Sunday, June 29, 2008

So What?

We all know that...
  • Richie's gonna die.
  • Blandie's gonna get pregnant with Ryan's baby.
  • Aidumb and Greenlee ain't gonna make it.
  • Franklin and Randi will hook up.
  • NuColby's gonna drive off a cliff and into a sea of boulders. (Oh, wait a minute - that was Greenlee last year. Damn.)
Jordan and I are Debbie Downers this week. With old writers on the way out and a new writer heading in, there's lots of safe (read: boring)transitional crap-o happening right now, if you ask us. With the obvious stuff that's happening, I could write the damn show. (And believe me - I have my talents, but soap writing ain't one of them.) Your thoughts on all this? We know you have 'em, so share 'em here.

6/27/08 Podcast


Anonymous said...

I havent listened to the podcast yet. I put it on my iPod. Im leaving early in the AM tomorrow, going to Virginia beach until sat, so ill be listening while my boyfriend drives. I think its about a 6 hour drive from here (NY).

Im sure the podcast rocks!! (wish i could say the same for my soap!)

Also, thanks for all the info on OLTL Jordan. I think ill start watching upon my return!

Anonymous said...

AMC is struggling right now. I think the problem is that things that happen are just so...scripted, if you know what I mean. Nothing really shocking happens. Not many twists. Things just happen, characters talk. That's it. I'm kind of scared at how bad Pratt will do this. I'm scared I'm gonna have to stop watching completely, I'm already on the borderline of doing that now. Nothing's just really holding my interest. I just love listening to you guys each week because I get a great laugh, and on Mondays you need that!

I honestly loved how the first five or ten minutes of the last podcast were of Jordan getting so into the OLTL talk. I'd really love that Llanview podcast right about now! You guys are just awesome and hysterical, that's why I've been listening to the podcast for about a year and a half. You do a fantastic job and all of the co-hosts you've had, Ashley, you've had great chemistry with. You're just so funny with all of them and the conversations really...flow. But seriously, I'm ready for a Llanview podcast! You can do it! I mean you both were MUCH happier talking about that than onto the AMC talk, haha. Apparently from what you said Ashley Jordan loves it so much he was gripping you. Anyways, I'm getting off my Soapbox now. Just Ashley and Jordan, please think about that podcast, even if it's just a one-time thing or once a month thing just talking about the previous week, whatever. (Can you tell I'm desperate here?! LOL! I just got a glimpse of what it'd be like in the last podcast, and it was flawless, had me constantly laughing, knowing exactly what you were referencing because I actually watch ALL of OLTL right now. LOL) But more importantly just keep up the great work. I know you will, just keeping up the encouragement! ;) I love you guys, just keep doing some kind of podcast! :)

Arizonagal said...

Sheesh, psychoRichie, our Jason wannabee, on the Rusion Foof. Hey TPTB, disrespect your viewers much? Where have we had this story line before? See the problem with this is the ending is so forecasted and predictable. Did anyone else think of King Kong when Richie was climbing up the ladder? His movements were very simian. Personally I’m sorry to see Billy Miller leaving. I hope to see him on something else soon.

Ashley, you have such a gift for pointing out all those annoying things on the show that I would have skipped past and not thought about because I’m just not paying attention. Ashley, girl, you are the voice of reason. For instance, Babe, ranting about not sleeping with Richie. As you and Jordan pointed out, who the f*** cares?! These are 30-ish women who all have racked up some serious mattress mileage, so no one would give a damn. It reminds me of when Kendull whined incessantly about sleeping with Aidan. That’s the kind of news most women would keep to themselves. Gedoverit already!

I thought the whole Fusion workroom scene was laughable. JordAsh, when you get to scenes like this, you just have to sit back and enjoy it for the unintentional comedy it is. Consider it a little gift, a little treat, if you will. Plus, is there even one of these women that ya’ll could believe as a capable business woman? I might trust them to pump gas, but not much else. Personally I am always relieved when the rugrats are with Rachel and not Kenduhl. At least they are safe. And speaking of Rachel, doesn’t Kendull realize you don’t hire a hottie as a nanny? She asking for trouble here.

And, to get out of the negativity, every scene with Ricky PG is a gem - a sweet, gooey, yummy, tasty, delicious, sparkling gem. I loved him on GL and can’t wait to see more of him on AMC. He could generate steam with any of the women, but I do like him with Greenlee, he softens her abrasive personality and makes her more appealing - something Ryan could never do.

Back to the vision board >;-)

Arizonagal said...

