Monday, March 17, 2008

Carmen's in 'da House!

But Ashley is not. :(

I'm out this week, folks. Sorry, but Carlos had to go visit his mom in Glen Burnie, Maryland, and I'm with him, stuck in the Holiday Inn here with my computer, but no access to a microphone.

And I'm itching, people - itching! My girl, Elizabeth Rodriguez, is on the show, and she is amazing. (And to all a' y'all that want to go ahead and tell TPTB at AMC that Carmen needs a sister, and that you know just who would be perfect for the job, feel free to write in!)

Jordan will be with me next week, but until then, I'm taking a suggestion from you all, and posting and oldie-but-goodie episode featuring me and my beloved former co-host, Taylor Crawford. This one is in honor of Miss Colby Chandler, who always seems to shine in moments of duress. Take a listen, have a laugh (I hope), and - as always - let us know what you think, here.

4/13/07 Podcast


Anonymous said...

Hey Ashley,

Can't wait til you're back.

Are you suggesting that Erica should run afoul of a Puerto Rican girl gang while in the slammer? Carmen and Ashley marshall the nenas against the big celebrity?

I need an update from anyone who saw all of Monday's episode. I only got the beginning and the end due to AMC being pre-empted by the swearing in of New York's new Governor.

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

yay you took my idea!
Haha. good choice on the oldie. A highlight in Taylor's career, I have to say. Although my all time favorite Colby song is "trapped in the closet".

Hope you're having fun Ashley and Carlos!


Christine said...

Enjoy your time off Ashley, you so deserve it.

I would like to see Ryan get a little more enraged that his memory is gone. More anguish and frustration. Annie has grown on me and she is great with Ryan. Richie is her complete opposite.

I wish we got SoapNet in Canada.


Anonymous said...

Is Pedro watching Gucci?

I am enjoying Sledgehammer's take on Bob Gardner. He is sinister in an oh so subtle way. Very creepy!

Enjoy your time off Ashley.

xoxo... a loyal fan

Anonymous said...

Is there anyone besides me who thinks that maybe Robert Gardner is playing evil and will actually be a good guy?

Miss you Ashley! Going through podcast withdrawal!

Anonymous said...

I would LOVE it if Robert Gardner was a good guy. Actually, I'd just love it if they kept him around. Is he not way more interesting than the other new guy, Woods? When he's on, I'm watchin' with full attention.


Anonymous said...

Did you hear!?!
Dixie is comig back!
Read at:

Laura said...

This just in, from

"You wanted it, you got it! Cady McClain returns to All My Children as Dixie Cooney Martin on Friday, May 2."

(This is where you rein in your expectations, and deservedly so. Back to )

"Dixie is back in Pine Valley with a mission: She's reuniting Tad with their long-missing daughter, Kate! As the audience knows, Kate was stolen at birth, put up for adoption and now lives with Nurse Julia under the name of Kathy. Only Adam — Dixie's evil ex-husband and Tad's lifelong enemy — knows the truth that Kathy is Tad and Dixie's child.

"When last seen in January 2007, Dixie fell victim to a serial killer.... "

(You only thought she fell victim to a really bad storyline/inane manner of death. But I digress.... )

"Her ghost watched as Tad received a comforting hug from Kathy. It was then that Dixie realized Kathy was really her daughter. Now, with her angelic hand, Dixie will guide Tad into the loving embrace of their little girl. This is drama you can't miss!"

Erica Kane said...

I cannot wait to hear your thoughts on the latest Cady return Ashley!!! I for one am all for it, but only if she is alive. If they want us to accept Jesse back from the dead then they can bring her back for real!!I even have a storyline idea for her return!!

Anonymous said...

I'm lovin' me some Carmen Morales!!! That girl is awesome and I hope she stays on the show for a long time!!