Monday, September 14, 2009

Where the Hell Do I Start?

First of all, folks, no new podcast this week. We're so sorry - Jordan and I couldn't work out our schedules. We do have so much to talk about and hope to be back next week.

Between feeding my babies, putting them down for (attempted) naps, and playing with them, I have no time for the hot mess that is All My Children. I watch with one eye on Carlos' high-definition television, whilst I read e-mails, clip the twins' nails, cruise websites for cheap Pampers, and read Anything to spare me the full impact of the mess that was once my beloved. (There. I've said it. I feel better admitting it.)

That being said, I am almost up to Friday's eppy. What I enjoyed: Erica's "impromptu" speech on New Beginnings (complete with a finely edited slideshow of her Africa trip), Jake & Mandy's "wedding" (very sweet), and InsAnnie and Scott (hot, hot, hot!). Angie and Jesse are no longer our Angie and Jesse, and I really wish Denise Vasi would go back to modeling for Avon.

INSIDER ALERT: Our sources confirmed that Thorsten Kaye will not be making the trip to La La Land (our delightful friend Nelson Branco of TV Guide Canada first reported the rumblings), and they also confirmed that the primary motive for the move was to be able to "legally" break contracts with the higher-paid actors. Studio, schmudio - Frons is tired of paying Lucci, Williams, Morgan and Knight, and if they decline, he saves. So I've changed my mind - I say, "California, Here They Come!" Foil those effer's plans!

Other stuff much more worthy of our time (and yours)? I'm mixed on Glee, people!! Still adoring Mad Men, digging L.A. Ink fa' real, and even getting into Flip This House. I'm over Hoarders but still loving Intervention, Project Runway is hot, but Models of the Runway leaves me cold, and I ain't missing an eppy of Oprah! The Black Eyed Peas ruled last week.

Oh yeah -there's always our wacky Serena Williams and our kuh-RAY-zee Kanye! Not a good weekend for our African American brothers and sisters.

Finally -and most importantly - is our blog brother (and one of the first PVP fans), Norn (AKA n69). He's been sick for weeks, and just got out of the hospital. A mystery illness, and one that may come back. Let's send him a loving shout-out for a speedy recovery and wishes that he stays healthy! (Oh yeah, and check out his amazing art, too!

So much to discuss! Hope you'll join us for it all!


Crystal said...

Oh poor Norn! I hope he gets to feeling better and they figure out what is going on.

I liked Glee! I really liked how they are already delving into some of the secondary characters. The cheerleader joining glee...what a shock! Love the wife's sister and family. I also like how they make the wife unlikeable, but then she occasionally does something redeeming. It makes her less cartoonish. I also liked the parallels of Will and his wife and Finn and his girlfriend.

Shadow said...

Jay Leno bores me as badly in primetime as he did in late night. Kanye, I'm sure it's not easy to apologize and fess up to what a dickhead you are, so good of you to try, but I still think u are a sad, misguided narcicist. Be gone. The song wasn't very good. Poor Rhiana was nervous. Her hand was shaking.

I don't see Leno being must see tv if this all he's bringing. It's the kind of show u watch if nothing else is on any of the 200 channels that interests you. Hardly cutting edge.

Terry in Toronto said...

We can hang in there another week Ashley. You and Jordan are worth it!

Sorry to hear about Norn. Hope his recovery is smooth.

I liked Glee and the peas on Oprah. How about that Whitney? Does she give good soap or what?

What do people think of Kanye? I know it's all over the blogs but I just had to put it out there. I think he really embarassed himself this time. He's very talented but not in the communication and public decorum department.

Ashley said...

Hallelujah, Shadow, re: Jay.

(And the set looked like he borrowed it from Arsenio.)


jordan hudson said...

Norn, I'm senidng you all my love and prayers to get betetr.

LOVE Chelsea Handler who I knew would not let me down about Kayne (who she can't stand) and his behavior at the VMA last night. Funny episode.

So glad that One Tree Hill is back. I just love Nathan and Hayley. With Peyton and Lucas gone the show has for me been reinvented. Now if Gossip Girl would get rid of Serena, Dan and Vanessa. I would so enjoy it more. I might be giving it up.

Rest in Peace Patrick Swayze

Shadow said...

Exactly what I was thinking about Jay/Arsenio's set! I wonder if it would be possible, and Jordan may have an opinion on this, to just pull the plug on a daytime soap like AMC, cherry pick a handful of characters like the Kane women or the Martin family and build a primetime show around them like Brothers and Sisters. All the history would be there. Lots of possibilities for guest stars. Sort of an opportunity to explore the lives of a select group in more intimate hour once a week. Alternatively, take a family like the Buchanans and build a 80s style soap. Or just totally convert the show to a once or twice a week primetime show with good writing and better production. Just thinking and typing out loud.

To answer your question Terry, I think Kanye is tool. I hate to be a conspiracy freak, but isn't it just too coincidental that his outburst occured the night before his appearance on Leno? It was all over the news all day. His appearance on Leno was touted all over the news. After the show ended the local news then reported on the Leno/Kanye interview. I'm just saying...

jason said...
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jason said...

This make me really sad, OLTL is doing bad in the ratings. How can a show that is so good and has much good buzz be doing so bad in the ratings? This always happens with shows like Arrested Development. and Veronica Mars. Sigh. One of the good thing about Frons not caring about OLTL is hopefully he'll continue to let Ron C. & Frank V. do their thing, cause I'm lovin Oltl right now. At least it's barley beating amc in the ratings.

Jordan can't wait to see what Chelsea says about douche turd tool Kayne. I've been getting board with Chelsea Lately.

Ashley are you still hatin on my girl Jaunary Jones?
Who else is loving Mad Men this season?

Norn! :( Get better soon! Keepin you in my prayers

brtedi said...

Feel better norn, I'll keep you in my prayers...

Now on to soapy stuff--The last week of GL--and we're stuck with Tennis????! Aaaarrrrgggh!

Melrose Place--One word: "Augie"-- Collin Egglesfield is back! :-)

While I'm enjoying the heck out of OLTL, I have a picky point to make. Jessica get out of that O.R. with Brody!...She's contaminating what is supposed to be a sterile area! And why, oh why, would Brody wake up, to see Jessica, as his chest is sliced open. :-0 He'd either be screaming or passed out from the pain! Even the toughest Navy seal couldn't do that. :-(

Norn Cutson said...

thanks, ya'll!
i'm tough!

if you are on FB, you can read my funny hospital story!

Shadow said...

Always the best to you Norn! What a story!

Jason, I'm crazy about Mad Men! I love the pace, the period detail, the dialogue and nuance. It's a smart show with a really talented cast. I'm a week behind though.

Have to say the biggest surprise for me is Drop Dead Diva. I absolutely love it. Great performances all around by terrific character actors. Very well written. Comedic but touching. I thought it would get hokey fast but it hasn't at all. Still catching up on the episodes though. A very delightful, fun show.

