Tuesday, September 01, 2009

And the award goes to…The CW?

I’ve been replaying the Daytime Emmys in my head and reading some of the recaps and reviews. It was fun watching Sunday night and blogging and twittering as the winners were announced one after the other. We may have differing opinions regarding how entertaining the telecast was, but at least there was a telecast. It wasn’t on NBC, CBS, ABC or PBS-the networks who garnered the nominations. It wasn’t even on SoapNet, the network that’s supposed to be about soap operas. No, the network we have to thank for giving us the opportunity to watch is the CW, a network that didn’t have any nominations and doesn’t even have a daytime lineup. Thanks to CW, soap enthusiasts like us get a chance to debate who looked best and who needs to trash their stylists, who won and who was robbed, and whether the telecast was a classy fete’ or a hot mess. It wasn’t the flashiest, grandest celebration, but it was better than nothing.

Now the ratings have been tabulated and it should surprise nobody they were down 50% from last year’s telecast on ABC. Already pundits and doomsayers have labeled the ratings decline as another sign of a dying genre. I haven’t seen any mention of the fact that the telecast wasn’t publicized well or that it was on a network that garners a much smaller average audience anyway or that it aired on one of the historically lowest rated nights of the year. Reports are that CW is even abandoning Sunday night altogether and giving the airtime back to its affiliates because it has performs so poorly on Sundays. All awards shows have been declining in ratings for years-Oscar, Emmy, Tony, Globes are all down.

I’m not out of touch with reality. I get that daytime network TV is in turmoil, but as is typical of the media and pop culture these days, the hype of daytime’s demise is reaching fever pitch and I don’t think it’s fair to take this one event as anything more than what it was for CW—time filler until they date they turn the night back to the affiliates, a way to promote the upcoming season of Melrose Place to a targeted audience of 2.5 million potential viewers who may have some interest in the resurrected soap. I’ve watched AMC and OLTL since the 1970s and I was an avid Melrose fan right up until the time Jamie Luner joined the cast which for me was the exact time it started to suck. I’m sure it was just a coincidence. Who knows exactly why CW chose to air the Daytime Emmys, but I’m glad they did. As a soap fan, maybe I’ll return the favor and check out the new Melrose Place this fall.

Maybe next year the Emmys will merge and air the best of daytime and primetime together. I doubt it. In fact, I'm not sure I’ll ever get to see the live telecast again after this year, so thanks CW for giving this regular guy at least one more time to share the Emmy evening live.

As for “All My Children”, it received 5 Daytime Emmy Awards. Vincent Irizarry took home the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series. AMC also won Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction/Set Decoration/Scenic Design for a Drama Series; Outstanding Achievement in Lighting Direction for a Drama Series; Outstanding Achievement in Live and Direct to Tape Sound Mixing for a Drama Series, and Outstanding Achievement in Technical Direction/Electronic Camera/Video Control for a Drama Series. I guess all the technical awards means that they liked the Tornado, the helicopter scene, the flushing sounds between scenes, the shaky camera outside at the Yacht Club, and the soft focus on the old people.

As for the actual AMC episodes last week, I have just a few observations. Even though I want to be positive for the genre and not make mountains out of mole hills, AMC itself bored me to tears last week. The chief problem for me continues to be in the writing.

Suck on this Pratt:

People kicking in Zach’s door is becoming as cliché’ as people breaking into the Chandler Mansion through the tunnels.

The whole Hubbard clan has been shamefully turned into a lying, stealing, kidnapping bunch of dipshits, and it is egregious what Pratt has done to Jesse and Angie. With an adept, talented writer, the focus of the show could make Jesse and Angie the new moral center of the show like the Martins were once. Bianca could be the new Kane matriarch—a power lesbian with Mama Kane’s drive. Now I am dreaming.

I am tired of “Todos Los Ninos” and Pratt poking fun at AMC and the genre in his wink wink nod to the imaginary telenova. Pratt should take his responsibility for AMC more seriously.

At first, I thought maybe it was just all the blood rushing to JR’s moobs that made him lightheaded. Now we know he has a rare form of lymphoma. How original. As much as they have emasculated JR over the years, I’m surprised they didn’t give him testicular cancer and make him a uniball. He’s already a raging alcoholic. Last year he had hepatitis. What other bullshit disease can Pratt heap upon JR? Restless Leg Syndrome?

Zach is a patronizing pig, but JaLu thinks he has sexy eyes. Pratt went to the well again and had Kendall inflict a head injury on JaLu. Kendall’s swipe wouldn’t have been so bad, but the punch knocked JaLu’s panties off again and she tripped and hit her head.

I like it when Madison refers to Randi as Frankie’s “hooker wife”.

Somehow David figured out the whole baby thing, kidnapped Liza and held her at gunpoint. When Pratt runs out of ideas, somebody pulls a gun or suffers a head injury.

I just can’t quit this show, but I want it to get fun again. It's boring, poorly written, completely unrealistic and has abandoned the founding premises that made it a joy to watch. After so many years of wonderful entertainment, I feel obligated to the cast and crew to watch. Aside from the obvious answer of FIRING CHUCK PRATT, what else can we suggest to turn this boat around? Let your thoughts rip on AMC, the Emmys, Mad Men (love that show right now), Guiding Light (the end is near) or whatever pops into your astoot minds, right here.


Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Amen Shadow! Amen! That's all I can say. You hit everything I was thinking right on the head!
I can't say I've have been watching AMC since it's hay day, but I can still notice a steady decline in the quality of this show since when I first started watching (early 2000's) and it's disheartening. Pratt needs to understand that people love this show and love the history of the show. Most of the people here on the blog could probably major in the History of All My Children and Pratt doesn't give two shits about that. He goes and bangs out a script just to get a pay check. He doesn't care about the viewers or our intelligence, regardless of what him or Fronsie try to tell us.
Thank god we haven't seen Aidumb in a hot minute, that has made it all the more bearable. Unfortunately we still have Rancid- but to her credit, she is out acting Natalia, which isn't saying much, but is saying something....

Anonymous said...

for anyone who wants to see the original GL emmy tribute:


Arizonagal said...

Rats, I had most of this post written and my computer crashed... then I reboot and the screen is sideways...

Great post Shadow.

AMC is doomed. The show appears to be focusing its future on Rancid as the main character. How appalling is that, how amazing is that, that TIIC would go there. What do they see in this girl other than looks? Doesn't talent count for anything anymore? Rancid is in the spotlight with all these real actors in her periphery, doesn't make a damned bit of sense. Plus it adds to the destruction of the Hubbards... bullshit.

DiD Kendall hit JaLu over the head with a laptop? Damn girl there must've been a fireplace poker right within grabbing range, who would do that? Are they so rich she wouldn't worry about the possibility of ruining a laptop?

And speaking of rich, if so rich, then why did Adam have to loan them money? And if so rich, why is Kendall stashed in that little room? Wouldn't Zack ship her off to Switzerland or somewhere else where she could hide out in luxury? This is so stupid, so sad.

I have to say OLTL is just rocking this week and last. That scene where Langston walks into the barn and the shirtless hunky guy is poring water over himself and our little Langston is just transfixed and damned near drooling - too funny! How real was that. She's a teenager with raging hormones. No matter how much she loves Marko, she's going to check out hunks. And I loved that instead of Marko being jealous, he laughs it off and thanks the guy for getting Langston all worked up. That was so honest.

David Vickers once again RULES. Marry me Tuc Watkins.

Congrats to Jeff Branson who won an Emmy Sunday. I am so happy to see GL using this talented actor and giving him such great material. AMC so blew it when they fired him.

Speaking of GL, last week's Cyrus revelation blew my mind. I so did not see that coming and I loved it. There is so much heart in this show, so much love, it's hard to watch without being moved to tears.

I don't know who the other noms were but how did Irizarry win an emmy?

Crystal said...

I am so sad with this new JR storyline. I was actually excited for it. I know, stupid me. I had hoped it could be a real, juicy story he could sink his teeth into. Something that could touch a lot of characters on the show and really make his character grow. Of course, it looks like they are just going to make it ridiculous. 8(

I about gagged when eBabe said JR was a good father. pulease!

I kind of still don't see how David is 'so evil'. He really does get screwed over all the time. I am on his side on this one. They should have thrown all of them in jail including David. Although, the JaLu gun scene was over the top.

What happened with Tad and Taylor?! There was something there and now its just lukewarm. She had some fabulous shoes on today! Speaking of...there is no way those were LaLucci's feet. I thought it was Petey, lol!

Bxgal said...

Thank you Shadow!! That is all I have to say about AMC. Now on to a more important show...

two words: TRUE BLOOD

Shadow said...

Good news. AMC (the network) renewed Mad Men for a 4th season!

Checked out twitter today. Denise Vasi posts some dumb shit on there.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

"Check out twitter today. Denise Vasi posted some dumb shit on there."

Hahahahaha I don't know why, but that sentence just really got me.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

*Ahhhh the iPhone really knows how to f up what you are trying to write...

Shadow said...

I watched the full 4 minute GL tribute. It sucked as hard as the shortened version that aired on the telecast. Still don't get that.

Arizonagal said...

When Ryan said "Zach switched teams" weren't we all thinking the same thing?

Eek is back, none the worse for wear.

Geez Zach is so ruined. I so hope we don't have to endure his arrogance when PV moves to Cal. He is so miserable all the time, it's hard to watch. Most of the citizens are miserable most of the time. Is anyone in PV ever happy? I don't recall on any other soap, such misery and such miserable mean people.

A few others I don't want to see making the move:

Rancid (duh)

Any word yet on who's going?

Crystal said...

I would like for them to find out eBabe is not really Babe's twin. I put a lot of doubt into a 19 yo Krystal's detective skills. Then she can not make the move.

