Monday, September 28, 2009

I don't know if "They Shoot Horses", but I hope "They Hire A New Head Writer"

I never saw “They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?”, but after watching "All My Children" last week I’m going to assume that movie really sucked.

Not being familiar with the film, I did some research. From what I can tell, it is a thoroughly depressing drama about the marathon dance craze of the Great Depression. Apparently, married couples and unacquainted social dancers alike would arduously swing and sway for hundreds of continuous hours for a cash reward. In “They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?”, the marathon dance acts as a central metaphor for the "dance" of life, and through the motions exists an everlasting berating, conspiracy, and competitive animosity. Only Pratthole would find inspiration in this flick.

If Pratt got anything right, it was the “thoroughly depressing” part, as last week’s episodes were the worst I’ve seen in the decades I’ve watched the show. In my version of hell this dance-a-thon would be playing on Hell-TV 24/7. Conceptually, it was a doomed from the start. In lieu of the “cash reward” common in the Depression era dance marathons, AMC offered a fake charity for real starving Africans. Couldn’t it at least have benefitted a fake charity with some tie to the show like the Miranda Center? Fake charity for real starving people just seems wrong.

Secondly, whatever happens at Fusion/ConFusion usually sucks, so cramming the entire cast into the place is like begging viewers to change the channel. I realize Pratt was trying to accommodate a budget issue, but nothing good ever happens at Fusion/ConFusion and he should know that by now. This is the point in the blog where I would normally make a joke about the legions of characters who have been assaulted at ConFusion or how odd everyone looks with the ConFusion lights shining up their nostrils, but seriously the most ridiculous, ludicrous things happen in this set so again, using this set as the focus of the story set it up for certain failure. Why not have some moving memorial to the town’s history and rise from the destruction of the tornado? It would have been a chance to utilize all the vets we love and may not see much of anymore. Instead we had Adam, Jessie and half the male population of Pine Valley acting their scenes in the women’s restroom at ConFusion. The WOMEN'S restroom! Ridiculous!

Third, I guess Pratt thinks “the dance of life” and “everlasting berating, conspiracy, and competitive animosity” means women duking it out in the crapper. If there was ever a sign of how low this show has sunk under Pratt’s pen, it was the moment the show’s beloved heroine Erica Kane, at 62, apparently stuffed Annie’s head in a toilet. We didn’t actually see Erica cleaning the bowl with Annie’s bangs, but it was pretty clear what happened. I’m assuming Annie doesn’t have a glandular problem we don’t know about that causes profuse sweating from the head. For one thing, Annie could beat Erica up with her lips so Erica throwing Annie around was absurd. For another, after the initial dunking, Annie continued dancing! Did it dawn on her or anyone else that she may have had urine or a piece of shit in her hair? I tell you why Adam passed out. Annie smelled like shit! I’m surprised Annie didn’t die from E-Coli!!!

Fourth, the dancing. Even the black people on this show dance like old white people. This was more Dork Dance-Off than Dancing With the Stars. In fact, there was only one star in attendance, namely Erica. Adam Chandler was more Steve Wozniak than Hélio Castroneves. And I’m assuming the rest of the world isn’t in the midst of a Petey craze, so I don’t think they could have raised $5 on local access let alone whatever they pretended to raise on national TV. I guess we should be grateful we didn’t have to watch Tad try to dance to “My Humps”. And what happened to all those pole dancing skills we saw a few years ago?

As for everything else, it was just varying degrees of shiteous. Erica and Krystal are new BFFs? Never. David, Jake and Amanda continue to make no sense. Whatever snap Jake and Amanda had is evaporating faster than the toilet water on Annie’s forehead. Adam gets light headed and sees a vision of Stuart and then decides to take a break? I would have exited stage left when my date came back from the bathroom with dingleberries in her hair! Madison walks in circles hurling insults at the nearest Hubbard and never once gets the back of Mother Hubbard's hand. Zach and Liza make out on TV and piss off how ever many few Zendall fans still exist out there. JR and Marissa dry hump on the roof but nobody at this huge fake charity event notices. Prisoner-in-hiding Kendall somehow slips past all the media unnoticed, sneaks into ConFusion, and nobody notices.

And as if things weren’t bad enough, Aidan returns.

But to show us that things can always be worse, McKenzie Phillips took over the airwaves with the bile inducing details of her incestuous affair with her father. I was able to keep it down during AMC, but this was too much. I threw up a little in my mouth. Between AMC and McKenzie, the whole week seemed less “Feed the World” and more “World Vomit Week” .

So now we hear that Aidan Turner is out. Rumors are flying that Beth Ehlers is leaving and Beth Ann Bonner is coming, but does any of it really matter as long as Pratthole is still head writer? There was absolutely nothing wrong with Beth Ehlers. She saw the writing on the wall and made a move from GL to AMC and AMC totally failed her. I don't begrudge her a thing. Her storyline sounded great but the execution was heinous. Remember Brot sneaking around the hospital with Colby, er Turdby? She never had a chance. She spoke out in frustration and she got shit-canned for it. Her failure is Pratt's failure and a missed opporturnity. RPG got a legacy character with tons of history. She got an ill defined, poorly imagined character Pratt special. Beth Ann Bonner, you are forewarned.

Thank goodness for the new TV season and all the stuff we can talk about that doesn't involve anyone McKenzie Phillips has had sex with or Chuck Pratt’s writing skills. We may call it the PVP, but it’s so much more. And with all of your astoot commentary, you give AMC and TPTB a chance to see that we care about and support well written, quality programming. So whether it’s OLTL or something else putting a smile on your face this season, all you have to do is let your fingers do the talking, right here.


DancingElf88 said...

Shadow you're awesome. I laughed so hard reading this. i agree with you. I seriously haven't watched AMC since Erica gave Annie a swirly. I just can't do it. I'm excited for OLTL though. I sincerely hope TnT get married.
Ooh and One Tree Hill is tonight. So excited.

discodan said...


Anonymous said...

I am not liking what I am reading on Daytime Confidential about OLTL!Nelso Branco and Canadian TVG is reporting that the show will most likely be canceled next year.

I really don't need to hear this right now. I almost want them to cancel All My Children. We don't need another talk show!

All My Children is a DISASTER! And now they got rid of 2 characters I like (Aidan and Taylor). I dunno what to do anymore, I am kind of bummed about this.

donna said...

Daytime Confidential is also reporting that Briana MonGRIEF (I can't help it, I always hear it the way Jordan says it) is out.

And Jamey wonders who the PVP will make fun of now. Hee.

Shadow said...

Dan? Where did Nelson run it?

Mel Got Served said...
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Mel Got Served said...

You beat me Donna! I LOL'ed at Jamey's comment, "Every time a hair model is fired, a blogger gets his wings."

Please let this be true!!!

Crystal said...

Breanna MonGreif is OUT. Hallelu!

Elizabeth said...

Yay! Aidumb and Coldby are gone!!!!!! Why is Rancid still around? Makes no damn sense!

discodan said...

Shadow, it's in the latest edition of the Soapgeist

Shadow said...

Dan: Nice work buddy!

