Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Did We Miss Something?

  • Kendall and Ryan are in love again (in less than a few weeks after Greenlee's death).
  • Adam is sick and missing.
  • Jesse and Angie are foster parents.
  • Frankie and Rancid miss their flight to Hawaii.
  • InsAnnie and Aidumb are MIA. (I'm not so bummed about this one, actually.)
Lots of story blanks for the viewers to fill in this week, Mr. Pratt(hole)! I serisouly feel like I'm watching half-asleep. It's getting so bad, I seem to miss even the things that are happening onscreen! Discuss, here.

Thanks once again to Louie2K for his amazing opening themes, to DaytimeConfidential.com for their amazing daytime coverage, and to AMC Superposter for his amazing AMC spoilers. And don't forget: send your questions to us at pvp@pinevalleypodcast.com. We love hearing from you!

3/27/09 Podcast


Norn Cutson said...

how do you solve a problem like Maria?
how do you catch a cloud & pin it down?

Arizonagal said...

Never saw Sound of Music either!

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

haven't listened to the new podcast yet, but I'm excited!

just wanted to stop in and give everybody a link to a funny movie Eden Riegel and the Imaginary Bitches crew made during ROCK THE SOAP.. enjoy!


Norn Cutson said...

bad news all around people!
yesterday is gonna go down in history as The Day Daytime Died!

...& we're feelin it today with the OLTL cast!!!!

Norn Cutson said...


notes on Monday's episode

• ADDIE throws rice on BLAIR in her hopsital bed.

• JESS & MARTY have a scene.

• boy, that was a half-hearted slap, DORIAN.

• *sigh* another week of SKANKY.

• RAY goes for some more...& this time, DORIAN aint fightin it!!!

• oh that smile TÉA just shot TODD, delicious!

• DAVID calls DORIAN, mid-kiss!
but we dont see or hear him.

• this is clever, showing the ewedding as flashback.

• even BRODY thinks SKANKY's backpack story is a load of bs.

i wanna see BRODY go off on SKANKY!

• *i* think MCBAIN really *does* love BLAIR.
what do ya'll think?

• GIGI has an idea...





this BRODY/GIGI/REX/SKANKY is STOOPIT, this is AMC-level of RIDIC.

tsk, now i understand why Nelson Branco chose this time to take a break from OLTL...coz this is just painfully dumb & i see a whole summer of frustration stretched out in front of me.

the worse part is that this is gonna delay JESS & BRODY!!!!

• FINALLY, TODD loses a case!!!

• i like TÉA asking RAY to dinner.

• i especially hate SKANKY talkin all fake-sweet to SHANE.

i just dont understand how someone could play games with a kid's life.
she's just too cold-blooded.

jordan hudson said...

i'm going to kill you where did you find that Jesse and Greg clip that you played at the end. Im crying. It hurts to hear how great our show was and how it has fallen.

Elyse and Susan in Toronto said...

We know this may not be a popular opinion but we LOVED the poker game on Monday. Zack and erica, Erica holding her own with Ryan. It was fabulous, we finally, much like Zack had something to give a tiny smile about.

However, today with David was a disaster. The only good thing about the show was Tad, Taylor and Brot as well as Angie and Jessie with Little A, and the the scene between Davd and Jesse ended really well, that look was classic Jesse.

If only Randy were the one going to war, and Aidan/Annie/Tory are tying my patience, but I can be gald for what works and enjoy it.

Amc has alway written Bromance well and that is true even of RBot and Frankie.

Also, love the Liza-esque Chick who is the manger of the casino, her and Zack have serious chemistry. She might even be good for Jake or Tad. Love her.

Melissa said...

Jordan and Ashley, your podcast was auditory perfection! I lauged so hard - you two are the best!!!

Brief OLTL thought... as much as Stacy is ripping through the town, I'm loving it. She's so old-school soap bad girl. I'm enjoying her, and I will also enjoy her getting what she deserves.

Crystal said...

Elyse & Susan, I liked the card game too. I just didn't like the nausea-cam. bleh. I would love to see a character gradually become part of the main cast (like Zach's manager). I don't remember that ever happening before.

Elyse and Susan in Toronto said...

we so agree. The camera work at one point was dizzying.

Anonymous said...

I wish Erica had slapped Ryan yesterday that would have been wonderful! I agree with everybody I'd like to see more of Zach's manager (Anyone remember her name?). It would make more sense if Zach and her hooked up then him and Liza(not a spoiler it was mentioned on the podcast).

I appreciated the break from Zach/Kendall/Ryan today...even if it did mean more David and Krystal.....

and on the OLTL front.....This thing with Rex/GiGi/Skanky/Brody is DUMB I agree with you people! Though I was treated to a shirtless Schuyler last week!

I watched an episode of this kids show called icarly with my nephews today then watched AMC. Those Nickelodeon kids know how to act and then there was Randi....poor beautiful stage prop Randi...

I'd like to know your thoughts on Heroes Jordan(I think you watch it) and of course other fellow bloggers!!! I watch but my black croc hits the tv a lot!


Norn Cutson said...

my friend DARBI (she's part of the WAKE UP WORLD comedy troupe & she's been an under5 in AMC a few times) is interviewing Chrishell tomorrow for her EVERYTHIGN ACTING podcast!

i suggested she ask her about the misogyny on the show, & told her that was why i quit watching.

Norn Cutson said...

Belinda from DC/EOS has posted her new column

crs 17 said...

Thoughts on Monday's ep:

--Isn't this so macho and manly; playing poker to win the casino?

--Actually, this could be interesting if it were shot better. Where is the tension, people? What if we knew what Zack or Ryan was holding and could see the full cards and not get some jiggly swoop over the piles of poker chips. Memo to cameramen-we don't care how many chips they're playing if we don't know the cards they're holding.

--Debbie Morgan can sell anything, can't she? I know they're playing supporting to someone else's story, but anything that keeps them from playing Ms. Standard Doctor and Mr. Standard Cop is fine with me.

--I am so sick of people falling down and bonking their head on this show! You know what it is? It's BAD WRITING, people. (thanks Jordan for that one ;-)

--Annie, Aidan, stupid.

--La Looch has been in every episode here lately. So she had to take a pay cut AND has to work more too?

crs 17

Shadow said...

Y'all have mentioned "under5" a few times. What does that mean?

Idol Talk....

ANOOP...ain't no Usher. Nice voice but all the soulfulness of a young Jim Neighbors

MEGAN... Was so bad I thought my ears were starting to bleed.

ALLISON...looked like Cyndi Lauper but was credible. And I usually don't enjoy her performances.

GOKEY...you may not have heard, but his wife died...After she heard his version of a Rascall Flats song. I was waitng for him to cough up his spleen or some phlem. Dude, clear your throat!

SCOTT...I keep thinking someone is stepping on a cat. And you know the stylists are screwing with the blind guy. Last week pink pants. This week a Hall & Oats hair.

MATT...too cool to play on stage so he sucked the life out of a Fray song on the side.

LIL...wanted to pick the right song this week because the judges have given her a hard time about her selections. So she put on a wig and sang Celine? W-T-F? Celine songs are the kiss of death. And they suck .

ADAM...is talented yes, but the nasty sex faces and all that make me feel like I'm gonna get an STD just watching him. I feel like I should put a condom on the remote before I pick it up after he performs.

KRIS...is the one I consistently enjoy. I can imagine driving around humming one of his songs. Seems like a decent kid. So far this season , he's my pick.

crs 17 said...

Thoughts on Tuesday's ep:

--I actually like that Opal is talking to Krystal about this. It's appropriate with Opal's history with Ray, and it is things like this that make me know (a) it's either Kate Hall or Joanna Cohen writing (Kate today) and (b) that I used to admire so much about AMC. IT made PSYCHOLOGICAL sense.

--Why are Frankie and Randi supposedly sleeping and yet Opal, Tad, Krystal, JR, and half the town are still running around Pine Valley. Oh Wait! Now Randi's dressed and talking to Brot and Taylor.

