Monday, June 09, 2008

New Beginnings for Old Flames

  • Adam reveals the truth about Kate-thy, so Tad and Adam make nice - for the moment.
  • Greenlee gets woe-is-me-wasted, and her ex-dude just may get to bust out some old moves on her.
  • "Trailer-Trash" turned "Yummy-Mummy" Babe goes "Brooklyn-Hooker" Babe, and gets herself in a whole mess o' trouble.
  • Erica mourns for the loss of... Kendall's secret? (Uh, folks? Knock knock? Julia died last week? Hello??)
Yikes. Despite the decent reviews, Frons knows best, and will soon replace Barbara Esensten and James Harmon Brown with another failed-upward writer, Charles Pratt. Jordan and I pride ourselves on our whip-smart listenership, and we think Chuck could use some tips as he heads to Pine Valley. Please, viewers - give Mr. Pratt your advice (he'll need it) here.

6/7/08 Podcast


Arizonagal said...

Finally, the moment I have been waiting for! Tad, owning his own guilt, Tad apologizing for his past misdeeds, Tad taking the high road. I loved the scene with Tad and Adam. I've been waiting for a long, long time for some sort of civil, intelligent, conciliatory conversation between those two, and they delivered. Of course, as you say, Ashley, they are making nice "for the moment." But, hey, I'll take it! Excellent acting from two old pros.

Erica Kane said...

Ashley, yes Bobby Martin in the Attic is a true story. I am posting while listening and I am loving it so far!!

Erica Kane said...

Ok still listening to the podcast. Kendall was born first before AMC even aired. Josh was "aborted" in 1973, and Jake was born in December 1979.

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with you Ashley. This has never happened! Anyway, I think Annie could be a good bad girl. She's a good actress.

Ashley said...

Hi Lisa - what has never happened?

Ash :)

Anonymous said...


i think Babes accent was supposed to sound fake because she is a southerner playing the part of a Hooker from NY

idk i just think it was a creative decision on AB's part

Anonymous said...


it was AWESOME!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the podcast this week btw!!!!

and i agree Annie would make a GREAT bad girl (loved the Llanview crossover) i really wish they weren't getting rid of her (Jordan is that confirmed cause i know you have an insider)

too bad they are turning her into a psycho it seems

and about "dead" dixie, dont you think it is weird that Tad is able to see ghost Jessie (after the tornado) and ghost Dixie... maybe that is a connection to Dixie being alive (and Adam seeing her could have been hallucinations) ... what do you think Ashley and Jordan

Anonymous said...

Disagreeing with you has never happened.
Great podcast again this week. I am seriously considering watching OLTL now. I watch AMC in the morning on SoapNet and have stayed tuned for OLTL.

Anonymous said...

Jordan, Did I really hear you say Tad learns from his mistakes? Come on Jordan, he just as thick skulled as Adam. He is no better than Adam, he just pretends to be. Just because he puffs himself up and acts like he's a saint doesn't make him one.

And you guys are right, if TPTB are waiting for the viewers to forget about Tad's little faux pas (Greg's murder), it ain't happening.

Ashley, was that Pedro singing along with you for the intro?

Glad to hear Levin is leaving. They have done nothing with Lily in at least a year. I liked Levin on the Book of Daniel, but thought the Ava character was a disappointment.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Annie needs fertility drugs because remember she was a chimera too? That's why Tad and Dixie thought Kate was Emma, and it took a bunch of the tests to prove Annie was Emma's biological mother.

Ashley said...

Lisa - I get it! (Do I feel silly!) Yeah, I think MCE is a really good actress, but I think that every actor had an "essence," so to speak, and MCE's doesn't read "bad girl" to me. I would have loved to have seen her try her hand at Greenlee. MCE does really great 3-dimensional work, but I do see her as more of the ingenue than the bad girl. Does that make sense?

That being said, I do find it interesting when she does un-Annie things. But a true bad girl... I dunno - I don't see that so much. I think of a real spitfire when I think of a bad girl... Hmmm. Maybe. I'm open to it on another show, because, sadly, for me, the character has run its course.

You folks rock, BTW!

Ash xo

PS - And yes -that was Pedro!!! He lives in my building, and I recorded the song after Jordan left, so I had him play Tad. He cracks me up!!!!

