Monday, March 23, 2009

Cartoon Scenes & Overdone Schemes....

  • Ryan has sex with Kendall. (That's fine, though, 'cuz Greenlee said it's, like, totally okay.)
  • A-Mam-Da has a totally awesome idea about, like, how to save her kid.
  • Yet another custody battle, and this time, David and Krystal are twirling their mustaches.
  • Randi. Must. Go.
What else can we say? (Sigh.) I'd much rather talk about our friends: thanks to Louie2K for this week's totally awesome opening theme, to for a totally awesome interview last week, and to AMC Superposter for "spoiling" All My Children "so we don't have to!" (Get it?)

Y'all can fill in the rest of the blanks (as you always so capably do) here. (And send your questions to us at We'll try to answer a few during next week's show - we promise!)

3/20/09 Podcast


jordan hudson said...

OMG Just finish wtaching the BIG LOVE Season Finale. I so was blown away by all the twist and turns and the incredible acting. I'm was like being on a rollercoaster.

Looking forward to next week's premiere of the NO 1 Ladies Detective Agencey with Jill Scott! It looks like so much fun.

Still blown away by how United States of Tara is just getting more and more rich every week.

Did anyone see Better of TED! LOVED IT!

Castle is cute. Loved that Nathan Fillion as Castle said he got the idea for his first novel from watching soaps and singled out OLTL. He used to be Joey on the show lol.

Also Chesla Latley on the roundtable someone shouted out AMC!

Also LOST and FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS still pulling on my heartstrings every week.Lost had to ex OLTL Dan Gauthier (ex- Kevin) and Jeff Fahye (ex- Gary Corelli). Sun and Jin are the best supercouple on NIGHTIME right now. What a love story!

GL rocked Wednesday. Gina as Dinah.....emmy winner and that shows why. Our Special Johnny as Shane is doing some awesome work. Robert Newman is so overlooked he is just brillant love their father and son scenes.

Also finalt making a dent in catching up with my beloved TUDORS and IN TREATMEN. Have to get ready before the new season starts and then I will be really backed up.

Also May is my month. Finaly Designing Women season 1 on DVD. I will be camped outside the store Tuesday morning. Also Peyton Place part 1 of season 1...I'm really excited about this because I love the book and Movies but was not born when this series aired so now I will finaly be able to see it.

Anonymous said...

Big Love final so good! Loved that Nikki is part of the family. I can't say a bad thing about it, great season.

And United States of Tara got off to a slow start for me, but I'm loving it. It's a twisted show.

I liked Castle it's a fun show. And I was waiting for an OLTL shoutout.

Does anyone here watch Breaking Bad on the AMC channel?

Anonymous said...

Is Tori Annie's imaginary friend. That's my feeling (or she's a reporter). But consider this: The name "Tori" is very close to the word "Story", and we all know how much Annie likes to invent stories. Think of all the princess stories she's written for herself and Emma and the nauseating storybook themes Ryan used to impress her because of it. She's Annie's S-Tori.

Anonymous said...

"...GL rocked Wednesday. Gina as Dinah.....emmy winner and that shows why. Our Special Johnny as Shane is doing some awesome work. Robert Newman is so overlooked he is just brillant love their father and son scenes...."

IA, Jordan...Shayne confessed to Josh.
"I don't want to want to want her"- then even more -his guilt over the whole truth, of Lara's death.

The shot of both actors, in the snow, leaning against the chain link fence, the actors said nothing. But, for the characters it spoke volumes...Loved it!

Dinah confessed to Philip. She's trying, in her own way, to turn over a new leaf, but it's not easy by a long shot. Gina Tognoni are kickin' butt & takin' names!

More drama on the roof, yet to come. :-)


Anonymous said...

Is the interview on Dc on itunes yet? I can't find it.

Anonymous said...

Big Love was great! This season has been the best so far. It just keeps getting better and better.

I'm looking forward to #1 Ladies Detective Agency but more than that I'm tingling in anticipation for In Treatment season 2. The first one was soooooo goood! Looks like Paul will have very interesting patients plus discussing his increasingly complicated life with Gina.

Listening to the podcast now and loving you guys!

Terry in Toronto

Shadow said...

So sweet of Annie to make over Tori. Too bad Annie isn't an orthodontist! I don't know if she is a figment of Annie's imagination, but I bet she came cheap-works for scale plus the dental plan. I keep waiting for Annie to start singing "We're a Couple of Misfits" like Herbie, the elf who wants to be a dentist. I still think Tori looks like a Buck-tooth Bianca. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I would love it if Reese saw her from behind, ran up behind her and freaked out when Hee Haw Tori turned around and flashed those overbitten ivories at her. Doh!

Norn Cutson said...


no son of CARLOTTA would ***EVER*** call a woman a "bitch"!!!!

Arizonagal said...

I hate to post negative, but you can't praise crap. No spoiler, only speculation here (or maybe it's just wishful thinking) that TIIC are gearing up for another murder, the victim deservedly being David Hayward. The list of suspects is already obvious - Angie, Krystal, Colby, JR, Adam, Opal, Jake, Amanda, and Tad. The way Hayward is being written is so ridiculously heavy handed it's almost laughable. He's entered the realm of old googly eyed satin slayer Cambias, which can't end well for him. The Hayward character is wasted so I hope I'm right and he's headed for the dirt farm.

God I hate Ryan. He is undoubtedly the biggest tool on this show, make that on this earth. Five minutes after the death of the love of his life, he's overacting like a horny dog and Kendall's in heat, AGAIN, after reading what he wanted into that Greenlee farewell video. Has this guy ever been without a woman in the entire time he's been on AMC? And him talking over Kendall and kissing her in front of Zack? That is TTIC (the tools in charge) and more of their heavy handed manipulation. It's so obvious. This shit insults our intelligence people! What a total bunch of b.s., crap, caca, excrement, horse manure, feces, poop. merde, butt loaf...

Have the Chandlers ever heard of hammers, nails, plywood? Why aren't the tunnels boarded up? How many times have they expressed their need to safeguard the mansion, seal off the tunnels, knowing that half the town knows of them and anyone can walk into their home? Again, stupid and simply a not so subtle plot device.

What ticks me off about last week is you can see the wheels turning in Pratt's little pea brain. His manipulation of the viewers to feel this, think that, is so obvious that I end up resenting not just the incredibly lame characters and plot devices, but the writers who think we, the viewers, are dumb as rocks.

Tori sure reminds me of Bianca. Tori and Annie are the only people I find at all interesting these days. And yes, I think she's not real.

Meanwhile, over in Llanview, Rex looks terific with a shaved head. He looks like a man now instead of a pekinese.

I love that Marty has hired Tea. I thought when she finished with Todd, she'd be leaving and apparently not so.

Big Love rules, OLTL was great all week, as was GL, so I'm glad to see people talking about those shows.

Anonymous said...

Well guys, I'm on spring break, so I'll be on the blog a lot this week.

I gotta disagree a lil bit with ya Jordan. My sources are tellin me that there was no way that Marcy Walker would have come back. I agree with you that Jamie Luner is not the solution, but Marcy Walker is not an option.

I also am not sure that she could be Skye to the T. When Skye left General Hospital, she had matured to the point where she was denying a hot relationship with Ric Lansing because she felt that despite their chemistry both in and out of bed, that in the end, it would only lead to a lot of heartbreak and tears, and that's when she gave him Alcazar's piers and sent Ric into the middle of a mob war where he currently resides in obscurity behind Guza's golden statue of Maurice Bernard's dimples.

What I am trying to say is that the character of Skye has changed since she was last on AMC, and I think its almost a good thing that they're not bringing her back as a recast, because they would screw it up. That's how bad things have gotten that a Chandler cannot return as a recast because Pratt would screw up the character. Now if Pratt took about five minutes and called up his butt buddy, Bob Guza, and asked about how he had developed the character of Skye, then I could be okay with it. I love Robin Christopher, but I'm not a strict opposition to a recast. I'm not sure that Jamie Luner could be as mature as Skye has become.

Who am I kiding? Pratt would probably eff it up, and forget that Skye has a daughter.

Jordan, your watching Castle right? I love Castle!! We have two soap alums on their. Fillion from OLTL and Seamus Dever from GH who played the evil Dr. Ian Devlin, who shot Michael Corinthos in the head. I like it because it comes from a different perspective than other cop shows. It's something that I can understand a little bit more.

Laura said...

Ooh Big Love was so good. It looks like we have enough viewers on here that it deserves a mention on the next podcast. Probably more of us watch Big Love than AMC!

I missed In Treatment. But I see some episodes are ON DEMAND. Goody, something quality to watch.

I'm also going to try to watch Ladie's Detective Club.

Gee I've talked about everything else but AMC. Bless their hearts. Great podcast so far. Listening to it this morning.

Laura said...

Remember Cecily from AMC? I loved her with Nico, ex Maurice Bernard. I saw this in the Chicago Sun-Times. Not sure how to post a link. But her picture is in there. I know Jordan remembers this actress. So do I. If I was closer, I'd go see her.

Former 'All My Children' actress stars in local play

Members of Glenview's Nevin family can be forgiven if they sometimes forget who they are.

Jerry Nevin is rehearsing his role in Attic Playhouse's production of "Enter Laughing," which opens in April.
Rosa Nevin is playing Chris Gorman in Theater D's production of Neil Simon's "Rumors," which opens Friday in Deerfield.

And their oldest daughter, Samantha, 11, is the shoemaker in "The Elves and the Shoemaker," presented by Glenview Children's Theatre this weekend at the Glenview Park District.

"I asked Sam to help mommy with her lines. She said, 'Will you help me with mine later?' " Rosa Nevin said. "My husband and I had tried to keep our children from doing this. They never showed any interest until last year when Samantha, who has a friend also named Samantha who is doing plays, got hooked."

For Rosa Nevin, "Rumors" marks a return to an acting career that most famously included five years as Cecily Davidson Kelly Brent in the ABC soap opera "All My Children."