Oops, forgot one thing. LOL, our Little Ricky looks like the jockey from Seabiscuit? I was LOLIMO. Hey Ashley, he might be diminutive, but as Jordan says, he's scrappy and hot and he could run circles around Aidumb. He is Spidey to Aidumb's Doofus.

Anonymous said...

I loved when Amamnda grabbed the Charm! bottle as a weapon! She needs a storyline!

Anonymous said...

I read on another site that Abc is cutting the previews for the next show to cut cost. Both AMC and OLTL didn't have next on.

Anonymous said...

Poor Jordan Hudson sounded so bored! I will be sorry when Blandie goes for the same reason I miss Sabine Singh--Ashley's great impersonations. And while I love Beth Ehlers, I'd rather her character hooked up with Frankie, (her fellow veteran), Josh, JR, Tad, or Palmer (hee!) than with Jake. Jake and Greenlee--hot!

Kate said...

Oh, man! People are thinking that Jake and Greenlee are hot. That's trouble for me 'cause I love me some Ricky Paull Goldin and Beth Ehlers. Maybe there will be a triangle 'cause I like Jake and Greenlee too. They're funny and cute together. They had me cracking up last week.

And Ricky Paull would do circles around Aidum. Ricky may be short, but he can take down anyone.

IA with you, Ashley and Jordan, about last week as a whole. It just wasn't that great, and it didn't flow well. Cassandra is back out of nowhere. Kathy & Tad are at BJ's one day and not the next. Angie changed her mind about Jessie being police chief too quickly. And the Richie stuff was crap except for that one Opal line. It just wasn't a good week even though my favorite characters (Jake, Tad, Kathy, Krystal, Hubbard family, Adam) were on.

And that new Colby was on too much. But I paid attention to her eyes and her "acting", and you guys are right about her. Dead behind the eyes, lol. And some of her lines were completely emotionless and lacked any kind of energy.

The best part of the week, IMO, was Jake at the gym. He was funny and glistening with sweat. Enough said, lol.

Anonymous said...

Jordan, you need a bowl of chicken soup, girlfriend. Don't despair, there's always OLTL. Take care and feel better and don't let the b.s. get you down. (hugs)

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha! LMAO! Arizonagal. Seabiscuit!! That gave me a good laugh.

Anonymous said...

After listening to the podcast, we felt we were all in need of a few lists to help point out why JordAsh are so astute ! Also, since we are in a holding pattern as far as story lines go, I though this would be a source of conversation, discuss!

Characters with potential who were painted into a corner. These were actors able to act ( OMG, what a novelty) but much like their characters their talent was squandered:
5) Edmund- Kill him or cure him was the choice, they choose the easy way out.
4) Robert Gardiner- He had great potential with Opal before he became a cartoon character
3) Dr. Madden- Pre-being responsible for EVERY evil doing in the Western Hemisphere in the ladder part of the 20th/21st century, he could have been interesting.
2) Richie- enough said
1) Michael Cambias- Before raping Binx he was great with Kendall and was a bad boy you could have loved.

The list of those whose talents have been squandered by TPTB ( in no particular order):
1) Ethan
2) Simone
4) Julia
5) Jonathan- I acctually missed him last week, sad state of affairs.
6) Lilly- may have done this to herself
7) Boyd Larraby
8) Blandie
9) Amanda
10) Dixie
(I had to stop somewhere)

Best hires in recent AMC history ( last 5 yrs, and yes in order)
4) Carmen
3) Josh
2) Jake
1) Zack!!!!!!!!!!!( Love me some Zack, sorry Jordan)

Updated: the Official DBTE List:
5) Aidumb
4)Sam Woods
3) Dre ( it must run in thier family, they must be SO proud LOL)
1) Randy (yes, people it is true Nucolby was dethroned)

P.S. Is it possible not to have a pseudo crisis at fusion with a depraved killer loose? Also, the police should know that a late night at Fusion = crime

P.S.S. I hope you took postings about attributing comments to the right people as it was meant, in a light hearted manner because we so love ur podcast and in no way every want to give you the impression that we do not appreciate the level of effort you put into it.

P.S.S.S. Toronto is beautiful and would love to have the two of you.

BELINDA said...

I haven't listened to the podcast yet, but I just hadda say I look forward to it each week FAR more than I do the actual show! In fact, I can't even remember the last time I watched a full episode of AMC! Sigh ... if only the writers were as "ass-toot" as Ashley and Jordan!

BTW, I checked out Ricky Paull Goldin on IMDb and it lists his height as 5'10''. Either he's fudging the numbers a bit (not uncommon among celebrities, especially men) or most of the guys on the show are NBA rejects!