Ashley said...

I forgot to add -- I am NOW A JESSE MCCARTNEY FAN! That song was great, right??? I gotta get that kid's album for sure.


Unknown said...

For real the Annie character would be great as the bad girl in sheeps clothing type role take everyone by surprised. I know I actually like her when she is not in scenes with Ryan playing happy family. But if they bring Liza back you won't need Annie because Liza could really shake things up in Pine Valley.

Speaking of Liza I have to agree with Jordan. Liza was his bad boy equal. Now that they have made Tad more of the family man bringing Liza in trying to rock his world again could make things interesting.

BELINDA said...

Great podcast as usual, A & J!

About HookerBabe and her horrible accent - WHY would a working girl from freaking NEW YORK CITY come to pi$$-ant li'l ol' Pine Valley to, um, "do business"? Give us a break, writers.

Ashley ... I don't think I could do my "Dixieback" song justice the way way YOU could, so it's yours for the taking if you want it. I'd be honored to hear you get your groove thang on!

jordan hudson said...

Brown penny

What I meant is Tad has grown and changed a great deal since his Tad "The Cad" days , sleeping with his girlfriend and her mother. He has become a good father and a family man. Does that mean he will never make a mistake or be a perfect noble human being ...uh No...let those without sins...but Adam is as selfish and miserable as he was when he first came to Pine Valley. I will say this thou, Krystal is the first woman who he has been with that I feel has made an impact on him. Hence finally after almsot 20 something years the old goat has done something good.

Its also funny you mentioned "Book of Daniel" I guess you were the other person watching it. Thought she was great in it which is why she needs to leave AMC because she was not giving a 100%. Even her guest appeareance on Lipstick Jungle was great. The girl can act she just wasn't feelign AMC so bye bye.

UGGGGHHHHH NUCOLBY HAS TO FING GO! It's like the character has regressed to the wya she was when she first arrived in PV.

Rumor that Cady Mclain is being considered to replace Beth Ehlers as Harley on GL.
They would need a big name in that role and P&G also owns Gl her other boss form her ATWT days.

Nothing yet on the rumor about blandie leaving but when I know anythign you guys will.
Hope you all are watching OLTL too.

Anonymous said...

Great podcast guys!

When is Krystal going to change her clothes? Has she showered this past week? ... and it's not that time has stood still because everyone else in Pine Valley and at PVH has moved on since J&A's wedding. You don't see Adam or Katethy wearing the same clothes.

Loved the outdoor scenes at the windy Pennsylvania shoreline. Zach and Greenlee have great chemistry, well who doesn't he have chemistry with? and it was nice to see Lilly again. I've missed her and her truthiness.

I, like just about everyone else, think Jake is great (and hot), but he was totally out of line with Angie when he butted into her consult with Ryan. I loved that Angie stood up to him in a way that his father didn't, when Dr. Joe let him operate on Tad despite the ethical guidelines against it and the legal liability the hospital would assume. Not only does Jake not work at PVH but he wasn't even in high school yet when Angie became a doctor. I would love to see a showdown between those two and can't wait to find out why he's pushing this experimental treatment. It must have something to do with Carolyn. Imagine if he drills into Ryan's brain and makes him a vegetable. Ryan would have to borrow some of Stewart's argyle sweaters.

Sneaky Blandie is more interesting than goody-two-shoes princess Annie.

Amamda was amazing resisting arrest and then pulling her skirt down. I didn't think she looked like a hooker? Did anyone else. Don't hate her because she's hot!

Looks like Josh is taking over where Tad the Cad left off. Love it! He needs to get with Amamda now that he's had Greens. That would warrant bringing back the slutmetric 2000 Ashley.

And we finally saw Carmen! Her downward dog was the funniest! Erica's tantrum at being replaced was soooooo scary to all those hardened offenders in jail. Who knew that you could make them scurry in fear by throwing a few newspapers. The powerful force of nature that is Erica Kane. This show just cracks me up.

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

Best wishes to Leven Rambin on her new ventures but she really did mail in her last performance as Lilly today. Fortunately her bobblehead dad was there to pick up the slack. :-D

Btw, IMDB has a collection of great AMC quotes, such as:

Erica Kane: Adam, really. I know that you've been bored, but taking in Mary Smythe? I mean, couldn't you have just taken in a dog from the pound?

