Sunday, September 20, 2009

Only Love Can Save the World

... and only love can save our show.


Don't see that happening. Clearly Frons, Pratthole, Craputhers and the rest of the dipshits over at All My Children aren't sharing the love we fans have for their product, or the genre, for that matter. What I can't understand is, why the hell would you work in daytime television unless you loved it? There ain't much money in daytime, and not much respect, either. So you do it (like Carlivati and Wheeler and Valentini) for the love of it. For the love of families, and their stories, to see and experience with them the ups and downs of their lives, the highs and lows. For the comfort in knowing that we are all alike, that we share the same joys and sorrows, and that we all dream of love, comfort, happiness, and maybe a pretty dress once in a while.

People, we did a podcast. Not much to cover on AMC. It's just not fun anymore to comment on because it's just too pathetic. If you wanna hear us dish about the show, save yourself the time. If you wanna hear us dish about everything but AMC, then this podcast is for you!

As for what Jordan and I want? Well, we want to hear you dish, so do your thing folks, here.

(Oh - and do us all a favor: if you haven't already, sign the "Fire Chuck Pratt" petition, here. Thanks, BronxGal, for your valiant efforts!)

9/18/09 Podcast


jason said...

So happy for a new podcast! And i wanna hear anything but AMC (unless it's backstage gossip)! The show should be called Pine View Podcast!

So happy Kristin Chenoweth won an Emmy!! Same with Toni Collette and Glenn Close! And of course Mad Men. Good pics this year.

Shadow said...

First of all, Yeah! New Podcast.


Dude, you are *killing* AMC. I realize ABC isn't doing you any favors moving the show around, screwing with the budget and all that, but you *seriously* suck at this job. No offense of course.

On the Emmys tonight, Glenn Close said actors "go where the writing is good". Good writing is where it all starts and your skills just are not cutting it.

I've hoped for a long time now that you're out there secretly monitoring our little community and gathering ideas to improve the show. Or that your boss was out there secretly monitoring us and compiling a list of reasons why you should be fired for cause. But damn if they didn't offer to move you to LA! Is nobody over there seeing what we write? Or the petition to have you ousted?

How can I get their attention? What can I say to make them hear us? I turned to the google for some assistance--typing phrases like "writing skills so bad that..." and "writing sucks worse than..." hoping to find some particular way to express my opinion about the terrible job you are doing that would sound so inspired it would *have* to get the attention of someone important at ABC, but I was disatisfied with the search results. I googled phrased like "unpleasant things" and "hell in a handbasket" but got nothing catchy enough.

Sure there were references to cancer snuffing out lives and stuff like that and yes, your writing has been like a giant carcinoma attacking the heart of Pine Valley since your arrival, but that's so cliche'. I didn't think that would really get their attention, but I liked the idea so I kept searching.

I thought of Agnes Nixon and how she as soap royalty set the gold standard for good writing. I asked myself, what would Chuck's writing style be in comparison to Queen Aggie? It finally came to me from the Google itself.

You are like an *Anal Wart*.

Or maybe a *Hemorroid*.

Take your pick.

Either way, the shit has just piling up behind you since your presence first popped up. It began with an itchy sensation that you were going to screw this up, and then your storylines spread like a virus eventually forming a huge blockage in the orderly flow of the show. AMC needs to purge itself of the toxins and waste that have built up since you took over, but nothing can get past the blockage of your infestation.

I sincerely hope that someone out there gets this message and starts analyzing your work and realizes that this just isn't the gig for you. It's time to excise the you, the wart/roid, and cleanse and detoxify the show so the healing process can begin with a new, talented writer. Sure there are other things to work on, but let's start by getting rid of things that don't belong in the spot where they have grown. To that end I say...



Michael said...

Mentioned on the podcast? I can die a happy man!

You two are so smart, so genuine and so incredibly entertaining that you should have your own television show. It would be coast to coast sensation. Thank you for all you do for your fans.

Mel Got Served said...

Yay new podcast! Of course, I skipped the hot mess that was this week's dance marathon. The least they could've done is got a legit performer to come on the show to try and get viewers. OLTL would've done this right.

I know you 2 discussed on the podcast not liking new 90210, but I will give it some credit: this 2nd season has heated up. Kinda like original 90210, the 2nd season is when it really started. Something I thought it was missing last season was excessive wealth, which I think is starting to show more. And while teens are dramatic, I felt a core element to 90210 was missing: a group of friends. It's kinda split into guys and girls, but I like that they're pushing them more into being a group. The worst actress of them all is Annie, played by Shanae Grimes (formerly of Degrassi- same as that lead girl from The Vampire Diaries). She is so DBTE and I love how everyone hates her now. The scandal of sending out a "sext" of her was great. I still tune in cause it's kind of a fun hot mess to tune into.

I posted my Emmys rants last night in last week's comments, but if you want, I can re-post them in this week's blog as well.

Terry in Toronto said...

Yaaahhhhh! I'm so happy and excited at the prospect of a new podcast!

Crystal said...

Wow, a twist off. How timely.

Mel Got Served said...

Hey all! Finally posted my Disney vacation photos if you want to check 'em out. Photos

Chrishell just posted on Twitter about a Halloween episode. I guarantee it will be worse than Passions.

I deleted all of last week w/o watching. No time, and no cares.

DancingElf88 said...

How did weak-ass DBTE Randi manage to overpower super military woman Taylor? JLu's "sexy dance" was really really sad. Did Emma really do it? I hate this whole pile on Annie bullcaca. This whole show is bullcaca...ugh

Arizonagal said...

