Sunday, June 15, 2008

Oh No They Didn't!

Oh yes - they did.
  • Dixie and Tad have a final meeting - and the prospects of Jordan's "astral plane" storyline get dimmer.
  • Kendall gets whinier, while Zach gets manlier.
  • Greens has sex with Josh!!!!!!
  • Lily says goodbye.

Since Jordan and I have met, we've had almost not one single disagreement betwixt us - that is, until Liza Colby. What do y'all think? Another great love for Tad - in Liza? Why am I not seeing it? And why am I so fascinated by it? Maybe someone will ask Marcy Smith (formerly Walker) what she thinks in her interview, courtesy of our friend Superposter, or you can tell us what you think here.

6/13/08 Podcast


Erica Kane said...

Another great podcast!! I cannot wait to see what Zach has in store for Richie!! I like the whole Josh/Greens pairing I think it has some potential. Jordan I too am worried about the shows future with Chuck Pratt as Head Hack, and I agree that Frank from OLTL should be the head of Daytime at ABC and JOrdan should be writing for AMC.
MIss Kane

Anonymous said...

Oooh, Jordan! What a great idea to have Brooke be the new host of New Beginnings! How can we get Mr. Pratt to think it was his idea and implement it?

We'd definitely see Sugar fired up to support her supastar then.

Arizonagal said...

Ashley and Jordan, you did Belinda's rap proud, it was terrific. Great job to all ya'll!

I thought the exterior shots were great. Much better than on GL where the scenery is grim and you always feel like a sniper is watching the citizens through the bushes... very creepy.

TPTB think the viewers should move on and accept the destruction of beloved characters. See, they just don't get how much loyal fans are emotionally invested in the characters. Dixie's death by pancake? Oh well, she's dead, move on... Hey TPTB it ain't happening. Mr. Frons obviously doesn't understand the loyalty of daytime fans. We are people who have a 10, 20, 40 year commitment. We have spent years getting to know these soap families, watched their children grow, watched beloved characters die. This doesn't happen in prime time where a 10 year run is considered a success.

How great was Josh last week?! I just can't believe - again - how TPTB aren't using this guy. Come on writers, this is EEK's son. How about more Josh and less Kendull.

When Ryan knows Annie is waiting for him, why is he hanging with Greenlee?

I gotta agree w/you Jordan, I hate where TPTB are taking Kendall. She is just dumber than a bag of hammers these days. Frankly I don't know how Zach puts up with her.

And finally, I don't think of Liza as another of Tad's great loves. I just don't see it, but that's just MHO.

Anonymous said...

I just read the negative comment on myspace and I have to disagree strongly. You guys rock! Don't change a damn thing, and keep the intelligent and humorous commentary coming.

Anonymous said...

Remember, Jesse visited Tad as a ghost after the tornado...
Maybe that means something for Dixie

Just wondering that you guys thought

Anonymous said...

Who would post a negative comment

you guys are GREAT

showing my love for the PVP!!!!

Anonymous said...

Im a younger person and must say that I like the older people. I started watching because of my mom and we both cant stand the younger people. They can not act and they mak teenager seem like horrile people (aka colby's sweet 16 from a while ago). Personally, Tad is my favorite character and I coulnt agree more that Cady needs to come back as an alive Dixie. I hope that Pratt will write as good as Ron Carlivati (because OLTL is incredible right now).... and I think Frons really needs to get fired because he has no idea what the younger crowd like myself (im 17.... but I hve watched sine I was 7..... wants)

Anonymous said...

I also wanted to say that Tad saw Jesse as real when he was a ghost so I still think its possible that Dixie is alive... and Maria was seen as a ghost a couple of years ago....... I still think that Dixie is alive.

Anonymous said...

Oh and the Pinee Valley Yacht Club is taped in my town (Port Washington)......... I watched them taping a couple of the episodes

Anonymous said...

