Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Jive Talkin'

  • Adam and J.R. continue to call A-Mam-da 4- and 5-letter words.
  • Jerkson jerks his way through his speech for his dead daughter, Greenlee.
  • Aidumb mumbles sweet nothings to his spicy new lady friend, InsAnnie.
  • Once again, Zach grumbles his way through the Pine Valley Police Station.
  • Ryan continues to grit his teeth (and nothing much continues to come out of his mouth).
We're still a little down in the dumps here at the Pine Valley Podcast. Are we being too hard on our little show? You can be honest - we can take it. Let 'er rip, here. (And send your questions to us at pvp@pinevalleypodcast.com. You keep sendin' 'em, we'll keep answerin' 'em!)

3/06/09 Podcast


Anonymous said...

Hello, Everyone! :-)

I have yet to listen to the latest pod cast, but I have few comments about Monday’s AMC.

First of all, I’m seriously enjoying the shift in the status quo! I’m not going to waste time with the whole super couple vs. super couple debate. That’s not what this blog is for. What I will say is, the scenes involving Cameron Mathison, Alisha Minshew and Thorsten Kaye are very nicely done!---I’m seeing the ‘old Kendall', I saw originally when I first began watching a little less than five years ago. In the words of Elton John, “The B*tch Is Back”!—Yay! (Wearing Ryan’s shirt, no less! :-D )

Ok, now on to other stuff. Was it just me or did David Hayward find out through telepathy that Lil’ A went out of the country? In the previous scene, Jesse and the CPS representative were merely at the Chandler Mansion and heard the news from JR. They weren’t even sitting in the living room, yet. Who was calling David with the news? —Has David given renegade squirrels, living on the Chandler grounds, cell phones to report to him if they happen to see anything suspicious, through the windows???? LOL!

I have a small bone to pick about the editing today. What was up with that ‘airplane noise’ when the show makes transitions from scene to scene?—And, Ryan just told Erica their friendship was over. She looked noticeably saddened by this. Cut to her entrance into Adam’s living room. She’s all bubbly and full of enthusiasm?! Hmmm!...Looks like bad editing and a bad transition, to me. And, why would she assume Ryan and Kendall were in flagrante delicto, since candles were lit? Newsflash Erica, a thunderstorm facilitated a power outage---Duh!

On a different note, JR Martinez is doing a wonderful job! I think, he’s really grown as an actor. Love his scenes with Tamara Braun.


Anonymous said...

Poor poor AMC. Will it really be axed and is Chuck Pratt the man who was brought in to ensure that this would happen? The rumours are flying.

I can't wait to hear what you guys thought about OLTL this week.

Terry in Toronto

Mel Got Served said...

Here's a gripe I wanted to add another the Craputhers interview where she says that Reese never expressed interest in Zach- WRONG! Like a week or two before the wedding, Reese confided in Zach that the had these feelings for him that she's only had for Bianca, so Reese DID have feelings for him more than just friends. While maybe they weren't the kind that would make her leave Bianca, she DID consider Zach in a more relationshippy way.

ALSO, I think a huge part of Josh's murder is the fact that Zach killed Josh to SAVE REESE. Yes Bianca and Erica were there, but they were safe. He shot Josh because Josh was holding Reese. This would drive Kendall insane. Not that they'll ever touch upon this, but that would be a way to bring up Josh's memory and how Kendall loved her brother and he died because Zach saved Reese instead.

And I posted this on Superposter, but here's my thing. Tamra Braun is amazing so this is not knocking her- I'm just sick of Reese. She's on all the time. IMHO, Chuck Pratt likes to write for HIS characters, HIS Pine Valley. Before Reese, it was a lot of Taylor, now it's nonstop Reese. He has his characters that were his ideas and wants to focus on them, rather than the heart of Pine Valley we've been following for years. I think that's where the issue is partly- he's not respecting history and the characters we want to see more of.

And Ashley, Steven Adler is on Howard Stern today! I'm thinking this is going to be a good interview.

Norn Cutson said...

this one was so fun!
(they are all fun, but this one is super-relaxed)




Luis Merino said...

It annoys me so much that they haven't updated the Opening Titles...

It currently shows 3 characters who have "died," 1 character who has left Pine Valley, and 1 we haven't seen in 7 or 8 months... COME ON!!! It's not hard! Babe has been dead for 4 months!!

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Yet another great podcast. But, should I have expected any less? No.. Unlike this silly show they call ALL MY CHILDREN lol

You guys express exactly how I feel about the show. I am SICK AND TIRED of how the writers choose to have their male characters address their female characters.. It was actually the biggest point I made in my letter to the Fronsanator.. (I call him the Fronsanator because he is bascially terminating all things good from All My Children). But he probably won't read it because he is an ass. He also didn't accept my friend request on Facebook, but I'm not worried about it.

Also that is exactly what I thought should have happened when Greenlee died.. Well not exactly I wanted Leo to appear and then pick Greenlee up and carry her off into the woods, but we pretty much had the same sentiments.

And last but not least I wanted to ask you guys what you think about General Hospital right now.. It is soo good at the moment (at least in my opinion) my girl Sarah Brown (Claudia) is rocking it out lately and I hope she gets nominated/wins an Emmy.

Plus, I have figured out why all the lights are out in all the houses in Pine Valley.. It's the Fronsanators latest attempt at saving, ya know as opposed to firing Jerkson and Aidumb..

And last but not least the Oprah episode "for all the Rihanna's of the world" (O's words not mine) is going to be this Thursday, everyone should tune in because if there is one person who can fix this mess, it's the Big O.

Christine said...

Hi! Great Podcast as always! thank you!

As much as I like Taylor and Brot I was excited to see Tad get interested in her, bringing her lunch at the condo. Even if Jack was in love with her I don't have a problem to see Tad and Taylor together (hey we've seen worst than that!). They could do a great storyline with detective work that will require her army skills or something. I'm trying to find a love interest for Brot (I like the actor, he needs to stay) but all the girls his age are either nuts, dead or doing one liner extras in scenes. We're seriously missing adult women on that show! lol.

A great week to all!

Anonymous said...

Brian Frons is on facebook everyone add him and tell him what we think!!!!

Arizonagal said...

Ashley you hit the nail on the head with the language on AMC. It's despicable. Adam in fact called Amanda a lying little bitch. Those words just stung me with their venom. I heard Adam say that and immediately wondered if he ever reads those scripts and says "I'm not saying that". I don't get the impression he cares, his integrity is so compromised from years of habitually spitting out this bullshit. I hear you out the misogynistic content, it's way overboard. Women are victims, period! This verbal abuse is coming from the tyrant (adam) who:

[Courtesy of soapnet]: Kidnapped Krystal's baby and planned to sell it on the black market;
Burned down Tad Martin's house after learning that Tad was the father of Krystal's baby;
Threatened to frame Pete Cortlandt for rape if Pete didn't keep quiet about Colby being involved in a car accident;
Falsely reported his car being stolen to cover up that Colby had possibly run over Richie Novak;
Participated in (or rather an accomplice to) the tainting of Bella perfume with Pete Cortlandt.