Musings on a dance-a-thon,

Embarrassing and yet, like a bad accident, could not look away.
No one seemed to dance long or hard enough to work up a sweat, let alone fall asleep standing up.
That riding mower from Mad Men would've livened up the dance-a-thon.
Zach seemed quite uncomfortable to be dancing, cliched clumsy white guy moves.
So Kenduhl has nothing better to do than watch this crap on TV. No one is home, she had the run of the house, she could raid the refrig and yet she stays in that little room with that squirming baby and watches Zach shuffle about?
OK, did anyone else notice this? On my HDTV I could clearly see a patch of gray on Zach's forehead, looked like spackle of a different color like the makeup people were trying to plug up a hole. Maybe he had a mole removed.
OMG that turkey wing dance makes the hokey pokey look classy. Where is the macarena when you need it?
Ryan accidentally hiked up the back of Eek's dress and we caught a glimpse of undies, Eek either didn't notice or didn't care.
Ryan, dickhead as usual. Can't stand him, never liked him, never will.
Did Brot ever get a response from his twitter?
I really effing HATE this David/Amanda/Jake story. It doesn't even make sense. What is the plan here and if Jake and Amanda are this stupid, they deserve whatever misery they get.
I can't even type this without shaking my head in disbelief at this crap infused show.
Why were they having a danceathon in the Fusion offices? In RL wouldn't a dance a thon be held in a conf room or somewhere else where you could pack in a lot of dancers? Stoopid
JaLu is getting trashier and trashier. That gyrating around Zach? Embarrassing. You know that saying about dancing like no one is watching? She actually did that and now I know why you should NOT dance like no one's watching unless you can really dance.
Annie is resurrecting SprayTannie in my mind. She looked too tan. So did Adam, channeling an aging oompa loompa.
I was startled to see Taylor in the stall, WTF? Jordan I was thinking the same thing, who the hell could overpower this chick who a few months ago killed a pimp with her bare hands?
Madison sneaking around in a nice dress and spike heels? Ridic!
What was in Randi's water, and how many people in PV have been drugged? too many to count.
Tad's hosting skills, not bad, not exciting, and most importantly, not obnoxious.

Shadow said...

SprayTannie. Ha! I haven't heard that one before AZGal. Who is telling these people that stuff looks good. It's like "All My Oompa Loompas".

What part of this dance-a-thon like the movie? I don't get it.

As for Rancid TKO'g Taylor. Please. What was the point of the hallucinogen if it didn't kill her?

DWTS starts tonight. Anybody care this season? Not too interested myself. It was sort of interesting the year Lucci was on until she got kicked off and the year the English lady with the wooden leg was on. I really kept hoping to see that sucker fly across the room. Absent flying limbs and Looch, I'm not that pumped about it. Kelly Osborne? Seriously?

Mel Got Served said...

I remember the days of calling her SprayTannie. Then she became Insannie and will always be that for me!

Crystal said...

Mel, looks like you had a good time! We stayed at POP before, did you like it? We are going to 50s Prime Time to eat this next trip. I am excited to try it.

Mel Got Served said...

Crystal, 50's Primetime is great! Both times I've been in recent years I loved it. Awesome to look it, funny wait staff, and the food is good ol' comfort food (I've had the meatloaf and the fried chicken). The desserts are awesome- as you saw, I got the s'mores and my friend got the brownie sundae. Phenomenal! Make sure to try the Pineapple Dole Whip float- it's sold right by the Jungle Cruise and Aladdin's Flying Carpets. We were able to go on the free Dining special deal, so that was included as a snack: maybe best thing I ate the whole trip!

Pop Century was great. I took a while on one day just to explore all the buildings. The giant icons are so cool. We stayed in the 70's, which was great because we were pretty close to everything and being placed near the giant Mickey phone seemed appropriate (we had one as kids from my mom, then broke it- whoops!)

You'll have to email me more about your trip!

Arizonagal said...

Shadow, you always have such colorful descriptions. Are these from personal experience? I applaud you on your spelling, hemorrhoid (sp?) is always tricky! Every time I read one of your posts, I have to google something, like anal warts.

MelMel I went to Disneyland last year (I'm a left coaster) and had such a ball, more fun than I had when I was a kid.

I am always interested in who's on DWTS and then I realize I don't know who half of them are. However, as the season develops, you really get to know the "stars" and there are always some interesting personalities, like last year's Gilles... damn what a personality! >;-)

At OLTL there is never a dull moment. Loving the return of David Vickers and thrilled he may be sticking around for awhile. I'm going to love him with Dorian again. Those just feed off each other.

Not hoping for a Todd/Blair reunion. Michael Lowry has not aged, what is his secret? Never thought he was sexy on AMC either, but he's smokin' on OLTL and I like him with Blair.

I like the out-of-the-closet story. Hoping for a Fish/Kyle reunion. What amazes me is Kyle's boyfriend, don't even remember his name. Even though this guy has only been on a few times, I already care about him and when he found the newspaper on Kyle's floor, my heart went out to him. How do the OLTL TPTB make that happen? Great writing!

Shadow said...

Awe c'mon AZGal. No, no personal experience with them. Ick! Just something I ran across googling for some way to describe how truly awful Pratt's writing is. And I was thinking about how he's been called "Pratthole", etc. and voila' there it was on google: a wart-- a festering virus that has lodged itself in the deepest crevice of the show's core. Get it? Crevice? Ha! It just seems a little hopeless right now. I don't see anyone saying anything good about his writing, but yet he perseveres. I don't see how ABC can allow it to continue. Do they even have access to the internet over there? So I'm hoping maybe someone will read that his work was compared to a wart on someone's ass, and that might just be descriptive enough to spark some dialogue at ABC about the direction this show is headed. Because apparently falling ratings and us saying that his writing sucks, has fallen on deaf ears. Does the show have to be canceled before they realize that this isn't a match?

Unknown said...

Yes we're still listening!!! My heart skipped a beat when a new podcast was available. Who needs recaps...I just crave your astute commentary.

DancingElf88 said...

Ashley it's ok if you're down on the show because so am I. I only watched today because I was waiting for OLTL which was BRILLIANT! Honestly if you just sopend the podcast covering mostly OLTL I'll be happy. Although I do agree that I need more Annie and Scott. They're the only ones that keep me going whilst watching the drivel that has become All My children.

I really like Blair and ROss. Mike Lowry is hot and I hope he always goes without a shirt. Ashley your boiy Greg did good today with the guilt he feels over Shawn. I like Greg and Shawn best come out that coma or I shant be amused! Todd and Tea are great as always. He does grow when he's with her. I bet you Matthew was going to drop the lawsuit when Tea called. Ashley I'm with you on the whole Fish and Kyle thing. I liked the coming out but I needed more emotion from him. But I love Kyle. I loved him on OTH and I love him here.

Jordan-did you catch One Tree Hill today? I loved it. I missed last week so it took me a while to figure out who all these new people are and exactly what's going on. Nathan would never do that. And Rachel's back...I loved me some Rachel and great twist her being married to Dan. I'm glad Brooke has Julian. I know you weren't a fan of them but I miss Lucas and Peyton.

Bxgal said...

Thanks Jordash for giving my petition a shout-out!!
I will be making a facebook group for the same cause!!

Shadow said...