JaLu & Coldby can stay behind...I keep thinking they are actually moving all the characters, ha ha ha. That might be easier since it sounds like they may not have many to be moving.

Anonymous said...

First time posting ....I love you guys the podcast are always HIGH-larious

Came across this upcoming AMC s/l
Does anyone else find it stupid like I do?


Crystal said...

I think that storyline 'could' be fine. Of course, I am sure they will find a way to make it even more stupid than it sounds.

Anonymous said...

It is so frustrating watching Jessie play king of the hill deciding who will be arrested or spend the night in jail to "cool off". First I do not believe that there is law requiring a woman to inform a father that a baby is his unless she is asking for support. Second if anyone comes forward to claim an abandoned baby a DNA test is always done and in what world can a man just claim a baby and get it from the mother because it is "his" and he has already lost 2 children. Would love to find out the baby is Jr's, after all she was sleeping with David, Jr and Jake around the time she became pregant and didn't she deliver early?
The other thing that is bothering me is the use of guns by everyone, I would think David should be in jail for that stunt.
Anyway when AMC goes to LA maybe it can be re-named All My Cell Mates with everyone serving time for their crimes.
Lynn in Texas

Mel Got Served said...

Coming up on AMC: a dance marathon. I kid you not: http://www.welovesoaps.net/2009/09/amc-to-air-10-episode-dance-marathon.html

I'm sure this will really save the show!!!!

Mel Got Served said...

PS Sorry anonymous, didn't realize we were posting a similar link.

Anonymous said...

Question for those that actually watch AMC nowadays. How was Adam able to loan money to Zach? I thought that the Chandlers had financial issues and that is why JR wanted to cut Scott's research funding for the heart valve...and why Adam wanted the valve to work so bad since all their money was in it.

Since the heart valve was defunct, I am sure that they didn't make any money off of it....so where did Adam's money come from? He should still be broke??


jordan hudson said...

Well after I don't know how long....I was able to sit through and episode of AMC and actually enjoy it. It's times like these that I realize that it is not to late but they need to get rid of Pratt and Carruthers if there is to be any hope.

I love Tad and JR today. My only thing is why are they rushing it. This is daytime not nighttime. One of the things that was so good with GL and Reva's battle with Cancer was the detail and time that it took to tell. We were with her through all the moments. I love that they are showing a man battling Cancer. I only hope they take this serious and don't do anything campy. I even enjoyed JR with Ebabe. As silly as this baby storyline has been the payoff now is gripping. Chrishelle was amazing the last two days. I so loved her scenes with KWAK today. My only complaint is that the writers made a mistake with David, This could have been a chance to humanize him. What was done to him was wrong. yet it is hard to feel any sympathy for him if they continue to write him one note. Can't get the image of him holding Liza with a gun out of my head. What I have forgotten is when Jake disrespected Amanda. I need a couple to root for and after the last two weeks Jake and Amanda are AMC real couple. They better hold on to them.

PS for shame CW I just saw what was suppose to be the GL tribute 4 minutes that's all and instead you butchered a beautiful piece to make room for Vanessa and Giles to Dance. SUCK IT CW!

Arizonagal said...

wHAT'S this about a dance contest? I guess we're about due for one. it's been since those dances at SOS that we've seen anyone dance. Oh joy.

Is SOS still around? It has a bigger dance floor >;-)

jordan hudson said...

Crystal I was just telling Ashley that. There was a time I thought Tad and Taylor could be hot but they missed the moment and now like Morales in A chorus line I feel nothing.

Shadow The 4 minute GL clip to me was better then what aired. Could it have been even better yes but that would require some real time we are talking 72 years.

I know Pratt will f up the Cancer storyline but for now I will enjoy the brief moments when I watch AMC and I feel moved Jacob Young has done that for me the last two days

Michael said...

I can’t think of a better way of keeping a story fresh than evoking a fad from the 1920’s and 30’s. Dance marathon-really? That 70 year old chestnut will surely pack the house and send ratings through the roof.

Mel Got Served said...

I hope it's as intense as that Gilmore Girls episode where Dean dumps Rory.

I was talking on Twitter when someone said I'm sure this is exactly with Agnes Nixon wanted for the show to come to, and I jokingly responded that maybe she will return as her character "Aggie" and begin krumping during the dance marathon.

Let's make obvious predictions: Tad will do a really goofy solo and throw out his back.

Crystal said...

Mel, ha ha that is too funny...I was just thinking of my beloved Gilmore Girls (I just pretend that horrible last season never happened.)

Let's see, my predictions:

Annie will be looking HOT and do a spicy tango with Scott.

eBabe will look like a goon and do some nauseating number with JR.

Angie's weave will win the most donations.

Baby Stewart and baby Trevor (in drag) will win second place. ;)

Shadow said...

As much as I appreciated that we at least got to watch the Emmys, I thought the GL tribute sucked in both the 2 and 4 minute versions, although the 4 was way better than the 2. They couldn't condense 72 years into a 2-4 minute recap so why try? They could have sprinkled short interviews, showed classic gems throughout the evening just before cutting to a commercial, etc. CW just didn't have much incentive to put it together I guess.

Oh the dance marathon based on "They Shoot Horses, Don't They?". I read somewhere that the reason for having the dance off was purely budgetary. They needed to use the same set for 2 weeks for the whole cast without tearing it down, so Pratt came up with the idea of a dance off. He probably saw how much kudos Carlivati got for the OLTL/Grey Gardens thing and dreamed this up. I don't see Pratt successfully spoofing a movie and tying it together with Feed the Starving African Kids.

Aside from all of Pratt's shortcomings, who could write anything good under these circumstances? He has to work Africa into Pine Valley. Please. He has to make his stories fit into one set for 2 weeks, and everyone has to have a reason to be there. That's just stupid. It isn't normal. It's not the way you write a story. This is what I mean when I talk about letting the bean counters take over. The accountants are dictating how things are being done and effectively killing the show.

You always hear about how they are seeking the younger audience. How is some 1969 Jane Fonda dance marathon going to do that? Obviously Carlivati's Grey Gardens was aimed at a very specific, quirky audience but was done so well it played well with the masses. I'm sure they all had fun dancing around, but Pratt and Co. won't be able to pull this together. I don't want my soap to turn into some half assed American Idol type, phone in, feed the world, hybrid reality show.

Anonymous said...

^LOL Shadow! AMC would be better off doing a telethon to raise money for he show!

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Plus, Grey Gardens had recently been made into an HBO movie, so it was more relevant at the time.
I don't know what this Jane Fonda movie is, nor do I think I want to. A dance marathon? Please.. But where talking about Pratt, so I guess I can't say "couldn't he come up with something better?" because, by now, we all know that no he can't...

fire pratt

Shadow said...

"...In Tragedy and Triumph, You are ALL MY CHILDREN..."

I'm ready for less tragedy, more triumph from this show.

Shadow said...

So much talk about how soaps are tanking and SoapNet is getting less soapy, but then I see an article like this:


AMC and OLTL are delivering record ratings to SoapNet. WTF? Is the problem that their audiences are being diluted by soapnet? Or are soapnet ratings not being given enough value in calculating the ratings for these two shows?

Terry in Toronto said...

Looks like more people are watching OLTL than AMC. I'm one of those people who gave up on Pine Valley and its citizens and I hope Ron Carlivatti and Frank Valentini get the kudos for strong ratings.

DancingElf88 said...

OLTL has me on the edge of my seat and it's only Thursday. Sadly I'm giving up on AMC. I only watch for Annie and I don't think she's been on lately.

Norn Cutson said...

Shadow, you got me ****HOWLIN'***!!!
too smart & funny....its tragic!!!

jordan hudson said...


New episodes start next week. Sop mad thought I had 10 episodes left of GL but only 9 No soaps Monday due to the holidays. GL is making me cry every day.

500 Days of Summer is even better the third time around.
Hopefully Passing Strange will be released on DVD. Spike Lee filmed the last two Broadway performances. Incredible original Musical.

OLTL IS insane....Talk about edge of my seat. I'm on pins and needles.

AMC went back to boring me yesterday. The minute Rancid is on it takes way my strength she is like Kryptonite.

Don't stop believing.

Terry in Toronto said...

Hey Everyone,

I had a chance to catch bits of AMC today. Ryan and Erica were disgusting creepy together. I couldn't figure out if they were really together or if she's just playing him to get Spike back for Kendall but when he started giving her all those compliments I almost barfed!

Amanda was good. I can hope that it'll be good soap to have her in the house with David and the baby while Jake gets the door slammed in his face.

Jacob Young and Michael E Knight were good in their scenes together and Bobbi Eakes seems to be getting back to the KWAK we knew and loved.

MCE is just playing the hell out of everything and you gotta love her for it.

Then came OLTL and I was on the edge of my seat. Tea playing dirty in the courtoom, Rachel going out on a limb and the Matthew and Destiny there for the whole showdown. That actress playing Rachel did some amazing emmy worthy work today and I hope she gets credit for it.

Ron C's writing just brings everything together perfectly. Todd always tries to do the "right" thing and always makes a mess and Dorian scheming picked the wrong horse in the mayor's race. I like how the whole drug sting operation is turning out and I just have to say that the writers are always one step ahead of me which I love. If only Pratthole would watch and learn from the master Ron C. This is how soap is made!

Carlotta thinking that Christian was gay was cute and the three actors played it for smiles. I'm glad they sent a positive message of a Latina mother who goes to church and is willing to accept and love her son however God made him. No preaching required.

I can't believe I have to wait until Tuesday to see what happens to Starr and Rachel and Tea and Blair bringing Ross back to Llanview. I'm determined to stay spoiler free and enjoy the anticipation.

Happy long weekend everyone!

Terry in Toronto said...

