Sunday, September 21, 2008

Square Peg in a Round Hole

  • Greenlee is so calm as to be comatose, and Kendall is someone we really don't even care about anymore.

  • Petey gets electrocuted. (Huh? This better be Chuck Pratt's way of getting him to forget Colby!)

  • Frankie attempts to comfort a D.B.T.E. Randi. (Actually, we couldn't tell she was sad, bless her heart).

  • Annie and Petey continue to delight, but Jackson and Carmen still wanna make us hurl.
Seems like we have wildly divergent opinions, folk. Why are Jordan and I so not excited over recent developments? And as far as what's in the works? We are not amused by what we're hearing! What's your take? Give it to us straight, here.

09/19/08 Podcast


Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone,

I love the character of petey because he has been like a breath of fresh air on the show, espeically being forced to interact mostly with Coldby. The whole electrocution thing just obggled my mind. What are the odds? Really! What's next? They're going to make him a comic book superhero? Why can't the writers and producers just work together to tell stories about real people living real lives? Is that too much to ask?

Terry in Toronto

Norn Cutson said...

im listening to the show now...

Ash, Eden did some chats this past summer promoting IMAGINARY BITCHES, and she said that she had been *ASKING* to come back to visit ERICA in prison, and that TPTB would not return her phonecalls!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to post something fun to start off the week. It's a Soap Opera Name Generator. Put in your name and it will tell you your soap name:

I'm Viv Cavendish!

With a name like that, I'm assuming I'd be some rich kid, hell bent on torturing my parents, who then I'd find out are adoptive.

Norn Cutson said...

my soap name: Harlan Berkeley

jordan hudson said...

mmm Im hutch Welty

Anonymous said...

I’ve been listening to the podcast this morning. Haven’t finished yet. I totally get where the two of you are coming from. Last week I thought I was beginning to sound really negative about the show and felt guilty about it because the characters who were really getting me fired up were the vets-Erica, Adam, Kendall, etc. At first the Pratt stuff was refreshing. Clearly he zeroed in on InsAnnie and it was great. He began to mix the characters and focus less on the suxtet unless it served a purpose to actually further the story. He shipped crybaby Cassie to Europe and gave some much needed poignancy to some characters who had been floundering like Jesse and Angie. The pace was pretty good.

Now he’s accelerated the pace and clearly getting ready for the tornado which as far as I can tell is going to be the show’s turning point, or jump the shark moment, depending on the execution. It must be very different writing for daytime than night. Somewhere I read he wrote for Desperate Housewives. The difference I think is that at night you only have 45 or so minutes once a week to deliver some punchy dialogue. The sequences have to make more of an impact and the stories have to play out a little faster. It’s a lot different from daytime where you have 45 minutes, 5 days a week. Moments have to flow from one to the next more seamlessly, and there are more characters to have to work with.

I don’t think ABC is giving up on All My Children. To the contrary, I see them giving it more attention than they have in years. They are hiring back talent-Bianca, her girlfriend, Taylor, David, Jake. These are soap heavyweights. They are promoting it in conjunction with primetime programming. They hired an expensive writer. They put Susan Lucci on DWTS, and she is getting tons of press about it. I’m sure that was the point of her being on the show in the first place. They are spending oodles on the upcoming CGI tornado and promoting the hell out of it. Taking AMC of SoapNet may be a smart thing. I think SoapNet has further diluted the ratings of the soaps in ways Nielsen doesn’t accurately account for yet. I think it is a heavily recorded program. It was on in the middle of the night on SoapNet. As they push for more original programming, it makes sense that they would make room in the wee hours. AMC may actually benefit with more measurable, accurate ratings in its original time slot.

There has been a fundamental change in programming that I think has had a cancerous effect on soaps. In the all important night time ratings, shows get just a few airings and if they don’t capture an audience, they get canceled fast. The shows have to be over the top, explosive, overtly sexual or whatever to try to woo the viewer while they have the chance. Daytime is different. Viewers invest in the characters. The AMC poem epitomizes the daytime viewer:

The Great and the Least,
The Rich and the Poor,
The Weak and the Strong,
In Sickness and in Health,
In Joy and Sorrow,
In Tragedy and Triumph,

Soap viewers come from all walks of life. AMC in particular has been known for depicting the issues of our time with an honest observational, not judgmental eye. AMC viewers aren’t drawn to the show because of the special effects or overtly sexual content. They are drawn to the show because of the intricacies of the storylines, the character development, the relationship we develop with the characters. We get a chance to see how people, rich, poor, healthy, sick, weak, strong react to situations, persevere and grow. We take the time for the little things, the cozy conversations, the romance, the plotting and character development. We respond to the reactions of the characters not the particular situation they are in. Ours is not an instantly gratifying, hot and cold relationship. The show means more than last week’s episode. Through the tragedy and triumph, the good and the bad, these people are our family, friends, community-our children. And that is where the trick is. I’m not sure any soap fits in with the current state of TV programming. You don’t attract viewers with whiz-bang technology. You catch them when they least expect it, with an interesting story that reads like a novel. With a doe-eyed actor like Bianca who draws you in with those big, teary, brown eyes. You want things to work out for her. Somehow it makes you feel better. You empathize and you turn in the next day to make sure she’s OK. Whether you watch for pure escapism or a more profound reason, the characters slowly draw you in and just never quite let you go. For every Colby, there’s a Carmen.

As Erica would say, hopefully the tornado will provide a “new beginning” for the show. I see Pratt trying not to leave anything left undone. Rather than letting characters just drift away, I see him addressing issues. Josh? Check. Cassie? Check. Colby? Check I Wish. I see him positioning the show for something different. I don’t like everything about the way we’re getting there, but I’m hopeful having seen the way Taylor’s storyline is playing out. After the tornado rips it a part, it will be interesting to see how they rebuild the show. I don’t think we can really judge Pratt or the show until then because that I think is when all his groundwork will have been laid. Having said all this, he just better not screw it up!

Norn Cutson said...

wow, the podcast today combined with shadow's post has got me all choked up!

Anonymous said...

Shadow, Jordan, and Ashley on a podcast! =)

Anonymous said...

OMG! OLTL Shower scene today!!!! AHHH! YESSSSSS!!!

jordan hudson said...

Shadow I love how optimistic you are. I really hope your right and this is all some strategic move to better AMC. I do feel thou that if the desire for getting the show back to were it should be was the true intention rather then hire an expensive writer. Hire one of Quality like Labine or one who knows the true history of the show Broderick. Mctavish had three turns as head writer, Lorraine only once but no one can deny thoses were the last solid days of 100% excellence all arounde when James and Broderick were at the helm. While I understand there issue with Josh, It was Craputhers fault for allowing Mctavish to make such a horrendous move. yet it was doen and rather then get rid of a talented well like actor like Colin, the proper solution would be to work with the character rather then take the easy way out and banish him, like Trey, never to be heard from again. Also the fact that Adian is still on the show astonishes me. He can't act. The Colby recast debacle. The holes in storylines. Where did Colby's crush on Frankie go to.

I will say this I enjoyed today's epsiode a great deal. We really found out where Taylor is coming from. I have not enjoyed Beth Ehlers like this in years. Opal was on. The fact that they have not signed on the first teen sensation to a contract. Petey is a breath of fresh air indeed. Erica and Adam were more themselves. And the Erica and Kendall ending. If they can maintain this level then I will be happy.
Yes Pratt was on Desperate Housewives and I could be wrong but If I'm not mistaken he was on board for the second season which everyone thought was a train wreck. And I blame him and Pehlps for the dumbing down of Santa Barbara.

Anonymous said...

My point about Desp. Housewives is that the writing and pacing for a primetime show is different than daytime, and I'm not sure whether TPTB recognize the difference anymore. They aren't ignoring the genre, they just don't understand the daytime viewers expectations anymore because it's so different from everything else. Shows like DH can be choppier, faster, and the characters don't get played with the same nuance because time and attention spans don't allow it. Contrast that to the daytime viewer who expects a lengthier, more intimate interaction with the characters. It's the nuance of how the characters interact and the depth of the emotional connection they establish that make the shows click with viewers. I don't know if there are many Agnes Nixon types coming up anymore or what role models they even have to follow who can show them how to pace a soap the right way. And even the awful second season of DH, a night time soap, the viewers didn't care as much about the fact that there was a psycho locked in the basement as they did how the women interreacted and gossiped about it. The real problem with the second season of DH was that the key characters were never together anymore. The show became driven by plot, not relationships. I'm hoping Pratt learned that lesson and that he won't make the same mistake twice.