Mel- looks like a fun trip. Makes me want to find my Mickey ears and take the kids for a road trip!

Norn Cutson said...

i love ya'll @ i'll ****ALWAYS*** be listenin'!
even if i ain't watchin!

Terry in Toronto said...

Welcome back Norn. Hope you're doing OK. Sending lots of positive energy your way.

Anonymous said...

Mel Got Served - I did the same thing last week. Deleted the whole week of AMC and didn't even care. I prefer to spend my time wisely - - like with the residents of Llanview and Genoa City!

SO excited there is a new podcast - -it will help get me thru my boring workday.


Mel Got Served said...

Was just on the Soap Opera Digest website for some reason and there's a poll: who's hotter? Mark Lawson (Brody, OLTL) or Brandon Barash (Johnny, GH). Brandon Barash is winning with 62%!! Don't get me wrong, I think Johnny's good looking but Brody is HOT. But I guess it's just the rabid GH fans voting.

PS Crystal, in my photo album my friend added her picture of her Primetime Cafe dessert: the brownie sundae. It's topped with whipped cream, sprinkles, and CARAMEL POPCORN. Decadent!

Anonymous said...

Joran - AMEN!! Preach it!!

As much as I LOVE Todd (he is SO hot)...I HATE Todd & Blair too. I am SO over them. Todd & Tea are great together.

So good to spend my Tuesday morning with you and Ashley.


Mel Got Served said...

Jenny, your post just reminded me. SOD's website asks which OLTL couple do you hope will last? Clint & Nora, Todd & Tea, or Rex & Gigi? I voted Todd & Tea. Wrong again! Rex & Gigi are winning with 76%. Seriously? How can you not want to see how Gigi and Schulyer could play out? I get not wanting Rex with Stacy, but Gigi/Schuyler has some promise. Who the hell is voting for these polls?

Laura said...

From Nelson Branco -
How is Robin Strasser celebrating her 30th year as devious Dorian on One Life to Live? By pretending to be a lesbian and marrying a woman!

I can't wait this should be good. I am sure the previous Carlotta is really glad she's gone now!

Read the whole article, Dorian is upset Vicki gets the GBLT vote, so she one ups her by pretending to be gay and has 30 couples get married. I can't believe it's been 30 years. Boy do I feel old.

Saw a few minutes of AMC, I like Madison as an actress. But how stupid is it for Zach to let Kendall be with Aidumb. Nothing on this show makes sense. Jamie Lunar's hair and skin are the same color. If they put her in orange clothes on an orange background, she wouldn't even show up. I think she is Queen Oompa Loompa.

I must have missed why they let Annie come to this in an ankle bracelet. And she gets to go to the bathroom alone? Redic all of it. Fire Pratt/ Fire Frons. Put us out of our misery.

Anonymous said...

Mel - agreed. Who the heck is voting??

Rex and GiGi & Victoria and JT on Y&R - - two real life couples who have ABSOLUTELY NO chemistry on screen.

I hated Schyler when he came on, but LOVE him with GiGi. He is a great actor that has really won me over.


Crystal said...

I really should not watch AMC and then immediately start watching OLTL. When you go from Clodumbo taking the TV out of the room to David Vickers saying Step-Nora within the span of two minutes it reinforces the breadth of the chasm that has been forming between these two shows.

I watched the stinking pile of manure that was today's show. Of course, Clodumbo figured it all out and, Kendall got a sitter for the baby, over to fusion, and back home with out anyone else seeing her. What, did the neighbors just hand over Ian to Aidumb? Had she just left him on the porch, rang the doorbell and ran?
Petie and Natalia have been sharing the same wardrobe for a while now but, why were they both wearing gray vests. Speaking of, why was Annie wearing some Fashion Bug dress. The fashion on these episodes stinks almost as much as the plot.
Ugh, I have to run and make dinner. I will say one more thing.

SHAME, SHAME, SHAME on ABC, AMC and Pratthole for not plugging a real charity! Would it kill them to at least put up a phone number.

Norn Cutson said...

Darbi has posted her interview with Chrishell!

download the EVERYTHING ACTING podcast thru itunes or just click here!

Tasha from Brooklyn, NY said...

Hi! Missed you and hope all is well I still a Zendall fan until the end and if you want to see a controling man look at Victor on Y&R.

Listen to the podcast and yes AMC is a hot mess right now and OLTL is on fire but it wasn't always that way. There were years that OLTL was a hot mess anyone remember Eterna or Vicky going to heaven. It is only recently that OLTL has made a comeback. In the early 2000's people weren't feeling OLTL. So each soap goes up and down. I do hope that they do hire Pratt and Crapruthers.

I will miss Guiding Light but really if you want to talk trainwreck GL was the perfect example especially when they started that Tammy and Jonathan mess. How to first cousins can get together and the family doesn't mind is beyond me.

Laura said...

Enjoyed Darbi's podcast. Liked how she said she knew about the move, how come the AMC cast didn't? It was on here and DC. Also I bet the actor who said he was ready to go to Calif in 12 hours was Aidumb. Nice shoutout to our friend Norn, and this podcast. Thanks for sharing.

Arizonagal said...

Shadow I am dying, i'm laughing too hard, I loved your description of ass cracks as crevices where germs and viruses can fester and grow unnoticed until... until... well ick.

On DWTS eeew, Macy, you are one scary chick. JordAsh may I steal one of your descrptions and call her a hot tranny mess? Is she always this spaced out? I don't really know who the hell she is. Kelly Osborne was a total surprise, the chick is cute and she can dance. Donny Osmond was pretty good last night, though I think the men's field is a bit weaker than the women's.

well, off to watch my soaps, one less starting this week, now I only have to watch AMC and OLTL... sigh.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else noticed that Ricky Paul Gouldin is getting a little chubby?


Arizonagal said...

Okay Chuck Pratt. In an effort to ease you out of this position for which you woefully unqualified, I went to CraigsList to check out some jobs I think you can handle:

Dental Receptionist
Part time pest control tech
cake/cookie decorator
French horn teacher
Positions at the Love Club
Freelance make up consultant
shopping cart wrangler
Coffee bitch
Bikini car washer

Take your pick Chuck. I am here to help. True happiness is having the ability to do a job well, so you must be miserable. The bloggers here at the PVPcast care and want you to succeed at something. So Chuck, give us a call. We care.

Shadow said...

