Monday, November 03, 2008

"I'm All Cried Out... Over You."

(Read title caption to the tune of the famous ditty by Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam, and not with Bobbie Eakes portrayal of grieving momma in mind.)
  • Krystal "mourns" the death of her daughter, Arabella Carey Chandler.
  • David threatens everyone in town. (No wonder our resident Dr. Evil gets it wrong all the time. He lacks focus.)
  • Binks gets engaged. (Shouldn't we care a little more about this?)
  • Annie does not want to get the police involved in the search for her daughter. It's just not safe. Much better for an unarmed woman to bring $10 million bucks -- in cash -- in a sack -- to a dangerous kidnapper in the seediest part of town. Much safer.
  • Kendall is still in a coma. And doing some of the finest acting we've seen on AMC all week. (Ouch. Harsh, right?)

Oh goodness! I wish I had been all caught up on your posts (instead of all cried out at the sinking of my show) before posting this podcast! I'm caught up now, and loving how you all keep it going. (Shadow and n69, you're giving me a run for my money! You boys have me rollin'!) These are troubled times for our show, although, funnily enough, the ratings seem to be holding -- for now. Keep the thoughts flowing here.

10/31/08 Podcast


Kona said...

Great Podcast!! I am glad that you guys are hanging in there for your loyal listeners! Thank you!

Norn Cutson said...

Matt Cavenaugh, who was on OLTL & in the musical GREY GARDENS, will be TONY in the revival of WEST SIDE STORY, directed by Arthur Laurents!

Norn Cutson said...

yeah, LI'L A is played by twins, one is supersmiley & the other is a little more reserved.

LI'A *has* been a highlight!

Anonymous said...

Haven't listened to the podcast yet, but only saw 2 days of AMC and then deleted the rest for lack of time (and partially interest). AMC is more and more like a chore. I'm just so annoyed with this Plot Driving Character nonsense. All I can think of is the inevitable Kendall hating Bianca when she wakes up. And I've been reading spoilers, I feel like Annie could be heading into Richie teritory (meaning: unredeemable) and she's the only one left I like.

Like I said, to me, AMC is more of a chore, even when the tornado had a few good scenes.

BELINDA said...
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BELINDA said...

Y'all made an ASS-TOOT observation on a previous podcast: The writers just CAN'T allow women to be friends. Guess that wasn't good enough; now they have to drive a wedge between SISTERS (Kendall & Binks).

Speaking of ComaKendall, what the deuce is that thing on her head?! It looks like one of those little hats they put on newborns in the hospital nursery. Despite having brain surgery, I guaran-damn-tee she will have a full head of hair when they take that thing off. In addition to the aforementioned weight gain, I'd like to see her wake up BALD on top, with just the fringe around the edges, like Friar Tuck.

Norn Cutson said...

i posted my illustration & review of Ilene Kristen's (ROXY, OLTL) show!

Anonymous said...

I'm only a few minutes into the podcast. My ipods are on the fritz so I had to put it on a CD.

"Suck it Brian Frons". Classic Jordash. Too dang funny.

Erica Kane said...

I am saving the podcast for later this week when I fly to Texas. It will give me something to listen to on the plane. I am spending so much time on the FF button I will need new batteries soon. I am glad the ratings are holding but I dont see how.
More later
Miss Kane

Anonymous said...

Aw, Poor Jordan and Ashley.
I hope this show gets better for your sake. You guys dont get enough credit. Awesome job, (btw, Jordan, if you guys ever wanted a special guest star when you're reading Rolling Stone, I'm in. HAHAHAHA)

LOL and you're right, Jordan. There was a lil bit of sexual tension in the scene between David and JR with the bottle. It was hilarious.
"Do it..."
Do it..."

Anonymous said...

Greenlee, you have forced me to say it!
You are a moron. Accusing Jonathan? Chuck Pratt, you have to be effing with us! There's no way that that's even a logical thought. Jonathan had a tumor. (No excuse, yes but it was the reason given so I'll buy it). He was slow for a while. Then he got better. He's fine. He's sane (ask Amanda) ;) There's no way he would actually do something like this. I am smelling some Aidumb though....

The only bright side is we got to hear Ryan tell us where Jonathan actually is.

Anonymous said...

we want you to know we love you but much like with AMC, we can tell what u are going to say before you say it:
-crappy writing
-you're a Kane women damn it. LOL

But might we suggest you renew ur vows with Ashley from when u started the podcast it was, I believe, for better or worse, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer as long as the show is

Fact checker
Leo wanted Rebecca 'Becca' Tyree and Greens wanted Scott Chandler NOT Ryan. Also they had a bet that Leo could not bag Becca and get her away from Scott (useless information I think not LOL)

Binx could get married in Canada as Gay Marriage is legal here.

Why will you not give us the spoilers Jordan please please do not tease us with news you won't share becasuse a few vocal people do not want it, they can turn down the volume!!!! It is rude not to share with class.

Finnally, we need to moabilize and put our energy to good use and not evil. we should start a write in/ phone in campaign on behalf of the pvpc community. Like the tad and dixie people did.

Oh one last thought did Carmen blow away, we have seen everyone else in PV but where the &@$% is Carmen?

love you guys very much but please do not be so hard on the show as I am screaming at my ipod while listening on my morning commute.

Shadow said...

You know the way we all talk back and forth, it's almost like we've become neighbors. And I know it's true because Jordan took a pee break during the podcast! Too funny. You guys are spot on this week about everything.

Anonymous said...

Jordan and Ashley I agree with you guys! Amc is all over the place and not in a good way! Loved Ashely's story about working in the bank.
Here are the Oct. episode counts from Soap Opera Network.
23 Episodes From Wednesday, October 1 - Friday, October 31
01..Melissa Claire Egan [Annie Lavery]...23
02..Rebecca Budig [Greenlee Smythe]...22
02..Cameron Mathison [Ryan Lavery]...22
02..Alicia Minshew [Kendall Hart Slater]...22
05..Thorsten Kaye [Zach Slater]...21
06..David Canary [Adam & Stuart Chandler]...19 [Inc. 2 episodes as Stuart]
07..Jacob Young [J.R. Chandler]...18
08..Amanda Baker [Babe Carey]...17
08..Daniel Kennedy [Peter Corlandt]...17
08..Aiden Turner [Aidan Devane]...17
11..Bobbie Eakes [Krystal Carey Martin]...16
11..Brianne Moncrief [Colby Chandler]...16
13..Susan Lucci [Erica Kane]...15
13..Debbie Morgan [Dr. Angela Hubbard]...15
13..Darnell Williams [Jesse Hubbard]...15
16..Cornelius Smith Jr. [Dr. Frankie Hubbard]...14
17..Michael E. Knight [Tad Martin]...13
17..Rory & Declan McTigue [Adam Chandler III]...13
19..Ricky Paull Goldin [Dr. Jake Martin]...12
19..Shannon Kane [Natalia]...12
21..Beth Ehlers [Taylor Thompson]...11
21..Eden Riegel [Bianca Montgomery]...11
21..Denise Vasi [Randi Morgan]...11
24..Lucy Merriam [Emma Lavery]...9 [Inc. 1 voice-over]
24..TBA [Gabrielle Montgomery]...9
26..Vincent Irizarry [Dr. David Hayward]...8 [Inc. 1 episode w/just hand]
26..Jill Larson [Opal Cortlandt]...8
26..Chrishell Stause [Amanda Dillon]...8
29..Alexa Gerasimovich [Kathy Martin]...7
29..Scott Peck [Ian Slater]...7 [Inc. 4 episodes w/Unidentified Child]
31..Alex, Benjamin & Caleb Eckstein [Spike Hart Lavery]...6
31..Ray MacDonnell [Dr. Joe Martin]...6
31..Walt Willey [Jackson Montgomery]...6
34..Jenna DiMartini [Corrina]...5
35..Elizabeth Rodriguez [Carmen Morales]...3
36..Laura Bonarrigo [Rebecca]...2
36..Tamara Braun [Reese Williams]...2

Ashley said...

I hear you Susan and Elyse! I swear, when I start the podcast with Jordan, I say to myself: "I will say something nice about the show. I will say something nice about the show. I will not bore the listeners. I will say something nice about the show." And then I look at my notes, and all I see on the page are "crap," "boring," "lord please help me," and "ihaychu Brian Frons," and it all goes to hell.

Write-in campaign? Yeah, Jordan's right. We should all write in. I'm just so exhausted from watching the show that I barely have energy left to hold a pencil or type a keystroke. Lordy.

Ashley said...

Your illustrations of Ilene Kristen are **amazing** Norn! Did you say that you spoke with her when you saw her? You *have* to make sure she gets a print!

Ash xo

Shadow said...

n69n: Great stuff as usual. Loved Delia on Ryan's Hope. I used to watch it all the time and it was the best when she was on. I was so young I didn't understand it all the time (who could understand Maeve), but if she was on I was captivated nevertheless. OLTL made a real coup casting her. Your work captures her kooky, fun spirit! How fun that you got to see her live!

Norn Cutson said...

thanks ya'll!!

i am really curious what ya'll's take on MARLENA DELACROIX's thoughts are...

an excerpt:

All My Children’s latest tornado was amusing to watch for more than a week as a soap special event. But I’m going to use a word for it I’ve never used in decades of watching or writing about soap opera. I have never seen such a overly contrived piece of soap opera in my life.

The tornado was showy, it was exciting, but when you calmly thought about it all, the likelihood that all of it could happen this way to real people in a real place was just plain ridiculous.


But little in this tornado sequence felt like an act of God that could almost happen in real life. Instead, to me it felt like a new headwriter saying, “Look at me, I’m Chuckie P!” (Chuck Pratt recently took over the show.)

ok, more coffee & then TIME TO VOTE!!!

Shadow said...

I read Marlena’s article which pretty much sums up what I was thinking during the tornado.

This may sound a little goofy, but I kept thinking about The Cat in the Hat. It’s like Pratt the Cat is saying “Look at me! Look at me now!" "With a cup and a cake On the top of my hat! I can hold up TWO books! I can hold up the fish! ...