Anonymous said...

Toronto gals, your lists were a hoot. Can I add Josh to the list of characters squandered, or can he only reside on one list? As for Amamda, it's not too late to do something with this character. Writers? How about it. Give the girl something to do, for pete's sake.

I agree, JordAsh are the most asstootest podcasters ever.

The seabiscuit comment was Ashley's, I can take no credit for her amazing wit.


jordan hudson said...

LOL No Elyse and Susan,
We were not upset, we love it when you guys speak up and we take everything you say as it was meant with love. We just joke and tease you know that. You will know when we are upset and its usually with T.P.T.B.

Sorry guys I was under the weather for real. My voice was going and I felt self conscious for soem reason because of it. It didnt help that this was the first bad week in along time for me with AMC. Especialy when I have been watching the jam pack OLTL and my Canadian MVP.

Frankie with Beth Ehlers hmmmmmmm
See you guys can do a better job.

Today's epsiode was another winner....NOT.

How much more rush can the Jesse and Angie storyline be.

The scene with Zach and Jesse was just badly written.

Anonymous said...

Hey JordAsh,
Just wondering if you guys know anything about Forbes possibly coming back as Scott?

Anonymous said...

Zona, I think there is still hope.

Jordan than for understanding! Yesterday was a real winner LOL.

Anonymous said...

Another great episode!!

I'm so annoyed that Billy Miller has to go. He's such a talent and they messed up writing him into such a corner. Here's my idea to get Billy Miller back on AMC. In like 2 or 3 months, bring him back as a totally new character, completely unrelated to the Novaks. When he comes to PV, everyone would prejudge him and not want to like him because whenever they see this new guy, they see Richie. Have him fall for Amanda and then Amanda has a hard time because she knows everyone pre-hates this guy because he looks like Richie, but hey, he's not Richie. It's kinda corny, but I need any excuse to get Billy Miller back!

And my problem with the writer transition is mainly Jake. Because they are so insistent on pairing RPG and Beth Ehlers, he's in total limbo until she appears (which is when? August?) It's just such a waste when RPG and Greenlee have so much chemistry. I feel like Greens wouldn't annoy me as much if she were with Jake- LOL.

I don't like Randi, but anything that gets Frankie some screentime I love. Frankie and Jake are my current AMC crushes- so talented, so hot! Why couldn't they just put Frankie with Amanda??

DBTE aka "A case of the NuColby's"

Anonymous said...

OMG I cannot believe that y'all didn't enjoy yesterday's episode! I *loved* the Erica - Sam Woods stuff. I know this puts me in the monority, but I thought it was great! FINALLY, we learned something about Sam Woods as a character. I thought his recollection of his wife was so sweet and sad. I actually cried when he spoke of his wife being an artist and being "exhilerated" by her pottery... and then I totally did not see the kiss coming, but it made sense. I loved it! I only wish that Erica and Sam had been left in the cell for a while after that so they'd have to deal with what they'd just done... talk about it or whatever. As you say, Jordan, lazy writing.

I haven't finished listening to the podcast for this week, but am enjoying it so much so far. I love hearing y'all use "bless her heart." Great suggestion! It's so what we do!

Also, I have enjoyed reading everyone's comments here on the blog. This has become such a fun venue for airing viewer feelings about the show, and interacting with one another.

Thanks for everything!
Becky :)

Anonymous said...

I swear Dr. Jake pulled that Randi up by the boot straps. He is so damn good i forget how bad she was. Love me some Dr. Jake!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jordan she's back! TESS that is!!I am so excited for her to raise hell! How fabulous has Bree Williamson's performance been. Lovin it!

Anonymous said...

I actually liked amc today! Except for Randi she is bad! I wish you guys did a Landview podcast

Anonymous said...

Just heard VI was let go from Y&R. If this is true, and Dr. David comes waltzing back in with Cady McClain's Dixie, claiming he was nursing her back to health all this time, then I won't say anything bad about Pratt for an entire year!

crs 17

Anonymous said...

With what we've said about the new writer coming on, I wouldn't be surprised if Randi were on her way out once his reign begins.

Anonymous said...

BRING BACK DAVID!!!! That would be SO amazing!

Is anyone else finding Ritchie more HOT than scary? I'm supposed to be afraid for Babe, but I just want to scream, "Oh, kiss him!" Cuz no lie he is leavin' town, so it's now or never.

Frankie - Randi is reminding me of Josh - Babe. Stalker storylines are not sexy! Bring back our Ambyr and put her with Frankie!!