Great podcast. So many useful, simple observations made by Ashley and Jordan that a thoughtful writer would take into consideration. Case in point: Jordan's explanation of the "Trouble with Taylor" as I call it. She started out as a tomboy soldier girl with a very discernable point of view, now she's more of non-descript suburban former beauty queen. She is a non-character character who morphs as necessary to fill a plot point.

With such little effort Pratt could put incorporate of few of JordAsh's comments into the writing. Such little effort would result in such huge gains for the show. Imagine how much better it would be if Taylor just had a personality and consistent characterization. Unfortunately, I don't think TPTB really hear the voices of reason. Maybe with a dash of Melrose-ian shock value, we'll get his attention.

We may not have to call in sick or cut class to watch anymore, we've taken it to the next level with fansites and blogs that tell them exactly what we're looking for. This is an incredible focus group for them and doesn't cost them a dime!

We've pled politely.

We've told him to suck it.

We double dutched ovened him.

We've petitioned.

He's been called every name in the book, Pratthole, UpChuck, etc.

He's even been compared to a Wart and Hemorrhoid.

He's been parodied by PrattFalls.

And yet he's still Head Writer. GL is gone. That means AMC just moved one notch down the bottom of the ratings ladder. The ratings spike he enjoyed with the Hubbards return, tornado and Rianca, are history. The entire cast is hoofing around in a room at Fusion doing lame imitations of the Hand Jive.

Soap Fans Unite!! We need messages coming from every soap site on the net--Daytime Confidential, Pine Valley Bulletin, AMC Superposter of the Year, PrattFalls, Eye On Soaps, everybody! Work those petitions. Send those comments to ABC. Let our voices be heard before it's too late!!


And I love it when the podcast goes long and you talk about whatever pops into your heads, AMC, OLTL or otherwise.

Anonymous said...

If anyone is looking for a Y&R podcast:

It is hosted by two ladies. They aren't as funny as Ashley & Jordan, but they have alot of history with the show and it is definitely worth a listen.

Again, they don't compare to Ashley & Jordan...but then, who can? :-)


jordan hudson said...

Monday at 10:00 AM here in NYC it finally hit me as I turned my TV on and there was The Price is Right on. It really happened. Sigh.

Thank God I have OLTL , Y&R and reruns of RH on Soap Net. ATWT and AMC continue to fight for worst Soap that I watch. Honestly these two shows are taking lessons from each other.

I will say this I like Brot and Natalia together. I could get into rooting for them as a couple. they were certainly the only thing beside the two brief Scott scenes and Annie being so funny that I enjoyed.

Anonymous said...

Ash and Jordan, thanks so much for taking the time to do the podcast. As much as you guys make my week, and get me through work, I know you guys have lives.

Ashley, your most important job is being a mommy to those babies right now, and I am sure you are supermom. And Jordan, I know all your johns keep you busy...just kidding, I know you're not really an!

But for real guys, thanks for podcasting, especially when the show is so horrible right now. I do enjoy you guys talking about other shows, especially OLTL and MAd Men.

Also, the blog is fun too. I enjoy Shadow, Arizonagal, Mel, and a lot of others who make it fun to come here.

Crystal said...

Mel, that sundae does look good. I love the Dole whips. I tried to put a picture up of me with one but, it won't show up. If you click on me it should show up. We go to WDW at least once a year and last year we went to Disneyland and we loved it! My 4 year old is big for his age and can ride most of the bigger rides so he loves it. He just keeps talking about riding Test Track at EPCOT again. 8)

AMC, I have nothing to say to you. I am giving you the silent treatment until you apologize to me. hmmmmph

Crystal said...

Hey, now my pic is showing up...I am a goof.

Mel Got Served said...

My mouth is watering for a Dole Whip now!

Crystal said...

You know what else I just noticed? They took away Annie's bangs!
A. the weave can only be on one head at a time and Angie has senority.
B. Pratt is punishing us for our, ever so slight, mocking. ;)

This show is boooooooooooring today. bleh.

Shadow said...

You mean Annie was wearing a hairpiece? Those bangs weren't real? I feel deceived.

Anonymous said...

On Y&R, I am a Jack fan, but he seriously needs some teeth whitening.


Laura said...

Oh my God I hope Chuck Pratt wasn't watching Oprah with MacKenzie Phillips today. I could see him stealing the I had consensual sex with my Dad story for ratings. I can see it now, Annie catches Adam and Coldby together, and his character is so bad, nobody is upset he fires David Canary.

I don't want to make fun of a horrible story, but these hacks take these bad plotlines wherever they can get them.

Laura said...

Breaking news. You can through out the Aidenator!

Just saw this on facebook. can confirm that actor Aiden Turner was given notice today that his character, Aidan Devane, will not be written past his current contract.

From the official statement: “Mr. Turner’s departure is storyline dictated. Given AMC's upcoming move to Los Angeles, we wanted to give Mr. Turner advance notice so he could plan accordingly. Mr. Turner is a talented actor and we wish him well.”


Laura said...

I was so surprised about what should have happened years ago, I meant to say throw. I guess I was just thinking he was through. Maybe now they can afford to fly Jill Larson out.

This must be scaring some of the other contract players. I guess whoever he was sleeping with is in New York!

Dianne said...

Yes, Ashley and Jordan, we are listening and thank you for the podcast. Although we realize that AMC isn't much of a motivation for you guys to go to the time and trouble to do a podcast, we really appreciate it. Misery loves company, especially when the company is as clever and as-toot as you two!

btw, when is someone going to step up to the plate and give Jake the dope slap he keeps begging for??

Mel Got Served said...

Back to hair modeling for Aiden! But seriously, this photo is in my best friend's mom's salon:

(And yes, the woman in it is Howard Stern's wife Beth)

While I wish no one unemployment, in the 5 or so years I've watched, I've never seen a point for this character other than to put him in a relation that helps write off another actress.

Someone else that has no SL and needs to go? COLBY.

Tasha from Brooklyn, NY said...

Shadow what is below AMC is ATWT. Trust me ATWT is the next to go

Shadow said...

Mel, that picture is hilarious! He's a good looking guy and he has good hair. He should pursue non-speaking work.

Laura, your news made me smile. No comment on Aiden Turner, a new dad, but the AMC Aiden blows as a character. It's so overdue. He's been gone for weeks and his absence made absolutely no difference in the show good or bad. Harsh maybe, but true.

Tasha, who knows which if any of them will go next. Funny listening to the Primetime Emmys. Everyone was joking about the demise of broadcast network TV. None of it makes sense. I would like to see AMC perch itself atop of the pack and stay out of the fray, but the writing has to change. Pratt needs to move on.