My name is Chuck Pratt
I'm a writer you see
I'm changing everything
Cause I'm Chuckie P!
I can make Bianca pregnant
With her brother-in-laws sperm
I can kill poor Babe Carey
With the fall of a berm.
She won't die too quickly
She's got too much sass
But she can't cheat death
Bleeding out of her ass.
And the sets are so old
I can knock them all down
I can make a tornado
And destroy the whole town.
And the shows history
Who cares about that
Not me, not the writer
The one called Chuck Pratt.
There's a new scribe in charge
And I’ll do it my way
With hookers, tornados and lots of kidnappings
Comas and lesbians but none of the trappings
That made this show great back in the day
Back when dear Agnes had all of the say
About a quaint little town on the Pennsylvania coast
Where Phoebe and Dixie now are just ghosts
But I'm so creative
Watch and you’ll see
Just how creative that I can be
So out w the old
In with the new
You can watch it each day
Right after The View.

Anonymous said...

Ash, here's one nice thing about the show: We daily get to see Josh and Richie's faces in the old, unupdated credits!

Anonymous said...

Did they blow away?

Carmen ( she is not a loght weight, cause only dogs like bones,lol)

who else is missing i know there must be more, we may have to start a search and rescue for PV citizens.

Norn Cutson said...

shadow, that is brilliant!
i am so proud to be postin here with you!

you should post that to MARLENA as well.

she is a journalism teacher, & she really appreciates clever writing!

Anonymous said...

OMG there is no continuity at all on AMC.
Greens was not wearing that jacket or hat YESTERDAY as we just finished watching yesterday's show. where did she get these cloths in the abandoned building they were in. Also she never left that building.

why are there so many abandoned buildings in a town full of millionaire.

Also someone should check the water as people are dying everywhere, having tumors or they are having heart attacks

Anonymous said...

Corinna had more days than Carmen? Way to go AMC, you suck!

Shadow, you RULE! Your Pratt Poem was very Seuss inspired and totally funny. I shall return to my duties now with a big smile on my face and pepsi on the keyboard.

Anonymous said...


• Rebecca Budig confirmed her exit in early spring next year to after The Suds Report broke the story of her impending departure months ago. Mrs. Bob Guiney returned as Greenlee this past January after a two-year absence (AMC fired her replacement, the popular Sabine Singh, in a very controversial ad campaign dubbing Budig the “real” Greenlee while the recast was still airing).

“I will miss her terribly,” Cameron Mathison (Ryan) tells The Suds Report. “She’s one of my closest friends, and I love working her. We’re always there for each other. As an actor, I can tell Becky needs a change professionally. I think it’s great she wants to do other things. It was always her intention to leave after one year. She was smart coming back here, considering the writers’ strike halted productions out in L.A. She has bigger things out there waiting for her, but I’m sad as a friend to lose her.”

Recently, Budig has been invading Mathison’s hosting territory, which is fine by the actor. “She has a great personality, and is very intelligent. She’s a good host, and a great actress. I really respect Becky for sticking to her guns. Listen, it’s hard to leave a show that’s paying you lots of money,” he raves.

So who should Mathison’s Ryan Lavery be paired with romantically now that his much-maligned “love interest” is bolting? “I don’t know for sure,” he says. Who do we think Ryan’s next lover should be? The Suds Report would love a Ryan-Kendall-Zach love triangle or a hot romp in the hay with Erica Kane. Hmmm… wonder if the aforementioned pairings will set off tornadoes and part the skies?

Mathison may soon find himself in the same position Budig is in — his contract is up for renewal soon, so don’t be squishing any names just yet. Riding on his Dancing With the Stars fame, Mathison’s currently hosting E! Canada’s Instant Beauty Pageant, along with securing his fledgling entertainment correspondent status on Good Morning America. The big question: will he stay or leave? “We haven’t talked yet,” he answers. “Chuck Pratt, our head writer, has taken three story meetings with me, so I’m very optimistic. I would love to stay on the show forever, but I’m also covering my bases, you know?” Yep, we know.

Did You Know… that Cameron Mathison was supposed to tape an Imaginary Bitches’ cameo but his Dancing With the Stars’ gig interfered? His replacement? Y&R’s Greg Rikaart (Kevin)

this is from TV guide canada

Anonymous said...

this is AMC's number
(212) 456-0800
ask for audience information line

or call (818) 460-7477
eiyther way follow
press 1
press 2
press 3
press ex 255

these # came care of

Anonymous said...

I have a few messages today I ask that all of you leave at least one message and in 30 secs try to address ur issues with the show i know 30 secs is not nearly enough time but we can do it.

Jordash said if we didn't say something we will get more crap from abc well here is the challenge to everyone call. one call or e-mail go to and u can get all the information under campaign central . my previous post says how to navigate the system once u get though to view comment line.
ok everyone
make change!

Norn Cutson said...

J.R. Martinez to star on ALL MY CHILDREN as Brot

“The character’s injury was determined by Mr. Martinez’ personal injuries,” ABC said in a press release. “After many surgeries and recovery, Brot returns to find his fiancee, who has been grieving her loss, not knowing Brot is actually still alive.”

On Thursday, the show will air a special episode featuring other “real life” Iraq war veterans in a series of unscripted support group scenes. Each veteran will share his or her story. The show partners with USA Cares, an organization founded to support post 9/11 veterans and their families, which serves as a resource for story line research and guidance.

Shadow said...

Wonder if there will ever be:, or (too creepy), or, or, or

Sort of doubt it.

Anonymous said...

I wrote a letter to ABC/AMC PTB, here it is i sent it to all of them via TadnDixie's information. I do have e-mail addresses for Pratt or Julie Horrible Crapothers if you can find them please share.

here is my very long letter LOL ( I had time today LOL) let me know what you think write your own and post it. lets inundate them.

To Whom IT May Concern:

I am a 22 yr old All My Children viewer, I have been watching the show arguably all my life, and I have stayed though the good times and the bad. My mother is the reason I started watching and my friends watch because of me.

I want the show to be better. Here is how this will happen:
GET RID OF Brianne Moncrief, she is a terrible actress; everyone I know does not like her. Please, please recast. You had a great actress before her but this one is terrible and shows no signs of improving. Why not bring Ambyr Childers back?

Next, what is your general plan for the show, is it to systematically destroy all the core characters and families so that no one will watch and you can cancel the show and just fill the day with infomercials. If so you are on the right track.

In today’s dire job market, and economic situation you no more deserve your jobs with ABC/AMC then George W. Bush deserves a third term.

If we did not care, the time would not have been taken to write this e-mail. There is quite a community of people beyond the ABC message board, namely Here you have a built-in focus group that are true die hard fans and even generate storyline ideas that are far better anything your high price scribes can come up with.

I hope you can sense the frustration that we feel.

Please respond to me, let me know there is light at the end of this dark gloomy death ridden tunnel. We want love in the afternoon, escapism, we want love stories not vampires, the mob, natural disasters, and drug dealers. There is enough disaster and sadness in the world we want character driven story not just plot, plot, plot. If I wanted that I would watch CNN all day and not record AMC for my one-hour of so-called “escapism” everyday. ABC has shows like Brothers and Sisters, and Eli Stone, two of my favorites, which are character driven. Please take a cue from them. They do not need gimmicks for a good show. We don’t want stunt casting, we want story. This is plain and simple. Also the level of dialogue is deplorable. Hire Kevin Smith, he has a handle on dialogue, and knows how real intelligent people speck. This is what we want funny, smart intelligent dialogue. Think Juno, people, that move was smart we want smart. This is easily hire smart people who understand the history and integrity of the show and it's characters. It looks like the actors cannot get the words out of their mouths because the dialogue I so far fetch, ludicrous and out of character. Please bring back a smart, savvy AMC.

ABC, you are missing the boat with the people who want to watch daytime; they are not sad slobs at home without anything better to do. This is appointment television, people schedule things around it and make time to watch it later, you need to respect this. You do not respect your views nor their intelligence. They actually have memories unlike the people running the show.

Finally, I do not know the status of Michael E. Knight's contract but that will be the running point if you let him go. My mother has watched the show since it was in black and white, and was a kid. If Tad goes so do we.

Also please give Thorsten Kaye a better storyline he is a great actor, and his character is being sadly misused and abused by the scribes. If he goes this would be a great loss and again another reason we would stop watching.

Bianca is the heart of the show, she was its moral compass. The fact that Zack fathered her child without Kendall’s knowledge is bizarre and plain wrong. Again this is OUT OF CHARACTER.
This is wrong just wrong, FIX IT! Understand how much this means to us. I love this show and want to see it be great and thrive. Please heed my advice as it comes from a place of great concern for a show I love.

Although I did already mention this please go to I do not run this site not have anything to do with it. However, sinc ei found out about it I found it very comforting to have a community oif people who atre as passionate about AMC as we are. Please go to this site read the entries on the blog, download and listen to the podcast and get in touch with what real viewer want.


Anonymous said...

Shadow, you missed my personal favorite character: Lakresha, the Chandler mansion cook! I look forward to the Lakresha shoutouts.\

From that Cameron Mathison interview posted about: "Chuck Pratt, our head writer, has taken three story meetings with me, so I’m very optimistic. I would love to stay on the show forever..."

Ugh, kill me if that happens. Anti-Lavery all the way. I wish Ryan would get on his motorcycle and disappear for a while. He is Debbie Downer- Ryan Downer.

Anonymous said...

I like ryan they just sucked the life out of him.
Think of him and Gillian, I loved them

Anonymous said...

I never saw Ryan and Gillian- or Ryan and Kendall. So for people without all that history, he's sooo intolerable. It's shocking that I got hooked on this show considering the storylines occuring at the time <[cough GREEN BUTTURFLY ON THE ROOF OF FUSION! cough] (but the Binx/Babe babyswitch hooked me)

Anonymous said...

Who loved OLTL's John going off on that judge today?

Anonymous said...

Wow Elyse! Guess you got their attention! Michael Knight renewed his contract today for several years. However they put James Mitchell on recurring status. I love Chompers, but it's hard to argue w/ the logic.

Anonymous said...

Michael E. Knight resigned, but James Mitchell has been placed off of contract due to bad health and other stuff.