Both so different from the slow, plodding, hit-you-over-the-head obvious, brain numbing dance-a-thon that is AMC right now.

There are 3 reality shows I love: Biggest Loser, Amazing Race, and Survivor. My dream would be to be an Amazing Race contestant. I would so win that! I'm excited though that tonight is the premier of Biggest Loser. I like people taking responsibility for themselves and making changes for the positive. It's interesting. And for some reason I really want to submit myself to some Jillian beatings. When she gets all riled up for some reason so do I, in a manner of speaking.

They are pimping Melrose all over the radio today. Some girl from the show says, "Oh my God, is that Sydney?" It sounds *EXACTLY* like Ashley doing an impersonation of Annie back in the Blandie days.

Norn Cutson said...

Darbi will be on Sept 117th's episode of AMC!

jordan hudson said...

Shadow I was hoping they would do that with GL on Lifetime. Take the core characters and build a nigh time drama around them.

Just saw episode 4 of the last week of GL. I'm a wreck. Beth and Phillip reuniting made me feel like a kid again watching soaps in the hey day when you knew a couple belong together and were rooting for them from beginning to end. The bizarre cameo by Jeanne Cooper and Christian Leblanc. Seeing the town unite and be happy. If I had one complaint is that there was more of everything. More time, longer scenes especially with the people who came back. I would have liked to see more scenes with the Reardons, and the Lewis clan. yet the kicker was the surprise ending. It was well done. How they choose to go about it. It gave closure and was very poignant. Something you would see in a very well crafted movie. I cried oh I cried.

OLTl rocks so much that even the little things don't bother me. While I too thoguht would Brody wake up at that moment would a doctor let her in ...I didn't care I was so wrapped up in Jessica and Brody and there love story that I was like "that's right go be by your man girl!"

I want some Florida and James Evans on contract. Soaps always need that stable father and Mother figure.

As I watch RH circa 1979 on Soap net what a different show it would be without Maeve and Johnny Ryan.

Oh boy Chelsea was amazing giving it her all with Kayne West. I so hope he does go away for along time if not for ever. He is beyond a tool or a douche. What's really great is that people are speaking out about it. They are letting everyone know that they think this behavior is not to be tolerated.

I only wish people would have been as vocal with the Chris Brown situation.

Shadow said...

Jordan I think building a prime time show around some daytime characters could be great in the right hands. I'm surprised nobody has pitched it. It takes so long to build an audience for a new show. GL has 72 years of goodwill, why not try to capitalize on that before it just fades away? And the first network to try it would get loads of free press. Susan Lucci should try it iwth Eden Riegel. If it worked it would be a great link between ABC daytime and primetime programming. They need to create some synergy with programming blocks and define their identities better. Right now ABC is becoming the "Dancing with the Stars" Network.

As for Chris Brown, I think it was a big deal, but since we didn't all witness it as it occured it just wasn't as immediately explosive. Kanye goes out of his way to make a public spectacle of himself and so the media and all eyes are there to witness, twitter and judge. Chris only beats women in private so in Rhianna's case there wasn't that lighning bolt minute and immediate white hot explosion of news coverage. Plus Rhianna clearly wanted privacy and tried to avoid scrutiny. Who wants to be the poster child for physical abuse? Chris Brown is a turd and his career is over. I think execs, agents, media, sponsors, have made that crystal clear, but there was more outrage over the behavior than sympathy for Rhianna. the pictures on the internet and some of the press coverage was harsh and even a little judgmental. She obviously wanted to just get through it privately so I think people tried to respect that, especially after those pictures were released. I think she is already moving past it, but I worried about her being on stage with Kanye on Leno. She needs a new circle of friends. First Chris, then Kanye. None of it was her fault, but eventually the tabloids will start making it look like guilt by association. If I were her, I'd kick Kanye to the curb and move on to Track No.2. He's a liability just like Chris.

Kanye embarrassing quite possibly the sweetest and most talented young song writer in ages on public TV was just mean. Like kicking a puppy in the head. I promise you every dad with a daughter that saw that wanted to just kick him in his thuggy crop circled head and hug that poor girl. I know Leno brought it up the subject of his mother, but I'm not so sure about the sincerity of Kanye's emotion in response. I thought that whole interview was self serving for both Leno and Kanye. I'm sure Taylor Swift just wants everyone to stop talking about it. If he really wanted to make things right, he wouldn't go on TV and be all pitiful. He would somehow communicate his apology to her and just eat it. Honestly from a career standpoint, every word he says just makes him look more like a prick. Whereas Chris should have come out and fessed up, apologized to Rhianna and their fans and donated 1000s of hours to womens shelters across the country, I think Kanye just needs to disappear for a while. I don't like the way either of them handled themselves and think they should spend the balance of their lives washing cars or mowing lawns.

I don't know why I'm riled up about all this. Guys just shouldn't be dickheads to women.

Anonymous said...

Love Glee, Love Mad Men, Love Drop Dead Diva.....yay TV!

Wishing you all the best Norn!

Kanye acted like an azz...but that is par for the course for him. He knows he is an azzhole. I do think he needs to take some time off though, get some perspective.

Serena - just wow.

Michael again

I never thought I would say this, but thank goodness for Beyonce. She made us look better this weekend!!


Laura said...

You know a studio exec/dickhead is trying to get Kayne getting help turned into a reality show called Saving Kayne or something like that. He better not move back to my suburb or I'll kick his ass! I liked him, but not anymore. I guess Obama called him a Jackass off the record. Glad Chicago has one decent black man representing us.

Oh my God! Just turned on OLTL and is my Sean gone? Nope just a heart attack.

I saw a bit of AMC, but how bad is it that I would rather clean or do laundry. If they held a Razzie's for Soaps, AMC and Denise Vasi would be shoe-ins. Poor Brot hasn't figured out Natalia plays for the other team.

Oh my dear funny Norn, hope you are okay. I'll send you a facebook note.

Brody, is okay, but don't let that Greg guy operate on you, he's not having a good day. I guess Matthew won't be suing his folks for this guy to work on him real soon. I think Greg isn't such a good actor, am I the only one.

If Thorston comes back to OLTL do they need McPain, one brooding unshaven greasy hair is enough.

Glad to hear from you Ash, check for free Baby samples. Another good way to get coupons is to call the companies and tell them you though something about your package of diapers wasn't quite right. They'll send you a coupon for a free package most of the time.

Have a great week everybody.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

I saw Taylor live in Nashville this past Saturday and let me tell you she put on an AMAZING show. She was so sweet and gracious and talking about how she would never forget that concert because the crowd literally gave her a 5 minute standing ovation. She nearly started crying she was so taken aback by all the love she was receiving from the crowd. Then the next night I see her at the VMA's being humiliated by the asshole (sorry for the language) that is known as Kanye West. Nobody deserves to have their moment in the spotlight taken away, but especially not Taylor. She is one of the sweetest celebrities out there and Kanye stepped all over her. It was actually disgusting. But, by the end of the night I was uplifted by the reminder that there are still classy people out there when Beyonce gave her moment in the spotlight to Taylor.