Adam: I prefer pure-bred bitches.

Erica Kane: Well then, you got what you wanted.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone listened to Jesse Mcarthys full CD yet

cause i ♥ the song you played at the end!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jordan, I was *crushed* when Book of Daniel was canceled. Network weasels didn't give that show a chance, and it was sooo good. Quality television rarely stands a chance these days, when the networks can just churn out another pathetic reality show.

I am very relieved to hear that Ehlers is not doing Liza. She's a talented actress, but so wrong for that part. I agree, Beth Chamberlain! That woman would really class up PV. In fact, since you put that bug in my head, I don't think I would want anyone else to play Liza.

My question to Jordan and Ashley, do you think the reason Liza isn't back, Greg Nelson left, Brooke is gone, is because TPTB feel the over 40 actors/characters don't appeal to the desirable demographic?

I for one, am tired of seeing talentless teens and twenty-somethings littering the PV landscape.

Ah, penny, brown penny, brown penny... Yeah Ashley, my nom de plume is from one of your early podcasts with Thorsten quoting Yeats.

Ashley said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your nom de plume, Brown Penny! Indeed, I giggle every time I read it 'cuz I know the source oh-so-well!

ash xo

jordan hudson said...

Brown Penny

I'm so there with you. If we can't have Marcy back, then Beth C. is the only actress I can see doing justice to the role. She has the ability to be ruthless one minute and vunerable the next just like Marcy. We so need Liza back on.

The networks are disgusting. How do they expect to get an audience when they keep cancelling shows after 12 episodes or one or two seasons.

And of course it's always the quality scripted shows that suffer. Not knocking mindless entertainment even I have my guilty pleasures.

I know I'm going to hear about this comment. I'm upset when a quality romantic comedy gem like "Men in Trees" is given the axe. Especially after the network showed it no respect. Yet the uneven over rated "Private Practice" is hailed the number one new show. The ratings may be there but the qulaity sure is not. I miss my Kate Walsh. She needs to be back on Grey's.

I digress....yes the network in regards to AMC seems to have a logan's run theme going. If your over 25 you need to go.

As I said, several years ago I submitted a proposal for revamping AMC. Someone from Mr. Frons office replied back thar they liked my ideas but had an issue with my bringing back so many characters that use to be on the show. Also the fact that I focused on the M.V.P.. Having storylines for Stuart and Marian. He actually asked me where was the younger set in my proposal. In regards to JR ( the model) & Jaime (who was played by Micha Alberti) and there very bland girlfirends ( One who was played by Amanda Seyfreid who is now on HBO's "Big Love" and having a big carrer.

I told him well Jaime and JR. are there in my young storyline with a bunch of new charcters that were more culturally diverse and also related to a main family in a very suprising way.

Needless to say nothing came from it. I'm now sending a proposal to ATWT. Wish me luck guys.

Also the cat is out of the bag in regards to OLTL's special storylines for there 40th Anniversary. All I can say is, Ron C. you are a genius.

Oh Dianne

That quote was funny. It also makes me so mad that with Rebecca back and Jackson free...right now Annau Stuart as Mary Smythe would be such a great addition to the canvas.

Arizonagal said...

I read somewhere, perhaps here, that AMC is gearing up for their big summer stories. What that really means is the focus shifts to the young stars in order to appeal to the kids home during the summer. This year it's going to be Colby and Frankie and Dre (yawn) and probably that tough girl from the 'hood Frankie treated in the ER. This would be fine if they still had Ambyr. Hopefully it will be better than the Reggie/Joanie/JR/Laurie story a few years ago. Gag! Can we just send them all (except Frankie) to basketball camp?

And if Cady isn't going to return to AMC then, hey, I'll take her over at GL.

Ashley and Jordan, you guys rule!

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone. Took me a while to get in here because the link that says "Click Here" took me to the old blog posts.

Podcast...not quite done listening, but as always love the witty banter between Ash & Jordan (our A&J). And I was so glad someone recognized that was Pedro on the song, because when it first came on, I thought Taylor was back this week. How come Taylor and Pedro don't blog with us?? C'mon you two!