Poor Chompers...

Anonymous said...

and by resigned, i mean signed again lol

Shadow said...

Notes on Monday...

PVH should dedicate the coma room to Kendall Slater.

Full on girl on girl kissing. AMC, I'm impressed. Bianca and Reese do have chemistry. Dang this is hot.

Randi is a beautiful girl. She can't act but she's hot.

Ohhh, there's Rebecca Budig. She's a buzz kill for me.

Emma's kidnapper leaves little hair clips and things like he's leaving a trail crumbs in the forest. Stupid.

KWAK is more upset over David contemplating killing himself than she was over Babe's death. Am I the only one who doesn't recall this undying devotion of David's to Babe?

KWAK and David are good together though. And they're talking history. Why is it that Pratt can do homework on some but not all the characters?

Reese and Bianca have been more genuinely romantic in 5 minutes than anyone else on the show in 5 months.

What is with Becca's psuedo english accent? I don't think Natalia is any worse of an actress than Ya Ya was. She kind of looks like a black Leven Rambin. Does anyone else see it?

I feel bad for Zach, but he's got hot lesbian action in his house. That has to make him feel just an itsy bit better.

To cut from Reese and Bianca to Colby is just mean and rude.

Ryan is the biggest dumbass of all time if he can't figure this out. However, if Annie can have him gunned down violently, she is my hero.

I'm guessing as to what happens here, but if Annie is just being a bad ass to get revenge on Ryan for trying to take custody, he deserves it. I just wish she would try to get her revenge more believably.

Good scenes with Kwak and Tad. I see some emotion stirring in her. Maybe they are saving the Emmy scene for a little while.

Someone give Zach some neosporin.

That's so cute. Randi is trying to act.

"The guy was wearing a mask and using a decoder to disquise his voice"...Somebody actually saw this in writing and approved it.

Is it snowing? They just had a tornado. Now it's snowing?

David Hayward apologizing? Fresh start? No way. "Plenty of coffins for all of them". There's our David.

Ryan: "Who hates me this much?" Everybody hates you that much. Greenlee should hate you for losing her $8 million.

Gabrielle Amelia is a pretty name.

Cat in the Hat had Thing One and Thing Two. Angie and Natalia have Weave One and Weave Two.

Anonymous said...

Shadow, I was thinking Natalia looked like Black Levin as well! The girl is beautiful... the storyline is not so much. Also, how old is she- 19? And Jesse was gone 20 years? He moved on quick- just saying.

Norn Cutson said...


OLTL had me cryin all over the place today!

Anonymous said...

Good podcast guys! I am in NYC, so you guys are like local celebs for me lol!

Loved Tamara Braun as Reese, but I don't think she has any chemistry with Eden's Bianca. Eden's Bianca looks like a child compared to the sophisticated and adult look of TB's Reese...who reminds me so much of Mariah Carey for some strange reason.

I hope they find a way to keep TB/Reese on the show past the 4 months, though I shudder to think about how they will explain her being in PV and not Bianca. It's like the writers set themselves up to Phail.

I would like to see more affection between Bianca and Reese though. I'm sick of them taking the "Steven Carrington" way out, where you only see hugs, and back of the head kisses. I don't wanna see "licky licky", but damn, can we get some real kisses?

This whole sperm story(another SPERM story folks)is quite sh*teous. Can someone please find the real Erica Kane? Maybe ABC should do a "The REAL Erica RETURNS TO ALL MY CHILDREN" campaign...cause this pod person we see now just is not cutting it. Your daughter just told you she had a baby with your other daughter's husband, and you don't even flinch? Well, we know the botox probably won't allow her to flinch...but still...Erica didn't even chastise Bianca. Maybe Kendall was right? Maybe Erica DOES love Bianca more that she can do no wrong?

I will stay with AMC until the bitter end, but everyday I have to keep asking myself who these characters are. They look like the people I remember, but it's like a whole new soap some days.

Arizonagal said...

I'd love to see Ryan die like Scratchy, talk about action-packed, blood spattering, compelling, must see TV!

Won't miss Rebecca, but wish her luck. That whole Sabine/Rebecca thing was just a disaster from beginning to end. Singh was brutally bitch slapped and Budig was totally wasted.

What about the rumors Ryan is leaving for awhile? With Greens exiting, Kendull in a coma, and Ryan supposedly taking a long break, there is just this tiny spark of hope that things might be looking up in PV.

For a few months we can concentrate on Binx and Reese, Krystal, Tad, Jesse, Angie, Jake, Taylor (though the girl is annoying the holy hell out of me throwing sh*t around in her hospital room).

Room for optimism, or different characters, same b.s.??

Anonymous said...

Oh BTW...Love the reference to the song, "All Cried Out" I remember I used to sing that in my shower...that song had me wishing I was a cute busty Latina back then...sigh...memories! LOL!

Norn Cutson said...

All My Children: JR Martinez, A Real American Hero

Anonymous said...

has anyone noticed that they brought the previews back on to one life to live, but not amc? i wonder what that means. i couldn't believe it!

Arizonagal said...

Kim, TPTB do elect to show previews for AMC on DWTS. I noticed one on Monday night. So, go figure...

Speculation, I think Susan is on her way out. I luv ya Susan, but you totally botched that group dance number! She just looked so lost out there, it was sad and comical at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Hey Norn, your artwork rocks. I know it's a big mystery to all of us what JordAsh looks like, though I have a picture in my mind.

I'd love to see you sketch your version of Ashley and Jordan and what the heck, Taylor and his feather boa and Pedro and his birkenstocks, oh and gucci.

I always picture Ashley as voluptuous with a tight pink t-shirt that says Puerto Rican Princess. With Jordan, I see a big smile and lots of muscles.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone been annoyed with the Emma/Annie kidnapping? This story is lame. They should make him Annie's dad. That guy hates Annie (and possibly blaimes her for Richie's death) and could use the 10 million dollars.

I'm also so saddened with Bobbie Eakes. That woman was such a good actress, but her acting has gone down. I'm wondering if she is trying to make Trolby look good? If we are going to keep getting these "phoned in" scenes, lets have one more tornado go though. I love the actress, but the character is being written very strange. No emotion at all!

Anonymous said...

How could Reese feel more apart of Gabby's birth?
She would watch the Lion King with Miranda, Spike and Ian ( goodness knows those boys could use some attention LOL)

Anonymous said...

After much research we found the best brain specialist here in Toronto, and not to worry we will visit Kendall everyday, so that Zack can play house with the two mommies and Gabby while forgetting this boys completely.

Also a note Zack stayed with Ian in the hospital and only left when josh was naked with the baby against his manly chest. I miss Josh.

Anonymous said...

God Elyse and Susan, I feel you guys...

I miss Josh so much. Do you realize how perfect things would have been?

Maybe he could have helped Angie save Babe, only to fail and be forced to say his last good-bye.

Maybe he could have been with Kendall and Bianca, keeping the boys safe instead of having them hide under a couch/coffee table/ what ever the hell they sold us with. Then maybe a real doctor could have delivered Gab. No messy hands for Zach and no lion king. Problem solved.

You could have him back at the hospital, battling it out with Frankie's temper, Jake's ego, David's deviousness, and Angie's weave. That would be emmy-worthy..

Hell, I would even let him be the one in the Chandler tunnels and saving Erica.

Any of these would be better than the embezzlement BS.

Shadow said...

Well, the kidnapper's voice decoder and Annie's father do sound a lot alike...

Luis Merino said...

Aidan is the kidnapper. I'm calling it right now.

Anonymous said...


I know, I'm a bit late. But, I have to make a comment or two, reguarding Tuesdays show.

1. Greelee/Rebecca, please ditch the hat!...It's not working for you, at all.

2. Taylor trying get into the wheelchair--Speaking as a person with a life long orthopedic disability, who uses a wheelchair, I winced. Then, I groaned. It was a total "gimp moment". I know she is devistated, at her sudden loss of mobility--but get a clue!

1.If you can't feel your legs--Don't try standing on them, without someone in the room. Especially, if it's your first attempt!!

And socks on a wooden floor?! She HAD to be kidding!! Hello!--Traction is esential to get your balance. No wonder she hit the floor...Duh!

I'd have loved to see someone hand her a "transfer board" (a heavy duty plastic/fiberglass board) One end is positioned on the edge of the bed. The other is put on the chair seat...and you just slide across.

And the last thing you do is "get an attitude" with the people in the hospital. Not a really smart idea...Staff can make or break your time there.


Anonymous said...

Reguarding OLTL, is it my imagination, or are the writers turning Ray Montez in to an 'innocent' man, while Vanessa will turn out to be 'the baddie'?


Laura said...

Watching DWTS just for the results. Poor Susan is gone, great job though.

Anonymous said...

Discodan you made us laugh out loud. U are so very right about Josh.

I feel so bad for Susan tonight on DWTS , but was it just us or did she sound like Erica every time she says either " your a Kane women damn it" or " I'm Erica Kane" LOL

Laura said...

Random thoughts, Shadow loved your poem. You also had me laughing about Zach having hot lesbo action at home. Why go visit Comadel when that's at home?

Finally Bobbie Eakes showed a little emotion today. David is good, I missed him. I think Erica seemed more like herself today. She was right about Fusion needing some direction. But she didn't notice that months ago? If they are in financial problems, sell that stupid bar. But I guess it is the only one in town. Unless Mateo's old place is still open.

If anyone has the email for AMC, I will send a note. Good letter Toronto fans.

Norn, your artwork is amazing! I also would like to see the PVP hosts as artwork. Maybe you could just email him some pictures and he would do it. I am amazed by your talent. I wonder how you would draw DBTE actors?

I bet Eileen's family would love a Myrtle picture. Do you sell your art?

Enjoying the podcast so far, better than the show.

How are Taylor and Pedro? Has Pedro broke out the socks for the sandals yet? Did Taylor go see Sarah Palin in Dubuque last week? I doubt she would have liked the feather boa.

Loving OLTL. Yeah Nicki Smith is on! Even if she is just a dream. I am so old I remember the first Nicki played by former Daisy.

I find it funny Tina cares more little David Vickers than her nieces.