--Brot and Taylor are like a totally different show.

--"I know, I know. I'll never understand what it's like to be a soldier." "You wouldn't understand, Randi, you're not a soldier." I'm thinking it's the writers who don't understand, because isn't the idea of this "social issue" storyline to help the audience understand what is IS like to be a soldier???

--"I wanna go home with you." Damn, that Little A is cute.

--Annie's dream looks interesting, and reminds me a bit of old AMC. REmember a lot of storylines starting this way in the past, but...

--Annie, Aidan, stupid.

--"I don't like the way Tori just runs in and out of here popping in and out." Yeah, Aidan. Kind've like you? I know Annie's not in maximum security anymore, but dang there's no security on the other side of that place.

--Tori=BTB (Buck-tooth Bianca)

--Randi's trying so hard today, bless her heart.

--And like a dumbass, there sits Krystal on the couch at WildWind. Krystal is a lot of things, but she is not stupid. Like this storyline. "Am I a fool coming back here?" Um, yeah, ya' kinda are.

--Are we fools for coming back to this show each day? Well...

crs 17

Norn Cutson said...

notes on Tuesday's episode

• here's COLE in rehab...

uh oh, here's MR J.

* look @ BLAIR, she's smiling thinkin about MARTY being jealous!

• here's ROXY!

• i like the back-&-forth between STARR & BLAIR.
such a good loving relationship.

• i like REX& BRODY humpin up on each other.

tsk, & now JESS is gonna see.

• COLE: "You're a pervert, you know that?"

i wonder if they would really let COLE keep his hair care products in rehab.

• ooh someone's spying on MARTY & MCBAIN...must be the killer.

• LAYLA deserves better than CRISTIAN.


see, i dont care so much about GIGI, but it hurts me to see JESS hurt...

now if TESS/BESS comes out & goes after GIGI, that would be entertaining.

Anonymous said...

I'm so desperate for the podcast and itunes is telling me 10 hours to go! I guess I'll just leave it until tomorrow morning.

OLTL Note - I'd love Tess/Bess to come out and go after Skanky.

Terry in Toronto

Norn Cutson said...

that clip of JESSE @ the end of the cast is makin' me tear up!

jordan hudson said...

Jay 86 Yes Im still watching Heroes. I think the new storyline has got the show back on track sadly it might be too late so many viewers have stopped watching the show. It's an expensive show and now that it's no longer bringing in the ratings...NBC might cancel it. It did go off for Season 2 and the first half os season 3 but it has found its way back.

Well CUPID aired tonight...sigh... the critics reviews I read were a tad harsh. The show originaly ran in 1998 or 97 I believe. The 2009 pales in comparison. Yet I'm a sucker for romance people. I will say the big problem is casting. While Bobby Canavale is a decent replacement for Jeremy Piven, His Trevor is different but just as strong. Sarah Paulson is no Paula Marshall and hence is why the show is not as good as it could be. She is just not right for this role. She tends not to have chemistry with her leading men. She had a hal hour comedy on NBC that tanked. the only thing I saw her in that I actually liked her in was her guest starring role on NIP Tuck. I just don't understand why Rob Thomas did not get Paula to reprise her role. Or my favorite blonde Monica Potter. Kristen Bell would have been amazing. I do hope Cupid is a success because then maybe they will release the original series. I'm telling you that original run was some of the most incredible modern comedic romance. Piven and Marshall had such chemistry like old hollywood. It was a show that sadly was ahead of it's time. ABC did nothing to promote it. You can check it out on you tube. They also had an amazing themes song by the pretenders call HUMAN. Another thing I wish NuCUPID had incorporated.

Crystal said...

jay 86- 'stage-prop Randi' HA HA HA HA That is one of the funniest things I have read/seen/heard for a while. 8) I think the couch was out acting her, poor dear.

She is pretty...pretty awful. ba-dum-dum ;)

Crystal said...

Thoughts on Annie's friend...forget her name.
I thought they wanted us to think that she is imaginary so she wasn't. So, before today's episode I thought maybe she WAS real only she was another PATIENT. Until she ran away when Annie said she thinks she killed someone when she was a kid. I don't know about you but, I would be more nervous about her killing her brother and stabbing Erica recently than what she did when she was a kid!
So now I think she is fake so of course she is totally real because this show sucks.
But, Aidan thinks she is real and he is an idiot so maybe she is imaginary.
This show is messing with my head and not in a good way.

Oh and I HATE Stacy (OLTL) and not in the good bitchy kind of way. I think her acting is horrible. Maybe she will grow on me. I do hate her a little less than when she first came on the show. I kind of like the storyline but, I really don't know why she can't get Rex in on it too.

Shadow said...

The BTB thing kills me- in the most hilarious way. I wish just once someone would mistake her for Binx.

Luis Merino said...

The problem w/ STACY/REX/GIGI.

It bothers me SO MUCH, when bad characters plan elaborate and hard-to-pull-off far fetched schemes, and they actually WORK. But what's worse, is when the good-guy VICTIMS go OUT OF THEIR WAY in an unbelievable and completely IMPLAUSIBLE WAY.

This crap better not last through the summer. I feel some bile rising in my throat.

Bxgal said...

Do you two have individual facebook accounts??

jason said...

I tivoed Cupid for Rob Thomas. Veronica Mars is one of my favorite shows of all time. The commercials looked okay, I never got to the see the original.

jason said...

Here's the March 2009 AMC episode counts for Soap Opera Network
All My Children March 2009 Episode Count
22 Episodes from Monday, March 2 - Tuesday, March 31
01..Bobbie Eakes [Krystal Carey Hayward]...21
**..Vincent Irizarry [Dr. David Hayward]...21
03..Thorsten Kaye [Zach Slater]...20
**..Alicia Minshew [Kendall Hart Slater]...20
**..Jacob Young [J.R. Chandler]...20
06..Cameron Mathison [Ryan Lavery]...19
07..Debbie Morgan [Dr. Angela Hubbard]...17
08..Darnell Williams [Jesse Hubbard]...16
09..Aiden Turner [Aidan Devane]...15
10..Tamara Braun [Reese Williams]...14
11..Chrishell Stause [Amanda Dillon]...13
12..Michael E. Knight [Tad Martin]...12
**..Cornelius Smith Jr. [Dr. Frankie Hubbard]...12
14..Ricky Paull Goldin [Dr. Jake Martin]...11
**..Brianne Moncrief [Colby Chandler]...11
16..Susan Lucci [Erica Kane]...10
**..J.R. Martinez [Brot Monroe]...10
18..Beth Ehlers [Taylor Thompson]...9
**..Jill Larson [Opal Cortlandt]...9
**..Denise Vasi [Randi Morgan]...9
**..Walt Willey [Jackson Montgomery]...9
22..Melissa Claire Egan [Annie Lavery]...8
**..Daniel Kennedy [Peter Corlandt]...8
**..Meredith Patterson [Francesca]...8
25..David Canary [Adam & Stuart Chandler]...5
**..Shannon Kane [Natalia]...5
**..Anna Koonin [Nurse Gayle]...5
**..Drew McVety [Attorney Jay Stark]...5
**..Lauren Singerman [Tori]...5
30..Alex, Benjamin & Caleb Eckstein [Spike Hart Lavery]...4
31..Alexa Gerasimovich [Kathy Martin]...3
**..Ken Marks [Judge Salke]...3
**..Lucy Merriam [Emma Lavery]...3
**..Levine's & Slomovitz's [Jenny Martin]...3
**..Lisa Yuen [Nanny Rachael]...3
36..Joel Fabiana [Barry Shire]...2
**..Kevin James Kelly [Minister]...2
**..Philip LeStrange [Justice of the Peace]...2
**..Scott Peck, Blake & Caden Padormo [Ian Slater]...2
**..Paul Urtioli [Opthamologist]...2
41..John Behlmann [Dr. Burke]...1
**..Rebecca Budig [Greenlee Smythe]...1
**..Charlotte Ortiz Colavin [Judge Jill Gordon]...1
**..Jenna DiMartini [Corrina Gonzales]...1
**..Adam-Jon Fiorentino [Simon]...1..
**..David Hess [Dr. Merker]...1
**..Doreen Montalvo [Consuelo]...1
**..Laila Robins [Claire Williams]...1
**..Frank Runyeon[Forrest Williams]...1
**..Antonio Torres-Miranda [Carlos]...1
**..Jennifer Torrielo [Reese Stunt Double]...1

jason said...

