Monday, September 01, 2008

First, the Good News...

  • We got some SMOKIN'-HOT sex with Amamda and Jake (even if it was way too short a session).
  • Devil Erica and Angel Erica was the most delicious we've seen La Kane in at least a year.
  • No Trollby!
  • InsAnnie gets more insAnnier.
  • Angie and Franklin finally call Jesse on the whole "I've-been-on-the-run-for-20-years-but-somehow-I-know-how-to-make-Lamb-Chops-with-a-Moroccan-Spice-Rub-and-Asparagus-Risotto."
  • Taylor and Jake, whilst not sexy, get (for me, at least) interesting. If AMC plays their cards right (and so far, I enjoyed what I saw), the Iraq storyline could be another groundbreaker for our little show.
The bad?
  • Still too much suxtet.
  • Petey's clothing choices. (Someone needs to tell the wardrobe department that Petey's clothes broadcast "dork" the way Stuart's one untucked collar broadcasts "special.")
  • Fusion. (Enough said.)
  • And last but not least? No new PVP this week.

Sorry, folks. A few of you have sent your loving thoughts our way, and even suggested that Ashley Mendoza needed to take a break every so often. So I've done just that. But I'm posting an oldie-but-goodie for you - in fact, it's our second-oldest episode! One of the first, back in May of 2006. (My how we're grown - we're 27 in SORAS years!) Those of you who have been with us since the beginning will recognize our very own Taylor Crawford. If we're lucky, we'll get Taylor back just in time for the annihilation of Josh's character. Although I'm dreading that particular storyline, I would pay money to hear Taylor say, "I wish I had a plane but I crashed it." (Thanks for the walk down memory lane, Brown Penny!)

I hope you all have a restful holiday (Jordan and I sure will), and we look forward to reading your continued ass-toot observations, here.

5/12/06 Podcast.


Anonymous said...

Ashley, thanks for posting this moldy oldie, I have not heard this one. Please, on your weeks off, post some of your earliest ones. I'd love to hear the debut, which I can't find at your site. Great to hear from Taylor again. What is he up to these days? Did he take his feather boas and go back to Iowa again?

Norn Cutson said...

that Tayor Hudson makes me laugh laugh laugh!
especially when he does DI...from The Streets!

happy labor day to everyone @ PVP!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your well deserved day off after laboring all year long 'so we don't have to'.

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

Good for you, Ash & Jordan. As much as we love listening to you guys, you deserve a day off as much as anyone else. Even AMC replays "vintage" episodes on holidays. Why not the PVP?

Have a wonderful holiday. We'll appreciate you that much more when you "return."

Btw, I really enjoyed the early episode as I'm a relatively recent PVP convert. Thanks for all you guys do to make AMC so much more fun!

Norn Cutson said...

oops i meant Taylor Crawford!

Anonymous said...

I don't know that I've ever heard Taylor, but I love the JordAsh Dynamic Duo. You keep me laughing. Hope you both had a fun and relaxing weekend!

Anonymous said...

I don't mind an occasional AMC repeat, but they have 1000s of episodes. Can't they do a couple of "Best Of.." shows now and then rather than replay a recent episode? VH1 and other channels do it non-stop. AMC has plenty of material with Erica alone: Erica's Weddings; Erica's Takes On...(Adam, Brooke, a bear...); Best AMC weddings; AMCs worst parents featuring Palmer, Angie's Dad, Adam; Best Fights; Funniest Moments; Bloopers; and so forth.

Glad ABC is doing some primetime promotion for AMC. ABC needs to rally behind all its soaps and create a kind of alter-world like they did for Disney Channel. Those Disney kids are everywhere together and the kids get sucked into it. ABC Daytime needs to brand itself the same way with the same sort of excitement for its target audience--short interviews with the stars or whatever to get people excited about the shows and its stars and create some buzz! Pratt can only do so much. They've got to puclicize the programming like they used to.

JennyP said...

Although I miss having a new PVP, I sure can't argue that Ashley & Soapcyclopedia Hudson deserve a break. And AMC was decent this week. Opal was even in a scene with Petey! Jake was sexy w/Amanda and funny w/Taylor. And I really enjoyed the Erica devil/angel stuff. I'm not happy with the Josh rumors, but can't wait for the podcast's thoughts about them. Happy Labor Day!

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, but isn't this whole Insannie going nutso over her husband Ryan loving Greenlee shades of Laura going crazy because her husband Leo loved Greenlee and not her? Maybe I'm just slow, but that's all I could think of while watching Insannie freak out this week.

And sadly, all I can think of is....why is Brooke not around.

Norn Cutson said...

ive been thinkin how DEVIL ERICA reminds me of Eckhart Tolle's writing about the "pain body", & the reactive need to lash out & spread the hurt around. in his example, he even uses the phrase "i'll show them, i'll teach them a lesson!"...which is almost exactly what DEVIL ERICA said!

that would be an interesting direction to explore in a story, but i think the writer's point with this scene was to move away from the emotionally mature ZEN ERICA we've had for a while & back to the volatile ERICA KANE of old!

i do have to say that ERICA's face, when she saw CARMEN @ JACK's, broke my heart. i was ready to jump into the screen & comfort her. Friday was a great day for La Lucci to showcase her talent!

on one hand, i am sad that she is going back to her reactive, unevolved, manipulative self...on the other hand, i know it could lead to some fun stories!

Anonymous said...

Let's mount a campaign while TPTB are paying attention. Anybody know how to do that? Nothing would generate as much publicity for the show or goodwill among viewers as bringing back Brooke. Maybe we could set up a page that emails TPTB a message every time someone enters an address. We could get our friends at all the different blogs to link to it. (Although I have no idea how to set that sort of thing up.)

Anonymous said...

Did anybody see The View today w/ the New Kids on the Block performing? During the song Step by Step our lovely Amanda (Chrishell) was front and center in the audience singing along and looking gorgeous as always. I had to rewind a couple of times to be sure.

jordan hudson said...