I picked my wedding photographer because he had Andrea Evans wedding picture on display. Evans was briefly married to One Live to Live costar Wayne Massey (who played Tina's love interest Johnny Drummond) in 1981.

Great astute comments from everyone. I love our little family.

Laura said...

I read this on Daytime Confidential. All My Children has set the date for Eileen Herlie's tribute episode. Soap Opera Digest is reporting that the episode will air on December 19, 2008. I hope they do this great actress justice by bringing Brooke back!

Anonymous said...

I feel bad that Looch got the boot tonight, but thank God I don’t have to watch that lame ass show any more or that beeyotch Carrie Ann Inaba. She’s always messing with Looch, and you can tell how genuinely sweet Susan Lucci is and she doesn’t like it.

How convenient that Kendall’s doctor had a heart attack and Hayward can take his place. Contrived? Just a little bit.

W*T*F is on Greenlee’s head? The show isn’t good enough yet for that kind of idiocy.

Ryan and Aiden should never be on the screen at the same time. It’s a double dose of Suckness.

Not sure I get what’s up with Taylor. Is it supposed to be funny? Is it supposed to be Taming of the Shrew-ish? Is it supposed to be moving? Something about the way they are rolling this out is weird. I don’t know how I’m supposed to be reacting.

I think Tad actually is losing weight.

What’s with that piece of hair in Turdby’s face. Worst*actress*ever*.

“From the trajectory of those bullets…” Puhleeze. Aiden doesn’t even know what ”trajectory” means.

OK, Jake and Tad are good together. How come they never talk to Pete?

Is Opal still in the hospital? I wonder how she’s doing?

So much Joe this week. That is such a very good thing!

Adam looks the best he has in months. He should always wear black and gray.

Beth Ehlers is sooooo great. The editing seems choppy but she as an actress is terrific. I’m ready for her to be front and center.

Is Angie smoking something? She’s just too calm.

Even Hayward doesn’t understand what’s going on in KWAK’s head right now.

Wow, a plug for ABC news on the day of the election. They’re getting good at product placement.

Shadow said...

Oops. Forgot to sign. That was me--Shadow.

Anonymous said...

I thought Bobbi Eakes was pretty good today, finally some genuine moments of grief. But, what was the deal with Tad who kept on asking her "what's the matter?" Her kid just died. What's the matter? WTF was Tad thinking. He seemed way too cheerful and unaware that his wife just lost a child.

Kendull, for the love of god, give us a break and please pack your bags and your coma and head for Toronto. (sorry Elyse Susan and Terry)

Greenlee's hat looked like she was trying to disguise a bad hair day - not flattering.

And, the LOD on OLTL "David Vickers is a bitch?"

Anonymous said...

Forgot to mention, just when I think BM is improving, she has scenes today without Petey and I realize, damn, this girl really is DBTE. Sorry Brianne, but you're getting paid big bucks to ACT here. I wonder if she could at least try to inject a little personality into her character. When Petey's not in the scene, she is clearly no better than when she first started on the show. Sorry BM, it's mean to say, but it's the truth, though I do think her posture might be improving!

Anonymous said...

Shadow said: I don't think Natalia is any worse of an actress than Ya Ya was. She kind of looks like a black Leven Rambin. Does anyone else see it?

Every time I see Natalia I instantly flash back to Yvonne Caldwell, who was played by Vanessa Bell(-Calloway). You can see a good comparison shot on the bottom right at

To ME the resemblance is so striking that I keep wondering if they are going to work that in as some sort of long-lost baby storyline. That would be pushing it since, well after their affair, Yvonne came to Jesse for help after her newborn SON was stolen (by the baby-stealing ring that Angie's father masterminded). And she got the baby back.

Anonymous said...

Some thoughts on Taylor:

Why is Taylor wearing her sweats instead of a hospital gown? The fact that she can't feel her legs (does she feel anything below the WAIST?) would make it difficult, if not impossible, for her to assist them with anything they need to do to physically take care of her, and sweats would DEFINITELY get in the way. If she can't feel below the waist, then she would probably have no bladder and/or bowel control and would need to have a catheter and/or diaper. Isn't she wearing pretty much what she was wearing when she was pushed down the stairs? Wouldn't they have had to CUT the pants off of her in order to assess her injuries?

If Taylor is going to keep throwing things at the hospital personnel, why don't they have her in restraints? Obviously she is a danger to herself and others. It's not even like she has dementia -- there is NO excuse for her to act like that. For that matter, why are they keeping things that she CAN throw within her reaching distance? If she's going to act like a child, she can damn well use the call button and ASK for whatever she needs and THEY can damn well take their own sweet time responding to it.

Anonymous said...

Good point Robin c. Taylor in a diaper--ha! ABC could not have a better focus group or continuity group than here on the PVP. Reading brtedi's post and your post-it really shows how little attention to detail there is on AMC. It is a better show, but there are so many mistakes and things we have to overlook. Seems like BE has an idea of how she wants to play this charactertough and poignant, but the producer or director or whoever wants a comedy. Could be a great story if they get it together.

Norn Cutson said...

sory i'm so behind.
life went off-track this week.

notes on Mondays episode

• FATHER CLARENCE blew out ZACH's candle.

KENDALL's just a candle in the wind...

• BINKS' kisses are a little better today.

• RANDI sure looks porny all of a sudden.

i saw her face on some high-end shopping bag last night.

• JESSE is just a big pill anymore.

• yeah, whoever dressed REESE in that flouncy green top messed up.

do you know any lesbian who'd be caught dead in that frilly silky thing?

• something weird is up with Bobbie Eakes. maybe all these scenes were filmed when she hurt her leg running, and thats why she seems so disconnected.

• woo! DAVID is scaring me!

DAVID: "You stoop down to that slob Martin?!?!?"

• ok, BINKS & REESE are makin me smile...(althouhg i still think BINKS needs a big earth mama...she needs the female version of ZACH!)

REESE is smart...she instantly knows how to turn on The SLATERS' stereo and it just happens to be set to BINKS & REESE's song...

• dumb.
Ashley sounds more beleiveable saying his lines than he does.

• the whole scene with the gun...dumb.

flushing sound.

the PVPD can get there quick when they wanna...

• dang, TAD's pants are tight.
i wonder if he did the lapband, coz that was some fast weight loss.

• FRANKIE's being dumb.
its goin around.

i *do* like RANDI's point; i'd love to have more family.

• another funeral scene...will KWAK break down this time?

• GREENLEE: "I'm a kick-ass detective!"

what can you say to that?

• i dunno if its REESE or Tamara Braun, but one or the other is eatin ZACH up with her eyes!

• how can FRANKIE not comfort NATALIA?
just as a human being?

notes on Monday's episode

• mmm, chewy nipples!

• STARR's contractions start



TESS: "Sorry, Charlie!"

he really underestimated her!

• TINA tip-toe running around in circles from CAIN...its *adorable*, but its heartbreaking that we arent gonna get any substantial story with Andrea Evans.

i know that she would *love* to tell a real story.

TINA: "Jess under stress is Tess!"

somebody's been waitin to use that line!!!

• ooh this is hot with MCBAIN humpin up on KEYES!

• they did MARCIE's hair & makeup really nice today! very flattering!

• ooh yeah MCBAIN, give it to KEYES!!! yeahhh!!!

• i think this is so awful w/ DR JOPLIN.

i'm worried that it might make people in real life doubt their OBGYNs. dont pregnant women have enough to worry about?

• i thought THE VINEYARD was bulldozed last summer?

Ericka said...

FYI: There's an all my children marathon sunday night on Soapnet again. I missed Wednesday's episode. I forgot to record it.

I haven't listened to all of the podcast yet but so far, good as usual. I only listen on my way to work to take my mind off of my 10 hour day and on my way home to unwind and laugh. I really think you should do a OLTL podcast too because I've only been able to find 1 and I know they do their best, they're not Ashley & Jordan and the sound quality isn't all that great either. Just a thought:-) I'm liking AMC but not all of it. I admit, I do fast forward through some of it. Especially the David Hayward scenes. I don't get how he doesn't want to take responsibility for his actions and it was HIM who made Babe turn against him, no one else. Babe has her own mind. Not a smart one at times, but still it's hers. How else would you explain her being back with JR so many times after he tried to kill her, take her kid from her, and everything else he did. She loved David but she knew he was Toxic and she didn't want him around her baby (Richie Rich). I love that Little A. Did you see him rubbing Babe's hair in the Comeback when she was down. The other Lil' A would've just been asking for cookies.

Anonymous said...

I actually like the character of Natalia. Yes, she's been a little bit whiny, but at least its not worse than Cass. I actually like Natalia better than Cass.

So how many people felt sorry for Amanda yesterday? She's head of PR at Fusion and Erica made her go get a cappacino for her. I was laughing because that is Erica Kane. I felt bad for Amanda though, and then the breakup with Jake was a little sudden and awkward, but I'm kinda glad it happened. Yes, they were hot together, but I always felt that they never gave the couple a chance.

But David... ooooo Baby.... I can't wait for this. Him and Amanda...that is hot. Well, Amanda is hot, but David's scheming and caniving are perfect. I always thought that they should have kept Amanda as a schemer. She's Janet Dillon's daughter!

idk, there's not enough consistency, but its not that bad.

Unknown said...

I haven't finish the podcast (I, too, listen to it during my commute) but I'm laughing already!

I rarely watch AMC anymore, but caught it yesterday. I think Kendull looks like a giant Q-tip with that thing on her head. I also love David. He is so bad and he truly enjoys it. He completely embarressed Jake in the meeting and then just about twirled his mustache! So, how long until TPTB ruin this great character?

So, how sad is my life that I actually was excited that Jordan mentioned my comment in the podcast (about Spermgate), even if he did forget my name?

brtedi - I agree, OLTL is trying to make Ray Montez a goodie, which is great ('cause I love me some A Martinez!). Also, its nice to have a little mystery instead of just a straight on bad guy who trys to ruin the innocent girl's life.

I 2nd the emotion that JordAsh should host a podcast on OLTL. That way, you two can discuss a show that actually works right now (well, not all that since there's not a weave in sight).