Nevin's tenure in Pine Valley as Cecily started in 1987 at her godmother Phoebe Wallingford's mansion and ended in 1990 when her character and Nico Kelly married and went to New York. Cecily was involved with Charlie Brent during Nevin's second stint on the show, from 1994 to 1996.

"I never really appreciated what a great job that was," she said. "It was an ensemble piece. Most everybody got along great. It was a huge cast. Back in the day, we had about 32 contract players, the regulars."

She remembers her "All My Children" days as a lot of hard work.

"You're putting together a mini-show every day. You have to get up and make sure you know all the lines and where you need to go," she said. "Like everything else, it takes leaving it behind to really appreciate the job that it was."

Nevin also made appearances on "Cheers," "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" and "Matlock." In 1994, she and her husband, who grew up in Wilmette, left Los Angeles for Glenview to have a family.

"The earthquake in 1994 closed the deal. We were stressed out trying to locate our two cats. I thought, 'I can't have a baby in a crib in a place where the earth moved,'" she said.

Nevin put acting on the back burner to raise Samantha and Miranda, now 7, until taking a part nine years ago in a Highland Park theater production. She said she couldn't pass up the role in "Rumors."

"When I read the script I thought, 'If I could get a part in this I would be so grateful," she said. "The cast is just so fantstic. We've been having so much fun. I hope it translates and I think the audience has the great time we're having."

It's taking some time for her mind to readjust to the acting life, and her soap opera past.

"I don't think about that life unless it comes up," she said. "It is amazing how it keeps popping up. Some days, three or four peole will come up to me and say, 'I remember you." Then for two weeks, I'm just Miranda's mom."

Anonymous said...

Ashley & Jordan,

Keep on doing the OLTL commentary because you are so right. OLTL is to be held up as the example of what AMC could and should be. If only Chuck Pratt could learn how to write by watching OLTL. Everybody is on the canvas and I care about everybody's situation and storyline. Ron C. is doing the ONLY headwriting job.

Terry in Toronto

Norn Cutson said...

ive got a GREAT idea for a summer storyline!!!!

COLBY gets drunk & *THINKS* she ran over DAVID HEYWARD...but it was *really* ANNIE WITH THE TIRE IRON!!!!!

Shadow said...

Buttloaf? That's one this Texas boy hasn't heard before.

It strikes me as funny the way we always talk about Crapputhers only hiring models who can't act. Then this one time she went and hired a horse to play Annie's buddy Tori. But she acts OK and is so much more animated and interesting than Randi. I'd take Bucktoothed, Hee Haw Horsie Tori over 1000 Rancids or Turdbys any day.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Yet another great podcast! And yes Jordan I LOVED LOVED LOVED Better Off Ted. Portia de Rossi, is perfect as her character and I just think everyone else in the cast fits really well. I just hope it finds an audience.

But like you both expressed this week AMC is just getting worse and worse as the days go on! And now I am fully convinced that Frons wants to see ABC daytime put in the coffin because everything has just been sooo bad. Have you ever seen a picture of that man? He looks like a Nazi, at least to me, and I don't think it's a coincidence.. He is a soap opera Nazi as far as I am concerned. I hope he gets fired!

Also for everyone who actually cares Rebecca Budig got a guest starring gig on "How I Met Your Mother", which is exciting I don't know when it will air. But I always think she has done well when she has guest starred on sitcoms, so it should be good.

Ps- The clip you played at the end just made me so sad/mad.. It is so obvs that Eden and Tamra didn't sign on to play what they are playing now. They thought they were going to play a true lesbian love story line, but as we all know now that is not the case.. Eden should just cut her loses and go work on Imaginary Bitches season 2 and give Tamra a part in it because it's high time they both worked on something good and actually worthwhile.

Anonymous said...


So just found out that Aiden Turner's wife is pregnant.

1. who else knew that he was married?
2. i thought he was fucking someone who works for amc to keep is job. c'mon! he has to be. if he's not, than these execs must be CRAZZZYYY!

again... HE CAN'T ACT!!!!

Anonymous said...

Personally, I'd love to see David die at his own hands, spiking someone's drink with poison and then accidentally drinking it. But, hell, a tire iron will do too.

Anonymous said...

OT bloggers. Ashley and Jordan mentioned Natasha Richardson, may she rest in peace. About 10 years ago my bro fell about 15 feet and landed on his head while he was at work. He was fine, got up, put some ice on his head, refused to go to a doc, and then 20 minutes later, he started showing symptoms. He got to the hospital within an hour of falling, was not expected to survive, but did, with some minor permanent damage. That first hour is critical. I remember the doc saying that just tripping and hitting the floor, or falling off a step stool could result in a fatal injury. So I reiterate, as Ashley said, get thee to the hospital!

Mel Got Served said...

Why does EVERY female have to get involved with Zach??? I am so sick of Zach!

WHYZA LIZA??? Why bring back Liza when there are already too many underused characters? And another Melrose Place alum- SHOCKER. Chuck Pratt is really pulling some casting strings if you ask me.

Ashley, your Ryan impression is spot on. He growls and doesn't open his mouth when he's angry, or sad, or anything. BTW, Ryan where's Emma? Bad dad!!

Mel Got Served said...

ROFLMAO Angie on Monday's episode:

Randy: I'm so sorry, I don't know where my head's been.
Angie: I could guess.

HAHAHAH- Ziiiiing!

Anonymous said...

Was it really Emma's birthday? Annie was showing Tori Emma's birthday present, and Horny Ryan was trying to boink Kendall. I'm cornfused!

Arizonagal said...

Hey JordAsh, I had a Tio Lito!

It's fun being latin, no?

Anonymous said...

I want to see a tsunami hit Pine Valley and Randi, Colby, Aidan and Ryan are washed away.

Or maybe an earthquake and the remaining residents are forced to live for a month in end of the world like scenario.

How about a plague of locusts? That's about the only outlandish thing Pratt hasn't come up with yet.

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

Who says Liza is going to be with Zach. The spoiler says involved but it didn't say romantically

Anonymous said...

Is anyone else having trouble downloading the Daytime Confidential episode with Ashley & Jordan? It "became available" on i-tunes about 10pm tonight....but everytime I try to download it, it errors out. I am DYING to hear it!!!!

Is it just me, or is anyone else having this problem?


Norn Cutson said...

i get that error message too & i am *ACHIN* to hear it!!!

i posted that i was havin trouble in their comments!

Laura said...

Me three, tried Itunes and their site. Looking forward to this interview.

Laura said...

I just saw on Letterman site, Will Ferrell doing Maria, he jokingly said he is in this play. Pretty funny for fans of this play.

Norn Cutson said...


jordan hudson said...

Casey Shamless...I so agree with you the cast of Better off Ted is perfection. They are all well suited for their roles and that makes for a greta ensemble. I don't even mind the blond who I usually dont care for. Thou Portia rules. I loved her on Alley but she had me as a fan for life with Arrested Development. I'm glad she is on TV again. Hope ABC gives this show a chance.
Castle is like comfort food. Nothing outrageous new or different but it fills you ap and makes you feel good. Nathan is great. Anything that gives me Susna Sullivan I watch. And I love the actress who plays his daughter. Why couldnt she be Colby. See there are beautiful peeople who can ACT Judy Blight Wilson.

I will say this AMC was some what decent yesterday. The dialogue was not as sophmoric as it has been for the last few months. Who ever wrote use history which I love. Thought it was great when Erica compared David to Les Baxter for Jesse. Finaly saw the Jesse I know when he grabbed David after he made a threat against Frankie. Erica and Kendall were on fire. I even had a favorite line.....when Erica told KWAK " when you look in a mirror is anyone there." I was amused. See when good things happen I'm happy. I even had soem respect for Resse.

Liza shouldn't be with Zach in any capacity romantice or otherwise. The character has enought baggae to deal with just in regards to Tad, Adam, Jake, Colby, KWAK and David. For them to mention her being involved with Zach makes me worry that yet again the writers dont know what the F*&^ they are doing.

Lauar thanks for the Rosa Nevin update. I loved Cecily, such a classic AMC character. I always heard her and Maurice did not get along which explains the explosive chemistry they had. Nico and Cecily were not on long but boy did they light up the screen.

Terry In treatment is the kind of show for people who don't have a.d.d. I'm so glad its coming back. It truly could not get by if Judy Blight Wilson was casting. That show meeds actors. I was blown away and need to catch up for season 2.

Norn Cutson said...

notes on Monday's episode

• COLE in jail

i want COLE & TÉA to hook up...romantically!!!

• SKANKY: "Why would I save *your* son?"

• here's DORIAN!

• i like MO, RAY & SEAN gangin' up on TODD!

• OOOOH DORIAN's gonna go after TÉA!!! i love that!!

• they are makin' SKANKY *too* evil *too* fast.

i know the DC folks see her as Fron's meddling. Like all these sick kids stories were supposed to be balanced out with a sweet VIKI & CHARLIE lovestory, but Frons pulled the plug on that.

SKANKY's story about highschool makes her seem like a scary psycho.

• i want a hug from ADDIE.


• SKANKY: "God sent me!"

Shadow said...

So I'm listening to the podcast and it is dead-on as usual. I just got to the Buck-Toothed Booger Face part (BTBF) and went into a fit of laughter. I must be a little immature because it sent me into a giggle fit. Ashley, I think you have gotten in touch with your inner-Opal. It's like you read my mind last week. It's amazing really how in-synch our thoughts were about the show last week. Jordan, you are making some extraordinary points. I wish someone at ABC would listen to the things you say. Your observations really would make a difference.

I appreciate that AMC is trying to explain their way out of some of the dumb crap they have thrown out the past few months. Reese's dream sequence and all that. But those s/ls are just too effed up. I still would take it as a sign of hope that they were getting the message but then they go and botch Kendall and Ryan. Why does everyone have to be hooked up on this show?