By the way, loved Glee, both times, and can't wait for new episodes. Nurse Jackie is done and True Blood season 2 is almost over. Glee is back just in time.

Melissa said...

Hee hee! FINALLY something I can rewind and watch over and over on AMC.... Jake calling David an "ass hat"! Loved that one.

The rest of the week was at best ho hum and at worst yawnsville. How the hell many times can Kendall languish in doorways and not be seen by people close enough to her to touch her. She finally looks preggers, tho'. Wednesday's blue dress really accentuated her bump.

OLTL, now there's a show! Friday's epi is gonna be goooood with the whole Cole thing blowing up. I'm also really happy for Tea and Todd. Maybe Blair will get her socks knocked off by surfer dude and leave them in peace. I do love Blair when she's coniving, though!

jordan hudson said...

Okay see Thursday and Friday's episodes of OLTL and Y&R were brilliant.

OLTL has been on fire these last two weeks. Kept me coming back for more without special effects or sacrificing characters.The use of history between Tea and Rachel. The scenes between Tea and Nora. Little Matthew. The suspense of Cole's cover being blown. The new Carlotta. (now that the scene aired was it really worth loosing your job over . just saying....) and then what had to be one of my favorite scenes was Friday Starr and Sean talking to each other. Beautiful...that's good stuff!!!

Y&R TRICIA CAST NEEDS TO BE ON CONTRACT. Nothing beats the vets in action. Her scenes with Philip and then her scenes with Chloe....that's soap opera people. Beth Maitland returnign as younger sister Traci to help her big sister out that's soap opera.

AMC was better today because NO RANDi and insannie and my Sexilicious SCOTT Adam Mayfield. Some more beautiful work with JR and Tad. That is my All My Children. keep it up Jacob Young!

Mel Got Served said...

Hey everyone! I went to a live taping of Wheel of Fortune tonight. I'm gonna type up all the details this weekend and put it up on the blog. I wish I was picked for the show, cause I knew 90% of the puzzles before they did. I saw 3 episodes of college week. I must say Vanna and Pat looked great in person. When I saw Meg Ryan and Annette Benning when they were filming "The Women" by my old office, it looked like Madame Tussaud's wax museum lost 2 figures, but Pat and Vanna looked great (and no, she doesn't keep the dresses!)

PS Me and Kirsten Storms had a little Twitter conversation today. LOVE HER.

Shadow said...

The Good, The Bad and The F'ing Ridiculous...

GOOD From SoapCentral:
ABC is seeking to relocate some behind-the-scenes crew members.

BAD: From SoapCentral: Two things that will not change are the show's production and writing leadership. Crapputhers and Pratthole are definitely making the move. SHIT!!

F'ING RIDICULOUS from soaps.com :

AMC has yet another baby-related drama. Sofia Black-D'Elia, a 17 year-old MODEL-TURNED-ACTRESS has been cast as the teenage biological mom of Liza Colby's baby, Stuart. ANOTHER MODEL. LIKE RANCID.

Same dumb shit. No originality. They have been replaying the baby drama year after year for years!! And this duo can't do it as well as Megan McTavish did it. Enough babies! Enough Pratt!!! Before it's time to say Emough AMC!!!



Mel Got Served said...

I knew Liza's baby mama would be in Pine Valley is less than 2 months. Ugh. They take the title of this show too literal. Enough kids! (ITA Shadow)

Another new character.... can't tie it to a legacy character or anything.

Shadow said...

More people need to sign this petition calling for Chuck Pratt to be fired. If you do nothing else this weekend, sign the petition and save the show...


Crystal said...

I think Pratt really DOES think the show is about children.

Shadow said...

Monday on AMC

Susan Lucci looks tired. Why is she wearing camp clothes here, but not in Africa?

David has a gun. A head injury can’t be far behind.

David Irizzary isn’t selling this shit to me. This repetitive bullshit about him losing his kids is as cliché as JRs diseases, the tunnels, head injuries and Zach’s door.

David said, “The whole damn Martin family!” Only Pratthole would put “damn” next to “Martin” on AMC.

Did we ever find out “Who Killed Stuart”?

JR has cancer, and something is wrong with Tad’s headwound. Are they going to kill everyone who doesn’t move?

I wonder if Denise Vasi thinks she’s going to win an Emmy for this shit about her wanting a baby? (Hint: Starts with “N”. Ends with “O”.)

There’s that damn telenovela. It was cute when Taylor and Jake watched it. Now it’s creepy and annoying.

They are using the old hospital set which I like better. It’s supposed to be on a closed floor, but when they open the door you can see the new set.

JR’s cancer came out of nowhere. Stupid. Pratt’s writing is like, “bullshit, bullshit, bullshit, INSERT JR CANCER, bullshit, bullshit, bullshit…

ERICA is moving in with ZACH. Poor homeless bitch.

Have you *ever* tried to use a credit card to unlock a door? It doesn’t f’ing work. Ever. Except in PrattWorld.

JaLu isn’t a great actress aside from the fact that she’s totally miscast in this role.

ERICA to ZACH: “Zach, I’m moving in. You’re dirty and you smell. I’m going to bathe you every night and wash all your stinky parts, starting with your greasy hair.”

RANCID is saying goodbye to the baby and Angie, Natalia and Frankie are looking at the floor, to the side, anywhere but at Randi. Angie is thinking, “Should I move to LA for this shit”. Frankie is thinking, “Hot piece of ass but why she got to talk?”. Natalia is thinking, “Please someone tell me I’m a better actress than that ho’”.

All the doctors use that same office—Ryan’s psychiatrist used it too.

Man, this was boring.

Laura said...

I saw the Jamie Lunar interview on the View today it was a repeat. I think Y&R is dragging out the Ashley storyline too long. Every time kitty-kitty meows on Y&R I think it's my cat whining for food!

I like twitter now. Everyone is in a feud with Perez. After Kristie Alley said something like he makes her want to throw up, he told her it would do her good. I told her he was just mean. She sent me some good twitters and said something funny about his IQ and his ass. It's fun how these celebs answer you.

I think Perez goes over the line on the Willis girls, especially Rumor calling her Potato Head. I want her dad to beat his ass.

I am kind of mad at him for outing gay people. It's their choice if they want to be out, not his. He isn't worth typing about anymore.

Yawn just what AMC needs some whiny teenager looking for her baby. I can just imagine that creep Pratt trolling the internet looking for 17 year old models!

I can't remember if we mentioned here that the character of Jerkson is being retired. I guess I'll see him more on the Chicago news doing his cooking segments and promoting the plays he does in his hometown.

Can't wait for Glee to start. I'm straight and married but if I were to turn it would be for Jane Lynch. She's for me like how Amanda is for Jordan! She is so good in everything.

I like Anne Heche in Hung, bat-shit crazy but a good actress.

Shadow said...

Tuesday on AMC

OMG JR has to do chemo for his cancer. That is so interesting unexpected!

Erica moved into Zach's house, but I suppose she never hear Kendall flush a toilet or walking around upstairs, or wonder where the other end of the baby monitor is...

Phoebe, Mona, we need a divine intervention!!

I like Kendall better with a feeding tube in her mouth than a baby monitor in her hand.

If JR has cancer and does chemo, he’s going to have to lose the fake tan. He can't be bald and orange.

Angie looks so ridiculous in that wig, but I liked when she declared, “I’m so tired of this”. Truer words Angie.

Ryan is growling and his teeth are whistling…It's like he's wearing dentures or falsies.

JR, KWAK and TAD are starting to act like a little like themselves. I like it when JR is nice to KWAK. How many bedrooms does Tad's house have anyway?

Suddenly Tad has a scar on his head where the bullet went in.

Kendall screaming into the monitor is as exciting as Annie talking into the vent.

Poor Opal is saddled with Kathy, Jenny and Little Adam. She’s the one who should be yelling about getting her own life back. She went from being rich and living in her own mansion to being Nanny McPhee in exchange for free room and board.

OLTL has David Vickers in a reality show. AMC has it’s 88th double baby drama. I actually think Pratt may have studied AMC history. He noticed all the baby dramas and decided to out-do them all by giving us a two-fer. He probably got the idea while shopping for romance novels at Walmart.

David Hayward is just a one note sour puss. I hope he gets the baby so he'll stop whining about all the ones who got away or died.

Scream Kendall and end this dumb storyline! And stop wearing tie died old lady housecoats!

Mel Got Served said...

I'm watching Tuesday's episode right now too. Tad's had the scar for a while now.

But Little A had a suddenly growth spurt. I think they need to retire him sitting on Daddy JR's lap- it's kinda weird.

It always bugs me on soaps when they carry the kids everywhere even when they're 5 or 6 (like Ryan does to Emma)

Mel Got Served said...

ROFLMAO at the end of Tuesday's episode where Ryan takes Spike, Spike asks Ryan (and keeps saying) "Earpiece- do you have an earpiece?"

Anonymous said...

UGH...I am reading spoilers about Annie, and man...Pratt is really destroying the character! Good thing Melissa Egan is such a great actor, cause I don't think I can root for Annie much longer unless something gives.

I have a way to redeem Annie though. Hear me out...Make her have multiple personality disorder.

When she was little, the trauma from seeing her friend die makes her split into alters. Since nobody really knew Annie before she came to PV, you could say she has had MPD for a long time. Nobody else knew this besides Annie and a Doctor that used to treat her.

The show would have to cast a Dr. who had treated her. He could come back to town, and try to get hold of Annie again. This could lead to all kinds of funny scenes and mischief before he finally convinces the town that Annie is not merely mentally ill, but she has MPD. The true Annie is buried so deeply within that it's going to take a lot to get her out. Meanwhile "Insannie" is going to do everything she has to so that she can remain in control.