Does anyone have the e-mail/snail mail addresses for TPTB at AMC and ABC Daytime? I'd really like to right to them myself. I have been watching AMC since the time of Tom, The Goal Post and Erica's disco diva/drug experimentation days. It was always my favorite, until now. TPTB has all the right pieces but they just seem unable or unwilling to use them properly.

Anonymous said...

i was in tears listening to their stories. Major kudos to Chuck Pratt on this one.

And FYI, as you're watching it, look at the magazine rack. IT'S TEMPO!!!

jerrica76 said...

AMC has been pretty good this week, though Taylor is acting a little like a big brat right now

BTW todays OTLT the Mod sex scene...Had it been anyone else i would have LOVVVVVVVE it. As it was it was just ICKY

Anonymous said...


I have a few things to say about Thursday's episode:

1. Cameron Mathison makes sweaters look good! imho. :-)

2. Chrishell Strause is doing a wonderful job, as the emotionally disheveled "Amanda". Vincent vincent Irizarry is doing very well, as the master manipulator, "Dr. Dave"---Uh oh, Amanda better be careful! :o

3. At last, Pratt is moving Jake and Taylor's relationship along with some, gradual, lighter, moments. Frequently, humor comes from life's darkest moments. (Let's here it, for telenovellas... ROTF!)

4.) I couldn't escape the irony, that AMC's best scenes, probably, weren't "scriped" at all--Just the edited real life accounts of actual veterans.


Anonymous said...

"...Why is Taylor wearing her sweats instead of a hospital gown?...."

Hi, Robin C.!

My first thought was, since Beth Ehelers has to "fall" while trying to get to the wheelchair, sweats are more modest--No open flaps! LOL!

As far as Taylor being able to feel anything below the waste...We really haven't heard, yet. We don't know, if the spinal swelling has improved. And, ironically, just because she can't feel, doesn't mean she doesn't function--IRL, it can be a tricky call. But, you may be quite correct--Either, Depends or a catheter are two possible options, depending on the permanency and extent of the dammage.


Shadow said...

You guys are making me work today! So far I've googled IRL, LOD and IDK. I figure out 'In Real Life' and 'I Don't Know'. But what is LOD? Lord Of Death? Level of Detail? Line of Duty? I bet that's it, Line of Duty? ROTFL! Or is it ROFL? I never know.

Anonymous said...

ShaDOH!, LOD means line of the day.

Anonymous said...

So in the interest of modesty and logistics, Taylor wears sweats.

IRL she'd be using a foley cath, but that would cut down on the drama.

I'd have suggested a bed pan, but she already threw that at someone.

I love Ehlers, but hate the way they are writing Taylor. Why do TIIC always resort to this crapola? As Jordan said a few weeks ago, why is everyone in PV so freakin angry and lacking in empathy? Amazing, every new team of writers brought in writes the characters the same way, petty and mean and so self righteous. Yuck.

Anonymous said...

"ROTFL! Or is it ROFL"

Hi, shadow!:-)

Both are quite acceptable...Boy, do I have a list for you! Originally, posted at the SOAPnet boards, at the Another World forum, back when I was a rookie--at message boarding. ;-)

Acronyms & Emoticons

What do the acronyms mean? Regular internet posters use acronyms (or shortcuts) rather than typing out the words of phrases we use regularly. Here are a list of common ones:

BTW = by the way
COTN = coffee out the nose
EOM = end of message
FAQ = frequently asked questions
FYI = for your information
GMTA = great minds think alike
ICAM = I couldn't agree more
IMHO = in my humble opinion
IMO = In my opinion
ITA = I totally agree
JK = Just kidding or Joke
JMHO = just my humble opinion
JMO = Just my opinion
LOL = laughing at loud
LMAO = laughing my a$$ off
OMG = Oh my gosh
OT = off topic, not “soap” related
OTOH = on the other hand
POV = point of view
ROTFL (or ROFL) = rolling on the floor laughing
ROTFLMAO = rolling on the floor laughing my @ss off
ROTFLMAOPMP = rolling on the floor laughing my @ss off peeing my pants
TIA = thanks in advance
TPTB = The powers that be
TIIC = The idiots in charge
WTG = way to go
WTH = what the heck
WUWT = what's up with that
SORAS = soap opera rapid aging syndrome
FWIW... for what it's worth
Fubar... Fowled up beyond any recognition (we really should use this one more LOL).
IAC... In any case
OOC = Out Of Character

How do I make emoticons? Here’s a list! Remember to type the symbols without spaces!
: ) --- happy
: ( --- sad
: D --- big grin
: x --- love
B - ) ---cool
; \ --- mischievous
] : ) --- evil
X - ( --- angry
: ^ O --- LOL!
: 8 } --- blushing
: _ | --- crying
? : | --- confused
: O --- shocked (letter "O", not zero)
: | --- not amused
; ) --- wink
: p --- tongue

Norn Cutson said...

Nelson Braco goes *OFF* about Brian Frons & his meddling on the new DAYTIME CONFIDENTIAL podcast!

Shadow said...

Thanks brtedi! I'm going to study this list and then wow you all with my mad acronyming skills!

I do have one more question, when would one use the "tongue" :p sign? I don't get that one.

About Wednesday's show (I'm behind a day)--

I'm glad Erica is off DWTS because she doesn't look fabulous. She looks exhausted. I hate that Fusion is the one business that survived untouched. But with Erica at the helm I'll suspend my annoyance for a while.

Jake to David: "Who'd you blackmail to make that happen?"

Enjoy the catty banter between Jake and David, but no real Board would put up with David's BS though. Of course no real hospital board would let David or Jake on the Board in the first place.

Someone must have told JR and Tad to put away the ho hos and Dr. Pepper. Neither of them look pudgey anymore.

Dayum. Jake giving it to Taylor.

Well I'll be jingle, KWAK shed a real tear! She's grabbing the dirt and slapping the ground.

I like that KWAK is being geniune with JR, pouring her soul out to him, not blackmailing him or threatening him.

KWAK was probably just too freaked out to cry during the tornado. I'm sure she was panicked that Amanda Baker was going to rub her snotty nose on her. Not to mention the whole bleeding from the ass thing.

Just briefly I thought to myself, "hey self, what if JR and KWAK hooked up maybe just once?". And then in my head I hear your collective, "EWWWWWW".

I'm begging you Zach, please send Kendall away.

Erica: "Skim milk and lots of foam."

Amanda is at Fusion. Cut to Commercial. Amanda is at the hospital. Girl gets around!

Jake had a bad day.

Tad is a little clueless. Tad to Krystal this week: "Hey Kwak, what's wrong". Tad to Taylor, "So what, no legs no life?".

How much freakin' money does Adam have? He's going to pay the class action. Pay the lost profits. Fusion has been DOA (dead on arrival) for like a month and supposedly had worldwide distribution. That's pretty rich.

I hope the first thing Erica does is close ConFusion and then move the office across town. I hate those stupid lockers.

Tad is yacking away at poor Krystal.

Erica just made a PR play and looks like she just ran in to from the other room where Tony is dancing. Her hair is in a bun. *Bun's aren't fabulous*! Where is the big hair? The faux fur? WUWT?

Erica: "I'm Erica Kane. Everything I do is breaking news". A classic Erica line if I've ever heard it.

Amanda to JR: "If you ever need anything...". JR should have asked for his yacht back.

I love it when Looch does the "eye" thing right before she marches off to ream somebody. I like even more the way Bianca can reason with Erica. Hope they can talk Binx into sticking around.

Does anyone else thinK Bianca looks like an Amazon this time? Not fat or anything, just giant. WUWT?

How sweet that Reese asked for Erica's blessing. Erica seems to have some reservation though.

Reese to Erica: "Should I call just go ahead and call you MOM?" Ha!

Why is the camera shooting up everyone's nose today?

How can Tad keep asking Kwak why she is crying? He lost Dixie. He lost Jenny. He lost Grandma Kate.
He couldn't find Baby Kate. He should know what it feels like. That kind of pain doesn't just go away in a few days. Talk about 'DOH. He's like TaDOH.

Joe to Jake: "Is it David your mad about or what he said?" Hey Joe, what difference does it make?

The hospital doesn't look so torn up. If I recall, the tornado hit them all in the rooms where they normally work. I guess the East Wing looks exactly like the West Wing.

Shadow said...

Can't be worse (or funnier) than telling him to suck it, but I'll give it a listen.

Anonymous said...

"I do have one more question, when would one use the "tongue" :p sign? I don't get that one."

You're Welcome, shadow!

Well, I've seen a fully animated one used at the message boards. Basically, I think, it can be used if you are conversing with somone if you mean it in a lighthearted, teasing, sort of way--

Or, I've also seen posters use it, if they are discussing their favorite (cute) actor in a flirtatious way.


Anonymous said...

Oh, shadow, I almost forgot. If you "cut and paste" the acronyms on to a blank document, it makes a very handy reference...You can, then, "cut and paste" from your own list, if that makes things easier.


Tasha from Brooklyn, NY said...

Two point AMC is getting better Brown and Epstein were horrible. The spike deaf storyline was one of the worse ever.

Second shadow what is your problem with Kendall. I love her and won't be watching as much till she returns

Anonymous said...

Kendall gets in everyone else's business instead of...i dont know....taking care of her company, her husband, and her children. She spends all of her time bitching out Annie, which is a big no-no because we all love our InsAnnie. She spends too much time trying to push Greens and Ryan together, which is dumb in itself because theres prolly 4 people total in contintental United States that want those two together. Another thing we don't like about Kendall, she's in the suckstet. It's instant death unless your our beloved InsAnnie. Another thing, SHE SENT A DEAF KID TO MUSIC CAMP! Jordan and Ashley, I was dying listening to that commentary way back when, I kept listening to it over and over and it didnt get old.

I can go on for days, but the fact is that we want the real Kendall back, not this nosy-bitty.

Norn Cutson said...

...slowly catchin' up from this rollercoaster week...

notes on Tuesday's episode (OBAMA DAY!)

• TAYLOR throws a bedpan @ a CNA.

• KWAK sure seems to have a yearning for DAVID.

• KENDALL's dr has a heart attack....whats the point?