As for Jay, Kanye's apology was weaker than weak. To me, it sounded like he was blaming his actions at the VMA's on his mothers death (God rest her soul), which is redick! You are a dick because you think you are the end all be all in music and have a head the size of a hot air balloon. It's actually sad because obviously none of his friends can get through to him to tell him he needs to bring it down a couple notches.

As for the rest of Jay's show. It was stupid. Except for the carwash skit. That had me laughing, but I was also sleep deprived so who knows.

I have a question for you Jordan (or anyone else who watches the show) about Chelsea Lately...
Is Jennifer Aniston really going to be on Thursday's show? If so, that's amazing and I can't wait for that episode! Let the Brangelina jokes ensue!!! haha

Oh right this is an AMC blog...ummm the show this week was... BORING!

Mel Got Served said...

Feel better Norn!!!

I'm so into LA Ink anymore Ash. I read an article that TLC was the ones who asked Hannah and Kim to leave the shop because they didn't cause enough drama. Bringing on that Rock of Love chick ruined what used to be a show about amazing art.

I'm mixed on the True Blood finale. It was either great or just OK- I don't know. Haven't caught Mad Men yet.

I am heading out now to see It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia perform the infamous "Nightman Cometh" episode live- should be awesome.

Back from 4 days at Disney World and of course... magical! So much fun and NO LINES! I only had to wait in line for maybe 2 or 3 rides (Soarin', Toy Story Mania, and maybe 1 more- plus waiting to get pictures with characters).

I see a lot of promise with new Melrose. 90210 was much improved from last season- but I found out the new guy who used to be on Days is 31 years old. He's this generation's Andrea Zuckerman in terms of age.

jordan hudson said...

Ms Casey Shamless it seems as it is true Jennifer will be on Chelsea Latley this is a big deal wow. Thou I am on team Angelina.

Mel I wish I was going with you let me know how it was. I love It's always sunny . So glad that FX is behind this show. The stuff they come up with kills me. That Nightman episode was hysterical.

Terry in Toronto said...

OLTL was AMAZING today! The ending really got me. Could Matthew have been any more perfect with Destiny? OMG this is what soap is all about!

jordan hudson said...

Terry so with you on OLTL. The Evans clan I'm loving. Matthew and Destiny amazing. Yes this is what good Soap Opera is all about.

jordan hudson said...

also forgot to mention how great Brody and Jess were sigh what a couple.

Arizonagal said...

Feel better Norn! Sending you {{{{{ HUGS }}}}}

Watching the biggest loser right now. Love project runway. Speaking of Intervention, Kanye needs one, whadda dick.

Jordan, GL fans, did you all watch today? I cried like a bitch which is something I rarely do. My God, what a heartbreaking episode. I truly don't know how I will make it through Friday's episode and damn if it isn't starting to feel like a death in the family. This can't really be over. :-(

Mark said...

Laura, I agree with you about Greg. Seems he went to the Ryan Lavery school of (over) acting.

OLTL is such a good show. AMC is just sad. Any idea how they will wrap up the story lines of those that don't head out west?


Mel Got Served said...

Always Sunny Live was HILARIOUS. If you can get a cheap scalped ticket somewhere Jordan, get it! (I went with my brother, and he said on Craigslist here tickets were going for $300+) While my legs are exhausted from standing from only, it was so worth it. First we suffered through a local music act, then the composer of "The Nightman Cometh" came on stage and showed us a clip of the upcoming Christmas special, which will make you never look at mall Santas the same way again. THEN, the composer came back out and told us we'd get to watch a whole episode from the new season, which centered on the gang re-igniting an old Flip Cup tournament rivalry. Probably one of their best episodes yet- I was crying from laughing the entire time. Then they performed the whole episode of "The Nightman Cometh" live, with a few longer songs, etc. The whole cast was there, including Artemis and The Waitress. Seeing Mac with his cat eyes and karate moves was amazing, and seeing Danny Devito in person was amazing. And the frenetic energy of Charlie was a sight to behold- there's no words for how amazing Charlie Day is. Sadly, I didn't take photos or movies since we weren't supposed to (I had to hide the cameras I did have in my bag from vacation pretty hard!) but I'll see if any videos show up on Youtube tomorrow. Needless to say, two thumbs waaaaaay up. The new season I believe starts next week, so tune in because if it's the episode we saw tonight, you will die laughing.

Haven't seen the BB finale, but know the outcome. I won't spoil in case anyone hasn't watched. I think I'll watch newMelrose before bed since my reality shows are just toooo long.

Mel Got Served said...

PS I think my brother snapped a couple pics with his phone of Charlie in his famous yellow suit, so I'll see if he can email me those to share.

Shadow said...

it's interesting to me that both AMC and OLTL are tanking in the ratings. One is a creative disaster, the other in a creative renaissance, but their ratings are virtually identical. That tells me that it's more than just the writing and production that are issues. It's a systemic problem within and among the decision makers of ABC Daytime. I don't think it matters what the put in those timeslots and I don't think it's exclusively a soap problem. It's management and promotions problem. How long will they let this go before someone with authority decides to take action from the top down. Frons, Sweeney, et al have one hit, The View and it's success has little to do with them and everything to do with the loud mouth blowhard hosts. Time to clean house and start over!!

Mel Got Served said...

Here's a picture of the end of Always Sunny Live, when Charlie comes out and sings out his proposal to the waitress:

PS I was wrong about the season premier- it's this Thursday the 17th!

Unknown said...

OMG how freakin amazing was OLTL yesterday (9/15)?!?!?! The Evans (minus Greg, sorry the actor just isn't doing it for me) were FAB!!!! Mama Evans .... I just love her. She reminds me & looks like my mother so I have a soft spot for her. Tonye Patono is the perfect actress to play her. Little Miss Shanell Edmonds (Destiny) was all shades of wonderful yesterday. She has grown in this role since her initial appearance. Eddie Alderson .... what can I say? He is OLTL's (if they stay on air) future star. GREAT episode.

Norn Cutson said...

my beloved Selene Luna & Nadya Ginsburg in: Madonna and Lourdes: Second Coming

jordan hudson said...

Oh god Arizona gal did you see GL today. People I'm a mess between GL and OLTL I will soon be all cried out. GL is breaking my heart. This is incredible, talented cast is just turning it out. They should be so proud of how they turned the show around this year and gave us fans a beautifully written,acted and directed farewell performance. I won't lie Marj Dusay is an amazing actress but I never thought of her as Alex. Alex would always be Beverlee McKinsey but she was so on point today as Alex, she was Alex.

OI hate the fact that Frons treats OLTL like a bastard step child. I don't care what the rating are. At least acknowledge the hard work that the cast and crew are putting in to making show the best it could be. You can't look at all three shows and not admit that OLTL is the strongest all around. These last three weeks have been out of control with quality, tight writing, acting and directing. It has not given the audience the chance to breathe. That is how it should be.

