Monday, March 16, 2009

We Watched, But We Didn't 'Cast

Sorry, folks. For this week's podcast, I tried to get a substitute for Jordan (who's just finishing up his project), but a) Taylor stopped watching in protest, and b) Pedro claimed he had frostbite. I reminded Pedro that this week NYC averaged 50 degrees, and his Birkies plus light socks would have kept him nice and warm. Then Pedro starting mumbling something about putting together a Janis Joplin decoupage for the Burning Man Festival, and I just gave up because the word "decoupage" has not been covered in the Reader's Digest Large Print Edition yet and I didn't have a sassy answer for him.

But here's the thing: on Thursday, March 19th, Jordan and I are taping our first Daytime Confidential interview! That'll be up sometime this week, I think, and you can find it on iTunes, or just head on over to the Daytime Confidential website.

Speaking of Daytime Confidential, our friend AMC Superposter is now writing and posting AMC spoilers for their website. Of course, the PVP remains spoiler-free, but for y'all who miss them, Superposter will fill in the blanks for you. Go to for the latest AMC news.

Finally, I'M SICK OF PRATT! (Sorry. I yelled again.) Does he really expect us to believe that Krysal would go along with this Lil' A custody bullcrap? How the eff can Bobbie Eakes act this shit? And doesn't Vincent Irizarry want to throw up every time he reads what David has to do and say? (And did David actually threaten to KILL A-Mam-da? What the????)

Doesn't Pratt know we've seen crap this a THOUSAND times before (and done much better, I might add). It's just too depressing. Please cheer me up folks, here.

(And keep sending your questions to us at We love them!)


Anonymous said...

Hey Ashley,

So sad you didn't do a podcast this week.
Just had a question, why is PVPC spoiler free? could you not give a segment to the podcast (like the one you do for OLTL) to spoilers and rumors so those that like it can hear it and you and Jordan can tell us all you know from his source. just and idea.
Good luck on daytime confidential!

BTW it means a kind of collage

Norn Cutson said...

well, this aint soap-related but this should cheer ya up!

French & Saunders MAMA MIA! spoof PT 1

French & Saunders MAMA MIA! spoof PT 2

break-a-leg with your DC Interview!
i know everyone will love you just as much as we do!

Shadow said...

It's Spring Break here, so why not for you too? It's nice to see you getting the recognition you deserve!! I predict Ashley and Jordan will soon be the Queens of All Media. Step aside Howard Stern, you old goat. Hang it up Oprah. You've gone wayyy too PC for me. Stick a sock in it Seacows of The View. JordAsh are the new Dynamite Duo of Entertainment!! Seriously, have on Daytime Confidential.

Shadow said...

Have fun on Daytime Confidential!!

Laura said...

Jenny, I am so proud of you for finishing your run. Can't wait for your DC podcast. At least I'll hear my favorite voices this week.

It would be funny if you just did a free form podcast one time to talk about all stuff non-AMC. Octomom, Idol, Big Love Finale, Jennifer Aniston break-ups, Plastic Surgery, Broadway, AIG and the stimulus. Whatever it would be fun to hear your spin on it.

Norn I loved your clips. I watched the movie last night, this was better. Although I did like Julie Walters. I love her in everything. Mrs. Billy Clyde Tuggle, Christine Baranski was okay, too.

SOAPFAN said...

Hey Ash! Thanks for the updates. I can't wait for you guys interview on Daytime Confidential. I am so happy Super Poster has a spoiler column on DC!

I hope you and Jordan do podcast last weeks stuff, cause I wanna hear your opinions on Bianca sending a LETTER to a BLIND woman. lol! I can just hear Jordan saying "I am not amused!" now.

Also, this is gonna sound crazy, but I hear the ratings on AMC are up, and in some cases, they are even beating GH. Is this true?

Ashley said...

Hi all! Just a quick schedule change: we're taping with DC on Thursday, March 19th. SO look for us on Daytime Confidential at the end of the week or so!

Ty, I'm SURE Jordan will blast off about the letter! You're right - he is NOT amused! As for the ratings, the latest I've seen from are:

Soap Opera Ratings for March 2-6, 2009
Posted on 12 March 2009 by Bill Gorman

(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

All Numbers Live+SD viewing.

Total Viewers
1. Y&R 5,395,000 (+115,000/-82,000)
2. B&B 3,503,000 (+136,000/-480,000)
3. DAYS 2,914,000 (+9,000/+16,000)
4. AMC 2,700,000 (+66,000/+141,000)
5. GH 2,685,000 (-2,000/-234,000)
6. ATWT 2,674,000 (+143,000/-403,000)
7. OLTL 2,633,000 (+39,000/+149,000)
8. GL 2,212,000 (+135,000/-533,000)

1. Y&R 3.8/13 (same/-.2)
2. B&B 2.5/8 (same/-.4)
3. DAYS 2.2/7 (+.1/same)
4. AMC 2.1/7 (+.1/+.1)
5. OLTL 2.0/7 (same/same)
5. ATWT 2.0/7 (+.1/-.2)
5. GH 2.0/6 (same/-.3) <—— ties low rating
8. GL 1.7/5 (+.1/-.3)

Believe it or not, you're right - some pretty good numbers for AMC and some bad ones for GH. Maybe Nielsen only surveyed 5th graders?