Tyrone, thanks for the nice comment!


I really don't have to watch anything new but somehow I manage. I caught the last half of Cougar Town. Pretty funny. I guess anything about getting through your 40s speaks to me right now.

Eastwick was interesting. Rebecca Romijn is just ridiculously hot. This is the first time I've like Lindsay Price since her AMC days as An Li Chen Bodine. She actually had some personality. An Li never looked like that either. And racks aside, it really was an interesting show.

Anybody hear much about Fast Forward? Sounds interesting.

Really jazzed about Curb Your Enthusiasm and the Seinfeld Reunion.

Mel Got Served said...

Shadow, tell me you didn't skip Modern Family? HI-LAR-IOUS! Best new comedy this year by far. I think you'd like it to, since it's about families and I'm sure you can relate to it. I'm calling it now: the guy who plays the self described "cool dad" will be nominated for an Emmy for this role- he's spot on.

discodan said...


miss u guys....

Arizonagal said...

Okay, someone pinch me, I was just reading that Gina Tognoni is indeed going to OLTL to reprise Kelly. If this is true, it's the best soap news ever. Anyone else here this? Anyone? anyone? anyone?

Shadow said...

DISCODAN! Where you been? How's school? You gotta stop by more often and give Jordan something to argue about! We miss you too buddy.

Shadow said...

Watching nature videos about sand crabs would be more entertaining than this stupid dance-a-thon. More like crap-a-thon or suck-a-thon or wasting-my-time-a-thon.

The Twist, Really? Poor Agnes Nixon must be horrified. How bored would you have to be to watch this drivel? No skimpy outfits or flashy sets. Madison skulking around. I keep waiting for the "scary music" to que every time she steps into the screen. And where the hell is Erica? This is supposed to be her thing.

Shadow said...

And so far two 2! head wounds! Can't somebody just twist an ankle, suffer a little tennis elbow or get a little gassy? Does it always have to be blunt force trauma to the head?

Shadow said...

Who's the girl in the back with her shorts up her crack?

Unknown said...

OMG! I can't wait for Ashley and Jordan's comments on Aidumb's departure! This may call for a very special episode of the PVP!!!! How long have you guys been asking for him to be fired? Your prayers are finally answered! Here's hoping that Rancid and Colby are not far behind!

Mel Got Served said...

Daytime Confidential is saying Jared from OLTL is being let go as well. And yes, Gina Tognoni is returning to OLTL, as is Cassie Kramer (that chick was who Jesse's "lovah" while he was away from Angie on AMC)

Laura said...

I love Gina T. OLTL is the best soap on ABC. But the bad news is I hear she wants to work with Michael Easton. Maybe she can do something for this character.

I am so psyched up for the Dorian fake lesbian storyline. I love my Robin Strasser. I guess she wants David to play gay and he says no. That's his primetime gig.

At the nearby beauty school they also had a picture of Aiden Turner. I hope he can support his family, but seeing him on the soap this week made me realize he needed to go.

One down, many more to go, starting with Pratt.

Welcome back Dan, hope school is going good.

discodan said...

I've been good guys. Mizzou is fantastic and I really love it here, but it's definitely kept me busy. Let's just say that I havent seen AMC since August 16ish.... wat have I missed? prolly not a lot... I heard about the Dance-a-thon though.... let's just say David Canary told me to tell Chuck that even if you have crap dance, it's still crap.

I also, unfortunately, have not seen OLTL since then either. I've been forced to choose one soap, because that's all I have time for, and I have to choose GH. It's my baby.... always a special spot in my heart. But I am hoping to tune back in when Mitch gets back on OLTL. Maybe he can finally off Jared the way that Jared off'd Nash. I've never been able to forgive that jerk.

I am excited to report though, that Brot is getting a ton of airtime in Oct though... I'm just sad I have to miss his upcoming romance with Natalia. That could be really hot.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Yay! A new podcast. I love it when I get to hear your thoughts on AMC and it makes me feel like a celebrity when my name is mentioned. haha

As for AMC, Shadow you have so eloquently put into words everything that I am feeling about this show.. so I really have no more to say on it except that Chuck Pratt is indeed the anal wart on the ass of All My Children (this might just be my new favorite quote.. ever)

Aidumb is gone at last! He's gone at last! Thank God Almighty! He is gone at last!
I read this exciting news on Daytime Confidential last night before bed and let's just say I had a WONDERFUL night sleep.

As someone said earlier, this upcoming Halloween episode is going to suck more than that Chicken Dance crap and it is going to be worse than Passion. I want to put money on it because I know I would win BIG.

Oh and I agree with you Jordan, I am liking the Brot/ Natalia thing. He makes he less boring.

Moving on...
Did anyone watch Modern Family and Cougar Town last night? I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by both of them. Modern Family was just down right hysterical from the start. And Cougar Town all though starting off slow, found it's stride and I was glad that I was like "Hey, it's Monica from Friends" throughout the whole thing. Both really solid comedies in my opinion and I can't wait till next week.

As for Dancing With the Stars, I thought this season was going to be UBER boring, but I find myself rooting for Kelly Osbourne. She is doing so well out of the gate and I think it is great that she has found happiness and sobriety. It's just funny that is once foul-mouthed teenager is kicking ass at the Viennese Waltz.

And last, but not least. Discodan, welcome back! And you go to Mizzou? I have a lot of friends who go there! Hope you are getting you studies done and not partying too hard because I know how good old CoMo can be. haha

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

* WASN'T like "Hey, It's Monica from Friends"

I need to proof read.

Terry in Toronto said...

I wish I was still interested enough in AMC to celebrate that they're finally getting rid of Aidumb.

Mackenzie Phillips on Oprah was truly heartbreaking. That certainly explains all the addiction issues and erratic behaviour over the years.

discodan said...

LOL Casey, CoMo is a fun town....

but yeah, my studies come first...

Crystal said...

Dear Aiden Turner, please do not fret over your recent unemployment. Once you leave AMC your acting skills will at least triple and you will get some primo rolls. Maybe you will even win an award. If it does fail maybe you can be on Tyra's model show. She has short girls this season so I am thinking men will not be too far behind.

Anonymous said...

Still listening, but did not need to hear that gawd awful theme song that GL decided to go down with it. Ugh!

J.albi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
J.albi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shadow said...