And the year counts
01..Thorsten Kaye [Zach Slater]...54 [-1]
- 16/18/20
02..Vincent Irizarry [Dr. David Hayward]...53
- 17/15/21
03..Cameron Mathison [Ryan Lavery]...51 [+3]
- 16/16/19
04..Tamara Braun [Reese Williams]...48
- 16/18/14
**..Bobbie Eakes [Krystal Carey Hayward]...48 [+15]
- 13/14/21
**..Jacob Young [J.R. Chandler]...48 [+15]
- 15/13/20
07..Alicia Minshew [Kendall Hart Slater]...44 [-14]
- 6/18/20
08..Chrishell Stause [Amanda Dillon]...40 [+27]
- 14/13/13
09..Susan Lucci [Erica Kane]...38 [+1]
- 12/16/10
10..Michael E. Knight [Tad Martin]...36 [-6]
- 11/13/12
**..Aiden Turner [Aidan Devane]...36 [-13]
- 8/13/15
12..Ricky Paull Goldin [Dr. Jake Martin]...35
- 10/14/11
**..Darnell Williams [Jesse Hubbard]...35 [-2]
- 8/11/16
14..Debbie Morgan [Dr. Angela Hubbard]...34 [-8]
- 7/10/17
15..Melissa Claire Egan [Annie Lavery]...31 [-15]
- 10/13/8
**..Eden Riegel [Bianca Montgomery]...31
- 16/15/0
17..Cornelius Smith Jr. [Dr. Frankie Hubbard]...29 [SAME]
- 7/10/12
18..Rebecca Budig [Greenlee Smythe]...28 [-18]
- 17/10/1 [Last Aired on 3/19]
19..Jill Larson [Opal Cortlandt]...27 [+18]
- 11/7/9
20..Denise Vasi [Randi Morgan]...22
- 6/7/9
21..David Canary [Adam & Stuart Chandler]...21 [-8]
- [Adam] 8/8/5 - [Stuart] 0/0/0
**..Brianne Moncrief [Colby Chandler]...21 [-3]
- 7/3/11
23..Daniel Kennedy [Peter Corlandt]...19
- 4/7/8
**..J.R. Martinez [Brot Monroe]...19
- 7/2/10
**..McKenzie Westmore [Dr. Sinclair]...19
- 10/9/0 [Last Aired on 2/19]
**..Walt Willey [Jackson Montgomery]...19 [-11]
- 4/6/9
27..Beth Ehlers [Taylor Thompson]...16
- 5/2/9
28..Lucy Merriam [Emma Lavery]...13 [+3]
- 6/4/3
29..Rory & Declan McTigue [Adam Chandler III]...12 [+4]
- 4/0/8
**..Vollaro's, Hunter, Ross & Moss [Gabrielle Williams Montgomery]...12
- 3/9/0
31..Shannon Kane [Natalia]...11
- 3/3/5
32..Alexa Gerasimovich [Kathy Martin]...9 [+8]
- 4/2/3
**..Drew McVety [5] & David Furr [4] [Attorney Jay Stark]...9
- 3/1/5
34..Alex, Benjamin & Caleb Eckstein [Spike Hart Lavery]...8 [+2]
- 2/2/4
**..Levine's & Slomovitz's [Jenny Martin]...8 [+1]
- 4/1/3
36..Stevie Ray Dallimore [Oak Haven Administrator]...6
- 5/1/0
**..Haley Evans [Miranda Montgomery]...6
- 0/6/0
**..Anna Koonin [Nurse Gayle]...6
- 0/1/5
**..Jessalyn Wanlim [3] & Lisa Yuen [3] [Nanny Rachael]...6 [+5]
- 1/2/3
40..Colin Egglesfield [Joshua Madden]...5 [-6]
- 5/0/0 [Last Aired on 1/29]
**..Blake & Caden Padormo, Scott Peck [Ian Slater]...5 [+4]
- 1/2/2
**..Lauren Singerman [Tori]...5
- 0/0/5
43..Jenna DiMartini [Corrina Gonzales]...3 [SAME]
- 1/1/1
**..Ray MacDonnell [Dr. Joe Martin]...3 [-25]
- 2/1/0
**..Tonya Pinkins [Livia Frye]...3
- 2/1/0

jason said...

You'd think if Jessie and Angie were on as much as they are, they'd have a storyline!

Norn Cutson said...

i just woke myself up laughing....

i was having a vision of TESS chasing GIGI, SKANKY & NATTY KNOCKERS in fast motion to the BENNY HILL theme music!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey AMC Fans!

I found this clip on youtube. I didn't know that our Jesse can saang!


Darnell Williams - Better Man

Elyse and Susan in Toronto said...

Hey all,
half way through the podcast and savouring the rest.

Just wanted to tell u all that Imaginary Bitches, partnered with i thinks it's TV guide Canada to make a movie in Toronto based on the web series. Hopefully this will bring big things for our Binx and her hubby. Also hope I can drive by the set at somepoint when they start filming.

BTW love the BTB , and Zack's casino manager's name is Francesca.

Elyse and Susan in Toronto said...

Things that make you go hummmmmm...

If Randy wanted family at her wedding why no mention of Carmen? I know she is in the attic with Bobby Martin BUT she can be mentioned. how many times a week do we hear the name of Saint Dixie mentioned?

Also, David will have no issue finding Amanda's baby because it will be glowing like an alien due to the hundreds of ultrasounds she has had. Also, what kind of medical plan does Fusion have, I mean she does not even work there. She gets private rooms and specialist are on call, she also get immediate tests.

It is amazing that Amc is able to hire such fablous child actors but is so hirrbly inept at hiering adults, maybe JBW should only be casting for the Sesame Street.

Jesse should have an APB out on Rachel as she turned up last week being competely differnt nationality.

Also, when ryan is enjoying his romps with Kendall who the hell has Emma, maybe Jesse and Angie can buy Myrtle's old boarding house and open a shelter for these poor children, as they are all neglected. I mean the last we heard of Emma she went to meet up with people in an elevator. I ask is that any worse that drinking a half a glass of scotch? I mean child services is just about as useful as the chandler security.

It troubles you when u think u miss something because the plane noises come and things just move on with any rhyme nor reason. Several times you thnk you have missed a scene or maybe an episode. we acturlly (truthfully) changed cable provideers when we thought they were cutting AMC short for commericals in Canada, due to our CRTC stanaadards, but it was not the case. Yes, we did get better more expensive cable not change to AMC. we tried, little good it did.

How come our podcast community cannot come together to get Jordan an interview as a writer, tell us what to do and we will, we have written and called long-distance does nothing.

Norn Cutson said...

its official.

tallytofu said...

Norn, are we absolutely sure this isn't a TERRIBLE April Fool's joke?

Chloe said...

Shadow...your American Idol recap was hysterical!!

WTH was Paula wearing? It looked like an ugly prom dress from the '80s. I still hate that Alexis was voted off when we still have to hear Megan each week. New drinking game: Whenever Kara says "artistry" take a shot. And Kara it's Studio 54 and Heinz 57. Does anyone else get the feeling that Simon and Paula really don't like Kara?

Anoop...I just can't buy him as an "Usher" type of singer. I can't help but laugh when he tries to act cool and suave onstage. I never have gotten his appeal.