I like seeing them turn back to the war theme but again, they sort of blew that a few months ago. Angie is all over the place. A few months ago she was trying to convince Frankie not to go. Now she's comforting Rancid. And if the whole storyline is going to hang on the shoulders of Rancid, fuck it. Move on. Girl. Can't. Act.

Erica is doing some good stuff. I'm encouraged Jordan liked yesterday some. I wish they would slow it all down, reboot with some different storylines, and quit trying to make stuff work that they've already blown. Take down the pictures of Babe. Quit torturing JR. Abort Amanda's baby. Let Rancid get eaten by some wild animal. Let Pete save the Courtlands. Recast Turdby. Find Carmen. Ditch Jack. Give everyone a place of their own to live even if the sets are smaller and less glamorous than they used to be. Stay out of the hospital set for a while. Give me lots and lots of Joe. Give the Hubbards a real, ethnically generic storyline. Let Aidan have mind blowing sex with InsAnnie and die from a spontaneous aneurysm brought on by his orgasmic euphoria. Get Adam out of the role of Grandpa and back in the board room. Not the Fusion Board Room. In fact, let ConFusion cave in from undiscovered, latent structural instability from the tornado. As the building caves in, let a beam fall on Ryan so he too bleeds from his ass and dies. Zach, I got nothing for him. Give him a vacation. Hire Buck Tooth Booger Face to take over for Eden Reigel so we can watch her attempt to kiss bony Reese with those huge teeth.

Mel Got Served said...

What could have made the Angie/Frankie stuff better is she puts on a front when she is with Randi, being strong, etc. then she would go into the bathroom and secretly bawl thinking of Frankie leaving.

Shadow said...

I couldn't download the DC Itunes file either. It errors out.

Laura said...

Loved the DC interview. I loved the shoutout Jamie gave me and Norn. I feel like a celeb today. Glad I helped push this along by being a nag.

Oh my God, Ryan shoving that stuff off the desk was so bad. But the look on his face was so stupid.

Kendall looks beautiful

Anonymous said...

Ashley and Jordan,

Just listened to your DC interview on itunes, mahhhvelous! I think their listeners will get a good sense of your style if they haven't heard you before...don't be surprised if your your little "empire" grows!! I still think they should revive Soap Talk and give it to you!

Still haven't listened to YOUR show yet....that's up next..


(still in Las Vegas...for now)

Arizonagal said...

Hey Jordash, at work, just finished listening to your DC interview. You guys RULED! All of you. I loved Luke and Jamie too. You all had such a great chemistry. Terrific job. LOVE YOU GUYS!

Anonymous said...

I have a might be a dumb one, but I have to ask it anyway.

There was no Thursday or Friday episode of Y&R due to March Madness. So does that mean I will be watching a "friday cliffhanger" today (Tuesday)....or do they adjust for that? If they don't, then wouldn't that mean the episodes would always be two days off? I don't get how this works.

Hope this makes sense.


Anonymous said...

Cathy - Ashley & Jordan hosting Soap Talk. That would be AMAZING!! I would get SoapNet just to watch them. GREAT IDEA!!!


Crystal said...

Love the podcast this week.

Wow, Turdby hit Krystal with some crystal. I almost saw a glimmer behind the eyes but, then it was gone.

Why did Kendall have a hula hoop on her tiny finger today? Oh wait, that was supposed to be a ring. I was confused there for a minute when it was swinging around her finger. ;)

Anonymous said...

Ashley & Jordan -

Is there a time limit on your podcast? Ashley, you are always telling Jordan "we are running later, you have two minutes for OLTL", then Jordan goes on for way longer than two minutes (which I LOVE!). Does it really matter how long the podcast is? I say, the more the better!!!! I could listen to you guys all day long!!


Melissa said...

Great interview guys!!! I'm glad JordAsh is getting lots of buzz.

I have been pondering over a few things, and I thought all you ass-toot people could help.

1. Does anyone else think that the "you've always been in love with Ryan" excuse is flimsy? I wish the writers could have come up with something a little more believable. Yes, they have a history, but she really loves Zach.

2. When did Erica become friends with J.R. again? She's putting herself on the line in a huge way, and last I remembered, she was furious with him for trying to kill Kendall and Bianca. WTF???

Anonymous said...

Lovin the podcast so far and downloading the PVP meets interview, I'm excited for it lol.

Norn Cutson said...

here's Roma Torre's review of WEST SIDE STORY

Anonymous said...

Colin Egglesfield has joined the cast of the new Melrose Place. Good for him, he's hot!

Anonymous said...

oh and here's the link

Anonymous said...

So does anyone think that Pratt is smoking crack?

Colby hit Krystal over the head with crystal.

I don't know whether to go play in traffic or cry my eyes out. What the heck is going on.

Anonymous said...

PVP meets DC was a Riot!!!! I Loved It!!!!

You guys have to do another one soon!


Chloe said...

Congrats to both Ashley and Jordan for the interview on DC! I can't wait to listen to it! Jordan and Jamey should go head-to-head in a Soap Opera Jeopardy style game. That would be fun and I'm sure it would get nasty! LOL! I'm so glad you guys are getting recognized and I hope this podcast gets a lot of listeners because of the interview!

Also, thanks to all for the kind words written last week. I've downloaded this weeks podcast and the interview podcast on DC so I can listen to them in the hospital. I'll have to make sure that the nurses know that the screaming coming from my room is just me laughing from the podcast!

I'm glad I see so much love for GL, Y&R and OLTL! These 3 soaps make me happy that I'm still a soap fan! I have a gripe with OLTL though and her name is Stacy! This character was introduced way too fast and I cannot buy her reasoning for witholding bone marrow from her nephew. She's pissed because she saw Rex she serious??? I hope she is a short-term character because she cannot be redeemed!

Norn Cutson said...

new interview with Tamara Braun

For you as an actress, has this been a more difficult role to play? It seems like Reese is the outsider in Pine Valley, whom no one accepts. She never got a fair shake.

It’s been difficult in the sense that she’s never had a clear point of view. One minute I think I am playing a story line that is going one way, and then there is a detour. So I have to make it clear in my head. Yes, it’s not fun playing the outsider who has nobody, and no strong leg to stand on. Reese has been under a microscope since she came to town and doesn't have any family to support her. There is no one around who knows the essence of who she really is. In some respects, it’s not the story I was coming to play ... in others, it was.

In what sense was it the story you thought you were coming to play?

We were getting married, which is why I wanted to do the role. I thought that we were going to show what it’s like to be a same-sex couple in a loving, committed relationship dealing with what life throws at them and the outside world and how they are treated. There are a lot of story points and ideas I thought we were going to hit upon, but they decided to take it another route.

Norn Cutson said...

new interview with my beloved Ilene Kristen (ROXY, OLTL)!

Ashley said...

Hey Norn - thanks for the West Side Story review! ILMAO! Tony's "testerone level is lacking," huh? That's one way to put it!!!

I'm shocked that the reviewer didn't comment on Maria's appearance. Oh, that's right -- when she appeared onstage, the refelction from her complexion was so bright and blinding, he probably couldn't see the pages in his notebook to write about it.... ;)

Norn Cutson said...

that girl who is playin MARIA...she is talented, but she ain't no MARIA!

she would be great for a musical version of an Audrey Hepburn movie...but, if the point in having the SHARKS sing español is to add "gritty realism" to the production, casting a blue-eyed red-haired porcelain-skinned MARIA completely undoes that!

Anonymous said...

hey, go see west side story!! this guy i used to go to school with is playing a shark!!!

So happy for Colin!!!!

Norn Cutson said...

ya'll are gonna groove on that Ilene Kristen interview!
she tells ALL the backstage dirt on RYANS HOPE, LOVING, & OLTL!

Anonymous said...

Loved,loved,LOVED you guys on DC and on this week's podcast.

As usual, you're more entertaining and insightful than the hot three dollar mess that is AMC these days.

Kudos to JordAsh.

And btw, Colin Egglesfield is playing a Surfer/wannabe Chef on Melrose Place. Which likely means lots of semi naked Colin. YAY!


Norn Cutson said...

heads up!
DESTINY is gonna be on OLTL tomorrow!!!

Unknown said...

Hey Ashley and Jordan
I discovered you guys a few mths ago and just wanted to say that I look fwd to every Sunday so that I can download the latest podcast. I love you guys!!! You are TOO funny and have me cracking up at work. I bet people think I am crazy laughing at my desk by myself! LOL
Also, since you mentioned it, I thought I would check out the DC podcast. I am sure they are great people and know their stuff... but compared to you guys.. they are SNORESVILLE!!!! I don't think I laughed once but you guys have me laughing the whole show!
I know nothing against DC but just wanted to let you guys know how great of a job you do no matter what you talk about whether its AMC or OLTL. I enjoy the DWTS/Amer Idol discussions and I don't even watch those shows! LOL either way it cracks me up!
Keep up the hilarity!! Even if Jordan cant watch AMC anymore... I'd listen to you 2 dish on just about anything! :)

Anonymous said...

The DC interview was terrific. Ashley and Jordan you really wowed them like all of us here on the PVP blog knew you would.

Now we just need to get you two a guest spot on a TV show.

Terry in Toronto

Chloe said...

Norn...I read that Tamara Braun interview too. I love how honest she is in her interviews about how this was not the story she signed up for. It really is so dissapointing that Tamara and Eden didn't get to do the storyline that they thought they were going to do. It's like signing a player to a contract to play shortstop and then when they get there they are told they have to play right field. Doesn't seem quite fair. It would have been so groundbreaking and inspiring. It could have been something that we had never seen before. I really feel bad for Eden and Tamara for having to be part of the Kendall and Zach storyline instead of having their own like it sounds they were promised. I can almost guarantee that if AMC told TB the storyline that they actually did instead of the one they initally told her, then she would not of signed up.

TB is a rock star and I wish her well in whatever she does no matter what.

Laura said...

