Monday, September 15, 2008

Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right

  • Chuck Pratt undoes an "undone" abortion, but pretty much murders the character of Josh in the process.
  • Angie and Frankie blow out the speakers on my high-definition television.
  • Taylor and Jake and Amanda continue to delight.
  • No Tad and Krystal, but less Colby, bless her heart!
  • InsAnnie loses her baby, and Melissa Clare Egan gets to do what she does best. (We're loving it.)

I'm so over the Suxtet, but I'm way curious about what InsAnnie will tell Ryan. I'm still avoiding the spoilers, and I think MCE is here to stay, so... What do y'all think? I know you'll tell us, here.

09/12/08 Podcast


Anonymous said...

I agree with you Ashley that MCE was amazing last week. I'm not so sure though that she's here to stay. I have a sneaky feeling that they're setting things up for Rylee 2.0 which would suggest the end of Annie. It would be stupid because after all this time of being bored by the character so many of us are finally loving her to bits. ... but then who ever heard of TPTB stupidly cutting a character that the audience has gotten attached to.

Great podcast as usual.

Terry in Toronto

Norn Cutson said...

ive just listened to the intro so far & i am laughin mah ass off over Ashley's ANGIE impression!

welcome back, Pedro!
ya know, i am from Asheville, NC, the earth's seventh chakra! & now i live in Harlem! so i can relate!

Norn Cutson said...

on the other hand, i would never wear socks with sandals unless i was sick at home!

thats like wearing your chancletas out in public!

Anonymous said...

I was looking around for AMC rumors and was surprised to find a bunch of blogs predicting that Babe and maybe Jenny are the ones who die in the tornado. Who knows if it's true but it's interesting that the tornado happens in October. David Hayward returns in October. JR and Babe are happy and he’s fixing to propose. Last week KWAK said something about all their girls being safe and happy. We know that can't be. Nothing ever works out for Babe so her death sounds plausible. She and JR had those scenes with Emma last week. Wonder if Babe dies if JR would hook up with InsAnnie? How wild would that be?

Other rumors predicted Rebecca Budig as a departing vet. Apparently she signed a 4 year contract with an option to leave on the 1st anniversary. I read that she isn’t happy with her s/l or the botched “Real Greenlee” return. If she is going to leave, she’s got to make her mind quick or stay for 3 more years. Maybe that’s why her s/l is floundering and Kendall is doing all the bitching. Maybe they can’t give Greenlee much to do b/c she hasn’t decided to stay. Another rumor was that Binx is back for a limited engagement.

BTW, it still pisses me off that Trolby is in the fly away on the new opening. Why not reserve that for a legacy character or someone who can act! InsAnnie acted her lips off last week. The way she reacted when the nurse told her she lost the baby was organic and genuine. She almost had me crying. Can't wait to see what she dishes out next week.

Ashley said...

WOW!!! Holy spoilers Shadow!

I would be shocked if Rebecca didn't stay. I think she's a soap actress -- where's she gonna go? The competition is getting rough out there with so many shows struggling. These departures would make for some good drama, though!

I tell you what I'd love: Amanda Baker's Babe gets caught up in the tornado, but once it spits her out, Alexa Havins emerges!

Maybe there's an idea for a Dixie return in that damn tornado, too! That tornado should EAT Colby and Randi and Jerkson, and spit out Brooke and Dixie and Old Babe making love to Josh!!!! Ooh-ee!!

Arizonagal said...

I just have one things to say about Rylee 2.0, BARF, GAG, HURL, okay maybe more than one thing. I am so sick of that p*ssy Ryan, I could just scream. What a load. Someone explain to me why this joker is the one who is constantly being pursued by all the 30 something ladies?

Damn MCE just acted her little tush off last week, she was so good. That was heartbreaking. And did ya'll notice Ryan had very little reaction to the loss of the baby? He may have been a bit relieved.

The lighting at Contusion did nothing for Tad's pallor. And where has KWAK been lately? Oh, Kathy's probably got her tied up.