Ash :)

Ashley said...

Also, looks like Days, AMC and OLTL are kicking ass in total viewers compared to last year... That's a good sign, no? (Although the HH numbers are kind of flat....) Anyone wanna take a stab at decoding these numbers?


Anonymous said...

It is official..instead of watching AMC, I watch TMZ. So I will solely rely on Ashley and Jordan to "watch so I don't have to". LOL Have fun with that!

Regarding ratings, I have seen so many blogs that hate what AMC is doing right now, however AMC is the highest rated ABC show right now. They definitely haven't lost any viewers. I also saw that Nielson tracks only up to 50 years old. Anyone know why it stops there? The desired demo is 25 - 49 (or something like that). I wonder if the ratings would change if over 50 was included. It seems like they are no longer caring about those that have watched the show their entire lives.

If you ask me, forgetting (or not caring) about the history of the characters is one of the main reasons why the show sucks right now.


Anonymous said...

I was so excited looking forward to the podcast this week but I guess I'll just have to hang on to that feeling until the Daytime Confidential interview airs.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

Okay, apparently I am the ONLY one that hates Ricky Paul Goldin.

Now listening to Daytime Confidential from 3/11 and they are all talking about how AMC sucked last week, but they all LOVE RPG. I can't stand him or his acting. Again, guess I am the only one....


Crystal said...

Been on vacation for over a week. I only DVR'd Friday and then this last Friday's episodes. Holy crap I missed a bunch! Zach evidently left Kendull the Amanda baby thing came out and Opal's house burned down. I am guessing Petey ran in to save his mom or something and then 5head thought he was a stud and deigned to go out with him.

Do an Ugly Betty/American Idol podcast this week instead! ;)

Just getting ready to listen to last weeks show, yay!
Talk to ya all later.

Shadow said...

You might suggest to the DC folks that they get a new theme song. Smart people over there, but their opening could use a little help from our Luis!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ashley,

If you want to be cheered up then just watch OLTL> Funny how a well-written and acted soap can do that to a person. ;)

I don't believe the ratings numbers at all. People are flocking to watch AMC since Pratt took over! That doesn't make any sense at all. I think Frons somehow has it rigged or maybe he's paying people to turn their TVs on at 1:00 but I bet he doesn't have enough money to pay them to actually watch the show.

Terry in Toronto

Laura said...

Liza is back. The former Melrose actress rumored to play Skye will be Liza. She could look like a shakespearean actress next to the fivehead.

Her name is Jamie Luner.

jordan hudson said...

Sad news...I like Jamie Lunar but she is not Liza Colby.

AMC just keeps hurting me. Why oh why do they do keep doing these things.

Anyway here is my list of shows that I watch I hope I get all of them.

Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters, Castle, Scrubs, Better off Ted, Lost, Ugly Betty, Samantha who, In the Motherhood, Grey's Anatomy. Private Practice. All My Kids, OLTL. Cupid, The Unusuals.
Heroes,30 Rock, My Name is Earl, Friday Night Lights, Southland

Harper's Island, ATWT, GL

The Simpsons, Prison Break, 24, Sarah Conner Chronicles, Fringe, Dollhouse

Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, Everybody Hates Chris. The Gossip Girl spin off next season

Kyle XY, The Secret Life of The American Teenager

Nip/Tuck, Damages, Rescue Me, Sons Of Anarchy


Entourage, True Blood, Big Love

Dexter, Secret Diary of a call girl, weeds, US OF Tara, The Tudors

Breaking Bad, Mad Men

I feel like I'm missing something :(

Shadow said...

Saw something discussing Adam referring to Amanda as a “slut” as being out of character. The “real” Adam would have called her a “strumpet.” How true.

AMC is reportedly close to casting a new love interest for Annie. Proof that there is a God.

Jamie Luner as Liza could be good. She is supposed to come back as a lawyer. Wonder what that means for Livia? Do you think Jamie Lunar is the "big return" they'be been toutint? I don't think it's all that "big" of a deal if it isn't the original actress cast in a role or Julia Barr returning as Brooke. Whatever, with JL joining the show, lots of trash talk and even a big nasty scar a la MP's Kimberly, AMC may as well update the opening intro with new pics and the Melrose Place theme song.

I saw this on serial drama and it took the words out of my mouth:

J.R.: "Nothing that hasn't already been said before. Krystal used to be somebody that I asked to call "Mom." I don't even know who she is anymore."

I do: she's a whore. A lying, selfish, annoying whore. And stupid to boot! I can't believe she still hasn't grasped David's plot. It's not that deep, and you'd think that a professional con artist would recognize tricks and schemes.