Laura said...

I am glad the fivehead is leaving. But I wouldn't doubt if those people already had plans to move before they dumped them. They should have given them a heads up. But that would have been fair.

I am upset with the news OLTL may be cancelled. I think we need to start a campaign to save this show. Maybe the Podcast name should be changed, to help bring in some publicity. It does not surprise me, but greatly upsets me.

Shadow, loved your post, yeah that MacKenzie Phillips thing was pretty strange. I do believe her, because after James Frey, who would go on Oprah and lie about stuff in your book.

I see Jonathan Jackson is heading back to GH as Lucky. I like him, but I feel sorry for Greg Vaughn. He would be a Good C.J. on OLTL. Poor OLTL. Let's start getting people to watch this great show.

DancingElf88 said...

I'm also saddened that OLTL might go. Especially after today's show had me crying and dying of laughter. I loved Todd's vows at the wedding and Ross whisking Blair away on that boat. I love Kim and Stacey they make me laugh and Stacey had me feeling bad for her. Great show.

Anyone catch One Tree hill tonight? Loved it as per usual. Dan and Rachel are twisted but I like them together. I love that Daneel Harris. Alex is a good new addition to the show. Her ditziness amuses me but you know there is more to her. I want more Skillz though...I don't think they use him enough.

I saw the last 15 minutes of AMC. I like Brot and Natalia together. That Scott is hotness. Thank Jesus above this damn dance-a-thon is over. Ryan and Erica are GROSS! Ick! It's all in the context. He was heavily involved with her daughter and dumped manya time fpr Greenlee. Then he treated Greenlee like crap. After she left he got with Annie, lost his memory, and treated her like crap then got with Greenlee again. Do you see a pattern? Eww...

brtedi said...

Hey, Jordan!

I was just over at Second Chances, a Jeff Branson/Jonathan Lavery/Shayne Lewis fan message board.Under The GL forum, this question came up: Why did Reva refer to Josh as "Bud", in the finale?--

Most of the posters over at Second Chances were newer fans of GL, so none of us knew the possible history behind the nicname--Do you know why Reva called him "Bud"?

As far as AMC goes, this week, I've taken to turning on the show ---and then going to the kitchen for a sandwich. As long as the bore-a-thon continues, it doesn't bother me if I miss scenes. Wake me, when the dance marathon is over! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....


Anonymous said...

TMC is showing "They Shoot Horses..." as part of their Depression-Era themed movie month, & it looks horribly depressing and awful, much like AMC lately, ha. Poor Beth Ehlers & Aiden Turner! I'm enjoying Scott and a few other moments, but when will this be over? Did you see where Nelson B. said Kish, Todd, Blair, McBain, Star & Cole may be moved to AMC when they cancel OLTL?

Mel Got Served said...

I said on Twitter than if John McBain came to Pine Valley, him and Zach could have raspy voice-offs.

Someone responded saying they'd prefer John McBain on GH and pair him with Sam. I like the idea of that more than bringing him to AMC. I don't need another annoying brooder.

Just finished Gossip Girl. I must admit, I haven't been too excited this season compared to the past, but I think tonight was a great setup to the Gossip Girl drama. We'll see what happens! I still find Nate completely pointless- he's there for the eye candy factor. Even his new girlfriend is getting more of a SL than he is (as of tonight's episode).

jason said...

AiDUMB and Trollby fired in the same week!?!? Is Rancid next!?!?

Mad Men was awsome this week. Jeez Don was a DICK to both Peggy and Betty this week. I loved how we flash forwarded to scences ahead. I guess Don would get beat up by the hitch hikers, Peggy would sleep with Duck, but didn't guess Betty would buy the fainting chair.

I'm not grossed out as others that Peggy slept with Duck, but she can do better. I read this on the Mad Men TWOP forums: She fucked the duck. Lol

I watched FlashFowarded and it was awesome! I little slow and cheesy at first, but picked up and I can't wait to see where this show is going to go.

Terry in Toronto said...

I will be so upset if OLTL gets cancelled and AMC gets to stay on the air. This rumour better not be true. We need to get on this NOW to prevent a catastrophe worse than the hot mess that is Pratthole!

Crystal said...

Mel, if Thorston moves back to OLTL he can have his rasp-off with John there. 8)

Mel Got Served said...

Marty's type is clearly rasp-talkers.

Did anyone hear Jonathan Jackson is returning to GH as Lucky? HUGE. I think this is ABC's definitive answer in who they want Elizabeth with. Tough for Greg Vaughn. Personally, I thought him and Sam had great chemistry and I think they should've stuck with that.

PS Crystal, I found out you can buy Dole Whip mix directly from the manufacturer!!! I'm finding out if my little ice cream maker would work and then shelling out the cash!

Laura said...

Isn't the internet great?

Make Your Own Dole Whip

1qt Pineapple Juice (Dole Brand)
1tsp (tea spoon) Vanilla extract
3 cups whipping cream
3 cups sugar

Mix Pineapple juice and sugar until sugar is dissolved.

Add Cream and Vanilla

Poor mix into the Ice Cream Maker.
Add milk to the "Fill Line"

Follow directions for your Ice Cream Maker.

Serve as is for a "Soft Serve" or put in freezer

Mel Got Served said...

And if interested in buying the mix, here's the link:

I might try making your recipe Laura and see how it tastes. If it's good, maybe I can skip the authentic mix. Or I do both and taste test ;)

Laura said...

I was right. Walt Willey is on Chicago Local News right now doing another cooking segment.

He now has a mustache. He is talking about being released from AMC. He is going to be in the Odd Couple in New Jersey, and hanging around doing productions in the Chicago area.

He said not being on contract and Erica being involved with Ryan and lack of storyline led to him being let go. I would consider it a blessing if I were him.

Like I said a few weeks ago, I will probably be seeing him on the Chicago news doing a lot of cooking segments.

Amelia said...

ABC Should Be Ashamed Of Themselves

To use such a serious issue and make it apart of this ridiculous a$$ s/l is so wrong. On so many levels. If there was ever a time to promote its now. There should be a different actor after each show giving you the number and/or website for Feed The Children. I mean we had a promo for Jamie Luner like she was the second coming & one for Pratt but not one for this? EVERYONE involved in this should be ashamed.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Shadow, where do you come up with all your witty commentary? I swear you should be writing for a comedy show or something. I couldn't come up with what you come up with it if you gave me 1,000 hours to write and 1,000 pages to write on. Brilliant!

Discodan, that picture was hysterical. Congrats on Branco posting it. You deserve it!

As for AMC.. same sh!t different day. I just feel bad that my actors have to spew this crap Pratt calls writing from their mouths. It's cringe-inducing to watch.. blah blah blah Fire Pratt. I can't think of anything else to say.

As for GH... Jonathan Jackson returning as Lucky! Finally some good news for this show. Although I do feel bad for Greg Vaughn, I just have never really liked him. He's kind of DBTE if you ask me. Also, liked Mel said this sets in stone that Elizabeth is going to be with Lucky, which sucks I want her with Jason...
Ahh it feels good to actually care about a soap couple as opposed to what AMC makes me feel.

