Monday, June 23, 2008

Appearances Aren't Everything

  • Richie appears as if he's getting out of jail, only to realize that it appears that he will be getting his ass kicked by Zach.
  • Angie appears as if she's about to slaughter a goat in a Santeria ritual.
  • Greenlee appears as if she needs another romp in the sack- with Josh (but we'll take Jake, too).
  • The NuColby appears as if she needs acting class.
The Emmys came and went, and our little show, well... Our folks looked fabulous, right? We may not have garnered many of those little statuettes, but our girlsat least looked good, right Judy Blye Wilson? (Oy.) Tell us what you think of the whole dag-gone mess that was the Daytime Emmys for All My Children here.

6/20/08 Podcast


Anonymous said...

Heh, I laughed when you said you were scared to give out the website address this week, Ashley. I love you guys so I'm not going to complain about the 10 minutes and then some devoted to OLTL, but I gotta admit, after a while I started looking at my ipod, dumbfounded that the AMC podcast hadn't started yet. I don't watch OLTL so I had no clue what was going on, but it sounds pretty good, maybe I should start watching. Overall very funny this week, Ashley, I love your impressions! Your Erica Kane is my favorite, it sounds just like her.

Ashley said...

Yeah, I totally agree -- maybe we'll cut the OLTL commentary a bit for next time! (You were generous - I think we did about 13 minutes of OLTL. Yikes!)

Thanks for sticking with us!

Ash xo

Anonymous said...

i'm glad you guys were covering oltl.. i love it! it's so good right now, i recommend everyone watch it, it fills the void that amc leaves, it makes up for what they lack.

Anonymous said...

I dont watch OLTL, but i know the basic storylines from the commercials. i dont mind hearing it though.

Anonymous said...

OK, y'all...YOu know who has chemistry? Better than Rylee, better than Zendall, better than Rendall? ZYRTLE!! I know Eileen Herlie has been ill and all, and I know she's not got the zing she once had, but I love me some Zack and Myrtle, and if it were twenty years earlier, that would be a hot hot storyline. Ok, I'm ill...feel free to comment! Hotcha!

crs 17

Anonymous said...

I agree. I got more excited to see Myrtle sitting there today then ive ever gotten to see AiDUMB and Blandie combined.

Folks i have figured out a way for our very own A-Dumb to win an emmy! yep you heard me EMMY! If they put him with Nu-Colby his acting will suddenly look AMAZING and he will win! hahaha

Am i the only one that goes to fill my drink when Kendall or Greenlee comes on lately? I cant take it!

Are the writers not seeing how A-mam-da outshined everyone in her little 10 minutes on screen today? Her and Babe i felt were great. Very refreshing, as opposed to Greenlee/Blandie fighting over Ryan, and Kendall being annoying.


Anonymous said...

If they're not going to use Josh they should send his character over to GH. Plenty of women over there for him. And I thought NuColby almost showed some emotion last week. Almost! Maybe if she practices...
Please do a OLTL overview! Even if it's just 15 minutes of Soapcyclopedia Hudson ranting at the end. It would be so great.

jordan hudson said...

OMG sorry people. We get to rambling and we do digress. Sorry for the OLTL update. Thou for those of you who do watch both.....yeah keep watching you wont believe what is going to be happening on OLTL in the weeks ahead. When my source told me...well lets just say I'm going to be at the edge of my seat.

Which is why AMC has been somewhat of a let down. As I told's hard to really invest in these storylines now when they are heading nowhere. A new writer means everything will be changing.

As it is I feel the reason Jillybean, and some of you , myself included are bored with Greenlee and Kendall is this storyline seems to be written as they go along. I hate when writers don't have a solid idea of where they are going and that is the difference between AMC and OLTL but I promise not to mention OLTL anymore. Your right we are THE PV Podcast

Anonymous said...

I love you Ashley and Jordan you two rock my socks off!!

Maybe next time just a little less OLTL chat. I was freaking on my way to work. I don't have time to watch another soap or else I would join the bandwagon. :)

Anonymous said...

I happen to love the character of Kendall and she can never be annoying to me but I wish they would give her back her wicked ways. I also love OLTL but not Jessica(Tess) who cares about Nash

Anonymous said...

I love Kendall too but they have made her so predictable!! She is definately no fun anymore. I agree anonymous, make her fierce again!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Ashley & Jordan,

If you want to soften your assessment of NuColby, Aidumb, etc., just take a tip from us southerners and add the phrase we use to make criticism of anyone sound acceptable. It goes like this...