A little more on Colin. Former All My Children hottie Colin Egglesfield will be taking on a new role in primetime. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Egglesfield will joining the cast of the new Melrose Place reboot, set to air this fall on The CW. Colin will portray one of the series' leading males, Auggie, an an avid surfer and works at a very popular restaurant as a sous chef. He has aspirations of one day working for himself, but for now, he pays the bills by slaving over a hot stove.

Like mentioned before I am so happy for him. Gee an ex AMC person going to Melrose place instead of vice-versa.

Think I'll send him a facebook shoutout.

I also imagine a lot of shirtless scenes. I may watch this show for Colin. Didn't watch the first one too much. I had a little kid at the time, and worked full time.

Norn Cutson said...

i found this nice picture of Shenell Edmonds (DESTINY, OLTL)

i'm trying to find out what i can about her, & how we can get more of DESTINY!

Luis Merino said...

Chloe, what you said about Stacy and OLTL... I totally agree!! I absolutely loathe her character, and its not in that "i hate what the character is doing, but am digging the drama"... No. The entire stacy storyline is ridiculous and her bitchiness straight pisses me off.

Nothing annoys me more than when characters do Bad and far-fetched things, and end up getting away with it, when it can easily be prevented.

While I recognize Gigi is desperate to save Shane, if she were to just tell Rex Stacy's plan, they could both essentially pressure her into giving up "her" bone marrow (THATS NOT EVEN HERS).

Stacy is ruining the show for me. The end.

Shadow said...

Ashley and Jordan I really enjoyed the DC/PVP podcast. I knew it would be entertaining, but the best part was listening to them as they listened to you and bore witness to the gifts you share with us every week thru your show. Seriously, irrespective of AMC, you two are gifted pop culture commentators. I downloaded several podcasts about Heroes, Lost, Soaps, etc. And they are pretty dry. Ashley your personality is so effervescent. You're like the character who walks down the street with flowers blooming and birds singing behind her. Jordan, not only are you funny, but you are sincerely passionate about your shows. Your expertise on DC was even more impressive than usual. But your pairing is just brilliant. The outburst of joyous laughter from the DC folks was so honest. It's a great example of the raw laughter that your asutue observations bring out in all of us each week. People at the gym thought I was a nutcase today. I can't help but laugh outloud. Thanks again for sharing this with all of us. I hope the DC interview is just the beginning of great things for you two. My only regret about the interview was that he didn't say "Turd" when you were playing word association. Man I was holding onto that treadmill for dear life waiting for that one.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say, I didn't watch AMC last week due to school, so the recaps on the podcast this week proved especially helpful. Love you guys!

...and good to see that there's some other Stacy Morasco dislikers on the blog, my vocabulary problems notwithstanding ;D

Norn Cutson said... Rolls Out “Ugly Betty” Webisodes Take Two is rolling out six weekly Webisodes to pitch the May return of UGLY BETTY to ABC’s primetime schedule. The first in the series, UGLY BETTY: MODE AFTER HOURS, debuted last week. The short-form content follows the show’s characters Marc (Michael Urie) and Amanda (Becki Newton) in different adventures at the Mode fashion magazine publishing office after the workday is done and everyone has left.

Norn Cutson said...

two more good items from WE LOVE SOAPS...

Strasser: "You mean I have to buy that bitch again?"

Manhattanites Coming to DVD May 6

Shadow said...

The webisodes are an interesting idea. Seems like they could do some cool stuff with on the web with the soaps too. Soap viewers are so loyal. If ABC would hire someone imaginative enough to tap the audience potential, it could have a built in audience for other shows. Daytime is the only thing with a "brand" on the 3 networks. I think they are crazy not to give the shows their identity and budgets back and invest in it again-much the way Disney creates and brands its younger stars. ABC could build off daytime if they quit treating it like a bastard child of network programming.

Anonymous said...

Well it looks like they found someone to air The Daytime Emmys, it will air on The Cw on August 31st. Idk why CBS couldn't just air them since they did good when they aired it, I'm hoping this year will be OLTL's year.

Arizonagal said...

AMC... sigh... Zach, so ruined. He is in the gutter with Ryan and Aidan now. Dead to me! I could not care less that he's renewed his contract, though I do think he's redeemable, but ooohh, my soap is dragging me down down down. JordAsh I feel your pain.

My husband asked me the other day why I still watched a show that I said was the "worst soap on the tube". I told him 1) been watching it since 1971, so it's a bad habit; 2) gotta watch it to keep up with the podcast. BTW JordAsh, he LOVES your podcast, he listens to it in the car when we're out and about.

Most human moment last week: OLTL never takes the easy way out. Cole went to see Matthew and they discuss the accident. I loved their conversation, so honest, so real. The nurse brings in pain pills for Matthew, and Cole, after all their discussion of drugs, TAKES THE PILLS. And it was totally in character. I don't know who plays Cole, but DAMN, he's really capturing the whole addiction thing and he's doing a phenomenal job. I wonder, is it possible Cole is hooking Pratthole up with some of his stuff? That would explain a lot.

Norn Cutson said...

i had a meeting with some editors @ DC COMICs today.
not for any specific job, just to meet & show them my style.
they liked me & my work very much, but i dont think they had anything for me.
they *did* take me to their BOOK ROOM & gave me a DC COMICS bag & told me to fill it up with whatever i wanted...i got a ***bunch*** of graphic novels, stuff i would not have bought myself but i'd always wanted to read...that was really fun!

& who knows, maybe they will keep me in mind for something down the line!

now i am gonna eat mushroom risotto & watch OLTL! i cant wait to see DESTINY!

Anonymous said...

I haven't listened to your latest podcast yet, but I love listening to you 2!! Alright, question... is it just me, am I going crazy, or did we completely miss how Krystal ended up in the hospital and Colby and JR in jail???? The last thing I remember w/ Krystal was her chasing after JR at the Chandler mansion yesterday (Tues) and JR about to be pulled over with Little A in the backseat.. what the heck happened?? I asked my mom about it and she was thinking she was just as crazy, is it us or have the decided to leave important stuff out yet again?

Thanks for the laughs every week.


Anonymous said...

How tired are all of you with seeing those damn New York & Company bags?!?!??

We get it.... product placement!

I do find it a little hard to believe that Angie and JR have time to shop at New York & Company. Do they think we are complete idiots? Yeah... they probably do?

Shadow said...
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Shadow said...

I thought this was a store for the bigger boned gal. Not that there is anything wrong with that mind you. I looked it up and guess I was wrong. All the models were skinny. All the stuff on Erica looks like it's been sized down 10 sizes. In fact most of the stuff I've seen on the AMC folks is kind of crappy looking and ill fitting. Kwak's khaki dress was awful. Erica's gray dress totally didn't fit. That blue shirt and those gray pants on Rancid looked like they were about to unravel. That may be fine in real life, but c'mon it's a soap. Be fabulous! The guys are probably shitting that AMC is going to make them wear clothes from some crap store for men--think of Cameron in a thong from Sears. You know that's gotta make him pucker up a little. Ouch.

Norn Cutson said...

notes on Tuesday's episode


• oh you know NORA doesnt wanna be talkin to TÉA!


• tsk, listen to TODD tellin VIKI those lies!!!

• TALIA!!!

i guess this is how they are writing ANTONIO out.

• BLAIR & STARR, VIKI & TODD, JESS & BRODY, TÉA & NORA...good actors paired with good actors...that is very satisfying for me.

• i am not as quick to write off SKANKY as the DC folk, *BUT* they *DID* skip over some crucial character development & now she's being written so evil, i dont see how this character is gonna be redeemed.

• listen to li'l HOPE/CHLOE babbling!

• VIKI: "I am choosing sanity over chaos! Try it some time!"

oh i LOVE this!

• ANTONIO's hair implants look a lot better combed this way.

• Florencia Lozano gives us REAL TEARS!!!

YES!!! SLAP HER!!!!!

i want to see all this blow up in SKANKY's face!!!!

Melissa said...

The best scene in today's AMC is when Emma pulled her underwear out of her butt after she hopped down from Ryan's lap :-)

Erica Kane said...

Loved the interview with DC!! I am halfway thru the new podcast and as always SPOT ON!!! OLTL has been rocking but does anyone know why Nora is no longer in the opening credits?? She is not on either version of the credits for OLTL. I am so tired of waiting for AMC to update their opening I half expect to see Jenny and Greg in the opening....
Miss Kane

Norn Cutson said...

notes on Wednesday's episode

• SHANE's workin on his comic!
you know i love that!

ok, today you can see its a baldy wig!

• here's DESTINY!!!!!

* here's CARLOTTA & JAMIE!

everytime they show JAMIE, she's drawing that *same* picture!

• oh BO is makin me cry!!!!
BO tuckin that blanket around MATTHEW makes me miss my family really bad!!!!

• i LOVE DESTINY comin in & takin charge!

• i love NATTY KNOCKERS' vision of what would happen if she told JESS!!
those POV shots of JESS being dragged away, ha ha!!!

• i really like VIKI & CLINT's friendship. they treat each other with respect and not as enemies (if this was AMC they would just bicker back & forth for 20 years)

• NATTY, you *KNOW* you gotta tell VIKI first!!!

• i love it when people slap some reality in TODD's face!

• ¡¡¡¡¡MATTHEW & DESTINY 4EVA!!!!!!

• OH MAN, looks like TÉA & DORIAN are teamin' up!

• DESTINY is SEAN's little sister!

• now i would enjoy TESS goin after SKANKY!!!

i would LOVE to see that battle!!!

• tsk, NATTY, you better tell VIKI!!!
*especially* coz this means JESS aint really integrated!!


Shadow said...

You know if we have to have people in the credits who aren't on the show, I would choose Jenny and Greg over Dre and Babe. In fact I would be OK with Greg and Jenny instead of headshots of some current "stars"-Rancid, Turdby. If I were an exec producer or responsible for a daytime show I would have serious problems with whoever the lazy ass is who can't find the time to keep the opening up to date. Luis, wouldn't that be a fairly inexpensive thing they could do in house?