Well hello everyone. Just caught up on my tv shows from last night. Still have The closer to go thou.
Saw Gossip Girl, One Tree hill, and Prison Break. Tried Raising the Bar...yeah Linds Stasi of the New york post was so on point with her review. Hard to believe this was the same creators of FX's short lived but brilliant Over There.

Unlike Ashley I find myself enjoying AMC a hell of lot more then last year. Is it were it could and should I still feel it has come a long way from the unwatchable hot mess it was a year ago.

I still only see moments. The pace of the show has improved since Chuck took over. I do like that there are more scenes were the characters are really talking to each other. We seem to be getting more characterization. Which I enjoy.

I still think they dont focus on whats working over what is not.
Get rid of Flecther and this dog of a storyline. While I enjoyed an explanation with merrit as to why Frankie didn't run to Jesse for help. Now Jesse knows and as Chief should put an end to this.

InSannie and Adam. Excellent!
Petey and Adam. Excellent!
Finally Opal. Excellent.
Carmen with Jack not so much. Don't like where this is heading with Erica now maybe going after Carmen and Jack.

While I'm getting into the timley storyline of Taylor. I still don't buy her with Jake. Her sudden jealousy which is border line stalker came from know where. She had more chemistry with Frankie. I like Jake and Amanda but what a rip off that four second love scene was...I mean seriously.


As far as OLTL....TINA, TESS, TODD are incredible together. They are so much fun to watch. The amazing thing about oltl is how it never stops, there is no lull. One storyline flows or leads into the next. The characters all inter act in each other's lives because they live in the same town and have history and know each other Like wow.... real life. Minus the time travel and multiple personalities.

I have decided that Brian Frons is Lucifer ( Not ADAM CHANDLER) and Jill Faren ( GH'S Answer To Julie Craputhers) Phelps is Lilith. How these morons can't see how needed Genie Francis and the character of Laura is beyond me. Yet when she leaves so will I. If you have not seen the amazing scenes between Laura and LULU. UGGGGHHH!


ATWT is still very choppy. They have great ideas but thier execution stinks sometimes. It's either very rush or extremly choppy. Forcing characters to behave against their established personas. And when will they fire LIberty she gets my vote as most annoying character in daytime TV ever. I MEAN EVER! Okay Her and Flecther are neck and neck!

If daytime writers forgot what it takes to write a drama. They need to tune into Swingtown. Last weeks episode was amazing. I just can't believe CBS is going to pass on this icredible show which so much more then what they led people to believe when promoting it. An amazing drama which takes you into the lives of six individuals discovering themselves at a time when the world truly was changing.
Also go see Amercian teen in the movie theatres, documentary of five teenagers from warsaw Indianna. Excellen.

Anonymous said...

While it is to soon to tell if the show is on a upward movement, I have to give Pratt some early credit. Already we got the cast shaken up and interaction between different characters. I liked Adam with Annie and Erica with Ryan.

How fabulous is Ms Lucci. Did you hear her quip at Babe. I was on the floor. That is my La Kane! I love it!!

Jordan, did you see the promo for OLTL this week with Todd and Marty. I really like that Ron C has the guts to do this story. I do not know how to feel about Todd misleading the woman he gang raped and her falling in love with him under false pretense but I am creepily enjoying the story.
I also loved Todd and Tess.

Norn Cutson said...

on OLTL: TINA & ROXY meet today, & i am IN ****ECSTASY****!!!!

i love these two characters so much, & to see them come together...well, it was breathtaking!

they instantly become best friends, and you can see that the these two actresses must be bonding in real life as well, because they seem to be having such FUN in their scenes!

Arizonagal said...

I just loved the fact that it was InsAnnie who walked out on Ryan. Ryan, doofus that he is, could not get why Annie would be pissed off about the way she was lied to about his feelings for Greenlee. As usual Cryan is clueless.

IMHO Ryan is the most poorly written character on the show, which is ridiculous, since he's on all the damned time. He's not a man, he's a confused little boy who is damned near played like a victim. He's got no 'nads, no common sense, no body hair, nothing manly about him. He needs to butch up pronto and ask InsAnnie and Greenlee to return his balls.

I liked the scenes with Amanda, Jake and Taylor. I'm actually interested in where this is going.

As for Kendall's constant ragging on InsAnnie. Pot kettle black, bitch. Kendall may not have written the book, but she contributed more than a few chapters to the handbook of moral ambiguity. Every time she points out one of Annie's flaws, I link it mentally to one of hers.

And finally, Josh. Why oh why oh why did they ruin this character, the son of Erica Kane??? Why undo a ground breaking storyline with an unabortion only to destroy what became an essential character?

Post another early one Asnley! I love me some Taylor C.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else think of Bart Simpson's "Li'l Bastard Chemistry Set" when Petey was mixing his brew last week? Or, were ya'll thinking "Nutty Professor"?? I like Petey but why not tone down the character a little. He's such a caricature.

jordan hudson said...

Well don't know about Ashley but I love the show today. It entertained me. I saw flashes of Ye old Kendall today and not Kendull and I love it. Her scenes with Erica espcially when the two of them were commenting on Babe and Amanda. Now that's ALL MY CHILDREN.

There were again moments when I saw my old show. The Adam and Petey scenes. They even made Mongrieff bearable. Thou all I kept thinking of was how good Petey would have been with Ambyer.

I love Kathy doing her Wednesday Addams impersonation. Enjoyed Angie talking to Krystal about her issue with Jesse. Carmen making the most of her scenes.

It was a good episode with the exception of Ryan. Arizonagal you are so on point they have assasinated the character of Ryan but it started with Mctavish and when they brought him back. I'm just glad how strong Insannie is. LONG LIVE INSANNIE!