NuColby is dead behind the eyes, bless her heart.

Anonymous said...

Jordan, if you like MVP you'd LOVE Footballers Wives, formerely on BBC America. I'm sure there are episodes online somewhere. It was the best show- I still watch the DVDs nonstop. Tanya Turner is the best villain ever, hands down.

Anonymous said...

I know two podcasts a week would be tough but WE would love it! It had been a while but I caught the last 15 minutes of OLTL on SoapNet last night. Jordan, catch me up. What happened between Jess and Natalie? Tuc Watkins is the best! Reminds me of when I watched Days and Matthew Ashford (Jack).

Anonymous said...

I haven't listened to this weeks podcast yet, but I am very excited about your OLTL commentary! I love that show right now. Here's an idea- to keep those happy that don't watch OLTL could you possibly consider doing a little mini OLTL podcast right after the Pine Valley Podcast. It is so nice to listen to your OLTL comments I would love to have that on a weekly basis!
I'm getting ready to listen to the podcast at the Dr.'s office. I know I'll get some strange looks because I always laugh while listening. You all are amazing! Keep up the great work!
Kitty in Tulsa

Anonymous said...

Jordan and Ashley,

when you guys were talking about Bree, i thought you meant the baby Bree (jessica and nash's daughter)

just wanted to share that

Anonymous said...

Hey Ashley and Jordan,

I LOVE the podcast! I laugh my butt off every week!!

I cannot wait until next Monday because watching Nucolby today i know you two will have field day with her amazing acting chops! LMAO already!!!


jordan hudson said...

OMG Dianne I'm laughing so hard the tears are flowing from my eyes. That is good. I have heard that expression used before and I love it. LMAO


I'm saving up to buy the DVD of Footballers Wives. I know that's my kind of show. I was so disappointed that ABC did not pick up the American Version. There was a pilot made with GH Kelly Monaco. But maybe it's for the best. We somtimes butcher there shows when we remake them.

I don't have the BBC network on my cable carrier. So I have to buy the series that I'm interested in. Those brit DVD's are expensive.

Mona I just finish watching today's episode and yes NUColby was awful. She really can't act guys. It seems she can only play one emotion at a time. She seemed so happy with Adam and then because the line said so she got angry with him and then went back to being happy. It was the most awkward thing I have seen in quite sometime.

Then there were those scenes with Dre ( He who is like a vortex) and Cassie ( She who I felt sorry for that she is being wasted by being paired with these two). Yet Nucolby really shined in those scenes. Another amazing and captivating performance bless her heart.

So there are some OLTL fans. Okay guys...I have so much scoop. The Tina storyline is big really big.It will involve many cahracetrs and The return of a Major OLTL Villian and yes he is realted to a character already on the canvas.

As you all know from the commercial Tess is back and will be out for revenge.

Even my gorgeous Tika who plays Layla will have a moment that will kick ass. I want her to get a major storyline all her own. She deserves it. The girl can act. I want her with Brody. They would be hot together.

Also the Rex & Bo storyline is such a great twist in honor of OLTL's past. OLTL will feel like the 80'S again and I love it.

Anonymous said...


OK, what I'm about to say in no way excuses Ms. MoncREEF and the horrible job she is doing, but I'm also thinking the writing is regressing Colby back. (So much thinking the recast was to age her!) Colby is acting zactly like when they first brought her on and I hated her. I think nuColby is simply playing her as she's written, because she's not talented enough to pull off otherwise...discuss...

I finally figured out who Ya-Ya reminds me of. Ms. Taylor Roxbury-Cannon! Remember her? She was FUN!

Did Tad just call Jake sweetheart?

The thought of Suga and DC is making me giddy with anticipation.

memo to Jake: MOVE IN WITH HER!!

crs 17

Erica Kane said...

OMG I have a great idea!! If Billy Miller has to leave AMC why not get him on OLTL as Joey Buchanan!! He would make a great Joey and he could pass as Erika Slezak's son. Beth Ehlers is playing a woman named Taylor not Carolyn. I think it would have been better if she was Carolyn. I loved the podcast!! Keep up the great work!!

Miss Kane

Anonymous said...

I LOVED this week's podcast. Thanks you guys! And especially thank you for the OLTL chatter. More of that please.

