Monday, March 10, 2008

An Ode to Cheating Eskimo Kisses

  • Aidan keeps Kendall safe by reciting her poetry.
  • Luckily, Ryan's memory loss does not affect his recall for the number for the Pine Valley Airlines.
  • Greenlee and Zach "eskimo" kiss?
  • Erica foils Sam Woods by going to jail. (That will show him!)
  • Blandie and Ryan make love, and this time, I don't fall asleep!
  • Jessie yells at Angie, Tad, Frankie and Krystal.

Oh, Aidan Turner! How do we love thee? Let us count the ways! Give us your opinion on Aidan: a talented thespian, or basically beefcake? Discuss, here.

3/7/08 Podcast


Anonymous said...

I finally figured out who Aiden reminds me of... a young Popeye. He is about as articulate and suave and he just doesn't sell that poetry. And I do NOT like all this flirtatious crap going on between Greens/Zach and Aiden/Kendall. It's tacky and not entertaining!

WMD said...

Yay, Erica in jail! I can't wait. Unless they give her unlimited phone calls, she might have to stop meddling all the time! A jailhouse sidekick should be fun.

I can't stand what they're doing with JR. He's been limping around the house gasping in pain and holding his hip, yet all Babe does is yell at him for supposedly being drunk. Nobody, not even "on his side" Krystal thinks to check out his hip, even though it obviously hurts. Not until Colby drags him to the hospital on Friday does this begin to happen (Dr. Joe makes reference to this on Monday 3/10).

Sledge Hammer is doing great as Rob. Somewhat classier than Ray, but still seems evil.

That "poetry by Aidan Devane" bit at the beginning was a riot! On a related note, Ashley, who is that reading poetry at the end? Something tells me that it's Thorsten Kaye as Patrick Thornhart (but I wasn't watching OLTL back then, so I'm totally guessing).

Anonymous said...

Love the Podcast

I read a couple of spoiler sites and on one of my favorites they use the name Spotted Dick for Adian (its an english dish) and i just thought i had to share that information with you

love the podcast!!!

Anonymous said...

Ashley, I know you love Jessie and Angie but I am a new viewer to AMC (I started watching summer 07) and I have to say that if I hear "JESSIEEE" or "TWENTY YEARS" or "BABY, BABY" one more time, I'm going to throw something at my TV.

Anonymous said...

This really bugged me last week. When Ryan is at the hotel trying to weasel information out of the hotel clerk, she gets freaked out and says she's calling security. Ryan puts his hand over hers and says she doesn't need to call security. That totally pissed me off and I thought it was an aggressive and scary move and I wish she would have stood up to him with more authority. We're supposed to think he's persuasive but I thought he just came off as a deranged pushy SOB. I can't get behind Ryan when he acts like more of a psycho than Ritchie!

Just MHO


Anonymous said...

Wow, I am so glad to know that there is someone else who wants to throw something everytime they hear "JESSSEEE!!" or "20 YEARS!!'
As I am also a recent viewer, I'm getting really sick of the whole "they're after me" story line. They're drawing it out way to much.

Love the podcast!

Laura said...

I think Aiden is just Aidumb!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else love that slight annie/josh encounter we go on Monday!!!!

they would make such a good couple!!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG we got an ENTIRE day with out the sextet!!!! no annie/kendall/greenlee/ryan/adian/zach for an entire episode!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but today I don't have anything good to say about AMC (other than how beautiful Debbie Morgan is). I just cannot stand Aidan. I can't even watch him anymore. And Ryan (although I think CM is a good guy in real life) I can't get over him being so abusive to Kendall and Greenlee in the past, and it never being addressed...and then blaming them for his bad behavior towards them. The typical abuser's profile.

AMC is just getting more derogatory towards women...I can't stand it.

Ashley, THANK YOU for watching so I don't have to!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree w/another poster, AMC is heavy on the misogynist crap these days. Why does Ryan have to be such a friggin' knuckle-dragging cave man? I hate that, it's so NOT subtle. Is this material from the writers' strike?

lisa said...

Were you on AMC today playing the defendant on trail before Erica? I heard her accent and thought "OMG Ashley got inside!" ;)

Ashley said...