Day-omb (that's with two syllables), Blandie was on fire today, breaking into Greenlee's apt. and stuff like that! I'm afraid, Ashley, you are going to have to find a new name for her if she keeps acting like this...

but then the writers go back on everything she did and make her regret what she did and fall into Ryan's arms at the end. Gag.

crs 17

Anonymous said...

Hey did anyone here see the hot hot hot modeling pictures Chrishelle Stause (Amanda) and Amanda Baker (Babe) did recently? THey are linked on the AMC History webpage. (Am I allowed to mention them here?)

crs 17

Anonymous said...

Great show guys!

Jordan rocked that song! Can't wait for the video!

Just want to say that I haven't seen the comment on MySpace and frankly I don't need to. Ashley, Jordan, Taylor and Pedro produce an exciting podcast with more entertainment value than the show they're deconstructing. Kudos to the Pine Valley Podcast! May you go forth and prosper.

Now on with the show.
I cried my eyes out at the Tad & Dixie finale. They are soulmates. He never even came close to loving Liza like he does, and always will love Dixie. Not even close. Those two create such magic that even accepting the storyline that she's dead, I could still feel the true love and I didn't care one iota what the writers had plotted. It only mattered that MEK and CM were sharing the same space onscreen. Beautiful energy like that never dies.

I agree CRS-17 that we've got ourselves a real Annie now. Bye bye Blandie, hello ToughBitchAnnie! Loving it. Good for her for standing up to Greenlee and for being honest with Ryan and forcing him to deal with the situation. No more whining and pleading but just honestly challenging him to $hi+ or get off the pot already.

Amazing the turn the Richie storyline is taking. Zach is the man and TK walks that fine line between manly defender-of-women-and-children and scary-vigilante with such balance and grace. Silently and stealthily he is becoming the moral centre of AMC. It's almost like he's Adam from 20 years ago except more good than bad.

Glad that Josh is back and in rare form too. Telling Kendall like it is was perfect. Even she admits that he can read her like the trashy novel she wrote. Now HOOK HIM UP WITH AMAMDA! I refuse to believe that she's leaving folks.

PVP Rules. You guys make watching AMC worthwhile.

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

I agree Terry in Toronto, Zach is da MAN. What I like about Zach is, good deeds or bad, he makes no apologies for his actions. He simply deals with life's situations as efficiently as possible. He is one of the most complex, interesting characters on the show. Hope Platt doesn't screw this up.

Blandie is gone and BitchAnnie is here. I think MCE is doing a great job and sinking her teeth into this role. Can't wait to see today's episode.

Kudos to Ashley and Jordan for another terrific podcast. You guys make my Mondays. I listen at work and can usually be heard laughing my rear off.

Anonymous said...

Great podcast Ashley and Jordan! I was dancing along to the song.. love it, Belinda. :)

Haha thanks for the shoutout Jordan. In my comment on the last podcast I totally didn't mean to say that I don't like the younger characters. I LOVED Amber as Colby and I really liked her when Sean was on. And I think I might be liking what's happening with Frankie and that new girl.. forgot her name. :P
I will, however, always be a diehard Tad & Dixie and Maria & Edmund fan. I grew up with these two couples, been watching them since I was a baby.. almost 17 years.

I loved what you guys said about how they are just bringing on characters and not stories. I think that just about sums it up. Jordan, seriously, how can you not be working in daytime? You are a genius!

one more thing, Superposter's latest blog posting for today(monday) was about Cady's blog. Superposter said that he is confident that TPTB will bring her back. Considering his knowledge.. this makes me VERY happy. I don't have time to watch more than AMC and I don't think I could take it if Cady was on GL. Especially if she is being recast into a already very established character.

keep up the great work A&J, you are so appreciated!

jordan hudson said...


LMAO on the sniper comment, so true.

Also on point was the comment on the difference between night time and daytime shows. Sadly writers no longer know how to write daytime. One of the perks of daytime is, you have more time to really flesh out characters and storylines. So the audience becomes more invested.

