Sunday, July 01, 2007

I Want My Money Back!

  • J.R. figures out that Zach has Adam's $100 million that Adam borrowed from Zach to pay J.R.'s ransom, so really it's Zach's money that J.R. is looking for, only Adam doesn't know that J.R. is looking for Zach's money, Adam thinks it's his money because, well, Zach loaned it to him and so Adam's trying to get back the money that he borrowed from Zach so that he can pay it back to Zach, and then Adam won't have to give Zach all of his property and Chandler Enterprises and everything else that Adam owns, including Colby's prom dress, and J.R. is trying to get the money back because J.R. doesn't want Adam to know that he faked his own kidnapping, nor does he want Adam to lose everything Adam owns, including Colby's prom dress, and most of all, J.R. really doesn't want to lose Chandler Enterprises, which, at $100 mil, is a pretty good deal for Zach and a pretty insulting deal for the Chandlers.

  • Erica and Jack make love.
Okay, so I'm feeling a little guilty about my "BlAnndie"/"Spray-TAnnie" rant. Am I the only one out there who just can't take this woman? Can you people please tell me what you think about her once and for all? I mean, am I crazy? Opine, please, here.

6/29/07 Podcast


jillybean said...

No Ashley you are NOT alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i HATE annie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i dont even wanna talk about it anymore ughh i just hate her so much

Rochelle said...

Chile I think Annie's new name should be beige she is so bland...but I do think Annie may get some color back if she was paired up with "Special Johnny"...what do you think?

Anonymous said...

T and A (or Taylash, in the soap vernacular) While I am not excited with the character of Blandie, I think the main problem is the writing. She is just so blah. I do enjoy her - just a little - when she gets a backbone and I can empathize with her objections to Greenlee. Hell yeah, she has a right to be jealous. Greenlee's intent is to get her smarmy little hands all over Ryan. It sure does smell like a setup though for Blandie's departure and the inevitable split from Ryan.

And what are TIIC doing to Zach? I realize his character is supposed to be ethically ambiguous, but damn, now he's just being plain evil. I don't like what he's doing to Adam, at all.

Love the podcast!


Ashley said...

Hi Rochelle --

Now THAT might be a sexy twist! Blandie -- under those Mom jeans -- is a woman with *needs*. and wussy boy Ryan, who has been big-time distracted by Greenlee, ain't delivering the goods! So a depressed Blandie goes to Wildwind to have a "girls night" to cheer her up. She ends up doing shots with the girls (Di, Amamda, etc.) and whining about how she and Ryan don't have any fun anymore since Greenlee came to town. They all get drunk, and after the others are passed out (especially Di, who's a lightweight), Blandie tiptoes to Jonathan's room to ask him to keep partying with her. jonny tries lamely to put her to bed, but he just can't resist the fun! So she and Jonny drink a few more, and then Blandie finds herself kissing Jonny! Jonny protests, saying that Blandie is his brother's wife, that he's so attracted to her but they can't do this, but then Blandie takes off them Mom jeans, and Jonny is hooked! They end up having sex all over the place! I'm not talking "making love" -- I'm talking just pure, hot sex! I'm talking "don't even have time to take my bra off" sex! I'm talking "nowhere near a bed but maybe on the staircase overlooking the parlour" sex!

Blandie crawls home to Ryan who's half-asleep in bed, gives him a line about having a little too much fun with the girls, and jumps in the shower. Obviously, she can't come clean to Ryan about what she's done, and despite how awesome it was, she wants to forget it ever happened. So after she gets out of the shower, she climbs into bed with a very sleepy Ryan, and makes love to him while crying a single tear at the knowledge of what she's done. And wussy-boy ryan thinks she's just overwhelmed by love.... little does he know!!!

To heck with baby switches, people!!!! Give the viewers what they want!!!! ;)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ashley, I seriously think you need to join that new team of head writers.. you're amazing!! haha.