- Jen of San Diego

Anonymous said...

Hey guys!!! I know we are mostly HUGE Cady McClain fans on here. Superposter posted a Q&A with her today!!!!!!!!!! its soooooooooooo good. KEEP CALLING TO BRING HER BACK

heres the interview:http://blog. myspace. com/index. cfm?fuseaction=blog. view&friendID=101245344&blogID=409055720&Mytoken=79D7AF2A-79

Anonymous said...

NuColby is going to be a glorified babysitter soon. She will be the next Corrina or Rachel. But that's a positive because all she has to do is say "Let's get cookies" and leave the screen.

Bring back Ambyr!!

PS Jordan, I emailed you some FW DVD tidbits to get a better price!

Anonymous said...

Are we supposed to be cheering on Zach for beating the crap out of a defenseless Richie? Zach has a weapon and Richie is cuffed! How fair is that? I don’t know if that’s in Zach’s character or not, but it sucked big time and it just screams to me that TPTB have no idea what their loyal viewers really want to see. Sometimes I think the writers just don’t get the viewers at all. I found myself feeling sorry for Richie, not Zach. And I really hate the way people go to his cell and sneer at him and say all this stupid b.s., like Aidan did. So sick of all the vigilante justice on AMC.

How great was it to see Myrtle? Damn I love that woman, she was great. Eileen Herlie is pretty damned old (IMDB says she's 88), but she’s still sharp as a tack.

Ick, Ryan and Meanlee, here it comes. I really don’t like those two together. No chemistry and I find them totally boring and FFable. If Annie is leaving, I hope she leaves some grief in her wake, and a very special chankleta to the head for Ryan.

Great podcast Ashley and Jordan.

Anonymous said...

IMO, beating up someone defenseless IS Zachs character to a T! Zach loves to play God. I cant wait until someone gets back at him. Seeing Zach 6 ft under would be a dream come true.

Sorry if that sounded harsh! haha i have very strong opinions about Zach.

Also im slightly bitter because i want to see some RENDALL!

Anonymous said...

If Annie leaves, what happens to adorable Emma??

Kate said...

Just wanted to say I didn't mind the OLTL discussion. I LOVE OLTL! It is the best soap right now.

I always laugh during you podcast. You guys are great!!

Also, wanted to clarify... Beth Ehlers will be portraying Taylor McBride, a soldier from Iraq. Should be interesting, and she'll obviously have a connection with Jake right away.

Speaking of Jake, I want to see more of him. If we don't hear what his secret pain is soon, we might never know. People could forget that there is a secret, and then we'd never know what it is.

Arizonagal said...

Well JordAsh, I have finally done it, I have started taping OLTL and I am expecting great things.

Looks like now that Chief Frye has left, the PVPD has gone to crap. They let Rich out of his cell so someone can beat him with a stick? Yeah, that makes sense.

I'm getting a little nervous about Jake's character. Why isn't he being used more? Instead of exploring Jake's life away from PV, we are still being treated (cough) to more Ryan, Greenlee, Kendall, Zach. Blech...

ITA with you Jordan, bring Ambyr back! And Ash, you are right, I could totally see NuColby's little brain working so hard as she was trying to act.

Okay, I'm off to make my vision board now.

Anonymous said...

So i too, am curious about the OLTL train. I am curious and would like to start watching. My only question- Isnt it hard to just pick up and start watching a soap? Like i mean i know it aint rocket science, but ive been brought up on AMC and i feel like all that history i know, id be SO lost on OLTL. lemme know what you think Jordan or Ash!

jordan hudson said...


It actually is not hard at all to pick up a new soap, when it's good.

I discovered GL just when Reva was coming on. And like most poeple started GH with Luke and Laura.

This is a great time to get aboard OLTL. With the 40th anniversary coming up. History will be repeating itself. Old friends , foes and family will be returning and a part of the exciting storylines. So alot will be explained to you.

I have to say out of all the current Soaps on air now, OLTL is hands down the best Soap.

Why? because it's actually a Soap opera. Not the reality show GL has become. The Sopranos that is GH.

They deserved to win best writing and directing. Next year they will get best Show.

They are actaully respecting Agnes Nixon's Vision. Something AMC only know is starting to do. ( But with UPchuck Pratt coming on who knows what will happen)

Unlike Judy Blye. The Casting people at OLTL looks for actors. While some are stronger then others and some are not my cup of tea. They all can act. They are not just pretty faces, models or dead behind the eyes.