Megan 'not-so' Joy...I don't understand why she dropped her last name, but it doesn't matter 'cuz she still stinks! I really like artists like Duffy and Adele, so I thought I would like Megan but she is making my ears bleed each and every week!

Danny...He was better than last week, but I wasn't as impressed as the judges were. It was a really safe song choice.

Allison...I really like Allison and "Don't Speak" is one of my all time faves, so I was disappointed with her performance. It was like she was in her bedroom playing dress-up and pretending to be Gwen Stefani. Plus, she looked like Pebbles Flinstone.

Scott...ITA with you Shadow, it feels like their messing with the blind guy. Did they get the idea from watching AMC mess with a blind Reese? He had the 80s hair to go with Paula's prom dress. He was better than the past couple of weeks, but he bores me.

Matt...I like him, but not tonight! It sounded like a complete copy cat of that song and he has a much better voice than the lead singer of The Fray. And I feel bad for saying this, but I keep thinking the word cyclops when I see him. The mole on his forehead is so distracting!

Lil...This one hurt because I like Lil, but Celine Dion? Ugh, I can't stand Celine Dion songs. She sung it okay though.

Adam...I never know what to make of this guy. But WTF was Paula doing comparing him to Jagger and Tyler?? Seriously Paula? He's talented, but I hate those high screaming noises he does. Shadow...your take on him was brilliant! I will forever be looking at Adam like he is a walking STD.

Kris...Sorry Jordan, but I'm "pulling a Kendall" and stealing Kris from you and making him my boyfriend! That man is so fine!! And he was the best of the night by a mile!

Anonymous said...

I know this is the the pvpodcast but they JUST canceled Guiding light!!!

What is this world coming to??

lisa said...

I felt a little bit of Jordan dying inside. I came here the minute I heard about GL.

Shadow said...

I'm really sorry for all the fans of the show.

From one wavering AMC fan to our GL friends, here are some audio clips from the original radio broadcasts of “Guiding Light”:


Shadow said...

Chloe, I'd say Megan is a goner tonite but this is always a weird week on idol. Who knows. ITA there is something about Matt that bugs me too. I just thought he had a big zit.he should remove that. I felt bad for him last nite tho. He looked like. He was going to cry.

I think Kara's real purpose is just to fill time and stretch the show.

As for the others, it cracks me up the way Gokey works his dead wife into every bit. (Though he's been better about it lately).a
And then Scott trips or looks the opposite direction to remind us that he's blind. And then Adam snarls and scratches himself uncomfortably.

I'll be watching tonite. Catch u later.

kim said...

i never watched GL, but i'm so sorry for all of it's fans. here's a link to the first ever GL episode's transcript from the 1930's..


WMD said...

Is that really a GL script? Reads more like satire to me. Can't trust anything on the internet on April 1st.

Anyway, this is the 21st century - even if CBS doesn't want it anymore, there's a number of places it could go. After all, it survived going from radio to TV, so a jump to cable or the internet isn't too far-fetched.

Time After Time/Soap World said...

David's Emergency Soap Intervention!!

I'm here to help us all and save this Genre. So please watch and hear with care. So click link above.

Much love to all the soap fans

Shadow said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Norn Cutson said...

so, fired this week from OLTL (that we know of...so far!)

RAY (& DAMN, i am lovin him with DORIAN, TÉA *&* MARTY!)


Smelly Kelly Jay said...

Ooh, child, I am a WASP, but seeing "The Sound of Music" is mandatory in my family. I remember a whole bunch of us -- mama, daddy, brother, sisters, uncles, aunts, and cousins -- all going to see it at my little hometown theater during a re-release when I was really young.

We also passed the soundtrack album around. One of my cousins used to make us recreate Maria and Von Trapp's wedding scene when we were at his grandmother's house. And, yes, I said he.

I think anyone who marries into that side of my family has to watch the movie and sign a document stating such before anybody is allowed to wed.

With apologies to Rodgers and Hammerstein, here's my feelings on watching AMC lately. . .

When I watch it I'm confused
Out of focus and bemused
And I never know exactly where I am

Ashley, to familiarize yourself with "Mandingo,"visit http://barrylyndon1.tripod.com/mandingo.htm?. Did y'all know that Dr. Angie Hubbard herself, Debbi Morgan, had a small but memorable part in that movie? I think it was one of her first acting roles.

I ain't liking what I'm hearing/reading about OLtL. All the firings and rumors of their putting the kibosh on stories for Vicki.

Do y'all call into Robin Strasser's hotline? That is a diva right there. She's a hoot. Tells it like it is. . . or at least how she sees it. The numba is (212) 414-5300, so it might be a toll call for you.

To all the GL fans, I'm sorry about it getting canceled by CBS.

Love the podcast, kids. Thank you for doing it.

Shadow said...

n69n-what's going on at OLTL? Is this a surprise? How come people r getting fired?

Chloe: Lady Gaga blows like a cow on laxatives! What was that? Man, that performance should give Megan hope for the future. As for Megan, she knew she was doomed tonight, and obviously took it hard. She was so very awkward all night. That's got to be tough. But she did totally suck.

Anonymous said...

Glad you liked the Stage Prop Joke Crystal! Couldn't you picture them saying "Denise we need a coat rack in this scene at the Martin home so give a a model pose"..as they put various coats and hats on her.....

Guiding Light R.I.P That's sad sorry GL fans!

Norn, are you kidding me Michael and Marcie are gone from OLTL!?!?!? I'll miss them....Ray was growing on me and Lola hell I'll help her pack her bags she annoyed me!

Today Ryan told Kendall she he wants her and only her but then reminds the audience that he's "grieving" for Greenlee STUPID! Kendall misses Greens too...so much that she's boinking her man WHY!?!?! They're all "grieving" for Greenlee but you all know Rebecca Buddig was like WOOO HOOOOO I'M FREEEEEEEE.....

Back to OLTL see I like/hate Stacey cause she's complicated. She deserves to get slapped by GiGi at least another 2-3 times though...Actually if anyone saw the movie Airplane(AWESOME MOVIE)where the hysterical woman gets slapped by everyone on the plane... they could have Stacey in a chair and all the characters take turns slapping her BUT I love her I mean if Tina could be partially redeemed so can Stacey!

Is it dumb of me to keep hoping that Carmen will return somehow?

If my man caused me to bruise my face against a Piano I would NOT return hours later and have sex with him! WHAT's wrong with Krystal UGHH!!!! KWAK-"David make love to me is my bruise turning you on?" SICK!!!

I really don't know what else to say now except I love Marty with straight hair!


Norn Cutson said...

i just called that Robin Strasser hotline, that was fun!

she told a story about what a nasty person Jill Farren Phelps is!

Wilson Wonders said...

Yes, that hotline is a hoot!

Bxgal said...

Can someone PLEASE answer this, because either I missed that part or they just dropped the storyline.


Norn Cutson said...

all i can think is hurricane FRONS is tearing thru the OLTL set, coz this is a lot of people to dump all at once!!!!

...& i dont think he's finished!

i'm getting really worried for VIKI & CHARLIE.

kim said...

norn i hope your april foolsing us about oltl =(

jordan hudson said...


brtedi said...

Hi Jordan and Ashley! :-)

I hope the two of you will indulge a bit of a rant...I'd do this at the "Shayne & Dinah" fan board, but for what ever reason the site is having trouble with it's 'skins'...Right now, over there, I'd be typing black on black. So, I can't see a darned thing, I want to comment about...

Jordan, inspite of all of the positive things that have come out about GL lately, higher ratings, renewal, etc., The show is set for cancellation come September! Arrrrgggg! (See the article at soapcentral.com)

Admittedly, I watch on "Shayne and Dinah" days, but I was keeping up with the rest of the show...and it's good!

Heck, because of this show,I did something I wouldn't have even considered before---I wrote letters to the actual performers, saying how I enjoy their work...

