Sunday, March 23, 2008

Everybody Needs a Hero

  • Colby and Frankie run for their lives, as Jessie verbally spars with that kooky Gardner.
  • Angie cries all over the new hospital room set, making those white uniforms look a little less bright.
  • Babe and J.R. get closer, and Richie gets creepier.
  • Ryan still doesn't remember Blandie, but he does remember how to manipulate a woman.
  • Carmen Morales shines almost as bright as Erica Kane, and we, for one, can't wait for more.
Okay, folks, so let's talk. The hot news is talk of Dixie Cooney Martin's return to All My Children. Only, for heaven's sake!, she's coming back as a #*&^%#^%%$% ghost!!! Tell us what you think of this crappy idea, here.

(And don't forget to go to for information on how to tell TPTB that they need to bring a LIVING Dixie home for good!)

3/21/08 Podcast


Erica Kane said...

Well as for Dixie returning as a ghost it is like the ABC head honchos just handed us a plate full of boogers!!! If they can bring back Jesse after 20 YEARS of being dead and numerous ghostly appearances then they can bring back Dixie. All they have to do is say David Hayward had her locked up doing experiments or giving her a new heart heck even a bionic heart. I would be willing to accept that as long as she is back in the flesh and ALIVE!!! It would not be that hard. I know that there are people out there who don't want Dixie back, but I think the Tad and Dixie fans outweigh those people. I agree with them that she should stay away from Zach and stick with Tad. Can you imagine the bumpkin catfight between Dixie and Krystal?!?! That would be the new hotness!!!

lisa said...

Hey Ashley-
iTunes only has the first minute of the podcast.

Ashley said...

Hi Lisa --

Dang! I don't have access to fix stuff today. I'll get it fixed by tonight, I promise.

In the meantime, the podcast can be downloaded directly to your computer by right-clicking on the link, and selecting "Save Target As."

Hope that helps for now, and thanks for listening!

ash xo

Ashley said...

I agree, Erica Kane!

And I'm hearing barely ANYONE say that they don't want Dixie back. I think the huge majority do want her back, and none of us really cares how! Just don't drag it out, but, most importantly, just do it!

ash xo

jillybean said...

Ashley! thank you so much for linking to the campaign!!!!!!!!!! Ive heard tops 5 people that dont want Dixie back, and its only because they only knew Dixie in the McTrash reign!

We want Dixie back alive and well!!!!! Write!!!!!!! Email!!!!!!!!Call!!!!!!!!!!! and you can also go to to find the details of how to do it!

Anonymous said...

I know I’m in the minority here, but thank GAWD Cady is only coming back as a ghost or even better, an evil zombie who cooks up a batch of peanut butter pancakes for Tad the Bad. I really don’t think the show needs yet another resurrected citizen. So she helps Tad get in touch with Katy. Does Tad really deserve to find his daughter? What about… oh I don’t know… some justice for torturing and killing Greg? Sheesh, even Josh doesn’t seem to care about that.

Not to mention that the last incarnation of Dixie really sucked. What was up with all that flirting and kissing Zach? TPTB were trying to write her as a femme fatale, but she came off as an unconscionable home wrecker.

And yes, Jordan “Sugar” Hudson, Beth Ehlers would make a terrible Liza, but Beth Chamberlain would absolutely rule as Liza. That is a role she was born to play. I think we should steal as many GL actors as possible, since all of them can act up a storm.

Love you Ashley and Jordan.


lisa said...

Sorry Ashley-
It was my iTunes going kookoo. Another podcast was cut off. I didn't notice it until this afternoon. I did download it from the site though. When I gotta have my PVP, I gotta have my PVP! Thanks!

Ashley said...

Oh good, Lisa! Glad you were able to download it!


Anonymous said...

well, all i have to say based on the news is..if it's temporary and she turns up alive like the movie "Just Like Heaven" then okay! but if it's not, HELL NO! get your act together AHIC...a short stint it's not going to cut it for those who left due to this stupid decision made in the first place! hey, a-holes! give us what you promised and shamefully promoted for months..not the BS you are trying to pass it as!

there have better be more to this!

just in case, doesn't hurt to call, write in, and email! tell them you're glad to have Cady back but want her as an ALIVE Dixie!

comment numbers:

ABC comment line (818-460-7477)
then hit 2 to leave a comment, 4 for daytime, and 255 for AMC. You have 30 seconds.


You can also call the NY number(212) 456-7777 ask for viewer comment line.

thanks to all who contribute, in advance...very much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ashley,

I agree with you that Billy Miller is doing a good job with the role of Richie and the problems are with the writers having no idea what to do with the character. I also am right with you in hoping that the role of Carmen doesn't stay in that stereotypical zone where she has a loud mouth, clothes and personality. I also want to see more of Julia. Why do they always push her to the background? Here's a strong hispanic female with a very complex and interesting history. At the very least they could be giving her a storyline about adjusting to being a new parent of a seven year old. Trust me it's not easy to have a child come into your life at that age.