Tasha from Brooklyn, NY said...

I tried the soap name generator game and it came up with this name

Chloe Vanderburgh

Absolutely reminds me of a name you would hear on gossip girl. A rich, bitch snob

Anonymous said...

Holy Crap!
According to that name generator, I'm Petey's brother...Kyte Cortlandt.

Anonymous said...

I am Trixie Wellington. I love it! It just sounds right. I'm ready for a corporate takeover of the family business after I get my drinking problem in check.

Is it just me or did anyone else fall asleep watching the army men drinking beer? Today in general was real snoozer. Though Trolby's ugly-assed shirt woke me up. Pete is so great, I wish he had an actress to act with.

- Jen...errr....I mean Trixie Wellington

Norn Cutson said...

the show might've been a dud last week, but i love Ash's song this week!

Erica Kane said...

LOL!! My soap name is Coop Buchanan!! LOL Has anyone else seen the new feature in SOW called Save Our Soaps?? It is the opportunity to write in and give suggestions as to how to save the a soap or the whole genre. I sent in a two page manifesto!! We shall see if it gets published. Can't wait to listen to the new podcast!!

Anonymous said...

Miss Lucci looks gorgeous on DWTS tonight!!

Anonymous said...

Anon-has she performed yet?

Anonymous said...

I loved you guys talking about Puerto Rico and Gucci and your lives in general. Ashley and Jordan, you two make the podcast super even when AMC is in the toilet! I wouldn't even care if the show got canceled because I would still listen to your podcast.

I was in heaven today when Jake promised Amanda that he'd find her something tasty that would "explode" and then right after he runs away to rescue Taylor! WTF!? Did he catch whatever Kendall has? Busybodyitis? It would have made so much more sense if they'd have Frankie reach out to Taylor. They shared the experience of Iraq and have a relationship already. She knows Frankie. Why should we believe that a person in the denial that Taylor is exhibiting would trust a relative stranger like Jake. Doesn't make sense.

Loved Opal but good grief get Coldby out of the frame. Every scene dies when she's around. Even poor heroic Petey can't save it. I'm beginning to be afraid for him. First Cassandra and then Dre got canned after they were spotted hanging around in lots of scenes with Coldby. Could our new breakout star Petey be next?

They finally got around to what Jordan has been saying for weeks. Kendall doesn't want Ryan she just wants him to always want her. Finally.

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

Soap Generator says I'm "Fletcher Rockefeller", but you can call me Fletch. My wife is "Seredipity Rockefeller". Our children are Thorne, Chloe, Belle, and Rory. We have a dog named Sallie.

Anonymous said...

Check this story out. Interesting considering some of our discussion today:

Anonymous said...


I love me some Matthew Broderick....I hear ya.....

Tami, Fresno CA

Anonymous said...

Miss Lucci's on now about to dance!

Anonymous said...

I am convinced that Susan Lucci sold her soul for that body!!

One of the judges told her to put on weight because she looked fragile dancing.

She got a score of 15!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ash,

Regarding Eden and "why" she left when Zarf did... if you are to believe Fronspeak (rarely reliable) he said at the time they (Eden and Jeffrey) were departing that both were initially on 6 month deals and no longer. He said that fan reaction to Barf was split down the middle and due to that all parties decided to part ways. And, remember, at the time Jeffrey had a summer long run in a Shakespeare play lined up -- so it adds credence to what Frons said. At the time I don't recall Eden really commenting other than a blurb backing up what Frons said.


BTW, Ash are you ever going to take me up on my suggestion to enter Idol? I would love to hear Simon Cowell's comments, LOL.

Anonymous said...

I'm Chloe Worthington.. hmmm.
I thought Susan did look a little fragile on DWTS... heck she's only about 82 pounds!!!! but I did give her all my votes and I know she'll do better!

Anonymous said...

I don't think the link address I put in was correct. Here it is again:

I also thought Lucci was better than a 15.

Laura said...

Great podcast, loving the posts. Sad about family stress and sad about our little show.

Susan deserved more than a 15 on dancing with the stars.

Ashley Matthew B. was hot. The first thing when I saw Petey was have a flashback to those hot days of Ferris Bueller.

Is it just me or are links unreadable on this blog?

Jordan or Ashley do you watch Boston Legal? Love that show, if you drop this podcast, do one on that, threre is not one now. David Kelley knows how to write. Pratt could learn a thing from watching this show. Humor and character development.

AMC used to be an escape from reality, now it just depresses me. I only watch to keep up with your podcast.

Billy Miller rocked it on his first day on Y&R. Love him without the Smucker's face.

I have watched AMC on and off since the 70's. I don't think I ever cared less about this show than last week. There is no heart and soul left. They might as well make it a half hour and dump the crap characters.

Or better yet instead of a podcast, a volunteer could watch it each week and come up with the five minutes of moments and put it on youtube. There are only moments. I bet they total five minutes a week.

But you'd have to pay me to watch it now. I am sorry but I am enjoying Young and Restless now. Have not really watched in 15 years but way better than AMC.

I think AMC deserves a viewer's strike. All of us outside the studio with picket signs complaining about our show. If you are not near New York, go to your local ABC station. Our's in Chicago has an outside studio. I should go down there was a sign saying Save All My Children from Chuck Pratt and Brian Frons.

Too tired to rant anymore but lets get our minds together on the best way to contact the powers that be that WE ARE NOT AMUSED!!!

Arizonagal said...

I thought Susan's dancing lacked heart and was very careful, no soul. Now Cloris Leachman, aka Frau Blucher, aka Nurse Diesel, just ruled. Her dancing wasn't that great, but I love to watch the celebs that just go out there and have fun and she just glowed.

JordAsh, when you guys start talking about the sad state of AMC, it scares the bejezus out of me cuz I'd hate to lose this podcast. Let me reiterate, if you get podcast burnout (symptoms: listlessness, apathy, headache, chronic fatigue, nausea, diarrhea), please take a break, but for pete's sake, come back. We need you guys, and that includes Taylor and Pedro.

my soap name: Anne Charter Oak

Anonymous said...

How badly do you think David Canary wanted to die when they pitched this to him: "OK, so you are going to run into the hospital room to get Turdby, uh Colby, and Petey is going to wake up, rip his shirt open and reveal his alter "Super Petey". He'll have on a muscle suit with a silver lightning bolt on it. Isn't that hilarious? Super Petey will stand up, shriek HAAAA! really loud and you'll stumble backward into the wall. C'mon, it'll be great! Just in case it sucks ass, we'll have Opal come in and save the bit."

Anonymous said...

Hi,melmel! :-)

My soap name is Sally Cavendish. With a moniker like that, I'd rather like to think I'd be a member of Mertle Fargate's family tree. :-D


Anonymous said...

Ashley,I enjoyed your comments about Mathew Broadrick. I once asked my best friend what kind of guy he'd picture me with. He said, somebody like Mathhew Broadrick--clean cut and having a real (dry/ deadpan) sense of humor. LOL!

Jordan, I think, your on to something when you say Kendall is drawn to both Zach --and Ryan.

Adam tried to make that point about Erica. Then, Erica made the same point, even more strongly, reguarding Kendall (needing both men to love her). As written, Kendall and Erica are far more alike, than they realize.



Norn Cutson said...

notes on Monday's episode


• AMANDA: "If you're talking about the chocolate volcano dessert, I ate the whole thing myself!"

JAKE: "We'll just have to find something sweeter...something else that explodes!"

• that was the most acting Jill Larson has had in ages!

• FRANKIE's boys:

• dang, i was only jokin last week about SUPERPETEY!

• why is ADAM talking to ERICA as if they'd just met???

• it is great to see PETEY as the center of attention.

• i like the scene with the soldiers; i just wish the dialogue was better written. we should care more.

I'm glad that they included a scene showing FRANKIE's men. i'm glad that they did that, because it makes it a richer story.
but then the lines were thuddingly dull.

its a wasted opportunity.

RANDI's just a big pill.
last week i was giving her the benefit of the doubt (coz i thought i saw some life) but this week she aint no better!

• oooh i do NOT like PETEY talking to OPAL like that!!!

one of these writers is hateful to women. JESSE, ZACH and PETEY have done it, its a recent development and i HATE IT.

• TAYLOR & FRANKIE are good, and i appreciate the twist of TAYLOR wanting to break up them up so FRANKIE will concentrate on the mission.