Ironically I sent, Gina Tognoni a note this morning, commenting on how wonderful her performances are and how whatever "Dinah" is up to, I can't help but smile.

Dang it!...Just when I get into a show...Poof!...There it goes!:-(

Jordan, I'd love to hear/read your take on the looming cancellation of GL.

Thank you for letting me vent!


Tasha from Brooklyn, NY said...

Ashley and Jordan your catch saying " We watch so you don't have to is proving to be right for me" I have been watching AMC for sometime and it has had it's good and bad parts but I stayed with it. One of the best parts for me was Zach and Kendall yes some people don't get them but for me it was that sometimes words weren't needed it was a look and now Pratt has ruin that for what his new Liza that is it I am out. I might visit boards and read spoilers but I am not watching anymore.

I am not saying that couples need to be happy happy joy joy but some romance and not sex for sex sake.

Norn Cutson said...

word is that Frons knew what was coming with GL, & axed these people to make room for the castmembers he's gonna poach from GL.

Shadow said...

I don't think TB,BE or RPG brought huge audiences with them that catapulted the ratings. I'm not sure Frons' strategy is wise. They could hire the best actors in the world but there's only so much an actor can do if the writing is bad. The audience doesn't adore TB, BE or RPG yet. They are all great actors but they were stuck in awful stories. Meanwhile a total unknown like Brot is a hit. Frons would be wise to be selective and plan it out carefully. No half ass planned stories for these folks. I realize they may save a lot on craft services w/o her, but one Marcie can act circles around all the Rancids and McKenzie Westmores put together. I think spinning shit into shinola is worth a few ding dongs.

Norn Cutson said...

i have to say, Ive met Kathy Brier (MARCIE)& she has a CUTE figure in real life!

Norn Cutson said...

i cant find my notes from yesterday & i am in a hurry to go catch a plane, but i wanted to say IT WAS SOOOOO COMFORTING to see HANK yesterday on OLTL!!!!!

Crystal said...

Jordan- I know how David is omnipotent...he read the script. Mwa ha ha ha ha ha

The podcast was great. I couldn't sleep last night so, I decided to listen to the show since I was anxious to do so. I can't remember what it was now but, something in the middle had me cracking up so hard. I was trying desperately not to wake up hubby. You guys are ha-ha-larious!

brtedi said...

"word is that Frons knew what was coming with GL, & axed these people to make room for the castmembers he's gonna poach from GL."

n69n, I really hope tbtb over at abc don't muck things up!:-( If they got any/all of the GL actors, that would be great! Now, if they could motivate the writers (possibly, with a cattle prod--LOL!) Things could really start moving in a positve direction


brtedi said...


Shadow, thanks to the link to the old radio serials. It's not just GL. There's all sorts of recordings. Oooooww! :-)


brtedi said...

"Ray Montez"?---Jordan, what is OLTL up to, reguarding A. Martinez and/or "Ray"?


Shadow said...

I finally watched Monday and part of Tuesday so I saw David pushed Krystal. Aside from the fact that they are one of the worst couples ever, there are a few other problems.

First, how many times in a week can they hit Krystal on the head? She was just in the hospital from getting boinked on the head by The Turd.

Secondly, this is the same chic who threw a Christmas party with a bunch of truckers. And we're supposed to believe she would just take it. She should have stabbed him in the eye.
Third, getting tossed into a table by your spouse would be humiliating enough. Having to tell everyone about it would be even worse. You shouldn't feel that way, but who could help it. I try to cover up the occasional zit. If I had a giant spouse inflicted bruise on my face, I would try to conceal it but I sure wouldn't go to the most popular bar in town where I always see everyone I know. Maybe I'd call a friend and talk it over at their house. But I wouldn't run out for a Cosmopolitan.

Fourth, when confronted with a stressful situation, why does everyone have to reach for a drink or a dick? Can't they go for a run? Talk to a friend or do anything that isn't self destructive?

Finally as I was ffd thru I think I saw baby InsAnnie sitting under the strairs in a dark cellar. Is her mom going to turn out to be Alfre Woodard. Cause that s/l sucked on DH too.

SOAPFAN said...

Ash, I miss your songs. You have to sing for us in the next podcast if you can.

Great podcast Ash and Jordan. I am glad somebody finally said something about Farah Fath's(OLTL's Gigi)inflated "trout pout"...she looks like she has been kissing burners on the stove. No Jordan didn't liken her to a drag queen at Barracuda(Man, I have not been there in YEARS)...lol! My friend calls her ApocaLips(like in the X-Men).

I happen to agree with Jordan that Stacy is a good character, and Crystal Hunt is actually doing a good job. On the surface, she looks like an annoying blonde, but you can see something behind her eyes. I think it's her voice that turns people off the most.

Stacy is a CLASSIC soap character, and while we have seen it all before, I think that Hunt is playing the bitch quite nicely.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Great new podcast! And Jordan, thanks for the shout out on me agreeing with you that IN THE MOTHERHOOD was horrible because it truly was... I just don't get why ABC is running commercials calling it "the new comedy hit"... redic.

Anyway, I wanted to know what you guys think about NO. 1 LADIES' DETECTIVE AGENCY. I finally got to watch it last night and I have to say that I LOVEd IT!!! Jill Scott is brilliant as Precious and it is just refreshing to see something so different on television. Do you guys agree?

And last, but not least, as a fan of soaps, albeit not Guiding Light in particular, I am saddened by the news that it has been canceled. I feel like soaps should go on forever and ever.. Sorry to all the fans who have to part with their soap.. Man, this really feels like a death.

Crystal said...

Ty, I think maybe you are right about Stacy's voice. I think it more her delivery though, than her actual voice.
When she told GiGi that their parents were dead, I didn't believe a word. Hopefully it turns out she really is lying then I will think she is a great actress, ha ha.

Watching yesterday episode of AMC. Zach just took Myrtle's painting and left the room. I guess those two need to be alone for a while. ;)

Hey, I don't know if you all know this but Ryan is still grieving. Just in case any of you missed the 1200 times he has said it recently.

SOAPFAN said...

I agree to an extent Crystal. Her delivery does need a bit of work. She sort of has dead eyes...NOT "Dead behind the eyes" but her face is not really expressive. But I think in this case, it could work, since Stacy is supposed to be sort of a cold bitch.

Oh god, when are they going to write Ryan Lavery out of PV? Certain characters have run their course, I think Ryan is one of those characters. Hoarsely screaming through clenched teeth, and with bulging eyes is NOT acting Cameron, and if I hear "He took EVERYTHING from me" one more time...

Kendall is so stupid...and so nasty. She deserves everything that Zach says to her. All he did was kiss a lesbian...I mean c'mon, most straight guys dream of that.

Kendall actually had SEX with another man while she is married. Zach has grounds for divorce on that fact alone. Kendall woke up and Alicia Minshew was brilliant, but INSERT RYAN(pun intended), and suddenly she becomes a dumb adulterous whore again. Even the words that come out her mouth make her look even more foolish! It's like Kendall went back into a coma again...a Ryan Coma.

I can't wait to see Jamie Luner's take on Liza Colby. I have low hopes, but maybe we will be surprised. I have decided to take the character as a new character, which she basically is. Jami Luner is no Marcie Walker, let's hope the Black Hole known as Briane Moncrief does not hurt her performances.

AMC is still kind of a wreck unfortunately, but there are moments I like. I just have changed the way I view the show. I am pretending that this is another dimension AMC...Pratt Valley instead of Pine Valley. So far it works, cause my expectations are so low.

I agree MsCaseyShameless...soaps should be preserved. Soaps are an American Institution. That these studio a-holes would let this happen is just tragic.

Shadow said...

I took yall's advice and watched "Better Off Ted" this week. It was pretty funny. Thanks!

Laura said...