• HA, GREENLEE suddenly has a whole new outfit including a cute little hat.

• DAMN!!! ***NOBODY'S*** insurance kicks in as fast as KWAK's!!!

• this is the more reserved LI'L A today.

• yeah, after everything he's done, JOE invites DAVID to come on board PVH.
i dont even have the energy to roll my eyes.

• JESSE just *left* evidence with CRYAN?!?!?

tsk, why do i even bother.

• JAKE & TAYLOR are so "kooky"...great way to dumb down the only strong story.

• AIDUMB: "One wuz rejj-is-stahhed do EH-BAY-SAY NOWZ.

• have you ever seen a hopsital with a wooden floor?

notes on Tuesday's episode (OBAMA DAY!)

• ADDIE!!!
i love ADDIE so much!

• BLAIR's kinda stalker.

• well, *obviously* VANESSA is evil.

RAY MONTEZ: "She dripped poison in that girl's ear!"

yeah, i would love it too if they were able to redeem RAY MONTEZ as a viable character!

• look @ DORIAN's sassy outfit. see, thats a good color for DORIAN...perhaps its a little too dark, but that color family is where she needs to be.

• see, i know that OLTL *loves* its viewers...the proof of it is scenes like this with STARR & ADDIE.

• i'm so happy that we have healing in the BRODY story.

• SARAH is totally pissed.

• i've got to tell you all, i am eatin my stomach out worrying about STARR's baby.
& not the good kind, that makes me sit on the edge of my seat...the kind that makes me wanna throw up & feel powerless.

• ANTONIO should understand where RAY is coming from, coz remember, he was framed for KERI's suicide, and RJ got custody of JAIMIE.

HA! RAY just called VANESSA a spider!!!

• i'm glad that REX is still in a wheelchair, not just suddenly recovered & zoomin around town.

• TODD: "No daughter of mine is gonna turn down legal drugs if she can get her hands on them!"

• DORIAN: "Of course she seems a bit...sad! Look at this room!"

STARR: "Dorian, its a hopsital room, there's nothing you can do about it."

DORIAN: "Darling, I'm a trained psychician. I know exactly what this room needs...FLOWERS!"

• oh, these scenes with BRODY & SHANE - QUALITY.

i have to tell you, Ashley, you are missin out on a quality show.

• WOO MCBAIN's goin ***OFF***!!!

• finally SARAH calls out "WTF?!?!"

• i think DR. JOPLIN is even worse because she *KNOWS* what she's doing is wrong.

Tasha from Brooklyn, NY said...

Disco Dan

1. We don't all love Insannie. I don't like her at all because it is just a repeat of Janet from another planet and it is boring. I don't care if someone bitches her out especially now she is the worse mother. In fact I am ready for someone to kick that crazy bitch ass


3.Plus this is Pine Valley everyone is in everyone is in everybody's business.

Sorry I am a Kendall fan I will take her over 100 Annie's anyday

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if I've posted about this before...but discodan close above made reference again to Kendall sending "a deaf kid" to music camp. It does make for a funny line, and making fun of Kendall is always enjoyable...but technically, Spike can hear now. As long as he's got that thing in his ear, he can hear stuff. I have heard that music gets a little weird with those things, but he can hear it. It's possible that Kendall's intention was to help him get used to the device early on.

Also, an seems that the comment section never talks about the week talked about in the podcast...we all talk about the current week as it unfolds, before Ashley and Jordan have a chance. :)

Shadow said...

Tasha, although I generally agree with everything Discodan said, I just don't want to waste time watching Kendall lay in a bed for 2 months with tubes in her nose twitching her fingers. It's boring. There's no mystery or drama to it. This is her umpteenth coma. She's on vacation. We know she's coming back and she'll be OK. So I hope Zach ships her to Canada till AM is ready to come back and be an active participant in the show. Those scenes of her laying there are just an easy way for AMC to fill time when there are more interesting stories to tell.

n69n-it cracks me up when you spell out Aidumb's sentences. I was reading your OLTL post and wondered when was the last time Dorian actually practiced medicine? She always throws that out there and it's comical but I seem to recall her retiring from the profession in the 80s when I used to watch regularly. To me, Dorian has always been the interesting one who is constantly evolving.

Happy Friday everyone. I'm ready for the weekend!

Anonymous said...

LOL sorry for causing a ton of drama...

I understand that not everyone loves InsAnnie, but she does make things more interesting than Kendall. Kendall has fallen into a bit of a slump since Spike was born. She hasn't had a storyline within her character since she was bouncing between Ethan and Zach. She's been in and out of comas, in Aidumb's bed out of grief, and forgiving the woman who stole her son and crashed the car. None of it feels like the same Kendall who used Boyd and faked a pregnancy from Michael Cambias.

I also know that Spike has the implants. I was just using irony to make it sound funny...similar to what Ashley and Jordan did.

But I'm going to have to disagree with you on this one, Tasha. Not everyone is in everyone's business. Taylor isnt in anyone else's business. Randi is too DBTE to be in any type of character that would be in anyone's business. JR isn't in anyone's business, just in his grief. There's prolly more, but no one is in other people's business more than Kendall. She is queen nosy-bitty.

Norn Cutson said...

notes on Wednesday's episode

• wasnt it just dark & snowing & now its bright & sunny?

• "THE BABE HAYWARD MEMORIAL WING", a state-of-the-art cardiology clinic....

• TAYLOR's on the floor, TAD helps her...i'd rather see her with TAD than JAKE.

• FUSION - dumb.
but AMANDA looks great!
what the hell is ERICA wearing?
nothing looks good in the FUSION/CONFUSION lighting.

but i *do* like ERICA taking charge...

• DAVID: "His neglected wife ran off with a truckdriver!"

how dumb.

thats supposed to be proof of how unprofessional JAKE is? dumb. i thought it was gonna be something scandalous.

• so KWAK's been savin it up for this scene?!?!

• i cant take everyone bein mean to AMANDA! i'm ready for her to go OFF!

• i really like those rosewood stacking boxes in KWAK & TAD's living room.

• how are ERICA & ADAM suddenly at the hospital?
& we didnt even get to see the press confrence!?!?!?

• ERICA meets REESE , its uncomfortable...but i cant tell if its supposed to be?

• i'm glad for AMANDA to have story, but i'm sick of her being a victim!

notes on Wednesday's episode

• NIKI & TESS!!!!

i know a lot of people think they are too over-the-top...but they are *so entertaining*!

• MARTY dressed all sexxeeehh.

• i am so glad they are giving healing to the BRODY situation.

• TINA is making her patented TINA face.

• NIKI: "Hey, girl's gotta have a social life, huh?"

• NEIL SILVER: "That's a hot little biscuit! Whoa, talk to me... you're a dirty little girl! Who wants an apple martini?"

• t would be to OLTL's advantage if they kept BRODY as a viable character. he's a good actor.

• REX is so much more handsome when he doesnt do the woody woodpecker hair. he's just too mature for that now.

• NIKI's talkin' truth.

• is TODD being honest?is this another headf**k?

• eep, NATTY & JARED really *are* gonna go out with a bang!

• this part is all too hilarious (not on purpose)

• NEIL SILVER: "I know why this dog is panting!"

(LI'L DAVID VICKERS isnt panting at all)

NEIL SILVER: "This dog is going into labor!!!"

(LI'L DAVID VICKERS is as totally calm & quiet as can be...such a well-behaved little baby!)

CAIN: "What he's trying to say is...David Vickers is a bitch!"

& TINA pops her eyes like GOMER PYLE!

Shadow said...

Spike can't wet? Thank goodness it wasn't raining during the tornado. Bzzzzzzzzzt.

If they would fatten Kendall up a little day by day or rat her hair out, at least that would be something to see. But her just laying there in a still shot, albeit some extremely well acted finger twitching, is just a drag. They took the tube out of her mouth so I don't even get to guess which side of her mouth it will be hanging out anymore. kenDULL!

(Don't worry Tash-I'll gladly welcome her back when she can get back amongst 'em as they say. )

BELINDA said...

I happen to be a Kendall fan, but I admit girlfriend DOES get all up in everybody's business - does "But you don't love Aidan like you love RYAN" ring a bell? She was in Greenlee's grill CONSTANTLY about that. Yep, she's a big ol' buttinsky ... she IS Erica Kane's daughter, and the nosy apple doesn't fall far from the busybody tree! Yet, I still like Kendall, cuckoobananas as she can be sometimes. I just don't always like her actions.

I happen to like Annie, too. Yeah, she's done her share of dirt and she's definitely 10 pounds o' crazy in a five-pound bag, but she's got a kinda underdog thing goin' that makes me root for her.

If you take offense at/get annoyed by someone dogging a character you like, bashing a character THEY like ain't gonna change a thing! Believe me, I have liked some characters that were unpopular pretty much across the board - for example, Squishy-Face Laura from the early 2000's, but I understood that a LOT of people couldn't stand her and I laughed along with their jokes and comments 'cos: a) They were funny; and b) She's just a CHARACTER, after all.

Bottom line: People like certain characters and dislike others. They're just OPINIONS.

Anonymous said...

We don't all like the same characters. That's just us being human and having our own opinions.

I used to hate Josh, but ended up loving the guy. Hated KWAK, but love her now. Hated Babe, but Amanda Baker grew on me. Zach bored me to tears a few years back, now I get him. Loved Binx, still love her. Tad, one day I like him, next day can't stand him, esp. after he offed GM. Still love Carmen, but evidently TPTB don't and don't know what to do with her. Couldn't tolerate Ambyr Childers at first, but then grew to love her and then what do we get? Brianne = Trollby! Will she ever be accepted by AMC fans? Doubt it. Kendull annoys the holy hell out of me. I'm among the few who have never grown to like Alicia Minshew. I was spoiled by Sarah Michelle Gellar who's portrait of Kendall was much more complex and interesting. Plus, lets face it, the writing was just so much better in those days. There is a lot of talent on AMC, but a lot of the good actors and good characters have been ruined by bad writing.

A co-worker's son had meningitis, lost his hearing at the age of 3, got the cochlear implants, and it's not just presto, you can hear again. Speech therapy is required and the sounds they hear aren't like what we hear, so there is a lot of adjustment.

questions: Is there legal gambling in Pennsylvania?