J.R.: No, I'm not ready to go. That baby should rot in hell, too.

AMANDA: Shut up!

J.R.: Because it's just like its father. You know what you did? You spawned the devil's son!


Shadow said...

And how many more characters can the possibly squeeze into Chandler Mansion, Tad's house, and the casino? And sex in mental institution? Well, this show is a little retarded...

SharlaDawn said...

Good Lord Jordan. How do you find time to do anything away from the TV? ;-)

SOAPFAN said...

Oh Jordan, that's a lot of TV dude! I don't know how you do it! I don't know what to think about Jamie Luner being cast as Liza Colby. I knew she was gonna either be Skye or Liza...but she is waaaaay too young to be Liza.

And do you think Pratthole will acknowledge the relationship between Jesse/Angie/Tad, and Liza? Liza should freak the eff out when she sees Jesse...let's see if the writers bothered to watch some old shows.

Jordan, did you see the Watchmen? What did you think of it?

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to instruct Natalie on OLTL on how to properly hold a baby. On Friday's episode, I was so excited to hear her finally put the pieces together on the baby switch, but I was distracted by the way she was holding that poor baby!

I was thinking that her bigger body and big ol' boobs were due to a baby in real life, but apparently not.


jordan hudson said...

YES I did

Army Wives

The Closer, Trust Me, Leverage

Masterpiece Classic, Masterpiece Mysteries

jordan hudson said...

Sharla Dawn, I also love the thearte, movies and working out.....that is why my DVR is always almots at 100%. I catch up on somehting fall behine on another but one day I will be all caught up.

TY Have not seen Watchman... yet.

Liza a Lawyer...ughh I hate when history is rewritten. When Liza came back in the mid 90's it made sense that she would be working in TV because that was what she involved with when she was a teenager.

Also they tried once to recats Liza when Marcy left the first time. Alice Haning....needless to say it didn't take.

While I do feel the character is needed on the canvas. I don't have faith in this writing team to really bring home all that this character has to offer. If Marcy was playing it or Beth Chamberlain someone who ia ala Knight, who can make crap look award winning. I love Jamie Lunar but not as Liza Sky yes. Not Liza.

Liza has so much to offer. She was in love with Jake....real love as far as I'm concern. Mctavish ruined it by just throwing Liza and Adam together when there was a hot triangle that could have gone on for years in classic AMC fashion. Liza Has Adam, Tad and David who was at one point obsess with her. She has history with Jesse and Angie. KWAK. and of course her daughter and hopefully her mom. and if they were smart bring back Greg Larry Lau. Which is why they should have brought Marcy back or got an actress who can truly handle all that. and not just throw caution to the wind. Funny they say Liza is needed...then why CRAPUTHERS did you allow MCTRASHVISH to write her out. That's right folks let us remember that Marcy did not QUIT out right, she was forced out, Just like Barr and McLain. and this disrespect makes me not wnat to support the show.

jordan hudson said...

and a Happy St. Patty's day to everyone. When Irish eyes are smiling..... oh Danny Boy how I miss Maeve Ryan singing that today on Ryan's Hope they dont make soaps the way they use to....

Norn Cutson said...

otes on Monday's episode

• ROXY's actin' with a bed!
SKANKY's spyin'!

• SHANE: "Why did I get it? What did I do wrong?"


• BRODY & JESS slam up against the wall...then frak out!
but they come back & talk.

• oooh SHANE's got me chokin' up...

• tsk, MATTHEW looks like i feel...

• i'm actually learning more about leukemia from this show.

• if MITCH LAWRENCE was on life support in LLANVIEW HOSPITAL, wouldn't everyone know about it?

what if it turns out that ALISON PERKINS was a tranny this whole time & SHE'S REX's dad?!??!

• as delicious as it is to see JESS & BRODY kiss, i am glad they are takin time to do it right!

BRODY: "We both get better and the safest way to do that is to stay...friends."

• i really like that REX & GIGI are letting this scene be all about SHANE...they arent trying to upstage him.

• STARR finds SKANKY's panties.
hmmm....STARR *thinks* she "just wants to talk" to MR J, but the way she ran outta there says somethin' different....

• LOVE that shot from above of BO & REX!

• ROXY: "What if my friend wants to remain androgynous?"

• ooh REX's dad has restless foot syndrome!

Anonymous said...

here's an article about how ridiculous greenlee's crash was, and about soaps sticking to drama and not action

Anonymous said...

You know something funny.. I watch AMC everyday & still when I listen to your podcast I hear you discuss scenes that I didn't catch. Probably because it doesn't keep my interest very often and I'm also on my laptop at the same time. Yet I can't stop watching.. it's sad. Anyway, thanks for paying attention, so I don't have to! ;) - jen

Laura said...