And now Adam, this miserable old goat with the emotional maturity of a 15 yr old, tells his loser son JR to get that baby, while JR is guilty of:

[courtesy of soapnet]: Clubbed Jamie over the head with a wrench;
Held a gun to Tad Martin and threatened to kill him;
Pinned Jamie under a motorcycle;
Bribed a judge to terminate Babe's visitation rights;
Driving while intoxicated and hit Amanda Dillon with his car;
Kidnapped Krystal and tied her to a chair;
Nearly killed Kendall and her unborn child while attempting to kill Babe;
With Jamie, locked Josh Madden in a meatlocker;
Attacked Amanda at Fusion, ripping off her clothes;
punched Jake Martin at conFusion;
knocked out David Hayward with an oar;
Tied up David Hayward at Wildwind;
Held a gun on David Hayward.

This is why this show makes me scream!! There are ways to make a character someone you love to hate. Pratthole doesn't get this. He creates characters we just hate so much we hit the FF button. Very sad and offensive.

sorry to be so negative.

Laura said...

Elise I put Frons down earlier today. I was positive and said I liked the View and asked if he wanted viewer feedback. I figure I'll wait to see if he adds me before I hit him with both barrels. Is anybody else his friend? So glad Ashley added me.

I watched some today. Why can Taylor just wander into Reese's room. Their security is as bad as the Chandler mansion. Brot was good. Thorston, get to Llanview now.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ashley,

I love it when you yell! It means you're ALIVE!!!!!! which is more than I can say for 99% of AMC.

Terry in Toronto

Erica Kane said...

Ok first off I want to say I am sorry I have been so quiet lately, but AMC just pains me anymore. I read that Thorsten has re-signed his contract and I am just like Blah. I was hoping he would go back to OLTL. I used to watch OLTL, but lost my way from it over the last few years, but I watched Monday, and I can't sing it's praises loud enough. I felt more emotion watching this one episode than I have felt watching AMC in a year. When Marty "Lifted" the car and yelled for John to help her save her son, I was on the edge of my seat and the tears were rolling. So I have decided to give up ATWT and start dvr'ing OLTL again. So now I just watch Y&R AMC and OLTL every day, I can't do another soap with everything else I watch right now. I cannot believe how lazy they are at AMC to not update the opening credits, while they have updated the OLTL credits like 4 times in the last few weeks. If anyone gets Frons to talk to them on Facebook let us know I have some words for him, but I have never done the Facebook thing. Ok enough rambling for now...
Miss Kane

Norn Cutson said...

i'm thrilled with that DESTINY too!

i sure hope we get a scene of ROXY & DESTINY havin' a heart-to-heart!

Shadow said...

AMC hasn't been in its best form of late and I have to admit I've been not only ff'g but even skipping days here and there. Thank God you two watch so I don't always have to. But unlike years past where I may stop watching regularly, every Mobday I download the PVP and am rewarded for the effort. The 1 to 1.5 hours of your show that I savor all week makes the 5 hour investment in AMC seem trivial. You two are that good. Truth be told the ratings have probably stabilized because of PVP not Pratthole. People watch the show so they can participate in the blog and follow the pcast. They arent watching because of the riveting writing! And Jordan don't worry about being negative. You're hilarious. I'm thankful for AMC whether it's good or bad because it's the jumping off point for all of your funny observations. Thanks again to both of you for sharing your creativity and time with us. You bring much needed smiles to many many faces from Texas to Canada. That means a lot to to the people you reach, especially in uncertain times like these.

Arizonagal said...

OMG just watching OLTL from Monday, Susan Haskell is amazing. That guttural scream when she realized Cole was in that crash... wow. She was almost like a feral animal. She just brings dimensions to that character that I don't think I've ever seen any other actor channel.

Stacy is one bad girl. Shouldn't be long before she gets Rex in bed. I so wanted Rex to answer that damned phone!

Someone please find Matthew!

My god the "younguns" at GL look fantastic. I'm referring to Beth, Rick, Phil and Mindy. Talk about aging well, they look practically the same as they did 20 years ago.

Shadow said...

AMC has cast Adam Mayfield as Scott Chandler, the adopted son of Stuart and Cindy. The good news? Another Chandler. More Stuart. Hopefully a lot more Marion. Less of drunk JR. The bad? Maybe there is some truth to the rumors about Adam's memory problems. And this could have been a defensive move by amc in case Jacob Young doesn't renew.

Anonymous said...


You said on your podcast that you don't want Jake with Amanda because of the way Jake treated Amanda after he dumped her for Taylor.

Then you really shouldn't want Ryan and Kendall together after the way Ryan treated Kendall when he dumped her for Greenlee. Calling her a souless cancer is way worse that what Jake has said about and to Amanda

Anonymous said...

OMG! I am loving OLTL! I'm almost crying at work because Marty remembers Cole!

I am IN LOVE with Todd. Trevor is HOT and he just makes me want to take him home like a little hurt puppy and fix him. I definitely can relate to what Tea is feeling!

Poor Nora....

Norn Cutson said...

good mornin, ya'll!

i got a few things to say...

i watched OLTL for the first time in a month (i still aint touchin' AMC)

notes from Tuesday's episode

• that STACEY's body scares me...she looks all porno-perfect from the front but when you see her spine she looks malnourished!

• ok, even tho i havent watched in over a month, as soon as BO heard MATTHEW...INSTANT TEARS!!!

• nice shots of REXY's package!
mph, love those meaty thighs!

i am a total thigh man...if i could walk around in the head-scissors 24/7, i would be a happy man.

• poor Beth Ann Bonner, she's hardly ever had anything to do & now TALIA is being written out.
wasted potential.

• DORIAN looks more concerned & distraught about BLAIR then KWAK or JR *ever* about BABE.

• i like STARR asking TODD point blank if he did it...but i dont like him acting like "HOW COULD YOU EVEN *ASK* THAT?!?!?"

its not like its soooo UNIMAGINABLE!

• awwwwwwwwwwww COLE & MARTY got me blubberrin' & boo-hooin' all over the place!

• i like how GIGI casts her eyes upstairs...she knows STACEY's game!

• MARTY picked up a car?!?!?!
i'm gonna have to youtube it!

• oh man, its makin me weepy just seein MATTHEW in that brace!!

i like NORA in worried mother mode.

• REX is so waxed his chest is reflecting light.

• i just hate serial killer stories, they are just a lazy way of cleaning house.

• i REALLY like the friendship between DORIAN & MCBAIN!

other issues...

• Ashley & Jordan, thank you so much for all the nice things you say about me!!!

it *really* makes me feel good & feel better about everything...coz guess what, i got "let-go" from my NEW job on Friday!

...& this time, i'm freaked!

• yesterday @ 4:33 PM, my sister wrote on my wall (& i quote)

"I'm gonna have to ditch AMC! It's frustratingly dumb & no fun!"

...& she is DIEHARD AMC!

in fact, it is the *ONLY* tv show she watches!

...& she's been watchin' it pretty much all her life!

...& even *she's* bailin' out!

Anonymous said...

I am so sad that the hosts are stuck in a rut to complain about everything everyday. I thought the twists of Resse's blindness and Adam Jr. being saved by Crystal were very good. Reese needed to get some sympathy if she will stay on the show, and this was a great solution. And when Crystal found Adam Jr., that made her decide to help David get custody. And it was so sobering to here the boy say, "I wanted to be like Daddy." I also loved teh scene with Brot and Reese on the hospital floor, the fun interaction at Tad's house, and the realization that Annie really isn't getting better yet.