• woooo, i love that sunset view from AMANDA's windows!

notes on Monday's episode


• REX quotes Woody Allen in bed?!?!? yuck!

i love Woody Allen films, but i dont wanna be thinkin of him post-sex!

• ok, i *CANNOT BELIEVE* the crotch shots of BRODY takin his pants off!!!


OMG i hope you are all watchin this!!!!

• i think this whole thing with BRODY in his uniform is gross.

if this was *really* a story about PSTD, that would be one thing; but they are using a real issue as just another obstacle in REX & GIGI's way.

its cheap.

• i ****LOVE**** REX's hair combed like that!!! REX is lookin goooooooooooooooooooooooooooood!!!

he's all "do i look daddish?"
& i'm like "you look hotter than ever!!!"

• wow, SHANE's class...oh hell, BRODY.

• now TODD is being a dick to MARTY.

• omg, i just realized that all that shower sex scene was on a MONDAY!!!!!

REX didnt even put on a shirt til the last 5 minutes of the show!

Anonymous said...

brtedi, you're a Cavendish as well- cousins!

Great podcast this week eventhough AMC sucked. I have a question to pose for people. I'm not as much of a long-time fan as others (I've been watching maybe 6 or 7 years?), BUT: Has anyone continued watching AMC *solely* to keep up with the Pine Valley Podcast? No lie, this podcast is what keeps me motivated to watch AMC. So kudos to Ashley, Jordan, and in the past Taylor and Peter/Pedro, for keeping me a fan. For years I was a Days fan and an amazing messageboard kept me watching, until the show became absolutely ruined. That's when AMC entered my life and I've enjoyed it since... but it's not without bumps. I just hope once Pratt really gets into the swing of things he'll have characters that aren't just speedbumps to other characters (Aidan is the speedbump to Rylee, Carmen to Jackson/Erica, etc). But to me, not only is the show dull, but it's predictable. All the hints out there are just so easy to figure out. When I hear "20 missing years" it's obvious what card they'll pull. Boring. I'll keep watching AMC, but I hope TPTB realize I watch solely to keep up with the amazing Pine Valley Podcast.

Also, Petey + Annie: Petey Pannie???

-Viv Cavendish ;)

Anonymous said...

The name generator is kind of funny. In addition to my soap name, Fletcher, my mafia name is Anthony The Hips Gambino and my chat name is supposed to be FancyBody38. I think I'll stick with Shadow though.

I hope Ms. Lucci pulls through tonite. That comment about her needing to eat came out of nowhere. You know her inner Erica wanted to bitch slap Carrie-Ann-whatever her name is!

jordan hudson said...

Laura I do watch Boston Legal. Big David Kelley fan. He is an amazing writer. My only problem with him is that when he becomes bored with characters they just vanish. He has done this on all of his shows. Yet I watch because no one writes like him. His dialogue is amazing. I think I was the only one who watched Brotherhood of Poland New Hampshire.

Shadow Don't get me wrong. I agree with a great deal of what you said. I have been saying for years that they need to develop a new way of analyzing what viewers are watching. Even the Nielsen ratings of old are flawed. The one with with the box could be watching Y&R. But everyone who that box represents could be watching AMC. So how is that really accurate and With the onslaught of watching online or cable. It was great what Tina Fey said when accepting The emmy for best Comedy.

Regarding Chuch Pratt this is the genuis behind Melrose place as well. he is like Mctavish all about spectale and action. Nightime doesnt have to mean choppy. Brothers & Sisters is a perfect example. A show where I feel I know the characters very well. Another great example of writing that amazed me was Amercian Dreams the scenes were short and moved at fast pace but somehow they were able to always mak sure that all the beat in the story and characterazation were there.

All I can say is OLTL gave us some love in the afternoon yesterday which AMC has not. Why couldnt we be treated to Amanda and Jake going at it in the shower. Like REX and GiGI, let aloen the bonus of Brody. he has the perfect body big but no to big ripped and lean. I like Mr. Lawson and hope that they will put him with Layla because my girl Tika deserves a hot guy who can act. Michael an dher no no Layala and Brody people. They can just show them making love every week. Okay I have more shows to ctach up on.

Anonymous said...

AMC will still be on SoapNet at 7 each night just not on weekends.Soapnet is evolving. Maybe not in a good way but that is debatable. How many times do they need to re-air a show? Right now for example, 90210 is on 26 times each week . Give me a break! I would rather watch classic eps of AMC but nobody asked me. Canceling AMC or losing Lucci would kill all of ABC daytime. I don't think losing either is likely for now, but the show needs to improve. All just MHO though.

Norn Cutson said...

hey ya'll

i saw this over on the DEEP SOAP blog & thought it was interesting enough to share it!

What Soap Operas Can Learn From The View
The View was last week’s daytime ratings success story. Friday’s episode where John McCain was filleted by Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Elizabeth Hasselbeck and Barbara Walters got some of its highest numbers ever. For the week, it was tied with for third place among W18-49. It occurs to me that The View does everything that soaps used to do well. On The View, strong women rule. The cast is diverse and multigenerational. Walters is a grande dame like Dorian Lord and Lucinda Walsh. She’s smart. She’s tough. Often dismissed by “serious journalists” despite decades of network broadcast experience, she silences her doubters by kicking butt. Goldberg is funny, thoughtful, and yes, an African American woman who is front and center. Right now, in my opinion, All My Children is the only soap opera that has an African American leading actress. Hasselbeck is the perky, often annoying ingénue. Behar is the sort of “every woman” that used to be a staple of daytime. Think of the original conceptions of Ruth Martin or Nancy Hughes. As for Sherri Shepherd, every soap needs a love-to-hate character. It’s no surprise that women enjoy tuning in to a show that truly represents a large portion of America.

That episode of The View was, like the best soap episodes, surprising. McCain clearly expected to be asked about his marriage and hobbies, not confronted with serious policy questions. Despite Walters’ credentials, he did not prepare the way he would have for an appearance on 60 Minutes. Instead, he got a much tougher grilling than any of the Sunday Morning talk shows have given him. It was must-see television that rapidly spread virally across the internet. I can’t help wondering if The View is regarded as lightweight because, like soaps, it is programming by and for women. Yes, it features a lot of celebrity gossip and fashion. So do most local newscasts. In any case, the women of The View used their frivolous reputation to their advantage. They had prepared thoughtful, intelligent questions and they insisted on getting answers. When is the last time on daytime that women were allowed to use their brains and work together to triumph against a powerful opponent? Based on the ratings, a lot of people enjoyed watching it. A lot of fans wonder why ABC is so enamored with Brian Frons. I think The View’s success has a lot to do with it. It would be nice if he applied the lessons of The View to the soaps that he oversees.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Branson (ex Special Jonathon) is going to be on Guiding light as Shayne Lewis Reva son!

I love how ABC and CBS just swap their actors!

Laura said...

Watching the show now, had to flip to Y&R since it was too boring. I watch because of the podcast. Billy Miller is in a hot shirtless bed scene in his 3rd day on the show. What a shame to lose this talent.

Jordan, I'd rather a writer like David Kelly get rid of character if he doesn't want him than to keep him around boring us too, like Aidumb.

I would love a podcast of what Jordan watches to get us interested in good shows, cause this one ain't cutting it for me.

Love you Ash, sorry you have to watch so we don't have to!

Laura said...

From a SuperPoster link.In early October, an enormous natural disaster will hit Pine Valley, the fictional locale of All My Children. And the Take a Look promo for the soap will hype the show’s new writer, Charles Pratt Jr., who worked on Melrose Place, a nighttime soap with a more youthful cachet. I just saw this commercial and the bile taste will stay all day. They mentioned nothing about how he wrecked Desperate Housewives. I don't know which was worse today, talking to the hospice nurses about my mother-in-laws gagging at the nursing, Having a root canal worked on, or All My Children. Probably AMC because the others are necessary evils. AMC is not, when you quit the Podcast Ash I am gone, unless a miracle happens.

jordan hudson said...

Okay I see now what annoys me. Aidumb and Greenlee. The show annoyed me today and behold they were on. They were not on yesterday and I was happy.

Again bad writing.....Frankie walks in to Fusion and no one address him especially Greenlee. How hard would it be for Greenlee to address the man who helped save her about less than a year ago. This was not 25 years ago. Ugghhh.

And enough with Angie being written as a hysterical Woman. She is a Doctor for god's sake. I'm not saying she can't be worried or upset all I'm saying is the way they are writing her and having her handle this situation is beneath The Anglea Hubbard before she left in the 80's. I want strong Angie not one note Angie. Do not like the Jesse storyline. It weakens his character. That he would have a _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ and not ....ughhhhh!!!!!!