OLTL was different from the start. Agnes created a show that had a vast array of ethnic types (unheard of in 1968)broad comic situations, strong male characters, and of course social issues ( an aggie trade mark).

Now Frank V. and Ron C. have all that and more happening on the show.

They are telling stories. To miss a day means you actually miss something important or an incredible moment. There is no filler here. All the characters have purpose.

Now everyone has a different idea of what was OLTL golden years.

For me it's the Claire Labine material. (thou I think I'm alone)
I watched faithfully for Todd and Teja and the Gothic Kramer Women saga.

Some consider it to be the Judith Light era. Karen and Marco were amazing.

Yet everone agrees when it came to pure fun and creativity nothing beats the Paul Rauch era.

Now Ron C. plans to revisit that era. Viki will once again die and go to Heaven and see some familiar faces. As Tina went over the waterfalls of the rain forest, so shall her daughter Sarah. At the hands of an old Villian who is suprisingly related to a current character on the canvas. And as Clint traveled to the old West. Bo and Rex travel to 1968. If they don't get back to our time .....well needless to say that could mean life or death.

Add in teenage Starr wanting to give her baby up for adoption. Todd manipulating a confused Marty ( Who he raped several years ago.) Tess, Jessica's "alter" is in control and out for revenge..... well as you can see it's never a dull moment in Llanview, so dont be afraid. Jump right in. I'm glad I did. because everyday I'm laughing at David/Addy/Dorian or my heart is breaking for Jess and Starr.

And if you have any questions you can always ask me.

Anonymous said...

Hey there! Ashley and Jordon I LOVE the podcast you two make my mondays! Jillybean-I just started watching AMC and OLTL. The first episode of AMC that I watched was when Erica and Carmen were on the run and were discovered in the back of that truck. The first episode of OLTL that I watched was when Todd threw Starr down the stairs. However, thanks to the internet (esp. Youtube)I feel like I've been watching these shows for years!

OK as a new fan there are still some things I don't understand and maybe some more experienced fans can explain some things to me. How is it that a character could go from having a prominent storyline to being just a background character or that they just fade away entirely? I guess Brooke and Del could be good examples. I mean I'm surprised they didn't have a scene where Brooke visits Erica in jail to gloat!(Weren't they rivals??) I guess we can add Derek Frye and Ava to the list right? To have them depart off-screen is easy for the writers but is it insulting to the fans?

I'm 22 years old and though I like the younger characters, I would also like to get to know the vets on the show as well. MORE OPAL! MORE STUART! MORE RUTH! MORE PALMER! MORE MYRTLE! Well I realize the actors portraying Palmer and Myrtle are getting on in years but their appearances so far have amused me they're great!

Umm its lovely that Tad was reunited with Kate but did everybody forget the horrible death of Julia?? Nash died on OLTL and people are still reeling over it I mean that Jessica is a mess! Pine Valley seemed to get over it real quick! Also um doesn't anybody from the Santos clan have anything to say about Kathy? CUSTODY BATTLE??????

I LOVE me some Carmen!! I also want more Josh and Amanda(she lit up those scenes in Fushion and being arrested as a hooker=priceless). I'm with you Jillybean these two should be a couple then maybe Jonathan Lavery can come back and start another dramatic love triangle(hey it would give them a desperately needed storyline...)

That satin slayer storyline HAS to be reversed! That way Dixie can live as well as Simone and Erin. Simone and Carmen would get along great I feel(I could be wrong?) and she would help with the Greenlee/Kendall conflict. Ryan needs someone in his life to help him and not be obsessed with having him sexually(that's where Erin would come in.)

I don't know how the Richie storyline ends but I hope we don't go back to what we had before with the endless Ryan, Kendall, Annie(Even though I love her now) and Greenlee thing....

Kendall: I'm so glad Richie's gone but Greenlee hates me wah wah...

Greenlee: Thank God Richie's gone but my life STILL sucks...

Aidumb: Oy yea Richie's gone but I luv Greenlee and she doesn't want to listen to my british accent no more....

Annie: Curses my plans have failed again! This damn pregnancy test better say positive!

Well thanks for reading my questions and rantings!!

Jonathan from Staten Island

Anonymous said...

Hey Jordan and Ashley, great podcast this week!
Totally don't mind the OLTL recap. I don't have time to watch it but I usually have an idea of what's going on.