This week isn't quite doing it for me just yet. I did like the outdoor scenes with Greenlee, Jerkson, Zack, and Lily. (I can't believe I just said Jerkson, because I like Jack; please don't slap me Jordan or Ashley) Anyways, it was nice to get a send-off for Lily, because the character was the heart of the show for the while after Bianca first left. (During a very dark time). I am fine not saying goodbye to Ava. I'm pretending she's with Special Jonny in Europe. I also appreciate the outdoor stuff once in a while; since soap budgets are going down, I suppose this is the closest we're going to get to Jamaica or Budapest.

More brotha man talk btw. Sam Woods and Jesse. I like these two together, but I feel like they're just rehashing same ol', same ol', and MVP needs to stop with Brotha every five seconds. ZZZZZZ...

Didn't like Jake fighting with Angie. Debbie Morgan played it interestingly, though, with that little smile at the end. I think she recognized how odd the whole sequence was too, and was trying to find some "truth" in it, like maybe she was proud of watching Jake grow up and take command. I don't know if this is the writers setting us up for something, but it was just not ringing true for me.

The next time I encounter some butch hard-living women in orange jumpsuits, I'll just haul off with a copy of the New York Times.

First Josh and Amanda and now Carmen? I don't know what's in store for Carmen, but I wasn't feeling her this epi. Downward Dog was funny, but I need the writers to get more 3D with this character. The actress has proven she can handle it.

I was wrong; I was wrong; I was wrong. No Sven for us. Greenlee actually slept with (spoiler) JOSH! It was kind've a nice moment for Ashley to have a visual treat and Budig and Egglesfield really had some sparks. I'm still going for Greenlee and Jake, but Josh is a nice spoiler for a fun storyline. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm tiring of Kenlee.

Bobby Martin in the attic! What a hoot! I remember Opal running across that in the attic. This is where I came in, people! My name comes from a storyline this same character was involved in shortly after this.

crs 17

Anonymous said...

P.S. My wife and I were the third and fourth people watching Book of Daniel. There were a couple people there from AMC, besides Levin. I think Henry, who played the Korean guy that was interested in Maggie played someone. And also, Alana de la Garza, who briefly played Rosa Santos (during the dumb--- Dog Boy stuff) and is now playing on Law and Order on the law side.

Have you all seen 27 Dresses. Quite a few AMC people on there too.

crs 17

Anonymous said...

I just ran across your podcast in iTunes the other day and all I have to say is I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been a ABC soap fan since I was 7 years old, but I haven't had TIVO/DVR in 3 years and SoapNet is not in my directory so I am totally craving a wrap up of my soaps. This podcast is so on point - I'm starting from the 12/17/07 show so I can catch up. You guys ROCK!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Tennis anyone? It’s obvious, Kendall LOVES Greenlee to a FAULT. I liked the serve to the head, and I can tell you, those balls smart. When I was in high school, back in the dark ages of Pancho Gonzales and wooden rackets, I was struck in the throat by an errant serve. Ouch!

Will this eye/ball collision cause Greenlee serious injury? I was hoping for more tennis between the two rivals, complete with the orgasmic grunting heard at pro matches.

Did anyone else think Kendall’s giant hoop earrings looked like handcuffs? Probably just me.

How long will the usually tolerant Zach put up with Kendall and her silly dramas? I loved that Zach was so honest with her. His comments to her sounded like something a man really would say to a woman. Of course, she responds by looking at him with her “duh face”. We should start up a collection and see if we can buy her a clue.

When Ryan found Annie’s fertility shot, I immediately thought “B-12, tell him it’s a B-12”! And that’s exactly the lie Annie told Ryan. Guess I’m a better liar than I realized.

Finally TPTB throw our Josh a bone, which he then kindly passes on to Greenlee. He was so cute and sexy in those scenes. I am amazed he’s not on screen more. He had a genuine chemistry with Greenlee, two 30-something talented, gorgeous, sexy actors who light up the screen together. Still, I have hoped for ages that Josh and Amanda would get thrown together. Doesn’t look like that will ever happen, but at least it was great to see them both get some screen time. Why oh why does AMC waste some of its most appealing talent?

Ooooh, CRS-17, I have discovered your secret! You ever see the movie “young poisoner’s handbook”?