Laura I'm loving my Monday night shows just too many for one night.
I have Gossip Girl. Talk about witty dialogue. One Tree Hill, all about Hayley and Nathan. Thou I love me some Deb and Skills and of course Sophia Bush. Don't buy Peyton and Lucas after all that went down.

Sarah Conner who knew Brian Austin Greene could be bad ass and heroes lost was Terminators gain. Thomass Dekker is hot. Even Levin is awesome. Yes Levin Ramble people is on Terminator.

Prison Break which is more action packed right now then 24 , yes its outrageous but never boring, how they keep it flowing is beyond me. With two strong Female characters that are equal and sometimes surpass their male co stars.

Heroes love it. Of course our Boston Legal. Knowing that we only have 12 more episodes before we say goodbye to Shirley, Denny and Alan breaks my heart. I only wish he would bring Tara back because for me the only girl for Alan is Tara.
Rhona Mitra and James Spader is Adult, classy, sexy.... old hollywood like Powell and Loy.

And good for Jeff Branson but now another reason for me to hang onto GL.

Anonymous said...

hey all. Billy Miller is awesome on Y&R, jordan u should check it out for one episode to see it, i think hes on soapnet tonight at 7. They totally wasted him on amc.If anyone else saw it let me know what u think. I loved the podcast, but i so wish the show was better for u guys, cuz i need some fake slapping and high drama from u 2. I gotta tell u i listen to the other soap podcasts and u 2 are the best duo and are always the first i listen 2. I loved hearing Jordan talk about Puerto Rico, reminds me of Panama, which i went to recently. Jordan did u have ceviche, flan, or plantains?

Why is amc good on some days but terrible the next. I read some where that Pratt heard that the suxtet is the money on the show. He said u can put them in any situation and people will watch, i wanna know where he got his information from? I wouldnt mind if the tornado killed all of them accept Kendall and Insannie, enough they have been on every single day for the last year and a half. I am loving me some Insannie and Petey, they are what keeps me watching.

Susan was awesome on dwts last night, but i felt bad for her on their critique of her. How dare they mess with miss Susan Lucci, do they know who she is? I was waiting for Susan to bitchslap CarrieAnne for telling her to put on some weight, do they know how hard she works on her body. Susan just seems so nice and from what i heard she is. I couldnt believe i saw her talking to Kim Kardashian, i hope she didnt catch anything.

I just found a clip of Adam meeting Dorian Lord on amc and i loved it and even an appearance from Mary, does anyone remember when he met Asa.

I just heard that Jeff Branson has been cast as Reva Shayne's son, Shayne starting December 1.

Jordan u are right OLTL is hot hot hot right now, why is Ron Carlivati not writing amc too, i bet hed bring back Dixie, he listens to his fans.
Rex and Gigi, o my god, that was the hottest love scene ive ever seen on daytime, amc should take notes. Ashley u MUST watch this, i know youll love it.

I do wish they would not let Brody go crazy and write him off, he would be hot hot with Tess.

Norn Cutson said...

this is the OLTL VIEWERS CHANNEL on youtube...they make it *real easy* to catch up!

i can *totally* see TESS making BRODY her boytoy!

Anonymous said...

The one good thing about the Hubbards over the top scream fests are Ashley's impersonations the following week. Love, love, love it. Like Terry, sometimes it seems like I'm tuning in to AMC just to hear the p'cast the next week with it and the blog.

Jordan-I'm a big Heroes fan. I think I overloaded the DVR last nite with DWTS, Heroes, etc. It recorded the lame preview show but not the premier. Thought I was going to die but looks like it's on Hulu. Whew.

N69-Aside from the fact that I loathe The View, the article you copies is dead on. I wonder if there is some way to email that to the Frons?

HOLY CRAP! I don't watch OLTL but I did check out the Rex and Gigi links. It even had a porn soundtrack and it looked like that other guy was mastering his domain for a minute! Somebody send those linkes to Frons, Pratt and Crapothers so they can compare to the AMC scenes! Maybe they don't watch OLTL.

Norn Cutson said...

notes on Tuesday's episode


• JESSE: "Its *not* fun."


• KENDALL & The Magic Bella Boxes!

• maybe its time to take RICHIE out of the credits.

• look at that twit chirpin away at ANGIE!

• AIDUMB looks like POPEYE.

• oh, you *know* the end is near for BABE.

• that *is* really weird how no one at FUSION acknowledges FRANKIE.

• i guess theyve just dropped the CARMEN & RANDI story. bastards.

• i am gettin pissed with the way JESSE is talkin to ANGIE.

• PETEY @ FUSION ahould have been the summer story, not dumb ol' COLDBY.

• i'm assuming that JESSE is talking to his secret child, and not having an affair.

notes on Tuesday's episode


• oh poor MARCIE!!!

• even MARTY SAEBROOK has more sex than anyone in Pine Valley!

see, *these* teens can carry a summer story!

• if i woke up on the floor all bloody i'd be callin the 9111, not GIGI!!!

• i just love that MARKKO, he's so cute and sweet!

i'm all teary-eyed over this scene of DORIAN & LANGSTON agreeing to the adoption.
i'll love LANGSTON forever for that adoring smile she gives DORIAN.

• why isnt anyone calling an ambulance for MARCIE?!?!?!

• see, in Llanview, "Randi" is the name of a successful attorney...and she must be damn good if she's DORIAN's legal counsel!

Anonymous said...

I have been with this show for 18 years, and I think some of you all have done lost your minds.

Granted, so far Pratt's AMC, I'm not loving , but I am liking. I'm laughing and grinning, and I haven't done this with the show in a loooong time. I'm being entertained.

Now, it is about spectactle; I can see that already, and I don't know how long the smokescreen will last before I'm craving meaty character-driven story (like Iraq).

I am just shocked at the number of you who say you are hanging on right now just for Jordash and the podcast. Were all of you watching during:

Satin Slayer?
Jean Passanante?
Andrew Ridings/Amanda Seyfried/and "Laurie"?

Any of those four situations tops anything I'm seeing on screen nowadays by a country mile for Worst AMC Periods.

I think you all are burnt out, bless your hearts.

crs 17

Laura said...

Jordan, Clay Aiken came out, do you think mentioning on your podcast prompted this!

Norn Cutson said...

i just talked to Ilene Kristen on STARDISH RADIO!

Anonymous said...

Laura, in a related story coming out in next week's People magazine, Ruben Studdard reveals that he is black.

Anonymous said...

lol, Shadow!

Refresh my memory, crs-17. Dog boy?

Anonymous said...

brtedi, you're a Cavendish as well- cousins!

Well, howdy cuz! LOL!

Sally Cavendish ;-)

PS--Am I the only one who wasn't thrilled with Greenlee's painted poetry--Eeeewwww! Actually, I think the whole Aiden/Greens scene made me nod off--IO perked up, though, when Greens in her delerium said She wanted Ryan's kid, not Aiden's Aiden esd not amused!--HA!

Anonymous said...

Katya, I'm going to say this story played out around 2001. His name was Gabriel, and this was when Rosa Santos was being played by Alana de la Garza, who is on Law and Order on the lawyer side (and whom Jordash mentioned in this week's podcast.) Somehow, they were at Holidays (?) and I remember everyone was making fun of him and calling him Dog Boy. I guess he had spent some period of his life in a cage? I know he was somehow related to Anna as well. I have to tell you, it's fading from my memory as fast as I'm writing it, that's how horrible it was. Thank goodness it only lasted a few months before they were all off (I'm thinking this was the transition from Passanante to Culliton).

My point is that AMC has been WAY The Freak Worse than Pratt's version, thus far.

Oh yeah, Proteus was pretty bad too.

crs 17

Anonymous said...

By the way, did everyone do their 13 for Ms. Lucci? I have NEVER watched DWTS, so this shows you how dedicated I am to her. SHe can place the check under my door. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I gave Looch all my votes. I gave her 36 the first night after CarrieBitch called her scrawney. Last nite I only gave her my 12 b/c I forgot the logins and passwords I made up for the other two fake accounts.

I hope she does well, but she needs her regular makeup crew. They're putting way too much on her.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Lucci got 24 votes from me. I have a soapnet account and an abc daytime account. When Camerom Mathison participated last year, I realized, each could be used interchangably. And--I have yet to delete my cookies. If you do, you can vote as often as you like! :-D


Anonymous said...