I wish!!! That's my FAVORITE actress, Elizabeth Rodriguez, I think!!!

ashley xo

Anonymous said...

Ashley, Jordan, Pedro. I have some questions and comments for you.

1 - How great was lunch at the Chandler mansion? We got to see Colby AND Winifred! I even loved that stupd bit about the carrots.

2 - Are TPTB intentionally wussifying Zach? Am I wrong, or would the old Zach not have gotten the truth out of Kendall (about the attempted rape I mean), flown to LA on his private jet, and choked the life out of that stalker? Then he'd have gotten back to the hotel in time to punch Ryan, fire Aidan, and whisk away Zendall on his jet. Then they'd arrive back in Pine Valley in time for him to bribe judge overseeing Erica's plea.

3 - How ridiculous is it that no one has figured out what happened to JR? Dr. Joe checked him out! How come he didn't notice that JR suddenly has a heck of a lot of BONE MARROW missing?!

4 - Erica with that wig - how fabulous was she! Oh, and I loved it before that, when she confessed to Josh that Samuel Woods wants her. Did you notice that CE started laughing?

5 - Elizabeth Rodriguez was great! I'm going to love this storyline.

Thanks for your hard work, guys!



Anonymous said...

Hey Ashley,

I too thought that was you playing Carmen on Thursday! Do you think the writers are listening to the podcast and responding to all the suggestions you and Jordan put out there? I can't wait for Carmen to introduce Erica to arroz con pollo and pasteles in prison. ;) Is this going to be an education for Ms Kane about the borriqua way of doing things?

I agree with Becky that they are emasculating Zach the same way they cut off Ryan's balls when they first hooked him up with Blandie. It's disgusting and painful to watch the strongest man on the show go soft and wussy.

Amamda needs a real storyline and not with JR. She and he are done. He and Tad can go on a fitness regimen to get in shape for the summer and all the scenes that are going to be filmed down by the lake. How about Amanda and Josh?! There's a truckload of lean, mean hotness that wouldn't incite the viewers to throw their shoes at the television set.

PVP Rules!

Terry in Toronto

lisa said...

Amanda and Josh, YES! I'm afraid we are going to lose them soon if their story lines don't pick up. They need a tangent of some sort. I don't see any way of fitting them in a current story line though. Ideas?

Erica Kane said...

I just wanted to say I just discovered the PV podcast, so I have a lot of catching up to do, but I LOVE IT!!! I have watched AMC since the early 70's and as bad as it has been I still love it. Keep up the great work Ashley!!!

Christine said...

Tad, grey hair; come on guys!

Anonymous said...

Oh come on Erica Kane, we know you past 35 *years* ago. Still as beautiful as ever though. And Ashley, what can we do to get you on AMC!? That would REALLY spice things up.

And... I have to shake my head about this one. Aiden is staying and Josh is going? They both basically fill the same role, young beefcake dark haired guys, so why would TPTB think Josh was a more dispensible character?

az gal

Anonymous said...

If Ryan was trying to convince the girl at the hotel that he wanted to propose to Kendall, perhaps he should have TAKEN OFF HIS WEDDING RING! The lack or attention to detail on this show makes me crazy.

Anonymous said...

Hey Christine,

I don't mind Tad's grey hair. I'm more comfortable with that than his balooning waistline! He used to be such a hot man back in the day when he was Tad the cad. What happened? Michael E. Knight is a terrific actor and I love the character of Tad Martin so I don't mind if they are allowing him to age gracefully onscreen. The natural hair color is better than the fake dye job any day.

Terry in Toronto

Christine said...

Tad's chubby little tummy will take a lot long to reverse than his hair colour. Surely there is a competent hairstylist who could handle that. Why do only the women get to look young and fresh?

Jason said...

Where's this weeks podcast? Happy St. Patrick's Day!

robynlicious said...

I started listening to this week's podcast when I left my house this morning. The Ode to Kendall was so funny that I was standing on the train platform laughing out loud.

PVP is the best thing since AMC!

Anonymous said...

i loved Aidan so much I called my son after him.. HOTTIE !! that man is.