Monday, July 16, 2007

It's Slutmetric!

  • Ava and Jonny get horizontal.
  • Much to our chagrin, Greenlee and Josh remain (somewhat) vertical.
  • Amanda and J.R. go neither horizontal nor vertical, but are still the hottest couple on AMC right now.
If you've listened to the podcast this week, you know what our question of the week is. Discuss Aidan (or Aiden) if you will, here, please.

7/13/07 Podcast


Anonymous said...

So, I'm confused about something. Kendall tells Amanda her skills are desperately needed at Fusion. Skills? Name one skill she has, other than the obvious. She's cute, but she is dim. Is there anyone at Fusion who has been to college? Has a degree?

Ashley, I agree, Aiden Turner is a bit limited in the talent department. His best scenes are shirtless and with no dialogue.

"We watch the show so you don't have to!" Thank GAWD!! I hope you guys get paid big bucks to this thankless job. Your fans really appreciate it. I know it's tough, but damn, we REALLY appreciate all your hard work and your podcast is the best!


jillybean said...

i dont care about Aiden!!!!!! they may as well pair him up with Blandie so they can start a spin-off to put people with insomnia to sleep!

But JOSH?! Girls, Ashley, today when Greenlee said Your not the pizza boy. and josh said "no im the ice cream man" all i wanted was for the music to start playing and him to start taking off his clothes!!!!!!!!! haha

Stacy said...

I think the show is actually getting worse. You two hit the nail on the head....SAVED BY THE BELL!!!

Everything is so one dimensional and fast. I mean, Ava worked at the Comeback for one night for cryin out loud!

The draw of the soap is the slow build up of storylines, with a a long history and character depth.

Ashley and two make my week. Thank you!

Arizonagal said...

Ashley, chica, why you always harshin' on Aiden? Just kidding. I'm right there with ya. Can you believe Aiden Turner has actually received an emmy nomination for his portrayal of Aiden Devane? It's hard to believe! I wonder who his competition was that year. One suggestion for viewing Aiden on AMC. Turn on your closed captioning. You don't want to miss one word of that sparkling dialog!

Ashley said...

oh my god, girl! you CRACK me up! that is the best idea i ever heard about the close-captioning! (no pun intended.)

as far as aiden goes, i *think* he was nominated in the youth category that year. (the young perfomer emmy? what the hell is that one called?)

you know, if all aidan and josh ever did was find excuses to take their shirts off, that would be far more interesting than *any* of the current limited plotlines either one of them has got goin'. jilly, you may wanna submit some writing samples to AMC. i'm sure they've got some openings!

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,
Great podcast this usual.

I think I have a correction though. I don't think that Opal gave Tad up. I think his father, Ray Gardner either kidnapped him or was trying to get rid of him when he dumped him in the park and Joe Martin found him. I think I remember Tad being furious with Opal when she first came to town for not looking for him all those years. I think when she finally came to Pine Valley, she was looking to live off the Martins.

Man...did they use to write great storylines, or what???

Anonymous said...

I thought they were gonna have Greenlee take Spike because Kendall is in labor, not kidnap him. At least that's what I read. I haven't been watching the show this current week yet so.. I don't know.

PLEASE, Ashley and Taylor, keep watching.
You guys are amazing and hilarious!!
You help me see the humor in these rediculous storylines.


Anonymous said...

Cady sent this to Taylor today:

Hi there!

I am very excited to announce that I will be returning as "Rosanna" on As The World Turns! Airing begins July 30th, 2007. Although it seems the "Dixie" era is over,I am lucky that there is another place for me to go and play a character I have had so much fun with.

Thank to those of you who have written in with your words of support. I very much appreciate your continuing to watch my work. I am enjoying the romantic story they have written, and I hope you will too. It is always good to hear your ideas, so please feel free to write to me or the show and tell us what you think!

My name should be added to the cast email system on the very soon, so please email me there when youcan. (I will continue to check both emails).

You can also write to me at the studio:

Cady McClain
JC Studios
As The World Turns
1268 East 14th St
Brooklyn, NY 11230

All opinions are welcome.

As you know I like to keep other projects going on the side, and I am very excited to hear that the indie film I finished this spring is going to be getting some sound treatment from SkyWalker Sound in San Francisco! I will let you know as soon as I do as to when you will be able to see it!

I am also working on publishing a book of poems. I am no "serious" poet,but these little musings have certainly been fun for me to write, and have got me through some difficult times. I hope to pair them with some of my collages for an interesting book. More on that later as well!

Meanwhile, the CD is still at, and I hope you get a chance to hear it. Or it can be ordered through the mail from the Official As The World Turns Fan Club website. The CD received some really nice reviews,and I plan on getting out there to gig a bit more this year. If you are interested in me visiting your town, please go to my blog at and click on the blue "demand it" banner in the lower right corner. Once I have enough people, I will get a little tour organized!

Thanks again, and I hope to be seeing you soon in Oakdale on CBS!



Anonymous said...

I wish Cady only the best. She had the guts to speak out to TIIC about the numerous problems at AMC and for that she was canned in the most disrespectful way, eating poisoned nasty pancakes. I still can't believe that. No respect for CM's years of quality work on AMC.

love the podcast Taylor and Ashley

Anonymous said...

There's a Josh Madden Quiz at Soap Opera Weekly check it out. I bet Ashley knows every intimate detail about Josh .. or does she?

Anonymous said...

SPOILER coming... Taylor and Ashley, what do you think about the upcoming departure of Jamie and Babe? Do you think they should recast Babe? This seems like an excellent opportunity for TPTB to wash their hands of J and B and move on. Bring back Brooke or Hannah, or some other, more interesting character.

jillybean said...

honestly i think Jamie NEEDS to be recast because of his family connections, hes too important (or potentially important) Babe ehh i dunno if they should recast her but thats just IMO

Arizonagal said...

What about Safari Jeff? Is he gone too? How about a love rhombus with Jeff, Jack, Erica and Babs? Lots of leathery love! It's time for the over-40 crowd to have some sexual tension. What would Taylor and Ashley do to solve the current AMC crises? Who would the podcasters put together, and who would they like to see on the back burner?


Seth J. said...

One correction: Opal did not give Tad up for adoption. Ray Gardener, Tad's father, beat him regularly and at one point, broke his arm and left him abandoned at a rest-stop on the road, where he was found by Jeff Martin and his wife; he was later adopted by Joe and Ruth.

Anonymous said...

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