FYI, Roscoe Born is going to Y&R for some flashback scenes. Geez is Billy Miller good on there. I liked Roscoe as Joe on Ryan's Hope. I think I'll youtube some old scenes for St. Patricks Day, Jordan.

O' My Children is so bad today. I now only watch the last half hour. I watch Y&R when home, then switch over at 12:30.

Anonymous said...

Ha Laura, that's what I do too. I take the last half hour of AMC and then FF thru most of that so I can get to OLTL.

Ooh, on OLTL I am so intrigued by who or what is in that bed. This is great drama!

I am loving Brody and Jess. When Brody was with Gigi I thought the guy was boring and a bad actor. No sparks with Gigi at all. Pair the guy up with Jess and it makes all the difference in the world. Major chemistry going on there.

One thing that bugged me on OLTL, why are Bo and Nora giving Matthew such a gloomy forecast? The doc said his spinal cord was intact. Instead of encouraging him and telling him nothing is impossible and planting a few seeds of hope in the kid, they are sitting by his bed being all doom and gloom and taking all his hope away. The kid needs some cheers in his corner, not harsh reality and pessimism. I hope he gets a visit from Destiny.

Laura said...

Did any of the Y&R watchers catch ex-Hannah Stacy Haiduk today at the end. She will be a lover interest for Jack Abbott, ex Cliff AMC. Who else will they take over there?

I like her with the brunette hair.

Drinking a Harp Beer and watching Idol. Happy St. Patricks day

Luis Merino said...

AMC is no more than an hour long snoozarama. Shoot me.

Anonymous said...

Y'all, I'm back. My pause from AMC lasted all of three days.

Dangit, it's a habit I just can't break! Like nicotine, in order to quit it one needs a support network and patches that release nicotine into the bloodstream.


Anyway, jeez, I return to watch Randi?! SHE IS SO HORRIBLE! I was screaming at the TV today, and my sweetie said, "OK, you act it better." And I did! Where's the body contact? Where's the... emotion? If your loved one is going to a war zone, your hair is gonna get a little messy as you confess your love and conflicted emotions to him!!!!!

Zendall, you're breaking my heart. Every day it's something new. Now that TK has resigned, can't we put all this behind us? you look so sad without Kendall, and so... un-sexy.

Reese, so sorry about what Pratt has done to you... now leave.

Becky :)

P.S. Jenny, way to go! Congrats on the race!!

Shadow said...

Ty, I hadn't thought about Liza, Angie and Jessie yet. That's interesting, but Jessie's return has been so botched I don't think it's wise to ever acknowledge his absence. The thing about Liza being a lawyer irks me. When did go to law school? And what state is she licensed in? And where has she been practicing? I thought she was on the run w/ Colby all that time in Europe or somewhere out of the country. I'm not aware of any foreign country having any reciprocal licensing privileges with any US state. She couldn't be a legal commentator anywhere or her whereabouts would have become known to Adam. Am I missing something?

I haven't watched a full AMC episode in weeks. I either ff heavily or catch the last 20 or so minutes. I can't take Reese looking at the floor. I really hate the way everyone just bursts into everyone else's house or office. Think about it. Do any of you ever just barrell into anyone else's home or office the way these people do? And aside from an unusual family illness, when is the last time you went to the hospital or stood in the hallway at a hospital and had a meaningful conversation pertaining to a matter of importance unrelated to the condition of the person you were there to visit? In fact, how many times did you even have to go to the hospital, barring something out of the ordinary, in the past year? When is the last time you knew someone to temporarily lapse into a coma, suffer amnesia or go blind? I'm guessing most of us don't have much experience with the dumb shit happening on this show. It is so contrived, uninspired and lazy.

Opal, Tad, Jenny, Kathy, Jake, and Amanda all live in Tad's dink house. That is redick. Were that crappy yacht set and sad wall that was alledgedly Courtland Manor that expensive to maintain? And are really to belive that some dipshit accountant could swindle Palmer? Palmer isn't even her to defend himself. The economy is in the toilet. Why couldn't sales at Courtland Electonics just tank and Opal and Palmer take a bloodbath in the stock market like everybody else? I could have related to that. Why do they have to make a dumbass out of Palmer and victimize Opal?

How much more can they do to utterly destroy Zach and emasculate and demoralize JR? I feel sick watching JR. It's no fun to see an addict just constantly getting his faced rubbed in shit everyday. Every week they find a new way to humiliate the guy. It is uncomfortable to watch.

And then ther are the girls. They are either ex-hookers, tragically codependent or consistently referred to as liars, whores and sluts. That isn't envelope pushing. It's trashy and lame.

And nobody has ethics. Or at least everybody is ethically challenged when it suits them. Tad put drugs in David's piano? That was almost as bad as buryinh Greg Madden. Frankie changed Amanda's conception date? Angie broke into David's house? I was just surprised that david actually locked a door. Everybody always just walks right in.

I find none of these developments to be entertaining.

But I agree. It's a habit I can't fully wean myself from. Thank goodness for the PVP. And the blog. It's great to have you to commiserate with.