Crystal said...

Amelia, I totally agree. I was so disgusted I FF'd through the Erica in Africa montage. It doesn't feel like they are sympathetic, it feels like they are exploiting those poor people. 8(

Mel, I saw that dole mix before. There is a video on youtube somewhere of someone making it. I probably didn't tell you all we are redoing our bonus room into Magic Kingdom. We all have our own crazy LOL. We have friends very into Disney and I was thinking of getting some Dole whip mix and inviting them over when the room is done.

OK no one pass out I am going to say a good thing about AMC and a bad thing about OLTL.
I LOVE Brot and Natalia! She so wants him! ;)
I hated Blair's air horn/scream going through the whole town. PULEASE. I also hate when they have singers on soaps. Even if it was Lionel Richtie.

Mel Got Served said...

Brot and Natalia are the only reason I tuned into a few AMCs last week- to see how they were vibing. I actually don't mind the actress at all. My previous gripes were merely with the inception of the character. Looking forward to more of these 2.

Ok, all this Dole Whip talk is making me get on the train home and drive right to a supermarket to pick up ingredients. Or at least a can of pineapple juice!

Shadow said...

Awww, you guys are too kind. Thanks DancingElf, Laura, Casey. I'm just a simple guy in a funny world, and I enjoy our banter here.

Mel Got Served said...

Shadow, next time I take vacation I should have you guest blog for me too! I wouldn't make you watch all those reality shows though!

Anonymous said...

Shadow, I would love for you to write a "roast" for the characters/actors that just got the boot. Not to laugh at their folly, but if I don't laugh at this, I am gonna cry!

Laura said...

Since our show is so bad, I thought I would take the opportunity to say how much I love this blog and the people here. I'll share something about you that may surprise people. I used to be an IRS tax collector and was kicked out for being too nice. I worked in other areas there for years, and later retired on disability from the U.S. Courts.

I started watching GH as a child when it first started, then I watched OLTL when it started. I remember AMC in the 70's but it was always my least favorite of the three.

Feel free to share more about yourself if you wish.

Brian said...

So at this point, who is the hero in the Annie/Ryan story? Annie seems to be lying to everyone, meanwhile Ryan and Erika were down right evil to Annie at the dance-a-thon. I wanted to slap the shit out of Erika when she dunked Annie! And to top it off, Ryan called Annie out for trying to slap him, when the next viewing day he punched Zack. So who is the Hero? Who should we be rooting for?

Shadow said...

The interesting thing about Erica and Ryan is how Pratthole misinterpreted their perceived chemistry. What was good about Ryan for Erica is that he filled the role of the son she didn't have (Josh notwithstanding.) He "got" her, was concerned for her wellbeing, appreciated her, but it was non-sexual. He loved her because of how close he had grown to her over the years through his relationship with Kendall and her relationship with his father. In turn, she was the protective Mother figure even after he and Kendall split up. She was to him as Myrtle was to Zach. They made each other credible and softened each other's edges because when they were together their toned it down and were sweet. Pratt sees that people are complimentary of that and that they work well together, but being an immature misogynistic Pratthole, Chuckie being the simpleton that he is, assumes that because they have a spark we automatically want them to do the Mackenzie Phillips, which is exactly what this feels like--incest. Pratt, you are such a tool. Go away!!

Terry in Toronto said...

Hey Crystal,

As corny as it was I loved Blair's air horn. It so perfectly demonstrated how frustrated and angry she was at being thwarted in her efforts to disrupt the wedding. I was just as mad as she was that Ross was keeping her on the boat and I'm glad that she did all the things that she did to try and change the situation. I like Lionel Richie and him performing at Ultra Violet was much more believable than Ne-Yo singing at Angie & Jessie's wedding and getting more screen time than the bride and groom. I also liked how the writers set it up that the kids had to win a contest to get the tickets and Stacey and Kim scammed their way in and how Rex was trying to be the big time club manager.

Laura said...

Nelson Branco of TV Guide Canada is now boycotting AMC until Pratt gets fired. Somebody needs to send him the petition info so he can post it. I didn't have the link handy, sorry. He announced it on facebook.

I think the Erica and Ryan level of acting ability is more noticed than the age difference by me. Today I realized I really don't like AMC, and why do I torture myself sometimes by watching it.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...
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Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Pratt writes with his penis.. simple as that. He has no talent what so ever. My niece has more talent as a writer than he does and she hasn't even been conceived yet..
I am really at the end of my rope and l am hopeless. He's like a killer in a bad horror movie. He's there at every turn, but never really does anything. I feel like I need to call him up crying and plead with him to please leave me alone.

Basically, he can suck my.. oh yeah we keep it clean here.

I really hope he reads this blog

Shadow said...

Now that they are trimming the cast, can we start adding some back? First on my list is Brooke. Second on my list, Carmen Sugar Morales. What the hell ever happened to her? She carried the show for 6 months with sheer personality. I'd love it if she reappeared in LA-AMC after having just struck it rich somehow. She's brassy, tacky and wealthy (a new Opal) and financially, at least, on par with Erica. That would have some interesting possibilities. But Carmen can't be with Jack when she returns. I don't really care about new characters and actresses, just give us back some of the good ones you let slip away. As for Brooke, why not rotate her and Erica during different parts of the year? Either are capable of anchoring the show. Julia Barr would lend so much credibility to the show's continued viability.

Amphitrion said...
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Amphitrion said...

Spike's first complete sentence: “Daddy, Daddy, what are you doing to Grandma?!?” Ryan and Erica’s make out session had me reaching for several tubes of Visine and an OSHA-approved eyewash cup, but alas the image had already burned into my retina. I will not sleep tonight. My God! I had to bear witness to that horror; that unadulterated horror.

Oh yeah, and that whole Chris Stamp thing when she dated the guy he thought, for a while, was his dad…atrocious, preposterous and nauseating!

On GH, Sonny freaked out when he found out Sam was Alexis' daughter because he had been involved with both women, but Ryan isn’t going to let any social taboos about incest get him down!

OSusanna said...

Anyone else see the Maxie/Spinelli non wedding on GH? The past three days were the best that show has been in years....cute couples, fun times, family, flirting, most of the cast know, the way it should always be. Oh and minimal mob. Wish it could stay that way. Just wish Frisco, Felicia, Anna and Robert would have shown up.
I am madly in love with Dante/Dominic and think he's great with Lulu.
Jonathan Jackson was a great Lucky, but Lucky had a totally different personality back then. I liked Greg Vaughn too, but it always bugged me that two short blondes could have such a tall, dark son. But he is hot and can act so hopefully he'll end up elsewhere.

I gave up on AMC months ago. I check in now and then, but it sucks worse each time.

Mel Got Served said...

LIST IS UP!!!! Actors moving to LA released... Rancid made the cut. Bleckh:

Bye Joe Martin :(

Mel Got Served said...

ZACH IS DONE! Thorsten's not making the move and will be filming Zach's final scenes. Here's hoping he heads to OLTL! I'm just glad because I'm so over the character of Zach. Now who will all the women of Pine Valley obsess over?