This other personality can also be "Annie", but a horribly warped version of her, hence why she loves Emma and is obsessed with Ryan.

Yeah, it's not very original, but at this point, anything is better than what Pratt is writing. Annie can be salvaged IMO.

Mel Got Served said...

I hope they do something to save Annie. Her and Amanda are the only reasons I am staying tuned to this show.

I just don't get it- forever it seems like Annie is innocent, now she's guilty, now she's innocent. I guarantee it still hasn't been decided. I guarantee the murderer of Stuart will be the actor who chooses not to move west.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

I agree. They need to save the character of Annie, she is one of the only reason I am still watching the show. Melissa Claire Egan is amazing in the role and AMC would be stupid to let her go.

Arizonagal said...

Seen on the internet at Entertainment Weakly. "All About Steve: I saw it so you don't have to."

Sounds like the asstoot commentary of JordAsh has reached even farther than they realize. Is this a ripoff or what!

Someone mentioned the ruination of Annie and I agree. How did she go fro Blahndie to Insannie to OTT Evil Cunning Woman Who'd Cut-a-Bitch Without Blinking? I love MCE but the writing is so pathetic, there is no balance, she's all or nothing. I'd love to see some complexity, some layers, but noooo...

Terry in Toronto said...

Guiding Light gets an obituary in the New York Times.


Shadow said...


Why do the AMC vets have to have physical scars? KENDALL has that big ass scar down her chest. TAD has a gunshot scar on his forehead. (Actually until today I thought it was an age spot or a zit.) Now JR is getting shunt in his chest for chemo. It’s like Pratt is branding the characters.

KENDALL faked a collect call. ERICA doesn’t have Caller ID? I hate this kind of stupidity. And how would anyone question RYAN taking his son? How could anyone seriously argue that SPIKE is better off with ZACH while KENDALL is in jail? And WTF is ZACH doing waving his finger at KENDALL, ripping the phone out of her hand and talking to her like she’s a piece of shit? I seriously don’t get the character of ZACH or why anyone likes him. He’s a totally obnoxious, bullying, disrespectful, condescending douche bag! And KENDALL is being written as bad. SHE”S A KANE AND SHE’S JUST GOING TO STAND THERE WHILE HE RIPS THE PHONE OUT OF HER HAND AND WAVES THAT FINGER? No way Pratt. Pratt is a moron.

JR is in chemotherapy and the nurse just told him to find his “happy place”. I’m going to lose it.

If JR had to have another disease, why couldn’t it be something like Tourette Syndrome? Every now and then in a lull he could just holler “BALL HAIR!” or something for comic relief. The way this show is going he would be a cussing fool.

KENDALL finally remembered she dropped the gun. Now something will probably fall on her head.

Most people after the first round of chemo suffer from nausea, diarrhea and lots of unpleasantries, but JR is on a date. “Hey, wanna see my shunt?”

Before the commercial ERICA fainted. After the commercial she’s moist over RYAN.

I hate ERICA in Africa. She’s pouring hot mush into their bowls while the kids are gagging and spitting in out in the background. It just doesn't seem genuine.

Where is Janet From Another Planet when we need her? She totally seems like a character Pratt would love anyway.

Shadow said...


FRANKIE’S hooker wife just snapped his head off.

There was never an investigation into the death of AMANDA’S baby and they never filed any bogus insurance claims, so I’m not sure they technically committed a crime other than endangering a minor by leaving him on the church porch instead of a “safe baby place”. The only liability they may have to DAVID would be civil damages, or he could get custody if AMANDA is deemed unfit.

JAKE, on the other hand, should lose his medical license for faking a baby’s death. LIZA should lose her law license for a litany of ethical violations.

On a positive note! AMANDA’S boobs are smoking hot in that pink flower shirt. KWAK looks nice in blue…and a plunging neckline. She has very nice tetas too. Hey, I'm trying...

KRYSTAL just unloaded on AMANDA about DAVID. I guess AMANDA wasn’t freaked out enough.

BROT – I missed him. Maybe he and NATALIA could hook up.

JAKE: My girl moving in with that ASS HAT, that’s the compromise? How did they not crack up at ASS HAT? RPG had to have put that in on the fly.

David spews a lot of meaningless time wasting crap, but he finally made a good point. Maybe he wouldn’t be the way he is if KWAK hadn’t kept him from BABE and EBABE. The scene between them had some genuine credibility. The inference that the miscarriage was her fault and him telling her he is better than her was BS though. EBABE should have shut him up at that point.

Is the hallway outside FRANKIE and RANCID’S apartment the same hallway in the upstairs of ZACH’S house and upstairs of ADAM’S house?

Will JAKE and AMANDA ever get to have hot sex again?

JESSE to RANCID: ”You are a kind, loving, generous person.” Of course, she’s a HOOKER.

JAKE kicking in the door was goofy and of course he has a gun because he hasn’t committed enough crimes of a serious nature.

Things are looking up—a threeway with Angie, Jesse and Randi!

Shadow said...


Did ADAM go blind or something? He seriously looks like a grumbling old fart.

ADAM asked SCOTT to be his best man. Why doesn’t ADAMjust stab JR?

The way JAKE calls Hayward “DAVE” is pretty funny. RPG is doing his best to punch up Pratt’s dumb ass writing.

ERICA is talking about Africa again. Didn’t we see this same scene last week?

ERICA’s vacation to famine stricken Africa wasn’t so bad considering her other choices: Dhaka, Bangladesh: polluted, impoverished, overcrowded, and occasionally the entire country is swamped by a cyclone; Mogadishu, Somalia: Great if you're a fan of anarachy and it has no gun laws!; Road trip through Appalachia in a Bright Yellow Chevy Cobalt from Avis.

JR asked KWAK to raise JR if anything ever happened to him andit was a sweet moment. JR’s fake tan is fading and he looks so much better.

Lame ending for a Friday.

jordan hudson said...

HMMMM this OLTL Carlotta situation won't die. I will say after seeing the Fox News interview and hearing what Patricia had to say in her own words, it is clear as day....she is a homophobe and she is hiding behind the my character would not do this. She was not the original Carlotta anyway so she did not create this character. It's hate no matter how you try to hide it. I say good riddance. Saundra Santiago is going to be great and the scenes were funny and simple and a nice contrast to what is coming when Fish's parents arrive. If she would have looked at the bigger picture and see where Ron was going with it or even better just do what you were hired to do. I have many friends who are religious and they are loving and respectful of others who are different then them in any way. It is wrong to continue to show religious people as being fanatics, ignorant or full of hate.

As for MCE and what is going on with Annie. Pratt doesn't know he is writing this show as he goes along that is why nothing really happens and when it does we are like HUH WTF?

We don't know who murdered Stuart let alone who killed Dixie. Who is David hiding.

I have only two episodes left of True Blood and I will be all caught up before the finale next week. I noticed Eric in the first season and thought he was the awesome thing. Now everyone is raving about him. Not only can he act but he is hottttttttttttt!! Why are all the hot ones straight...ADAM MAYFIELD :(.

True Blood is incredible, love how this has all played out. Great storytelling.

getting ready for the first week of new prime time shows. Will check out Vampire Academy, The Canadian show Durham County on ION channel. Sons of Anarchy is starting up again. As much as I would love to support Colin and the sexy Michael Rady, as much as these two men I would walk over hot coals for I can't stand Ashlee Simpson so Melrose 2.0 is out for me.

Rescue Me Season Finale was beyond intense. very strong season for them.

Shadow said...

I wonder how they are supposed to bring Sydney back from the dead?

Laura said...

Anyone else relieved there is no AMC tomorrow? Sad that I feel that way.

I have this to say about the OLTL homo-gate. I do think Carlotta would have maybe had a different reaction, not because of her religious beliefs but because Christian has slept with a lot of Llanview women! Also I didn't like how she tied the art in with thinking he was gay. So he's an artist, but he was also a boxer. But why in the world would this actress be upset. A lawsuit!, She was barely on lately.

Maybe her and Sarah Palin can co-host some show on Fox. Since when did Catholics become anti-gay? I didn't get the memo.

I know they don't want to perform the religious ceremony which I guess is their right. But other churches feel that way too. But a Christian person loves everyone. At least that's how I was raised.

Back to AMC will the announcement be made who is moving. It sounds like everyone but Thorsten and probably Adam and Dr. Joe are going. I bet Lucci will be recurring. They'll want her there at first then they will care less once they get more ex Melrose Place people. Lisa Rinna needs a job.

Anybody have any idea on who the real mom of Liza's baby is. I know she's 17, but is she a tie-in to someone? Probably In-Sannie has a daughter while young, or Kendall.

Michael said...

When I first heard about “Carlotta-gate,” I was sure there was something else to the story. Guess what—there isn’t. I am glad we have the actress’ own words to verify that this whole thing is nonsense. The scene that aired was the most innocuous thing imaginable. To think that someone would object to telling their character’s son that they love them “no matter what” is beyond ridiculous. The Vegas are supposed to be Catholic. It is not a sin to be gay in Catholicism. Naturally, a point could be made that any out-of marriage relationship is considered sin, and gay marriage is forbidden, but the idea that you would stop loving your own child because of the way they were born is far worse. It is sad that she is gone, but it is all her own doing. One Life is riding high right now. The inside and outside jokes that David Vickers is hitting out of the park each day are the stuff of comedy gold.

Terry in Toronto said...

Hey Jordan,

I've seen both seasons of Durham County and it's really good but very very dark. There is a lot of psychologically disturbing violence. Very interesting character studies of what people do and how they react when tragedy strikes. Michelle Forbes from In Treatment and True Blood and almost every single show on TV is in the second season.

Shadow said...