Thanks for the opp to rant. Hope u all had a Happy St Patty'Day!

Laura said...

Not sure how to post a link but type Ryan's Hope St. Patricks Day on YouTube and there is a 1987 episode. Our beautiful Ilene Kristen, Roxy is there. Maeve singing Danny Boy is at the end of part 3. Brought back some good memories.

Shadow said...

American Idol

Got home from the airport and ff'd thru Idol. Seems like the guys were better than the girls on Country Night. Anoop and Kris were great. Loved both their performances. I know I'm supposed to love the blind guy, but I don't love his voice and the expressions throw me off. No wonder all the blind guys sing with sunglasses on. And am I the only one who is totally creeped out by Adam Lambert? What is with the snarling sex faces? Ick! Very Liza Minelli if you ask me. I actually would like him better if he would just come out on stage dressed as Cher. And I so wish I could hear what Jordan and Ashley have to say about the sick girl with the tattoos and weird shaky arm dance. All in all, one of the better nights though. I think the oil field guy needs to go. Nice guy, but no chance at going all the way.

I watched Monday's AMC in all of 5 minutes. The most interesting thing I saw were the giant lobsters that ConTusion is apparently now serving for dinner. I always thought of ConFusion as more of a finger food place and less of a Red Lobster kind of place.

Shadow said...

First, everybody had to have their V8s. Then all the girls had to start wearing NY&Co "fashions". Now it's the "Lobstermania Event" at ConTusion/Red Lobster. What next?

Norn Cutson said...

notes on Tuesday's episode

• here's TÉA, her hair looks good today.

• here's VIKI!!!

• whuh oh, here's NORA confronting COLE.

look @ COLE's tears!

• TÉA quits!!!

• whats this story with CRISTIAN visiting EVANGELINE?
oh, i guess its the set up for he & LAYLA to hook up?

i'm tired of him, give LAYLA someone who can act!

• oooh i feel nauseous with these NORA & COLE scenes.

• that Florencia Lozano is so good, she deserves a REAL career!

• VIKI: "...this Montez fellow..."

ha! oh that VIKI, sooooo white...

• oooh, give him hell, LAYLA!

• OMG here's ADDIE!!!

DORIAN: "Addie, are *you* all right?"

ADDIE: "I *have* to be, don't I? I'm her mother."


• to hell with CRISTIAN!

• is this the end of TÉA's storyline? i hope not!

OH, no, now TÉA & MCBAIN are tangling!

• VIKI brings JACK to see TODD.

• ya'll ***KNOW*** i ***LOVE*** ADDIE!!!

• whoah, COLE's comin to see MATTHEW! we're gonna be needin' the kleenex tomorrow!

Laura said...

Got to hand it to GL. I turned it on today and was delighted to see Fiona Hutchison. I miss her on daytime. A lot of good actors on there, many ex-ABC actors. Not sure what's going on, but even though I have no idea what's going on it is better than AMC because there is good acting with a lot of my favorite vets.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, I stayed home from school sick today...not fun but a lot to talk about since I got to catch up on my soaps.

Jamie Lumer....sigh. In a way, I'm glad she's not gunna be Skye. I love Robin Christopher. It's just that this woman really isn't Marcy Walker either. I guess I'll have to see how it works out for myself.

Kendall must really love that grief sex. Nothing gets Kendall's engine revving like death. Yum.

Aidan watching Kendall and Ryan is not only insulting to the viewer's intellegence, it's also kind of insulting to Aidan Turner's. I mean, it's not like he's actually been a part of a hot love-making scene.

If you blink, you might have missed both Jesse and Angie.

Reese might as well keep those bandages on....she could tune into the podcast and be just as aware with what's going on on this show.

OLTL is hot. Nora and Marty is electric. Matthew and Cole are tear-jerking. Carmen LoPorto as Jack Manning is a find for the ages. Rex and Bo were heart-wrenching. And I forgot how much I loved Gigi and Brody's friendship.

Well, what else is there to talk about.... oh yeah

Congrats on the interview with DC, Jordan and Ashley. You guys have given us hope in daytime in a world without. Thank you.

Um, what else....

Y&R is being pre-empted in the Chicagoland area today because of Pat Quinn's address to the House, so I'll have to catch up on the wild antics of Billy Abbott on youtube.

GH is up next and they're really pushing this "Claudia hired Ian Devlin to shoot Michael Corinthos in the head" secret that has been around for over a year, and suddenly Jax, Michael's step-father, Ric, Michael's uncle, and Kate, Sonny's fiance at the time. It's nuts.

I really hope Helena Cassadine comes back soon. I need her to create a little chaos, especially with this Rebecca/Lucky/Nikolas mess going on. I also want her to have some scenes with Sam. They always forget that she's a Cassadine.

Patrick gets to meet NASCAR driver Jeff Burton and as a NASCAR fan, I AM ECSTATIC!

