Sunday, March 02, 2008

I Am Woman!

  • The Fusion women show the world their independence - by showing each other their breasts.
  • Blandie wins Ryan back - by kicking him to the curb.
  • Erica Kane will go to prison! (And she will bring her makeup case this time around.)
Some spirited conversation on the PVP this week, folks! disagree on Blandie--or, uh, "Annie," as Jordan insists on calling her. Did she do the right thing by kicking Ryan to the curb? Did she do Helen Reddy proud, or would Dr. Robin cringe? Ponder, discuss, rant, do what you will, here.

2/29/08 Podcast


Anonymous said...

Yes,I believe Greenlee was flirting with Zach and the stupid writers are testing them but come on Zach and Kendall are special together. They light up the screen and it is time for the writing team of Brown and Einstein to go far away from Pine Valley.

I also agree the pole dancing scene was horrible

lucyb24 said...

Please update itunes.

Anonymous said...

I could not wait to hear your thoughts on the "pole dancing!" And having Jordan's thoughts on it as well fab! I agree with everything. It was so uncomfortable to watch.

Anonymous said...

And yes I have started watching again!

Anonymous said...

Please put the new podcast on itunes. This week was boring

Ashley said...

I hope you're talking about AMC and not our littel podcast! :)

it;s all fixed now, darlins'. Daddy Taylor fixed it.


Ashley said...

oops -- misspelled "little."

ash xo

Anonymous said...

i had to go back and watch Annie to see if she really did drag her feet and i noticed something about the girls walking in heels too... Rebbecca Budings shoes looked 4 sized too big, and Alicia Minshew's footsteps didnt match her steps... maybe its her height or something but she walks really awkwardly in heels sometimes

Anonymous said...

Ashley I LOVED this weeks podcast and i have some questions for you...

What did you think about Zachs spin on the pole?

and ClaDumbo really reached new heights today... isn't he supposed to be Kendal's bodygaurd?

and i know your not really Annie's biggest fan but i love that character and i was wondering what you would think about an Annie/Josh romance, they have hinted that Josh wants a girl like Annie and they can relate their love lives (ryan and Babe) i wanted an Annie/Jonathan thing but thats obv not going to happen

love you podcast!!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL even my grandmas lovin the podcast! yesterday she goes "he really is Cla-dumbo!!!!!"

Anonymous said...

Wow, the pole dancing, how embarrassing for everyone involved. It was painful to watch. Especially when Zach was forced to take his turn. He's just way too manly for that crap.

And Jordon I agree about the new style on GL. Now we get to see nose hairs, ear wax and eye schmutz with the extreme closeups.

Ashley and Jordan, your podcast just makes my week!


Anonymous said...

I'm right with you Ashley and Jordan. The pole dancing was atrocious! Ryan with his shirt off is always a welcome sight but no more wannabe stripper scenes for the Fusion women please!

I'm still not feeling Blandie although she did look good in the gold dress accenting her breasts.

So happy that Opal is getting more screen time and now hopefully a real storyline with Robert Gardner coming to town. Loved Palmer's cameo right along with Jordan and got to wondering when we'd last seen Myrtle. I think Zach needs her. He certainly will when he finds out about Kendall and Aidan. I wouldn't mind Zach with Greenlee but not Blandie. I couldn't stomach that pairing at all.

Don't want to see Colby hook up with Frankie either. He's too old for her. She was fine with the Mr. Woods Jr. and I liked the sweetness between them when she was hiding him in the tunnels and taking care of him.

Love the podcast as always.

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

I agree..Frankie is WAY to old for Colby. She is in high school and he is supposed to be OLDER than JR, and Bianca, who seem at least in there upper 20's if not into their 30's. GROSS!

On the other hand, it brings Liza back to town, I may be willing to swallow this pairing.

Anonymous said...

The thought of Zach with Greenlee make my stomach sick and me want to hurl. Zach belongs with Kendall.

What do you think about Jake coming back maybe we dodge the Zach Greenlee sickening

Anonymous said...

Ashley and Jordan, I loved the podcast this week!

Ashley, your comments about the pole dancing were spot on. Yeah, stripping at our places of business in the middle of the day is exactly how most American women let off some steam, and empower themselves! "I can grind my ass on the floor..." Haha! I'm still laughing.

And Jordan, thanks for speaking about all the fun that is Ryan in 2004. I love the storyline! And ITA that CM is playing it to the hilt. Of course, as a diehard Zendall fan, I hope he is rejected in the end. I do NOT want Alicia with Ryan. He treated her like a child BOTH times they were together. It wasn't a partnership, like what she has with Zach, and like what so many of us have with our partners and DON'T see reflected in daytime. I want to have one relationship I can really invest in and root for just like I root for my own.

Speaking of Kendall, watching her and Aidan in LA this week made me realize something: Alicia Micshew is AMAZING. I swear, even though I couldn't understand what he was saying, I thought Aidan actually looked life-like and somewhat personable when next to Alicia. She really makes everyone around her better.

Other observations: Do you think that since RB has been back, Greenlee is being written more selfish and conniving than before, more like the character used to be? I hope the writers return to that version of Greenlee. I am so sick of the lovey lovey lovey Kenlee relationship.

Also, I'm kinda liking Colby and Dre. I know, he's a bad actor and his father is wooden... but the parallels between those two kids and their powerful, lovable, lying and manipulative fathers is a great angle, and I'd like to see it followed.

Thank you all for all that you do - providing humor and voice to those of us who love our story. I can't wait to listen this week!


P.S. I hadn't thought about Opal's son Adrian in forever! He was hot.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, snap! I'm watching AMC on SoapNet right now. Colby + Frankie = chemistry. He protests too much, I think. She can be "just friends" with that loser, Dre.

Becky :)

Anonymous said...

Okay Jordan, I gotta know, what do you think of the ... SPOILER... news that Ricky Paul Golden has been cast as Jake Martin? If this guy can't make that character work, no one can!

love you podcasters!

Christine said...

I love your podcast. It never fails to make me laugh. People on the bus look at me real strange. I'm still harping on Tad's grey hair. He looks older than his dear old uncle Rob.

Also, a question for Soapcylopedia Jordan - Where is Opal and Palmer's son Peter? Is he running the Cluck Cluck Chicken Shack?

Anonymous said...

How can anyone tell what time it is in Pine Valley? Erica and Jack are making plans to go out to dinner later, while everyone else is having drinks and ending their night at the casino. Meanwhile, in LA, where it is 3 hours earlier... Kendall is getting ready for bed? I am so confused!

Anonymous said...

I know some are bothered by the age difference between Colby and Frankie. If we were actually counting, it'd probably be about 20 years, no? Anyway, if it keeps Colby around then I'm all for it. I have heard all the rumors that she's leaving, but I'd love to see her stick around for awhile and if Frankie can do that, then I'm all for these two.

What ya'll think?

Anonymous said...

She is a 17 year old senior in high school. I think it statutory rape, that is what I think.

Anonymous said...

17 is the legal age for consent. but colby ages in dog years remember? so shes probably 25 by now