My take on Mackenzie Phillips is a little different. She's like the new Michael Jackson. She's everywhere! I saw her interviewed this morning first by Meredith and later by Al Roker. Granted, her life has been rough, but the only time I ever see her is when she has some nasty revelation about herself that she is publicizing "to raise public consciousness of this very real issue affecting America". I wish she would shut up. Talk to her doctor. Talk to a friend. But I don't think the world needs to know she and her Dad did the horizontal pokey for 10 years. I don't think it's an overwhelming national issue. He was wrong. It was wrong. No debating that. At some point she was wrong too. She wasn't 5. She's not getting the press for educational purposes, she's getting press because of the salacious, celebutrashy nature of the people involved and to sell books. I don't mean to sound judgmental, I really am not. I just hate it when celebrities try to turn their problems "into issues affecting all of America" for some absolution. Pray for that, meditate, get therapy, whatever, but deal privately and responsibly like we do without feeding the tmz madness that has taken hold of this country.

Sorry, I think maybe I have been temporarily possessed by Rush Limbaugh or Fox News or something.

discodan said...

Easy on the Fox News crack, there Shadow. I may be gone now and then, but I can still argue. Conservatives say HOLLA! LOL

jason said...

Ms.CaseyShameless I went to the Britney concert last night!! Britney was great! Me and my friend made made Its Britney bitch t-shirts, they were hugely popular lol. I love Britney!! :D

AIDUMB GOT FIRED! fourth best new that amc got! First would be pratt hole, then Craphuthers, then, Frons getting the axe. lol it's about time.

(I reposted this because I was under the wrong Google Account.)

Whose going to watch Flash Foward tonight!?

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Jason! Wasn't it amazing!! Haha she is my idol for sure. I love me some Lady Gaga, but nobody can ever come close to my Britney.. And that is such a good idea for shirts! My friend and I were trying to think of shirts to make when we went back in April and "It's Britney Bitch" didn't even cross our minds.. Wow, so simple yet so amazing. haha. I am really in shock that we didn't even think of that.. However, I am glad that you were able to experience her live in concert!

I meant to mention this earlier, but did anyone watch The Good Wife? Not at all what I expected, but I loved it!

Arizonagal said...

So Aidan Turner gets fired. WTF? They finally realized after 5000 episodes and 8 years on AMC that the guy can't act? Don't get me wrong, it's a step, a baby step, in the right direction but it's BS that it takes TIIC that long to make this monumental decision.

Shadow said...

From quoting an interview with Jill Larson about the move. She said: "There is a real sadness. Half of the people who have worked on the show all these years, we will be leaving them behind, and it’s heartbreaking. I just don’t know. I feel like I want to look upon it as an opportunity for the show, and hopefully it will prove to be a successful venture."

She said "we" will be leaving. Wonder if that means she really is going?

Jason, I missed FlashForward tonight but have it set to record tomorrow. Was it good?

Jordan, did you catch Heroes premier Monday? Again, I recorded it but haven't seen it yet. I wonder if it's any better this season?

AMC, Ugh. I sped thru Monday-Thursday. Pitiful. That's all I have to say about that.

And Mackenzie Phillips is going to be on Oprah AGAIN! This time with Chyna. Geez, give it a rest already! I liked her so much better when she was hawking zit cleanser. At least that was helpful.

Mel Got Served said...

This Mackenzie Phillips stuff is reminding me of when Marcia Brady aka Maureen McCormick wrote a book and suddenly had all these scandals to spill. I'm not calling Mackenzie a liar or anything, and I think what she went through is absolutely tragic and scarring, but it's just TMI and media overload.

Maureen McCormick on the other hand- well I think she exaggerated a lot of her stories to sell a good book. But that's the past!

I just watched Cougar Town and it was better than I expected. I look forward to seeing what the future holds. If you want huge laughs, please watch tonight's It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I literally fell off my couch laughing.

jason said...

Ms.CaseyShameless this was my fifth time going to a Britney concert lol, she was the first concert I ever went to wayyy back in 2001. She puts on one hell of a show. Britney is my idol too! I have pics of the shirt, that I'll post soon. I like Lady Gaga but it's annoying me that people are calling her the princess of pop after one album. She has years to go. I do want to go to Gaga's new tour even though I can't stand Kanye West.

Shadow I have Flashfowarded recorded, haven't had a chance to watch it!
I'm watching Eastwick right now, and so far it's good, kind of reminders me of Desperate Housewives.

jordan hudson said...

Well so much to talk about. This Wednesday's OLTL is why this show is the best Daytime Drama on the air and should win next year and for writing as well. A beautifully written episode titled Fathers & Sons. ( Love that OLTL does that) Where the episode is character driven scenes. Brilliance. From Marco's dad over hearing Bo & David. Matthew & Bo. Fish and his father. Todd and Jack. Then for good measure they throw in Tea & Vicki, I have always loved Erika when she is working opposite Florencia. They play well off each other. When all was said and done I felt like I had watch a mini movie.

I wont miss Jared. He's attractive and a good actor but the character ehh! More excited to know that Gina will be back as Kelly. Love me my Kramer women, Now if they can Get Adrianna back. OLTL does have a big cast but somehow everyone is always used somehow.

AMC Wednesday had a really great line. When Madison called Angie Mother Hubbard. Madison is delicious to watch. It is so sad thou that the character and the actress is not being used to her potential. I rather see FRankie with Madison then RANCID!

Aidumb gone....ABOUT F-ING TIME!

Y&R is so bloody good. Those Abbots rock and The Chancelors.

Eastwick was better then I thought it would be. Now mind you I never saw the movie or read the book so I have nothing to compare it to. It was entertaining. That's all I ask of a show.

I did see accidentally on purpose. I liked the concept. Not a big Jenna Elfman fan but love Ashley Jensen, Jon Foster and Grant Show. Did not laugh once. The laugh track did not help matters.

Modern Family thou had me laughing from beginning to end. Best New Comedy hands down. Not since Better off Ted last year have I been this excited about a comedy show.
Cougar town has great potential thought it was great. It will get even better. It also has the hottest man on earth who plays her young guy Matt,David Clayton Rogers. Hope he ill be on again. He is the love child of Adam Mayfield and Luke Mcfarlane.

One Tree Hill still rocks for me. Flash Forward was good. Did not grab me from the beginning the way that Lost did. ( that one segment looked like they were trying to do Lost) Yet by the end I was hooked. Love me some Peyton and Sonya. Joesph Feinnes is FINE so I'm there.
Heroes I have to go online so forgot to set the DVR.
Grey's is on the DVR.