And, donning my flame proof clothing, I just gotta say this. I really hate Kendall. I have never liked Alicia Minshew and I find her character generally reprehensible and a huge hypocrit and a big bore.

Anonymous said...

This week I was watching with a different eye. Looking at the performances instead of the material the actors were trying to sell to the viewers. It's all about layers. Some of them got it, some don't. What makes one character so interesting that you feel their depth and presence when they just walk into a room? IMHO, here's who's got it and who doesn't and those somewhere in the middle:

who's got it:

Who's got it sometimes:
Greenlee (tho she used to have it all the time, i'm just not seeing it)
Amanda (tho she's always lovable)

Who doesn't have it:

Who am I forgetting?

Norn Cutson said...

Ashley, you used the word "lucent"!
thats a smart word!

you are helpin the listeners build their vocabulary!

Anonymous said...

OH this is going to be a great week on the Blog! Ashley came out swinging! Arizona calls it like she sees it! And BPenny is drawing dividing lines! And the Podcast that makes it all possible is great as usual. Pedro is a hoot, but seriously, one pair of Birkenstocks for a whole year at 33cents a day? I could write all day about AMC, but that one left me speechless.

Anonymous said...

Ashley and Pedro, the Angie/Frankie reenactment was magnificent. Thank you for making me smile on a Monday.

Kona said...

I love the way you think brownpenny! Got to find something to make it work as a viewer. That list is very as-toot!!!

Anonymous said...

I thought the actual actors playing Angie and Frankie were doing those voices. Not just because the voices sounded so accurate, but the exact volume level!

Ashley, I see where you're coming from not liking Insannie at times because she wasn't like this in the beginning. What I'd like to think, and maybe it's because I've really warmed up to Annie, is that she's always suppressed her past. She had a crappy life as a kid, married a pedophile, and finally got her happy ending in Pine Valley. Then Richie comes, Greenlee returns, Ryan starts doubting his love for her (that apparently didn't exist). She's just desperate and that Novak anger and revenge has just been suppressed for so long. I see her as a twinge crazy, but just desperate and annoyed. Kendall and Greenlee (mostly Kendall) just never butt out- you have you own life Kendall, scram!! So while it's crazy Annie's so different now, I see this as a natural progression- that she was always a true Novak but trying to hide it.

And I'm soooo hoping for a Petey/Annie fling now.

I'm hoping the Petey and Adam alliance brings in some good Chompers vs. Adam scenes.

I like the character of Taylor and think Beth Ehlers is knocking it out of the park. I think what fans don't like is the forcing her with Jake. I think we could all love the character, but just want Jake with someone else.

And Tad's one to talk about sleeping with someone much younger. Does he forget SIMONE!

Another fantastic week on the PVP- welcome back Pedro!

Erica Kane said...

OMG!!!! We had an Ian Slater sighting!! Mark it on the calendar !!!

Anonymous said...

I'm watching Sara Connor Chronicles and Levin Ramblin is on it. Just an FYI. She's doing a good job.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh Arizonagal, The Kendall Fans are gonna be after yoooouuu!

I agree with you though that the character has become annoying and obnoxious. They let Kendall grow up as she developed a relationship with Zach and now she's going right back to being the spoiled, selfish brat she was before which would be fine, except it's jarring and with no explanation. Fine if the writers want to do that but they have to make it believeable and explain so viewers know WHY she's reverting to her old self. Is it to provide a contrast to the new Goodylee? Is it because she wants Ryan to still be in love with her? Is it to piss Zach off? What already? I wished Annie had slapped Kendall hard in the hospital but then every bone would have shattered in Kendall's size -1 body.

Ashley you slay me when you do the Hubbards and Pedro needs to just stay away from Angie's weave! That thing probably will be the cause of the tornado that's a-coming. Imagine a weave generated weather event? Now that's creative storytelling!

Great to hear Pedro. When will Taylor be back? Those oldies but goodies shows really made me miss our Mr Crawford something bad.