Ms Brown Penny (whos dad always told her "don't take any wooden nickels")

Erica Kane said...

I so wish TPTB had paid to have that tennis ball be CGI'd right into GreenME's face. I was so hoping to see her get slammed in the face with that tennis ball!!! Just had to chime in with that thought
Miss Kane

Anonymous said...

I don't know why AMC thinks the younger demographic doesn't want to see the vets or see more of the history of the show. Speaking for myself, I am QUITE a few years under 25, I am "NOT AMUSED" by all the younger characters. I could watch these kind of Dre/Colby/Cass situations on the Disney Channel if I wanted to. I have been watching AMC my whole entire life. What I want to see more of is story lines that tie into the roots of the show and the characters that I have grown up watching (Tad, Dixie, Adam, Brooke, Maria, Edmund). I know that its hard for TBTP to always be having to create new storylines and it doesn't always work out with the actors, but stop with the Greenlee/Kendall/Ryan/Blandie stuff already! It is so boring to me and I usually don't even watch those parts of an episode. I have spoken with several other viewers of AMC that are about my age and most of them feel the same exact way.

haha just thought I would rant a little bit since you were kind of discussing it in the blog... :)
keep up the great work guys!

Anonymous said...

I like the outdoor scenes at the yacht club/tennis courts. Is this what they're doing over at GL that makes Jordan so upset? I thought they were doing the shaky cam, and that's what it was. Anyways, I like getting out of the studio once in a while.

And I love Greenlee being a beeyotch again. Did you see that little smirk Zack gave when Greenlee made her remarks? I like how TK is playing this.

MEK and kids. What can I say? So brilliant and when that little girl called him Daddy, it even brought a tear to my eye. I certainly hope we're not thinking of SORASing this girl any time soon. And I loved that Opal and Joe were there too, but where was Ruth? I love when Joe Martin has unexpected grandchildren. He had that same look he had when he discovered Josh.

I suppose this is the last we'll see of Ms. Dixie.

Krystal was SMOKING in that blue dress. What a way to come back from the Jackie O look.

Brown Penny, I'm thinking you got it. ;-)

crs 17

Anonymous said...

Excellent clue, brown penny! So we have a friend of Mr. U on the blog.

Anonymous said...

Mr. U? Stan Ulatowski? That was fun CRS17, we need some more brain teasers here!

Here's one for you: Name the street Dr Joe and Ruth Martin live on.

Add me to the list of folks who aren't thrilled Annie is leaving. She's just getting interesting folks. I like this new, devious version. And if she can stick it to Ryan then I am all for it!

brn penny

Anonymous said...

Just finished the week in Pine Valley:


LOL, this storyline is pure cheese, but it's the good cheese, the kind in a can that you just take out of the fridge, tip your head back and squeeze until your mouth is full!! I just hope someone doesn't start wiping detergent bottles again soon.

I realize this Richie storyline needs to be dealt with to end appropriately, but I'm just not interested anymore y'all. There was a time (before J&A) when I thought Richie was the saving grace for AMC. THE actor is interesting to watch, and I still enjoy his performance, but once they decided to go "all the way" until there was no coming back, the storyline became dull.

I do like that Blandie showed signs of life today. I also think this character was a waste of an actress. Remember when Annie came to town and was working for Zach and someone said, "What's your fave album?" She said, "A little Motley Crue, 'Shout at the Devil,'? I thought, Ooh this is a saucy little minx; I like it. But then...well...Blandie. MCE had some sparks that AMC failed to capitalize on.

I hate when people talk to themselves in soaps, ie. Randi in the mirror. It's so DOOL. IT's everything people make fun of soaps for.

(I'm waiting to see, but something is developing that Jordan and Ashley are going to slap me so hard for, I'll have a mark for weeks!)

I hope being served the papers keeps Kendall from whining about fixing her relationship with Greenlee. I hope its witch vs. witch from here on out. Bring some fun to this storyline. RB is holding up her end of that potential, and we know you can too Ms. Minshew.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what street Joe and Ruth live on!! I'll probably recognize it as soon as you say it.