Here's the thing about Greenlee and Aidumb today... It was probably a 3 on the slutmetric, but that three points was all Rebecca. She looked so frickin hott with the words around her. That definitely makes up for the 'fall out of the boat and have Ryan save you all while he gets his memory back' bikini that made her look like a 12 year old boy.

Maybe I'm just poking fun at Aidumb, but I'm just shocked that he could read the words. As he was feeling each and every letter, it was more intriguing for me than when he tried following the breadcrumbs. And notice how he didn't recite them. Cant win em all, i guess.
Now if it was Jake....and Amanda....and Josh....and Greenlee, talk about love in the afternoon!

Anonymous said...

OK, I'm going to eat my words here:

Today was very uneven for me. First of all, I didn't like how people were in and out of the party as Pratt saw fit. In the old days, Tad and JR would've stolen a moment at the punchbowl, not rushed to The Comeback to shoot a game of pool. I was really excited, because we just don't get big events like the Crystal Ball anymore and I needed to see the "bon mots" fly, but Beall couldn't write me a party that "flowed." (Although Erica cracked me up when she was telling Adam her reasons for not attending) (but then she does? I just am not getting Pratt's wild swings)

crs 17

P.S. I'm still stickin' to my guns that it's better than SS, Dogboy and Proteus though.

Anonymous said...

Shadow, cracking up at the Reuben Studdard joke!

I thought the writing on Greenlee was the stupidest thing ever. I know that it worked in that movie (which I can't even remember the name of) but puh-leeze! why do all the attempts at love scenes seem like some stupid suggestion from Cosmopolitan magazine that no real woman would ever try?

Also I have to say I'm not buying that all of a sudden Ryan is super father playing with Emma all day in the park and then eating icing off her fingers. Annie's been the super parent all along. Why is she being kept on the sidelines as an observer? I think she'd be more distraught over losing the baby that Ryan. He didn't even want the baby. These writers rolling dice with the storylines and character development all over the place.

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...


I am loving the show lately, too!

No, it doesn't all make sense. Thank God we are seeing KWAK this week, for instance. I was getting worried that Pratt had written her off... And when she does return, she's suddenly OVER Adam? What?

So, no, it doesn't all make sense, however...

3 different writing teams, two years!

I think Pratt is changing the canvas of the show, and if not everything makes sense, I'm OK with that, because I understand why, and because I feel confident that he at least has a PLAN.

I am so excited about the upcoming storm! I'm from Texas, where we have storms all the time, so to me it's not unrealistic that a tornado would come through PV once every 15 years.

And I'm thrilled about David coming back, and Binx with that lady hottie. YAY!

We are finally seeing Opal, and Adam as we love him, and Tad is losing weight. (joy joy joy!)

And if Jesse has a past, so what? He's a man, bless his heart, and men do that. By "that" I mean sleep around, and lie about it.

So count me in as one happy AMC fan!


Norn Cutson said...

notes on Wednesday's episode


• CRYAN's visiting the tree.

• i like KWAK's dress.

all the characters sound like Ashley to me now.

COLDBY's got her shirley temple curls back in.

ANNIE looks lovely.

• ok, i'm a sap. i am enjoying these scenes with CRYAN & EMMA.

• why is ADAM being so dumb?
yesterday this party was all his idea and now he's back to bein The Crabmaster!

• Somebody found THE COMEBACK set.

• ok, now JESSE is doin impressions of ASHLEY!!!!!

• GREENLEE & AIDUM: this is too dumb.

• at least BABE got to have one more party before she kicks the bucket.

• i spoke too soon yesterday when i said they dropped the CARMEN & RANDI story.
but that it?

• AIDUM: "Eeds shyme mikin gow a why."

GREENLEE: "Your voice is so beautiful..."

GREENLEE & AIDUM just get dumber.

• OH the hotness of PETEY!

• omg, CARMEN mentioned REGGIE!
if REGGIE was around i could see he & CARMEN bonding and then maybe the JERKSON thing would make some sense..hey, by now REGGIE might be old enough to date her himself.

i love CARMEN, i want her more bonded in the community.

notes on Wednesday's episode


• DALLAS wants her some BUCHANNAN ACTION! and she doesnt mind which one!

• DORIAN's gonna blow her top!


• my god, MARCIE is still sittin around with a bloody head!

• i like CHARLIE's shirt.

ROXY should be in this scene. if they're using her set, she should be on the show!!!

• thank goodness BO answered the phone. that was frustrating.
now will someone please get MARCIE some medical attention?!?!

• DORIAN is gonna go off!!!

OHhhh, she didnt go off...she underplayed it.
instead of going for the jugular, she went totally earnest, heart on the sleeve.

• BLAIR is so great!

BLAIR: "Most of the parents of this school walk around with blinders on because they cant deal with the reality of the real world; that teenagers are having sex and girls are getting pregnant. What *I* think you should do is open their eyes.
...And if you think you're protecting the rest of these kids by sending Starr home, you might as well DREAM ON!"

PRINCIPAL: "I've never been spoken to like that before..."

BLAIR: (interrupting) "Well, get used to it, coz you aint seen a Cramer Woman protect her own!"

do you see why i love OLTL?!!?!?

• i think its so funny that BO is the only one to pronounce her name en Français...."zzhi zzhi"

• wait...BRODY & SHANE are hiding out...behind the LLANTANO MOUNTAIN sign?!?!?!?!

• BLAIR mentioned CRAZE!

BELINDA said...

My soap name: CARLY BERKELEY. I found that a bit "MEH," so I typed my last name first, first name last and came up with FAITH WORTHINGTON. I immediately felt very "Dynasty."

BELINDA said...

Regarding Clay Aiken's "revelation," the entertainment site PopEater did an online poll asking if people were surprised to learn he's gay. At the time I read it, four percent had responded yes.

The REAL surprise is that apparently, the Internet is accessible under a rock.

Laura said...

Shadow your comment on Clay made my day. A poll -Which was more shocking, Clay coming out or Bush saying the Economy is in danger?

Jordan, I didn't know Boston Legal was going off the air, now I have to tape and enjoy every last episode.

Please don't let Aidumb breed! Can't there be a law against that!

Glad Susan Lucci made it through on DWTS, I am sure ABC is too.

I wonder if Frons told Pratt, kill AMC by making it so bad, and I'll give you a primetime slot, like the return of Melrose Place or something new. My conspiracy theory.

I hope he can turn things around, I don't want to be negative, I know bad stuff has been on before, but I feel we have no heart or soul to the show anymore. We have no Mona's, Myrtle's, Kate's or Ruth on here. Angie could be the heart if she wasn't screaming so LOUD. I think how he treats Bianca's character will be the litmus test. She could be the heart of the show. If he ruins my Binks I will not be amused.

I'll give it a chance, what's a few more months, I've been watching it since the 70's!

Y&R is online at if you want to see Billy Miller, doing a better job in that role than David Tom did, a more mature troublemaker.

n69, loved you on that podcast. I liked how Ilene referenced the good writing on Ryan's Hope. Claire L. rocked. She was friendly with my cousin I just lost, my husband just saw Ilene a few months ago.

At first Delia on Ryan's hope was kind of whiny. Maybe in 30 years, Coldby could improve! I don't think the soaps will be around that long, though. Plus Brianne is no Ilene.

Enjoying all the astute comments.

Anonymous said...

I would die if you did a Mad Men Podcast! I love that show! I'm liking the show a lot more then you guys. I still can stand Briana MonGrief!

Anonymous said...

n69n said:

AIDUM: "Eeds shyme mikin gow a why."

GREENLEE: "Your voice is so beautiful..."

HA! I haven't seen today's episode, but this cracked me up.

Anonymous said...

Oh and Aidumb and Greenlee also make me loose my lunch! haha

Anonymous said...

Some Notes:

Adam to KWAK: "Is the tow hitch broken on the double wiiiiide?" Ha!

I can't stand wearing my glasses ever, yet Petey is wearing glasses with a cracked lense.

The four top executives of this international perfume sensation have to stuff those boxes themselves? The Fusion logo and the Bella bottle look more Hannah Montana than Chanel.

Randi is beautiful but she can't act. I might like her better naked so I wish she would lose her virual virginity already.

The Weave looks depressed.

What is it with the loud kissing? Everybody on this show kisses really loudly, especially the Hubbards. Do they do that on OLTL? It really makes me gag, especially with the surround sound. It sounds like Jesse is actually eating Angie.

Looch looks HOT today. She should do her makeup the same way on DWTS. I love her but they make her look cartoonish on that show.