Why can't Kendall snap at Greenlee? The woman gets away with flirting with her husband, taking her into dangerous situations, and insulting her to her face. When she snapped at Kendall about the bomb shelter... It wasn't Kendall's fault! I hope UpChuck has enough sense to make these two enemies again. Here's how I would do it: TPTB should have Greenlee somehow take control of Fusion, thereby making her an enemy of Kendall and Zach again. Babe and Amanda will have to choose sides. Kendall will then revive Enchantment, bringing back her mother's empire.

If Greenlee and Kendall aren't enemies, then I want Greenlee to leave town. She is too one dimensional now. I'm just not buying her brattiness anymore. The character is not the 20-something rich girl that fell for Leo. This is a grown woman, yet she behaves like a CHILD. God, it bothers me.

On the bright side, I'm looking forward to seeing where the Erica - Samuel storyline goes. Am I the only one?

Becky :)

Anonymous said...

Becky, I feel the same way about Richie! Remember how Annie always said people couldn't resist Richie's charm and everyone loved him? GUILTY HERE! (and I think lots of us fans are) :)

Anonymous said...

I do think Richie/Billy Miller is a hottie. That guy has really grown on me since he came to PV. What a waste. He is talented, charismatic, hot. I wish he would be sticking around. I just want to lick those strawberry preserves right off his face.

AMC has never had a great track record with hunks. They keep shoving Ryan into our faces, so obviously they view him as the reigning hunk, and have for years. Meanwhile Josh languishes in the shadows, Richie moves on to certain doom, and Jake is not being used much yet.

And lets not forget our shehunk Amanda, her sexuality and sense of humor totally wasted. She could be the new Simone if they would just write for her. But nah, we got more Babe, more Meanlee, more Kendull. Bah...

And Opal, now there's a gem, pun intended. She is so good. I want to see more of Opal, Palmer, and the other old-timers. They are still interesting and centered in PV history.

Anonymous said...

OK, I just finished listening to the podcast, and, as always, just delightful and FREAKING HILARIOUS. Even when you two are not on top of your game (Get well, Jordan Hudson!), you rock the house. Here's proof of brilliance--I listen to your OLTL stuff too, even though I don't watch, just to listen to you two carry on. There is so much love and respect radiating from the two of you for AMC (and the world of soaps) without being sanctimonious.

And I know exactly how you felt, Jordan Hudson. You were having one of those not-sick-enough-to-call-off-work kind've days, but still felt like crap, and still dedicated to all of us, you marched your allergic-red-itchy-eye-scratchy throat butt in there and gave us another excellent podcast.

Lest you all think I'm pumping up Jordan, I'm going to have to get on to him about something. Jordan, you need to check your sources, because there are MAJOR changes going down in the writing dept. I'm talking those who worked under B and E, not Pratt--the ones who write what used to be breakdowns and dialogue. People who've been there for YEARS.

Take some Claritin, and get clear with your sources!

crs 17

P.S. I don't have a good nickname, and we don't have time, considering he's about to go, but Ash and I are in synch about Richie's face. The first time I saw it, I thought about Neosporin.

Anonymous said...

I KNEW Carmen and DC would be electric! I love that she got right up into the mix of it right away when she walked in on Adam and Krystal. If they don't keep this character, they are hella-stupid.

Did you see the vein pop out on Alicia Minshew's forehead when she was taunting Richie? This is what HD is for, people.

I'm never one for all the vigilante justice on this show, people. It smacks of McTrashit. However, today...there was something powerful there with Kendall. That anger was fierce. Scripted poorly, but fierce.

I never could put my finger on what it is about nuBabe. My daughter always asks, and I always respond, "I don't hate her (like SS), but I don't really like her either." I think Jordan hit the mark when he said the actress is OK, but she's just not BABE. I agree. I'm hoping Alexa comes home to roost soon, because I love me some Alexa Havins. There are a lot of KWAK and BABE haters, for never paying for stealing the baby and other reasons, but I thought Alexa Havins has been one of the best "finds" Judy Blye Wilson has done in YE-ARS.

Jordan talks about not having direction for the sextet, but the story for me that is always spinning its wheels is Sam/Erica. It finally moved an inch today. Still not sure if I like it; maybe the prison setting is dampening it.

It's a sad comment on things when that Corrinna person acts better than nuColby. And I kept waiting for her to b-slap nuColby for kissing on her man like that. Dre usually is soul-sucking, but I think I saw a brief spark today. Just brief, though, a spark like they get when they're trying to make fire on Survivor and they blow like hell on it, and it still goes out. ;-)

crs 17

Anonymous said...