I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who isn't 100% into Greg. While the actor is good he seems to be all external and not internal. It's an acting term. I like knowing that an actor is invested in there performance. One of the reasons that I never cared for Erika Sleazak, while she always hits it. It's always so cold. While Robin Strasser to me works from the inside. She is always vested in her performance going deep into her soul for her performance. Little Destiny proved yesterday that she deserves all the hype. She is growing leaps and bounds. Eddie A ( Matthew) is the future of this show and as a Legacy character no less.

Mel Got Served said...

If anyone needs a reason to watch Melrose Place for only like 3 minutes, please tune into last night's episode: COLIN EGGLESFIELD IN A SHOWER.

Shadow said...

I forgot Debbie Morgan was on Charmed. I watched part of an episode on the treadmill at the gym today. She played some important Demon who was always trying to kill the 3 sisters. I love Deb, but she was AWFUL in that role with her weird demonic accent--so over the top. Hopefully it was a good paycheck though.

Shadow said...

What's amazing to me about OLTL and all the ABC soaps is how backward thinking the promotion is. They don't do anything to make OLTL look interesting or to even make audiences aware that it is there. Sara Evans? I like her but what does that do? Where is the viral marketing? The reach out to college kids? That GH promo of the carnival was so stupid. Nobody saw that and thought "that looks cool". They should hire those girls from PrattFalls or whoever Eden Riegel uses to promote Imaginary Bitches who understands how to reach out thru digital media to create buzz. And stop with the goofy carnivals, weather disasters, dance-a-thons, plagues and serial killers. Somebody with an edge at ABC should be able to take some of the brilliant stuff from OLTL-the Tuc Watkins stuff for example--and spin that into gold. Soap cruises, music tours, disney day and all that is a waste of time!! Chaps me how stupid and ineffective the programming execs are about these shows.

jordan hudson said...

Opal has the last line in today's episode and it so summed up my feeling after watching today's episode. " Oh no not again!" indeed.
This storyline is forget it why bother the show is just beyond silly. Chuck Pratt will bury this show/

Shadow said...

Felon Chris Brown started community service today in Richmond, Virginia. He had to pick up garbage and clean police horse stables. Hopefully there was plenty of horse shit and no gloves!

DancingElf88 said...

I didn't get to see my One Tree Hill because my television is stupid. Hopefully I'll catch it next week. OLTL is purely stupendous. I was crying basically through everything. I agree that Greg wasn't that great. I like him...but the actor kind of overdid it. I love me some Destiny and the whole Evans clan they need to be on contract.
My Kyle is back and I love him. I'm excited to see what goes down with the Fish's.
I haven't watched AMC...anything worth watching?

Crystal said...

Maybe WE should start a OLTL campaign.

David Vickers: "It's take your child to work day."

Shadow said...

RPG said on twitter "Had scenes with david Canary today. He is a living TV legend. LOVE HIM! Did u know he was on BONANZA??
about 4 hours ago from txt"

I'm glad he like DC, but surely he knew of DC's credentials before today??

jordan hudson said...

LOL I must be high but I actually liked The Beautiful Life. I went in ready to hate this show for several reasons, 1)Ashton Kutchner is involved 2) I don't need another show 3) I don't need another show at this time slot (have Glee and the ABC comedy shows which I think I'm going to love) 4) Have not liked Mischa Barton since Once and Again. 5) The two new CW shows did not work for me at all. 6) That Corden Bleu from High School Musical is on it.

Yet as corny and predictable as it was I loved it. Go figure!

Shadow said...

So I'm watching last night's premier of Biggest Loser--always interesting that I'm catatonic on the couch for 2 hours watching fat people kill themselves to lose weight instead of hauling my own butt upstairs to the treadmill and doing my own cardio. Can't help it though. I love the show.

Anyway, right off the bat 2 of them go to the hospital. The rest went to the ranch to get to know eachother and pick teams. It was kind of funny how they edited that part. They rotated between really sad, moving and inspirational stories and bone headed doofs who hadn't the slighest clue why they were there.

First, a firefighter talked about how he needed to lose weight so he could do his job better. He was upset that he had been too winded to assist one of the contestants who was hospitalized earlier. He worried that if he didn't get in shape, he wouldn't be able to help people who were counting on him as a fireman. It was a moving confessional from a guy I doubt ordinarily shares his personal feelings.

Then they cut to this other girl who was like, "Oh. My. Gawd! All my life I've always been that girl with the real pretty face. (Lips start quivering.) And I am so much more than that!" And I was like, what? That's all you got? The other dude was worried about saving lives man!

Then they cut to this girl who has the saddest story ever. 2 1/2 weeks after her baby was born, her husband, older daughter and baby were all killed in a car accident by someone dude driving over 100 mph. Horrible! Absolutely ripped my heart out. Trying to start sobbing like a fool in front of my kids. The lady was crying her eyes out and talking about how she is going to change her life and how there must be some reason why she is alive and on the ranch. This lady had purpose.

Then they cut to this guy who said something like, "I dunno. I married my wife and gained over 100 pounds the following year. I don't really know why". And you could hear crickets chirping in the background-just not a lot going on upstairs. What?

Anonymous said...

OLTL: If the bullet fragment was smaller than a grain of sand, then how could it have made that loud clank sound when he dropped it in the pan??


Crystal said...

Shadow, that lady on Biggest Loser had me balling!

Got to watch GLEE last was faaaaaaabulous! I won't ruin it for any of you who actually had a life last night and haven't watched it yet. I haven't been this happy with a show since Gilmore Girls was in its hay day.

Mel Got Served said...

That Biggest Loser woman had me verklempt too. A lot of good stories this year on the BL- I look forward to all the life changing that will happen.

Glee was amaaaaaazing.

What does everyone think about Adam Shankman being named a permanent judge on SYTYCD? I love Shankman, so I'm happy about that, but I do hope they will keep up guest judges because I think that is what keeps the show fresh (compared to Idol, where we can already guess what the judges will say, "Aight dawg," "horrid," etc)

Mel Got Served said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mel Got Served said...

OMG- Bree Williamson (Jessica from OLTL) is going to be on an episode of GG this season! Check out her tweets!

@breewilliamson I am on set at Gossip Girl!! Look out for me on an episode this season!!!

@breewilliamson Day two of Gossip Girl!!

Ashley said...

First of all, Jenny - LMAO about the bullet "fragment" making a clang in the pan! Oops! And second - I cannt BUH-LEEVE that I am the only PVP blooger that loves me some Greg! When he kissed Rachel - hawt, hawt, hawt! (But not as hot as some Brody in a scuba suit - I kept picturing him as the next start of some DC Comics feature film. Tobey Maguire, pshaw! He ain't got NOTHIN' on our Brody!


brtedi said...

“If Thorston comes back to OLTL do they need McPain, one brooding unshaven greasy hair is enough.”