OMG they changed the credits. But what is this No carmen or petey but Randi ( I will give her creidt she looks stunning in the opening. And we all know that for Judy Blye wilson it's about the looks and not acting) Taylor and jake but Josh and Richie are still on so it will be another year before they are taken out


I forgot who here on the blog said they didn't like the Todd/ Marty storyline but Im all for it. It is dark and twisted classic Todd. I mean people this is why we watch shows for DRAMA. I don't know where this storyline will go but I know I'm along for the ride.

N69N I couldn't agree with you more about the Tina and Roxy scenes. See what happens when you give the veterans some air time Frons MAGIC! MAGIC I say.


Anonymous said...

Jordan, I was just about to post about the credits. My thoughts exactly, where the hell is Carmen? How dare Dre'adful still be there and no Carmen.

Brownpenny, I thought more of Bill Nye the science guy. You people know him right? I used to live to watch him when I was little. But I thought of him when I watched Petey.

Anonymous said...

Okay JordAsh - gonna taint this blog with a OLTL comment. Forgot to mention, I am loving OLTL. I too find the Todd/Marty stuff intriguing. Now this is from a very new viewer with no history of the show. Todd is unlike any villain I can remember on a soap. Perhaps, he most closely resembles Roger Thorpe, in that he can be quiet and menacing and with absolutely no conscience and no admission or awareness of his own guilt. There is something truly creepy and evil about that guy, but nothing cartoonish. He's unique and scary. I can't wait for Marty to regain her memory and sure wish she'd get out of that bed and go to the bathroom! She's been holding it for months now. Can't believe how good OLTL is, so thanks to Jordan for turning some of us on to a really great soap.

Anonymous said...

I youtubed the new opening. Taylor looks pretty, but she has no lips. Must be like kissing all teeth. Say what we will, Randi looks smokin' hot. Jack even got a new picture which was nice but WTF is Trolby doing in the flyaway? This is a spot reserved for cherished characters and gifted actresses. This was Binks' place held in good measure by sweet Lillie. I can't believe they put this turd of an actress in there. Why not give to an important or sentimental fan favorite like Opal, Greenlee, Stuart? I would even put Winifred in there instead of her. Other than that, glad to see them catching up.

Anonymous said...

Dont miss Michael E. Knight's interview
The interview is for tomorrow at 10 pm. Its a radio call in interview. Go to for more details

Ericka said...

I started listening to you I think it was December 2006 or around January 2007. I love you guys! I even got my mom listening and she doesn't have an ipod. However, I was so looking forward to a new episode this week because my lovely beautiful DVR crashed on me this weekend and I had all last week saved on there so I was hoping to be able to hear what happened. But that's okay. You do need a break because I'm sure this is not the only thing on your plate this week. One request though, next week if it's a new episode, can you briefly go over what happened last week. I see you said Amanda and Jake got it on did they get to that part. The last thing i remember was the pirate costume so I'm lost. Thanks and get some rest

Norn Cutson said...

some notes from Monday's epiosde:


• AMANDA lookin lovely in a simple pink dress.

KENDALL could've said what she said in a nicer way, but i agree with what she said. only in the world of FUSION could you launch a product without *at least* a year of testing, research & development!

• new shots in the intro (but ya'll know that by now!)

• i enjoy characters just sitting & talking things over, but its kind of strange hearing ERICA say the words that MYRTLE would usually say.

...& look at those heels she's wearing on the beach!

• i love this, TAD & KWAK are repainting the living room and ANGIE brings brownies.
that sounds so simple but thats what real people do, in real living rooms. it gives us a homey feeling of family.

• FUSION has an art department?!?!
i just assumed it was BABE or AMANDA playin' around with Photoshop!
i mean, they do everything else, from modeling to bookkeeping, why shouldnt they do the design & marketing as well?

• ooh, CARMEN's spidey sense is a-tinglin'!

(i'm a little worried that she wasnt included in the new opening)

• kind of neat that we hear TAD & PSYCHOKATHY playing offscreen during ANGIE & KWAK's conversation.
again, its a small touch that makes it more homey.

• ERICA: "Widespread distrubution. Cheap and easy...Tough call, but I'd say I'd have to go with Babe at that point."

• AMANDA is being mature and wants to discuss the BELLA promo; BABE is being a passive-aggressive pill.

• ****LOVE**** ERICA & KENDALL having lunch; we should have a scene like this at least once a month, if not more often!

they didnt eat a thing, not even prop food at their table, but ERICA *did* take a sip of her mineral water with lemon!

• this is the most personality ive seen from EMMA!

• KWAK making the sandwich; another homey touch that communicates so much more than words could! i love it.

did you notice TAD playing with JENNY's nose? too cute!

• how dumb is JR that he is *still* falling for ADAM's bs? wasnt that scene in the boardroom just a few weeks ago?

• BABE: "it burns my butt."

OldBABE could've delivered that line. this one cant.

• wow, i am actually worried about KWAK & JENNY!
& i think all those homey scenes really PRIMED us for the anxiety of that last scene!

Melissa said...

I loved the comments this week!!! I have been gone, so I missed a lot of the blog and even some AMC. It's been forever that I was truly excited by a cliffhanger, and today's with Krystal and Jenny did it for me! I love it - I wonder how they plan to write Kathy as she grows older. Maybe she'll have a Liza streak and be a devious teenager (in about 8 months).

Arizonagal, you hit the nail on the head with Ryan. He is such a total wuss. He used to be a real man's man. I've never told anyone this, because it is uber-lame, but I had a dream about him a few years back, but in the dream, his name was Hunk MacGorgeous.... don't judge, lol ;-)

Anonymous said...

As a new listener this was quite a delicious treat! I love the nitrogen tank banter b/w you and Taylor. That was a riot!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Were the podcasts always that short in the early days? I started listening around Thanksgiving 2007. Hard to believe it's been that long ago...and that short...time flies when you're having fun!

crs 17

Anonymous said...

Ding Dong the Pimp is Dead! Finally!!!!!!

Norn Cutson said...

there's a new interview with Daniel Kennedy (PETEY) posted on his official myspace, if ya'll wanna see it.