Shadow said...

I had to google Brittany Allen to find out who she was: Marissa. I'm fine saying adios to TK. Never liked the character except with Myrtle. It only says Alicia M is on maternity leave but doesn't clarify whether or not she will return after maternity leave. I'm guessing she's done and they just don't want to issue the bad news yet. I can only imagine the horrific exit Pratthole will pen for Zach.

Mel Got Served said...

Shadow, I read that she's on maternity leave when they first make the move and will resume filming once the break is over- but there's no word on how long the break is (reading that at SOD/SOW)

I just can't believe they kept that hair model Randi around. I saw on Twitter there is a "Frandi" twitterer who supports Frankie and Randi. If Randi is supposed to be Frankie's soulmate or some shit, they are crazy. This couple sucks and the actor playing Frankie is getting totally sandbagged.

Bxgal said...

who knows... maybe they'll recast zach.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Who wants to bet Thorsten's exit is going to be Zach leaving Kendall for Reese... just kidding. But seriously that's about what I have come to expect from Pratthole.

Does anyone know if they have asked Rebecca Budig to return yet? I know a lot of you won't agree, but I miss the character of Greenlee and her friendship with Kendall. The show IMO has sufffered a lot since she left. But for love of God don't put her with Ryan.

Shadow said...

At least the Aidan/Kendall/Ryan, Aidan/Budig/Ryan, Aidan/Annie/Ryan thing is over. Gosh with Aidumb gone, who is going to talk to the air vents?

Remember on classic Saturday Night Live when Garrett Morris used to shout the news in a small corner box for the hearing impaired during Weekend Update? I needed something like that whenever Aidumb spoke so I could understand what the hell he was saying.

I hope after Aidumb returns to the secret world of international espionage, they give Tad back his job as a PI and he partners with Jessie. Tad needs something to do besides meddle, and Jessie needs to get out of the police station. Use a day player for that dumbass role or a recurring Derek Frye. Come to think of it, I guess our chances of ever seeing Livia again just went poof. And the guy who played Tom Cudahy. Damnit! And Kelly Ripa. And Julia Barr. Frons is such a dickhead!

And I wonder how likely it is that the "storyline" will ever dictate the use of Opal and Petey? Sounds like BS to me.

And no more 5 headed, slouchy shouldered, performances by our Turby Chandler. BM was actually so bad for a while it was funny. I need to go back and find some of our best stuff in honor of her departure. I have gotten used to her absence though. I've been ff'd thru her scenes for months.

If it wouldn't take so much time, a best of compilation PVP clips honoring those who are leaving us could be really entertaining.

It's hard to take much hope in these departures when we still don't know what horrid creations are spinning in Pratthole's mind to replace them. Remember Dr. Sheridan Steinmart--Annie's psych at Oakhaven? Pratt gave us that.

Save AMC.


jordan hudson said...

So much to talk about....

Well it looks like I will have to start watching GH again. While I did think Greg Vaughn was much 100 times better as Lucky then Jacob Young....J.J. is the real Lucky for me and it will get me tuning in again. Besides Genie, he would be the only one I would come back for.

Y&R the last three weeks has been out of control. Extremely well written and acted episodes. Beth Maithland is outstanding. Melody Thomas deserves to get paid whatever she wants she is so needed. I love the fact that they are so old School and are taking there time telling this story. Showing all the beats and character driven moments.

Y&R & OLTL Rock.

I wont lie I'm 5 episodes behind with AMC. I just have no interest. At least ATWT has kept me watching by bringing back the original Maddie Alexandra Chando and Lynn herring as Audrey Coleman. Hell yeah!

I saw The Good Wife. I'm hooked. sigh another show.

Just saw Hank turned it off after the first 5 minutes. I think in the middle will be better but if it isn't ABC should just bring Better off Ted and Scrubs back ASAP so they can have a solid two hour comedy block can't wiat for Modern Family, Cougar Town and Glee.

Laura said...

A lot of soap changes lately. I see Sarah Brown is going to Bold and Beautiful. I wish she would be a Katie recast, so Heather Tom could back to Y&R. Amelia Heinle still acts like she did on AMC - Bad.

Download or listen online to the latest Daytime Confidential. Jamey Giddons rips Chuck Pratt a new one. Ashley you and he should do a scream off. I kept having to turn the volume down! He is taking it off his DVR. I took it off mine awhile ago.

discodan said...

Josh's murderer is finally being brought to justice.

Better late than never.

Elizabeth said...


I completely agree with you about Y&R and ATWT. Alexandra Chando has been a breath of fresh air coming back as Maddie. There is a lot of life behind those eyes, unlike our dear departed Turdby. Is it just me or do she and NuCasey have just as much, if not more chemistry than she did with Original Casey? She's only been back for two days and already I'm more interested in those two than in him and Allison.

As far as Y&R goes, Beth Maitland has been phenomenal these past few weeks. But, I have to say the scene where I cried the most was when JT leaned down and whispered "Goodbye sweetheart" in Colleen's ear. That one scene and his face when he kissed her forehead just killed me. Also, loving Billy Miller as Billy Abbott saying he doesn't want Victor to get her heart. That jerk brought crazy Patty to town, no way should get her heart!

Glee was awesome tonight as usual. Gotta say though I missed me some Jane Lynch. She had one scene tonight! That was a crime!!!!

Also, loving The Good Wife, the first legal drama since The Practice that I can get hooked on.

Tasha from Brooklyn, NY said...

When TK leaves AM won't be far behind I am sorry I am finally seeing this show as a chore and think without Zendall there is nothing really left for me on this rollercoaster

Shadow said...

I caught part of Modern Family. The Gymboree part was funny. I remember those days-moms in their
"mom jeans" and "mom shorts" spazzing over which baby could stand, cruise, pull up, etc.

Watched Eastwick again. Still think it's OK, at least to kill time while I'm on the treadmill. Man, I used to have a mad crush on Cybill Shepherd,especially during her Moonlighting days. I so wanted to be David Addison so I could do her. Saw her on Eastwick tonight playing a crazy old witch. Sadly, time hasn't been good to Maddie.

AMC: Of the contract players who will film in LA, I wonder how many of them will have their contracts renewed when they expire? I'm still hoping Randi is on the way out. I'm gagging on DV's tweets.

Shadow said...

BTW, turned on AMC tonight. Saw Aidumb sneaking around Chandler Mansion. He knocked a book off a table and Annie's DVD fell on the floor. That's the best hiding place she could find in that huge house? I turned it off. Too damn stupid.

Give him hell Jamey Giddens. I wish every soap site would go on the record and demand Pratt's dismissal.

Anonymous said...

Today I want to the salon and got some bitchy bangs.

I LOVE THEM! I can feel my inner Insannie coming thru...although, kissing 90 year old men is out of the question.


Shadow said...

Is Liza getting slightly more blonde and a little less redheaded?

Talk about shit to shinola. If only the storyline was as compelling as the October promo SoapNet is airing about Who Shot Stuart.

Congrats on the new 'do Jenny.

Mel Got Served said...