Good stuff and I guess I'll check back in a few weeks to see if you changed your mind. Other podcasts about AMC aren't nearly as disappointed as you are.

jordan hudson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jordan hudson said...

Anonymous why are you sad. I'm not sad that your enjoying AMC right now. That's your opinion and right to. If you like it great. I don't feel that Ashley and I are in a rut. This is a podcast where we express our opinion and thoughts about what we are watching and you are free to disagree with us. That does not mean we are in a rut. I can't speak for Ashley but the same way you are enjoying AMC right now, I'am not. That's my opinion. So again don't feel sad. Beautiful thing is that we live in a country where its ok for you to love AMC no matter how poorly written, badly acted it is.

Norn Cutson said...

tsk, Anonymous, if you are so proud of AMC right now, why are you afraid to sign your name?

why not go on the record?

Shadow said...

Hmmm. Could it be Anon Pratt, Anon Frons or Anon Crapputhers?

SOAPFAN said...

I'm really sick of the way Pratt is writing Jr. and the Chandlers. JR. is like a wishy-washy buffon. Adam is written as petty, and Colby..well...nuff said. I wish they would give Jacob Young a good/Interesting story. I have come up with one.

I am sick of him flip flopping between women and having failed relationships with them.Well in a Parallel universe, what if the reason for his bad luck with women, was the fact that he was gay and in deep denial? Wait, hear me out ladies!!!

If they really wanted to be clever, Pratt and company could do a story arc called "Parallel AMC" where things are not quite as we remember/know them.

In my parallel universe on AMC, Josh would still be alive and he would be paired with...JR! So instead of Bianca being the gay one, Josh would be the gay one.

Now this would be a cool storyline, because Josh and Jr. could initially be bitter enemies, but the hatred they feel for each other is more like attraction(the thin line). They would still fight and stuff, but eventually, they would get together as BFs.

They could write JR. as conflicted about his sexuality, and they could have Adam blame himself, and thus act out as only Adam can. Erica would then step in to try and help Adam accept Jr.

I would also ret-con Josh's birth and make him a twin of Kendall who was ADOPTED by Greg Madden.

Now before you ladies have a heart attack, this is ONLY a Parallel Universe AMC storyline. In which many characters roles, lives, took different paths, but interesting ones. I have like a million more ideas for characters on the show.

jordan hudson said...

Well....hmmmm by now everyone has heard what is going to happen. It's on the cover of every Soap Magazine. I wotn say anythign for those of you who still have not heard. I will say this is why I'm not enjoying the show. Characters are being forced to behave a certain way just to advance the storyline. If you can call this trite material storyline. Again this is just my opinion. For those of you who are enjoying this and think this is groundbreaking material....I suggest broadening your horizons.

For a storyline that is truly trying to deal with a woman on woman realtionship in a deep and honest way. Check out Olivia and Natalia on GL.

SUPERPOSTER.....any confirmation on the return of a female ex-Chandler. A little birdie told me Scott is not the only Chandler returning. If it is true, do you know who will be playing the part.The original or a recast.

Anonymous said...

Hey all!

Ashley and Jordon you two are too much! Thanks for answering my question(along with Eylse's since they were basically the same) on the last weeks podcast. I'm glad it caused you two to go down memory lane and talk about your favorite couples! Your intro to this weeks podcast actually fooled me! Now before you and everyone else on here asks how dumb I am lol I Have an excuse!! I was hit by a car last week fortunately I came out with only a bruised arm and a sprained ankle. Basically I was getting out of my car and this person clipped me as they were driving by. I was out of it for awhile so I missed most of last week so when I heard the intro I was like, "WTF DID I MISS?!?!" nothing lmao.

UNfortunately some people are enjoying AMC JORDASH I can't explain it myself. My coworker thinks it's all interesting and good while I'm praying Wildwind blows up with David, Krystal, and Ryan inside. I'm feeling Tamara Braun in this blindness storyline only cause people are treating her nicely now instead of crap! Her scenes with Brot were really good!

Ryan and Kendall run Fusion UGHHHHHHH!!!! At first I was semi-feeling Annie with Aidumb but now what she's obsessed with him now?? VOMIT!

N69n- You are WAY too talented to be out of work...that is unfortunate

Ashley and Jordan I too have reached a point where the fast forward button is my friend....I'm surprised my tv isn't broken yet cause I keep throwing my slippers(with my left hand since my right is still out of wack) at it! AMC, Heroes, Grey's Anatomy most of my shows make me wanna SCREAM!! However I will continue to listen to the podcast cause it brings a smile to my face!


Laura said...

Great podcast, only halfway through. I enjoy the podcast, not the show so much. Zach is annoying me, why did they even bother to resign him. I used to really like him.

Why don't they bring over the characters they are getting rid of in Llanview to Pine Valley. Kind of like how B&B and Y&R does. Beth Ann Bonner and Kathy Brier are great.

I'm wondering if ratings wouldn't pick up if GL moved to the AMC slot on ABC, and used regular non-porn filming. They are going all out. I heard an ad on a black urban station in Chicago for GL today. In Chicago they have no hope going up at 9:00 against Oprah.

Anonymous said...

Watching Tuesdays OLTL - - since when do hospitals give away free stuff? The nurse gave Gigi an inhaler - "it's on the house, I know how expensive those things are".

That would never happen in real life. Wouldn't she lose her job for doing that?


Anonymous said...

Need your prayers and well wishes - - sick with the flu and was throwing up all night. I just hope i am better by Sunday to run my 1/2 marathon. I am DYING to hear what Jordan and Ashley say to me! Thank you guys so much - I was so excited to hear you guys were going to do that.


SOAPFAN said...

There was a spoiler on another site which shall remain nameless, that claims a certain Female Chandler would be returning to AMC, but as a recast. When you find out who they are considering for the role, and when you look at who the writer currently is...you will say...hmmmm....

I don't think you will be amused though Jordan :(

Anonymous said...

It's been a while since I posted, but of course I haven't missed a podcast. I just read this great editorial that I thought everyone here would love. It is about misogynistic Pratt and fans letting Zach get away with murder (literally).

By Mala Bhattacharjee
You know, for all the outcry over how soaps treat women, over how daytime pretends to be a female-driven genre but actually glorifies men and justifies their every action...sometimes the fans don't help. Sometimes it's the fans who decide a guy can do no wrong and dub the women in the storyline, whores and liars.

Yes, my friends, if you haven't guessed by now, I'm talking about All My Children's Zach Slater. A man who engaged in at least 50 percent of the secret sperm-donating and not telling Kendall along with Bianca, a man who initiated the kiss with Reese... and yet, is getting a free pass from many vocal fans. When Zach screws up, it's because the writers are doing him a disservice. Poor Zach, who is so put-upon and tormented, is a victim of head writer Charles Pratt. When Reese or Bianca screw up, it's becasue they're whishy-washy, faithless, betraying sluts, etx. (Yes, all of these adjectives about the women are coming from women.)

Not since General Hospital's Sonny shot Carly in the head have I seen this kind of whitewashing coming from the audience.