Anonymous said...

I miss Taylor. What is he up to Ashley? Is still visiting his sick aunt? Is Pedro with him?

Loved Amanda's dress at the launch party.

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

Last week I threw my black croc at the tv several times while watching AMC BUT this week is great!! I even did little victory dances. They FINALLY updated the credits(dance moment) but I thought Josh is recurring now????? If he's being kept in there how come Opal isn't in there? Now I'll have to wait patiently until Carmen and Petey are added.

Hey Jordan I guess your wish was granted cause they got rid of fletcher(another dance moment). I LOVED IT!!! Taylor went all She-Hulk on him while having Iraq flashbacks! I like her storyline it's real with her dealing with the mental stresses of coming back from the war.

I like the Dorky Petey and Crazy Adam scenes but Petey is helping out JUST to get a date with Colby??????? What a rip-off......

InSannie walking out on Cryan was AMAZING!!! That was a good moment from last week and I'm sure there were others but this one stood out. I was getting tired of her clinging to that sad excuse of a character and now she's gone solo good! Aidumb telling her to go back to Cryan was STUPID just like him. Maybe he could lose his memory and leave Pine Valley.

Kendall is so unlikeable I don't know what the writers are doing to her but GEEZ she acts more like a bored housewife then a successful CEO. I loved when Erica told her to give Cryan some space basically to mind her own business! Oh I read on soap central that Alicia Minshew may be leaving the show????

Why did Greenlee have to tell Aidumb that she still loves Ryan WHY?!?!?!?! Then she blames Kendall......

I like the Jake/Amanda/Taylor thing but in the end I prefer Jake with Amanda....Jamanda(I'm bad at these) I don't see anything between Jake and Taylor it's definitely forced. I agree Jordan she has more chemistry with Frankie.

Can Joe and Ruth get a storyline please? As well as Opal...I'd like to get to know their characters besides the occasional pop-in here and there....

I LOVE Carmen but not her and Jack...I mean she's Erica's friend and she immediately dates her friends ex-husband???

Well thanks for letting me rant. I LOVE THE PODCAST!! Keep them coming....and JordAsh I will gladly pick up a pitchfork and Torch and join you in the raid on ABC if they kill off Myrtle in a tornado!!!! I mean come on how disrespectful.... like Mona and Phoebe they should have her pass away in her sleep!

Jonathan from S.I.

Anonymous said...

Oh my mistake in my last post I meant why did greenlee have to tell Aidumb that Cryan still loves HER!! whoops

Jonathan from S.I.

Anonymous said...

Um, wow, Taylor might be my new fave character for snapping that pimp's neck. Thank you for putting us out of the misery, Miss Ehlers.

crs 17

PS. Petey is love.

Anonymous said...

Man, Tuesday's ep was a humdinger. I love that the characters are mixing with other characters than the usual suspects. Ryan bugs the crap out of me with Kendall, Greenlee or Aidumb but not Erica. Their talk on the beach was touching. Angie thoughtful, neighborly chat with Tad and KWAK was nice. I like that Angie was able to witness the problem with Kathy and the empathy she showed them. I like the intricacies of the relationships more than just the things that happening. Adam, InsAnnie and Carmen are heaven.

We all weighed in on this a few weeks ago, but I can totally see Adam and Annie hooking up or Adam and Carmen. Adam still has it. On the other hand, Jack having sex with Carmen just seems way too oogie, almost illegal. I guess it's those slippers he wears and the geezer pajamas. He just looks like a poster child for ED to me.

Pete was looking better. They should have him get lasik in an attempt to be less of a dork and win over Colby. He'd be so much more believable if they would tone him down. He seems like a decent actor. I have to say though, I don't know why Colby is such an attraction to him. It reminds me of that Gwyneth Paltrow movie Shallow Hal where the guy is hypnotized so he sees a hot girl when in reality she's really a cow. Colby has a bad haircut and a permanent frown. She doesn't have any sex appeal, innocently or otherwise.

Erica is golden. The scene with Ryan was great. The scene with Kendall was great. The scene with Babe and Amanda was great. Zen Erica or Naughty Erica, it doesn't matter. Totally in a class by herself. Her skin is flawless. She looks so toned and healthy these days. I think Kendall may have had a snack or two. She looked much, much healthier too. Maybe it's just a lighting thing and if so they should keep doing what ever they are doing.

The CrazyCathy storyline is a little disturbing but really interesting. It's so nice to have a storyline that winds me up and makes me want to keep watching. It's been a long time. I hate kids in peril type stuff, but this at least this is original and not a poor rehash of a story told before (Donna-Randi). I hope Jenny is OK, but the cut off doll head, ladder shaking, locking the door type stuff is creepy fun.

For me the jury is still out on the Fusion stuff, but at least the characters are acting more like themselves. It sucked when everyone was on their meds and well adjusted. I get the feeling this won't turn out as anyone planned-not even Adam. That is great! I hope we keep getting surprises and they are stingier with the spoilers in the future.

I want to like Randi, but the it's just hard to get past the hooker thing. I think about it all the time. For example, Amanda was telling her how to act at the Bella party and I'm thinking this is a cosmetics company. Amanda's fortune is on the line. They are marketing to the everywoman. Babe is going to lose it if this doesn't fly. So why the hell would you have a $60 a pop hooker have anything to do with it? I don't think Everywoman can relate to an EveryHo. Everywoman may have had many lovers, but all the girls together haven't racked up the digits that Randi must have.

Norn Cutson said...

some notes from Wednesday's episode:


• KWAK calls it out!

• AMANDA: "I've got a roommate who can kick some major seamonster ass!"

• i actually like the music @ CONFUSION today.

• INSANNIE stirs the turd with BABE regarding AMANDA.

• oooh i do NOT like TAD siding with PSYCHOKATHY against KWAK.
this marriage is DOOMED.