I went to get my hair cut a few weeks ago and really tried to convince myself I could get Insannie bangs. Just promise us you won't kill your family members and seduce an uncle and nephew, Jenny!

Glee was great. While I too was craving some Jane Lynch, I think it's good that they don't overuse her and make her too much the star. I was afraid maybe they'd rely on her too much, so I am liking that they are establishing other characters as well.

So maybe Emma will be the killer afterall, since I doubt Lucy Merriam will be making the move out west. Or maybe she will, who knows?

Shadow, I am right there with you about DV's tweets. I have no idea why they are keeping this god awful character- Randi will NEVER be a legacy of Pine Valley. I'm also getting annoyed at all the AMC fan twitters I follow and they're all mourning the loss of Aidan. Sorry, are we watching the same show? Besides being eye candy and having chemistry with Tad, he's a waste of space. It's just funny how fan opinions are. We love Insannie, yet she's basically universally hated elsewhere. I just read a website that said they warmed up to Brianna MonGrief and liked her with Petey. I almost choked on my latte for that one.

OSusanna said...

I absolutely loved Jamey's rant on DC. Hilarious!!!! And RIGHT ON! I wish somebody from this stupid ass show listened.

Crystal said...

Mel, I have noticed that too but, you know the saying "birds of a feather" and all that. Sounds like a lot of people aren't liking Brotalia. hee hee I just came up with that. I am sure it is not original but, it is funny sounding.

Mel Got Served said...

HAHA I like Brotalia- that's a good name!

Did anyone hear this new? JAMES FRANCO is joining the cast of General Hospital for 2 months. I'd like to see how this came about! I'm dying to see Franco and Spinelli in a scene together- it would be so Freaks and Geeks, when Franco's character befriended the geeks and played Dungeons and Dragons.

I bet the same haters of Brotalia are lovers of Ryerica or whatever the hell they're called.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Whoa! James Franco is joining General Hospital? For real? That's awesome! There has been such good news for GH lately, I'm loving it.

Shadow said...

Brotalia. Ha! I love that one. I've never had a lot of love for Natalia because her character's existence is so contrary to the history of Jessie and Angie, but I'm getting over it. Plus she's improving as an actress. Or Denise Vasi makes her look like Meryl Streep. I want Brot to stay so I'll support her.

I've been scanning the sites. It's interesting that there is some difference of opinion about Turdby, Aidumb, Taylor, etc. There is some love out there for all of them. HOWEVER, there seems to be a UNIVERSAL CONSENSUS that CHARLES PRATT SHOULD BE FIRED AS HEADWRITER BECAUSE HE IS RUINING THE SHOW. (Sorry for the caps. Just wanted to make that standout in case they are just skimming.)

Seriously, it's the same comment over and over again. People agree or disagree about the merit of the actors moving and leaving, whether or not the LA move is wise or not, but then totally dismiss all of it as hopeless as long as Chuck Pratt stays. I think in general, the average fan doesn't pay attention to who directs, writes or produces a show absent a show like Lost. In daytime however, people are educated about all that. They know who does what behind the scenes and are much more capable of identifying where the problems lie with a show. There's no mistaking it. I have not seen a single supportive comment about Pratt or Carruthers for that matter. Somebody occasionally throws Frons a bone for having some head for business, but critics and viewers alike are clamoring for Pratt's replacement. I am making the assumption ABC doesn't want AMC to tank in the near future considering the expense of moving people, sets, and all that. Why drag this albatross with the show? Pratt clearly isn't a fit. You look at the critical success of OLTL and the commercial success of Y&R and what is the most glaring difference between those two shows and AMC is the writing. It's disjointed, crass, imbecilic, misogynistic, crap. And I genuinely feel bad for these actors who have to spit it out every day. And for somebody like Randi whose skills are limited, you wonder how much more tolerable she might be if somebody could give her more compelling words to say. I don't think she's ever going to get an Emmy, but Agnes Nixon did some wonderful stuff for people who weren't necessarily the best in the field.

In this genre, the writing is the key.



jason said...

Wow James Franco is joining GH? I'm shocked. I might start watching when he's on. Part of me wish he was going on OLTL which needs the ratings boost.

Anonymous said...

Wow, James Franco. That is a big win. GH and OLTL are getting good talent! All My Children is losing it left and right it seems.

LOL Brotalia. It's a good thing Brot is not named "Gene"

I like them together, I still think Shannon Kane(Natalia) looks like a Zebra though...maybe a giraffe. Marissa looks like an Ostrich, so why not a zebra in PV?

Mel Got Served said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I just laughed out loud, but I have a cough, so it turned into a laugh/cough fit.

Shadow said...

I googled Marty the Zebra and there is a resemblance, but I also think she sort of resembles a black Lily/Ava too. Hey Pratt, there's a way to undo Natalia's Hubbard connection. What if Lily and Ava return only to find out that they were actually triplets and their other sister is black. It's just stupid enough for you to write! Think of all the Montgomerys you could bring back to kill or shoot in the process!

Mel Got Served said...

Bring back Reggie!!!! Oh wait, you can't because he's going to one of the best written shows on television: Friday Night Lights.

And speaking of Reggie, the girl who played Danielle Frye was on this past week's 90210.

I think it's funny that certain AMC'ers on Twitter are like "Well we have Josh Duhamel!" ummmm no comparison- plus you don't have Josh Duhamel. He left this sinking ship years ago and there is no way he'd ever come back with this shit on TV. Listen, Josh is eye candy and has been successful but GH got a GOLDEN GLOBE WINNER. A person from Oscar nominated films. Last I checked, Transformers wasn't nominated for Best Picture at anything except the MTV Movie Awards. Again, no offense Josh Duhamel. You're great.

Crystal said...

ebabe always looks like she is cold. Maybe she needs to have her iron checked.
I FF through most of the show today.

I did watch GLEE today and it was awesome, as always. 8) The only problem is that show always gives my earworms. I guess that means they are doing their job.

Laura said...

From Denise Vasi's twitter yesterday after her post about going to California!

This is going to be a great & positive change for the show & a wonderful opportunity for me as an actress. I am grateful, excited, & nervous.

The bile is rising in my throat. If she can call herself an actress I can call myself a super model!

One more reason not to watch. I am now making time for GH, it has been good lately, with JJ and now James Franco doing a guest star role, I may put it back on the DVR. AMC has been off for awhile.

I think Ashley and Jordan need to go on a DC podcast to say why we all need to boycott AMC. And the fire Pratt petition could be mentioned. And the Prattfalls girls could be guests.

JR looks like Lex Luther, but shaving his head was a good idea for his storyline after seeing Shane's moving wig cap.

Y&R has been predictable but good. Billy Miller is rocking it. But Clementine Ford is Denise Vasi like.

I wonder if Thorsten Kaye goes to OLTL. If it helps boosts it's ratings and brings down AMC's, I am all for it.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Laura you should definitely start watching GH again. It is sooo good right now!

jordan hudson said...

Well now I have to watch GH. James Franco strange the soap world has gone mad. I have always liked LuLu and I think the Corinthos kids rock and J.J. returning as Lucky now James Franco. damm damm damm.

