Monday, July 09, 2007

A Game of Trust...

Trust us. We ain't buyin' it.
  • A Fourth of July spent indoors in the office?
  • Ryan really cares about Greenlee?
  • Blandie looks crappy with freckles?
  • Erica and Jackson are hot?
Okay, so this is, like, the umpteenth week we've been a little down on the show. What do we actually like about AMC right now? Help us out, folks, here.

7/6/07 Podcast


Anonymous said...

Love Adam! David Canary is consistently creative and turning the crap writing and storyline into an interesting viewing experience. Whether he is angry, heartbroken or both I am never bored.
Colby gets the most improved character award. She is such a treat now compared to a year ago. The relationship with Sean is kinda cute too.
Leven Rambin as Lilly/Ava is surprisingly good and has created two very distinct characters in what could have been a tired been-done-before storyline. Hannah is hot, sexy, dangerous -- in a word, terrific! oh wait she's gone. So much for the good things.

Anonymous said...

What do we like about AMC? Ashley Mendoza and Taylor Crawford!

Arizonagal said...

What do I like about the show right how? How about Seamus Wong? That name is genius. Where the hell is he? With that name, he outta be showing back up in Pine Valley.

I can't believe Erica made love to Jack with the lights on! Did you notice how bright that room was?

Annie is driving me nuts. No matter what Ryan does or says, she is determined to sabotage this marraige. What is he supposed to do, escort Greenlee out of PV? Everytime he attempts to fix things, she storms off like a complete idiot.

TIIC are really good at writing characters we don't like, characters we hate, but why is it so hard for them to write a character we can really get behind? I know a lot of viewers think Zach and Kendall fall into this category, but the way they stormed into Adam's house with their bouncer Josh, and bullied everyone around, negates that. Why doesn't anyone in PV ever take the high road? They are all too mean to each other.

And don't you think Ryan secretly loves the fact that two women are fighting over him?

During the catfight didn't you wish they'd stop, stare into each others eyes and start kissing?

Ashley, was that "Erica caressing Jack's bear boobs or bare boobs"?

Did you see the size of that muffin Kendall was carrying around? It was as big as her head!

BTW Ashley, that left/right confusion is very common among women. Quick, Ashley and Taylor, touch your right ear with your left hand. Did you get it right?


Anonymous said...

What do we like about AMC? The unintentionally funny "sex" scenes between Erica and Jack. ROTFL!


jillybean said...

hahahaha i LOVE the name Seamus Wong. everyone loves saying it, and so do i!!!!!Seamus Wong Seamus Wong Seamus Wong hahaha

Anonymous said...

7/9/07 = Ashley's Birthday!!!!!

Happy Birthday!!!!!

Hope Carlos bought you something nice!! I can't wait to take you to Red Lobster!!!


Ashley said...

Red Lobster?! I thought The Olive Garden was our sponsor?

Thank you for my BELATED b-day wish, Taylor! ;) But like I tell Carlos, better late than never!

Ashley said...

BTW (to Cat) - I gotta admit, I said "Jack's MAN-boobs." That's mean, huh? But, I mean, there they were, in all their cutlet-sized glory! And Erica was, like, stroking them in circles like she was doing a breast exam! I couldn't resist, girl!


Anonymous said...

Feliz cumpleanos Ashley. You rule!


Anonymous said...

So who do you guys think Krystal is going to go for next? Adam or Derek? She and Adam have genuine chemistry together, much more so than Jack and Erica. But, OTOH it's time Derek had a friggin' date, so I'm torn. Taylor and Ashley, who do you want to see Krystal with?

Ashley said...

Adam. Their Monday exchange where she gave Adam a subtle boost by telling him that the Adam she knows always gets what he wants just about tore my heart out..... She just *gets* that man, you know? And he wants her! They are my favorite (potential) couple right now...

Anonymous said...

First off you guys rock and Ashley Happy belated B-day! hope you had fun and that you have many more!:)

as for the show the only thing i mostly like are the vets. Erica,Jack,Tad, Adam, Marian, Opal,Stuart, Livia, Joe, and *gasp* Ruth's 1 day appearance. Colby and Sean/ Jr and Amanda=JAM somewhat of the Zach and Adam stuff but i'm not even watching too much Fusion...i catch clip on the web. i wish Fusion would just combust w/ a few of them in there mainly Greenme and Blandie! to the idiots in charge how dare you not have the annual 4th of July Martin picnic and subject people to the Fusion crap you've been shoving daily in replacement?

anyways you have no idea how we appreciate what you do. may i tempt you w/ the FF button and give you a link where you could read the dialogue and watch what interest you because really i think you guys could role play it better than the actual show. i mean you pretty much have Josh and Greenme down as well as others.LOL

here's that link:

and here's another in ref. to cat fights from ATWT our Cady McClain(always Dix) as Ro Cabot fighting w/ her sister Carly because of a man name Craig but our girl didn't do to good, gets her hair pulled bad but the slaps were hard. hehe ;o)

here's the link:

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