I swear NuColby makes me wish i was watching Ryan and Blandi have sex. EWWW!


Luis Merino said...

Hey Ashley-

I listened to the latest podcast yesterday and the part with Myrtle & Zach had me CRACKING UP! Seriously, it was THE funniest moment in PVP history (for me anyhow). Love the show and thanks for Watching, so I don't have to!! You guys are great!


Erica Kane said...

OMG I loved the whole Psycho Bitch squad today!! I was like ehh until Rebecca Budig came up beside Ritchie and snatched his hair up and put that knife to his neck I was like Lordy Asa did you see that?!?! I loved it from then on until we saw the whole DBTE Colby and her DBTE friends, Ya Ya better watch out they might suck the life out of her too. I am so in sync with the whole Ritchie's face saga. I swear today it was smashed up raisins glued to his face!! I kept pausing it and looking and I was like yes indeed those are raisins. I guess the losing of the Previews was not the only place they cut corners to save money.

Brian said...

So I just caught up for this week last night. I have ONLY liked the Richie scenes. Did anyone notice that those fusion girls were really tough on Billy? I thought for sure that he was going to ask Rebecca not to jab him so much with that (clearly dull) knife. She was jabbing that thing in him. And did Alicia really slap Billy? It seemed that way.

Finally, the worst scenes of the week (so far) are at the teen party. What the hell is with nuColby? Damn! I rewound my tape with her saying "Ok guys, I'll stop bitching." about 5 times. She tries, but she just isn't doing very well. And why the hell is she getting drunk? It thought Colby had finally grown up. Now she is getting drunk? Uncharacteristic (at least as of the last year).

Brian said...

I forgot to add: Doesn't the story lines seem rushed lately? What happened to the days of a storyline lasting a month? This Babe being kidnapped story could have been written longer with her trying to understand Richie, rather than just making him "the bad guy". Why not give him a reason for doing the things he has done. Like he did them for Babe? Or even better, maybe he did them for Anne. This whole story is typical AMC as of late. Blaming everything on one person.

Like Kendall blaming all of her problem on Richie. It isn't his fault that she slept with Aidumb. It would be interesting if Richie set up Anne to take the fall on his crimes.

This story should have been added to to make it more interesting. I like Billy, but I could care less about Richie. Same with MC Egan and Annie. I used to love her, but she has remained very dull (and apparently crazy).

Anonymous said...

Here's my latest AMC lament. What really bums me out is TIIC (bless their hearts) had two characters with such potential - sledgehammer and richie - and both were painted with such broad strokes. No subtleties, no nuances, just villains, no shades of gray. Come on now TPTB, there is something wrong when ya find yourself cheering on the baddies and finding the fusion fillies more annoying than ever.

Anonymous said...

Yo JordAsh, do you have any plans to interview any of the AMC cast in the near future? I know your buddy Superposter occasionally does that. I'd love to hear an interview (real or otherwise) with Erica, Kendall, Angie, or one of the other AMC Divas.

Anonymous said...

LOL, brownpenny...Fusion earned an LMAO from me for the day!

crs 17

Anonymous said...

How many abandoned cabins are there in the woods of Pine Valley? Seriously.. is this the same one where Terry had Lily? and Annie brought Emma too when she was hiding? (I forget who she was hiding from.. Tad and Dixie? Terry?) haha. I'm not sure, but we know it's not the one where Kendall and Aidumb stayed cuz Zach burned it down lol.

Oh well, like Taylor always used to say.. suspend your disbelief. I seem to be doing a lot of that latey...

AH! I CANNOT take NuColby anymore! (bless her heart). It seems like the character has gotten younger with all these drunk scenes. HATE IT! I hated her just as much as you guys did back in 2006, but I loved how much she grew up in the roll. Ambyr turned out to be a wonderful actress. I really hope she is moving on to bigger and better things. AMC's loss.. sorry i just had to rant a little. :)

Only one thing I am loving about AMC these days.. Adam and Carmen! too funny.

Love the podcast this week.. sums up just what I have been thinking as I watch the show lately. SO WHAT?? Hope you guys have a great 4th.


Anonymous said...

Hey everyone im Alejandro
nu colby was painful today seeing her act drunk was like watching a child. Julie Hanan Craphuthers needs to be fired, i also read that the stars of one east coast soap are trying to get their ep fired and i know its not ron c. oltl is so awesome right now, jordan i miss your commentary and recap, put it at the end of the show or something, it makes up for amc. Tess, carlo Hesser i luv it.