Someone once said every story has been told, it's all how you put your twist on it. Yes Y&R I saw both story lines coming but it still did not make it any less enjoyable. Why? Because excellent writing and acting.

ATWT I actually enjoyed this week. If the show was smart they would keep Lynn herring and Stuart Damon on. They are great actors who are playing very interesting three dimensional characters that have plenty of potential storyline wise. This show has a habit of bringing people on that are bland and have no real purpose. I also hope they are keeping Alexandra Chando as Maddie.

I saw today's episode of AMC. Actually got through it with out vomiting. Mostly because MCE was her usual amazing self and Her and Mayfield are blazing hot. I like Brotalia as a name lol

jordan hudson said...

Okay I did it I Jordan Hudson am now on facebook so you all better hit me up. I will be adding pics of soap stars to my page. I hope that's okay and not illegal or what not. they are the pics I took so lol

Arizonagal said...

I just get this sick feeling that as the show moves west, the plan is to make Denise Vasi the centerpiece of AMC. I know Looch is going west altough god knows why she's doing it. Cameron Mathison I assums is going because anywhere this guy can mug in front of a camera, he's gonna be. Zach better beat cheeks back to OLTL while there's still time to make a buck.

I've read Kish is going to Pine Valley - hard to believe. Also read that OLTL is canned next year along with ATWT. WHY are they doing this to the soaps!? WTF is to be gained by putting on lame game shows or talk shows? Oh wait, I answered my own question, it's all about the money. sigh....

I had the shittiest day at work today, this blog is like a little breath of fresh air. Been so busy I have not had much time to check out the brilliant posts of ya'lls!

OMG Jordan finally we get to see your pics. where can we find you on facebook?

jordan hudson said...

just look me up Jordan Hudson. I have 20 pics up so far. Most of my pics sadly are gone. I have the negatives but they are so old and the last time I tired to make prints the quality was not great. I had to get rid of the original copies. You don't know how many years I did this and how many pictures I took. I wish I had kept them thou :( as I come across them I will post them to share it with you all.

Anonymous said...

Did ya ever have one of those days? A few days ago I was going to the store and about a block from my house I saw a little rattlesnake warming itself up on the asphalt. So I stop the car, find a stick and manage to get the little sucker out of the road where it was awaiting certain doom. Then I run back to the house to get the hubby and the snake stick so we could move it to a safer location. We looked high and low and could not find the critter. Today on my way to work, there he is dead in the road, and not run over, but looked like either a dog or a human got him. That just started my day, too depressing.

Then I get to work - where I've been working long exhausting hours - and find out someone has put a dent in one of our new alternative fuel trucks. Then I find out I have to go to bay area in two weeks. Love SF but now is not the time, I'm too busy, I was just there, and I'm effin' tired and when I go to SF I have to work and the hubby gets to play! Then I find out later in the afternoon that I and a coworker are going to be subject to a disciplinary action for a security breach which is a whole 'nother long story and the reason I am posting anon. Some days it does not pay to get out of bed and some days it sucks to work for Uncle Sam. And then I think, "quicher whining, at you are employed!" when half my family has been affected by this economy. Okay, bitching and moaning off for now!

Okay, now breathe! That whole dance-a-thon was eerie and creepy and just so bizarre and yet I could not look away. I read that Stepanie Gatshet - Madison - is also going to LA. What does that mean? Are we going to have a town full of murderers and felons in PV (I know, what's new)? So Tad will be running around, and MADison and of course Annie. Sheesh. And what about Dixie, will we ever find out who killed Dix if not the Satin Slayer? Ugh, loose ends drive me nuts. My god this show is a flippin' mess. I'd say it's good news that OLTL vets are moving to PV but it would be a waste of talent. Until Pratt crawls back into his hole, there is no point in rejoicing over casting coups.

The one bright spot, okay maybe not so bright, but a little glimmer, was a whiff of chemistry (I think that's what I was whiffin') between Brot and Natalia. I'm like a hungry dog, I'm ready to pounce on any bone Pratt throws out. This show is such a train wreck it amazes me that I still watch.

Ashley, Hugs to you and your little twins, they must be doing amazing things by now, like smiling and laughing and interacting and just being adorable little humans.


Mel Got Served said...

Daytime Confidential's Performer of the Week episode had the most amazing rants on AMC and Randi during their Dishonorable Mention portion. Amen DC!

Jordan, I tried to find you on Facebook, but there's a whole bunch of Jordan Hudson's so I didn't know which to pick :(

If you guys wanna friend me on Facebook, here's a link to my page: (and then become a fan of my blog ;) )

Shadow said...

Great. Now we have to listen to David Letterman's tales of sexual improprieties. VOMIT! Last week it was MacKenzie Phillips. Don't any hot people ever feel the need to share about their sex lives? Why is it just crackheads and grump old men who feel the need to share these revelations with us?

Mel Got Served said...

I was hoping one of his confessions would be that he slept with like Rupert or Paul. That's far more exciting.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

I feel ya Shadow, I am tired of hearing this gross ish about people sex lives. Keep it to yourself!

DC is reporting the Alicia Minshew has in fact NO signed on to move to LA..
Well, well, well looks like this little idea blew up right in your face didn't it Fronsie.. Dumbass.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Plus, I have seen 3 AMC promos in the past hour on 3 different channels (VH1, Style, and E!) and they are making it look a lot better than it actually is. Do you think I can sue them for false advertisement?

Anonymous said...

Listening to some DC podcasts. I LOVE Jamey. He entertains me and is always full of his opinions....

but why is he ALWAYS sick? He always sounds like he is in the middle of a cold.


Anonymous said...

Listening to DC's Performer of the Week podcast that was posted yesterday.

Jamey is hatin' on Randi and Madison - -calling them twits! It is hilarious!! Then ten minutes later, they are all making fun of Randi and how she looks at the ground while delivering all her lines. Too funny.


Mel Got Served said...

Wow, maybe TPTB have heard us: COLBY'S BEEN RECAST!!!

Pretty girl, let's hope she can act.

jordan hudson said...

NU NU COLBY looks hot....hope she can act

DancingElf88 said...

i hope NuNuColby can act too. Just saw OLTL and damn these cliffhangers. I feel bad for Fish but I find myself liking Nick so I don't know who to root for. Todd and Tea are hot and Ross and Blair are hot. I hope they don't put Blair and Todd back together. I'm intrigued about this stalker storyline.

Watched yesterday's Annie and Scott scenes...skipped everyone else. I'm so over eBabe she can go. Scott and Annie are so freaking hot! When homeboy asked her who the boss was...whoo!

discodan said...

NuNu Colby.... marry me.

Mel Got Served said...

She reminds me of Chelsea Hightower from So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing with the Stars. Pleeeease have acting chops NuNu. I'm going to drop the Colby- I like saying NuNu.

LOL Discodan.

Elizabeth said...

Don't really care about the recast, more excited to hear Jordan say NuNuColby on the podcast! His pronunciation of NuuuuuuColby was one of my favorites!

Elizabeth said...