A sad time for soap fans. I was kinding of watching GL lately just because I didn't want it cancelled. I hope it goes elsewhere and it's the first soap to survive 3 mediums. Radio, tv, and cable/internet. But I don't know how it can afford the salaries.

It should be interesting where some actors land. It sounds like it will be a CBS/ABC fight for some actors. I hope Gina T. comes back to OLTL as Kelly. But I love the Kramer women.

Chloe said...

Shadow...I was so happy to see Megan go! I had heard of Lady Gaga, but I had never seen her before. She looked like she was wearing some kind of outer space drag queen outfit.

I am so bummed about GL! I have watched this soap longer than any other. It is even more upsetting now because of how good GL has been lately. I am loving Phillip's return, Bill/Lizzie, Shayne/Dianh and Otalia! Today's show with Reva giving birth was hysterical! I don't know how likely it will be, but I hope that another network will pick it up.

Arizonagal said...

OMG when did Krystal turn into such a friggin pod? BEakes actually looks like she's in pain when she's playing this stuff. I know I'm in pain trying to watch it. I can't believe how awful this Krystal/David stuff is.

When did Hayweird fall in love with Kwak? Why is he begging and proclaiming his love? Is he on libidozone too? It doesn't work - I don't buy it - it's a bunch of crapola. This couple is so unreal and unnecessary.

Quoting Jordan "I actually have some goood things to say about AMC this week."
"I found myself entertained and not wanting to hurl."
"Later in the week I got this knot in my stomach that I still have."
"Nurse Gail is annoying the hell out of me. She's a horrible actress."
"I hate it that David was blackmailing the judge."

I agree with JordAsh, Angie would not be excited about her boy marrying an ex hookah. She'd be wringing her hands and thinking about how he deserved so much better. Hell, come all you moms out there, I know I'd be think "get outta here you little tramp."

dO we know who Tori is? I wonder if Tori is the "ghost" of someone, perhaps a childhood friend, who Annie killed as a young girl? Has this been revealed yet? I don't watch daily.

Over at OLTL, Cole reminds me so much of James Dean, he's got that whole brooding moody thing going on.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't the biggest fan of Marcie and Michael but I will be really upset to see Ray go. He and Dorian had real chemistry. Good riddance to Lola. She was just a latina version of Stacey who is pretty cardboard cutout herself. I'm really resenting the Stacey/Gigi storyline because it's so stupid and insults adult viewers. I've come to expect so much more from OLTL and their writers.

Ms. Casey Shameless. I haven't watched #1 Ladies Detective Agency yet but I did PVR it. Love Jill Scott and the reviews have been great. I'm also looking forward to the second season of In Treatment. The previews have whet my appetite for more Gabriel Byrne and his patients.

Speaking of previews, am I the only one who misses the previews at the end of OLTL?

I think President Obama is great and all and I have the utmost respect for him but do they have to pre-empt soaps just because he's giving a G-20 press conference? I really hope some kind soul youtubed the first half of OLTL.

Terry in Toronto

Melissa said...

I love Jesse's hot-pink razr phone!

Melissa said...

OLTL firings: Lola was idiotic and the story didn't make sense, Marcy and Michael were so-so, but we'll kind of need them when the baby switch thing plays out.

As for Ray, I'm CRUSHED!!!!! I love A. Martinez all the way back to Santa Barbara, and I love the Dorian / Ray pairing. That's a huge mistake!!!

Anonymous said...

Ashley where did you get that Alleluia song you use when something good happens on AMC? I wanted to play it at work today when the tech guy FINALLY fixed my computer but I just settled for singing Happy Days are here again....

So next year in 2010 will be AMC's 40th anniversary and even though we all think the show is a wreck maybe it will improve by then! OLTL recreated past storylines for their 40th if AMC were to do that which storylines would you all like to see recreated and which characters used?

Another thing Cliff and Nina have another son named Michael right? Why can't they bring him on the show he would be in his early 20's now. Not only is he Palmer's grandson but he's related to JR and Kathy cause their Dixie's children as well as Little A cause he's JR's son. He'll know Tad cause he was with Dixie and maybe Angie cause she dated Cliff. Just thinking of characters with connections to bring on....

Anyone know if Evangeline is returning to OLTL? They've been mentioning her lately with Christian visiting her and talking about her to Jessica.

Ok done with my rant! Great podcast this week as always Jordash!


crs 17 said...

Thoughts on Wednesday:

--That was some nice stuff today with Erica talking to Zack about so-called resilient children. It actually made me think for a minute. Who knew I could watch this show and think?

--I liked the way MEK was playing it when Opal and JR were kind've hounding Krystal @ the Martin manse.

--There were some real good burns coming from Zack's end today, too. All of the dialogue felt real today, courtesy of Michelle Patrick, who is back at AMC after an absence of two years, I believe.

--When is Zack going to stop carrying around that freakin' picture of Myrtle? I mean, for me, one of Zack's few redeeming features was his relationship with Myrt. I loved me some Zyrtle! And I don't mind that he left with the picture. However, it's dumb that he keeps talking to it like it'll talk back.

--so, so dumb that Little A just answered the door and David snatched him up. I hope Krystal gives him holy hell tomorrow. Oh wait, she's dumb now; she won't.

--When Zack was saying, "Who gets the boys up? Who gives them breakfast?" my daughter and I both said together, "Rachel!"

crs 17

Arizonagal said...

Hmm, if Frons is canning actors to make room for GL actors, then I hope to god the GL peeps are going to OLTL where their talents will be used more wisely. Look at how well AMC has done with Ehlers and Goldin.

Regarding GL, we have until Sept to save this piece of tv history.

Damn, I'm an old broad now, surely older than most of you all. I grew up on GL because my mom watched it. I remember the BW episodes back in the old days. GL has always been about the perfect balance of drama and humor, good and bad, rich and poor.

We still have the working class Coopers mixing it up with the old money Spauldings. So much talent, wonderful characters. Sigh... I'm still in shock.

Arizonagal said...

Oh for petes sake, Ryan ranting about Zach, it's so stale and sour and I am so over it. EEK trying to talk some sense into Ryan is so freakin POINTLESS!

I get the feeling Beakes is not invested in this story line, like it goes against everything she believes in. She's lost all her spunk, all her personality. You'd think the libidozone would perk her up a bit, no?

I feel really bad for the PV kids who get lost in all these adult games. They are going to be so damaged. Poor little Spikey.

A message for GL actors - step away from the train wreck. Get thee to OLTL pronto!

Well shit, this is all too depressing. Last week I drove my BFF up to Sedona, so that's my blog photo tonight. It was so beautiful there, fresh air, the reddest rocks and earth ever.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me what's up with all of this forced cursing on the show? It seems like it is getting worse. It doesn't even flow naturally. If I hear Jesse say another "ass" or Zack or Ryan call someone a "bitch", I'm going 2 scream!!!

Also, what kind of shirt was that JR wore on Thursday's show. I LOVED that gray and black...of course Jacob always looks good.

Kel in Dallas

Shadow said...

Yeah, WTF is with all the cussing? It's like Pratt is a 6th grader just learning how to cuss. He doesn't do it well and it is unatural. Next up he'll have Erica and Opal talking ghetto.

ERICA walks into the Glamorama: "Wassup Bitches?"

OPAL Responds: "Fo' shizzle my nizzle?"

SHADOW: Turns the TV off.

Norn Cutson said...

Jerry Van Dorn (CLINT, OLTL) bumped down

i guess Frons doesnt wanna eff him.

"ABC is playing fast and loose with what it means to be 'on contract' these days," says a source. "At one show people are being told they will remain in the opening credits and still appear on contract, although they will really be on recurring status, as long as this doesn't leak to the press, they will be safe."

From what we are hearing, Brian Frons simply doesn't want to see much of the Guiding Light veteran, who assumed the role of Clint in 2005, onscreen.

SOAPFAN said...

Norn, that is really disturbing to hear. I thought that fans were warming up to JVD? I never understood why when they make cuts to the budget, they start with the vets first?

though I trust RC, I have a feeling that after Florencia leaves, the show will start sucking again.