Sure, I see a few comments and e-mails here and there that call out Zach for his betrayal, but by and large, there seems to be this idea that the evil lesbians held him down and attacked him with a turkey baster or something. And as someone who actually watched the Michael/Tyus/Vanessa turkey baster story on Sunset Beach ... um, yeah, no comparrison there. Zach was not forced to be Bianca's baby daddy. Zach made a concrete choice, and you know what...? It actually makes sense on some level. He and Greenlee got out of the bunker, he found out Kendall slept with Aidan, and he delivered a little passive-agressive payback. I mean, I think I've seen this before, but Zach's a badass. And when he's angry, when he's wounded, woe betide anyone who's in his way. He runs around shooting people and threatening lives on a regular basis. The Red Wings jersey-wearing daddy who loves Kendall is only one side of him. And part of why he and Ms. (-Brake-for-Ryan-and-Aidan work so well together is because they both of a dark side to them.

That doesn't make Zach any less of a no good, dirty liar, though. Again, 50 percent of the sperminating, 50 percent of the kissing. So why not 50 percent of the blame? Frankly, it's because he's an attractive guy. Flash dimples or brood a little or look good in a pair of tight jeans and you can get away with anything. Just ask Luke Spencer or Todd Manning.

That's not that I'm comparing Zach's actions to rape. Because I'm not. You can't compare anything to rape. (Hear that AMC? Reese and Bianca breaking up is not like being "raped all over again." And I can't believe you scripted that line.) What I am saying is that until viewers are able to call out their favourite guys for being wrong, soaps have no incentive to change these kinds of storylines.

And it really is okay to love a character and still dub him an asshat. They don't take away your fan club membership. Zach won't stop popping up in your dreams because you hurt his feelings. I lvoe Rick on The Bold and the Beautiful, but boy, is he a drama queen! And As the World Turns' Paul...I finally drank the Kool-Aid and decided I adore him, but he needs medication, therapy and a swift kick in the rear.

Zach could use a boot in the butt, too. Instead, Reese is the one who has been blinded a la some Greek tragedy, and, yet again, the hockey-loven' daddy gets to skate.

This has been one of the reasons I can't watch AMC. I loved this article and would love other people's opinions.


Anonymous said...

wow long time no see guys...

Sorry, I've been super busy. Lots of losses in my family recently on top of a lot of homework and working on scholarships. It's been really really tough these past two weeks, but I've managed to keep up.

Well, I gotta say... AMC has been pretty bad lately, but for some reason, I liked the Zach/Aiden scene today. I actually found myself rooting for Aiden. It's amazing! And then I hated him because he's Aiden. I was so conflicted...

Fusion sucks. Enough said.

Hey Jordash, I just joined the Facebook page. Very nice guys.

I wish they got Forbes March back as Scott, but I really like the fact that they're bringing back Scott. Maybe we can see some Marian...not optimistic though.

As far as the possibly second Chandler coming back, any chance you can give us a hint on which Chandler woman is coming back (There are two possible choices here...possibly three if Liza is considered a Chandler).

Annie's getting a new love interest already...just an FYI guys. Not really a spoiler, as so much as a casting nugget, and writing on the wall for Aidan Turner.

jordan hudson said...

Jay 86 feel better dude thats awful. Jenny the flu. I'm sending you good mojo to heal. DisocDan my heart goes out to your loss. sigh...life. I have been dealing with my own stuff to, so I'm feeling you three.

what site what site...I have to know who is playing her. OMG this is going to kill me. Darn it. This is not happenign. It was bad enough when I thought Beth Ehlers was going to play her....ooppsey. sorry. I can't I can't I don't like pratthole at all

Shadow said...

They say Jamie Luner from the last couple of suck seasons of Melrose has been hired. Speculation is that she'll be a recast Skye, hence the reason Robin Christopher wasn't at Myrtle's wedding. Too young for Liza. Too old for Haley. And she's a redhead like Skye. If this is the BIG casting news, then it sucks. I'm all for rebuilding the legacy families, and she's fine, but BIG casting news would be the return of Brooke.

Shadow said...

Oh yeah, It's on soapcentral.com.

Shadow said...

In a related story, when David Canary returns from vacation in 3 weeks, Adam will return with a SORASd Lil Adam, played by Andrew Shue, also of Melrose fame.

jordan hudson said...

lol I could not find it. What my source told me was that the character of Liza is scheudled to be back taping at the end of this month. I like Jamie Lunar. While I don't doubt people disliked her on melrose...( I never got into it) She was great on Savannah. I don't see her as Liza Colby. OMG they really don't ughhh

Ashley said...

Oh lord help us......

Listen Shadow, n69, Laura, others.... Thank you for your love and support. You folks are amazing.

I also want to add that I'm really glad there are folks enjoying AMC. All opinions are welcome here!!! (And believe me, if you're mad at us, you can sign in with your name. Jordan and I sound a lot more ghetto than we actually are! We won't break your kneecaps or anything!!!)

Love to everyone who posts on this blog!

And FYI - I NEVER FAST FORWARD. But I do watch commercials sometimes during AMC now, even when I DVR. Some of them make me giggle.


Shadow said...

I found out more scoop. Apparently the Chandler clan will rally around an ailing Adam who is beginning to show signs of dementia.They begin to worry when he takes up painting moonscapes, wearing bad sweaters and speaking taoisms. Faced with declining fortunes and Stuart being the "normal" one, Marian comes out of retirement. With the real estate market in decline, she realizes she can't make it selling real estate anymore, but she makes a sweet deal on the Boarding House, hires Randi, and opens the Pine Valley Brothel. Hey, desperate times, desperate measures.

Arizonagal said...

The hospital giving Shane a free inhaler after the accident, right, it would never happen here, but reminds me of Sicko. Didn't a woman in that movie get a box of inhalers from the Cubans?

OLTL is keeping me on the edge of my seat. Holy cow.

Jenny, feel better very soon! You're running - hopefully - for all of us girl. You run marathons so we don't have to, right?

Shadow said...

Meanwhile, it turns out that Greg Madden harvested not one, but two fetuses from Erica's womb. Josh's twin brother, Jethro, was been raised by a poor Appalachian family in Kentucky. Dumb and toothless, he was blessed with a large penis and found success in the local porn industry. But after becoming mixed up with the dark side of the porn world run by the Appalachian mob, Jethro, aka "Throb", went into hiding with a band of gypsies on the outskirts of Pine Valley. Upon seeing a picture of Josh on the news, he recalled, thru a repressed memory, being removed from Erica's womb in tandem with another fetus who had eyebrows like Josh. The gypsies told him of a powerful psyvhic who goes by the name "Opal" and resides in PV who could help him discover his past and find answers about his identity-and the mother he never knew outside the womb-Erica Kane! Coming soon on All My Children, Reproductive Organs and More.

jordan hudson said...

OMG. Just caught up on OLTL. Sorry OLTL haters but OLTL rocked yesterday. Nora/Marty/Cole. That's great acting...raw..real. I was a mess. Those tears flwoing out of Cole. My go his nose was even running. That's real crying....effortless. I was telling Ashley how I loved that all these storylines and characters wound up together in the hosiptal this very night. You get the feeling that this is a community. A samll town. When something happens everyone is effected by it. When Nora went off on Langston, Starr and Marko....wow!.
From OLTL with the New Muskateers to GL's Original. Seeing Beth, Philip, Rick and Mindy...brought back MY Gl back to me. GL has really stepped up to what they do best. Character driven storylines. Reva having to decide what to do about her baby. Dinah finaly growing up and putting someone else's feelings above her own. To a mature storyline about two people who have grown to have feeligns for each other, even thou they are of the same gender.