Jordan are you still watching atwt if so what do you think about it right now.Im pissed that Aaron Snyder doesnt have astoryline, cuz damn hes fine, put him with Alison or bring back Peyton Lists Lucy.Do u like nulily, what do you think of Luke and Noah, cyndi Lauper. Hey i also heard arumor that CJ Roberts, Tina's son, will come back and he will be gay. I mean how could u not be gay with Tina as a mother.

Is there a campaign to get Ambyr Childers bak in the role because i dont know how much more i can take of dead behind the eyes Brianne Moncrief. im sorry this is so long, its my first post. You guys are awesome.

Anonymous said...

Are we getting a podcast this week or a "classic" (since it's a holiday)?

crs 17

Erica Kane said...

Hope everyone has a great 4th of July!! I am wondering what is up with the opening credits...On Greenlee's 1st day back she was in the opening...on DBTE Colby's 1st day SHE was in the opening credits. Ricky Paul has been on for a month and he is not in the opening, it took a while for the Hubbards to make it to the credits. Seems a little shady to me. And I forgot to say before Love the podcast this week.
Miss Kane

Anonymous said...

Since it's a holiday.. if you guys don't have a new podcast and you do play a "classic".. Ashley do you still have any of your very first podcasts? I know you had a problem with deleting them a little while ago but I thought maybe you might have them again? Just a thought. :)

Anonymous said...

a few questions.. why no previews this week for amc and oltl?? also, why does jake wear so much jewelry???

jordan hudson said...


Welcome to the blog. My you watch everything I do.

Well let's see ATWT: I loved Noelle Beck on Loving as Tricia, but Lily and to replace Martha's hard to swallow.

ATWT is really suffering right now with the writing. The show has been very chopy for my tatse for some time now.

As much as I love Meg and Paul this new obstacle is just insane.

While I like Luke...I've never been to into Noah.

Like all the soaps I wish they would use there mature actors more.

Give Me Lucinda over that annoying Liberty any day of the week.

Well I made a promise not to mention OLTL on the podcast but the blog is fair game. Hard to deal with AMC. I watch OLTL first because it's so fantastic.

I'm watching these incredibly written and acted scenes with young Starr and Cole and their heart wrenching storyline of giving up their unborn baby for adoption.

Then I have to see NUCOLBY giving one of the worse performances. Her friend geek boy, Dre the black hole and Corrine who always is looking for the camera. Just silly silly.

I'm so upset with AMC right now. I have brilliant stuff with Tad/ Krystal/Adam then I have to deal with those damm kids.

I have an incredible actress who has created the character of the year, Yes Carmen Sugar Morales and have to worry if this new writer will continue with her. How can you not watch her with Adam and not see the limitless possibilites.

They bring on people with no clear storyline. Where is Jake? oh thats right they are waiting for Beth Ehlers to start his storyline and try and force feed GUS & Harley down our throats. Instead of moving on and forward and putting him with Greenlee ( who hasnt had a real leading man since Leo. Sorry Cameron is good but they were not nuclear together) or Amanda. Yes it seems Jake an dAmanda will meet in the comign weeks but to no avail because they are determined to put him with Harley uh Jane or whatever her name is going to be.

So I watch my OLTL that leaves me happy and entertained. I laugh with my Dorian/David/Addie. I cry for Jess and Starr. I cheer for Nora. Hope Adrianna will come back to get Rex. And on my edge of the seat to see the Evil Carlo Hesser return to the canvas.

As far as the never before CJ Roberts. Rumors were floating around that he is already in Llanview in the form of the mysterious Brody. They may have changed this storyline. It would be great if OLTL would do a commited real gay storyline. ATWT seems to be dropping the ball with their own.

Yes how incredible is Bree whe she plays Tess. She is my girl and I can't wait for her to give Natalie the smack down. Just hate Natalie. My only complaint regarding OLTL is give Tika (LAYLA) her own big storyline and love interest...I want her with Brody, or have Frankie Hubbard move to Llanview and let him get it on with Layla.

Laura said...

What's worse than Cold-by, a drunken Cold-by! Bless her heart!

Jordan, please reconsider 10 minutes at the end of AMC podcast for One Life to Live, I love your knowledge. I've watched this soap since it aired, but you remember more than me. Damn, working gets in the way of stuff! I love my DVR though.

I didn't know Carlo would be Talia's dad, I knew the other's will be coming back, but that surprised me. Nothing like a good surprise.