No, I haven't seen the Young Poisoner's Handbook, but I remember wanting to when it was out. Wonder whatever happened to good ol' Mr. U. I heard Sloane passed away years ago. I loved Chompers and all the stories at Cortlandt mansion when I first started watching. I recognize James Mitchell is not well enough to carry on front burner, and is thinking of retiring. Remember Palmer standing in front of that barn courting Daisy was some of the highest ratings AMC ever had.

Keep the trivia coming everyone!

crs 17

Anonymous said...

Ok, Brown Penny, I wanna know how you figured out my screen name...

crs 17

Anonymous said...

Wikipedia says Hillcrest Drive for the Martin residence. Does that sound right, BP?

Anonymous said...

FINALLY I CAN SAY SOMETHING!LOL okay hi there ashley and my man jordan i love ur podcast i have been listeing for a long time and i tryied like crazy to post a comment i hope u read it!i dont get to watch amc beacuse well i live.,.,. in Palestine!lol i swear i use to watch it in ny but when i moved here i stopped untill they started to bring amc episodes so know we are watching 2006 ...yup when megan was at here worste but i have the internet to that and u guys always keep me in tune and i watch clips on youtube and that helps! omg amc is doing really good know i am a rendall! fan!!!!!!!!! i just hope u give me a shout out on ur next podcast i love u guys ashley sweetie u seem to be such a great person ! and jordan u are just a freakin encyclopedia
lol i am starting to agree with ashely on the new babe and jr plz dont smack me jordan!lol do u really smack her by the way!lol and as for blandie leaving u made my day when i heard u say it was aa rumor that she was leaving i said i have so many way they can kill her off for one 2 they can have her and richy runaway and fall off a cliff i really dont care as long as she in gone@! well i will write in always! i really hope u read this !- hope

Anonymous said...

Hey you guys..great show as always!

Ashley/Pedro LMAO w/ the song and Jordan always as insightful/funny.

now onto the show and a few things brought up. this is going to be long. LOL

wow my eyes have not gotten a rest from bawling so much thanks to TnD/Kate-thy scenes. not to mention now i have to add the first episode of the 2nd season of Army Wives. wow Kim D. (AMC's beloved Jenny Gardner) is so going to knock it out of the park in the next few episodes. i swear i didn't see what was coming at all...heart-wrenching yet beautifully done. okay back to our show. wow Tad/Adam scenes they were great, but IMO they left out a major opportunity for Tad to really own up to what he has done and in that respect it fell flat, a bit. as for Kate-thy, that little girl Alexa "Lexie" G. is just amazing and has chem w/ everyone. of course adorable to boot. i remember feeling disappointed that Emma (the also adorable/talented Lucy M...God Bless both)wasn't Kate, but from the first time i saw Kate-thy, she won me over right away. if that's not enough she looks like she really could be TnD's daughter (of course even Mike/Cady's kid in real life). perfect fit. KUDOs casting dep! however, the scene between her/Tad...did anyone get the feeling that she didn't really get it; that he was her bio dad and not just from the heart, but blood related and that she was adopted? i don't think she really understood so hopefully that's addressed better in the future. as for the "last" TnD scenes, first off NO. Tad it's not goodbye...plain and simple.

(props to Riley for this TnD fan vid...great job)

I REFUSE TO ACCEPT THAT AND WON'T TAKE IT! they'll continue to hear from me, that's for sure.

anyways loved how MEK just looked like he was younger like he was glowing like he always had w/ Cady n a scene. sure their scenes were a bit hokey..."ET phone home" LOL but Cady/Mike manage to turn those scenes into gold w/ all that off the charts chem that they just worked it! seriously they just never shined like they have w/ anyone else but each other...just magic. the dialogue alone how he told her how much she looked like her same eyes but w/ just a little twinkle of Martin in them. how he wants/wishes for her to be there for her. then she telling him how they are soul mates and that is why they always found each other, are connected, wished on the same star, and will always be "together forever". oh there i go *tears*

just mind boggling how TIIC can throw that away. i mean every time i think about it...a super couple for about 20 years get their first bio child after all that time. yet when the moment came they trashed both characters losing their root-able values for some. then since they screwed up so badly and they were too scared to try to salvage it, they nixed part of that recipe for success when it came to a anticipated reunion after a hacked up s/l. i mean while i was happy for Tad/Kate-thy just killed me that Dix wasn't there in any sense. yet that was suppose to appease the fans...give them closure? BS!