Laura—ROLF! Here’s my take on a possible scenario for OLTL: John and Marty are all hot ‘n’ heavy…Opps! Patrick comes back from the dead. Since I wasn’t watching OLTL, back in the days of “Patrick Thornhart” I can only hope he isn’t a re-tread of “Zack” on AMC.

It sort of surprises me to say this, but after watching AMC for a little more than 5 years, “Annie” is one of my favorites. Love her crazy. Love her bitchy. Just keep her away from the fairytales and the oatmeal baths---(attempted) Romance and fiber don’t mix. LOL!

I actually found myself enjoying the non-romantic alliance between Ryan and Erica, as long as it stays that way. I felt sorry for the day players and most of the contracted actors, during the dance-a-thon scenes, Wednesday. They can’t dance. Don’t make them! ;-)

I’m beginning to see the chemistry between Jake and Amanda. Too bad we had to suffer through an ill-conceived lost baby storyline to get there.

OLTL-- Mathew and Destiny are wonderful! What the young actress may lack in experience, she overcomes with heart and vulnerability. Go baby, go! I was really impressed to see that the actor playing “Mathew” decided to show, depending on the circumstances, it’s not always easy-- or graceful-- to transfer from a wheelchair to the floor. But, it did reveal Mathew was willing to set aside his self-consciousness in order to comfort Destiny. You don’t have to be able to walk, to ‘step up’.

On to GL…Thanks for the heads up, you guys, on the upcoming episodes. This show reminded me of what soaps used to be—family and interconnected relationships. (Are you listening, out there, Pratt?)


Crystal said...

Alright, here's the deal. I don't like Greg. His pecks are bothersome. There, I said it.
Oh, and the way he kept flinging his arms down when he was upset about the surgery he looked like a little girl. ;)

jordan hudson said...

The great thing about the possibility of Thorsten coming back as Patrick Thornhart is that Patrick is nothing like John Mcbain or Zach Slater. As written by the head writers when he was on he was a real man. Come back to OLTL Thorsten.

Yes Brody in a scuba suit sigh.

Shadow said...

Crishelle tweeted yesterday: "Jake and Amanda fans, I thought your rallying worked-but alas we may need your help again. Grrrrrrrr." Wonder what that means?

Crystal said...

Of course, Amanda is going to start falling in love with David. That's how us weak women are don't ya know?!

Why was Jake dancing with Taylor? Why didn't he just dance with Natalia?

My friend called me tonight to ask me WTF was going on on AMC. She doesn't watch but, watched whatever comes on before it on Soapnet. She was cracking up at the dancing. Did you notice a lot of times there was no music? No wonder everyone was doing different dances. I tried to explain to her they have to have one set but, I don't think she got when I said ONE I meant ONE. Did they just pretape the Alicia stuff you think?

jordan hudson said...

Not since 2003, when they made those two idiots Gordon Rayfield and Anna Cascio head writers, who brought us Fusion and what I once considered the worse episode in the history of AMC, "What a woman wants!" have I been so embarrased. Not for the cats but for me to have to watch this. This is it the bottom of the barrel. Maybe I'm being to hard because I'm comparing it to the quality I'm getting from Y&R, OLTL and GL (which only has one episode left).
Then I think back to Laura getting hit by a car, Cindy dying of Aids, Greg & Jenny, Jesse & Angie, Nico & Cecily, Tad and Dixie, The real Liza, even Leo and Greenlee and NO I'm not being to hard. It was disgusting!. The actors can't be behind this dumb ass storyline. They have to know they deserve better material then this.

I thought it was bad when Hayley and Mateo had to the Macarena at SOS years ago. Yet that was nothing compared to seeing the cast have to do the chicken dance or whatever it's called.

Michael said...

It should not matter, or be of any interest to the viewer, that any constraints were placed upon the writers or production team because of the location switch. Get Project Runway on us people—“MAKE IT WORK.” There is no reason Erica would be interested in Ryan, no reason a TV station would be broadcasting a dance marathon, no reason Kendall would forget, and then remember and then forget to remember killing someone she never killed, no reason a house-arrested felon and a cancer patient would be dancing the night away in a cosmetics company’s bar for starving kids in Africa! I love these characters and most of these actors, but this show is beyond convoluted for me now.

Norn, I hope you are well and stay well and continue to create your vibrant, stunning images for a loooong time.

Shadow said...

I just watched 4 episodes of AMC at record pace and let me tell you this, I would just go ahead and shit my pants before I would take a squat in a Fusion bathroom. That is the Devil's Crapper for sure! Someone's always getting shanked in there. Just about the time you have that moment of zen, some Freddy Kruger type reaches up out of the toilet and snatches your ass to hell. Man I wouldn't even have a sip of water there for fear I'd have to pee in the Urinal of Death.

Anyhoo, I'm convinced Pratthole is going to make a murderer out of Adam. That wrist holding the gun was to broad to be one of those bony women and the skin was too shiny and transparent and the knuckles too old to be Zach's or David's.

I don't remember which stupid movie he says inspired him with this dance-off for hungry pygmies, but this is the dumbest, saddest, most pathetic thing I have ever seen. I have always hesitated to say anything supportive of cancelation, but if the show is so constrained that they have to contrive ways to fit the entire cast in one room, then just cancel the damn show. Even still, there were other possibilities rather than this completely idiotic dance thing--a gathering at Chandler Mansion in remembrance of Stuart--a showing of Stuart's art for example. Maybe that could have stirred Adam's memory. Or how about a real wedding for Jake and Amanda? People like weddings. Or a town celebration in remembrance of the storm--something that could brought families together for some best of clips. The harder Pratt tries, the more he fails.

And one more thing, I hope Madison seduces Frankie and that an unconsolable Rancid disappears back into the world of prostituion and while walking down the street a heel on one of her cheesy stilletos breaks causing her to trip and fall to her death down an open manhole.

Laura said...

Oh my god, the chicken dance on AMC, it's like a bad Polish wedding in Chicago. If this isn't jumping the shark, I don't know what is, but I think that happened when Pratt showed up.

Terry in Toronto said...

Still cracking up Jenny at the clanking bullet-fragment grain. Did anyone else catch David Vickers desperate plea to his agent that he'd even take work as an extra on daytime television! Too funny.

I didn't like the character of Greg when he first showed up because he was so arrogant. However they have done a lot to humanize him and make him more multi-dimensional and I am buying Rachel's struggle between the two brothers. Ron C is genius for creating two characters (Sean and Greg) who are so different and yet both have strong points. Greg is attractive and successful and Sean has a heart of gold. Poor, poor Rachel. Is she going to start getting closer and closer to Schuyler as their 'platonic' friendship continues?

Brody is the ultimate hotness and I'll take him in a wetsuit, in the steam room, on a hospital bed anytime. He and Jess are perfection together. I love the combination of strength and vulnerability that they both have.

I love me some OLTL!