She played a stripper on The Good Wife this week, she was the missing link in the case, they needed her testimony. It was a short scene but she was pretty good. Definitely enjoyed it more than Mongrief's performances.

Laura said...

I hope Colby to the 3rd power can act. Crappy Julie seems to hire a lot of hair models. Can't wait to listen to the DC podcast about Denise Vasi.

Chicago is upset about not getting the Olympics. I can see why Rio got it since they've never been in South America.

This Letterman extortion plot is as interesting as any soap opera. I now wonder how many screenplays under development are blackmail threats?

Jordan I will be looking for you on Facebook. Welcome to the 21st Century.

n69n said...

"This Letterman extortion plot is as interesting as any soap opera. I now wonder how many screenplays under development are blackmail threats?

Thats exactly how Robert Altman's film THE PLAYER ends!

Ashley said...

Not hopeful about "NiuNiuColby" people. She has 4 credits to her name, and they seem like one-liners to me.

Even her headshot seems DBTE.

I'm not a betting woman, but I can add. People, you heard it here first - NiuNiuColby sucks!

(If I'm right, I look all smart and stuff. If I'm wrong, then we get to watch someone who can act!)



Shadow said...

Brotalia, NuNuColby, Ebabe, Rancid. We're good at this name thing!

JR shaving his head was odd --the slow mo, the music was just sort of porno-ish but in a not hot way. And there was no real drama in JR shaving his head. He's had so many hairstyles it's par for the course. And bald JR aint no bald Rex (OLTL). JR looks like a fat cue ball and his rambling self reflection makes me gag.

Kendall said she is "scared of Zach's love" and that's why she's turned into this tornado of whiny, insecure bitchiness. I seriously don't remember when Zendall was any fun to watch. Besides, if I was her, I'd be less concerned about losing Zach's love and more concerned about the fact that I confessed to a murder I didn't commit because I couldn't remember whether I did it or not but now that I remember that I didn't do it I live in a panic room because I'm supposed to be in prison but I'm not.

JaLu is looking less Tranny-ish. She said she has "integrity". Really? Do lawyers with integrity help fake out the DA so he doesn't find out about the girl in jail pretending to be someone else?

Jake and Amanda. Either break up and move on or get rid of David and have some fun. This show is no freaking fun. If Chrishelle is going to leave the show, couldn't we have a little fun with them first?

FIRE CHUCK PRATT!! He's a stupid mofo.

Shadow said...

What is with Jessie and the vests? Isn't the winter vest really just the thong of coats?

Opal to Kwak: "You hurt my Tad somthin' fierce". How can they not keep Opal on contract? She is the only heart this show has.

WTF happened to Angie's hair?

Shadow said...

I hope Bailey gets Liza disbarred.

ACK! That freaking 5 head came out of nowhere. They should give us a warning bell or something before Turdby appears. Today her bangs are coiffed up on top of her head. I may not sleep tonight.

Jake loves to say "Ass". He works it into every 3rd sentence.

Kwak is making a play for Tad in a really ugly housecoat.

Laura said...

Nelson Branco has a great column where he not so subtly says not to watch AMC, and only watch OLTL. I have removed it from my DVR about a month ago, catch it sometimes on SoapNet, and sometimes the last half hour on my days off. I am now never going to watch in real time, may browse it on SoapNet, but barely. I am now sticking with Y&R, OLTL, and continue to watch GH more. I have been enjoying GH lately. It's not the soap I grew up with but at least they are trying. But the best news of all I heard is Genie Francis is in talks to come back! I always watch when she is on.

I still have my I Heart Laura pin from the 70's. Maybe because it was my name. GH is the soap I watched with my Grandma who died in 68!

Terry in Toronto said...

Ashley girl, you're too funny. Hedging your bets about NiuniuColby so that either way it's a win.

Laura said...

For those of you who haven't watched or are behind on Glee the episodes are on Hulu. Loved the last episode with Kristen Chenowith. Also the previous one where the gay kid went out for football, and they did all the Single Ladies on the football field. I wish they would give Miss Gwen Verdon more credit for this.

Does anybody watch Flipping Out on Bravo. That Jeff Lewis is a trip.

Mel Got Served said...

Some huge Glee rumor that I heard (and again, this is a rumor, so it may or may not come true). Anyways, a friend at work was talking to his friend and his friend (haha I know those stories)- his friend works on the set of Glee and supposedly Kristen Chenowith is coming back- maybe as a regular. Again, toooootal rumor, but I thought they definitely left it open for her to return. I could see her co-running the club or something.

Anyways, had to share!

Arizonagal said...

Kristen Chenowith just rocked on Glee last week. Damn that lady has a golden voice. Rachel is great too, but KC knocked my socks off. Don't think she ever had the opportunity to belt one out on Pushing Daisies. Loved her on that show too.

Arizonagal said...

Jordan your picks ruled! I could barely recognize Marcy Walker, so young and pretty and such a fresh face. Sharon from EON, god i used to love that show and she was such a great character. Awesome photos Mr Hudson, hope you have more to post, but thank you so much for sharing those. Blasts from the past!

Shadow said...

Nelson Blanco is hilarious. Denise Vasi babbles constantly on twitter. If she farts, she twitters it. Totally inane bullshit stuff she tweets. Nelson finally got sick of it and tweeted in reply, "Denise Vasi needs to stop tweeting and take an acting class!"


Mel Got Served said...

Last night there was absolutely nothing on TV. I checked my DVR and I had 4 episodes of AMC and some other shows I had already watched. I then deleted all 4 AMCs and watched Flipping Out again. Yes, even in a state of complete and utter boredom, I declined to watch AMC.

Laura said...

I love Nelson Branco. I looked at Denise Vasi's tweets and that chicks main concern seem to be where she is partying. When the Chris Rock movie Good Hair about black hair comes out, and which is better an iphone or blackberry and other such dribble. I agree take dancing lessions. She is also going to be on that new show White Collar, I hope it is a small part for this series sake. Fire Pratt, Frons, and her.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Is it bad that I am judging Chrishell for tweeting with Denise? lol

Laura said...

Oops I meant Denise take acting lessons. I guess I can't put her name and the word acting in a sentence. Maybe she should take dancing lessons, maybe she could rock a pole and earn money that way.

I posted the petition to Fire Pratt on Nelson Branco and Jamey Giddons facebook pages.

Speaking of facebook, Jordan please befriend me. I sent a request, and I promise I am not a psycho stalker.

jason said...

Ms. Casey, I was also judging Chrishell cause she was hanging out with Denise. Lol, I can't stand Denise Vaseline!

Arizonagal said...

Se we know Beth Anne Bonner is coming aboard, something I can life with. Since Beth Ehlers is leaving, is it fair to assume that Beth Anne is taking over the Taylor role or is the Taylor character history? Hoping BAB will have a new character, Taylor (last name promptly forgotten) has gone nowhere!

And beat me with one of Angie's wigs, but I really liked Natalia and Brot. Natalia, whether you like her or not, has more natural acting ability in her little finger than Randi does in her fierce little hooker bod. Still watching last weeks, but every time I had to look at Randi's vacuous stare, I hit the FF.