Spixie better get a shot at happiness or else I am going to puke at the sight of Jomax and Spinwin. Yuck.

Laura said...

Kendall and her grief sex make me sick. Thank goodness she was in a coma when Myrtle died or she might have went after Adam or something.

Anonymous said...

Does Kendall even know Myrt died? They never mentioned it.

Anonymous said...

My current tv shows even though I technically don't have time because I have so much work.

Big Love
Real Time with Bill Mahr
One Life To Live
Law & Order
Confessions of A Teen Idol
Rupaul's Drag Race

How do you find time Jordan to watch so many shows?

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

Long time, no see, guys, but I've been behind on the post, so I've not been on lately. However, I have just finished up last week and I am so GLAD you all didn't podcast this week.

Not that I don't love and appreciate a shot of JordAsh each week, esp. when you all talk Idol or sober house or Big Love (that show has been rockin' ASS this season). (I notice you all don't talk Rock of Love Bus; talk about hot messes!)

However, this week has been more than nextastupid. More than stupid. It has been absolutely 100%utterly completely and totally RI-DICK! (Imagine Ashley screaming that into her mic)

I am not even going to list the ways AMC was ri-dick this week, because if I started, I would have to use a calculator and a slide rule, but suffice it to say, the believability on this show has slid out the window.

While I haven't been Pratt's biggest fan, I haven't found the show as low as the two of you or many on this blog have, but this week is certainly exemplary of the lows I've ever seen this show get to.

Hoping this next week is better!

crs 17

p.s. ARe you all ignoring MY questions? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Ok, nobody throw anything at me! LOL!

But, after Ashley mentioned, during the last pod cast, she wouldn't mind if Ryan and Kendall got together, I have to ask, Ashley what did you think?

(For me this is the first time I've seen these two, as a couple--Evidentally, Ryan and Kendall broke up, well before I started watching. As a result, I've only seen youtube clips, pertaining to their history. Hence, I was a happy camper seeing anything up to date.) As a final point, did today's scenes even register on your slutmetric?--I'm curious. ;-)

And in a different vein wasn't GL good,Jordan?!--Dinah spills to Philip. Shayne spills to Josh. And Dinah ponders jumping from the ledge!--Honestly, I'd like to know just how "high" that ledge is-- That camera operater has to lay flat somewhere--LOL! I'm waiting for the day when either Dinah or Shayne says,

"We have to stop meeting like this!" Ha!


Anonymous said...

Hello Ashley and Jordan,

What Shadow said.

Also, have I mentioned before what a relief it is that OLTL follows AMC. For suffering through Ryan and Kendall dialogue. "No one would blame us for taking a little comfort" This after a jealous fit over a Zach/Reese KISS! Stupid. David and KWAK-nauseating.

But for a reward yesterday, we got one golden scene right after the other on OLTL, BO and Rex, Cole and Matthew, Nora and Marti, Jessica and Brody...all GOLD. They even had Bo asking Rex if Shane was insured, and he actually had an answer that made sense! And Matthew turning things around and apologizing to Cole, that could have been a tired redo of friends/brothers turning into enemies, but they made the creative choice and it worked, we felt for both of them. Same with Marti and Nora. Hilary B. Smith was amazing, she ran through every emotion in the spectrum and did it beautifully,and that scene would never have made any sense in any other actress' hands but these two.I enjoyed it all so much, I am watching it AGAIN on Soapnet.In contrast, I fast-forwarded a lot of AMC, when Michael Knight is on I LOVE it, but almost everyone else makes me fidget in my seat and long for commercials.

Kudos to Nathan Fillion this week on Castle giving One Life To Live a mention in the dialogue. I like the integrity of actors who don't shy away from their soap beginnings. And anyway he could just read Ashley's Reader's Digest out loud and I would be entertained, he is adorable.

I'm looking forward to your DC interview, I listen to both of you and am curious to see how the chemistry shakes out. I think you guys are way more entertaining and could probably carry any entertainment talk show you chose to take on. Have fun and good luck!

Cathy in Las Vegas

Shadow said...

Looking forward to the DC interview!

Norn Cutson said...

i just accidentally saw enough AMC to say, without reservation, EFF CRYAN!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I know some of ya'll are diggin' Ryan and Kendall (KRYAN??). I am not one of them, just because, hello, been there done that, sick of it. I could rant on and on about the hypocrisy of their actions, and a whole lot of other stuff, but eff it, I have moved on and they are about as useful to me as warts on my ass.

I don't know who Jamie Lunar is, but I'm willing to give her a shot. I hope TPTB get the history right. I am excited to have Liza back!

Anonymous said...

I have quite possibly heard the most ridiculous statement in the history of mankind and coincidently enough, it was said on AMC.

"Aidan is your life."

If I didn't love MCE so much, I would reach into the TV and choke her myself.

Anonymous said...

A moment of silence for those of us who watch GL, at least, part time... ROFL! What did we get instead?--Basketball. Oh well, at least, "Dinah & Shayne" fans can get their 'fix' come monday. ;-)


Crystal said...