Thank you GL and OLTL for showing that Daytime Drama is not dead.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

^^ hahahaha shadow, you just made me spit out my soda, it was worth it tho. that was too funny..

Norn Cutson said...

notes on Wednesday's episode

• oh dang, i wish *i* had some plantain-wrapped tamales!!!!

• oh my poor STARR.

• GIGI busts SKANKY & REX in bed together & all SKANKY can say for herself is "Aren't you supposed to be at work?"

• does DORIAN *really* think RAY did it, or is she just tryin to get rid of him?

i think A. Martinez got some better fitting dentures since last time...his face looks fuller & his voice sounds clearer.

• i liked STARR shovin' TODD!

• man, MATTHEW's face looks MESSED UP.

• STARR & BLAIR are gettin' me all weepy.

i wish i could stop worryin' about my own problems & just lose myself in LLANVIEW.

STARR: "I need my Mom!"


• how could GIGI believe SKANKY over REXY?


& the way that MARTY's eyes just ***BUG OUT*** (no words, just the look on her face!) when she hears about MATTHEW's legs!!!

• now STARR's got me on the verge of throwing-up-crying!


wow, it worked....now i am more upset for the people of LLANVIEW than my own stoopit problems!

thank you, OLTL!

• i'm lookin @ GIGI's face...i wonder if they put the bloody bruise makeup on first before the regular makeup...coz her false eyelashes look like they were put on TOP of the bruise makeup.

• oh man, this is the most ive cared about NORA *EVER*!

• i think that Jason Tam (MARKKO) is the HOTTEST GUY on daytime...sure, he's too young for me, but even when i'm cryin', if he comes on the screen, i find myself lickin' mah chops!

• *everybody's* life in LLANVIEW is fallin' apart!
i identify!

• i wanna see DORIAN & RAY all slung up!!!!!

• hm, LLANVIEW's turning into TWIN PEAKS!

Anonymous said...

I am a new podcast listener and I JUST LOVE IT! We share the same opinion on what is going on with AMC. Not only am I sick of the female bashing, but I am sick of the message that being addicted to drugs is better than being an alcoholic. I mean, how can a woman that is addicted to drug and lost custody of her own child, take custody of her grandchild? In what world?

Also - why is JR looked at as dirt for drinking, but it is okay that Krystal is a druggie. That really pisses me off.

I tried to like Reese, but I stopped trying. She irritates me because she is new and I see her all the time instead of my favorites. I think the blindness storyline is ridick and a lame excuse to get sympathy for a person who no longer has a reason to be in PV. I still don't understand why she is still in PV. One day it is because of "contracts", yet we haven't seen her work one day. Then it is so Bianca knows she loves her....why not tell her that in France? Or pick up the phone and call her? Send a letter? Anything?

Sorry, this is pent up frustration. But why don't Angie and Jessie have their own storyline! ARGHHH!


Anonymous said...

I almost wish Thorston Kay hadn't of resigned his contract. I can't believe what the writers are doing to him. He is such a complete ass. Makes he hate him so much.

Same with Reese. I feel so sorry for the actress...her role is complete crap.


Ms.CaseyShameless said...

I have one question about today's episode...

Do you think they supply condoms in Oak Haven? If not, that's just irresponsible... Nobody wants an Aidumb/Annie baby.

Shadow said...

The point I'm trying to make is that the AMC stories are so ridiculously contrived, overworked, and pointless. Read the article about Ron Carlivati's work at the soapsonabc blog: http://www.blogcatalog.com/blogs/soaps-on-abc.html. It just shows how RC delves into the characters and their history on OLTL to create something that is genuinely fresh and moving and deepens the connection between the fans and the audience. RC's storylines actually reward the viewer for watching. Compare to AMC where Pratt seems to be pulling the ideas out of his ass on the fly. The stories have nothing to do with the characters, their relationships, their histories. They don't reward the viewer in any way for having cared enough to watch the show and invest in the rich character history. You can debate all day long about the rapemance and whether it was appropriate or not, but look where it has taken the show and the characters. RC had to research where those characters were, where they are, and how reinventing the storyline would affect the lives of so many people. Compare again to AMC. How hard it is to donate some spunk and father a child? Honestly, other than what I hear from you all, I don't pay much attention to OLTL. But the ground floor issue, the writing, is incomparable to AMC. The writing and storytelling on AMC are less than sophmoric. Pratt hasn't done his homework like Carlivati. Pratt is obviously so enamored with the idea of having a shockfest like Melrose, he has no concept of the genre. We've said it so many times. It's not the Scars, the Tornados, the Tire Irons, the Bleeding Asses, the Sperm or any of that stuff. When Pratt was on Desperate Housewives, it was all about the "guy in the dungeon". The Housewives were never together and the show fell apart. The stories don't have to be so sensationalized to be interesting. It's the characters and how they react and interact that should be the focal point of interest, not the plot itself. At this point, I don't think Pratt will ever be able to figure that out. He will be the downfall of AMC if someone doesn't intercede. So be prepared, the next story you see may actually involve a guy named "Throb". What a shame when all we need is for Brooke to walk into a room and say "Hi, I'm home".

Anonymous said...

So if they cast Jamie Lumer as Skye like some reports are claiming, they better cast a kid to be Lila Rae or heads will roll. I want my Chandlers, and Robin Christopher is my blaze, but I'll take 'em any way that I can get them.

Oliver said...

Pardon my new poster status, but I have a OLTL question.

Where is Dorian? Blair is in the hospital, Star is there, why isn't Dorian there? I know she is grieving over the loss of David, but come on, she needs to drive on over.

My second question is AMC related. Which Silver Kane was your favorite? - The actual Silver - or Faux Silver. My vote is the 80's superness of the Faux Kane.

BTW extra points if Ashley can pull off a Silver impression.

Anonymous said...

DocP, Dorian was at the hospital with Blair, she brought her in and was there for a long time. She left only to accuse Ray of stabbing her, because she believed that Todd was innocent.

Jordan, Yes OLTL was amazing yesterday, and all week! Nora was fantastic, I was so impressed by everyone, but especially her. She's so right to yell at those kids and it's a whole new angle that I didn't even think about. They knew and said nothing. Wow, so good!!!

I'm so glad to see you guys on facebook, you can use the fan page to have discussion groups and forums on different topics so that might be interesting. If it wasn't for the podcast I honestly don't know if I could watch anymore. I can't even stomach David and Krystal, everything is so ridiculous.

Laura said...

I love Robin Christopher, but why would you want to be on AMC when you don't want to be on GH.

Anybody hear back from Frons on Facebook. Still waiting. I see he is friends with Bobbie Eakes.

The show is on and it's like I don't pay attention until I see somebody I like. Kind of an automatic ff'd in my brain. I do like Taylor and Tad together. But I like Brot too.

OLTL has knocked it out of the park this week. When is sweeps week?

Welcome thecourt. Jenny I agree with you on Thorsten Kaye. Maybe he negotiated a better storyline in his deal.

I pray young girls don't watch AMC and get ideas on how a man should treat you. Maybe Chris Brown watches this show.

Shadow said...