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

So I think AMC has been a little bit better this week, but I'm not sure.. I really can't tell anymore with this show. The one thing that needs to happen, well not the only thing just the one that I feel like talking about, is David needs to get a swift kick in the ass soon or I am going to give a swift kick to my television next time he is on screen because it is just getting so frustrating to watch him twirl his mustache every single day and have Krystal not realize a damn thing about it.

But on a good note, BETTER OFF TED was great last night. I am really feeling this show. And like you said Jordan, I usually can't stand the blonde girl who was on 'Joey', but on this show she is really good and likable. I can't wait to see how the rest of the season turns out.

PS- So excited for "In the Motherhood" tonight... Hopefully it is as good as TED.

Ashley said...

Note to my darling Shadow: I know you're married with children, but I'm feeling something special between us! ;) Thanks for the sweet nothings, baby --you're such a gem to have on the blog. You crack me up every time I read one of your posts!

I think we're starting to think alike, too! When Luke said "Brianne Moncrief" during Word Association on the DC interview, I came *thisclose* to shouting "Turdby!" But "Five-Head" came out first, and then I felt SOOOOO bad for some reason! I mean, this is the first time some folks have heard us. So I couldn't add "Turdby" after that because then I would have really felt like a heel!

Besides, it's not *her* fault she can't act! My new Facebook friend, Judy Blye Wilson, hired her.... Judy must have seen *something* there! ;) (You finish the sentence., Norn - I can't!)

Anonymous said...

Ok as much as I'm loving OLTL as always... Shane's bald head is so FAKE, Hilarious, and distracting. I can see it coming off of his head every time he moves and you can see the make up circling around his poor face. I just needed to share that. Also, the DC interview was GREAT.. love you guys as always.. and AMC was semi-watchable yesterday, I don't know.

Norn Cutson said...

yeah, she saw something all right...a WIDE LOAD sticker across the 5head!

check out Damon The Soap Shrink's interview with Susan Haskell (MARTY, OLTL)!

Norn Cutson said...

notes on Thursday's episode

• here's TÉA & MARTY!

• MATTHEW is doin his PT.

• STARR & LANGSTON drink orange juice @ LA BOULAISE

• here's ROXY!!!
She's done SHANE up like David Bowie, ZIGGY STARDUST-era!!!!!

(if i wasnt so beat-down depressed, i would be *HOWLING* with laughter!)

• oh that bad kid is gonna slip COLE some more drugs.

• oh, here's MATTHEW's wheelchair.
poor MATT, to him it looks like the end.

• tsk, COLE is just gettin himself in deeper...& poor ol' STARR is blaming herself for everything...again!

• ROXY: "Get to the hospital and let someone suck out your bones!"

I ****LOVE**** seeing ROXY PISSED!!!!

ROXY: "You dont mess with me, Morasco!"

• oooh as down as i am, i am smiling HUGE about the REAL donor!!!

i know something will sabotage it, but let me, REX, SHANE, & GIGI be happy for a minute!

• i love BO.
he & MATTHEW got me cryin; again.
BO is such a great dad.

• uh oh, COLE's arraingment is starting.

What did NORA just do??!?!?!

OMG my heart is in my throat!!!!


• & now MATTHEW's got me cryin even more!

• & now COLE's got me BAWLING!!!!

omg i have a whole new respect for NORA!


• i'm crackin up every time they SHANE all ZIGGY STARDUST!!!!
that is just a scream, they have such creative people @ OLTL!

• OOH did you see REX pick up ROXY & swing her around?
i loved that!

i know thats just such a little thing, but thats what real life happy people DO!!!

• NORA's on the phone with RACHEL!

• ooh time for COLE's urine test.
arent you glad he's not going to OAKHAVEN?

• STARR's goin crazy over MR seems to me like shes trying to convince herself its REAL LOVE to block COLE out of her mind.

• ROXY:(praying) "Thank you for outsmarting that B-I-T-C-H Stacey!"


• uh oh here comes MICHAEL with bad news.

oh man...couldnt they save the bad news for tomorrow?????

Christine said...

Erica was deeeeeliiiiicious today. best quote of the day "Careful, Chrystal. We wouldn't want to rupture something" pointing a finger to her head. Haaaa hahaha.

Laura said...

Judy Blye Wilson is now my friend on facebook, too. Scary!

Sorry, I can't stand to watch this week, but I love the fact Destiny is Sean's sister on OLTL. A new character connected to another character. What a novel idea for ABC. I want them to have a whole family. We need some diversity on TV.

Norn Cutson said...

i dont watch GL, but i watched WE LOVE SOAPS OTALIA clip of the day, & it was one of the sweetest things ive seen!!!

i'm not gonna start watching the show, but i *am* gonna keep an eye out for OLIVIA & NATALIA clips & follow their story!

jordan hudson said...

casey what did you think of In the motherhood. I had to say I agreed with the critics here in NYC. I never saw the webisodes. Yet all I kept thinking was how much funnier it would have been with the original actresses. I was really hoping for the best. So disappointed with Megan as a real theatre actress she should have tried to avoid going into her Karen role. It was just water down Karen Walker. This was her time to show her range and create a whole new character. Oh well there is 30 minutes of my life back to me.

Tasha from Brooklyn, NY said...

I am this c lose from to stop watching AMC. I can't believe the crap that I am seeing on my screen. Of course Kendall is in love with her husband but confused with all that she found out since she has been out of her coma. I am sorry but I am a Zendall fan and basically hate they way they have regressed her to be with Ryan. Rendall is dead leave it dead. Also I agree with Jordan I am so sick of the language on the show every woman is a skank, tramp, whore etc. I brought this up on another site and also ate me alive. I also agree about Liza this is the wrong actress to play her and liza shouldn't be with Zach. Zach should be with Kendall

Norn Cutson said...

Nelson Branco's new column is up!

Arizonagal said...

Ashley, I know you are camera shy, but have you ever thought of a career as a voice-over actress for commercials or animated series? You'd be terrific on the Simpsons. I can also see you as the voice of one of those talking babies on commercials, or an edgy puppet like Triumph. Think about it Ash, you are so talented!

Jamey on DC reminded me so much of Taylor Crawford. That interview was terrific, and I thought you guys were really on your game.

Ugh, Jordan, did I hear you say Liza is being paired with Zach? Sounds like she's going to be defending Zach in some criminal trial, about damned time.

This is a bummer because that means that we have to endure Kendall and Ryan yet again. I hate those two as a couple, they get on my last nerve, mostly because Ryan is so pathetic. He's a LOSER big time.

Cam's acting the last few weeks has been soooo bad, I can't even believe it. I used to think CM sucked because of the material, but hey, turns out the guy is a sucky actor. Sorry CM, you are a nice man, but get thee to a game show. He'd be perfect for an updated "Dating Game".

Anonymous said...

I can't stomach it. Don't the writers and producers even watch the show for consistency?

Last week, Barry Shire worked for David. This week he works for JR and Adam?

And this whole Ryan / Zach feud and Ryan / Kendall romance - barf, barf, barf.

Normally I watch the DVR version so I can FF through this crap. Today, I am watching in real time and can't believe how bad it really is. Isn't it sad I'm hoping for and Annie and Adain scene? And even Randy's work is more tolerable than the main story line?

Poor Ashley and Jordan. We'd forgive you if you used the FF yourself and spent more time talking about OLTL - its better than most prime time TV and certainly better than my once-great AMC.


PS - is Adam gone for good????

Arizonagal said...

Mark, only a true hard core AMC fan would watch in real time. I admire your courage!

This is what we do. This is our credo. We kneel at the altar and light a candle for AMC. We bow down before the pagan Gods of daytime and lift AMC up in a prayer for healing. We commit our valuable time to the citizens of PV. Why do we do this? So we can keep up with the Pine Valley Podcast! We are the cult of JordAsh...

namaste (damn I miss Vickers!)

brown penny said...

Does anyone here think Krystal and David actually have any genuine love for each other? I still can't figure this out. Why would Kwak marry that psycho? Was it the drugs? Is she still drugged? They don't appear to even *like* each other. This is such a big mistake by the TIIC. It seems almost like they were thrown together because no one could think of anything else to do with them. Blech. I'd rather watch Joaquin Phoenix and Octomom as a couple.

Gimme somemore Jesse and Angie in some real life situations. They are wasting the Hubs!

Jordan, you watch Lost. Were you horrified when Sayid shot young Ben? I hate violence against children, that was horrible.

Anonymous said...

I want to know who Nelson Branco is talking about in his blind items. Does anyone have ideas?

Terry in Toronto

Norn Cutson said...

i saw Trevor St John on the street today, @ bway & 72nd.
he's more attractive in person than on screen.

brown penny said...

I want to know who Nelson Branco is talking about in his blind items. Does anyone have ideas?

Terry in Toronto

Well TNT these are my answers:

Dierdre Hall
Thorsten Kaye
Tuc Watkins

Now what were the questions!

Shadow said...


Reese just doesn’t matter, and Rendall is the suxtet without part of the tet.

Zach is a weird, unlikable prick. But all he did was kiss Reese. Kendall has had sex with someone else twice during their marriage. And this time she can’t say she thought he was dead. I don’t think of this character as being that stupid.

And who talks to their Mom about sex anyway? Ick.

OMG, did Angie just make a dick joke? She can guess where Rancid’s head has been? Not sure if I should laugh or be appalled that Angie has been reduced to dick jokes. Whatever, it would seriously piss me off if my mother kept walking in on me having sex.

Strange that Erica sticking up for JR after he tried to kill her daughter. Honestly, none of that should ever have happened, so I don’t really mind them just erasing that part of AMC’s history and putting Erica and JR back on friendly terms. Not everyone on this show can be at odds all the time.

Erica talking about Les Baxter is nice, but this storyline doesn’t compare. They wish.

Frankie needs to not be half naked in front of Angie. And why are they kissing in front of her with his thumb on Rancid’s underboob!. There should be no underboob around the mother!