I think MCE has wrung every bit of gold out her $#!T she could. Do I care if that chick is real or not...NO.

OLTL is awesome! The only thing I don't care for is Layla and Christian. I haven't been watching (since she has been on the show) for very long and I just don't like her. I know a lot of people do. Maybe because she hasn't had much of a storyline. I started watching when she broke up with some guy that was two timing her and she caught him out with her.

Lola is a BAD girl, lol. Maybe you can set off the slutmetric for her soon.

I LOVED Rex shaving off his hair. It was so sweet. He looked HOT too, wooo! I can't believe the kid didn't really shave his head for the role?? They did a pretty good job on his head anyway.

Laura said...

I follow Nightline on Twitter and believe it or not they are doing a story of behind the scenes at All My Children, said it will be up soon.

"RT abcdude Behind the scenes at "All My Children." Coming soon on Nightline! "

I am sure this will be on a slow newsday. Let's see, Stocks hit a new low, unemployment a new high, and Pratt has another woman called a slut.

Laura said...

Sneak Peak. I told Jamie from DC to be good to our PVP hosts and he replied -

Oh we're going to rake those PVP hosts over the coals! We will dig deep into the inner workings of their minds to reveal all of their SHOCKING secrets for all the soap world to hear! (Cue: Dastardly Soap Organ Music) :p

A recap from Reality Bites Back. Good cause I don't want to watch.

03/19/2009 - "Episode 10084"

Season 2008, Episode 10084

Reese recovers from her surgery and tells Zach she'll listen to his problems if he wants. Ryan feels guilty for having slept with Kendall and takes his anger out on her, saying that they betrayed Greenlee's memory. Jack gives Ryan the DVD Greenlee made for him to be watched in the event of her death. Kendall returns home to find Zach with Spike and Ian. Ryan arrives to apologize to Kendall and pulls her into a kiss just as Zach re-enters the room.

Annie's new friend Tori plants seeds of doubt about Aidan's loyalty. Tori seems to disappear everytime Aidan arrives, so he doesn't meet her despite Annie talking about her.

Colby finds JR passed out after David secretly drugs his soda. At the hospital, Angie tells Krystal that David poisoned JR. Krystal confronts David, who reiterates he'll do whatever it takes to get Little Adam away from JR. Krystal is horrified at what David has done. David observes Colby calling Adam to come home and help a sick JR, and this seems to be exactly what David wanted.

Laura said...

From Jamie on DC facebook page. Interviewed Lawrence Saint-Victor for his Ugly Betty guest spot, but missed the actual show because I was laughing my behind off with the Pine Valley Podcasters.

It should be great.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the PVP on DC!

Terry in Toronto

Tasha from Brooklyn, NY said...

Kryan is a waste of time really why would they place Kendall back with her abuser I seriously believe that Pratt hates women

Shadow said...

Opal can predict the weather, all sorts of doom, death and destruction. She can talk to the dead, she can run a business like the Glamorama successfully, go toe to toe with the Chandlers and Coutlands, see the past and future in a crystal ball, but she apparently can't balance a checkbook or "sense" when someone is stealing every penny she has. Isn't there a tarot card for that? Pratt pays no attention to what happens immediately before he initiates his "next big idea". He just reinvents the character to accomodate each new story arc. I hate that.

Shadow said...

I actually prefer Opal to be less of a fortune teller and more of a feng shue goofball who believes she has some psychic connection, so I like her being in a storyline she didn't "predict". My issue is that there is no continuity with characters. No evolution. They just morph into whatever state Pratt needs them to be as it suits the story. It always feels so artificial.

Melissa said...

I am getting so sick of the laziness of the writing on AMC! Once again, David could just sneak into the Chandler fortress and slip J.R. a mickey. He couldn't have done that at ConFusion or something more realistic? If my house kept getting broken into, despite the guards and security, I'd get some dobermans or a man-eating tiger!

Norn Cutson said...

dang, i fell behind in typing up my notes & now i realize ive got 60 pages of notes for OLTL this week!
i dont wanna tyope all that up @ once!

a lotta big stuff happened & a lotta tears!!!

...& a lotta ROXY!!

...& now MARTY's hiring TÉA today as COLE's lawyer, DAMN, i didnt see that coming!!!!

Melissa said...

What was Trollby wearing today? Those suspenders, sweater, striped shirt and high-waisted pants made her look like she got dressed in the dark... the darkness of the lost and found of Oakhaven!

Melissa said...

There is NO WAY a volunteer would be allowed to hypnotize a patient! I'm wondering if Annie's new friend is imaginary.

Arizonagal said...

The other day was it Tad who said to Opal that she was a firecracker? I heard she was a fine cracker. I think what I heard works just as well.