I have a question though. What did Chuck Pratt do to make you call him upchuck Pratt? lol. I don't know much about him so I was wondering why you guys felt this way. It's kind of worrying me...
The only thing I know about him is that he was the consulting producer (and helped write a few episodes) of Ugly Betty and that is one of my favorite shows.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Sunshine, I LURVE me some Ugly Betty...aren't Ashley and Jordan a touch like Mark and Amanda? If you're not listening to the UB podcast, you are missing out, because Mark and Amanda host and it is a HOOT! It makes me laugh almost as much as PVP!

I digress...

What I came on here to say was that Mr. Hudson NEVER posted his wonderful storyline ideas he submitted to the brass all those years ago.

And to say that even though I watched this week, I can't say that I was that enthused. Like I said, I know Richie's out and I think I may be so disenchanted with the waste of a good actor that I could care less HOW they're going to get rid of him. And then the PVP tells me it's STOOPID?? Now I'm really not interested. (Although, I still like the way Billy Miller's playing it).

Carmen, get to the Chandler Mansion, pronto!

Sunshine, I think A and J don't care for Pratt because of how he Mobbed up General Hospital. I'm going to be kind and reserve judgement until I see some scripts, just as I was with briannamonCREEF, whom I've now decided is learning to act as she goes along, bless-her-heart. ;-)

crs 17

ps. by the way, could they make us hate briannamonCREEF even more by making her LOSE Kate-thy? Next, I think the writers will have her serving peanut butter pancakes for breakfast at Tad and Krystal's.

Anonymous said...


When you were reading Cady McClain's interview at Superposter's site, did you see how she mentioned MR. U???


crs 17, now you know.

jordan hudson said...

Well Crs...

I would have to see if Ashley would be okay with me posting the proposal for AMC. I don't know... are there more of you interested in reading it. It was a few years back.... actually awhile ago, but I still stand proud of it. Im getting ready to send something to ATWT.

As the saying goes if your not part of the solution then your part of the problem. Mr. Pratt has been involved in too many shows when they took a hit in quality. Not just GH but Santa Barbara and of course the second season of Desperate Housewives. yes he was with Ugly Betty but for a nano Second.

My fear is that he will bring the show to a state just as, if not worse, then Mctavish. He seems to write from the James E. Riley(DOOL Passions) school of daytime.
AMC is not that. I still think bring Lorraine Broderick back or get Claire Labine. Even Donna Swajeski.

As far as Brianna Moncrieff. Yeah guys I can't accept her. There was no reason at this point for the recast.

God OLTL was excellent this week. AMc had some great moments.

Welcome Jonathan from Staten Island

Sadly it comes down to two issues. One is money. Soaps are expensive to produce and they are not bringing in the rating s they use to. So the veterans that are considered expendable get the axe. All the shows have done it. Second they always think that young teens runnign around town is going to get the demographic they are looking for to tune in. That will only work when you get talented performers that have charisma and are watchable. Like in the 80's Tad Jenny Greg Liza Jesse and Angie ahhh those were the days

Anonymous said...

Hey guys loved the podcast. Two minor things
1) Jordan, I hate to nit-pick, but sometimes you tend to attribute things bloggers said to Terry in Toronto or someone else. My mother and I are also from Toronto, so there are many great soap minds in Toronto, but please please don't confuse us. Give me my props it means a lot LOL

2) A little too much OLTL, I don;t mind hearing it but I tuned in today and there was not anything funny, outstanding and no love scenes, it kinda seemed like AMC light though I didn't know the people. I shut it off when I realized I was sticking sharp things in my eye and I only reserve that of AMC!

Well in the interest of friendship with your bloggers Happy Canada Day/ Independence Day!

Anonymous said...

This whole Richie at Fusion thing is kind of reminding me a little too much of the satin slayer.. why does everything bad always happen on the fusion roof? You wouldn't think that he would do anything to Babe. I thought he loved her or something? eh I'm getting bored just talking about it. Maybe I will start tuning into OLTL.

I am looking forward to Carmen moving in with Adam. I love me some Carmen! I was kinda intrigued before by Randi.. but not too thrilled about her acting anymore. She is gorgeous though. Was she on america's next top model too? I can't keep all these new-comers straight.

Everyone.. Listen to Jillybean! Read Cady's Q&A on Superposter's blog and then CALL/WRITE to AMC!