Just turned on today 40 mins into the show. Ol' Mother Hubbard is bitching at Kwak about David. Bet they get tired of playing the same scene over and over. I get tired of watching it over and over. And why hell does this whole damn show occur in the effing hospital? It's no wonder everything is so forced and weird. They don't have any sets anymore and have to dream up all these dumbass reasons to get everyone at either ConFusion (for a effin' funeral) or the hospital ( for gala or a deposition) or Adam's ( Chandler Manse is the new Boarding House). And now they're burned down Coutland Manor? W-T-F? I hope someone kills David. He sucks. Maybe Opal will have a psychic meltdown in her coma and her out of control orb will suffocate David, Kwak, and Turdby. I'm not loving hating them. They repulse me. Cut to Oltl. Beautiful, detailed sets with brick, real doors, lots of interesting textures. Not even 2 minutes into it and they have already shown 4 - FOUR- different sets. With wood shutters. Cabinets. 6 SIX sets before the opening credits run! WTF is with ABC??? They are killing AMC.

Now how's that for negative?

Norn Cutson said...

One Life to Live skit at Broadway Cares

this is fun!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting that Norn. The skit was so much fun!

Terry in Toronto

Laura said...

Thanks Norn,

Don't know who I am more excited to see on ER - George Clooney or Jerry Espenson actor from my Boston Legal.

Anonymous said...

Watching Survivor and just realized that James - the rancher guy with the thick southern accent - looks just like Cole from One Life to Life!!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone here watch Y&R? I watch OLTL and GL as well, but Y&R has also been fantastic! GL will always be my fave because I grew up watching it and to see it improving so much makes me so happy. I have loved every second of Phillip's return, the fallout from Coop's death and Otalia. I really have to give it to the writers of GL because it's been a long time since I've seen such a well written and thought-out story and Otalia is definitely both of those things!

OLTL has me hooked as well! I'm fairly new to this show, but I'm more invested in it than AMC and I've watched AMC much longer than OLTL. I can't stand slutty Stacy, but I love the actress from the GL days!

I can barely watch AMC. Sometimes I'll watch parts online, but for the most part I can't even look at it. The baby storyline is so stupid, especially Amanda for believing that David won't tell all of her secrets. I hate that David always wins and don't even get me started on KWAK. Zach/Kendall/Ryan...ugh! These people need to grow up! I know the storyline is crap and I'm in the minority, but I actually like Reese. I hate that Zach hardly gets blamed for anything, but Reese ends up being the town's scapegoat. No one wants to take responsibility for their own actions so they blame Reese for everything and when something doesn't go Zach's way, he blinds her. Unfortunately, the way the character has been written has been atrocious! They have had her contradict herself a million times!I read a recent Tamara Braun issue which she basically stated that this was not the storyline she signed up for. I have to give credit though because TB defintely turns crap into gold! I have to say I did like the scenes between her and Brot and her and Kendall. I just wish that TIIC would just keep her away from that pig named Zach!

Finally, I wanted to say that I'm very grateful for this podcast. I know that may sound funny, but I have been very sick, which is why I just started blogging again, and for that hour or so I laugh so hard that I escape reality which is a blessing. So thanks for all the laughs and "watching so we don't have too"! Really, I feel terrible enough and AMC would only make things worse! LOL! I'll try to blog more often, especially about GL and OLTL because I love reading everyone's opinions about it and I am a soap whore! ;)


Norn Cutson said...

bless you, Chloe

Erica Kane said...

Chloe, I too am a Y&R fan an dyes they are turning it out here lately. Nipples Novak is just fantastic as Billy Abbott...when he was on AMC i absolutely hated him, I could not stand to watch him and I could not stand his character, but I would watch him read the phone book now that I have seen him act on Y&R. He is a fabulous addition to the canvas along with Elizabeth Hendrickson our Maggie now Chloe on Y&R. My best friend growing up watched Y&R and I always told him it paled in comparison to AMC, and that Susan Lucci could act circles around Melody Thomas Scott. Well just tonight I ate some crow and confessed that I like her now, and Miss Melody cried more tears today than La Looch has produced in ages. Y&R is a little predictable, but it is watchable I don't fast forward thru any scenes other than the Winters' (they just bore me), whereas I am fast forwarding thru AMC at breakneck speeds. Nice to see a fellow Y&R fan here Chloe nice to meet you.
Miss Kane/Christopher

Ashley said...

Oh Miss Chloe - sorry to hear that you are not feeling well! So glad that our little 'cast cheers you up a little, because your presence here on the blog cheers us up!

Love to you!


Norn Cutson said...

notes on Wednesday's episode

• here's my ROXY!

i like her hair today!

• SKANKY: "I did you a *FAVOR*!"

• Marcie looks cute...& she's on the case!

• will i find a job by the time STARR finds out that HOPE is alive?

i love that STARR.

• ROXY: "I've seen TO SIR WITH LOVE!"

• i like the scene between MCBAIN & MICHAEL.

• thats cool that GIGI is lettin BRODY & SHANE talk.

• look at that face on that HOPE/CHLOE baby!!
sooooooo cuuuuuute!!!

• whoaaahh...are NATTY KNOCKERS & JAROD puttin' the pieces together?

• i do feel bad for MICHAEL...he's the only doctor in the whole hospital!


• dang, i never get invited to live @ LLANFAIR.

oh well, ANGEL SQUARE HOTEL is more my speed anyway.

• HOPE/CHLOE looks like she knows what MARCIE is talkin' about!


• GIGI: "Pack your bags, Stacey....I want you *out* before I get back."


you know what, as worried as i am right now about my own drama, that gave me a BIG SMILE.

• whoah, leukemia.

Norn Cutson said...

OH & i wanted to highlight this item from Nelson Branco...not because of GH or Rebecca Herbst, but what it says about Brian Frons & the priorities @ ABC DAYTIME...

"Rumour has it the show is letting Megan Ward (Kate) go, and may force Rebecca Herbst (Lizzie) into a recurring status — if she refuses to take pay cut. “Brian Frons doesn’t think she’s pretty,” claims one source, before adding, “And that’s the kiss of death on this network.”

Laura said...

Rebecca Herbst is beautiful. The best skin out there. Better than that, she can act. God I hate Frons.

AMC, so redic. Somebody goes blind so you write them a letter! How about phone call or a tape or email a digital mp3.

Watching OLTL now. Of course only Rex's evil dad Mitch Lawrence will be a bone marrow match. I thought he was dead. I don't remember. Not a spoiler, just a real obvious hunch.

I love Stacy and Roxy together. They don't like her on Daytime Confidential. I like her, she reminds me of Tina Lord and Liza Colby back in the day.

I would so listen to a Madman podcast. Not watching all the time, but I would watch CSPAN if you did a podcast of it.

Hey, you could do the Daytime Emmy podcast. Nobody else wants to pick it up.

Shadow said...

You always hear that about Frons, but then what explains the exception of the 5-headed Turd?

Shadow said...

Clearly, Frons isn't concerned about articulate speech-Aidumb, acting abiility-Rancid, set design-Erica's casino apartment, writing ability-Pratthole, or production quality-Crapputhers.

This has been such a good week, but AMC makes me crabby lately.

DancingElf88 said...

Can someone explain to me exactly what is going on in this show? It's such a confusing, hellacious mess right now. I would stop watching if there weren;t characters I was invested in, but even they aren't able to save the show half of the time. Gah!

I started watching OLTL because of you guys and I LOVE IT! I don't know everything that's going on but I love how the character actually interact with each other and s/l are intertwined. JordASh you got me hooked on yet another show.
PS..Ashley I accepted your friend request on Facebook.