Annie looks lovely today. Lovely Annie. Lannie? I like this introspective Annie, but I'll be needing a little InsAnnie soon. I'm ready for Babe to fly away. I couldn't make up my mind about NuBabe but she just doesn't have "it". We laugh about Jerkson's head all the time. I think Babe's head bobble is worse. Adam is starting to like her just before she flies the coop. Get it?

When is the last time we saw Adam's study that Babe and JR are loud kissing in? And The Comeback came back!

Jesse must have a great calling plan.

Bummer for Aidumb. Greenlee's got a nasty rash. Seems like that would just get all smudged and messy. How not sexy is that?

Turby looks like a housefrau with that hairdo.

Jake's goatee is very Clay Gayken.

Kendall, Zach, Carmen, Randi, Frankie--all these people in PV just need to get laid.

If Greenlee is reacting to the Bella Blast, why isn't Aidumb? Maybe it's just a reaction to all that ink.

Turdby can do bitch OK. Petey makes a sweet convincing case for Turby. Am I just tired or is she getting just a tiny bit less DBTE? (I'm going to get virtual slapped aren't I?)

InsAnnie sitting on the couch by Crazy Kat. They should talk.

Little Adam is laughing while he's choking.

Tasha from Brooklyn, NY said...

ashley I will always care about Kendall. No matter what she is my favorite character.

jordan hudson said...

Laura ABC just cant afford Boston Legal. Hence alot of changes in and downsizing of the cats lat year and this year. Shatner, Bergen and Spader get a hefty salary. teh show has never been a top tne show. yet it is quality and I guess I should respect ABC for supporting it this long. Will be very strange after over 15 years to not have a David kelly show on the air. Only 12 epsiodes left.

Well yesterday's show was interesting. Aftre loving Monday hating Tuesday, Wednesday had moments of both. A party like in the old days. Petey telling Colby how he feels...that is what I wnat to see that is Soap Opera. I thought for a moment I was back in 1983.

Randi and Carmen.... seriosuly? Seriously. That's it...That was the big secret they grew up with little orpahn Annie in the.... please...

Aidan and Greenlee are no Rex and GiGi that scene made me loose my breakfast lunch and dinner from the night before. My eyes are no sealed shut for all eternity.

Meanwhile got a call form my source about whats coming up. All I can say is there will not be a dry eye in the house, when someone bids farwell to Pinevalley and Binks comes home with a big surprise. How long has it bene seen we have sene binks has it bene 9 months

Ashley said...

I think Shadow and n69 should do a podcast!!! You folks are making me laugh out loud!

I loved how Looch looked - was STUNNED, actually. HOW THE HELL DOES HER 60-SOMETHING YEAR-OLD BODY HAVE NO CELLULITE OR WRINKLES? No saggy knees on that woman! She is not of this earth, I'm telling you. But people - Looch IS Erica. When she was interviewed on DWTS, she didn't really talk like regular folk, did she? Let's be honest here. But I still *lurves* me some Looch!

I also ADORED Petey's scene with Colby yesterday. I'm telling you, Shadow - acting is like tennis. Put that girl with agood actor, and something registers in that big forehead of hers. So no, no virtual slap for you. I actually CHEERED out loud for Petey in that scene. Loved it.

WHO THE HELL IN THAT DAMN WRITER'S ROOM THINKS POETRY SCRAWLS ON A WOMAN'S BODY IS SEXY? ICK!!!! Where's the whipped cream?? The sex in the limo? The SHOWER scenes????? Sex under a waterfall???? Sex on the beach??? (Minus the Nivea Gold lotion.) Jeez - I'd take sex IN A BED at this point - as long as we get to see it!!!!! I'm puzzled by what passes for sexy at this show. ("Queen Annabelle" fairytales, anyone? Blechh!!!!)

So much to talk about this week! (I just hope we get some more Taylor today.)

Ash xo

Anonymous said...

'The Tree' is getting a lot of screen time, and 'The Weave' has taken on a personality of its own. AMC may have to include them in the show's opening. I'd rather see The Weave or a bunch of leaves in the flyaway than Turdby.

Erica Kane said...

Jordan You have to come up with a way to let us who want the spoilers get them. Spoiler alerts or inviso text something. Some of us are dying for these spoilers!!!
Miss Kane

Anonymous said...

Is there a new kid actor playing Little A? I like this one better. He doesn't seem comatose. There's actually a pulse and blood in motion in his veins. The whole ring thing was silly but then again so is the JR and Babe getting married again after proposing last week.

Ryan as superdad who needs to protect Emma at all costs just makes me want to throw up all over the tv set. Since when has he been in Emma's life and he certainly didn't give a s^!t about her when he was running to Las Vegas after Kendall and then was out at the marina every day in the summer stalking Greenlee. He is not a decent man and no kind of father. Those kids of his only come into focus when he's not chasing tail. At least the writers should be honest about that instead of trying to convince us that Ryan Lavery is a good guy. At heart he still is the con man who we met when he first came to Pine Valley.

I wish Zach would take the kids and leave Kendall to poke around in Ryan's life.

Yes folks I'm mad and maybe I should just stop watching the show again.

Terry in Toronto

Erica Kane said...

Terry I always love reading your posts, and I agree I wish Zach would take the kids and leave Ken-dull, but do you think she would notice the kids were missing???
I don't.

Anonymous said...

Terry, you may get your wish. I heard that if Kendull doesn't work out her contract issues, she's going the way of Oz. If she does work it out, one of her kiddos are headed over the rainbow. Yikes! That's part of the reason Binx is coming back. And reportedly Budig seriously wants to exercise her option to leave. That would kill the suxtet. If in fact Babe gets sucked up by the twister, that would leave Amanda running Fusion by herself. Without Kendall and Greenlee, I guess Aidumb and Cryan could finally give into their latent homosexual tendencies and hook up with eachother.

Norn Cutson said...

notes on Thursday's episode



ha, KENDALL's pissed!

• look at that awful blocking thats giving us a good view of the back of CARMEN's head. the shot is all set up to showcase RANDI.
i think CARMEN is way more beauiful than any D.B.T.E. Debutante!

• my throat hurts from watching LITTLE A.

• its a good thing Mongrief wasnt playing COLBY when BABY JENNY was born.

• i do not advocate violence in any way, but one of these days, someone is gonna slap the @*&!%# out of KENDALL.

• RANDI "can't".

RANDI: "I had sex for money, FRANKIE."

• ERICA: "Adam, I didnt know you had such an interest in discount fragrance!"

notes on Thursday's episode


• ok, *NOW* DORIAN is goin *OFF*!!!!


its JAMIE's first soccer match!

...and here comes LAYLA & SARAH.
they help CARLOTTA out of her depression by getting her to teach them how to make empanadas.

SECRET: CHRISTIAN is responsible for CARLOTˇA's famous flan!

• this LANGSTON story is rippin my heart out!

DORIAN: "No, no, you are *not* power-tripping son of a bitch!!!"

• this is so sweet, makin the empanadas...and its makin me hungry!

• DORIAN: "I wil not allow *ANYONE* to violate a child! Do you understand me?!?!? I said I would ruin you, and I will!
I will use every resource at my command; my roots in this community, my connections politically...I will bring you DOWN!!!"

Anonymous said...

I love it when they twist Dorian like a pretzel.

Anonymous said...

If Greenlee really wanted to turn on Aidumb, it would have been hotter to let him watch the lady paint Greenlee.Then he would have had the chance to tell her he'd rather just have a three way.

Norn Cutson said...

i remixed my ROXY illustration in honor of the character's 7th Anniversary!

jordan hudson said...

Thursday was a bizarre episode to say the least. Again choppy writing and scenes that don't flow. I have to say Im so over Aidumb and Greenlee. Ryan is annoying to know end so would have rather Annie took the gun from him and shoot him. Annie is the saving grace for this nauseating storyline. Thou if they keep kendull as Kendall the bitch who is like her mom was at that age. then I cna get into it. because Im suprise Zach didn't beta her down. She was beyond crossing a line again this whole situation is none of her business. I want her and Annie to throw down ala Ginny blake and Bobbi Spencer at the gym on GH in the 80's.
It was a stroke of genuis for Annie to somewhat redeem herself by saving Little A. What was up Jr's ass. That scene with Babe and him attacking Adam about the gun a little O.T.T.

What wa snot O.T.T. was the amazing actress that is Robin Strasser. It is too bad A. Martinez is on a limited run because the chemistry between those two is incredible. What a show yesterday.

Erica kane I gave you abig hint to Binks return and who is going if it is not already all over the magazines.