GLEE WEDNESDAY, turning point episode for me. This episode showed the true depth and potential and that Glee is not a one trick pony.

NEW York Paper reviewed the Movie Fame. Headline LAME! too easy but still laughed.

Mel Got Served said...

If there is no Bruno Martelli or Leroy Johnson, there is no Fame! Deep down, I'd love for this movie to be good, but I know how watered-down this version will be. I doubt it's going to show the grit and harsh reality of the original, like Coco being manipulated, Ralph's alcohol and drug addiction, etc. It'll be Youtube, Texting, and sex with each other. Yaaaawn.

I haven't watched Grey's yet. That show's on it's last leg for me. I just don't find a single character likable (except Bailey, maybe Christina). I think I watch Grey's so I can go Mystery Science Theater 3000 on it and bash it aloud.

Did everyone here about the Sweet Valley High movie? I've been assembling a dream cast in my head. Katie Cassidy as Elizabeth/Jessica, Finn from Glee as Todd, Leighton Meister or Jessica Lowndes from 90210 as Lila, Nathan from One Tree Hill as Bruce Patman... I'm pretty stoked for this movie! Then I heard Barbie is going to be a movie and then I got bitter!

jordan hudson said...

Mel that was the problem with Fame according to the review I read. Not real. I think they are aiming for the high school musical crowd. Boring and such an insult to the original movie. Even the new version of Fame is horrid. Okay it's not horrid but it sure ain't no Irene Carea.

Yes I heard about Diablo doing Sweet Valley High. And yes Damm it I'll admit it I use to read the books. Loved them but never quite understand why when they make movies or TV shows about books they feel the need to change the whole concept. The series was such a disappointment. A show could be great if they followed the Books.

Mel Got Served said...

If "Hot Lunch" and "Body Electric" aren't in the movie, I wouldn't go to begin with. I still get a little verklempt during "Body Electric" when all parts sing it at once, and when they break it down. Ahhh I might have to spend 3 1/2 hours watching the original tonight- or 2 1/2 if I skip past the Ralph Garcie stuff.

The only thing from the trailer that looks good about Fame is the dancing. But you're so spot on Jordan: they want it to be HSM, but that's not what Fame was about. It's more of a "I need to be famous and will do whatever it takes" and that darker tone- sort of like what new Melrose is doing. What measures would you take to get what you want?

Since Diablo Cody has said she's a huge fan and fought for this movie, I'm putting a lot of faith in her. Sounds like she really knows all the crazy plotlines- and at least she's keeping it in the 80s. I personally always wanted to adapt my favorite Nancy Drew into a movie (Nancy Drew Files #51 A Model Crime), which sort of was like Miss Congeniality where Bess was in a sabotaged modeling pageant for a magazine, but then the studios released that hot mess that wouldn't appeal to anyone. And giving her that homely kid as a sidekick (Nancy's sidekicks were Bess and George- no one else!) was a trainwreck.

Same thing with Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. For years I've been bouncing that idea around to people I know, but in my version, I wanted it to be a live action movie where it was more of a disaster movie. The commercials for it look cute and enjoyable, but in that book, it's a disaster- homes a ruined, etc. I know they needed an origin story for why the weather happened, etc. but I say don't mess with that classic.

Crystal said...

Adam just told Annie to dance with Scott. Bring on the tango!

Watched Flash Forward last night. I am not sure about it yet.

Glee was FABULOUS! Loved Mike O'Malley as Kurt's dad. I hope we see more of him. I would love to see him in a triangle with Emma and Will.

discodan said...

Does anyone else think that Jared might be working with Mitch? And that Brian Frons is peeing on Carlivati's leg to write out Jared in order to reunite John and Natalie, which is a terrible idea?

Just a thought....

Bxgal said...

The Beautiful Life: TBL has been CANCELLED!

wow... that was fast. still haven't watched it on my dvr.

was it good anybody??

Anonymous said...

Have the flu tonight, so was going to catch up on my TV watching. I guess I won't bother with Beautiful Life!!

Misha Barton wasn't believable anyway. She is NOT pretty enought to be a supermodel.

I am attempting to start watching B&B. DVR'ed it all week - - it is worth it to get into? Someone please tell me.


Mel Got Served said...

The Beautiful Life had less than a million viewers this week. I almost wish it got one more week to see how low it could go!

My theory is Melrose will stay on until Locklear- if she doesn't help ratings, that'll be gone too. The CW as a network has a lot more bombs than success stories. But of course, teen girls will watch just about anything with vampires. And while I love Gossip Girl, I do have a bone to pick about one thing. I know GG dominates in new media, like online streaming, iTunes, etc. but in terms of ratings, Veronica Mars' ratings were slightly higher than Gossip Girl's have always been, and yet Dawn Ostroff used ratings as a reason to cancel Veronica. Just saying/playing devil's advocate. I'm in marketing, so I know the business angle, but I think it's funny that they constantly have to defend GG's poor ratings, when they cancelled my amazing Veronica for those reasons.

Watched FlashForward tonight. It wasn't mind-blowing like the 1st Lost, but I'm very intrigued and will tune in again and see if I'd like to keep learning more. I was shocked when I saw the babysitter and realized it was Jane from Mad Men! She looks so different in modern day clothes, hair, and makeup.

And Dollhouse is back! Let's hope this ratings deprived show can get some help. Creatively, the end of last season was great so I hope it found its groove and can stick around. But putting it still on Friday nights seems like a deathwish.

Shadow said...

Hey Jenny, Hope you are feeling better soon!

jason said...

Not surprised but still upset about The Beautful Life. I really liked the first episode, should I even bother with the second episode?

Jared annoyed me, so I could care less he's going, but he is very hot lol. I wish Natalie was leaving too.

DancingElf88 said...

Caught up on OLTL. I love Brody and Jessica. They make me smile.
Jared is hot but I don't much care for his character or Natalie to be honest.
I liked John's convo with Fish. They work as friends.
David and Dorian are always priceless. I love how he was just chowing down on that big ass sandwich throughout the whole episode.
Tea was GORGEOUS! Please let them be married. I loved the little manning moment Todd had with Starr and Jack. That Jack is so awesome...his best man toast made me giggle. I want Blair and Ross together. They have chemistry, Michael Lowry is attractive and Blair needs a guy other than Todd. besides Todd and Tea so belong together.
I tried not to like Christian and Layla who looked BEAUTIFUL, but I'm starting to warm up to them.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Jason, you are so lucky you have seen Britney live 5 times. I have only seen her the once, but I have the "Dream Within a Dream Tour: Live in Las Vegas" on DVD and even on film it's amazing. Did you get to see that one live because if so I am SUPER jealous lol.