Norn Cutson said...

notes on Friday's episode

• DR SHINSEKI...i wonder if the name is a reference to the general who blew the whistle on ABU GRHAIB & is now the Secretary of Veteran's Affairs?

• here's ROXY, JESS & BRODY.

ROXY: "Leave it to The Buchananans not to know the economy is in a regression!"

i appreciate that, ROXY!

• i cant help smilin' everythime that HOPE/CHLOE comes on screen!

she's got me all choked up!

if she keeps this up, i'll never make fun of her porny lips again!

• are they really gettin' rid of MARCIE?
i hope thats not true.
she's an important part of the community.

• i like how dumpy the rooms are @ THE ANGEL SQUARE HOTEL; its *real*.

• oh man, first ROXY has to go thru REX's coma, now she's gonna have to deal with SHANE's leukemia!

• OH MAN, NORA looks like she's gonna puke!!!!
i feel for her; this storyline is the best NORA's been EVER.

• GIGI's got me cryin!

you know i just wanna throw up, i feel so bad for GIG, NORA, MARCIE & STARR....
...but i'm so thankful to be crying for *THEM* and not for *ME*.

• ROXY: Your Mama's here and everything's gonna be all right!!!"

REX was bein' strong for GIGI but now that he's with ROXY he's fallin apart....(i want my Mama, too!)

oh, i'm blubberin' now.....

ROXY: "You get MAD! You get PISSED!!! When you get mad like that, its a kind of energy that tells you what you're supposed to DO!!!"

• even NATTY KNOCKERS is doin' some good acting these days.

• damn that SKANKY...she's trying to figure out how to make SHANE's leukemia *WORK FOR HER*.

i hate SKANKY....i cant tell yet whether its LOVE-TO-HATE or just HATE.

• yep, CLINT is dealin' with it ASA-style...

• oh ROXY....she's goin' to see whomever REX's dad is!!!

• oh damn, BRODY & JESS are ***HAPPENIN'***!!!!!

Norn Cutson said...


Anonymous said...

Hey everybody!

So I'm slowly catching up on OLTL and wow you're all right! I'm so glad they got rid of Vanessa. Christian basically dumped Sarah for her and now he feels like an ass...GOOD! I'm loving me some Schuyler and Brody woof....those two with me and that would be one hell of a love sandwich......sorry got carried away lol!

Well I can't stomach David and Krystal anymore....I realized that Ryan rushed to tell Greenlee that Zach "slept" with Reese on their wedding day and THAT'S why she was on the road so it's HIS FAULT that's all I'm saying....Annie's new doctor is a cutie I wouldn't mind being analyzed by him either....sorry got carried away again....How could Amanda NOT KNOW that David would double-cross her yeesh...and Randi is a glorified stage-prop.

You've all said it but now I've seen for myself that OLTL uses EVERYONE! Whether it be for a quick scene or two, they establish that everyone in their cast exists. If llanview were to have a tornado or something(like we need another one..) they would show everybody being affected by it! Remember Amanda just waltzing into the hospital afterwards..."Whoops got blown off my boat golly-gee!"

Ok enough bitching on my part I'm going to continue to watch it cause I'm hoping that something goes right and everyone on the blog can smile! Until then let's just wade through the crap together!


Anonymous said...

Hey Everyone,

I agree that Nora has been amazing on OLTL this week. It made me so happy to hear a character say something that I was feeling and thinking needed to be said. Her anger at Cole and the other kids was so honest and real that it blew me away. I also loved Gigi finally kicking Stacey out although Farrah Fath is not the best actress in the world, she's no Turby or Rancid.

Stacey is trouble with a capital T and I love how much they've got me to hate her in such a short time.

Looking forward to seeing where the "I'm in love with my teacher" storyline goes.

OLTL rocks. What can we do to make a difference in the ratings?

Terry in Toronto

Arizonagal said...

Hey Tnt, I hear you about Stacey. She is the bad girl you love to hate. OLTL gets it. Give us a character like Stacey, a gorgeous, scene stealing little tramp who is out to get whatever she wants, sister be damned. Cast the perfect actress, Krystal Hunt, and you have a winner! It's great to Krystal Hunt back on daytime and better than ever.

So is this true, Skye is the returning Chandler? Meh... I never cared much for that character. The only time I remember finding Skye the least bit entertaining was when she teamed up with Erica and Janet to gaslight Dr. Kinder. Now THAT was fun!

Anonymous said...

Like I said, add Lila Rae to the little girls that they are piling up: Emma and Kathy, and she could be the bad girl of the bunch.

...but the writers aren't that smart.

Anonymous said...



Maybe they can finally get rid of that idiot Winifred and stop having Maxie flirt with Johnny. It's ridiculous.

But you know what isn't ridiculous....Maxie and Spinelli. I LOVE THEM!!!

Spixie forever and this clip seels the deal for me.


Ms.CaseyShameless said...

AHH! Discodan! I haven't watched the second half of this weeks GH, so you just ruined it for me!! But, I don't care because that is such great news! Spixie forever no doubt.. Omg I am so happy that Maxie finally admitted it.. Yay!! Thanks for the great news!
Now all they need to do is, like you said, stop the Johnny shenanigans and get rid of Winifred (now that girl is annoying)

And in AMC news, I am thisclose to quitting that show.. It will pain me to do so, but I don't know how much longer my brain can take it.

Norn Cutson said...

i'm watchin some Amanda Bynes movie on tv & the actress who plays SKANKY on OLTL is in it...she plays a sweet southern kind-of-dim girl...& i really like her!

i'm glad i got to see a different side of this actress, coz i HATE SKANKY...but now that i see that she can play sweet as well as a bitch, i'm gonna enjoy her scenes much more.

Anonymous said...

awww, im sorry casey..

but it is amazing news. we might actually get a popular couple actually being paired together instead brian frons's flavor of the week.

Arizonagal said...

Has anyone noticed how this blog is morphing into an OLTL (and GH) blog? I think we all want to talk about something positive and OLTL is just so much fun to talk about!

I stopped taping AMC last week, I was just too pissed off to watch. But, I'll attempt to start back up again on Monday. For me it was just too much to take when Adam referred to Amanda as a lying little ho. That just cut me to the quick. Here is David Canary, this marvelous actor, who has given his heart and soul to the Adam character. To hear him reduced to uttering these sad lines is heart-breaking. It's an insult to his talent and his long history as an actor. It saddens me that he, and other great talent on AMC, have been reduced to totally shit writing.

Anonymous said...

I watched a very corny movie last night, Take the Lead, with Antonio Banderas. YaYa was in it, she was pretty good. I hope she finds success as an actor. AMC should have kept her and left Rebecca and Natalia in Colorado!

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

No problem discodan, just finished watching it and it was just as good as if I wouldn't have known.. I have been waiting for Maxie to finally admit her love for Spin and she did!! But, now you've got me worried that Frons is going to go mess it up lol, I'm beginning to think messing up soaps is a sick little hobby of his.. I hope he doesn't tho because those two actors (Kirsten and Bradford) just have such great chemistry I love them together.. Can't wait to see what is in store for them!

Anonymous said...

If Spin has to go out of the country, then I want Maxie to go with them. They could have a huge romantic adventure. It would Luke and Laura-esque.

But Guza wants mob.
So mob is what we get.

jordan hudson said...

Hello all. Sorry I'm not aorund as much. Last day of my project is tomorrow then I'm free as a bird.