Damn I really feel bad for Kandi from the RH series. Yeah I admit I watch it and I like her a lot.

Not thrilled to hear McBain might be moving to PV... that guy bores me and I don't think he's much of an actor.

And WTF is all this about Oltl being cancelled? Jeez louise, the soaps are suffering. This sucks...

Shadow said...

You guys are cracking me up tonight-Laura about DV and acting in the same sentence. Chrishell tweeting with DV. I was thinking exactly the same thing Casey and Jason. But "beat me with one of Angie's wigs"? ROTFL AzGirl. BTW, seriously, you tried to save a baby rattler from getting run over? You are extraordinary!

Mel Got Served said...

Hey Azgal- John McBain isn't definitely coming to Pine Valley. The rumor was that if OLTL were to get canceled, some of the more popular characters would be moved to AMC. And I guess they still think John McBain is popular.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Hey Jason! Have you heard Britney's new single "3". I love it!! Let me know what you think.

jason said...

Ms. Casey I LOVE 3! I've been listeing to it all the time! I can't wait for the music video!

Shadow said...

Guess who is tweeting again:

denisevasi: getting readu to tape y next episode. long day..need my 2nd wind!! Randi is FED UP.

denisevasi: & shes letting her voice be heard in these 2 epi's ;)

Wish she would say the airdates so I could plan to avoid those episodes. I guess when she tries to convey being fed up, she will look up instead of at the floor.

Chrishell7: Dear Amanda, sometimes I think I could make better choices than you blindfolded and drunk.

I wonder if this is Chrishelle's way of telling Pratthole how bad the writing is? She really should say "Dear Chuck, sometimes I think..."

Saw a rumor that they are talking to Dorothy Lyman about returning as Opal. I could handle that if Jill Larson didn't want to move. If Jill Larson was open to it and they just won't put her on contract for some reason, then screw 'em. Lyman was great in the day but Opal has changed with Larson and I really adore her. She is a legacy vet with a unique voice in the show. They should be rebuilding the Courtland brand with her at the helm. I would like to see Opal drop the fortune telling and reclaim the Courtlandt empire for herself and Petey. This woman wasn't a namby pamby stay at home mom jeans part time psychic type. There is so much life left in Opal. I'd take her in a heart beat over Budig and Reigel. She is the key to a host of characters who could return or be recast. Greenlee doesn't have much in the way of ties to the show now. Now if she came back and got involved with a Courtland that could be interesting.

Sadly I'm doubting that all the AMC history and lineage and detail we carry in our heads will ever be put to good use again.

With all this turmoil going on and the shit they have put of AMC fans through to cut costs, I'm ready for some big freaking news of an EPIC CONTRACT RETURN with the right person playing the part.

I want Jill Larson. I want Julia Barr. I want Jennifer Bassey. Give me any of: Kathleen Noone, Kate Collins, Taylor Miller, Gillian Spencer, Richard Shoberg, Laurence Lau, Mark La Mura, Michael Nader, Jack Stauffer,

But most of all...



Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Haha Jason, I know I can't stop listening to it! It's already #3 in my iTunes Top 25 playlist.. only Britney could do that... lol

"Wish she would say the airdates so I could plan to avoid those episodes."
- Shadow, you kill me!

Honestly, I don't know what the hell Frons and Co. are thinking. No amount of coast changing and recasting is going to wipe the gigantic (pardon me) SHIT that Chuck Pratt has taken on this show.

The Hubbards can do what they want, I don't care.
Amanda can f*** with David all she wants because, guess what, I don't care.
Liza and that stupid baby mama can do what they please because I am not concerned with it..
Zach and Ryan can huff and puff all they want because I am not listening anymore.
And Erica can go to Africa again and run a fake charity for real starving kids and I won't waste my fake money on it because IT'S ALL SO STUPID!!!!!
However, the sad thing is, not only is CHUCK PRATTHOLE making me not want to watch the show anymore. He is making me not care about characters I have cared about for years and that is unforgivable.

So I will second your notion Shadow..



Terry in Toronto said...

The $hi+ is hitting the fan on OLTL! I can't wait to see what Todd is gonna do now.

Laura said...

I don't watch this show but on Army wives at 9 CST on Lifetime, my cable says: Tonya Pinkins makes an impressive turn as a guest singer at Hump Bar.

Glad things are working out for her.

Not that I remember all of it, but I figured I have been watching soaps for 6 decades. I only remember 5 of the decades, but I swear Denise Vasi is the worse actor I have ever seen in daytime. I have seen the transition from B&W to color, color to Hi-Def, 30 min to 60 minutes, live filming, and on and on. But this is the worst thing I have ever seen.

I am cutting Chrisell some slack, she probably is nice to Denise because she uses her stripper pole to stay in such good shape.

I surprised Fron's is not developing a talk show for her instead of Aisha Tyler!

I loved it on DC podcast when Jamey said her and Madison are moving around like somebody playing with a white and black Barbie doll.

That is my Denise Rant for today. Fire her, Pratt, and Frons.

So excited to be Jordans friend on Facebook. I loved his pictures. I miss Sharon Gabet, I miss Edge of Night, I miss good stories and acting on daytime. I guess I am lucky to be old enough to have seem daytime in it's prime.

Laura said...


Rebecca Buddig back again at AMC, for a Ryan, Erica, Greenlee triangle. Kill me now.

Mel Got Served said...

Hearing this news seriously makes me want to quit the show. This could be, hands down, the WORST TRIANGLE IN THE HISTORY OF SOAPS. Like, even considering the idea of Hope/Princess Gina having sex with Stefano is more appealing than this triangle.

Speaking of Days (and tieing it back to AMC), way back Kirsten Storms decided to leave Days to pursue primetime dreams. I was crushed as I looooved KS's as Belle. Anyways, for about 2 weeks Days replaced her with maybe the worst actress ever: Charity Rahmer. I'm posting a delightfully YouTube video someone made showing her "fantastic" acting. The only difference between her and Denise Vasi is, at least I got a huge laugh out of Charity Rahmer. And Days realized their casting mistake almost immediately and replaced her.

AMC needs to realize their mistake. I won't lie, I get legitimately angry when I see people praising her. I think people are just trying to kiss ass to "celebs"but it's annoying and needs to stop. REALITY CHECK PEOPLE! SHE'S HORRID.

F this show! I feel bad for all of you people who have far more history with this show than I do. To see a show you've loved and followed your whole life turn into this shitshow must be heartbreaking. I turned to AMC about 6 or so years ago when I finally had enough with Days of our Lives and while it was OK for a while, this is absolutely terrible. As I mentioned, for the past year, I've only watched AMC to keep up with the Pine Valley Podcast. READ THIS CHUCK PRATT, BRIAN FRONS, AND ABC: I DON'T TUNE INTO YOUR HORRENDOUS SOAP OPERA BECAUSE IT'S GOOD, I TUNE IN SO I CAN CHAT WITH MY FRIENDS HERE AT THE PVP. FIRE CHUCK PRATT. SAVE THIS SHOW.