• FRANKIE's lookin goooooooooooood.

• RANDI's trying to act!
good for her!
trying is how you get better!
btw, have you seen ehr in that OLAY face wash commercial?

• it is *so obvious* now that KENDALL is the one in love with CRYAN...& she doesnt even know it!

• yikes to GREENLEE's scalloped dress. she's so lovely, she doesnt need that big fussy bow to distract from her beauty.

• OMG...are we being set up for ERICA & KENDALL to fight over CRYAN???

• INSANNIE: "I walked out, but Ryan let me go."

tsk tsk, that is classic passive-aggressive behavior. hunny, you will never get what you want by playing games.

• TAYLOR pretties right up when they cover those ears!

• ADAM's dosing the DISPLAY bottle of BELLA?!?

thats not how it would work, there would be giftbags with free samples of BELLA and...oops, i forgot to suspend my disbelief for a moment.

• ERICA meets PETEY! how sweet!
(i cant stop callin him PETEY either)

• so...if RICHIE's blood is on the lugwrench...& INSANNIE hit him with the crowbar...then some unknown third party smashed RICHIE with the lugwrench.

i'm glad that thats cleared up; i was worried that they were just having bad continuity issues!

CARMEN looks gorgeous! i love her hair like that! we get some more pieces of the CARMEN & RANDI puzzle...seems they were in a foster home/orphanage kind of thing together.
i just think CARMEN is beautiful inside & out, and its refreshing to have a character so honest about her emotions.
i also want to say in CARMEN's defense, that, although i dont think she should be going anywhere near JERKSON, she *did* ask ERICA if she was ok with it multiple times before she went out with him.
because CARMEN is so straightforward, she assumed ERICA was being honest when she gave her blessing.
& hell, ERICA may have thought she *was* being honest at the time!

• ok, now TAYLOR is on my good side!!!
i said last week that the writers needed to find a way to endear her to the audience, & they came up with a very clever way!
i'm impressed!

Anonymous said...

Who could imagine that "turd" would appear twice in the blog. Funny.
69, I understand wanting to give Carmen aka Miss Sugar Morales the benefit of the doubt when it comes to Jerkson because she is just so likeable, but whatever the case, friends don't date friends exes no matter how many times you ask. I mean if you have to ask, then that should tell you all you need to know. The fact that they have all been intimate with eachother is part of what makes the sextet so unbelievable to me. I'm a guy and it's just not cool to date a close friend's ex-girlfriend or ex-wife. I think it works that way for girls too doesn't it? Wasn't that a Sex and the City episode?

Anonymous said...

It is never cool to date your friends ex, even if they say it is, you as a friend should never ask!! But this is All My Children so, there are no real loyalties among these women.

Did you people see how big of an idiot Coldby looked like trying on that perfume. It was like her drunk acting all over again.

n69n you are right! WTF was up with that huge bottle of Bella! I thought that was hilarious.

I am so glad, so glad that it was a woman that saved Randi instead of nivea gold lotion boy!

Jake and Amanda!!! That says it all!!!

Blair wore Greenlee's dress on Gossip girl Monday at the white party. I noticed that.

Tad and KWAK were good. That baby Jenny is so precious!!!

I must say that Pratt has a very primetime style of writing. I kind of like it! Stuff is just moving right along. Before we would have had Fletcher lurking around at the same party on the same day for like two months.

Tasha from Brooklyn, NY said...

Have you noticed that Tad and Aidan as detectives suck. I mean Tad is suspicious of Annie and what is he doing nothing. Sitting at home playing Mr. Mom with psycho in training Kathem(kathy + omen). Aidan is at home. Hello where is your brains gentlemen. I mean I can expect this of Tad whose daughter was under his nose for months and he still couldn't find her. Tad and Aidan are as clueless and the Port Charles Police.

I mean Kendall as noisy as she is makes a better detective

Norn Cutson said...

shadow & mona,
i absolutley agree; friends exes are off limits.
i guess i am just grasping at straws, trying to make some sense of CARMEN & JERKSON.
for a while, i believed that CARMEN & JERKSON were secretly working on a plan to get ERICA & JERKSON back together...because CARMEN is too smart (& a loyal friend) for this!

jordan hudson said...

Well it shall be a livley podcast this week as Ashley and I see the show very differently. I have yet to see today's but loved Wednesday.

The Tad & Krystal scenes were really intense and real when dealing with a mixed family.

I also have to say THANK YOU Taylor for doing what Frankie and the Pine valley police couldn't....getting rid of Fletcher. The best moment was when Jake said "He's dead". Good riddance to bad Actors.

Here Trollby, hmmmm..

Also love the way everyone is interacting on the show. Still not buying Talor with Jake but loving the character and agin the realism of her issues and the fact that some soliders have come back and killed love ones, this could be a great story, if written properly.

More and More lovin Jamanda. Not feeling Carmen and Jerkson. Goes against the character of Carmen to do this.

And anyone who is mising OLTL... wow Tess, Tina and Todd are smokign this week. Suche detail in this storyline form Tess overhearing Dorian's one comment and how this has snow balled to her blackmailign Todd to keep him in check. Now Tina locked in the sound proof room.

Blair and John are so hot together. Keep these two together. Sizzling everytime they are together.

Norn Cutson said...

OLTL: i was howling @ TINA trying to get li'l DAVID VICKERS to play Lassie...

...& li'l DAVID VICKERS just sits there, lookin at her like "huh?!?"

soooo funny!

i think Andrea Evans is having a ball being back on OLTL!

Arizonagal said...

I was gonna chime in and agree w/everyone saying it's never okay to date a friend's ex, but then I realized that I married a friend's ex. I was her maid of honor too and then years later, I was promoted to wife. She seems okay with it. We are still friends. So, aside from myself, it is never okay to date a friend's ex >;-)

But, as for Carmen and Jack, I'm not feeling it at all. However, I also don't feel it with Jack and Erica. That is so done to death. I was more interested in Carmen and Adam, there was some chemistry there.