Yeah my Ugly Betty and Grey's is back.

jordan hudson said...

I wont be on this weeks podcast folks. So I will say that I did not hate the show this week as much as I did the week before. Still only moments. Today was okay. I hate to say it because i think she is beautiful and was really rooting for her but I think this character is in need of an actress who can play layers. Randi is bringing Frankie down. Especially when I remember the the sparks between Only Colby ambyer and him. Even the sparks between him and Taylor ( thou I know they wont go there ) Randi is D.O.A.
I lived for the last scene with Annie. Annie is so much fun right now. I love what she had to say to Greenlee. Thats good Soap Opera.
Well buy now you know who is leaving the show but again wotn sya it but just check out the magazines and other sites. It will be a sad day in Pinevalley. More due to the performances then anyone mising this character at this point. Still not sure about the Jesse and Bianca storylines but......

OLTL has bene so good this week. A. Martinez rocks and Robin Strasser gave emmy award winning performances all week. The kids of OLTl need to coach NuColby and Dre. Hot sex scenes with Rex and GiGi hot shower scenes with Brody. Blair defends her daughter. Todd and Marty almost...... Starr shows that an afterschool special cna work when it is written and acted well. And watchign Clint become more and more like Asa...I'm loving me some oltl

Anonymous said...

I have a couple of comments...

As far as the Aiden & Greens scenes yesterday (9/25/08) was it just me, or were the "transitions" (I use that term loosely) during Greenlee's dreams and her delirium abrupt/jerky or what???

Now on to Petey--I'm starting to like him. There was some dialogue he had this week that helped a lot. It was regarding basically how 'normal' would anyone be if they had Opal and Palmer, as parents... Now, I'm starting to see more of the reasons for why he is the way he is--thankfully! For me, one of the key things about liking any character, be they antagonist or protagonist, is understanding the motivation behind what they do, or how they act.

The first few days he was on I could only see the character as a blackmailing little weasel...That factor alone, lessened my tolerance for the 'teen murder suspect' storyline. Boy, I would have loved to see the actor playing Petey, working with Amber Childers. What a loss!

Speaking of Colby and her issues, did anyone else notice how easily Pratt etal. transitioned away from Colby's alcoholism???-I guess, the dropping of murder charges can do that!--LOL! Personally, I'm glad. That storyline was about as much fun as Greens and Aiden on their honeymoon--Bah!

I think the little boy currently cast as "Little A" is doing great, considering his age. The last little boy just looked soooo bored and miserable--Poor kid!


Anonymous said...

No one messes with Insannie.
I dont care that she had a gun.
I dont care how fake the restraining order is.
I dont care that Ryan suddenly wants to be "Father of the Year".
I dont care that Ryan has become a stubborn jack@$$
I dont care that Kendall has been ruined for all eternity by these God-awful storylines.
I dont care about Aidumb. Period.
I dont care about Angie's sudden urge to be as meddling as Kendall and as whiny as Cassandra.
I dont care about Jesse's lame responses to said freakouts.
I dont care how many times Jesse gets hangups.
I dont care about the forced relationship of Carmen and Jackson.
I dont care about Erica trying to get back at Carmen and Jackson.
I dont care about Randi. Period.
I dont care that Babe has suddenly figured out that Petey is in on Adam's takeover plan. It's not like she'll be able to do anything about it. He's Adam Chandler and theres that "other" thing.
I dont care about Taylor's repetitive attempts at trying to get back into the army.
I dont care that Krystal has suddenly forgotten all of her feelings for Adam that were very animate not so long ago.

(btw, im seriously gunna miss u this week. When was the last time we've had two weeks in a row with Jordan? LOL Just kiding. Have fun on your time off.)

Anonymous said...

That was funny Shadow and actually an interesting proposal which immediately lets me know that the writers and Prathole will never take Ryan and Aidumb there. It would be interesting to see them turn gay and hang out at gay bars and take Emma and Spike to Pine Valley Gay Pride.

I agree Erica Kane that I wouldn't be upset if Kendall got a beat down from Zach ... and liked it. I know that woman abuse is never OK but I feel that what Kendall is doing could be counted as emotional abuse maybe even emotional abandonment. She is not an active participant in that marriage anymore and she sure as hell is not a part of those boys lives. I hope Erica gives it to her full blast. That would be interesting to see Erica moving into Mona territory but with her own style and Erica Kane way of doing things ... Diva all the way!

Terry in Toronto

Laura said...

Without my glasses the presidential debate looks like Jesse Hubbard is debating Adam Chandler. Or maybe even Chompers.

I hope somebody can fix the economy.

Anonymous said...

"...I loved how Looch looked - was STUNNED, actually. HOW THE HELL DOES HER 60-SOMETHING YEAR-OLD BODY HAVE NO CELLULITE OR WRINKLES? No saggy knees on that woman! She is not of this earth, I'm telling you...."

Hi, Ashley!

Let me respond with a retorical question. Have you seen her infomercial for the Malibu Pilates Chair?

In order to use that thing, a person's muscles have to have muscles! LOL!

Aside from that, on DWTS, Carrie Ann (the judge) suggested she gain some weight, in order to make her dance training easier.


Anonymous said...

I am a few weeks behind on the podcast, as I am trying to avoid any and all spoilers, but one thing is driving me crazy....what the heck happened to THE COMEBACK????? Have they even mentioned it in the last few months? Everyone seems to go to BJ's now, even Tad! I hate it when they just drop a storyline like it never existed!

Norn Cutson said...

notes on Friday's episode


• look, KWAK is workin' down @ THE COMEBACK!
i like that!

• i think i see the problem.
TAD does *not* need to be eating *TWO* pieces of cake!

• YES! AMANDA & PETEY interaction!
i am tellin ya, they will be magic together.

• EMMA: "They kiss a lot."

• woo, ANGIE & TAYLOR!
i wanna see them tangle some more!

• i havent heard any thunderstorm sounds today.

• just as its getting heated between KENDALL & ANNIE they go to commercial, and never regain momentum.

• i like that AMANDA is the professional one, trying to take care of business.

there wasnt much to talk about today. thats pretty sad, especially for a friday episode!

notes on Friday's episode


• oh hell, BRODY is projecting an iraqi kid on SHANE.

• that LANGSTON is a good little actress!

• BLAIR: "I appreciate your point of view, but you have to understand ours.
Langston is a 16 year old girl. Her home is here. She just started her junior year of high school.
She's laid down roots; she's cultivated her talents.
She writes an *INCREDIBLE* blog...under a pseudonym...about the life of a teenage girl."

you can tell Kassie Depaiva is *itchin* to get a one-on-one scene with A Martinez!!!

• ya'll know that DALLAS is BO's real-lifw wife, right?
i like her. she looks like a real person and she has actual sex appeal (which NORA does not).

• wow, i wonder what the story of JANET & her family is?

• BLAIR: "Who's a girl gotta sleep with to get her aunt out of jail?"

BLAIR says that to the LPD officer, jokingly...but he responds with:
"As for who you need to boff to get what you want, McBain is out of town."

I was shocked! & so was BLAIR but i couldnt tell if she was shocked because MCBAIN was out of town without telling her or because of the guy's frank language!

• COLE: "You're always my friend, Starr."

STARR: "You're always mine!"


• now ***THIS*** is a Friday episode!!!
thats wha was missing on AMC...there was no sense that it was a Friday. it couldve been a Tuesday episode. there were no real climaxes. there was nothing that made me say, "I cant wait til Monday!!!"

• JANEY was a little freaked out about VIKI being TODD's sister..must have something to do with her estranged family.
now thats how you build a soap...this character has been diddlin around the periphery for about 6 months, they realize she can handle a bit of story and today they gave her a chunk of character development.

now lets see what they do with it!

Anonymous said...

Good point n69 about what a Friday ep should be like. I started watching and fell asleep. Bad sign. I'll try again tonite.

Anonymous said...

I liked Ryan and Annie fighting over Emma on Friday's episode. Child custody fights are very real in so many families and have major effects on everyone involved. Ryan was wrong to snatch Annie but she was also wrong to stay in a place where a gun was found (even if it wasn't hers which we know it really was). Child protective services wouldn't allow that. They'd remove the child while an investigation was conducted. I'm hoping that Annie pulls a razor out of her hair extension and cuts Greenlee's hand off. "That's what you get for putting a hand on me B!~(h!" Oh wait, This isn't a gang girls in prison scene. Time for Aidan to grow some cojones and walk out on Greens for her involvement in Ryan's affairs once more. Those meddling women need consequences they can feel.