Reese got her sight back. Kendall got her bitch back.

Wow, a Les Baxter reference and a Myrtle scene. They almost had me and then they cut back to Rancid.

This David Hayward storyline is toxic. They should write their way out of it fast. He doesn’t need a lawyer or a baby. He just needs is some fine tail, and I’m sorry, KWAK ain’t it.

Erica is on her game, but Kwak isn’t really up to the challenge. She ain’t no Brooke.

ERICA TO REESE: Is there no getting rid of you? I have no desire to listen to anything you have to say. Go away. I love Erica today. So you’re blaming your Mommy?

Aidan and Zach—first FF of the day.

RYAN: You’re son-in-law is a walking black hole. Amen to that.

Rancid’s dress is bleach white. She’s a HOOKER. Shouldn’t there at least be a big red seam down the side of it or something?

Ever notice Rancid is missing a tooth on the bottom right side of her mouth?

It’s bad enough she is an ex-hooker, now Angie got screwed out of her seeing her son’s wedding? The Weave is going to Take. Rancid. Out.

Erica acts more excited to see Little A than her own grandchildren.

Reese is emailing naked pictures of herself to Bianca.

Ack! Ryan and Aidan at the Casino. FF FF FF FF.

Are those bruises on Reeses face or a reaction to the polyester outfit from NY & Co?

Shadow said...

BTW Ashley, I don't know what the internet sign is for "I'm blushing", but you made me smile and say "Aw Shucks"! Thanks. It was long, tough day at work today. I needed that.

This is such a great place full of nice people.

Mark said...

This from TV Guide...

Valley tidbits: Jamie Luner debuts as nuLiza on April 17. Also, ABC has confirmed that former MVP actress Brittany Allen debuts on April 21 as Marissa Tasker.

On imdb the most I can find about her is that she was on 58 episodes of Melrose Place in the late 90's, playing a character named Lexi Sterling.

She was born in 1971, which puts her about 8 years younger than Liza should be. Michael E Knight was born in 1959, for comparison.

Anyone heard if they are going to pair Tad and Liza again? Will the writers and producers completely f-up an AMC power couple like they have Jesse and Angie? Most likely...


ps - oddly, the word verification below wants me to type "cankle" to post this...too many closeups of Krystal being watched by the blogging software???


jordan hudson said...

Brown Penny

Lost as usual was shocking and full of surprises. This recent ending was just that. yet anyone who reads comics or is into sci-fi knows that if Said did indeed shoot a young Ben Loomis in the past well that is going to have a ripple effect on everything in present time. I think Lil Loomis might not be dead but yeah Said shot a kid. Wow! I remember reading a story once where the character went back in time and met a young Hitler. His situation was the same...Do you kill (at the time an innocent child) knowing the monster he will grow up to be.

Chuck Pratt needs to watch Friday Night Lights. Last night were two real moments in two different storylines, that brought chills to my bones, made me sit up and cry. And guess what, did not need any stupid tornado, just great acting and great writing.

Trying to catch up on Tudors and In treatment before there new seasons start. Was shocked to see Julia Campbell on In treatment. Julia was Katie on Ryan's Hope and Courtney on Santa Barbara. I loved her and she was working alot after soaps then seem to drop off the radar and now she has been working alot again. Congrats Julia your such a talented actress.

Shadow said...

What's with the Natalie-Jessica spoilers on ABC? I'd be pissed if I watched that show regularly. Why can't ABC leave anything for surprise?

Norn Cutson said...

notes on Friday's episode

• daaaaang BRODY!!!


everytime that girl comes on screen, its like the show pops into 3D!

• COLE's bruise make-up looks like it really hurts!

• oh my poor REXy!!!!


they both look too porny.

• COLE: "I would love to stay and talk, but I have to go pee in a cup."

• STARR looks so pretty, all WUTHERING HEIGHTS.

• MARTY: "Well, an incapacitated woman is always a golden opportunity for you."

• SAM is so cute!
& MCBAIN is sooo good with the kids.

let me say again that i *NEVER* cared for MCBAIN *UNTIL* he got with BLAIR.
that is a real example of the magic of chemistry!

• GIGI is goin off on SKANKY.

GIG: "So go get back on The Pole....& Honey, no mater what you call yourself, you're a stripper."

• mMMMMmm this is gettin sexy between DORIAN & RAY!!

RAY: "I admire you deeply....DEEPLY..."

mmMMPPph, i bet!!!!

• BRODY's callin his Dr @ ST ANNE'S.

that is *such* a cute baby!
i *loooooooooooooooooove* that baby!!!

i hope OLTL sticks around long enough that they can do with this HOPE/CHLOE baby what they did with STARR. MATTHEW & the original JESSICA...just keep using the same actor since infancy! i love that!

• NATTY KNOCKERS is doin some acting.

• this is TÉA's best hairdo.

TÉA" "I got *you* off, didn't I?


• MARTY: "Oh, hey, I heard Blair regained conciousness."

casual conversation you dont hear everyday...

• HAAAAA! did you see those yearbook pictures of SKANKY & REX? they did em with that trashy web thing!

• DORIAN: "Cream? Sugar?"
RAY: "Black."
DORIAN: "That's how I like it too."

uh huh!

• i'm so glad they are keeping the friendship between TÉA & STARR.

• if i turned off the sound for this scene between COLE & his drug dealer, this would look like a total porn scene.
a lotta hot action goes down in that LLANVIEW COURTHOUSE restroom!

• JESS mentions ANDREW!

someone @ OLTL is into glamrock!!

• oh hell, GIGI gotta eat a sh#& sandwich!

• ZIGGY STARDUST/ T.REX references...*B*R*I*L*L*I*A*N*T*!

oh, i feel swoony over REX & SHANE...these actors really care about each other!

• SKANKY is too damn evil.

• RAY: "*Why* do americans always want to know that; 'HI! WHAT DO YOU DO? HOW DO YOU MAKE ***MONEY***?!'"

aint that the truth!

when you say you are an "artist" in america, you might as well be saying "i'm a hobo!"

that was one of the best things about going to japan; it was the first time i ever felt respected as an artist....

because in their culture, just being ABLE TO CREATE is enough to gain respect, whereas in america, its HOW MUCH MONEY you can make with your creativity that gets the respect.

• doesnt this look like a phone sex ad with BRODY & his DR?

• mmph, RAY MONTEZ be loookin' goooooood.

DORIAN must think so too, she's gettin all giggly & flirty!

they are generatin' REAL HEAT...
i wanna hea what the SLUTMETRIC™ has to say about that!!!

• whats TÉA got up her sleeve???



i thought we were gonna have to wait weeks for that!!!!

whats the SLUTMETRIC™ sayin?!?!?!
i'm sayin: TOTAL WOOD!!!!

• BLAIR's husband??!?!?

MCBAIN: "That'd be me."


Luis Merino said...

Can I just say how impressed I am w/ JR Martinez' (Brot) performances. His improvement in acting has been amazing. He does much better than several on that AMC cast.

Norn Cutson said...

COLE's drug counselor is from IN THE HEIGHTS!

new interview with Hilary B Smith (NORA, OLTL)

WMD said...

> i hope OLTL sticks around long enough that they can do with this HOPE/CHLOE baby what they did with STARR. MATTHEW & the original JESSICA...just keep using the same actor since infancy! i love that!

They didn't. The current Matthew started at about age 7, and the long-run Jessica (I assume you're referring to Erin Torpey) started at age 9. Starr was the earliest, age 6. All three were aged a little into those roles.

Shadow said...

Tuesday on AMC

The ladies on AMC are lucky. Those poor women on GH have to wear Sears. That sucks!

Ever notice that whenever it’s convenient somebody pops up who can be blackmailed by David Hayward?

Kendall says her heart is with Zach. But clearly her vagina is with Ryan.

Ryan is greeting his teeth and throwing table decorations. That means “mad”, right?

Natalia is making the boo-boo lip and sniffing. That means “sad”, right?

Frankie says he’s “marrying the most incredible girl in the world”. He forgot to add “who has blown every man in the state of New York”.

First there was the moon. Then everybody was calling everyone else bitch, slut and whore. Tire irons, trees, weaves, and so forth. Now it’s “hitting people over the head with fake bottles”. People on this show fall into comas and go blind on a regular basis, but nobody ever seems to have any lasting injury from a blunt blow to the noggin. Unlike poor Natasha Richardson who died the other day.

“Here comes the whore, all dressed in white…” That’s not misogynistic either. We can say that about Rancid because she really is a whore.

Ahhh Frankie and Rancid are exchanging vows. It’s like the sweetest Valtrex commercial ever.

Shadow said...


Damn that Josh for giving Kendall his heart! She’s acting different—all alive as opposed to dead.

Like Father, Like Daughter. Emma got off the couch and dug underwear out of her crack. How do they not edit that stuff out?

Please Opal, set Greenlee free so everyone will stop talking about her.

Zach and David always have these random evil women helping them out. The nurse at the hospital. The lawyer at the casino.

Jesse is all by-the-book with JR but nobody else.

Kendall is wearing a scoop neck and I don’t see any scar line. Guess NY&Co ran out of turtle neck styles.

Zach is in Ryan’s house. That means Ryan is going to Grit. His. Teeth.

How convenient. Jesse, the chief of police, is taking in Little A. How is that safe or in Little A’s best interest?

Farmer Jack is rolling up his jeans on the beach. Please Opal, trip and drop the urn!! Flashback to a young, less bobbly, ess frail Jack. I was never a Jack fan bit he was so less icky then.

I can’t help but love Opal. Period.

Unknown said...


We here at Time After Time/Soap World (the new kids on the block) are unveiling our first ever online soap awards extravaganza that is a response to the popularity contest that goes under the name The Daytime Emmy's. With this we plan to show the industry and soap fans how it should be done.

As of 3/28/09 we released our own pre-nominee's list via the website @ and also listed our rules and requirements for how actors and actresses maybe be considered and submitted as.