What can I say....AMC hurts because there are so many talented actors on the show and they have been reduced to having to work with such bad writing. Everyone sounds like they have a first grade education. The dialogue is very simplistic. There are no witty lines. When a character says an insult it's so childish...a very playground put down.

JR on friday's episode. When he again called Amanda the "B" word was just vulgar...VULGAR.. venom and spite. I'm tired of watchign women abused. AMC is becoming the lifetime network in it's first few years when all they would show is Nancy Mckeon getting abused in TV movies of the week.

Also the writing is choppy. Friday Petey is all excited about the date that Colby agreed to ...... Did I fall alsleep and miss an epsiode. Natalia told Randi she overheard Jesse and Angie talking about Frankie's deployment. Again did I miss an episode.

Yet my all time favorite what the F^%$ moment. Resse is blinded in an accident and Bianca writes her a letter....A LETTER to a Blind woman. SERIOUSLY? A) who the hell writes hand written letters in this day and age. B) She's BLIND! What Bianca thought Kendall or Erica would read it to Resse. AYI Caramba.

Then I go to OLTL and I have a week where I laugh, I cry...I get some hot romance. I'm sorry Susan you are entitled to your opinion but I can't let you say that OLTL'S actors can't act. Not after this week. Even people that I don't care for Natalie and GIGI were great. Nora was amazing. The teens rocked. Cole kicked ass. Starr confronting Todd. Roxy shows she can do comedy and drama. A. Martinez and Robin Strasser together TNT. I have to give a shout out to Jerry Ver Dorn who spoke Volumes in his scenes. He reminded me so much of Phil "ASA" Carey in those scenes. It was beautiful as Clint now has become the Patriach of the Clan and is assuming ASA's role...even going to the dark side. yet him supporting Bo & Nora was so intense and then Roxy giving Rex advice. I was a mess...I cried so much and then to see Jess and Brody kiss..... Monday can't come soon enough

Anonymous said...

When Amanda was screaming I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU DAVID, I was thinking Ashley Mendoza, is that you?? Ugh, Hayward is so vile and repulsive and unpleasant, and why? What is his motivation for anything that he does? He's not a complex character. He doesn't evoke sympathy at all. He's just a comic book villain - no wait - I don't mean to insult comic book villains. He's not even that good. He's just a waste of time. I wonder if Irizarry can add something to this character to make him worthwhile in the face of this lousy writing?

And Krystal is standing there listening to all the lies unfolding and she is still standing behind Hayward? WTF is this crap? Thank god it's time for OLTL.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that the only story lines I like right now are the Opal-now-poor story and Annie with (gulp - or is it gag) Aiden. HATE Ryan/Kendall/Zach/Reece.

I do have to say that if they have a well written story about Opal and Pete learing to be poor (and don't make it a parody - like Pete's only care is how it will impact Dudly)it could be interesting. Plus moving Opal to the forefront will be a good change.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

I'm just getting sick of AMC blatantly trying to make their own version of Maxie and Spinelli with Petey and Colby, which is honestly laughable. Brianne Moncrief can't act and furthermore her and Daniel Kennedy have NO chemistry.. They need to just stop this story line right here and right now because there is no need for it.

They also need to bring David to his knees because if he doesn't get some sort of redeeming quality here in about 2 seconds, I'm going to throw my remote at my television next time his face is on screen.

LMAO Jordan at what you said about Bianca writing the letter to the blind woman.. I didn't even notice how stupid that was.. I guess it shows that I have just come to accept stupidity from this show, which is sad..

And last but not least, is it just me or does anyone eles think that this "Tori" chick that visited Annie is a figment of her imagination? Cause that is the vibe I am getting, which would suck cause I want Annie to get better. MCE is one of the best things AMC has going for it right now.

Oh and PS- someone give Angie and Jesse a storyline soon.. Thanks .

Anonymous said...


Arizonagal said...

Well this baby switch storyline is all coming together on OLTL. I really like the way this is being played out. TPTB have really woven a nice story here that involved so many people and the way it's unfolding is complex and smart. Shayne's illness really surprised me. I don't seek out spoilers but sometimes they can't be missed and I did not see this one coming.

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Thanks for the link Elyse! I just wrote them.. Hopefully if enough of us write in things will get changed..

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Even though I was sick with the flu last week, I ran my 1/2 marathon today. I didn't want your shout-out to me to be in vain, so you were part of the reason I ran, even though i have only eaten 3 out of the last 6 days (it was a NASTY strain of the flu!!).

I LOVED what you said to me. I was right in the middle of mile 8 and I actually cried! You guys are the best. You definitely helped keep me going and I ended up only doing 6 minuutes worse than my last 1/2 marathon, and that is great due to my sickness.

And Jordan - there was a HOT guy running ahead of me and he looked exactly like you....or looked exactly what I think you look like. I pretended he was you and tried to catch up with him. That got me thru mile 10.

Thanks again - - you guys ROCK!!!

However, I almost died when I heard Jordan say if he was an executive, he would cancel AMC. I know the show is in the toilet right now...but that was hard to hear!!


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Yaaaahhhh Jenny,

You did it! And there are lots of us out here cheering for you along with Ashley & Jordan.

By the way, ..... your last name doesn't happen to be Gardner does it?

Terry in Toronto

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Jordan, glad you agreed with my earlier comment about the letter. What's weird I now watch Y&R when home, then only the last 1/2 hour on AMC. It's all I can take. Somebody on that show is going blind, then more blind stuff on AMC. Guess who's doing it better?

Wow Big Love is so intense.

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You're right Laura. I just watched Big Love and I'm left wondering how they pack so much into a single episode and yet it all feels so organic.

Terry in Toronto

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Jenny, you inspire me girl! I am so happy you were able to run, was wondering if that flu would keep you down. YOu rock girl.

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Much like Chloe above with Reese (yes, Chloe, you are in the minority that you like Reese)....I think I am in the minority on DISLIKING Ricky Paul Goldin. Am I the only person that doesn't like him? All the hype that he was coming to the show....and he has fallen flat. Even if the storyline sucks, I think his acting is horrible. The scene where he was acting out the spanish soap with Amanda made me want to vomit. Enough with the rings and necklaces....take a shower, wash your hair and shave. I find him so boring and unattractive. I don't even like the scenes between him and Tad! Enough with RPG.

And let me continue to piss everyone off - - again, am I the only one who doesn't like Brot and Taylor? They are the ONLY part of AMC that I fast forward thru. Even when Opal was burning upstairs....I am fast fowarding.

But there was something I LOVED from Thursday's show. When Crystal asked Angie if she thought she wasn't fit to raise a child. And Angie said, "A judge seemed to think so when he gave full custody of Jenny to Tad". YES!! I LOVED IT!

Argh....so sore from the run today. Off to the hot tub!


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One Life to live has been amazing this week, there's not one storyline I dislike or fast forwarded through. It's like the writers know where the storylines our going. Imagen that! I can't wait to see how these next sweep weeks unfold. I know that Farah Fath(Gigi)isn't that popular but I think she is bringing her A-game to
Shane's lekima storyline.

Meanwhile All my children? Zzz this is your sweep stuff? The only thing I liked yesterday was everyone at Tad's house. As much as I love Kendall I don't care about her love triangle. And I'm so sick of hearing about how bad David is, I get it he's bad!