What happened to the secret about Jessica and Natalie. It seemed like they dropped that story, but I mess the crazy actress in the nut hut. Can't think of the name now. Either Carlo Hesser or Mitch Lawrence must be Rex's Dad. Or somebody else bad.

Please Jordon reconsider this. I love you and Ashley so much. Your podcast is the highlight of my week. OLTL is the next. Sorry AMC right now is somewhere between dealing with a teenager and putting my mother-in-law in the nursing home. Not your fault, but things gotta improve.

Happy 4th of July!!

jordan hudson said...


It's ashley you need to convince. LOL I would love to do a OLTL podcast. The show is so much fun right now.

The secret of the twins was during the writers strike. I dont know if Ron C. wants to deal with that, being that he didnt write it. I don't think they even know what the secret is. Barbara Garrett is the nutcase Alison.

Good call on Rex's father, thou I wish it would be that Bo is his dad.

I knew awhile ago about Carlo being Talia's father. Didnt say because I thought that was a hot twist. Thank you Ron C. for being so damm good.

I hope AMC will do that with Beth Ehlers Character. Enough with these random people coming to town. Give her some ties to a pine Valley family.

I wish they would bring Florencia back as Tea. For me she is Todd's real true love. Blair and him way too much baggage. Yet how twisted is this Todd/Marty storyline. Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

The July 4 rerun of the fashion show really reminded me of how much I miss Ambyr Childers. She was just glowing in that red dress. So remind me again of why there was a recast? I am so not impressed with AMC's recasts.

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys!

I tell you, you guys manage to turn something soooo boring into something exciting. Yawn fest is right on the mark. i'm struggling to keep awake. to make matters worse the one thing i was looking forward to...the Tad/Kate-thy scenes seem to be taking a back seat to everything else. nothing in the spoilers for 2 weeks. looks as if the actors and the s/l will be back burnered and when they are seen again everything will most likely have been resolved off screen. *sigh* therefore, i'm done until i see what Pratt has in store. which is hopefully as his first orders of business, bringing back Cady/Dix ALIVE and VI/David either together (preferably not...i can just see the backlash already coming from the David fans and i wouldn't blame them and would def understand them)or on their own (the ghost scenes-astral projection, that window is still open as far as i'm concerned. the rest Palmer has her in Pigeon Hollow while she's in a coma and JanetFAP overheard/knows it... that's why she scribbled "Dixie Lives, Dirty Birds" and David could just come back blow the Jenny is really Charlotte bomb and reconnect w/ all especially Greens). but one thing is for sure, both are needed. anyways sadly the show is really not worth mentioning or discussing that's how upset i am. i mean behind the scenes has much more drama than what's on screen. like "el chisme" (gossip) w/ Beth E. and how TAIC treated her horribly for leaving. in SOW she reported how she went to get her things and when she got there..her credentials were taken away, she wasn't allowed in, and was put on some list to be escorted. all this in front of her kids. NASTY BASTARDS! also here's something else that was interesting, according to her she was the one to suggest Cady as a possible Harley re-cast. she said she doesn't know Cady personally, but thinks she's talented and experienced so would make a great re-cast. although none of that might matter since it's been rumored Harley will be killed off...more punishment i see. (man i can't stand certain AIC. no matter what station, they are nasty/unprofessional. every time i think of what ATWT's exec producer Chris Goutman did to vet actor Scott Bryce/Craig...called him on the phone during the holidays to fire him. AHHHHH!)

okay now onto a few things things about the show and that is i'm not liking or am invested in many of the newbies-that includes Carmen. sorry Jordan, but i'm w/ Ashley in that she's too least for my taste. that scene w/ her in her uniform and how she put the flower in her hair was too much and had me cringing. i guess it wouldn't be so bad if we had another Latin representation like a Santos, on at the same time to balance it out, but since there isn't...i can't stand how they are writing her so am finding her even more annoying than i would have (although no one tops NuColby. BTW, love how you say the actress' name). the actress is great, but they need to give the character a tweak somewhat to make her seem more realistic than how she comes off to me...cartoonish. anyways the only newbies i like are Frankie/Cass (although they are in a vortex of suck at the moment) and NuJake. i'll see what Beth E brings. hopefully something more than Harley-found that one boring. however, i'm already not liking the agenda from TIIC/the actors w/ the pair and the whole Gush2 on AMC deal. it's just not a good idea because they won't be Gus and Harley, but them taking on two new characters and all that implies. one who happens to be a re-cast and has history already w/ other characters. it's def a recipe for disaster, to put so much on a couple from another soap, in hopes that lightning strikes twice on the other. for example, anyone remembers Dixie and doppelganger/look-a-like Ted O. played by MEK and how the way they wrote that character so different from Tad's and how he portrayed him? then due to that, it down played the chem that's so natural/off the charts between MEK/Cady every time those two were on-screen together as oppose to when TnD were. see that just proves how it all depends on certain factors and not just the matter how amazing (although i personally never saw it between Gush)it may be. they need to slowly establish them first on canvas and take time to build what ever relationship they have in mind. let the audience get familiar first, then go for it.