Anonymous said...

Wed's ep was terrific. Loved the scenes with Tad and KWAK. Very realistic and credible. It makes such a difference when the material is believable. Tad and KWAK acted their hearts out.
How about wakadoodle but hot Taylor? That look in her eye while she pulled a Kathy on Fletcher's head? Loved it.
Carmen is fascinating with everyone but Jack. She just goes dead in her scenes with him. Not her fault though. He is such a big drag. He should move and take care of Lillie off the show. AMC should set Erica free of him.
Trolby looks better with her hair straight but she still is a chilling splash of cold water in an increasingly hot show.

Norn Cutson said...

some notes from Thursday's episode:


• i liked TAYLOR stumbling backwards from the body, dazed and bashful, like "what the hell did i just do?"

i hope nobody tries to make her feel guilty for this!

& CARMEN herds everyone out. see, the character is too sensible to get tangled with ERICA's ex.

• i just don't understand INSANNIE's definition of "love". so destructive.
of course, in my world, soaps would be really boring, because everyone would get along and be happy!

• i think TROLLBY is gettin high off the BELLA/BLAST!
wish we coulda seen OPAL all hopped up on it!

• i *very much* like TAYLOR taking responsibility.
it must be refreshing for JESSE as well, after all the lies he's had to listen to this summer.

• so is TROLLBY the *ONLY PERSON* at the whoile party who sampled the BELLA/BLAST?
coz no one else is having that reaction!

• if i was AMANDA, i would've walked out of that know i love KENDALL as a character, but *HELL* if i would take that verbal abuse from an employer!

• pull back, JESSE!
(although that face TAYLOR made when she said, "Sir, I lost control." made me laugh)

• INSANNIE jsut looooooves stirrin that turd!
i'm impressed that AIDUMB can see right thru her.

• ok, now i think AMANDA is brilliant, figuring a way to promote BELLA even while she's being interviewed about FLETCHER'S death!

• seems like ADAM may actually *like* PETEY...but i am *certain* that David Canary enjoys working with Daniel Kennedy!

(& now some OLTL thoughts...)

some notes from Thursday's episode:


• GIGI is still wearin that STAR TREK uniform! she loved goin back in time so much, now she wants to explore space, the final frontier!

• the cover of THE SUN: THE KING IS A QUEEN?
i love those OLTL writers!!!

• BLAIR is ready for some ***ACTION***!
BLAIR is a sexual athlete & there's nothing she likes better than the pole-vaulting event!

• TINA: "If you dont let me out of here, you're gonna be sorry you ever reared your ugly little head!"

TESS [genuinely offended]: "Did you just call me ugly?"

• Shouldn't VIKI be back from Africa soon?

• i wanna hear Ashley & Gucci act out some of these TINA & Li'l DAVID VICKERS scenes!

• whoa, is somethin brewin between LAYLA & MICHAEL McBAIN?

• BLAIR's gonna sing!
(& i bet she makes McBAIN sing later on!)

• here comes DALLAS to gobble up CLINT!

Anonymous said...

They started the Josh goodbye storyline today and I hated it. Made no sense other than it gave Zach something to keep him busy and a reason to ignore Kendall.

Cryan as a puppydog all moony over Greenlee is stupid but believeable. It just makes me root even more for Insannie. It's not even fair anymore to call her crazy because I'd be pissed if my husband was in love with someone else. She was so right to hit the road with the kids. Where was he for the first years of Emma's life? Funny he's such a family man now and he's not spending any time at all with Spike.

I like Erica mixing it up all over the place especially her scene with Petey. He's really a fine young actor and he certainly holds his own with Adam which is no mean feat.

Tad and KWAK excellent and real life. Blended families are hard and those two actors play it just right so that I feel both their sides. Tad wants to make up for all the lost time with Kathy and KWAK is so right to say the kid needs a mental health professional. Finally those two have a storyline that's not boring.

I heard the rumours about who's going to die in the tornado and I'm mad that it's not Aidumb or Randi or Coldby! Grrrrrr.

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

I have no idea who this person is but she seems to think a lot of Ashley and Jordan. Follow the link to see her nice comment about our ass-toot hosts:

Anonymous said...

This ain't China Beach. Would a soldier like Taylor accept a makeover from a hooker? It’s probably a good thing, but it seems like now that Fletch is dead, they are just going to whitewash the whole hooker thing.

I fear a virtual slapping from you all, but Aidumb's acting seems just ever so slightly better today. I can understand him.

I love Jesse, just not as the Chief of Police. He ended up being a bit lax with Taylor compared to the way he was with Annie and the Scooby Gang over Richie's murder. Now he doesn’t think it’s necessary to mention to Taylor's commanding officer that she snapped some guy's neck at a party? Granted she did us all a favor, but I wish they'd find a way for Jesse to play Chief of Police consistently and believably and less Chief Frye-ish. Maybe Jesse should do his own thing and they should just rehire Derek.

I really like how the small thread that was holding Krystal and Tad’s marriage together is being stretched beyond the limits. Tad’s denial of Kathy’s problems is moving. It’s good to see KWAK defend herself and Jenny, but without abandoning Tad and CrazyKat. I like that they argued, got emotional, had an outburst, apologized and came to an agreement.

One thing puzzles me, what do they do to get Jenny to wail like she does. When Krystal got locked out of the house and after the ladder fell, little Jenny was crying her eyes out. Worries me a little.

SOD confirmed that Mario Van Peebles is leaving the show this fall, but Dre Woods is staying. It seems that the door is being left open for Samuel's return. Too bad. They are dead weight.

I saw this quote today from head writer Pratt: "There's a big story coming up where a character from Erica Kane's past returns to fundamentally change her life." Anyone know who he’s talking about?

I also saw an article where Cady McClain said she is taking writing classes this fall. No mention of any return to the show.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or does Rebecca Budig's dress look, as if it were made from lasagna noodles? LOL!