All My Children

Writer'S Dept. Intern

This is a PART TIME Paid Internship

Location: New York ny
Date Posted: 8/27/2009 3:01:09 PM

Details: Start your career in television in an office responsible for creating over 35 years of daytime drama. The “All My Children” writers’ office is currently seeking hardworking college students to delve into the daytime soap opera writing world. This is a paid internship which provides interns the opportunity to support the daily process of a writing team which produces 250 scripts per year.

Projects to be handled by the intern include:
-Write and prepare show synopses.
-Watch the show on a daily basis and track the changes.
-Update individual character histories.
-Contribute to research for on-air montages and to track the show’s long history.

While on-going duties assigned to the intern include:
-Photocopy and distribute edited scripts, show outlines and various writers’ documents.
-Assist staff with distributing packages via messenger and overnight services as well as by hand delivery (to the production and network offices).
-Prepare envelopes and messenger slips for packages regularly sent out to writers, production staff and network executives.

Please take note of the following requirements for the internship:
-Undergraduate or graduate student.
-Writing, Communications, English major would be most suitable.
-Strong interest in soap opera genre and/or the writing profession.
-Time commitment:
-2 days a week on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday (will consider someone who can also just work Tuesday and Thursdays)
-Hours: 10am-7pm

Please tell All My Children that you found the listing at ENTERTAINMENTCAREERS.NET
Contact: Email resume in body of email only.

Shadow said...

I'm watching Drop Dead Diva, laughing along, tearing up in the right heartfelt moments, and then ACCCKKKK~~!! It's Rosie O'Donnell talking about herself in a string bikini or a thong. VOMIT!!

And then two lawyers were talking about someone with DID and the other one said she knew a lot about DID because "she watched a lot of "All My Children" in law school. Cool, even though she should have said "One Life To Live". See, that's the thing about AMC and OLTL. Even though OLTL is better now, that joke only worked referencing AMC. That's the show people know. Not saying it's fair, it just is what it is.

jordan hudson said...

Terry girl thanks for the 411 on Durham. I have seen no trailer just the ad that has appeared in magazines and one review in today's daily News but I had a feeling this was my kind of show and Ms. Forbes is a favorite. I can't wait for tonight.

Shadow said...

Jordan, is Glee really that good? And is it OK for my daughter (10)? She wants me to download it for her. She thinks it sounds sort of High School Musical with an edge. I don't want the edge to be too sexy or anything.

Mel Got Served said...

Hey Shadow- I watched the pilot of Glee. I thought it wasn't too bad, but there is drugs and it mentions sex (abstinence club), so it might go there at some point. The songs are definitely a-OK.

It is available free on Hulu I believe for streaming, so you could check it out and then decide if it's OK for your daughter.

But I loved the pilot, especially when they really perform in the end of the episode- gave me goosebumps.

Shadow said...

I never think of HULU. I need to start checking that out. $1.99 at Itunes is ridic and it takes too long to download anyway. Have you noticed the music is more too? What happened to .99?

Instead of pre-empting and repeating soaps, why don't they show best of clips or recaps or something? Do we really need to see Liza fake deliver or the tornado again? Why not the history of Liza? Or All About Tad? Or repear I Love Lucci? Not every family is at the lake. Maybe some generations would tune in and catch up.

jordan hudson said...

Mel is right. I don't know if a ten year old should be watching, while some things might go over her head you will have some explaining to do. It is not high school musical.

Okay I just got all caught up with TRUE BLOOD. HOT!!!! I feel so old thou Evan Rachel Wood use to be one of the young daughters on Once and Again ( one of my all time favorite shows). To see her all grown up and vampy sigh....lolololol. The last episode was hysterical. So many great one liners.
I love Michelle Forbes ever since she was Sonny/Solita on GL. She was also on a great show by Peter Berg called Wonderland that ABC canceled way too fast. Damm the networks.

I also love Kristen Bauer who plays Pam, Eric's right hand. She is a hoot and needs to be a regular.
She on another of my all time favorite shows "That's Life" Which CBS canceled after two seaosns. Damm the network

Mel Got Served said...

Jordan, I love for Pam. She is so underutilized. I love that the pumps were re-brought up again. While I'm still enjoying this season of True Blood, I really do hope the whole Maryann story ends in the finale. I don't think I can deal with this one for any longer.

Speaking of shows I can't deal with any longer, I'm soooo over Big Brother. If it weren't for my blog, I'd stop watching.

2 days until new Glee, 1 day until new Melrose, and 3 days til Disney! This is gonna be a good week!

Did anyone watch Mad Men last night? I hate to be cruel to the kids, but Sally's lisp... man, it just makes me laugh. She gave this huge speech and I laughed the whole time because the lisp made it so hard to understand. January Jones lisps too sometimes, so I suppose it's a family characteristic! Love Peggy's new roomie.

Shadow said...

Jordan, are you really not going to just check out MP? I wonder how are they going to bring Sydney back or if she's just already be back. If memory serves me correctly, somebody ran over her on her wedding day and she died.

(And thank you Jordan and Mel for the comments on Glee.)

Mel Got Served said...

FYI, Michael Ausiello at EW LOVED new Melrose's 1st 2 episodes. He's usually good at picking winners and stinkers. And seriously... Colin Egglesfield and that dude who played Max on Greek. I'M IN!

Plus, I think Katie Cassidy is a great actress. It's so insane to think she is David Cassidy's daughter.

Norn Cutson said...

shadow said,"Why do the AMC vets have to have physical scars? KENDALL has that big ass scar down her chest. TAD has a gunshot scar on his forehead. (Actually until today I thought it was an age spot or a zit.) Now JR is getting shunt in his chest for chemo. It’s like Pratt is branding the characters."

he's trying to do another MELROSE PLACE/KIMBERLY'S SCAR thing.

Laura said...

Mel don't diss my David Cassidy! I had the biggest crush on him in the day. Followed closely by Bobby Sherman. I did watch the Disney show he was in, not so good.

I have been mentioned in some legal blog about this supposed legal fight about the Perez Hilton, Kirstie Alley, Demi Moore fight. I twittered that I may end up as a witness in cyber court! Glad I don't use my real name.

Today was a good day, no obligation to watch AMC.

I did watch some of the telethon. I am surprised Jerry outlasted Ed. I know it's hokey but I lost a cousin a year younger to me to ALS a few years back.

Daytime Confidential says Roscoe Born, who I loved on Ryan's Hope is coming back to a soap but won't say if it's Days, Y&R, or OLTL. It fits the most with the OLTL storyline, but they have mentioned him on Y&R, and he was there in flasbacks lately.

Remember when he left AMC, a controversial storyline that didn't even involve gay characters!

Hope everyone had a great holiday. Beautiful weather in Chicago. The big talk is what Oprah has in some sealed box on Michigan Ave for her show taping tomorrow.

Norn Cutson said...

for some reason, this reminded me of ya'll.

Laura said...

Norn that slide reminds me of that Prick-Pratt!

Mel Got Served said...

Oh no, I'm not dissing David, Laura! It's just so surprisingly- one because she doesn't look like him and two, her characters are much different than her clean-cut dad's. I heard on MP she's a manipulative bi-sexual- I think if Keith Partridge had met that kind of character on the Partridge Family his head was explode. Danny would've been more intrigued- haha.

Must admit, I got hooked on the GH carnival episode that was on Soapnet this morning. I'm intrigued by what Claudia is going to do to Christina. That woman is so vengeful she'll even take out a teenager. Poor Edward is going to become another old-person-who-can't-drive statistic (good thing he's drugged). I'm a sucker for any carnival themed episodes for some reason.

Norn, that video made me LOL.

Terry in Toronto said...

Hey Jordan,

Durham County got reviewed today in the NYTimes. Check it out.


Funny that everyone is surprised that Canada has a dark side.

Tasha from Brooklyn, NY said...

Look I will take Zach Slater any day over Victor on Y&R. I mean let's be real Zach isn't treating Kendall as horrible as Victor treats Nicky. There is just something about Zach I can't explain it.

Really Mad Men? I find that show to be so dull. I use it to fall asleep

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

I agree Tasha..

Zach Slater is Victor Newman-lite and I would take him any day over Victor.. At least Zach seems to have some sort of conscious.

Shadow said...

But does Victor at least bathe? Ol' Zach looks to me like he could use some soap and water. He even sleeps in his clothes. Ick. And there is no depth or nuance to the character anymore. Always the same smug look on his face, his lines delivered in exactly the same tone. But waving his finger in Kendall's face? Ludicrous! I will concede that Zach is written horribly and if the material was better TK could maybe do something with it. Maybe not bathing or looking greasy is sort of like a hunger strike against bad writing, only he he really likes to eat so he just isn't washing his hair in protest of Pratt's shitacular writing skills! Hey, I think I just talked myself into liking Zach a little more.


Anonymous said...


Actually, I kind of agree that Zach/TK needs a bit of a 'refresh". He looks scruffy and greasy most of the time.

The men on the show look younger, thinner, and cleaner when they are clean shaven and have short haircuts. I would always keep Zach clean shaven, and short haired. And for gosh sake, I would get rid of those blazers! Early on, I hated Zach and Kendall together cause he always seemed so much older than her...I thought they would put Zach with Erica. Part of this came from the fact that Zach looks old and hairy! He reminds me of the Beast from Beauty and the Beast sometimes. Time to send him to the Glam-o-Rama!

They tend to slap blazers on guys who have a bit of a soap gut, but TK is naturally stocky, not fat. I would put him in suits and cut that hair!

Michael said...

I think Zach taps into something that guys don’t quite get (unquestionably he is an attempt at a Victor or Sonny prototype). There is something that draws women to that “dark hero” who would break every rule or commit any crime to protect his mate and love her without condition. Zach and Kendall are such a better couple then Kendall and Ryan. Ryan basically knew how damaged Kendall was, constantly punished her for being damaged, and then dumped her for Greenlee. I hate that Ryan!