now onto something mentioned the shock that there are Krystal W/ A 'K' haters...well there are and i'm one. i have nothing against BE great, multi-talented actress (who i will say has an amazing body), but the character is another story. i despise her (even more so than Babe) for so many reasons. but one is mainly because how they change my fave characters around her to the worse, taking away their true essence. Joe became immoral (not perfect, but use to be a moral compass for others) during the whole a baby switch crap and continued even after. Jamie and all that betrayal w/ JR. JR and his weird ass loyalty to her/baby dawl, after everything. Tad and Adam how she holds their stones in her purse. there was even a time where i couldn't tell between Stuart and Adam w/ how they had Adam wearing sweaters in order to show case his sweet side. i have Stuart for that...i don't need Adam completely that way too. David going against Binx...BINX! all in order to keep that secret while she was suffering/thinking she was going nuts. yeah i can't get over any of those things. i just hate my faves when they are in her orbit. they are not themselves and while they remain my faves, i actually hate them and can't watch or enjoy them. w/ that being said i hope they do pair her back w/ Adam...just a bit more tolerable since BE/DC have chem unlike her/MEK who just don't IMO.

now onto Billy M./Richie, a newbie w/ tons of potential who as usual was wasted. not surprising, he didn't have a fighting chance w/ writing him into a corner from the get go. they could have changed it and give it better twist when he first came on and say Annie set everything up, she was really the crazy one. but that all went to hell when they had those hit and run/bomb shelter scenes. man and i was hoping they would connect him to a core family too...would have loved the Cortlandts. preferably him turning out to be the late Will Cortlandt's son. hey it's possible, could have worked. he looks like he could be related to Dix/JR and has great chem w/ Opal already. oh well, darn those missed opportunities.

anyways long again i know, but just wanted to hit most of the points and vent a bit. thanks and great podcast! ;-)

until then...


Anonymous said...

JerseyRican, you said a mouthful. I hope GL does not kill Harley off, mainly because I would love to see Cady in that role. I can't wait to see what Beth Ehlers does on AMC. Frankly GL ruined her character by the time she left. Harley got so stupid and so ragged looking.

I wonder if there will be chemistry between Ehlers and Goldin on AMC. Jake is a great character and I so hope he's teamed up with Greenlee. I'm not looking forward to a "GUSH" reunion. Jordan is right, it seems forced. TPTB are looking to create another uber-couple, when the potential already exists with Jake and just about any female currently in PV.

Oh, Ashley, I had a dream about you last night. I was trying to wake you up so you could do the podcast and you would not get out of bed because you were having a bad hair day. You had appeared on Shear Genius and someone had cut your hair very short and died it blond and you hated it. I've heard that hair cutting dreams symbolize a loss of power, but what about when it's someone else's hair!

Anonymous said...

I guess it's hard when you do not know what is going on but I tried to watch OLTL and it was horrible. Maybe that happens when u do not know the characters but those people in the castle/jail talking about the jewels it was Jesse and Rob all over again only less plausible (if possible)

Anonymous said...

Also Happy 4th weekend!
Will there be a podcast this week or did Ashley go away?

Laura said...

Elyse for catching up with One Life to Live, try this.

Hit recaps and do it for each year. I got caught up somehow on the stuff I forgot about Carlo Hesser and Cain Rogan. Or better yet, please Ashley let our beloved Jordan do a special One Life to Live catch up podcast.

If you are not interested don't listen. If you want to help, put stuff on the blog that should be included such as when Dorian had the affair with Viki's son Joey, and links to some youtube clips.

I love your podcast, but I love good soaps and sorry it ain't All My Kids (as we used to call it in Iowa) right now. Ron C. is a soap opera genius. I really think a cross over story to Pine Valley from Llanview would help both.

I am Caucausian but I agree Carmen is a bit of a sterotype. The Vega's are a good Latino family, and pretty good looking at that.

I just wish OLTL had some good African American actors, I miss my R.J.

Keep up the good work all of you. I appreciate all you do. Hope your holiday was great.