I have to point out Ashley that Spike's cochlear implant allows him to hear. He is not deaf. Kids with implants do have stories read to them and can understand speech. They don't hear the same way people with typical hearing do but it does make sense that Zach would read to and talk and sing to Spike. Actually it would be critical that the people in his life expose him to as much speech and 'normal' sounds as possible as he gets used to the implant.

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

I think the Weave will save everyone in PV from the tornado's wrath. As the tornado bears down on the Hubbard Hi-rise, Angie will scream dramatically (of course) from her balcony, "You will not hurt one hair on my family's bee-hind!!". Then in slow motion, she will courageously rip the weave from her head and hurl it into the thrashing funnel cloud, causing it to spit, burp and finally explode into millions of bits of scraggly hair that fall protectively over our fair town. Alas, poor Myrtle will have an allergic reaction to the hair glue on the falling bits of weave and die.

:) Shadow

Norn Cutson said...

Anonymous shadow said...

I think the Weave will save everyone in PV from the tornado's wrath. As the tornado bears down on the Hubbard Hi-rise, Angie will scream dramatically (of course) from her balcony, "You will not hurt one hair on my family's bee-hind!!".


Anonymous said...

Just stopped by to say...

Make Frankie/Randi STOP!


I am currently watching today's episode, and currently screaming at the TV, "Go to Iraq then! GO!!!!"

Ooh, gotta scoot, Jake's on.

Becky :)

Anonymous said...

n69n- I hoped you would catch that!I was laughing while I typed it. BTW, I'm STILL cracking up over Kendall's puff of smoke.

Norn Cutson said...

Marlena Delacroix has posted an essay on AMC!

Anonymous said...

Amen to that Becky! I found myself screaming at them. What the hell is Rankie talking about!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you Becky! I fastforwarded through Frankie and Randi today. First time I've FFWed since Pratt started.

I also don't like them pushing Taylor and Jake together. It's so fake and unreal. No chemistry there. He keeps trying to play shrink with her and she's more interesting with Frankie. Jamanda and Tankie. Those are the two new couples I'm voting for. Are we going to have to go through a year of posting how much Jake and Taylor shouldn't be together?

Terry in Toronto

Tasha from Brooklyn, NY said...

It is okay if you don't like Kendall because I love her she is one of the only saving grace for me about this show. Insannie doesn't interest me much maybe because it is almost like melrose place which Charles Pratt wrote for here is my break dow
Kendall Amanda
Zach Peter Burns
David Michael
Greenlee Allison
Aidan Billy
Ryan Jake
Babe Jane
JR Craig
Amanda Sydney
Annie Kimberly Shaw

Norn Cutson said...

notes from Monday's episode


• RPG dresses to the left.

• maybe i'm imagining it, but it sems like RANDI learned something from ANGIE.

i'm not sayin she's *good*, but she's woken up a little bit.

• a touching scene with TAYLOR & JAKE.

TAYLOR is rambling nervously and JAKE is lookin at her with sad eyes.
when he said, "You wish it was you?"
i thought he meant did she wish that *she* had died instead of BROT?

• i am actually curious about the situation with ANGIE's weave, after that DAYTIME CONFIDENTIAL interview with Victoria Rowell. she was saying that black actors have to pay to have their own hair done, because the studios dont think its worth it to spend money on black hair specialists.

• INSANNIE confesses to a lot...but not everything.
i love seeing her with such light make-up. i love INSANNIE now.
in fact, i feel wrong callin her "INSANNIE" right now...i am sure she'll be INSANNIE again, but i feel like she needs a different name for this stage of her character development.

becuse Friday was the first time she played the role as if she was a victim of mental illness, when before it was just Looney Tunes Psycho.

• dang, i wish that ANGIE & TAD were having this grown-up adult conversation in a grown-up adult place! they are having a dramatic scene but they are being drowned out by that dumb ol' CONFUSION music!

• AIDUMB gave me a little tear!

• oh my darling AMANDA!
i urge you all to listen to her STARDISH RADIO interview!

AMANDA's all hot to do the Martin Mambo!

AMANDA: "I hate doing dessert by myself."
...and she does the cutest little eye thing!

lesson learned: to hell with the crab dip!!!!