Anonymous said...

Hey Shadow...that hand in the promo and in the flashbacks is MARION's hand!!! Try to find the episode where she shoots Marissa in the court room .

LAZY ASS PRATT used cut up clips to make Stuarts new murder promo!

shame on them!

jordan hudson said...

72 years and the Light was turned off. It's done and my heart is broken. I have not been this sad at a soap going since the Edge of Night. The funny thing is that it was the demise of Edge of Night that led me to finding the Guiding Light.

Thank you to everyone at GL for giving us the fans a show that we could be proud of in the end. You went out in class. The light will always shien in my heart.

Shadow said...

Thanks Tyrone. I'll have to find that clip. Whose ever hand it is, it's definitely an older one. Still, I think he's setting up Adam to be the killer and I hate it.

Thinking more about the ConFusion bathroom, Opal could have at least tossed a Kotex to whoever was in that stall before she ran out the door.

brtedi said...

Hi, Ashley and Jordan! :-)

I need to say a few things about GL--and I figured this was the place to do it. I will try to keep my fan biases to a minimum---Well, maybe with the exception of Josh and Reva...LOL! I immensely enjoyed the parallel drawn between Josh Reva ,the lighthouse and the classic film “An Affair To Remember”. Yes! They rode off, ready to face any “great adventure”, that came their way. Kim Zimmer and Robert Newman worked amazingly well together. Some of their scenes together made me wish I’d started watching GL, years ago!—

At one point, I was sort of hoping Jeffery would fall off a roof top, while chasing Edmund, having those two play perpetual “cat and mouse” is ok, with me. Jeffery keeps "Evil Ed" away from Springfield and all is (basically) well. –Personally, I love it when you can’t keep a (well written) villain down…Thank you, David Andrew McDonald!

As far as Shaynah fans go, most have gone from being apoplectic to grudging acceptance. (Someone heard/read about the final episode, prior to its airing) It’s got to be a tough job for writers to appease all of the fan bases, trying to give everyone, at least. a slice of what they wanted. Speaking as one of the “Shayne and Dinah” contingent, we may not have exactly gotten the “happy ending” we hoped for. But, we did go on was one hell of a good ride! When you think about it, isn’t that what good storytelling is all about ---leaving the audience wanting more?


Laura said...

I am not amused this week by AMC, I have barely watched it, but I think the marathon is hardest on us viewers. I keep thinking they Shoot Horses Don't They, is the analogy to us suffering out here in TV Land.

OLTL and Y&R have been very good, and I can stand GH again.

Oh my poor Fish. I want to hug him. Geez, he's a decorated hero, why wouldn't a parent love him.

I was in Dubuque yesterday and thought of our Taylor, is he still in Dubuque?

I loved Glee this week. Jane Lynch is great. And that poor gay kid, I just want to hug him. All my favorite gay characters had a bad week.

The ABC news local news is doing a GL tribute. It started here on radio. Slightly before my time. I taped the last episodes. I used to watch it some, but after the Michael Zaslow thing, I got so mad I kind of boycotted it. But I would watch it every so often. Very sad. I know how I felt when Edge and Ryan's Hope went off the air. I used to also watch this show Another World Somerset. Did anyone ever watch that? A lot of Edge of Night Actors started on their first. Is ATWT the oldest soap. My grandmother used to watch that in the 60's, along with GH.

Shadow said...

Imagine for a second that this dance-a-thon is actually live TV.

This would be the worst organized, most boring dance-a-thon ever, let alone money making extravaganza. No stars. No organized dancing. No spinning, whirling, twirling. No big bands. Just a bunch of mostly white people standing elbow to elbow shuffling their feet and shifting their weight from side to side. Nothing to draw an audience. This would be the worst fundraiser ever.

And then there's the matter of this being a worlwide cosmetics conglomerate. People are randomly helping themselves to the whole place, including Erica Kane's private office. Erica Kane people! Nobody goes into Erica Kane's office uninvited! JR Chandler dry humping some girl on white couch on the roof of an internationally renowned cosmetics company in the midst of a charity event hosted by Erica Kane? Hello front page of the PV Bulletin & National Intruder. Jake and Amanda are making out in the women's bathroom. Suddenly no women in the entire place has to pee or bleed to death? And where did all the physical evidence of the worldwide business of Fusion go? Did they just completely empty the entire multiconglomerate cosmetics empire of all physical traces of its corporate existence? Tad is a preacher. Tad is network TV host. Tad is whatever Pratt needs him to be. David has gone Suddenly Stupid.






Shadow said...

And somehow the elixir that Madison gave Rancid gave Madison the ability to control Rancid's mind and the vision Rancid had. And somehow Madison knocked out TAYLOR THE WAR VET who killed Rancid's pimp with her bare hands.



Shadow said...

I've never watched an episode of Guiding Light, but I watched the final episode today. It was striking how normal everybody looked. Flat, wind blown hair. Fashions by Kohl's. Not the most attractive collection of soap stars. And sort of pauncy in the middle most of them. The camera thing didn't bother me too bad. For some reason it was better in exterior shots. The interior sets were pathetic. Having said all that, Reva and Shane were genuinely touching. You felt a lot of genuine warmth and caring among the characters. There was some heart there that transcended all the poor production values. I miss the heart in Pine Valley.

The year jump was nice. Seems like any soap fan would be happier with the idea that life just goes on for these characters we know so well. Nice to just observe them living their lives. Pratt would probably poison the water, send a swarm of locusts and burn the entire town down, so the simplicity was refreshing.

That Kim Zimmer is an astounding actress, but girl, do some yoga or something with all your time off. It's like she lived on hotdogs and cupcakes for 365 days till the next time she saw Shane! Hit the gym and come show 'em how its done in PV!!

brtedi said...

"...I used to also watch this show Another World Somerset. Did anyone ever watch that?...."

Laura, I can do you one better. Yes, when I was probably in pre-school and early grade school, my mom and grandma watched both of those shows--and others in the NBC daytime soap lineup. If I recall correctly, Somerset was a spinoff of Another World. Two of the central characters were named "Robert Delaney"(Nicolas Coster, 1970-1972)and "Clarice Ewing" (Gail Brown, February 7, 1975 - August 15, 1986; June 16, 1989; May 5, 1993.)

These characters had a son,named "Corey"--after "Mac Corey", on "Another World".

The Somerset link is:

For the Another World homepage go to:

Oh, man! After looking up the "Somerset"/Nicolas Coster on the Another World/Somerset homepage, I realized, I remember, watching soaps from the time I was 3 years old! LOL!

And since I seem to be rambling on about classic soaps, does anyone recall that Kim Zimmer in her "pre-Reva" days, replaced Kathleen Turner --Yep,the movie and stage actress, as "Nola Dancy" (spelling?)on "The Doctors"?

I watched these characters/shows, as I grew up. It was litterally a multi-generational thing, for me. I never dreamed I'd be blogging about them! :-)


BELINDA said...