This will be an exciting online extravaganza and my fellow blog staff and I would like to extend an offer for you two at the Pine Valley Podcast be apart of our Blue Ribbon panel that will choose the final winner in each category.

So take some time and check out the pre-nominations list as well as the rest of the site. We hope to hear from you soon.

David Adam Nole
Time After Time/Soap World

PS here is our youtube ad for the awards extravaganza:

Shadow said...


Lil’ Adam is throwing a tantrum. He’s a better actor than Ryan & Aidan.

Zach said he doesn’t know what Aidumb is saying half the time. I do love a good Aidumb joke.

Kendall’s nanny looks like Margaret Cho. Scary.

Turdby should have hit KWAK on the head again.

So Angie has been carrying that electric train around for 30 years? Moving it from house to house? It’s huge. It’s in mint condition. I can’t find half the stuff the kids got for Christmas this year. The other half is broken.

Everything they put Erica in from this store emphasizes her armpits.

WTF did Frankie say? Something like “Well shucky ducky quack quack”? How much does Pratt get paid for this?

No court is going to take Lil’ A away from JR. He hasn’t done anything bad enough. Erica looks like she’s gonna do a Dorian on the Judge. Law is meaningless on this show.

I wish Ryan and Zach would stop arguing and Ryan would just tell him to go bathe. The story sucks but they just keep going with it. They are both pussies-no integrity, no ethics, no honor, vengeful…I hate them both.

It would be interesting to see Lil’ A at David’s and see Lil’ A hate David and go all CrazyKathy on him. That would be a great end to this. Give him Lil’ A for while only to have him face Lil’ A’s hatred. Let him realize you can’t win love this way and soften him up a bit. Let Lil’ A run away to find his way home, get hurt, get rescued, blah blah blah, and save the characters of David and JR by allowing them to work together in Lil’ A’s best interest.

Oh sure, in this economy, everyone is going to walk on there job at the casino. I’d be like, sorry Mr. Slater. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass. I mean the girl could blow him if she wants to but no need to quit her job. Zach totally doesn’t get it anyway.

Kendall’s shirt makes her look like the Itty Bitty Titty Club President.

Frankie and Rancid are dry humping on Angie’s floor and, of course, Angie walked in on them. First of all, ICK. Secondly, how is this better for Lil’ A?

Erica is on her game. She told KWAK not to rupture something. HA! Erica is saving the show this week.

Shadow said...

Friday on AMC

This is the best JR has looked in years.

Erica is wearing another armpit shirt. KWAK is wearing another green suit with a tan belt that doesn’t match. It’s too tight and makes her look poochy. None of these clothes fit anyone correctly.

Tad and Erica in a scene together. Tad and Jessie together. That’s the way it should be. Tad and Jessie should pal around more. They should be watching games together and hanging out.

Lil’ A looks like what I imagine a young Norn looked like.

Erica loves Adam like ice cream. Whatever that means.

Seems like they are trying to reboot the Hubbards and Chandlers this week and the Martins last week. The Martin family, all of whom I love, is sort of ramshackle. I wish they would include Joe and Ruth or flesh it out some more with Jamie or Tara.

Taylor and Brot are sweet. I’d love to see their wedding. I hope he gets a contract. She looks a little rough today.

Natalia is just horning into the Hubbard clan. Oh shit, did you see that look between Frankie and Rancid. Here comes another baby.

Barry does corporate law and custody hearings too? Why can’t Livia help with this? Or bring Tea over for a few days.

Myrtle’s 5 X 7 is a better actress than Rancid, Turdby, and Natalia. They should make her lips move in the picture and give Zach advice.

David is freaking out. There is no way, no way, a court would or could give Hayward custody, let alone take Lil’ A away from JR. Not in a million years. When he jumped out of his seat across the table, that would be the end of it. Lil’ A just lost his mother to a bloody ass and the court wouldn’t take him away just because David wants to. What David should be doing is focusing less on JR’s fitness as a father and more on the danger of living in the Chandler mansion with the open tunnels, lack of security, etc.

Kendall doesn’t look good in cheap. These shirts they are wearing are also so bland and wash everyone out. Erica’s shirt is HIDEOUS. Her hairdo is worse.

Reese arrived to preach about the kids. She has totally lost all her lesbian lusciousness.

Taylor and Brot are sweet but you know Rancid and Frankie just want to get it on. Every time he pops some wood Angie or somebody walks in.

Lame sex scene. You’d think at least that would be hot.

Taylor found the ring in Brot’s pocket. If she looked at me that way, I’d be putty in her hands.

AMC has got to smooth out these beginning and ending transitions to the credits. It’s so choppy!

Whew, I’m done.

Hey, where is everybody?

Norn Cutson said...

Shadow said...Myrtle’s 5 X 7 is a better actress than Rancid, Turdby, and Natalia. They should make her lips move in the picture and give Zach advice.


Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Oh Jordan, I was soo disappointed by "In the Motherhood". Especially in Megan Mullally, you hit it right on the head when you said that she was just playing a watered down version of Karen.. It was just kind of pathetic and it hurt me soo bad because I love Megan and think she has so much talent. Also, the show was not about motherhood what so ever, it was completely about sex. Now I am no prude, but it just really annoyed me that every joke and punch line had something to do with sex. My mom, who I watched it with, said she could write them 10,000 stories on motherhood since they obviously were unable to come up with any on their own. Plus, I couldn't help but think of how great Chelsea Handler would have been on the show, but to be honest I would never want her to leave "Chelsea Lately" lol.

Unknown said...

This is kinda random, but last nite I was watching that sketch show, Important things w/ Dmitri Martin on Comedy Central... and Adrianna from OLTL was in one of the skits! LOL total surprise :)

KaeKae said...

I'm a long time listener and reader of the blog and now a first time poster. I just have to say how thankful I am for you all watching so I don't have to. I've been watching this show as long as I can remember. I grew up watching all 3 ABC soaps b/c my mom watched them. I've always watched AMC, but I just can't be a daily viewer anymore. I find myself smiling when I hit that delete button on my DVR. It has just been so painful to watch lately. I do love OLTL and I hope you all continue to cover it in the podcast!

Jordan I agree with your comments about In the Motherhood. The commercials were great and I was really looking forward to a good funny comedy. I'll probably watch a few more to see if it gets better, but I'm not too hopeful!

Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

I'm TiVoing through this week's AMC & what I can't understand is why in the Hell Erica would help JR or even be nice to him. She's been so holier-than-thou about what he's done to Bianca....and yet she's helping him for Adam (I'm assuming....who didn't help her when she was put in prison). This makes no sense. It's such bad writing.

Anonymous said...

I was flicking through the channels and came across an old episode of DALLAS on TVland and Susan Lucci was on there. I guess way back then I'd stopped watching DALLAS after the third or fourth season but does anyone else remember La Lucci on DALLAS?

Terry in Toronto

Laura said...

Susan Lucci was on the last season of Dallas. Here's the first part I found on the web in Entertainment Weekly.

Susan Lucci is standing in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower on a bridge over the Seine, filming her first recurring prime-time role — as a Dallas femme fatale. After 20 years of playing the conniving Erica Kane on ABC's soap opera All My Children, the part of wealthy, double-dealing widow Sheila Foley should be a snap, but it doesn't feel that way to Lucci.

At 5'2'', Lucci is smaller and more fragile than she looks on TV, and she's not ruling the scene as Erica Kane would. She's very happy to be shooting Dallas in Paris — but she isn't getting a chance to see much of the city, and her high school French is painfully rusty. Also, she is always nervous when she works, and this job has the extra pressure of being an important debut. ''Before every scene, I get the jitters,'' she admits. What's more, she's unsettled by the tabloids back home, which have portrayed her Dallas guest spot as a shoot-out at the Southfork Corral. Lucci's mother has phoned in from Long Island with the details, and they are lively: Lucci and Larry Hagman hate each other! They're wrassling and hissing like rattlesnakes!

''I said, 'Mom, I haven't even met Larry Hagman!''' Lucci exclaims between takes. '''I work with Patrick Duffy in Paris!'''

In fact, Hagman isn't in Paris — he's filming episodes back in L.A. — and Lucci's only problems aren't related to filming. Whenever French paparazzi swoop down on the set, they aim only at Duffy; nobody here knows who Lucci is. ''Just the American tourists recognize me,'' she says, ''but the French people all recognize Patrick. All My Children is not here in France. That's a little odd for me.''

I remember a little bit of it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you N69n I knew the drug counselor looked familiar!! She was so peppy as Cole's drug counselor that I'm glad she'll be back for three more episodes! Shadow you are so funny with Myrtle's moving lips lol That's why I don't mind that she's still in the opening credits cause her picture is apparently still interacting with everyone hell she probably would have flown off the wall and smacked into Ryan for taking over cambias....

Anonymous said...

last comment was by me Jay86 my bad

Norn Cutson said...

Online Initiative Takes ALL MY CHILDREN Cross Platform

"All My Children has launched an Internet initiative to enhance international broadcast licensee opportunities for cross-platform monetization. AMC creator Agnes Nixon, together with Toronto-based The Fremantle Corporation, are also presenting opportunities to participate in additional revenue streams such as merchandising and DVD sales, linking up with the website, texting opportunities and measurement apparatus.

The goal is to enhance the value of the soap to broadcasters through a cross platform Internet expansion to help promote, expand access and add value for advertisers, viewers and broadcasters, while maintaining geographic exclusivities."

i went to that's there!

Shadow said...

n69n's quoted article said:

"...initiative to enhance international broadcast licensee opportunities for cross-platform monetization...presenting.... texting opportunities and measurement enhance the value through a cross platform Internet expansion to help promote, expand access and add value... while maintaining geographic exclusivities."

I read it several times and still I'm thinking, "Duh, WTF did they say?" I've been interviewing candidates for the past week. Everyone is "eager to contribute their vast expertise to an organization that encourages continuous improvement and rewards those who consistently exceed expectations." Where do they get this shit? I'm going to hire the one who walks in, shakes my hand, says hello and doesn't use corporate marketing- speak.

