Monday, July 23, 2007

There IS a Mountain High Enough....

to keep us from watching All My Children. Like
  • Kendall on the verge of another premature birth
  • Diet Greenlee 5 days a week
  • Jackson not knowing his own daughter's cell phone number
  • Not enough Josh
  • More Erica and Jack "Divorce Show" antics

(At least we got a little more sexiness from Ava and Jonny.)

We've had a couple of defections from the show this week. Are you still watching All My Children? Tell us what, to quote an even more appropriate song, keeps you hangin' on, here.

7/20/07 Podcast


jillybean said...

Hey guys! yes im still watching the show. what keeps me watching is whenever i see my favorites (tad, kendall, josh) and also the hope that maybe one day Dixie will come back and undo the past year.

Arizonagal said...

Taylor and Ashley, you do realize that if you two stop watching AMC and doing the podcast, we, the long-suffering viewers, are going to have to start watching this friggin' show! What keeps me watching? I've been watching since 1971, how can I stop now? The show sucks, but I just can't give it up... yet.

A few suggestions for what would, IMHO, make the show better: Tad gets arrested for Greg's murder; AC escapes from jail and offs Greenlee, then himself; Adam and Krystal reconcile; Ryan gets his balls back; Erica and Jack divorce, FOR GOOD! What did I miss?

Eleah said...

I think they really need to give Tad a storyline! I only watch on Tad days now because the other characters annoy me so much. I loved the podcast. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I don't watch anymore because it just got too ridiculous! ... even for a soap. I would watch if
1)Adam and Krystal got back together and Krystal admitted their breakup was all her fault and that she started all their problems by being a cheating lying fool.
2)Tad approached Josh, admitted his crime and asked for forgiveness. I think it would be interesting to see how and if they could use this as a learning and growing experience.
3)Tad reunites with Kate so we can see his terrific parenting skills again.
4)New Greenlee GOES AWAY!
5)Erica gets back to what she does best - meddling in everyone's business.
6)Myrtle, Opal, Palmer and Livia were on at least once a week.
7)Julia gets a realy life and does interesting things.
8)Hannah came back to Pine Valley.
9)Blandie and Ryan died in a steam pipe explosion and their DNA was positively identified so there was no chance they could ever return.
10)Dixie and Brooke return ... but that's just crazy talk at this point so I'd settle for Ashley & Taylor being named Head Writers of AMC.

Jane said...

I thought it was so stupid how they all sang together. its also stupid that kendall let spike go with greenlee. I hope spike survives the crash, but greenlee better be dead!!!!! I hate her!!!!!!! she is the worst actress ever! even I could do a better job. how could they hire someone like her. Im not sure of the recast of babe. I kinda like her. They better do a better job with her then they did greenlee. I love jamie, and dont want him gone. I hate di, and hope she leaves, but I do love it when you too immitate her. I love the show, but this summer is very very boring. it seems like AMC is running outta ideas!

Anonymous said...

According to IMDB, the entire name of the show is "All My Children, The Summer of Seduction." Ha! To what summer are they referring? Should be renamed "All my children and the village of the idiots."

Anonymous said...

I am still watching AMC at this point, but that could change throughout this week. Sometimes I just can't take anymore Greenlee!!
Taylor, I love your impressions of Di. This week's was hilarious.
Ashley and Taylor, you have my undying gratefullness for watching every single day. Keep up the GREAT podcast.

Anonymous said...

i don't know what the point of threatening to not watch the show is all about, i don't know why it's funny or whatever. even if it's cheesy or boring, i always see it through because there is always a pay off in the end.. i have an attachment to all the past and present characters and the show's history is such a legacy that i can't abandon pine valley. i absolutely love the pine valley podcast, it's an extra bonus for watching the show, i'm just sick of all these people on myspace acting like they're so much better off because they stopped watching or they are threatening to stop watching. if you don't like it don't watch, but why are you blogging and reading and talking about it. either you care or you don't. it's like the cool thing to do i guess. i have as many complaints as anyong else about the show lately, but i keep watching and have no intention to give up, i'm always interested in what's gonna happen next, and i truly care about all the characters.

Anonymous said...

wednesday's episode...
I know you guys always say "suspend your disbelief", but seriously? What the heck were they thinking with that whole Greenlee thing. Like her cell phone would still be working. LIKE THERE ARE RANDOM CLIFFS WITH NOTHING TO BLOCK THEM???

i am deffinatley still watching and hanging in there with you guys.


jillybean said...

Personally i think Sabine is a really good actor. she has to work with complete garbage, its not an easy thing. I think theyre making the character of Greenlee really far fetched, but i dont think Sabine has anything to do with it.

Anonymous said...

i totally agree wth you! so many people are just writing her off as a bad actress but i think with some better writing she could be really great on the show.

hasn't the new writing started airing yet? I don't see McTavish's name in the credits anymore...

Anonymous said...

Sabine is fine, she's not quite as venomous as old Greenlee, but that might be a good thing. I don't think we would like Greenlee any better if Rebecca Budig was serving up this crap. It's the writing, it sucks; it's the story lines, they suck. Taylor and Ashley, have you abandoned your posts?

Anonymous said...

on friday's episode they kept saying that Greenlee fought sooo hard to save Spike's life, but did she really do that much? All she did was wrap her shirt around him and gave him like 2 drops of water.

Anonymous said...

yeah i agree.. they can't turn it around and act like greenlee is a hero, and i don't think that'll ever come up again, i think they were just trying to calm erica down. i have to say i totally enjoyed this week, weds and thurs were awesome episodes and i feel bad for everyone that gave up on this show, (disloyalty)... i thought it was great and i can't wait to hear the new podcast and i have my hopes up for a great song by taylor.