Anonymous said...

brtedi.. yes! I was like mmm i want some lasagna now! lol.

hey guys.. does anyone else really like Taylor? I actually think her and Jake would be good (I loved their scenes on thursday)... despite the whole coming from another soap thing.
Randi is still a little DBTE to me, I still think that her and Frankie were kinda forced.

but I think the show is getting better... :)
Loved the oldie podcast, I've been a loyal for 2 years this month! It's interesting to go back and listen and see how much the show has changed.
Have a great weekend everyone!

Anonymous said...

Hey, where is our lovely and talented Taylor Crawford? I always loved his sense of humor. I loved his description of Tad and Aidan as the Hardly boys! His snarkiness was always right on point.

OMG I just read who bites it in the upcoming tornados and I am not amused! Won't spoil it tho, unless we all know by now?

Does anyone else feel like the transition to the new TPTB is really noticeable? I think the show is getting better.

And our little Randi, awww how cute, she's trying to act.

Amanda is smoking as the new face of Bella. I missed a few episodes, is this from Babe's name, Airabella? Misspelling intended.

Last, if Cady's taking writing classes, I surely hope she ends up as a writer on AMC.

Anonymous said...

"Amanda is smoking as the new face of Bella. I missed a few episodes, is this from Babe's name, Airabella? Misspelling intended."

Hi, Brown Penny!

Yes...The long and the short of it is: After some bickering, between Amanda and Babe, a variation on 'Airabella', along with Amanda's photo, was used--since she put up the money for the product.


Anonymous said...

I have never, ever liked Confusion, but they've been using it to good measure this week. It seems like they have expanded the set, improved the lighting, and interesting stuff is actually happening there. One of you mentioned the toilet flushing sound they use between scenes and it's really noticeable today.

OK, we may not get Dixie or Brooke back, but it would go a long way towards making up with us if they would just get rid of Trolby. She's acting all drunk on Bella. Worst-actress-ever.

Rancid said after Fletcher died that she "still didn't feel anything", any safer. She looked DBTE. She can't act very well, but she is WAY ahead of Trolby. Trolby is fake scratching herself.

Kendall is still just a nosey, rude, combative, unpleasant, needy bitch.

Greenlee is BORING happy. She's gorgeous and lights up the set, but she needs a great story. Playing little Myrtle doesn't become her.

Amanda is so hot, but she isn't a very good model. The Bella ads were lame.

Is Taylor some kind of special forces person or just your regular soldier?

InsAnnie is just hell on wheels. Liking it.

Arizonagal said...

Perhaps Randi's lack of emotion, especially at witnessing Fletcher's death, is because of her years on the street. She's developed a hard shell because of her years of turning tricks and abuse by her pimps. Nah...

She outta take some acting lessons from David Vickers.

You know, Taylor is growing on me. BE is a great actress, if she can't give this character some depth and interest, no one can. I'm still not seeing any chemistry yet between her and Jake. Since Randi fixed her up, she's become a real head turner, pun intended.

Can't wait to see what little Kathy has in store for Krystal. Tad, typical dad, can't see that the kid has serious problems. I was yelling at the screen, "get a clue Tad." But, just like in RL, parents are always clueless. Witness the real life crimes in the news and the parents defending their guilty-as-hell children.

Anonymous said...

Shadow, I think the writers need lessons in how to write a believable chief of police. I thought before that they did a bad job on Derek Frye on purpose; that they wanted him to be a bumbling buffoon but they're writing Jesse in the same job making all the same mistakes. It's really laughable to anyone who's ever seen an episode of Law & Order, NYPD Blue or even Dragnet to go way way way back. In the first place a chief of police would direct a regular officer or detective to do interviews unless it was a high profile case or client. Jesse should never have interviewed any of the Scooby gang when he knew Cassie was involved because of the inherent conflict of interest. She's his step-daughter for Pete's sake! It was also stupid that he was interviewing Randi and Taylor at Confusion with party goers all around listening in. Aren't police interviews also supposed to be tape recorded if they want to use the evidence in a court of law? Again, the writers need serious help.

I like Taylor's Post Traumatic Stress Disorder storyline but it's stupid that she's talking to Jake about it all. That doesn't make sense because he's a stranger. She should talk to Frankie because he's been there and can relate. I also don't want her to get in the way of Jake and Amanda which is clearly what the writers are setting up. The more determined they are to push those two together the less I like them as a couple. Jamanda are hot together and most importantly they are natural together. Jake and Taylor not so much.

I like Petey and feel so sorry that he has to act in scene after scene with DBTE Coldby.

Finally Aidumb gets some balls and good for Greenlee for finally submitting to her man. Ryan is just as out of order as Kendall. I'd love to see the writers push him back after Kendall so Zach can put the thumbscrews to him. He needs to see his shrink at least three times a week and not get to see Annie or the kids until he's declared mentally competent again. Meanwhile Annie gets the checkbook and runs the family and Cryan has to beg his way back. It would serve the writers and Frons back for insisting that Ryan and Annie were the breakout supercouple of the year last year when they were pushing all those 'fairytale' storylines.

Can't wait for this week's podcast.

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

"Where was he for the first years of Emma's life?"

Hi, Anonymous! :-)

As a brief point of clarification. "Annie and Emma" moved to Pine Valley, approximately, 2 years ago. As part of the background for the storyline,Annie's ex-husband, Terry McDermott was a pedophile. Annie divorced him/went on the run with Emma, as soon as she found out.

Erin, Ryan's late sister, who volunteered with the Miranda Center, was responsible for Annie meeting Ryan, Long story short--Ryan. Years before, he made a 'deposit' at a fertility clinic, Somehow, that anonymous 'sample' was shipped to NYC, where Annie, then married to 'Terry the perv', was trying, unsuccessfully, to have a baby...