onto the debate of Madden/Tad, okay i could pretend that it didn't happen and be fine w/ it because i love Tad always have and always will. but for his sake and even MEK's i really would like them to do something final w/ it. whether it's undoing it by saying he was drugged w/ some hypnotic substance and led to believe he did it. then they could deal w/ the fact that he didn't care when he thought he did it. there's some darkness in everyone. how many times do you here something horrible especially when it comes to a child that you really wish the worst of the tortures on that person for being such a sick SOB? i know have. it's just human nature. either that or just show him being tormented by it...MEK could rock those scenes. i just feel not addressing it and expecting everyone or a majority to forget it is really damaging to Tad/MEK.

anyways s/l idea...backstory for Dix/Tad s/l of '06' which would be addressed after a return from the dead Dix s/l. astral projection and someone holding her while in a coma. i'd say Palmer. wasn't around in teh hospital that day, has, connections money etc. even goes w/ his history w/ Dix/TnD

i'd even connect Dix's four years in Europe and this murder to Ted O. i'd say he knew Madden, killed him because he knew too much and did it because of his obsession w/ Dix. would even say he tampered w/ her brakes causing her to have the accident and also that due to looking like Tad, he convince a drugged up Dix into giving Kate up by passing himself off as him. you know became a violent Tad to her and threatened w/ hurting the baby if she didn't give it up..all due to blaming the baby for her soon to be death and that is why she didn't tell fam or anyone because he would threaten her w/ doing something to the child if she stayed w/ him. all this while freaking out and thinking this can't be my could he be saying this. when really it wasn't but she was so drugged up w/ pain killers that it felt like she was in a night mare...however still signed during that time. then when she would wake up it would be another reality and then nurses etc would tell her after asking for her baby that she's dead...thanks to Madden's machinations (fake death certificate..the one he showed everyone after, ultimately). not accepting it makes her end up in some institution...NOD to history and slowly but surely she gets herself out and then meets Ian W. who helps her w/ her revenge and trying to get her daughter back until she ends up back in PV like she did. stayed away because she was afraid Madden would prove to all she was insane (remember at that time Madden WAS a respectable/well-known doctor w/ all his skeletons still in his closet..therefore, could easily discredit Dix and make her appear as some insane nut) so she either had to find proof of Kate's lively existence or just Kate. although she did come back supposedly when JR was away in 2002-2003 so it would have started after a few months or a year.

see how there's plenty left because of all the whole left in the s/l. i mean i remember how Dix told Di that she had to protect Kate and Di asked from who? Dix didn't answer and just danced around the question.

alrighty then, onto another thing(LOL i'm just venting/ranting today so bear w/ me)

JORDAN!!! Liza is Tad's equal especially because he cheated on her w/ Dix. first off a clarification, although Dix was unaware she was having marital problems, for Tad that wasn't the case. he felt neglected because all she would do is study. he even told her when they confronted each other after it happen (NY reunion in hotel..."Elephant in the room")and they were trying to see if they could work things out..."It came to the point that i felt like i needed to schedule sex w/ my own wife" therefore, they were having problems and Liza was just in time ready for the kill due to her revenge for all the things he has done to her in their history *cough* Marian/him/her *cough*

to be continued... (raining i'm afraid the power might go out so i'm posting this before it goes.)

Anonymous said...

oops meant *holes in the story* forgive the typos... a bit rushed.


therefore, IMO that's really not an argument in ref to proving she's his was just Tad being dropping pants spree Tad. she was there and he took it considering /w what was going on in his home. then we have Tad/Liza's history. how he slept w/ her because of a bet to nail the ice queen or how Marian found out he was sleeping w/ her and he forced Marian to continue it w/ telling her husband all. it just goes on and on. i actually somewhat agree w/ Ashley on the KWAK aspect, except that w/ her even w/ their short years knowing each other vs. his/Liza's history, i felt he has shown he actually loved KWAK once upon a time and w/ Liza i never felt that...only time was when they became friends. other than that...she was like a toy for him. therefore, i'll agree that Liza is Tad THE CAD's equal, but not him as a whole.