Norn Cutson said...

Ty, it doesnt have anything to do with what the fans want; its all about who Frons wants to eff!

SOAPFAN said...

Is that why Cameron Mathison is still on AMC? LOL! Just kidding. I hate to imagine what many of the attractive male stars have to do to stay working under Frons reign.

Arizonagal said...

I heard last night that GL is being replaced with a new version of the 25K Pyramid. Do I hear the network weasels calling Cameron's name? He'd be a perfect host, especially if he does it in that menacing hoarse whisper/shout of his.

Arizonagal said...

Ty, the attractive male actors aren't necessarily working under Frons. They could just be tugging him, as Ashley said recently.

WMD said...

> I never understood why when they make cuts to the budget, they start with the vets first?

The vets make the most money, that's why. Why cut someone who's easy to pay when you can cut somebody who makes a ton? They even cut Susan Lucci's salary (I guess they realize removing her would end the show).

It's starting to look like even OLTL will suck once Frons is finished with it.

SOAPFAN said...

Lol Arizonagal! I love this messageboard. Too bad JVD must not be a good "tugger".

Crystal said...

Uh-oh Ian might need a heart transplant...hide your kids from Zach people!

SOAPFAN said...

^Yeah Crystal, maybe Gabrielle shouldn't come back to PV...Zach might start to get ideas. Tad, HIDE JENNY!

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Terry, you should watch it ASAP it is so good. Jill Scott is perfection in it. I hope she wins an Emmy (I think a nomination absolutely coming her way.)

Norn Cutson said...

behind the scenes bombshell via Nelson Branco

"• Memo to Les Moonves, Anne Sweeney and Brian Frons: According to sources, CBS Daytime VP Barbara Bloom and AMC executive Julie Hanan Carruthers, who are best bitch pals, have systemically killed various casting coups between CBS and ABC for personal and professional agendas. Sounds like corporate sabotage to me. More proof that these selfish friendships are killing the business.

• Remember when former Y&R head writers Jack Smith and Kay Alden were placed on ABC holding deals? Once again, Babs killed that. Apparently, Brian Frons wanted the duo to take over AMC before those hacks Barbara Esensten and James Harmon Brown took over Agnes Nixon’s favourite soap. Babs, who allegedly despises Smith, demanded Caruthers put an end to the appointment. And then they wonder why AMC was almost cancelled."

Norn Cutson said...

also form Nelson:

One step forward, a million steps backwards: Soap Opera Spirit Award winner Kathy Brier (Marcie) has been fired. Bad move, One Life. Really bad move. I guess Brier isn’t slutty enough for soap blocker Brian Fons’ taste. Also out is Brier’s super talented co-star Chris Stack (Michael). Meanwhile, Brier wrote this message to her fans on her MySpace page:

“Last week after seven years on OLTL I was told by the powers that be at ABC my contract was not going to be renewed at the end of my current cycle (May 31st). I was told that they don’t know what else to write for Marcie. Obviously I don’t agree with that statement. I think Marcie has so many layers still left to explore. That being said I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for being the most loyal fans I will probably ever have in my entire career. Over the years I have received countless emails and letters expressing how much Marcie has given hope to and inspired you but I want you all to know that you have done the same for me.

You welcomed Marcie in a medium where she was never expected to flourish and helped me to break boundaries that my fellow voluptuous thespians (hollah — Chandra Wilson, Melissa McCarthy) continue to break down.

I hope to have your support as I enter this new adventure in my life and career and I hope, you have enjoyed the life and times of Marcie Walsh McBain as much as I have.”

TVGuide.ca spoke with one of the most talented actors in soaps just two weeks ago on the Rock The Soap cruise:

TVG: There are always these rumours that you are about to bolt One Life?
Kathy Brier: Really? Omigod, I love the show and the role. I’ll play Marcie as long as Erika Slezak [Viki] is on the show.

Anonymous said...

The corporations are tired of soaps and are hiring hacks to kill the daytime dramas so that they can replace them with more profitable gameshows and reality fare. It all comes down to the almighty bottom line.

Terry in Toronto

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Seriously, we need to find a way to stop these people from ruining our soaps.

Frons, Craputhers, or Pratthole better not run in to me on the street.

Melissa said...

Maybe I've just had to swallow too much for too long, but I think I really enjoyed Friday's AMC episode. The scenes with Kendall and Zach were beautifully done, and the intrigue with Adam is fascinating.

I am hoping that David can save Ian and that in doing so, his character can have a little bit of light. They've made him nearly irredemable at this point, so he needs to be made a bit human again.

Let's hope Monday doesn't burst my teeny tiny bubble of hope!

jordan hudson said...

My heart is breaking. As I watch Friday's epsiode of GL this morning.

It finaly hit me that I won't be seeing these people after Sept.

No more Spauldings, Lewis and Bauer's. Springfield will be no more.

Then I saw Kim Zimmer doing what she makes look so effort less and it really hit home. Some of the others might jump to other shows. Jeff, Gina...etc. Yet Kim most likley will not . Why? Because she is a woman of a ceratin age. She is not size 0 and under 35. She is a woman who has lived life. Who is sexy, confident and can act better in her sleep then the majority of these actress on air now. She has a mouth on her and is not afraid to speak up!

These Executives don't get it, they don't understand the appeal that daytime has on it's viewers. Yes Agnes and AMC is credited with the first teenage supercouple on daytime with Phil and Tara. Yet people tuned into AMC not only for them but for Ruth, Joe, Mona, Palmer, Daisy,Adam,Charles, Langley and Phoebe.

When I look at GL they are the show with the most current veterans. Of two generations. There is Alan, Alexandra, Blake, Philip, Beth, Rick, Frank, Buzz, Billy, Josh, Vanessa, Hawk and they are all about legacy characters as Bill, Dinah, Shayne, Marina, Lizzie and soon James are running around town.

So to Guding Light ( and yes I'm crying like a beeyotch as I write this) I'm going to miss you. and to Kim Zimmer. " I'm going to miss you most of all scarcrow!" Thank you for making me laugh and cry and being a part of this family. You will be missed.

Arizonagal said...

Jordan, thank you for your beautiful comments - almost a eulogy - for GL. I knew you would do something beautiful and appropriate as a tribute to our wonderful show. I got a lump in my throat as I read your post. I still can't wrap my brain around the fact that this rich piece of history will soon be no more. On a positive note, I do expect that GL will go out with a bang and not a whimper. I expect the new few months to be amazing.

You are so right about KZ. She is such a force of nature. I don't see her going near another soap where she would not be the diva. KZ may be fat and over 50, but her talent is rare, daytime, nighttime, movies, stage, she could do anything, she's electric.

Anyway Jordan, I feel your pain and I'm sending you and all the other GL fans virtual hugs!


jordan hudson said...


Thank you. I have had the pleasure of meeting MS. Zimmer. and seeing her cabaret act years ago. She is a force of nature. How this woman is not a movie star is beyond me. This business sometimes is not about talent but who you know and who you blow. As much as I love Marilu Henner. Kim was robbed of the female lead on Evening Shade all those years ago. What a diferent show it would have been with Kim.

Your other comment was something I was thinking about earlier. How many Soaps have gone away while I was watching. It's always hard to say good bye to a Soap that you have loved and felt has always been great like Edge of Night and Ryan's Hope was for me. Sometimes the show will be missed but left you years ago like Santa Barbara and Loving. So there departure doesn't hurt as much because in away you have already let them go as it was for me. yet the hardest goodbye is when your show looses it's way and like the underdog, like Cher makes the ultimate comeback and your remember why you love this show to begin with. That truly is the hardest goodbye. Because you stuck throught them thick and thin and now when everything is as it should be and it's smooth sailing, it's over. Like a patient at Seattle Grace. for me that has happned with Another World and now GL. They lost there way for awhile but they foudn themselves and will go out not just with a bang but there head held high just like our beloved Sydney Penny did.