I don't want Colby and Frankie to be pushed together simply because she's too young for him. She's still in high school and he's already graduated from medical school. She needs a boy her own age. Why not introduce Frankie to Amanda? How about a Frankie/Amanda/Josh triangle?

And I do think that new Babe is getting good with JR and I'm bcoming comfortable with them together. She is not Alexa but she's learning and growing in the role so Jordan should give her a chance.

Dixie, Dixie, Dixie. Back in the flesh please. No more angels in Pine Valley.

Love the show and I'd watch on E! if they'd put you on. I would, I would.

Terry in Toronto

Superposter said...

Hey Jordan a question for you...if you were a tree what tree would you be? ;)

Anonymous said...

Ashley, I love listening to your podcast. As someone outside of the usual demographic, a straight male soap watcher, how about posting a pic or two on the website?
Thanks, Jason

Anonymous said...

Okay, here we go again. TPTB fire someone and then suffer pangs of regret. After a cooling off period, we get the character - again - only now, as a ghost. This is what they did with Jesse, Natalie, Gillian and probably about a dozen others I'm forgetting. I am surprised Cady agreed to return for this baloney.

On a positive note, I am really loving AMC these days!


Ashley said...

What kind of tree would Jordan be? Since Jordan STILL can't figire out how to log into this damn blogsite, I'll answer for him:

Jordan Hudson would be....

A Weeping Willow!

ash xo

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! Weeping Willow. Ashley, are you paying back Soapcyclopedia Hudson and taking advantage of his inability to figure out the complex world of blogging?

I'm loving the Carmen storyline! Erica has met her match and she has not been this interesting or had this much action in years. .. and nooooo, all those noontime romps and dry pecks on the lips with Jack don't count.

Terry in Toronto

Christine said...

You guys just got an awsome plug on A Channel out of Ottawa Ontario.

Their "Soaps Up" segment happens about half way through the AMC broadcast. "Soaps Up" host Amada Thompson received an email from someone and she included it in her Thursday segment.

Since A Channel broadscasts nationally on satellite I got it here in Calgary, Alberta.

I look forward to your podcast every week. Keep up the great work Ashley and co-hosts!

Anonymous said...

Oh for Pete's sake Jordan, learn how to post to this blog, it's a piece of cake dude! You are too young to be so tech challenged. If an old broad like me can do it, so can you.

We want to hear from you soapcyclopedia Jordan.

PV podcast fan

Anonymous said...



Claudine said...

Hey all! Just commenting and giving a hug for the shout out for my website ( Thank you!

Yes, we want a VERY LIVING Dixie back. If ABC teases us with her "spirit" right now, so be it... but they better end this short stint on a ray of hope by showing me that somewhere... Dixie Lives! Let her spirit (ala JUST LIKE HEAVEN) guide Tad to Kate this May. Fine. Bless Cady for agreeing to return at all! Major Karma coming her way. :)

Anonymous said...

I think it would be relatively simple to write Dix back to life. Not like it hasn't been done to death on all the soaps. I wonder if Cady would return if asked for a long term commitment? With McTavish gone, her character might stand a chance.

Brown Penny

Christine said...

sidebar please...

Can someone please confirm this; I say that Palmer and Opal have a son named Peter but my mom says I'm confused, that Palmer has a daughter named Nina.

Whose right?

Anonymous said...

^^^both are right. Palmer had/has a daughter named Nina with Daisy. there's even his son Ross Chandler which he had with Adam's beloved deceased sister, Charlotte. many years later, he also had/has a son named Petey with Opal.

Anonymous said...

yeah - when are we going to see little petey?
And am I the only one who was and remains bored with Jesse & Angie?

Anonymous said...

I'm not bored with Jessie and Angie - yet. I like this whole dynamic with Bob Gardner. It's like Jordan is always saying - GREAT characters! Finally an interesting villian. Without fleshing out the characters nothing is compelling.

Laura said...

Ashley, I'm glad you liked my Aidumb comment! It was the highlight of a bad week for me. I had my daughter listen to you on my ipod and she laughed. Loved the podcast as usual.

I am so glad they got Krystal out of that frumpy blue dress she was in. Yuck.

Anonymous said...

Where is the next podcast? I love it, and am missing it Ashley!
Also, I called the comment line for ABC and left a few messages and sent an e-mail from to TPTB! our voices can be heard apparently and not just in those crummy AMC/ABC message boards!