I hope our man Superposter is right. I want Cady back as much as you guys. Like Terry I was still moved with MEK and CM's final scenes.

I'm not saying that Dixie and him are not each other's true love. Yet if our Dixie is to remain off the canvas, the only other woman I can see Tad really with is Liza.

I keep hoping they will realize what a mistake they made and bring Ambyer back. NU COLBY IS KILLING ME. I still think Randi is at least alive behind the eyes.


Maria and Edmund's love story was one of my favorites too. How they treated Edmund was the final straw for me and I stopped watching for awhile.

This is what disgusted me about Mctavish's last run. Killing Edmund. Making Janet nuts again and having her kill Trevor. I was sick with that concept. Destroyed the whole beautiful Robin Mattson work. Having Janet redeem herself. And of course our Dixie.

I'm also glad you guys are loving Bad ass Annie, as much as I'am. Such a shame if they get rid of her now. We need a bad girl.

I will say this, one of my sources told me Richie is a goner and how. All I will say is that it sounds so stupid. So much potential on his exit and the way they chose to do it..... WEAK. Especially after today's epsiode. Zach with Richie good stuff.

BELINDA said...

OH MAH GAH ... I feel so famous! :-) My face is aching from grinning ear to ear while listening to you guys bustin' out my lyrics! Love the improv backup lyrics on the chorus, Ashley! You and Jordan ROCK! I want you BOTH to have my babies! THANK YOU, DOMO ARIGATO, MERCI, GRAZIE, DANKE SCHOEN and MUCHAS GRACIAS UN MIL VECES!!!!!

Now I'm off to listen to the rest of the podcast, which I'm sure will be as fabulous as always!!!!

BELINDA said...

P.S. I can't believe Jordan dropped the s-bomb during the song without bleeping it!!! GO 'HEAD GET ON WIDDIT!

Anonymous said...

Oh Jordan! I'm so happy you mentioned the work Robin Mattson did with Janet. Probably my fave recast ever. Robin Mattson's Janet was someone I rooted for to "not go nuts." Everytime she would start to see herself in the mirror, I would be yelling in the back of my mind, "No, no, go take your meds." I still have some of this residual love for the character, even now as Kate Collins has resumed the role. Although Kate plays it mostly for laughs, and I do love it when she's on, I will always have a soft spot for Mattson's Janet.

crs 17

P.S. Can't wait to listen to podcast tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Jordan, will you PLEASE tell us your inside info on Ritchie!!!!

and is Annie a goner cause BadAssAnnie is GREAT

also, i loved the shoutout to the BEST AMC Character ever!!! (IMO) Janet From Another Planet!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi guys, new poster, long-time listener! Love the podcast-- especially when y'all made fun of Aid-dum reading poetry a while back. (I was packing and listened to a long string of PV Podcasts!) Thought you'd like to know that you have a listener across the pond-- can't follow AMC here in London, so I catch up with your podcasts!

I already know I'm going to love this week's podcast, since Zach is totally the manliest man on daytime. I just wish you would hate on Greenlee more, who I find SO annoying! She better not try and usurp Kendall's place as the one and only best girl on AMC, and the only girl for Zach! swoon.

Keep up with the awesome podcasts-- can't love 'em more!

BELINDA said...

I agree with Ashley that the window for Dixie still being alive was pretty much slammed shut when Tad decided not to "go toward the light." Ah, well ... I guess I'll get over it. To tell the truth, I want her back more so she can be a mother to Kate more than so she can be with Tad.

I've always liked Annie - partly 'cos I think Melissa Clare Egan is SMOKIN' and partly 'cos she seemed to be one of the few semi-sane women on AMC, but I gotta admit I'm digging her more now that she's 10 pounds of crazy in a five-pound bag! Here's what I don't get - and I see women do this a lot in real life: Your man is spending more time with some other chick than you, so you hit the warpath, crying for the other woman's blood. Isn't the man just as culpable ... or even MORE so 'cos HE's the one who took the vows?! Granted, the man in this case is suffering from amnesia and terminal douchebag-ness, but STILL.