This week's podcast will be a treat I hope for all you Soap fans. Next week you will have surprise return and I wont be on it but will be active with you all week long on the blog giving you my thought on AMC. Ashley thought I woudl take the wek off but I love discussing our passion and show with you gusy too much to do that lol. At a time like this its' great to know we are all in this together. I love you guys.

Crazy Daisy. You were not alone. I actaully talked to Ashley on the new podcast about that very thing. Friday's scenes were real and powerful because all the ridic stuff was taken out and the characters were allowed to be real and human. Unlike earlier in the week.

Discodan were are you Ashley just forward the email you sent. I want you to know I'm so interested in reading your material. Will do it soon. don't like to do anything half ass. So as soon as I have time to read it all in one setting I will and get back to you.

Laura said...

I am so saddened by the loss of GL. I didn't watch it that much, but this is truly the end of my beloved genre. I think of all the great actors that we lost from our soaps that we never see anymore. Sharon Gabet, Lynn Herring, Kim Zimmer, James DePaiva, Larkin Malloy and others. Guiding Light has been around my whole life and even my mother's life.

I liked a lot of the characters even though I watched it only sporadically. It originated here in Chicago and has had a lot of coverage in the Chicago newspapers. They are both bankrupt, so who knows how long they will be around either.

I wonder if soaps that take place in the midwest will now have their gay weddings take place in my home state of Iowa. Everyone thinks we are so conservative. Ha!

Has anybody seen Clementine Ford on Y&R? I think she is the first openly gay actor or actress on contract now. I don't get showtime so I didn't see her on the L Word. I wonder if her being out will allow other actors to come out. I hope so.

I can remember back in the day when the Chief of Police on Edge of Night was a also a porn actor and disco singer. Wouldn't Frons just die!

Laura said...

From Wikipedia about my earlier post in case anyone was interested.

Wade Nichols (aka Dennis Parker October 28, 1946 – January 28, 1985) was an American actor and singer.

His first adult role was in the 1975 film Exploring Young Girls. He followed with films such as Summer of Laura, My Sex-Rated Wife, Marishino Cherries, John Derrick's Love You, and Teenage Pajama Party as The Sheik. Nichols also appeared in the 1975 adult gay film Boynapped!.

In 1979, using the name Dennis Parker, he recorded an album of disco songs on the Casablanca label.

Also under the name Dennis Parker, he was known for playing Police Chief Derek Mallory on the soap opera The Edge of Night from 1979 to 1984. During the final weeks of the show, he was too ill to tape any episodes and, had the show not been cancelled, he would have been replaced.

He committed suicide after he was diagnosed with AIDS.

I dispute that he committed suicide after reading other articles. I think he really died from AIDS related illnesses. His disco song was Fly Like an Eagle. Look him up on YouTube.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ms. Casey,

I finally snuck some time and watched the premiere of Ladies #1. I really liked it. The cinematography was incredible! Jill Scott is very believable in this role. Sad to say though but I wonder how many people are going to be able to handle the quiet pace of this subtle show. It's quality but does the maninstream audience want quality these days?

Terry in Toronto

jordan hudson said...


From all that I heard Dennis Parker did not kill himself. Everything that I was able to piece together from things certain cast members told me and other things he died from A.I.D.S. At that time people knew so little and it acted quickly. I did meet Dennis before he was ill and I will say that he was one of the nicest people. he was very sweet and appreciative with fans. I was big EON fanatic. Sharon Gabet I worshiped and when she brought me on the set for EON last day....sigh.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Very good point. It seems the general American public only wants to see bad reality shows, so I don't know if most people are going to be able to get in to the show. Hopefully, since it was originally a book, the built in fan base will help move it along because I think a show like No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency deserves a good run.

I love Clementine Ford! I am so happy that she is out and proud and even more happy that she is playing a straight character. I think it will help visibility a lot, especially since Y&R is the number one rated soap. I can't wait to see what people will think of her playing Mac, but I think she will do great.
Plus, it's a bonus that she is going to be playing some of her scenes opposite Liz Hendrickson!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jordan,

Have you ever considered creating your own soap? You could write all the characters and I'm sure Ashley, Taylor and Pedro could act. I would watch your show on the net and I'm sure everyone else on the blog would too!

Terry in Toronto

Shadow said...
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Norn Cutson said...

SOAP SHRINK interview with Kathy Brier (MARCIE, OLTL)

Shadow said...

I FFd this week at a record pace. Looks like there was some decent stuff. Erica was good with Ryan, Zach, Kendall, and David--even though she couldn't quite eek out a tear. Her face was all scrunchy but the botox just won't let it out. Lots of historical references-Leora, Erica's childhood, Ray Gardner, Tad's broken arm. I like it when they treat these characters like real people who are affected by their past experiences. It helps it all make more sense. Kwak and David talking thru Ian's surgery was nice. Finally, a credible scene between them. She acknowledged that she wasn't there, but made it work anyway.

You say Buck Toothed Boogahface. I say Buck Tooth Bianca. Either way BTB cracks me up. Too bad she isn't real. Why did she have to be so geeky though?

Zyrtle was sweet. At least they acknowledge Myrtle is missed. Wish more people were carrying pics of Pheobe et al. I'd even take a pic of Brooke just to acknowledge that she existed. But PLEASE remove the pictures of Baby Dawl!

And Adam? All that and it appeears its just a case of "He so horny". He's got it real bad for Erica apparently. And who knew he could draw? Apparently, he just has a really bad case of blue ball and it's making him crazy.

I'm traveling all next week. Hope you all have a great week!

Arizonagal said...

Ah ha, Laura, you've hit the nail on the head. Erica can't cry because she's botoxed to aesthetic perfection. I wonder if that's true. Does botox affect the tear ducts?

Having read from various sources that Jerry Ver Dorn has been demoted to recurring status on OLTL, I wonder if he can "recur" on another soap and raise Ross Marler from the dead over at OLTL.

I think Gigi at OLTL is dumb as a bag of hammers these days. Liking Layla and Christian. I've always thought Christian was such a dud, but pair him up with someone who's got some spice and personality and all of a sudden, he's showing a little bit of range. Turns out the guy can flex his thespian muscles.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Arizonagal. Gigi is just so stupid and I can't stand her pained expression anymore. I guess she's Llanview's equivalent to Ryan. Get thee to an actin class both of you.

Terry in Toronto

WMD said...

Hi, can I add to the Gigi hate? ;)

I haven't always hated her, but now...like my mom tells me about soaps, "Everyone gets their turn at being stupid." It's amazing that she won't tell Rex so they can try to fake a break up (as Ashley and Jordan alluded to). In fact, the stupidity of this story overall has me so worked up that I wish some character would toss Gigi the most insulting comment: "You know, you can make another kid, but not another Rex." SHAZAM!

Personally, though, I'm looking for Roxy to step in, so we can finally see Mitch Laurence in that hospital bed. (It's got to be him, right?)

As for AMC...enjoying Annie's ghost stories. It's a little silly, but that's the point. I think.

Laura said...

Sorry WMD but Roscoe Born was playing his dead evil character in a dream on Y&R this week.

I bet it will be Mitch. I thought so since the time the crazy lady who names escapes me told Jessica she had a secret about her. This will make Jess and Rex brother and sister.

Anybody else getting snow? It's the winter that won't end in Chicago.

When I gave blood this week the girl who screened me sounded just like Ashley. I asked if she was Puerto Rican and she said how did you know? She said the hardest part about her job is that she couldn't wear all her gold jewelry and she had to wear smaller hoops for earrings. I asked if her regular ones were door knockers and she said they were.

As long as I'm mentioning it, give Blood if you can and sign up for Organ Donation. My public service announcement for this podcast.

chesty morgan said...

Here is Rebecca Budig http://rebecca-budig.blogspot.com