over so quick meanwhile Rancid get 30 minutes of air time. See this is what is wrong with AMC. They don't focus on the right people. I did like the two U/5 that sassy Nurse who gave it right back to Doctor David and JR's Doctor who I think might and is suppose to be Middle eastern. They were both good. Otherwise the show sucked. I think it is now officially gone into The Melrose Zone. David holding a gun on Liza. And instead of going to the police to report it she is running around town to Tad's and then Zach where she has it a verbal battle with Erica. Yeah sure!

Meanwhile GL today was out of control. I cried so much. Beautiful character driven scenes. Seeing friends and family bonding arguing living life. Beth and Phillip and Alan, Josh and Reva. Vanessa and Billy oh that Jordan Clarke. It is killing me. They aired a new GL commercial. sigh.

I have longed drop most of Marvel titles. I kind have always been a DC guy but I use to love Marvel too but by the mid 80's was not happy with the direction the books were going in. Tried a few years ago and was enjoying some of them but then they gave the company to Bendis who is a hack of a writer and I just gave up with the exception of Runaways, Millar's Ultimate Avengers and the Next Black Widow miniseries. I'm done with Marvel until they bring back my girl Jean Grey. I don't think that Disney would buy Marvel just to muck it up but then you never know........

Tika was so brilliant last week just flawless performance. So after seeing a real actress who is a woman of color turn it out like that. How can I be expected to watch that wretched Rancid...ughhhhhhh!!! enough with Debbie and Darnel being forced to support this wannabe

Laura said...

Please Disney send Brian Frons over to Marvel with Guza and Pratt, then they can be in charge of real comic book characters!

Nice recap shadow.

Melissa said...

Hee hee! FINALLY something I can rewind and watch over and over on AMC.... Jake calling David an "ass hat"! Loved that one.

The rest of the week was at best ho hum and at worst yawnsville. How the hell many times can Kendall languish in doorways and not be seen by people close enough to her to touch her. She finally looks preggers, tho'. Wednesday's blue dress really accentuated her bump.

OLTL, now there's a show! Tomorrow's epi is gonna be goooood with the whole Cole thing blowing up. I'm also really happy for Tea and Todd. Maybe Blair will get her socks knocked off by surfer dude and leave them in peace. I do love Blair when she's coniving, though!