Norn Cutson said...

new Nelson Branco is up!

Christine said...

We are talking a lot about the actors talents and writing quality level for the past several months and I agree it could be better but I think the results we are seeing must be $$ cuts into Editing, shooting time, sets, clothes... I can't believe they have not changed the opening yet(editing), some scenes should have been reshoot, like when David is opening the secret passage door and it moved, that's cheap! The talent of the actors depends a LOT on the director beeing able get enough time to guide them. They simply do not take the time to make things right. That's a sign of cutting time on all level of the production... including writing. It's sad but keeping shows alive with all the cheap productions (reality among other things) that runs all day long on speciality channels must be hard.
Maybe the solution would be to mix and match all daytome ABC shows into one?

Shadow said...

Even a combo show would still have to make money for the 60 minutes its on. If the ratings and ad support don't justify the cost of higher production values or the show itself it's doomed. I think canceling one will just be the beginning of the end just like the NBC shows. No matter how much talent the show has, it's gotta be a money maker, and all R
3 shows are ratings stinkers lately. I totally agree that slashed budgets add to the challenge to making a quality product, but somehow OLTL is pulling it off. AMC just needs better mgmt at the top-fire Pratt, Crapputhers and Judy B. They don't get it. OBama fired the GM Chairman. Too bad he can't give Frons the boot too.

tallytofu said...

Hi JorDash & fellow blogger! I'm hoping we'll see a new podcast tonight. In the meantime... I'm watching a full episode of AMC for the first time in a few weeks and what is my reward? Ryan & Zach in a boring poker game, and then watching David shove Krystal to the floor?!?
What's worse, I clicked over to's message board just out of curiosity, and I see a thread already up where people were actually saying the scene was FUNNY, and that Krystal is getting what she deserves. Is this for real? Am I crazy, or is there something funny about spousal abuse that I am just missing? Cause for me, the whole thing is disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Hopin for a podcast this week!

Mona said...

Tallytofu I saw that thread and I thought I was crazy! DISGUSTING and DISTURBING!

Same ol same ol argument that a woman who is abused did something to ask for it. Nothing is going to happen to David either and KWAK will go back to him. Talk about irresponsible storytelling.


Mona :(

jordan hudson said...

Hey everyone there is anew podcast hours away. Ashley and I had to tape later then usual but it's a coming!

Chloe said...

Looking forward to the new podcast!!

I know there are some bloggers, including me, and Jordan that are fans of GL. Unfortunately, Guiding Light is dangerously close to getting cancelled! :( TV Week is reporting that CBS is searching for a replacement for GL (probably would be some stupid game show or talk show). Here's the link:
TV Week GL Article

DC is also reporting a lot of info about GL! Including, Frons gearing up to give several GL actors offers. Nothing is definite yet, but there is supposed to be a final decision by the end of the week so if GL is cancelled, then the writers could wrap up storylines in time. I am really upset about this, especially since GL has had a major creative upswing! Not only that, but their ratings have increased and they are not losing money. On the other hand, ATWT is both losing money and viewers.

This may be an unpopular opinion, but if I had to chose today whether to cancel GL or AMC, I would definitely save GL. And I have a long history with AMC too, so it's not that I'm more invested in one or the other.

I really suggest that fans try and call CBS and P&G and let your voices heard! It worked for Jericho and soap fans are even better at making their voices heard!

jason said...

Can't wait for the new podcast JordAsh!

I don't watch Guiding Light but my Dad and Grandmother do watch it, and I'd hate to see any soap get cancel, especially one that has been on since before TV. I hope CBS and P&G find away to save it.

jason said...

Jordan good news Direct TV and NBC has order two seasons, thirteen episodes each of Friday Night Lights!

Crystal said...

Card game filmed in Nausea-vision!

jordan hudson said...


I'm also disturbed with reports that GL is gettign the axe. I think the show deserves to be saved. Hell if P &G need to cancel a show get rid of ATWT. Everyone has been knocking Ellen Wheller but the show went in a downward spiral with the new direction the show took in 2008. Before that the show wone Best soap (yes it was tied with Y&R ) and that same year most of the Big acting awards went to GL actors. I'm going to be so upset if GL is not given the chance to continue on this incredible upswing they are on.

After today's AMc I wish I could take back the few nice things I said about eh show in the new Podcast. Disgusting David attacking KWAK! DISGUSTINg IM NOT AMUSED!!!!!!!

Jason are you sure I know Direct TV was all ready to do this . It was NBC that was holdign back. I hope that at least on of my light shows will continue to shine. FNL killed me this past friday.

jason said...

Yep I'm sure here's the link:

I'm sad about Lipstick Jungle not coming back, I head they were going to try the same deal they did with FNL, but it didn't work out.

About David pushing KWAK, I haven't finished the episode, but the old KWAK would have not stayed with any man that abused her!

jason said...

Jordan do you or anyone else here watch Dollhouse? It started off slow but the last two episodes have been really good.

Erica Kane said...

Yes Jason I watch Dollhouse!! I love it!!

jason said...

Hey Erica Kane! I'm so ex citied for this Friday's Awakening event. Good stuff!

Anonymous said...

I'm staying up so I can get the podcast but it's sooooooo late for me.

Terry in Toronto

Chloe said...

I love Dollhouse too! I still have Friday's episode on Tivo, as well as FNL. I also read that FNL has been renewed for two more seasons. It really has to be one of the best shows on television! I just love the relationship between Coach Taylor and his wife. It is such a refreshing change than what TV couples are usually like.

AMC was dreadful...again! The card game was ridic! Amanda and Jake keep having the same conversation about the baby. Love Angie and Jesse, but please give them their own freakin' storyline instead of propping everyone else's! David hitting KWAK was disgusting. I really hope they don't have her crawling back to him. They need to show that hitting a woman like that is unacceptable and that there are consequences for those actions.

I laughed when I read that Frons would want Crystal Chappell and Jessica Leccia, aka Otalia, to be on AMC. Does he realize that he and Pratt ruined the Bianca and Reese storyline while screwing over the actresses and now wants a redo? You just know he would want to make them a lesbian couple, especially seeing how popular they have become. Then he can broadcast that they have "even cuter" lesbians. I wonder which one will make out with Zach this time? Wait...I bet this time Ryan will get some action with a lesbian.

Whatever he says Crystal and Jessica...don't do it! Just ask Beth Ehlers!!

jordan hudson said...

Jason but of course I watch Dollhouse. Big Joss Fan here. I'm still a few epsiodes behind. My only thing with the show has been the casting. One of the things that Joss's show has always been dead on with is the actors who seem so suited for their roles. I think of Buffy, Angel, Firefly. With Dollhouse I can't help to think that if he has gone the way of using the people who have worked for him before or people from the genere it would be a stornger ensemble but I love ths how.

Norn Cutson said...

it would be extra-heartbreaking to see OTALIA suffer Pratt & Fron's misogyny.

Norn Cutson said...

another thing that worries me is that Crystal Chappell and Jessica Leccia are REAL-LIFE sized women....i KNOW that Frons & Carruthers are gonna force & shame them into anorexia!!!

Crystal said...

OMG 'maybe' I was watching a teenie movie (um by accident, yeah that's it) called Sydney White with Amanda Bynes and guess who I see? STACY!!!!

Let me see if I can find a link...
eh, well this one isn't so good.

I guess you will just have to watch the movie now, ha ha ha. She has a 'southern' accent in it. It's fabulous.

Shadow said...

I haven't seen it. Did David actually slug her or push her? Either way is horrible. I feel sorry for Vincent and Bobby having to play this out. Where is the tenderness, sexiness, romance, on this show? Those qualities shouldn't be the exception on a soap. AMC is all about cussing, disrespecting, violence and the shock factor. The most shocking thing is how they have taken a character like KWAK and destroyed her and squandered a great opportunity to restore Hayward to a complicatedprotagonist we could actually empathize with. In whose universe can knocking KWAK around appeal? It is just abuse for the sake of shock which is abhorrent. They àre ruining core characters with no hope for redemption. I think Pratt and Frons have mommy issues.

Arizonagal said...

For someone who is against homosexuality, Ellen Wheeler is sure doing one hell of a job. Nat/Olivia have had some of the sweetest, most tender scenes I have ever seen on the suds. BTW, I'm talking about GL folks. These two women are just blowing my mind, they are so good. Someone mentioned Olivia's full figure. She's probably a size 8 at the most and she is gorgeous.

This is how AMC should have done their lesbian storyline. Groundbreaking? I just have to laugh when I read about AMC being groundbreaking, when in TIIC are really just chickenshits.

I read yesterday that GL is being cancelled and will end in Sept. What a loss to us all. Whether you watch it or not, this show is a piece of soap and television history. I have never understood why the ratings were always so low. Obviously it has nothing to do with the quality of the show. If AMC can beat GL in the ratings, then the ratings are BS.

tori4rmtexas said...

Yes arizongal ITA! This is exactly why it upsets me because GL's writing is far more superior than AMC'S and I am even liking the new production model(when they shoot in the snow or at night, its actually gorgeous!)so, why can't they give it a proper shot? Sorry folks, but if GL goes, a domino effect will start and as much as it pains me say it, ATWT will go next and Frons will get rid of OLTL preceded by AMC and all that will be left is GH,Y&R and B&B in five years.Mark my words.

Oh and about Otalia, they are one of the main reasons I enjoy about GL and I dont want Frons ANYWHERE near this beautiful organic couple!

Arizonagal said...

Hey Tori, we are losing a piece of history with GL. I would love to get my hands on some sort of CD collection of GL highlights throughout the last 70 years. I'd love to go back and revisit the Mike and Ed years, the Roger Thorpe years, early Reva, Bert, Hope, the first Alan Spaulding, early Beth and Philip, and on and on...

I love the outdoor shots on GL. TPTB have figured out how to make it work and it doesn't interfere with the storytelling.