Excited to see GH for the first time in months, the carnival stuff looks creepy and exciting and expensive. I love the Dante/Dominic casting.

Laura said...

Cracked up when there was a General Hospital Sign on the side of the ABC studio today. I found myself watching it too. I have tuned it out for years, but these new kids have me intrigued. It bugged when the fortune teller said something wicked this way comes, as a old line from a play! It's MacBeth, we aren't all stupid, Guza!

Shadow said...

I didn't get a chance to watch Melrose tonight, but I recorded it. Anybody see it? Good or bad?

I did see a Tyra clip. My thought was B-F-D. Seems like she's creating controversy where there isn't in. Almost everybody of every race and both genders wishes their hair was different. If it's curly, you want straight. Straight you want curly. Your hair is a certain color and you wish it was a different color. It's too thin, too coarse, too gray, whatever. People use rogaine, shave their heads. White girls use extensions and flat irons too. I don't think it's a uniquely black issue to use extensions or straighteners, and I think the topic was more damaging than good--and all for the sake of ratings. It would be one thing if Tyra highlighted issues in universal so we all could share in a human commonality--"everybody wishes for their hair was more like someone else's hair". The Tyra clip I saw pitted two black girls against another black girl with the old spin about staight hair being a sign of how black women are turning on their race. Who needs that kind of pressure? They just want to feel cute and they have to bear the entire fate of an entire race on their shoulders? If I start using Rogaine it doesn't mean I'm shunning all my bald white guy friends. Geeze, if a girl wants to weave it, dye it, cut it or whatever, let her do her thing without politicizing it Tyra. No wonder I don't watch that show.

My vote about Tyra's hair? Tyra should put the weaves back in stat. Her little skinny hairless head made her butt look disproportionately huge. Oh yeah, I said it. Next week on Tyra: It's the Small Headed Bald Women with Big Asses Makeover Show!!

So Angie, I may prefer the short and curly Weave ("THE Weave") over the Cher inspired wig, but don't pay me or Tyra no mind. If it makes you feel hot, you own it and rock it girl.

Laura said...

I saw Tyra with that twit Perez, right after promising her he won't mention kids in his column is when he showed a picture of the youngest Willis girl with nasty comments. His is the new queen of mean.

I like her hair today because she had some bangs on that 6 head. She's got a big forehead. Colby's is a 13 inch tv screen compared to Tyra's 42 inch one. Not that I'm a beauty queen, but cover a big forehead girls.

I saw Melrose Place but lost attention after 5 minutes. Was it just me?

Turned to ABC to see that guy Jon diss the mother of his kids. Neither one is a prize, but be careful what you say about your kids mom. Are their 15 minutes up yet? Sick of them.

Shadow said...

Don't even get me started on Perez. If there was ever a case for limiting free speech, he would be exhibit A. Not much redeeming about that guy. Don't condone violence but loved it when he got suckerpunched. He talks too much smack and got a little back. ( that rhyme was inspired by will.I.Am in honor of the bitch slap).

BTW if u ever see me blogging about Tyra or Perez, it's the middle of the night, I can't sleep, the wife IS asleep, the satellite is out, there's nothing to eat, and Tyra was on the first page of YouTube.Com.

Melissa said...

I just saw this on my AOL homepage:

'One Life to Live' actress Patricia Mauceri says she was let go from the soap opera not because of plot points or poor performance, but because of her religious beliefs.

Mauceri, who was on 'OLTl' for 14 years, claims that she was let go from 'Life' because she objected to a gay storyline that had been written for her character. She tells FOX News that when she brought up her questions towards the storyline due to her devout Christian beliefs which helped sculpt her Carlotta Vega character, she was replaced.

The 59-year-old Mauceri says that she "did not object to being in a gay storyline. I objected to speaking the truth of what that person, how that person would live and breathe and act in that storyline ... And this goes against everything I am, my belief system, and what I know the character's belief system is aligned to."

The scene at the center of the issue was one involving what FOX calls "gay-friendly dialogue."

Mauceri tells FOX that she's considering legal options regarding her termination.

An ABC spokesperson told FOX that they weren't aware of any claims of firing due to religious beliefs. Should such claims surface, however, the spokesperson said they "would be frivolous."

Mel Got Served said...

I liked new Melrose. The cast are all young, attractive, and can actually act (but sorry Ashlee Simpson, you are definitely the sore thumb in that department). I'm intrigued by the murder mystery and the sort of idea of what would you do to make it in LA. I will definitely tune it for episode 2.

jordan hudson said...

TERRY DURHAM COUNTY My kind of show wow blown away...LOVED IT and the lead guy is sexy so need to get my ass to Canada lol. Seriously as much as I love my ABC Family shows I do need to balance it with more adult realistic shows. Between DC and SOA last night. I needed a hot shower. SOA was really dark night. Katey Segal is brilliant. Peg Bundy who knew..... lol I loved Married w/ Kids and Katey but this is such a role for her. SOA is a modern day Macbeth.

Shadow said...

IMHO Mauceri is full of shit, and I hope her argument fails and ABC prevails. Allowing her claim would be a big stretch and abuse of a system designed to protect people who are wrongfully discrminated against-- not somebody who just suddenly dislikes something in particular about the job she is paid to do. I'm sure there were other plotlines she participated in that were objectionable and totally against her core belief system, but that doesn't give it religious protection. It sounds like she just f'd up, IMO, and lost the role.

Terry in Toronto said...

Glad you liked Durham County Jordan. It is very dark and there are no comfortable, pretty resolutions in their world. Everyone has their good characteristics and their flaws. I was lucky in that I watched it on-demand so I had a marathon for the first season and then watched the second season all in one week. It's dark, dirty and sexy.

brtedi said...

On today's AMC, did anyone else happen to notice the expression on little "Trevor's" face, as Vincent Izarry was snuggling him?--The little guy's eyebrows went up in bewilderment, as if to say, "Who the heck are you, and why are you cudding me!?" LOL!

Ironically I saw an ad on CBS, looks like they're broadcasting the primetime Emmys. Considering The Bold and the Beautiful got the Emmy for best soap, you'd think they'd be interested in telecasting the daytime Emmys, too. Oh well, at least we got to see a preview of Collin Egglesfield on Mellrose Place. :-)

Jordan, I can't wait to hear your comments on Beaker (in his boxers) with Annie In the Chandler parlor. (BTW, I'm sure you've read this, but there's a spoiler about Annie--I think, over at soaptownusa.com---I bet, Beaker is involved...Tee hee!

brtedi said...

"...I don't know who the other noms were but how did Irizarry win an emmy?...."

Hi, AZgal!:-)

Vincent Izzary and Jeff Branson tied for best supporting actor.

brtedi said...

"...Since the heart valve was defunct, I am sure that they didn't make any money off of it....so where did Adam's money come from? He should still be broke??"

Hey, Courtney!:-)

Using some of Scott's Ideas for making Chandler Enterprizes more 'socially responsible' (in honor or Stewart's memory, somehow business is on an upswing. --It's a stretch, but that's what the writers came up with.

jason said...

Not really a Tyra fan, and Perez is an asshole. I haven't really been liking Chelsea Lately, lately. lol. I'm all about The Wendy Williams Show. She's real and funny.

One Life to Live as Rachel Zoe would put it, is shutting it down. It is uh-mazing. I die. Lol. I don't know how in the hell General Hosptial won best writing over oltl. Speaking of Oltl Crystal Hunt aka Stacy will be on the TV show The Doctors this Friday. The topic is breast and Crystal gets a breast pap smear. lol I tivoed it.

I think I'm going to have check out Durham County now. Also GLEE returns tonight! Yay!!!!

Laura said...

I am all about Glee tonight. I will try to watch Obama, I want to understand this health care plan.

A show I really liked for the few weeks it lasted was Cop Rock. Loved the music. Trust me it was bad but better than most of the crap that's on now.

Saw Scott in his boxers and worried if Jordan's heart was healthy enough to take it! Didn't watch the rest, because how can you top that! Oh I forgot I saw Angie trying to teach Rancid how to be a true sistah and go after her man, but she failed miserably. Damn I am more of a sistah girl than her. I would have screamed at my man in the elevator, and been up there in two seconds flat. Or at least waited for his ass at the bar. God I hate that character.

I did enjoy GH for the first time in quite awhile. Guza does do sweeps type stuff good.

Watched OLTL too, what is that scab on Tea's wrist? I don't think that Greg is such a good actor. I would so pick Sean over him. Quick poll - who do you like Sean or Greg?

Mel Got Served said...

Opted to watch the GH carnival before I leave for vacation tomorrow to see what happened. Poor Edward Quartermaine is another statistic of an old person driving that crashes into a public place (granted he was drugged). But it was pretty intense cliffhanger yesterday when it showed the car going straight toward Morgan. SORASing all of Sonny's kid (and Molly) was a great move- they got some solid kid/young actors. And the scenes with Jason and Liz searching for Jake, but Jason has to pretend Jake isn't his- heartbreaking. I know GH has been lacking over the past few months, but this has been more ingriguing for me than the past 9 months of AMC.

Can't wait for SYTYCD (in Boston! I hope I recognize people), Glee, and Top Chef. Tomorrow: Disney World!!!

Shadow said...

I haven't watched this week yet, but why would Angie have to teach Rancid how to go after her man? SHE'S A HOOKER PRATTHOLE!! That's the one thing she should be good at. God how much more of you BS must we endure???

I don't know what Obama is going to say about healthcare tonight, but I hope whatever he has dreamed up somehow leads to ABC:


Michael said...

Amen Mel, GH was hot stuff today—splashy, touching and fast-paced.