As for The Beautiful Life and I can't say I'm surprised it's already been canceled. It just did have "it". I don't know there was really nothing there IMO. But, I do like Sara Paxton and I hope she goes on to do bigger and better things..
As for Mischa Barton, now there's a tranny mess. haha

jason said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jason said...

Ms. Casey Shameless, yes Dream within Dream was my first ever concert, and it was amazing. I still have the tour book and t-shirt. I remember wanting to cry when I first saw Britney rise up, I did tear up back when I first saw the Circus tour back in April, lol I'm a crazy fan! I hear they're filming her concert this weekend in Vegas and her new song "3" is suppose to come out on Tuesday can't wait!

So I watched Eastwick, Modern Family, and Cougar Town. Modern Family was funny but not as funny as I thought it would be, I think it got over hyped for me, still loved it though, and they shot it at my local mall.
Eastwick was much better then I thought it was going to be, I was expecting it to be more cheesy. I'm happy to see Sara Rue back on tv.
Cougar Town was funny even though I'm not a Courtney Cox fan.
I just have to watch Mercy and FlashForward now.

Laura said...

I'm glad you Britney fans enjoyed her live, I almost forgot I saw her myself about 10 years ago when she first came out. I took my daughter. It wasn't the best concert, but she has improved a lot. I also took my daughter to see Destiny's Child, Nellie, Pink, Lenny Kravitz and a lot of other groups like Train, Maroon 5 and John Mayer. I miss going to concerts with her. At 20 she doesn't want to go to concerts with Mom.

I'm showing my age but one of my all time favorite concerts was Tina Turner. She could rock it. Bette Midler was also good. I wonder if Britney and some of the others will still be performing at this age.

I also like new music, I want to see Mary J. Blige so bad.

My AMC comment, Rancid was out acted by Coleeen on Y&R this week, even though she was brain dead with no hope of survival. If that happened to Rancid, how long would it take to tell?

My goal to get rid of Aidumb has come to a close, next it's Rancid and of course Pratt and Frons.

Shadow said...

Laura said, " Rancid was out acted by Coleeen on Y&R this week, even though she was brain dead with no hope of survival. If that happened to Rancid, how long would it take to tell?"


Mel Got Served said...

Daytime Confidential is reporting a rumor that Beth Ehlers is leaving AMC; AMC is going to continue Brot and Natalia, so he'll be staying. I guess TPTB are looking to re-pair Tad and Krystal.

I'm sooo glad Brot is staying. I see him as a character with a lot of potential. I think Taylor's introduction was botched since day 1 and I just didn't see her becoming a staple of Pine Valley.

With this rumor in mind, who else do you think they might cut? I'm thinking Pete and Colby for sure. They bring absolutely nothing in towards of story (and for 1 of those 2, nothing in terms of acting- you can guess which one)

discodan said...

For you GH fans out there, Jamey Giddens posted a picture that I photoshopped and edited on DC's page. I think you will all appreciate it. LOL

So glad Brot's staying. JR Martinez is a legit actor, who is universally loved. I cannot believe there was ever any question that AMC would get rid of him, then again, they arent too bright there (ask Colin Egglesfield)

Laura said...

I would like to see a good California actor paired with Tad to boost the ratings. Lynn Herring would be excellent. I was never a big Diedre Hall fan, but maybe she could bring in the ratings.

But more than a good actor we need good writers. Word is that Beth Ann Bonner is going to AMC, could she be the new Greenlee, or a recast for someone else. I like her as an actress.

Shadow, glad you liked my Rancid comment. How I wrap my mind around her is to think of her as "special". The folks on Daytime Confidential say that Baby doesn't know where she's at!

Now that I think of it, Beth Ann Bonner would be hot with Frankie. He is wasted on her.

A little cougar action with Victoria Rowell would be good too. I can just see her and Debbi Morgan going against each other!

Ashley said...

For those of you that are wondering: really, really enjoyed FlashForward, meh on Modern Family, and LOVED Cougartown!

I thought Modern Family was ruined by all of the promos - you knew exactly what was coming next. But I did love "The Lion King" intro of the adopted Asian baby - pretty gat-damned funny. But everything else? I dunno - I'm over that brunette Charo chick. I'm just not huge on network TV, and with Arrested Development as my Holy Grail standard, most network family-centered sitcoms don't do much for me.

But Cougartown?? Maybe it's because I'm around the same demographic, but I thought it was stylish and funny! I loved Courtney Cox, loved the father, thought the son was fun, the next-door neighbors were great.... I also loved that they didn't try to pass off Courtney Cox as unattractive. (That always bugs me about soaps. These women are super gorge, and no men ever seem to notice the incredible hotness round them.) The father mowing the lawn at the kids high school, the junior high students masturbating to Courtney Cox's picture... I hope it does well.

Haven't seen much else - Curb was decent, I'm LOVING!!!!!!!!! MAD MEN!!!!!!!!, and enjoying DWTS thoroughly! I haven't seen Eastwick - my "Slings & Arrows" man is on there looking incredibly hot. During nursing sessions with the twins, the View entertains, but I'm more into "Millionaire" then AMC, unfortunately. It's sad state for our little show.

Terry in Toronto said...

For all those Jane Lynch fans, there's an article in the NYTimes

Terry in Toronto said...

Hey Guys,

I saw Fame and it's a pale watered-down imitation of the original. The writing is weak although the cast do a decent job with the lame material they're given.

Saw and liked The Good Wife Ms Casey. I thought it would be a Chris Noth show and was disappointed when I realized that he was only guest starring but I got into it pretty quickly.

Glee is great and I love how they're so far out there and yet complicating the storylines. It's almost like a musical theatre soap.

Living for OLTL this week!

Mel Got Served said...

Without spoiling, I think I threw up in my mouth during tonight's Mad Men. I'll need to watch something else before bed for fear of nightmares.

Mel Got Served said...

PS Terry, thanks for the Fame review!

Mel Got Served said...

It's official: Soap Opera Digest says Beth Ehlers is out.

discodan said...

Anyone else smelling Bonner as a Mia recast? Pair her with Frankie and bring back their child. Great story potential