Have we ever seen Lucretia?

just my two pennies!

Shadow said...

There’s Ryan grabbing some poor guy by the shirt and threatening him. I hate Ryan. He is proof that evolution CAN go in reverse.

I guess Taylor doesn’t ever pee.

Seems like AMC is shooting with that weird style again. Bad lighting. Everyone has shiny heads.

Everything Reese does seems kinda sexy and suggestive. She bent down in front of Jackson with a measuring tape and well it looked like…nevermind.

Yeah! Erica is going to renovate that Fusion. I wish I could join in with a sledgehammer. It has been the source of some of the most sh*teous scenes in AMC history.

Zach is barking at Binx! He is a total assmunch these days. Every since the Josh debacle, he hasn’t seemed like the same character. It’s like the hard drive is spinning but the OS hasn't been installed.

Who is dressing Bianca? What Not to Wear--Stat!

See they get a good actress like Reese and she can hold her own with Adam and Erica. Get a troll like Turdby and you get crap.

JR may actually be getting too thin.

I’m glad JR isn’t buying Hayward’s BS. Good stuff though.

Telenovas. That’s kind of funny. Jake is *over* Amanda, but Jake and Taylor are sort of cute.

Did KWAK get hit on the head in the tornado? It’s like she fell out of the stupid tree and hit every branch on the way down.

JR: “He tried to kill me.”
KWAK: “That was just his grief”.
JR: “What has David done to you?”

If I was JR I would have said 'WTF Krystal'?

Maybe Krystal has a brain tumor. Or she is beginning to split into alters like Tess? Are there any names that rhyme with Krystal?

I love the soldier interviews. This is my AMC. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS. I almost lost it the minute they started introducing themselves. So great that this part wasn’t scripted. They could never write this stuff and do it justice.

Cut to Kendall. This s/l is so pointless. Even more so compared to what we just saw. Hey, does she have a zit on her chin?

The lighting is so effed up at Fusion that Adam looks like he’s glowing.

Somebody cleaned Wildwind. That’s a great set. Glad to they’re using it again.

Amanda is drunk and crying. Hugs to Amanda, poor thing.

Do these people teleport or something? Before the commercial Erica and Binx were at fusion. After the commercial they’re at the hospital.

Taylor’s sweats must be starting to stink.

Amanda loses Trevor, Janet, Jamie, Jake, Babe… She’s acting better. She seems more genuinely sad than KWAK.

OOOOoooohhh. KWAK just slapped JR. He deserved it. He crossed the line.

Walt Wiley signed a new contract. I think his time has come and gone. As lawyers go, he has an intellect rivaled only by garden tools. Livia is much better.

At least Kendall is getting the help she needs and giving us a break we deserve.

OLTL Friday

I watched some of this.

Bess? Are there any more letters? Dess? Fess? Gess? Less? Mess?

I’m sorry ya’ll but this s/l with Marty and Todd is uncomfortably creepy.

I hope Llanview doesn’t blow up.

Starr makes Colby look retarded.

Is Todd bad or good or what? Seems crazy evil.

I like the previews. AMC should do the same.

BELINDA said...

You know, Brown Penny, I can't recall ever having seen Lucretia! In my mind's eye, she looks like Mrs. Renfield from GL back in the 80's.

What do you guys imagine she looks like?

BELINDA said...

"Starr makes Colby look retarded."

Sad, but true! I started watching OLTL during a lengthy period of unemployment and one of the first things I noticed was the difference between OLTL's teen/young adult characters and those on AMC. Starr is light years ahead of Trollby and she's, what, at least two years younger?

Norn Cutson said...

notes on Thursday's epiosde

• CRYAN's an ass & its not even to the credits yet.

• TAD called FRANKIE "babe". Twice.

• REESE is being pulled into the FUSION vortex.

everything is so awkward @ FUSION.

wow, REESE is just charmin' the whole town.

• see, KWAK wants that DAVID action.

• ADAM: "I hope that Thai chicken salad interests you."

mm, pass it over, i'm HONGRY!

• the VETS scene.
now this is meaningful.
this is real, this is what television can & should be, not just AMC.
all television needs to be serving the public like this.
i'm crying. everyone should see this.

(hee hee, even thru the tears i saw that issue of TEMPO!)

i'm sobbin'.

well, ALL MY CHILDREN just did more for vets than Donald Rumsfeld ever did.

...& ABC told more truth on their soap than they do on their news.

• oh, its gonna be one of *those* comas.

• tsk, coolers?

• someone @ AMC likes these flouncy emerald tops, but they dont look good on anyone.

• these scenes with KWAK & JR...who are these people?

notes on Thursday's epiosde

• TINA: "Are you implying my little baby has had S-E-X?!?"

• VIKI's here to see STARR!
i love this!!

• i love this with NIKI being a force for good! LOVE!! IT!!!

• TINA: "Look what you did now, you bad're a mommy!"

TINA works her magic on CAIN, i love it.
it is perfectly charming, & if i thought this was just one chapter in TINA's story rather than the whole thing, i could enjoy this all so much more!

• VIKI: "I just want you to know that I'm thinking about you and I love you very very much!"

we all need to hear that, dont we?
i know that it made me feel warm inside to hear it.

• TINA: "I thought you were gonna be SCARLET to David Vickers' MELANIE!"

• let me tell you, during these NIKI & TESS scenes, i aint leavin my seat!!


oh man, i feel her pain!!!



• THE MAN ON THE WHEEL, OH GREAT ONE...BLAIR is bringing up all kinds of history to energize STARR & its makin me cry!

remember how they used to have those animated fantasy segments with STARR? i loved those!

• well, Ashley...we do get hot sex here in Llanview...except its TODD & MARTY.

honestly, i never thought it would reach the point where they actually did it.

I thought that that was the awful fate that was *threatened*, but that would not come to pass; MARTY would put the pieces together just in the nick of time, and play her own cat-&-mouse with TODD!

Or it might be that MCBAIN busts down the door and saves MARTY; that would be romantic!

MARTY would be reunited with COLE just as the baby was born!
We would all be happily-ever-after in time for Thanksgiving, except for TODD, who would begin paying for his crimes.

i truly believed this is how it would go down!

now both Nelson Branco & Marlena Delacroix are calling for Frons to be fired for this.

• ITS A GIRL!!!!

• BABY PUPPIES!!!!!!!!!!

• MARTY does a PSA for

Shadow said...


Cryan's bending over. Aidumb has a shovel. Sounds like a plan!

OMG, it's Emma's raincoat!! Not the raincoat! Oh the horror of the raincoat! This stupid.

KWAK knocked the bejesus out of JR. He didn't even say OW. Now they are just chattin. Kendall's legs were pinker than JR's face after sex on Zach's desk.

Amanda loves her wine, and she plays a convincing drunk. I'm gonna like David and Amanda.

Cryan, Greenlee and Aidumb just dug up a doll outside. Oh No! A buried doll! We still don't know about the Tree. I hope it made it thru the storm.

That Aidumb is one smart dick!

How come nobody ever says to Randi, "OMG, you're a HOOKER?"

Greenlee has a nappy ponytail.

Tad said Taylor is paralyzed from the waist down. No wonder Jake is trying so hard to help her. Got to wake up the vajayjay!

I'll have to finish this ep tomorrow. I'm wiped out

Shadow said...

I mustered the strength:

Taylor: "We made sweet love. I can still feel his hand on the small of my back..." Jake's gonna get a woody.

All this time I've been wondering when Amanda, JR and Babe became so tight. Finally, JR is blaming Amanda for everything. That is much more in line with the characters pre-Bella history. I mean, JR ran her over and Babe lied to keep him out of jail. They weren't that close for most of their history.

Is Cassie/Becca just on the show to die?

Aidumb: I'm just doing what I'm trained to do. Nobody can save her except me"...Too easy.


Move over InsAnnie. Make room for the daughter of Janet From Another Planet! I'm fine with that as long as she doesn't slip on a pair of black glasses and talk to the mirror.

There's InsAnnie soak'in. I knew it! Nice way to end the week.

Tasha from Brooklyn, NY said...

brn penny about the cochlear implants this is a soap where things happen different than in reality. I mean Jake would have been fired for what he did. I do believe that Spike is taking speech therapy. Also look at Taylor I feel down more steps and didn't become paralyzed.

Anonymous said...


OLTL--I thought there would be a switch with Starr's baby, but I didn't think Todd would back out of the deal!...I bet, this time next year, Marcie will be pregnant and Starr and Cole will have the baby back. Only,she'll be SORASed to about 3 years old.

Owww Bess is a trip!

Who knew John McBain had "Spidey moves", repelling down the side of the apartment! Anyone else think he took lessons from "Insannie"?--LOL!


I missed the stuff about Emma's coat, I need to see a SOAPnet repeat...Did somebody here, hopefully, say AMC marathons on SOAPnet had been scheduled again?

Just how many eppys of '90201 can they show, anyway? Bah!


Shadow said...

Taylor is just lucky she didn't get a coffee burn! What's a littlt temp poralysis compared to that?

At least this week things weren't so obvious. There was actually some mystery and suspense and romance. It's easy to pick it apart scene by scene, but all in all - think it was a much improved show this week with people acting more like themselves IMHO. I like sceming Amanda more than goody goody Amanda. I like InsAnnie. Erica had several choice moments. KWAK is coming back to life. The only thing to me that really sucked as usual was Ryan. What do ya'll think?

Anonymous said...

Shadow I think Ryan absolutely chokes the life out of the show. Eer notice how Ryan never has a light hearted moment? Never has a normal moment, never laughs about anything? It's all this intense b.s. and him over acting and over reacting and disrespecting police and anyone else who's in his way.

He's just a boring bully and a d**khead and it takes a special talent to male a bully and d**khead boring...

Norn Cutson said...

i have to tell you, the great enjoyments that i have had this week have been because i ***avoid*** spoilers!

NIKI, JEAN, BESS, LI'L DAVID VICKERS' puppies...they were all *such* a thrill BECAUSE i had *no idea* they were coming & i was SURPRISED!