I watched AMC and I could not stop thinking about Jordan quoting soap legend Harding Lemay. Where the heck is the motivation for these stories? I do not believe for a second that Adam loves Annie, Scott is lusting after Annie or Annie is in love with Adam or Scott. This whole story is a big question mark to me. Why can’t we see Annie desperate for the power Adam has to regain her freedom and her daughter and Adam knowing Annie is playing him but finding her too lovely to mind? These actors are great, they could play the subtext. I feel as if I missed the day all these emotional connections happened, but then I remember-that’s right, they never did! And, the oddest dialog of the day has to go to Scott wondering if he’ll ever love a woman the way he loved his father???

I am eager to see Top Chef tonight. I will try to catch Glee of at least DVR it.

Shadow said...


Nothing says international mega cosmetics company like two kids finger painting in the middle of the office.

Did Manny just cup Adam’s sack?

InsAnnie rocking that bikini! DaYum!

Africa was the lowest rated New Beginnings episode because it was a poorly produced, out of the blue, boring piece o’ crap. Erica isn’t Mother Teresa and I don’t want to see her feeding the poor, saving whales, or looking for land mines. Besides they never tell us how we can do anything about it.

Madison needs to get laid. I hope Frankie does her and turns this whole blackmail thing on its ear. Besides, I think once she goes black…

Conveniently Kendall had an epiphany and remembers everything.

Adam wonders what people are thinking about him and Annie. I so wish I could answer that question for him.

At the New Beginnings set Krystal and Erica are BFFs. Has Chuck Pratt ever seen an episode of this show? And Ron kissed Erica after he dumped that shitty makeover idea on her. He freaking patronized her and kissed her cheek! PRATT YOU ARE A TOOL! People don’t kiss and dismiss Erica Kane! Gotta wonder if there is some subliminal message in this.

Adam warbling to Scott about Annie was a nice moment, but now Pratt is making both Adam and Erica out to be such clueless geezers. DC did seem to be struggling through the scene, but when he says something like “Don’t ever betray me”, it still makes me shudder. Adam should be able to rule the world even from his bed on IVs and feeding tubes.

Emma’s drawing prisons. Kendall has decided that Emma is the key. Soon Zach will tie Emma up and interrogate her by waterboarding.

Did they really just show Erica playing tennis in a dress and high heels?

There are like 3 people clapping in the New Beginnings audience.

Shadow said...

Ellen Degeneres is the new Paula permanently on American Idol. She's great, but I don't get what she knows about music. Plus, 4 judges is one too many anyway.

Mel Got Served said...
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Mel Got Served said...

One last comments before vacation: GLEE WAS AMAZING. But insane coincidence: this weekend I did karaoke at a bachelorette party and performed 2 of the songs Glee did (what can I say, I'm far better at rapping than singing)- guess I have good taste!

Laura said...

I like Ellen, but she will be the cheerleader rooting for everyone.

I watched Glee and I liked it, but the best part of the whole show is Jane Lynch. She is from the Betty White/Bea Arthur school of comedic timing. She can sure deliver a line and a look.

Shadow said...


JESSE to FRANKIE: “You don’t need to be hungry. You need to be with yo' wife.” Tell him Jesse!

JR looks like a Vampire. He’s had one treatment. And he’s at ConFusion. Makes perfect sense. Instead of all the powder, he should lay off the tanner.

I do miss The Weave.

Zach is using his hypnotic powers to control Annie’s mind.

Every time David talks about him and Trevor being a family I want to vomit.

MARISSA: “Everything OK?” JR: “I vant to suck your blood!”

Scott has the fever, the fever for InsAnnie. Other than to be hot, why would he walk around Chandler Mansion in his underwear? He’s making me feel guilty for eating that muffin.

David. Trevor. Hurl.

Madison opened the door with her blouse open. Like hot girls ever do that. Only in Pratt Valley. Ok, even though I would like that part of Pratt Valley, it was just a paint by numbers dumb plot point here.

Finally, Angie is getting her bitch back. Come Deb, save our show! I’m ready for Angie to just become ENRAGED at all this stupidity.

It would be nice to find out Scott is just protecting Adam and not this stupid. I’m all for an Annie and Scott hookup, but I don’t believe for a second Scott would outright cross Adam.

Shadow said...

Denise Vassi typed "Oyyy Vey" in her latest tweet. Because she's sooooo yiddish.

Terry in Toronto said...

I like the Shaun/Rachel/Greg triangle on OLTL. I'd pick Shaun for Rachel with some Greg temptation on the side and Schuyler as a man-friend.

Melissa said...

I have a strange theory.... since AMC is moving to L.A., could Babe possibly come back? That would make an interesting triangle with Marissa and JR. I know David has somebody being cared for by the Bride of Chuckie, and I guess it's probably Greenlee, but still... would make for some interesting shows.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

I would only want Babe to come back if it was Alexa Havins playing the role.. and even then I don't know.

I really hope that, once AMC moves to L.A., they bring back Greenlee. I know I might be in the minority here, but I really miss that character. However, for the love of God, don't put her back with Ryan!

Melissa said...

Casey, I agree totally. Maybe she could finally get with Jake (although I'm liking him with Amamda).

Yes, Alexa only as Babe, which is why I wondered if it could work. She's living there now, and unless she has a great job that I don't know about, it would be nice to have her back, especially as many of our central characters won't make the move.

Terry in Toronto said...

I've always liked Jake and Amanda and they're the only couple who are actually feeling some love and affection for one another. What happened to love in the afternoon? I'm tired of all the dysfunctional, hating, yelling, smarmy interactions that pass for relationships in Pine Valley.

Shadow said...

ITA Terry. It's very Melrose right now. Nobody is supportive, loving, aspirational, admirable, friendly, chivalrous, respectful, ethical, empathetic, honest, compassionate, etc. anymore. Everybody is twisted immoral, unethical, selfish, codependent, critical assholes. Where are the Lincs, Myrtles, Chucks, Stuarts, Joes, Brookes, Toms?

DancingElf88 said...

Just watched AMC in like a month...why do I do it to myself. The only ones I like are Amanda/Jake, Scott/Annie, and Opal faking that heart attack was kind of amusing. I still hate Ryan...where was the scene where he apologizes to Annie? I want to see that mofo with egg on his face once he realized what a dolt he is. What's even more is he hoots and hollers and rages about how much he loves Emma and wants to protect her when she's missing and then the second she's home he pawns her off on Corinana or anyone else and then wonders why she runs from him.
Erica telling off that Shirley also kind of amused me.

But OLTL is so hot! I hope my Shaun pulls through because I absolutely adore him. Matthew and Destiny are precious. This show is a daily cliffhanger. I love it.

Crystal said...

Thinking of you New Yorkers today.

brtedi said...

I watched Thursday's AMC on SOAPnet this morning...Where was the scene where Ryan cautions Emma about riding her bike across town (to see Zach)without even telling anyone?!--She's 7 years old!--There are safty issues involved...Instead, we get "After you do your homework, you can watch a video with Spike"--Bah!

Over at GL, you get more personal interaction between characters, when Billy Lewis eats a piece of pie!--LOL!

And tell me this--why, as Erica and Ryan were apparently waltzing, was the a cheesey R&B tune playing in the background at confusion? The music and the dancing were mismatched.


brtedi said...

"Matthew and Destiny are precious."

Bo and Nora would have been proud!--He sat waiting with Destiny and her parents. He made sure Destiny had something to eat...(IRL,It's not always easy to balance bags of food on your lap, if you happen to be pushing yourself in a manual chair--It all depends on circumstances--LOL!

Anyway you slice it, the whole thing was cool,imo.


Laura said...

I love Sean's whole family except for Greg, his mom reminds me of my beloved Sadie Gray. I had her autograph. An amazing character.

Jamie Giddens had Denise Vasi win one of his Emmys for worst actress. Tell it Jamie.

Doesn't Kendall look more beautiful every day, even in that dumb towel dress? She just glows with this pregnancy.

Shadow said...

Denise Vasi's twitter posts give you some insight into her empty head. I notice she wrote "Grrr" about some dumb crap in a tweet shortly after Crishelle wrote "Grrr" in her tweet about something more interesting. DV comes off like she's TRYING to be hip and irreverent. Chrishelle, on the other hand, just IS hip and irreverent--her tweets are silly and cute.

jordan hudson said...

you all are going to hate me but ZACK, RYAN and Jesse need to watch OLTL to see how to act like real men on a mission and not the punk asses they are.
Those are men hell in Llandview even the women are stronger then the men of Pine Valley. OLTL was like a movie this week.
If Sean Evans dies I will not be amused.
and his Parents Florida and James need to be on contract. I love that the Evans clan is on this show LOVE EM!

Also I'm tired of seeing thin, can't act actress on AMC like Denise Vasi. I love that Y&R has women who are natural and have some curves on them. they are women of a certain age and that's okay. Because I rather see my Beth maithland over Denise Vasi any day of the week. I love Traci Abbott and Nina Webster. They should be back on contract.

And as far as Adam mayfield goes...my heart is broken. he is straight. That such a good lookign man should be damaged in such a way lolol. I knew deep down but always hoped that maybe with a few patron shots that maybe ...lol

Unknown said...

How hot was Glee this week? OMG Jane Lynch is so hilarious she was cracking me up in every scene and the girl who plays Rachel (Lea Michele) is kicking butt with her stuff as well. Her last song, that Rhianna cover, was to die for. Amazing, amazing stuff.

Also, I completely agree with you about Y&R and their "women of a certain age", love me some Traci Abbott. Loved Billy Miller giving Victor Newman a piece of his mind last week, he is so awesome on this show.

However, as much as I love Y&R I am so angry that it looks as if they are killing off Colleen! I hate it when these shows kill off legacy characters. Love, love, love Patty Williams but how are they going to keep her on this show with everything that she has pulled?