A few thangs:

1. I watched "Glee" for the first time last night. Two words: AWE. SOME. That show is the CHIZZ! (Oy, I just used a word I heard on "iCarly." Color me shamefaced!)


2. Another recent tweet from the lovely Ms. Stause: "Dear Amanda. You are an emotional wreck and it is depressing me. Please pull it together. Thanks, Chrishell."

I hear ya, babygirl.


3. I can't yea or nay whether any of this is true ... I'm just the copy-and-pasting messenger, so please don't shoot ME if anything's false!

From the Suds Report (posted on an AMC message board):

* Is Marj Dusay returning?
Insiders are buzzing that the show is in talks with Marj Dusay to return as Vanessa.

* According to sources close to Rebecca Budig, the actress has not been asked to return to the show once the sudser makes the move out west.

* Jill Larson will not be continuing her Emmy-nominated role as Opal. "No one on recurring is invited unless it’s a small cameo role," says a mole. As for Larson, she has been heard saying she would agree to visit Pine Valley whenever they needed her in any capacity.

* Emmy winner Vincent Irizarry announced he will not be moving to L.A. but he will be commuting just like he did on Y&R and continue on as David in the series. "He doesn’t want to move his family," says a friend.

* The networks love lying to TV Guide Magazine’s Michael Logan! After ABC announced it was moving stakes to L.A., Suds reported that several veterans were planning to hijack the show by refusing to move. ABC denied that to Logan, but Suds is hearing that their plan has sort of worked!

Because of Susan Lucci (Erica), Thorsten Kaye (Zach) and Alicia Minshew (Kendall) refusing to move to L.A., AMC will now allow contract players to commute and pre-tape several weeks of show in advance so they can live in New York.

Jordan and Ashley, perhaps your sources can verify/debunk any or all of the above?

Michael said...

I can remember my mother telling me Susan Sullivan was on the show, but Somerset was, I think, before my time (just turned “The BIG-FOUR-Ohhh” last week!) I do remember The Doctors with Kim Zimmer. Alec Baldwin played her brother Billy, and he was in love with Missy. It was the first summer I started watching the Soaps instead of just noticing they were on in the room. Another World was my favorite. At the time, Ray Liotta was Joey Perrini (circa 1980, 81) but I loved Ada, Rachel, Mac, Iris and I remember Clarice and Larry.

Click here to go to a clip from that great show.

brtedi said...

"...I can remember my mother telling me Susan Sullivan was on the show, but Somerset was, I think, before my time...."

Hi, Amphitron!

If I recall, Susan Sullivan's character was named "Lenore"--Correct name or not, she was a witch on wheels. Her hubby "Robert" /Nicolas Coster had an afair w/"Clarice"--there was a good bit of cross over between both shows at that point. So, I don't really recall which exact events on which show...

I don't know exactly how old I was, but I deffinately remember "Joey Perinni"/Ray Liotta--I thought Joey and his girlfriend (a little blonde, Ileen, was it?)were fabulous, back then...Looking back, now, they'd give me sugar shock! LOL!--

If you recall, Joey asked his girlfriend to marry him, when it was discovered she had a fatal brain tumor...She may well have died, just after they wed. If she didn't, it was very soon thereafter. Joey's mom, Rose, was Ada's neighbor/best friend at the time, I believe.

Laura said...

It's fun going down memory lane with all of you. I remember I couldn't stand that Audrey Landers on Somerset and then she was on Dallas. Didn't like her their either. Kind of an early hair model. Pretty, big chest, but no acting chops.

I watched the last two episodes of Guiding Light, surprised how many characters and actors I knew. How can Buzz Deas be old, when I haven't aged since he was on Ryan's Hope? LOL

I couldn't tell if they wrapped up Richard's storyline, does anyone know?

It's official now Sarah Brown is leaving GH, rumors are she may be a Victoria Newman recast on Y&R. The current one is the only ex AMC person not kicking butt.

I think Kim Zimmer would be good for Tad on AMC, they could go to Aerobics together! Meow. Sorry, couldn't resist. I need to be there with them. I have to say these poor GL actors have had horrible wardrobes and lighting to deal with. Crystal Chappell will be so glad to be on Days. Anyone else going anywhere yet?

I have to say I don't dislike Greg so much, I just relate the character of Sean so much more. Sean is not the best actor, but he's not an overactor. The character of Greg overacts as I see it.

The actor Michael Lowrey has aged well. I can see him and Blair together.

Michael said...

Yes, fond memories of my beloved Another World. I don't want to start another tangent, but I well remember the other spin-off--Texas. It was probably just a cheesy daytime Dallas (especially after Beverley Mckensie left; that woman was one of the most gifted actors ever on daytime!) but I loved that show. Reena, Vivian, the first Max, Randy Hamilton—good times *sigh* good times. There are tons of Texas clips on YouTube, very little about Somerset. Anyway, I wanted to add that for a long time they would occasionally reference Somerset as the neighbor to Bay City in AW scripts. I spent too many hours watching Soaps: Ryan’s Hope, Loving, The Doctors, Santa Barbara, Sunset Beach, All My Children, Another World, and Texas. Now I just watch the three ABC shows.

I started watching AMC about the same time as I started watching AW. It was such a glamorous, exciting show. Does anyone remember on AMC when Erica Kane would be doing her thing in NYC while everyone else would be in Pine Valley? She was ensconced in the world of modeling and would pop back into town occasionally. It was really evident that the show invested in making Erica a marquee character. I can’t think of AMC without her. I would say nothing to diminish Kim Zimmer or Deirdre Hall, but there is only one La Lucci!

Shadow said...

Wow, watching the Emmys. Whoever wrote these lame comedy bits really sucks and the pacing is off. It's making the Daytime Emmys look like the Golden Globes. The opening announcer with the puns? Ouch. The intro song? Makes you appreciate Vanessa Williams a little more. And those of you in your 40s like me, when you were watching all those John Hughes films, would you have ever guessed that Duckie would somebody receive an Emmy award? Or Doogie Howser would be emceeing? He's a talented guy, but so far this is pretty lame entertainment.

Shadow said...

OK, the moustache was funny.

Mel Got Served said...

I put my Emmy picks on my blog (Mel Got Served) and I think I know who is getting served tomorrow: ME. While I didn't pick Kristen Chenowith, I was delighted with her win. But Jon Cryer? WTF?

Poor NPH is drowning in this awful writing. Didn't know Chuck Pratt wrote for the Emmys too- ziiiiiing.

Shadow said...

Hey Alec Baldwin, eat much?

Shadow said...

Hayden Panatierraeara looks HOT tonight.

Talk about AWKWARD. This whole show is awkward.

Jeff Probst-was that a dig at Doogie?

Shadow said...

Does Tracey Morgan even know where he is? Or waht year it is?

Reality: This is really only Amazing Race v. Amazing Race. Although Project Runway really should get a shot at an award sometime.

How many more Kanye jokes are they going to make tonight?