Tad's everything and it was solidified in Thursday's episode is Dix. those two have so many similarities as far as their good points and even bad ones...hey no one is perfect no matter how it's written. the proof of that for me is no matter who Tad is w/ or what was going on w/ them...if they were togther/separate...Dix was always there in his heart/mind. not to mention every woman (most of them...main ones) always felt they ahd to measure up to Dix because they knew she was the only one for him. it is why many stepped back when it came to him returning to Dix. just look how Hillary came and went for him...wasn't mentioned after or present for him. Dix came in the pic and it has been her ever since. the one he carries a pic for in his wallet while married to someone else...doesn't seem to even have one of his current wife. WTF?..i'd kill him if i were her. LOL anywho JMO..i may not agree Jordan as you can see, but i respect it. ;-)

now Ashley for me before JY came on, Jesse M was JR. that kid was amazing when he was on AMC. i think even had a few Emmy noms. i remember that one scene of Adam in the hospital..."knocked it out..." and stood his own w/ DC! just loved him. however, JY is fabulous as adult JR and i thought that after JM there just wouldn't be the right JR and boy was i glad to be wrong. JY is just as amazing.

now onto the Cady/GL rumors, well Cady addressed it when she appeared in Stardish just recently and she said that they haven't called her and if they did she would have to really think about it. reason is because she knows what it's like to have a character like Harley (much like Dix...she played her for years like Ehlers has done for Harley). therefore, she said for something like that she would have to consider the fans and the actress especially w/ respecting the work she has done all those years. she said she knows how weird it would be for her if she heard Dix was being re-casted (making it even more clear that KG/Di was always set to be an impostor and not a re-cast from the get go.)so she understands. on another note: it seems she's more willing to return to AMC again if called. she's even encouraging people to write in for that ALIVE return. in her latest blog she tells fans not to give up on Dix/TnD..."Never say never." but she needs that call. WAKE UP MORONS, MAKE THAT CALL!

LOL finally to end: what do you think about the face of the new Peter "Petey" Cortlandt? i don't know yet...we'll see.

in conclusion, thanks for a great show. until then...


Anonymous said...

JerseyRican, I agree with you. Tad killed someone and has brushed it aside like he would lint off his suit. In fact, in some of the scenes with Jesse, he seemed to feel darkly justified in his actions. I love Tad, and really loved his scenes Dix. As you said, he was just glowing and looking like the Tad of old. I'll be enjoying his scenes and then I'll think "wait, where is the justice?"

Dixie was talking about running into her mom and G'ma Kate in the afterlife and immediately I wondered if she'd run into Greg M? Think about this for a minute. Greg Madden was not really an evil man. He was deranged, perhaps mentally ill, but he was also a good father to Josh, who turned out to be smart and successful. What has Greg done that is any worse than the crimes Tad committed in the last 40 years?

That is why it makes no sense to me to try to sweep this under the rug. I like the idea of Ted O being the real culprit. WEHT Ted O?

Off the soap box now. I know this subject has been done to death.

Another brain teaser for ya'll. Who answered Kendall's comment? Fill in the blank.

Kendall - "Every time I see Ryan I feel a pull."
_________ - "I feel a pull every time I see the PVU women's volleyball team..."

Anonymous said...

^ah that was Binx!LOL

BTW, what does WEHT mean?

oh and there's another scoop out there in ref to BE/Liza stuff.

SOW reported that the reason BE isn't going to be a Liza re-cast is because Marcy W. expressed her desire to return. hmmmmm (although i heard the reason was due to the head writer change)

i don't know about that because while i love to hate Liza, i think that if MW returned Liza would be very different and not in all her b!tchy glory. reason being is because of her real life's work in ministry. i think there would be some certain conditions for returning w/ being more of a role model and all. i once read an e-mail from a fan where she said she would return, but for short visits since she's very fond of her memories for AMC. oh well we shall see.

Anonymous said...

WEHT = what ever happened to

My advice to Mr Pratt? Don't f*** ** dude.

Anonymous said...

oh okay..thanks for the clarification. well last we saw of Ted O. after going hunting w/ Tad as his target LOL in Canada and Dix risked her life to save him (Tad), he simply disappeared into the wilderness...never heard from again. wouldn't it be great? i mean they already have the actor which is Michael Knight and there would be justice in terms of Madden for those who feel there needs to be. could work out perfectly...i think.