After moving to Pine Valley,Emma had a DNA test done to prove she wasn't Tad and Dixie's daughter --Kathy-- Only then, did Ryan find out Emma was his daughter. It has only been slightly under 2 years that Ryan even knew Emma was indeed his biological child.


Norn Cutson said...

some notes from Friday's episode:


• love this scene between JAKE & TAYLOR.

honest talk about real issues (not just "wah wah wah, why dont you love me" or "whos doin who") is irresistible for me.

• ha, that dress *is* lasagna!

• this scene between FRANKIE & RANDI is so romantic. maybe i'm just in a good mood, but i'm ready to feel it with them.

• things are a little melancholy in the HUBBARD household.

• i am curious to hear all of ya'll's thoughts TAYLOR & JAKE after this episode.

• dang, i love JESSE & ANGIE.
we are so lucky to have them back.
what a gift that we can renew our childhood friendship with ANGIE & JESSE!

• some clever editing today.

• ****LOVE**** ADAM callin it out on INSANNIE!!!!

ADAM: "If you come at Ryan from a place of anger, you're just going to succeed in pushing him away!"

i *never* thought i wuld identify with ADAM, but that is totally something *i* would say!

...& did you see that *FIRE* comin out of INSANNIE in her scene with ADAM?!?! thats the most ALIVE ive ever seen MCE!!! WOOO!!!! more of that, please!!!

• uh oh.
FRANKIE just gave me the cold chills.

some notes from Friday's episode:


• if someone unplugs that computer before McBAIN sees MARTY's face, i swear i am gonna quit soaps forever!!!

• MARCIE is knockin back the shots, coz she's so upset about LAYLA & MICHAEL McBAIN dancin together.
didja see that nasty look she shot LAYLA? ha!

• yikes, heatin up between REX & BRODY. i may not especially care for the character fo BRODY, but i do think he's a compelling actor.

• laughin @ TESS gettin NATTY to drink up her little tea "drink up! dont let your tea get cold! you want honey? dont forget to drink your tea! drink it while its warm! did you drink your tea yet? how's that tea?"

i am just laughing and enjoying this storyline...i get anxiety when bad things happen to characters i love (like TINA & li'l DAVID VICKERS!), but i can sit abk and enjoy bad things happening to NATTY, coz i just dont care.

• TALIA is so cool, and i like her even more now that i know she has a secret family recipe for stuffed grape leaves. YUM!!!

Norn Cutson said...

we should start a PVP facebook group!

Anonymous said...

I've resisted the OLTL chat because I don't watch it and this is the PVP. But you guys piqued my curiosity. I used to watch in the 80's and the anniversary show, Tina, Cord and Asa coming back were too hard to resist. They are all so great. I really don't care about OLTL but have to admit that Tina, Tess and that dog are electric. Like all of us Tina has aged. She's still gorgeous and they are lucky to have her, but that haircut is atrocious and that green dress is doing her no favors. If Tina for some reason Tina or Tess can't stay in Llanview maybe they can move to PV for a while.

Anonymous said...

I loved the one on ones on Friday's episode. The dialogue was good.

Jake and Taylor were so good. BE is fantastic actress. i see her and Jake as great friends though and not lovers.

Jesse and Angie.... I was crying with Darnell Williams. He is just too much!!! I cannot stand when he is private Dick Jesse but when they give him the goods like Friday, I am in love!

Damn them for making me like Randi this week! I think now that Fletcher is dead, I can get drunk off the Frankie and Randi kool-aid! There was some chemistry there on Friday and she is clearly wayyyy better actress than Trollby who has yet to improve.

Frankie and Taylor have great chemistry as well. I really believe their friendship.

I feel bad for Pete for having to play off this mess of an actress! But his rapport with Adam is GREAT!

InsAnnie and Adam were on fire! I loved Adam stepping to that idiot Cryan, then slamming Annie. I cannot wait to see what she has up her sleeve now.

Oh and n69n, I love your recaps!

Can't wait for the podcast. I can see it already JordAsh will be feisty this week!

Anonymous said...

n69n: you said:
"dang, i love JESSE & ANGIE.
we are so lucky to have them back.
what a gift that we can renew our childhood friendship with ANGIE & JESSE!" Sums up what has been missing for so long on AMC--recognition by TBTB that to the viewers these folks ARE friends and some like family. We've followed their lives through the ups and downs. We were saddened when they left (Brooke) and thrilled to welcome them back (Angie, Jesse, Skye, David). We miss them when their gone (Dixie) and we tire of them when they act selfishly and wear out their welcome (Kendall & Ryan). We are fiercely protective of the ones we love (Myrtle). When they act wierd or like someone they are not, we want an intervention (Greenlee). When they stay away too long we only want to see them more (Opal). We're willing to make new friends (Carmen), and we welcome them all into our home every day unless they do something to wear out their welcome (Colby). If TPTB don't listen we look for new friends we like better (OLTL). We have a history with these characters and this show, and it's much better when the show is true to its history, the characters, and the viewers. I think that is why we're seeing an improvement.

Norn Cutson said...

sing it out, shadow!
your post got me a little teary-eyed!
coz its so true!

Anonymous said...

You know, if Greenlee would have worn the 'lasagna dress' during the "Go Red With Campbells"/Fusion fashion show, she could have accessorized with Prego sauce. LOL!


Anonymous said...

yeahh.. i would definitely join a PVP facebook group!

Anonymous said...

On Friday's: I am confused about something. When Jake was talking to Taylor he says something like talking about her problems will help because it helped him!

Ok when and who did Jake talk to about what happened in Africa. He has not told anybody anything right? or did I miss something?

Anonymous said...

cool, lets do a facebok n69n. what would that involve? i don't normally do facebook or myspace.

Norn Cutson said...

oh, i wouldnt set it up without Ashley & Jordan's blessing!

btw, here is a great gift for TAYLOR!

Anonymous said...

Good Afternoon, n69n! :-)

The brace may be as painful, as the condition! LOL!


Anonymous said...

YES! pvp facebook group!!!