I've always had a crush on Jessica Lange. And her plastic surgery finally settled back down.

Michael said...

Shadow, you are cracking me up. I used to think he was a talented guy, but I am so Doogied out it is not even funny. One day, with the aid of a sub-atomic microscope, I hope to find the appeal of How I Met You Mother.

Mel, I just went to your blog, the Top Chef and Project Runway recaps were spot-on spectacular, and I just found your fan page on Facebook. Keep up the great stuff!

Shadow said...

Thanks Amp. Hope you had a happy birthday. Welcome to my world!

I enjoy Mel's blog too.

I swear Doogie is making this shit up as he goes.

Patricia Arquette WTF? Every year she looks like a sequined cow.

Can anyone other than AMC's Aidumb undertand what any of these people are saying? Why is everyone mumbling? I get the Irish people, but Kristin Chenoweth, et al?

Dr. Horrible. Fitting.

This is really making AMC look GREAT!!

Shadow said...

Jessica Lange always has that moment while she's talking where she looks like her brain went blank and momentarily skipped.

Shadow said...

This bald Gray Gardens guy is kind of wimpy.

Little Dorritt won!! Hooray. Yippee! Where is Aidan when you need him?

Shadow said...

Where's the fun genre?

Shadow said...

Bruce Gowers, another warbler!

Shadow said...

That little dude from Roseanne isn't getting any better looking as he gets older.

Seriously? The guy that writes all the funny Daily stuff can't say more than "UH"?

Terry in Toronto said...

I get that everyone loves 30 Rock but does it have to be nominated three times in every category like there's no other shows on TV?

I think Neil P. H. is cute and funny. Not his fault if the writers give him lame jokes to deliver.

I'm so praying that there's a new PVP this week. I really really really need it.

Shadow said...

Doogie is fine, but they sure haven't done him any favors tonight. He's handling it like a champ though.

Shadow said...

The Duke of Ha Ha? Can someone help this poor guy out?

Ricky Gervais is funny.

Seriously Yeah for the Daily Show.

Can someone shut up that announcer? Do they even know that he's on the air or is he like an unfunny pirate?

They all keep reassuring Doogie cause they know he's a nice guy, but this really, REALLY sucks.

Televised Bowling is more entertaining than the Emmys.

Shadow said...

It would be nice if we could actually see the dead people.

Shouldn't all the dead people get the same applause?

That's the best picture they could find of Natasha Richardson?

Paul Neuman was on TV? In a salad commercial maybe.

Stand up for Farrah and Walter!!

I hate it when singers make that weird crooked mouth thing and googly eyes when they sing so you know they are *serious* singers.

Shadow said...

Wow, Michael J. Fox is doing really well tonight. I 'll always have a special place in my heart for Alex P. Keeton, Mallory and Nick.

jordan hudson said...

Good lord The Daytime Emmys was a hell of a lot better. Who wrote this show Pratt and his writing team. Not only were the jokes flat but the entire concept was just bizarre and the pace was so slow.
I really have mix feelings about nominations, while I do believe that a show or artist should win if they are giving the best performance it does get tiresome when it's the same people over and over again.
I love 30 Rock and Alec Baldwin but what is this his 99th win for this role. I love Glenn Close but it would have been nice to see Kyra finally get some recognition for her work. Elizabeth Moss was so great on Mad Men. I really thought she was going to get it.

Bryan Cranston I don't mind because I always felt he was over looked for Malcom in The Middle. He was on the soap opera Loving.

I just don't get the appeal of Neil Patrick Harris but then I truly don't get the appeal of CBS monday night comedies. I remember when CBS Monday night comedies were of higher quality Murphy Brown and Designing Women now that was an hour of comedy sigh

Arizonagal said...

Sigh, the first time I can bear to log in since GL ended on Friday. My Biff and I watched it Friday night after a marathon Wii session with my hubby. I thought I could hold it together for the last episode but by the end of it all Biff and I were in tears and the finality of it all.

Ellen Wheeler, despite all the criticism, girl you rule. A producer who really cared about the show and the characters.

So what, the GL cast was old and tubby. Reason being during the last month they brought back so many of the moldy oldies and wrapped it all up in a feel good ribbon of love, joy, HOPE, family... all the things that have been missing from AMC for years now.

I loved those characters and I will always wonder what happens in their futures... I know, IOAS.

Shadow said...

You know, since Guiding Light was the longest running broadcast show in history, I was naive enought to think that it would have received some sort of recognition during the show. Perhaps in lieu of that stupid Dancing With the Stars dance thing? How do you ignore that during a show that celebrates the best (allegedly) of the medium? Aside from the stage set, they put precious little planning or money into this telecast. And it showed.

Mel Got Served said...

If there's one thing the Emmys prove is, no one watches the shows. So much talent in young Hollywood, but the same people get it year after year. If Damages weren't on, Sally Field would keep on winning for her role as most annoying mother in television history. Every year Ellen Burstyn wins because she is Ellen Burstyn; hell, the rules for guest spot nominations had to be changed BECAUSE of Ellen Burstyn and her winning for a barely-there role.

I'm not saying these people aren't talented and don't deserve it, but there are just some you know are going to win. And seriously, Jon Cryer? Have the voters watched comedy over the past year or 2? He may have been jipped with the writing on tonight's show, but this was NPH's year. At least I got to see the angriest face I've ever seen on Kevin Dillon from the unfunniest comedy on TV.

And Cherry Jones won for 24? She was the reason I tuned out after like hour 7 (that and because the show is so predictable). Her president was worse than that whispering brother to the awesome president. I forget his name- wait, Wayne Palmer. Yeah even he was better than her and he was in a coma most of his season.

I cheered when Michael Emerson won; he was sort of my dark horse pick tonight. Ben Linus might be my favorite character ever. My brother was stoked about Bryan Cranston's win, as he's a huge Breaking Bad fan.

I guarantee Mad Men will always win best show and never give credit to the actors that make this show so amazing.

Kristen Chenowith was the best upset of the night. When I filled out my ballot I said, "I'd love Kristen to win, but she doensn't stand a chance." I was so happy for her.

All in all, 7/12 right on the ballot I printed out, so if I do the math, F+. I guess I'm covering the right topic on my blog, since I got both reality categories right, but again, those are sho-ins. The comedy category is surprisingly what kicked me in the butt.

Loved the reality dance number with some former SYTYCD and ABDC'ers. But Karina and Maxsim dancing must've been weird cause I heard they called off their engagement last week. Awk-waaaard!

Speaking on Mad Men, tonight's was superb. GD I love Joan. The scene between her and Peggy was so great. Ahhh love it. But seriously, can't they call Betty's new baby by the middle name instead? My DVR skipped during the last 3 minutes, so I have to stay up until 12 to re-watch the end.

PS Thanks for the blog compliments guys! People who read and pipe in are the reason I keep up the rundown (and what's sad is I still watch a lot more reality, I just don't have time to report on it!)