Well, I think Blandie is ok now, better than before.
What's really annoying me currently is GREENLEE.
It just makes me so mad because I love Rebecca Budig and I just don't think Sabine is a good fit. I've waited it out and tried to give her a chance, but those scenes with Ryan on Friday just ruined all her chances with me.
However, I think she might be OK once she and Josh hook up. :]

Another week of AMC, another great podcast.


Anonymous said...

Ashley you're so right about Sabine looking perfect. Why don't they put all that hotness to good use and give her steamy sex scenes with Josh. The top male and female bods on AMC getting it on hot and sweaty in the summer sun would be awesome. ... Sabine needs a scene that doesn't call for whining.

And Ryan and Blandie have never had any chemistry whatsoever! Even when they were honeymoon romping at the beach it felt like a brother and sister outing. How about both of them go over a cliff?

Anonymous said...

How are they letting the show stay so boring! Did anyone watch the summer sizzling special thing. It made oltl and gh look great, made amc look .. hmm.. what's teh word.. BORING! They have some great character on this show and they should develope tons of great stories, what's the problem? They shouldn't be afraid to add new characters and try new things, always keep it interesting. They spend so much time building stories up that in the end it's so obvious what's gonna happen, or they've lost my interest. LET'S GO AMC! -also, blandie has been wearing green for like the last month. get over it

lisa said...

I watched the 4th of July show on SoapNET this morning. Blandie was wearing the strangest outfit for supposedly having a day off and going to the beach. Her top with the tie at the neck looked like she got it from a nursing home garage sale! Babe had on a tank top and looked good.

Anonymous said...

What the hell is all this coy flirtation between krystal and derek? are they planning on putting them together? I don't see it. Have they finally decided to do something with the Derek character?

And OMG, Blandie, WTF?! Ryan apologizes to her in every way possible and promises her that Greenlee is out of the picture. And what does Blandie do? She continues to harp on him that Greenlee is in the air they breathe, and on and on and on. Hell, SHE is the one who insists on keeping this issue alive. She is driving me nuts. And Ryan is being such a pussy about the whole thing. Instead of fighting back - because he's *got* to be sick of this - he just keeps trying to kiss her ass and the more he does that, the madder and more unreasonable she gets. What a witch.

Greenlee and Josh, crazy as it sounds, there is some chemistry there. I hope TPTB don't waste their time on a Greenlee/Ryan reunion, and get Greens and Josh together. They actually generate some heat.

Taylor and Ashley, there is a special place in heaven for ya'll, two brave souls who actually have the grit and determination to watch ALL of AMC so we, the fans, don't have to. Thank you!!!


spunkyroc said...


I knew you would talk the ball and run with are a trip!


spunkyroc said...

I mean take the ball and run with it...LOL!

Anonymous said...

Erica and Jack make love? Well whoopdedoo! I think the only time Erica and Jack enjoy sex is when they are not married. They are both so addicted to the drama and the games that when their relationship starts to feel normal, they both run scared for the exit. Yawn... they are both too damned old for this juvenile behavior.


Anonymous said...

Ashley, I enjoyed your little erotica teaser story about Blandie. Do you and/or Taylor do any other podcasts that we, the loyal fans, might find interesting?

Ashley said...

the way this show is going, anonymous, i wish we did do other podcasts. :( but thanks for the props on my Blandie fantasy storyline! too bad it could never see the light of day on AMC. but oh, a girl can dream! :) maybe I'll come up with one for Amamda & Josh next week....


Anonymous said...

Let's go even better and have Amamda and Greenlee live with Josh in a polyamorous relationship. And the sex scenes are ONSCREEN!

Annie is boring and has infected Ryan with her snooze-inducing power. Remember when he was all action and had such great chemistry with La Budig? There are moments when I think Blandie really might have a spine and will be revealed to be a real person after all and every time I realize that once again the writers have faked me out and she's no more than a nasally whine in mom pants.