What's happened to Kathy? Her storyline about adjusting to a new stepmother and pitting Tad against KWAK was a good one and again real life but once more the writers have dropped the ball. They start a storyline and then it just falls by the wayside with no conclusion or resolution. Children's mental health is a fascinating area and AMC had an opportunity to show how professionals can help both children and parents shift their thinking and behaviour to improve the whole family dynamic. But I guess that was an Agnes Nixon ethic which is not in line with Prathole family values.

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

I like the Crazy Kat s/l too. Hopefully Pratt isn't dropping it. I suspect he's trying to get several s/ls going. To me, part of the problem w/ AMC in the recent past is that one major s/l has dominated the show and they beat it to death. Like the suxtet or Babe/JR/Little A. Life isn't like that. There should be lots of stuff happening so when characters run into eachother they should have a chance to catch up like Angie and Kwak do. The CrazyKat s/l is one that can linger and rise to the front as needed.Lastyear we would have seen Kat try to mame Kwak or Jenny 20 times in a month and the the only choice would have been for her to go to an orpanage deal or kill someone or get a head adjustment from Ghost Dixie-all would have sucked. I'd rather see her slowly and more believably work thru it or screw up Tad and Kwak Otherwise they end up ruining th s/l by focusing on it everyday and backing themselves into a corner w/ the s/l and do something dumb to get out of it. In the old days Agnes had lots of stories that moved back and forth. Her friday eps set the stage for what she would focus on next week. I'm just crossing my fingers and trying to cut them some slack until the twister. At that point I feel like he should really have it together and the show should be clicking.

Anonymous said...

well said, Shadow

Luis Merino said...

Hey AShley--

Make sure to check your email before you do the next podcast. I have a new theme ready. :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be a downer but I'm already dreading the tornado. Dumb, dumb, dumb. ... unless there's a global warming and Pine Valley climate change storyline attached.

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

Aidumb is a pu*sy and that's why nobody likes him. He gets the food for Tad. He knows Greenlee doesn't love him but keeps making excuses. This is the one s/l that just never gets better for me. If this is all Greenlee is going to do, I don't really care if she leaves. Maybe they will bring Sabine back. I'd love to hear that campaign. "We're bringing back the fake Greenlee!"

Ryan is an a#@hole. When did he become such an interested father? I hate his character but the good news is it means the return of InsAnnie!! She is going to boil his pet rabbit or leave a horse head in his bed or some crazy stuff. I'd love to see a girl just totally screw his whole world. I hope she takes the Emma and everything he is worth. Emma wasn't in any danger and Annie just lost the baby. Plus his dad skills are lame. Please, an amoeba?

Zach is a big bore. I guess Kendull re-signed her contract b/c she admitted to Zach that she's been meddling too much in everybody else's business. Maybe now AMC will give her something to do.

AMC needs Dr. David to balance out these wimps. The town needs an eligible bachelor too. A Rex type who lives a bachelor's life and has an occasional hook up.

The Weave is happy today. Probably b/c "the girls" came out to play. Somebody give Angie a shawl!

Note to Kwak: stop feeding Tad pie.

OMG, I loved Angie and Taylor. That was amazing. Oh no he didn't! Jesse just put Mama Angie in her place. Daaaayum! Come on guys, some of this stuff is good. I really, really like Taylor.

Finally, some emotion out of Greenlee! That InsAnnie brings out the interesting part of everybody. I'm ready for these people to start fighting for what they really want.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention that Ryan has no idea how to be a parent. C'mon people! He put the syrup on the pancakes before the butter AND he was serving her uncooked food! That's putting poor sweet little Emma in danger.

Terry in Toronto

Norn Cutson said...

to be honest, i just wouldnt eat pancakes in Pine Valley.

Anonymous said...

Now that is an astoot observation! ROFL n696n.

Brian said...

One of the many problems with AMC is once a storyline is finished, they never touch on it again. The same with characters. Once they leave, they are gone from our minds until the possibly return later. Why not just mention them once and awhile?

It's like we have Colby Chandler. Why not mention Marion here and there? Like say Colby is spending the day with her or going eating over at Marion and Stuarts house.

Have they even thought about Liza? They could easily bring her in now. Say that Adam was blackmailing her for keeping Colby away from him. Since Colby is now 18, Liza could return. She could also take back Fusion (which is a silent partner).

Heck, we hard Zoe/Zarf as a singer. Couldn't they mention that Zoe put out a new album? Simple as that.

Like what happened to temp magazine? When Brooke "left", what happened? Who is running WRCW? Who was the replacement on New Beginnings that we heard from Erica was bad? What happened to the charges against Carmen? How is Carmen and Jack able to date when he is her lawyer? Isn't that illegal? Like a doctor sleeping with a patient? What happened to Haley and Mateo? Why does Adam never go see his grandchildren? What happened to the salsa club that Mateo ran? What exactly is the Miranda center and why is it never used? Are Opal and Palmer living together? Since when? Why did Anne's dad not show up to collect his favorite son's ashes/body? Does he know his son is dead? Why is there only 1 cemetery in Pine Valley? How come Pine Valley is suddenly a city with high-rise apartments when it started as a suburb? Exactly how big is Pine Valley? Will we discover if Sam Woods wins for Senate? How come Randi can suddenly afford expensive clothes when she only answers phones? How expensive is car and health insurance in PV when accidents are so common?

Just felt like ranting. This show sometimes gets to ya.

Anonymous said...

Please, please, Chuck Pratt, let all the suxtet except Insannie be blown away in the tornado!! Please!! I can't keep watching much longer if the other 5 stay on the front burner, bless my heart. Bleeech!! AAAAAAAARGHHH!!

They're making me wish for Coldby and Rancid scenes!

Anonymous said...

Brian, I also wonder when Pine Valley turned into a thriving metropolis in its own right. The characters used to have to go to New York and Center City for a taste of the big city. PV was more of an upscale community for the rich and famous like the Wallingfords, Cortlands and Chandlers, their debutante daughters (Greenlee), their doctor children (Chuck), their hookers (Donna), their drivers (Benny Sego)and a few down to earth folk who probably lived their before the taxes got so high (the Martins). I guess all the local money attracted some swindlers (Langley) so we had to have some local law enforcement (Trevor, Derek and Livia).

The biggest building used to be the hospital. PV had some corporate campuses as you would expect in an area full of moguls (Cortland Electronics, Enchantment, Chandler Enterprises). Lots of gossip amoung the rich and spoiled required news service (WRCW).

I guess in the booming 90's even Pine Valley couldn't escape the explosive real estate boom. I'm assuming an unanmed real estate investment trust bought and redeveloped the charming business district where quaint local merchants like Myrtle's dress shop sold their wares and the Glamorama did "good hair". You know how the story goes, the small shops died out and were replaced
by megamalls with fancy stores like "Lacy's" and lots of 40 - 60 story office buildings creating the shimmering office skyline we see outside the PV windows today. Zoning be damned! Like a lot of stuff, we just didn't see any of that happen. Thank goodness the greedy developers haven't ruined the pristine Pennsylania coast the local residents so enjoy.

Anonymous said...

So are KWAK and Adam totally over? I'm disappointed. I bet they're leaning towards KWAK/Tad/David triangle maybe.

I can't stand Ryan. I have never liked the character (ANTI-LAVERY!), and this week just annoyed me even more. Yes I understand the gun and that's bad but... I don't know. He hardly is ever around Emma and for 3 months, basically ignored her. At least he told off Kendall, but if these 3 (plus Aidan) of the Suxtet leave, I'd be soooo satisfied. Pair Zach and Annie, get rid of the rest.

And... welcome back Comeback!! I missed you and your rustic ways- AND the hot bartender!!

Anonymous said...

Seeing how there are so many posts I'm assuming someone has asked this, but if not.... When is Jessie going to arrest Insannie for murdering her brother?? It seems that story has completely dropped off the map or did I miss something.

Jordan, I really wish you would give spoilers on the podcast. Just tell people to close their ears that don't want to hear :) Besides since it's not live and Ashley goes back to bleep out words you can figure out how long you "spoiled" something and tell people to fast forward that much. I hate secrets and love spoilers.

Love listening to you 2.

Anonymous said...

Shelly, I hope you don't mind (and I quoted you) but I posted your question in this week's thread and offered a possible solution so we can hear spoilers.

Anonymous said...


thanks for doing that. I thought I was doing the most recent b/c I never even saw the other post. Thanks so much. :)