As for as TPTB making Kendall "dumber than a box of hammers" (to quote arizonagal), I had dinner with a box of hammers the other night and it was deeply insulted to be mentioned in the same sentence as the blithering idiot that is masquerading as Kendall Hart Slater. Don't get me wrong - I love me some Alicia Minshew and Kendall has always been one of my favorite characters, but lately she's been working my nerves like a bad summer job. Kendall is a lot of things - self-centered, high-maintenance and often a royal pain in the arse - but she's not stupid ... or rather, she didn't used to be. I hate what TPTB are doing to her and I will sum up my sentiments about this in four words:


Anonymous said...

Belinda, I am not amused either! Normally as women get older, they gain depth, they gain wisdom. But Kendall, damn, that girl is taking huge stridges - backwards. She is working my last nerve. Something happens and she immediately gets that open-mouthed duh face. It always amazes me that the brain children of fusion are - get this - Kendull and Greenlee! Ha ha ha... too funny.

I love Jesse and Angie. Darnell Williams just gets sexier as he ages. I adore DW, he's yummy. Angie seems to be a bit demanding these days. Was she always that insistent? Don't get me wrong, she's still great, just seems like she's become a lot of work, though Jesse stands his ground and can handle her.

Not wanting to sound like a negative nelly, I think the show has come a long way since the satin slayer days. The cast is really strong right now, with a lot of talent.

Now if we could just get Ambyr back, things would be near perfect. Someone explain to me why a Colby recast was necessary? Big mistake to get rid of Ambyr.

Anonymous said...

NuColby was just awful today (Thursday). I've ignored her before but man her scenes with Adam were painful.

Why is Frankie becoming a stalker? and why did she agree to have cofeer with him? Her reaction when he grabbed her arm dockside was totally inconsistent with what a real battered woman would do. She didn't even seem to register that he was manhandling her.

Is this week everyone-in-Pine-Valley-Free-Marina-Days?

I'm going on a trip so I'll have to wait two weeks to hear the podcast again. Will miss you guys.

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

The Official Dead Behind the Eyes List (June 2008)
1) NuColby
2) NuBabe
3) Sam Woods
4) Cassandra
5) Aidumb

The women in prison with Erica have more expression then these people they are JUST EXTRAS!!!!

Also, that kiss between Aidumb and Greens was so passionless. Poor Rebecca could not even fake that one. It was sad!

Also, we know how much work goes into the podcast. You guys rock. Keep-up the good work and don't let stupid people bother you, ur not kendall don't let them in ur head LOL

Anonymous said...

susan and elyse, your Dead behind the eyes list was priceless! May I add Mr. Frons to your list?

ITA about neeewwwColby. I hated Ambyr when she started, but it wasn't because she was dead behind the eyes. Me thinks the new cheese must be related to someone in high places, no?

BELINDA said...

They could bring Ambyr Childers back with the explanation that Colby was abducted by Martian body-snatchers and briefly replaced by PodColby, which would fully explain the dead-behind-the-eyes glaze and lackluster delivery.

Ashley said...

OMFG! I'm having way much more fun than I THINK I should be having at the "Dead Behind the Eyes" stuff! Bel, you crack me up!!!


Anonymous said...

Um, is it just me or does J.R. REALLY need to lay of the bronzer? I was catching up on this weeks episodes and in those scenes with Babe at the police station, the boy is orange! That suit and tie were sharp, though.

Anonymous said...

I am watching the worst red carpet show ever! Wow, this is so bad!

Anonymous said...

I don't like Sherri Sheppard but I too would have smelt Zack LOL :D Ashley are u with me here?

p.s. Happy u all liked the dead behind the eyes list.

Anonymous said...

Didn't see the whole emmy show, but did catch the beginning and loved it, especially when Erica makes a break for it. LOL! Cameron Mathison is everywhere these days. Anyone catch his strange new game show on TLC?

brown penny