Anonymous said...

Hey Fusion, stop allowing roof access! Lock the door!

PS Catching up on this week's episodes, and while Monday was a snooze (Ryan and Greenlee- toss me overboard), I looooove bitchy Annie who pointed out the Kendall all the crap Greenlee seems to get away with. THIS is an Annie I can enjoy!

Anonymous said...

A few things i have to get off my chest....

I am a new viewer of All My Children, so everything i know about the past I hear from Soapencyclopedia Hudson!! I listened to all the old podcasts and learned a lot. Just wanted to say thanks Jordan. Love you guys!

Melmel I agree, I like Annie like this. From what I saw of her past bland performance on youtube, this should be interesting if done right. Im pissed Richie is going yet Dre and Nucolby are staying. What!!!
I think Billy Miller turned it out in that court room scene, I was scared of him! He was calm yet creepy!! Great job.

Where the HELL is Jake's storyline! Love Jake and was so excited about his story but where is it. I am ready to quit because all the people I am interested in are not getting anything. Yet Greenlee is on every damn day. Why can't Jake story be told before they foil him into this sextet crap. I am not happy about him moving in with Greenlee because now it will really be all about Greenme. I can't take it.

I also love me some Frankie but this storyline is Boring!! They can give him better! Why we gotta have Randie, as gorgeous as she is, when i see people in the credits that I dont see on the show, i.e. Amanda. WTF!

Ashley i love your Jesse. I LMAO everytime you do it.

And finally my performer of the week was Tad. His reaction to Kathy being missing was so good i felt it. He can do no wrong for me!!

Big Sigh!!

Laura said...

Another great podcast. I love the OLTL stuff, but put it at the end to please everyone. It is a way better soap, with a nod to the history. I have watched it from the beginning. I stomach AMC only to keep up with your fabulous podcast. Forget GH for now unless Brenda or Laura returns.

Did anyone else see Aidumb at the Emmy's or the pre-show talking about taking eloqution (spelling) lessions. It was pretty funny. I hate Cold-by. She is not dead behind the eyes, she like a corpse, hence the name Cold-by.

I think there is some behind the scenes stuff that happened. Had to, maybe the actress had some emotional issues, like substance abuse or an eating disorder. Hate to think so, but it makes no sense.

To pick up AMC they should do another cross story with OLTL. Back in the day they had the same therapist on both shows. It could perk up both stories. Maybe Adam and Krystal could adopt Star's baby and name it Charlotte. Tina would be a good with David Canary. Lindsey could be good with Tad, heck they were married for years.

Love, Love, Love your podcast. The highlight of my week.

Ashley said...

First of all, Laura - you are BRILLIANT. Not becuase you love the PVP [ ;)], but becuase you may have hit the nail on the head with Ambyr Childers, who played Colby before COLDBY (I *love* it!!) took over. Way back when, Ms. Leven Rambin took a leave for two weeks or so and another actress played Lily. Story on the street was mono, but I heard from a few sources that it was becuase she had to get treatment for an eating disorder. (Remember how skinny she got??) And AMbyr had lost a *ton* of weight on AMC. So maybe she didn't have a choice. If she was underage, her parents could have forced her to leave the show...

Listen, this is ALL just speculation. But there HAVE to be other forces at work here, because the Colby recast makes NO SENSE.

Your nicknames are the best, BTW, Laura!

Also, I was tough on Blandie this week, but not the actress. I really respect MCE - I think she's excellent and very beautiful. But Mel makes a good point about her "bitchy" scenes. She plays them very real -- she could have been a great Greenlee when Rebecca left the show.

Just some thoughts for a lazy Sunday afternoon....

Ash xo

Aprillian said...

OLTL isn't all that, it's just different from AMC and you are highlighting all the good stuff. Here are some stupid things they've done:

Todd Manning was unconscious for 6 weeks, part of that spent in a body bag. Where the heck did he go to the bathroom and why didn't he starve? You pick on Zack and Greenlea in the bomb shelter but hey!

People are hidden away all the time, Todd was held by Margaret and now Todd is holding Marty.

Lindsey kills people and gets away with it.

Sick of Asa having so many children, when did the man get time to make a company.

Starr is whiney. And always has to "save" someone. And her parents are always breaking up and getting back together.

I could go on and on. Don't act like it's the perfect show.

As for all the stars, like Snoop and what have you, what the heck would they be doing in Llanview?