Side note: JT needs to get away from that drip Victoria ASAP, this whole storyline with them is driving me crazy and he needs a new love interest.

Shallow Note: Loving Paul in his spiffy glasses!!!

Shadow said...

Zach is mean. Ryan is a whiny bitch. Jesse is close to losing his man-card. JR already lost his man-card. David is a cartoon. Adam is an insecure geezer. Tad is a clown. Aidan is a moron. Frankie is dull. Pete is a wimp.

There aren't many redeeming qualities about most of the guys. The only two guys on the show that don't bug me are Lil Adam and Scott, and I'm beginning to waiver about Scott. He's no Stuart.

So I say the real star of the show isn't Thoersten Kaye, it's the kid who plays Lil' A.


DancingElf88 said...

Shadow...you're awesome I agree with you. I can't take AMC. If Annie was on I'll watch and FF until her scenes.
OLTL was HOT! OMFG! Talk about a Friday cliffhanger I was on the edge of my seat. I love love love the Evans clan. The parents need to be on contract. My Shaun better not die and my poor Brody's abs. Cannot wait until monday

Shadow said...

More on Cameron's move:


"Cameron Mathison, who plays Ryan Lavery, a tragic hero and one-time con man, has put his modernist brownstone on West 130th Street, in Harlem, on the market for $2.7 million....

....The house they found at 136 West 130th Street was caught up in the relentless reincarnation of Harlem as a genteel residential neighborhood over the last decade. Once divided into apartments, it had become a vacant shell. Bill Rohlfing, a developer, bought the property for $425,000 in 2002 and began to transform it into a one-family house. Mr. Rohlfing retained the brownstone exterior, but modernized the interior by exposing old brick and installing recessed lighting and a floating steel staircase.

In 2004, the Mathisons paid $1.225 million for the house, then 80 percent finished, and hired Mr. Rohlfing to install the custom finishes to complete the job. Now it is being offered by Norman Horowitz, a broker at Halstead Property, who also has the listing for the vacant shell next door ($895,000).

The house has three bedrooms, two baths and a playroom with a skylight on the top level, as well a master bedroom with a two-person tub. The open parlor floor has a fireplace, a kitchen and a living room."

Terry in Toronto said...

Cameron's not too smart. Why sell his place when AMC-LA is going to be cancelled within a year?

Laura said...

I think Cam's house sounds the perfect place for Ashley, Carlos, Gucci and the twins. Maybe they can just house sit until he comes back in a year! Ashley can protect his thongs from thugs.

Another thought, this guy with minimal talent lives in a 2.4 million dollar house.

I did some googling of Ms. Denise Vasi. It seems she is not only a bad actress, but a compulsive liar. She seems to change her heritage claims and where she went to college a lot. She dated Russell Simmons and some fat white bald guy with connections. I don't want to be Perez, I don't know if this is true. But she reminds me of Kayne's song Gold Digger. Which I loved this week on Glee.

A little know fact about me, Kayne lasted lived in my little suburb before he hit the big time. Now the most famous resident is Barack Obama's ex-pastor, Jerimiah Wright.

Thought of you New Yorkers on 9/11.

Shadow said...

Thursday on AMC...

Erica and this thing with the network bosses is just weird, but Shirley was a decent actress.

If your daughter was missing, wouldn't you pick up the phone and call your ex before you drive across town and burst into your ex's house? Or call the police? Instead of looking for Emma, Ryan goes out of his way to verbally attack Annie. THAT'S WHY PRATT SUCKS. No parent would respond like Ryan did to a missing child. Not to mention that people on AMC historically act the way they do out of love and passion, not hate and selfishness. And little girls like Emma don't ride their bike across town or even know how to get across town from one place to the other. EFFING STUPID PRATTHOLE.

David talking about his flesh and blood makes me cringe.

I hope Jill Larsen stays part of the show. I love Opal and can't imagine the show without her.

Can't they just settle this stupid custody shit with David and move on with Jake and Amanda to a fun storyline?

Shadow said...

Friday AMC...

Boring as hell.

Tad and Taylor's spat was sort of interesting.

Brot and Taylor talking 9/11 and being supportive was refreshing. This show needs characters who understand friendship.

Kendall: blah blah blah. STF-UP!

JR/Marissa. Just tell her for God's sake. She's gonna notice when you eyebrows fall off.

Jake's shirt is just way too shiny and why is he so shiny?

Liza and Tad are OK together but she's pathetic going after Zach. Can't these people date outside the gene pool.

Amanda and Jake just scrumped on a white couch.

Kendall typing. Vomit.

jason said...

Lol thank you Shawdow, now I don't have to have to be bored with Friday's episode! AMC is to ridiculous now.

Shadow said...

Jason, if you watch any of Friday watch the last 5 minutes. Brief Jake and Amanda sex, although it was a lame imitation of Rex/Gigi/Brody sex/shower scenes a while back. Still Jake and Amanda are nakedy goodness however we get it.

Arizonagal said...

This is me saying positive things about AMC.

David, looking hot, did he lose weight? Amanda, smokin' hot as usual and damn if she isn't turning into a fine actress. Scott and Annie, smokin' hot as well. Love them, major chemistry and I want to see more! JR is turning in some nice subtle stuff.

Stupid things? Eeek suddenly developing a social conscience after what, 60 years? She ain't no Oprah. I find Adam and Annie disgusting. HATE hate hate the incredibly stupid Amanda, Jake, David story. Ridick!!! how stupid is it that they ca't be a married couple becayuse of david... sigh

Shadow said...

Watched part of the new Melrose. Love Sydney and Michael as much as ever--great chemistry or, at least, I'm a sucker for nostalgia. Everybody else, however, is bland and a snooze. I think I'll leave my fond memories of pre-Luner Melrose at rest.

jordan hudson said...

I don't know who is responsible for casting the CW shows but they need help. With so many talented ex AMC women available, it boggles my mind that the women on Melrose Place and Vampire Diaries have jobs. Eden, Alex, Rebecca, Levin.....

The men on Melrose are good. Colin and my dear Michael Rady but the women are beyond bland. I did enjoy Kaitie Cassidy on Harper's Island and she shows some potential here but she is no Heather Locklear. The other women are bland and Ashlee Simpson is horrendous. She is the reason I can't watch the show. I will say it was better then I expected but Ashlee Simpson is unwatchable. I cringed every time she was on.

The problem with this show and 90210 for me is that I want to see the veterans. When I realized last year that Brenda and Kelly would only be guest starring on some episodes I lost interest. Same here no Laura Leighton as a regular whats the point.

Vampire Diaries another example where the men are strong but the women are weak. The 40 year old redhead playing a teenager. The lead gives new meaning to Dead behind the eyes. As much as I love Paul, Michael, Ian and Zach the writing is so bad Kevin Williamson seems to be working form old Dawson scripts and just changing it to Vampire.

So two shows I will not be watching anymore.

Madonna gave an incredibly powerful speech about Michael Jackson. Janet was great with her tribute.
Kayne West needs to be terminated like the rodent he is. This man is disgusting and is so full of hate. I want his 15 minutes up. Taylor Swift is a young lady a teenager what he did was wrong. The look of sorrow on her face pissed me off. I so want to kick this man's ass.

Okay said my peace.

Shadow said...

I didn't know what went down with Kanye and Taylor Swift until I read your comment Jordan. I youtubed it. Kanye is a total cockroach. She looked so uncomfortable. Karma is a bitch though. I don't know what he was thinking, but he certainly didn't do Beyonce any favors.

Shadow said...

BTW, I hate Itunes 9. Anybody else like it?

jason said...

My heart broke for Taylor Swift. It was her moment to shine. What a jerk Kanye! I wanna give Taylor a big hug!!

Shadow I'm not sure how I feel about Itunes 9 yet, just got it last night. What don't you like about it?

Terry in Toronto said...

True Blood finale was clever in the way they dealt with Maryann and in good soap style they opened up more questions and left us hanging until next season. I can't wait!

I could go on but I don't want to reveal anything for those who haven't seen it yet.

jordan hudson said...

Terry I agree with you. True Blood was awesome this season. It was perfect the way everything led up to the final battle and just like last year left us with a good old fashion Dallas/Dynasty style cliffhanger that left us saying...."I have to wait till next year.".

Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift rocked yesterday with performances at VMA. It has been along time since I enjoyed a VMA show. Still don't quite understand the popularity of Russel Brand ( he doesn't amuse me). Lady Gaga was over the top but that is what VMA performances are about it brought me back to the old days when you would have Janet or Madonna put on a theatrical performance...yet hands down my favorite number of the night was my beloved PINK, just stunning to watch. Not a big Beyonce fan but she showed tremendous class and grace by making up for what that Douche bag Kayne did.

Next week the nigh time emmys my favorite award show next to the daytime.

jordan hudson said...

OMG In have cried and laughed so hard this last hour. 4 mores hours to go before the light is out. I don't know if anyone can appreciate how incredible today's episode of GL was unless you know the history to appreciate the detail that went in. Talk about rewarding long time fans. Seeing the original Dylan, Nola and Bridget at the wedding. Having Lillian visit Maureen's grave site before getting married to Buzz. The vows that were said by all four. Four Lesbians, two weddings and Reva Shayne who could ask for anything more.

I could Gl should never have been axed and Kayne West should go away never to be heard from again.

jordan hudson said...

Needless to say I WILL NOT BE AMUSED if Sean dies on OLTL.
Saw the commercial for the dance on AMC. It is in the fusion office seriously? STUPID

Crystal said...

GREAT, maybe Greenlee can come back and pole dance for everyone.

I don't think Sean will die, imo. It is better soap to have him live.