& you can suspend your disbelief ***a lot more*** if you have the element of surprise!

notes on Friday's episode

• DAVID's all playin AMANDA.
at least she's gettin screentime.

i feel bad seeing her all sloppy drunk & slurpin on DAVID, though.
tsk, & gettin played again.


BROT's got me crying & caring more than a zillion RANDIs or COLBYs ever could!

think of how progressive it is to show an actual scarred veteran as a regular person, and possibly even a love interest!

we as a country *need* something to help familiarize & get us comfortable with the effects of war that have been hidden from us since AFGHANISTAN & IRAQ began.

its interesting because i got to really look at his scars in a way that you would never feel comfortable doing in person.

and by the time of his third scene, i almost forgot to notice them anymore.

hopefully, it works for other people the same way.

you get so caught up in the character's story that the scars are no longer an issue.

i think that is a great service to humanity, not just vets.

• when did JESSE & ANGIE discuss bringing NATALIA into their family?
coz i bet those were some real good emmy-winning scenes!

• tsk, trying to milk one more tear outta Amanda Baker's photo!

KWAK: *sniff* (walks off)

somethin is up with Ms Bobbie Eakes.

• CRYAN does a suckerpunch, what a cowardly move. be a man, face your opponent.

• did that guy just say "the local whorehouse"?
tell me, would a guy in some dive bar use those terms? the writers had a chance for some colorful language & they chose the total nondescript placeholder "the local whorehouse".

these are writers who dont enjoy writing.

• NATALIA the character is annoying but she's a decent actress.

• Beth Ehlers is a powerful actress!
i want her & BROT to have romantic scenes!

• "OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"....i made that sound out loud when JR said "Nobody else wants her!" as my dear AMANDA looked on!!!

i'm gettin choked up just recalling it. i just really identify with AMANDA. if AMANDA & PETEY had a child, that would be me.


• Darnell Williams *hates* playing these scenes & what has becn done to his character.
its like a neon sign on his head.
i feel awful for him.

• if you;ve ever read the comic LOVE & ROCKETS, doesnt AMANDA look *exactly* like the character PENNY CENTURY? also the same "wreckless beauty" vibe.
maybe thats part of why i love her so much.

thats a good color combo for AMANDA, with the dusty peach & taupe, but what is it with all these flouncy silk blouses? AMC WARDROBE mustve bought them in bulk, because someone's had one on every day this week.

• oh man, BROT's got me cryin all over the place already!

• HA! good for ANNIE!


notes on Friday's episode

• the scenes with TINA & CAIN helping LI'L DAVID VICKERS give birth are jsut about the most romantic thing ive ever seen.
it made me wanna start a family of my own, right there on the spot!
i had happy tears!

& it was hot to see them all rollin' around & kissin'!!!


• TINA: "Will you take care of all the Vickers?"

• CHARLIE, STFU & just do what VIKI says!!!

oh, i guess theyve got to do it like this to explain whats been happening for the past 6 months.


good for you, MARCIE!

• MARTY: "He's got this
ephemeral charisma that just slays me."

you dont get vocab like that on AMC.

what is the purpose at this point?!?

• VIKI's face when she sees the room!!! CLASSIC VIKI FACE!!!

• BESS!!!!
i am ready to love BESS!!!!

the music in this part is reeaaaalllly goooood!!!

BESS: "Tsk, tsk tsk. Poor Jessica. Poor Tess. Oh well. Crying over silt milk is Jessica's job. Yelling at is Tess's. Its our job to clean it up."

• Kristen Alderson is such a great little actress! i so enjoy the warmth between her & Kassie DePaiva!

• this scene with TODD & MARCIE is creepy & gross & cruel.

• CRASH!!!!
now why couldnt this happen *before* they did it?!?!?

Anonymous said...

hey Norn, I was totally surprised David Vickers was a bitch. Now where can I get one of her puppies?

I think casting the real life vet was stunt casting, BUT, that doesn't it is a bad thing. It could work this time and I am hoping it does.

Norn Cutson said...

i had a little write-up on MARLENA DELACROIX's blog!

Norn Cutson said...

another aspect with NIKI/JEAN/TESS/BESS that is so interesting...i really feel like they are underscoring the fact that none of these personalities are necessarily EVIL...rather, they are DEFENSE MECHANISMS, that both VIKI & JESSICA's minds have created, as a way to PROTECT themselves from harsh reality.

it just so happens that in this instance, both NIKI & JEAN's actions had positive effects.

Anonymous said...

"... by the time of his third scene, i almost forgot to notice them anymore."

Hi, n69n,

That's because, hopefully, most people, move past the outward "packaging"--and actually get to know the person. :-D

Generally, people with disablilities are neither saints nor villians. When you get down to it, People are just people. --I'm getting off my soapbox now! Get it "soap" box?! LOL!


Shadow said...

n69n said:

"if AMANDA & PETEY had a child, that would be me."

So many things worse than being the hot love child of Amanda and Pete!

Now the child of Trolby and say Aidumb, that would be a crime of nature.

Anonymous said...

What I loved this week:

- I like that Krystal finally showed some grief and emotion for Babe

- I LOVE Erica taking over Fusion. She's hilarious when she's in charge and calling the shots. Love it! (though I do feel bad for poor Amanda)

- I love David's head games!!

- I liked seeing David and Amanda together, if he would get rid of that potbelly, they would be great together. He could be good with Amanda

- I LOVED THE ENDING ON FRIDAY!!!!! Seeing Annie in the bathtub, just chillin' while Ryan is freaking out, LMAO. It's about time Ryan gets his. GO ANNIE!!! You're cold...

What I hated this week:

- Stupid Tad asking Krystal why she was crying. Hello, idiot, her daughter just died. That was so infuriating how he kept acting like she had nothing to be unhappy about. STUPID!!!

- I hate that we didn't get to see Erica's press conference. WTF? One minute they are at Fusion, next minute they're at the hospital. HUH?

- I HATED WHEN ZACK YELLED AT BINX. Normally, I love Zack, but he truly pissed me off. Did he forget that Binx is Kendall's sister? That she's known and loved Kendall way longer than he has? I'm sorry but if my sister's husband ever yelled at me because I was trying to do the right thing for her and keep her alive, he would get bitch-slapped!

- I hate that Ryan, Greenlee and Aidan are in PR and the first thing that happens is that they get assaulted by a bunch of thugs! As a Hispanic person (Dominican), I find that a bit offensive.

- I hate this whole Natalia, Rebeca, Jesse storyline. DUMB!

- Finally, I hate Angie's weave. Please take it off already!!

All in all, a pretty good week. Lots of stuff happening.

Shadow said...

yc1 said:

"I liked seeing David and Amanda together, if he would get rid of that potbelly, they would be great together."


Anonymous said...

There's actually going to be some positives to talk about on next week's podcast! WOOOO!!!

Anonymous said...

I really liked Amanda and David even if it a little weird and David is playing her.

Loved Annie at the end of Fridays show!!!!

Norn Cutson said...

i think we the audience are supposed to think ANNIE is so evil & dastardly...but as far as ive seen, everybody is like "GOOD FOR YOU, ANNIE!"

Anonymous said...

I'm am totally rooting for Annie. I can't stand Ryass

Shadow said...

It's great to see her not being victimized and taking charge. Everyone has screwed with her long enough. Plus it was just a real, appropriate, old fashioned great way to end the week.

Anonymous said...

Annie could outsmart the weave if she wanted.

Shadow said...

That's not fair comparison though. The Weave is extraterrestrial or something.

Norn Cutson said...

i used that VW thing to make MYRTLE & ZAK's secret baby

i named him SLIM FARGATE coz i heard MYRTLE mention an old carny boyfriend, SLIM the swordswallower.

Anonymous said...

Who says our lovely little InsAnnie isnt?

Shadow said...

I saw this comment on a product review blog. The comments were reviews of AMC's Enchanment perfume which is supposed to make a girl feel like a part of the glamorous life of Kendall Hart. It's pretty funny.

"This is one of the worst fragrances I have ever smelled. Can you say SKANK? I sprayed it into the air in the store and was so embarrased at what it smelled like that I put it back on the shelf and quickly left that area of the store for fear that someone would think that that STENCH was me! Nasty, nasty scent. I can't believe anyone would ever by it!"

Shadow said...

From Eye on Soaps:

"Whom do I have to bribe so that we never ever see Father Clarence, The Christmas Angel of Death, again? He gets creepier and more demented each year."

I couldn't agree more.

Shadow said...

Favorite moments from back in the day...

April 12, 1985: Daisy was found standing over Zach’s (not Slater) dead body, holding a bloody knife. Later, it came out that Marian had killed the pimp/gigolo.

May 15: In 1989, Nico Kelly and Cecily Davidson first wed as a result of a business arrangement to gain access to her trust fund.

January 1977: Mark Dalton, a promising composer, came to Pine Valley and discovered that the woman he was attracted to was his half sister, Erica. (They really should bring Mark back.)

May 26: On this day in 1988, Stuart wed Cindy after revealing she had been diagnosed with HIV.

June 2, 1980: Langley Wallingford and Phoebe Tyler wed.

September 6, 1978: Erica married former football hero Tom Cudahy on the rebound from her affair with Nick Davis. (These were real men who knew how to handle Erica.)

According to Jesse, Tad's sister Jenny said that you need three things in life to be happy: Something to do, someone to love and something to believe in. (So true!)

1990-1991: Joey aka Jake married Emily Ann Sago. Too bad Emily went mental after she found out her real parents were a pimp and his hooker! Joey left Pine Valley, divorced Emily Ann and went to med school. (They should bring Emily Ann and Donna back!)

March 2, 1988: Mark Dalton wed Ellen Shepard. (Kathleen Noone should come back too and hook back up with Mark.)

Shadow said...

This says a lot...

Anonymous said...

Favorite moment that was 28 years before I was born:

Mike Bersell went up to the attic and the world never heard from Bobby Martin again. I hope the state of Florida is happy. You got a good one... LOL

In all realistics, if they ever decided to bring back Bobby Martin, that might actually get the show to surpass Y&R.

I can see the promos now:
"The real Bobby Martin returns to All My Children!"