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone, I'm new and love the podcast and this blog. I'll try to visit often after my daily dosage of All My Children. First, I live the Annie stuff. She just deserves better then Adian. Second., I'm highly pissed about Kendall's down fall. Why would she cheat on Zack with that loser Ryan? By the way who does she chooses? Third I hate the Amanda story. There is not enough drama for me to believe she really is afraid of David and her baby. Fourth, I do watch One life so I love those little recaps but I'm still love AMC and watch even if it's stupid.

Anonymous said...


"Josh Duhamel returns to AMC"

I was jumping up and down for joy in tears...TEARS!!!!!!!!!! Finally...the anti-Zach. The redeemer of David. Greenlee's soulmate. Ryan's best friend...

...and then I opened up the link.

All it said was that he visited the set. That's it. You can imagine how angry I was. LOL

Melissa said...

Jesse got a mention (two, actually!) on Everybody Hates Chris!

Norn Cutson said...

ok,*look* at this photo of the actors playing MARIA & TONY in WEST SIDE STORY....

MARIA is whiter than TONY!!!!

Shadow said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shadow said...

I don't know what n69 was talking about, but I just saw "Skanky's panties" in his prior post and burst out laughing at an inappropriate time. I needed a good laugh. There's something you won't see in just any blog!

So I watched AMC with record speed this week. I'm sure I ffd thru all kinds of stuff. Of what I saw, I was surprisingly interested in some and oddly interested in other parts in a train wreck sort of way.

They found a new way to torture and humiliate JR by poisoning him. If is never sober again, who could blame him. Every time he tries to be good, some dick steals his bone marrow or poisons him or steals his kid. I'd hit the bottle too. Can we please advance JR's storyline to involve something other than baby stealing and booze?

Yes, I too pondered WTF Turdby was wearing. She yelled at David but somehow the tone of her voice never changed.

I like that Pete has some bank, but wouldn't it be more interesting to see him fighting to save Courtland Electronics and restoring the Courtland Estate with all his Ivy League and geek know-how than be the new Girl-Friday at Fusion?

The party at Tad's is nice. Opal on the cutting edge of fashion was funny. Maybe the rest of the town should move in with Tad. Things seem better in his tiny little house. But don't you feel sorry for whoever has to sleep on that shitastic mattress. And don't Joe and Ruth have any spare rooms for some of these people?

Oh the NY&Co fashion. Could they look any worse on Erica? Did they fire the tailor too? Did you see the boob part of that gray dress? And that ill-fitting white coat? It's like they are trying to take in moo cow sizes for tiny little size zero Erica. They take it in so much I'm surprised the zipper isn't in the front. Kendall is smart. She just wears black so nobody can see how cheap that shit is.

I swear that shirt and plastic jacket were giving poor Kwak a rash on her neck.

And David looked ill all week and his hair looked like he got in a fight with a Flowbee-that vacuum attachment that cuts hair that they used to advertise on TV.

Kendall effed Ryan and I have to say, I like them better than Zendall. They look good naked together. He acts OK with her. She kind of seemed into it. Probably because he bathes. Zach looks like he stinks.

And Tori? She's like a buck-toothed Bianca. Or HeeHaw Bianca. I think they should recast the role with the girl that plays Tori. I would love to see her and Reese try to kiss. Ha!

Annie got a serious upgrade in set. I think her new crazy room is nicer than Erica's suite. She deserves better digs after talking to a vent for 6 months and now having to paw all over Aidumb.

This thing Pratt does with people eavesdropping and just barreling into other homes without a key drives me crazy. And I thought the tunnels caved in during the tornado. Enough with the tunnels.

When Reese was dreaming, I kept waiting for Bess or Tess or Jess to show up in a cage somewhere. The dream sequence seemed similar. You know that Pratt was just so tickled with himself and that whole "Simon Says" diatribe. He's been waiting weeks for that. Note to Pratt: it wasn't that clever.

I don't know, if I can't laugh with it, at least I can laugh at it. I'm still hoping for things to turn around -unilke the ratings last week. They were in the toilet again. There aren't many people separating these shows, but last place is last place.

Crystal said...

Shadow "You know that Pratt was just so tickled with himself and that whole "Simon Says" diatribe. He's been waiting weeks for that."
Make that months, ha ha ha.

Ashley said...

I swear, Norn, I am SO pissed right now! WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH THAT MARIA??

Shadow, you should have HOSTED the PVP this week! We taloked about buck-tooth Tori and some of the other stuff you mentioned!

Podcast will be up late tonite - hope u like it!


Laura said...

Maria, I just saw a white chick play Maria. And suddenly the show will never be the same again! They should just call her Marie. That's what white folks like me name their kids. Except my daughter Marie is not that white.

Can't wait for the podcast.

Shadow said...

Looking forward to the new 'cast Ash!

Maria is a little on the white side. She's like Paris Hilton white. What's that about?

Anonymous said...

Which actors and actresses do you feel at this point are dead behind the eyes on AMC? We need Janet from another planet back.


A fan of AMC since 1988.