• hey, maybe RANDI really *has* learned something from ANGIE.

• oh man, CRYAN has the hell botoxed out of his forhead!!! from the eyebrows up, its all wax!

notes from Monday's episode


• look how cute STARR is waddlin down the stairs of La Boulaise!

and look at this!!!! ADDIE, JACK, SAM all together in the same room!
and ADDIE brought LANGSTON books by Langston Hughes and Oscar Wilde...very cool!

i'd like to think that kids watching the show will now seek out those authors.

at first i was thinkin this was kinda puny for a "gala", but having STARR, JACK, SAM and ADDIE all together at the same time is *such a treat*! its Christmas come early!!

• taking the time to give us that scene with DORIAN and MARRKO was a nice touch.

• see, TINA should've been having scenes like this all along!

• i know some people think TESS is "too camp". but she's sooo entertaining! imagine how boring this story would be if she *didnt* take it over the top.

• the kid who plays JACK is great!!
i would love more scenes wtih him and STARR!

• DR JOPLIN is back to sucking again. in fact, she's even WORSE, because she *knows* TODD's done this before!

* loved the pan across the faces of the CRAMER women!

• you know, if i was locked down the secret room, i would be bangin the hell out of the would TESS explain that away?

Anonymous said...

Tasha, David as Micheal and Annie as Kimberly from Melrose Place!

Then I want David and Annie to wreak havoc in PV together. I loved those characters on Melrose Place.

Anonymous said...

"...i am actually curious about the situation with ANGIE's weave, after that DAYTIME CONFIDENTIAL interview with Victoria Rowell. she was saying that black actors have to pay to have their own hair done, because the studios dont think its worth it to spend money on black hair specialists..."

Hi, n69n! :-)

Geez, that's not only rude of tptb, imo, isn't it potentially discriminatory???? Everybody needs help with their 'dos now and then. :-(

Hi, Asheley and Pedro! :-)

Ashley, now you've done it!---Every time I hear Taylor mention "Brot", I imagine large sausages on a grill!--LOL!

I know she's a newbie, but is it only me who thinks the actress playing Randi came off like she was doing a scene from, "I Wanna Be A Soap Star", during her 9/15/08 episode?--Sort of stiff and frozen, like a "Randi-sicle".

Oh man, MCE did so well!...I hope she gets an Emmy nomination for her work...While I'm not always a "Greenlee and Ryan" fan, Cameron and Rebecca did have some very good moments on Monday's show, imho.


Kona said...

The conversation with Lou and Erica today seemed like a metaphor.

Lou was Brian Frons
Erica was Pratt

Lou says, "You have until sweeps"


Anonymous said...

I think Ryan and Greenlee have more best friend chemistry, not lovers.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the scene between JR and Petey. today...I like seeing JR 'normal'--using his powers for good, and not for evil...LOL!

Anonymous said...

help, I can't download the show. I've tried w/Itune and direct from the site with no love...any suggestions? Luv Shel

Norn Cutson said...

help, I can't download the show. I've tried w/Itune and direct from the site with no love...any suggestions? Luv Shel

7:19 PM


1. open your ITUNES
2. click on ITUNES STORE
3. type "Pine Valley Podcast" in the search window (upper right corner)
4. PINE VALLEY PODCAST will come up!
5. click the "subscribe" button.

the show will be automatically downloaded to your itunes podcasts!

this might sound wordy, but you can do it!

if anyone wants to chime in with an easier method, please do!

Anonymous said...

Actually, the download isn't working right now. (Ashley?) Usually I just copy and paste the link from the blog into Quicktime Player.

Arizonagal said...

If you subscribe to the podcast on itunes, then click refresh, it'll download the latest podcast. IMHO that's an easy way to listen and keep all the podcasts on your hard drive so you can listen to 'em again and again and again...

jerrica76 said...

Tried refreshing Itunes - Still no love - Shel

Anonymous said...

shel, any luck yet? hmm itunes can be a little tricky sometimes.. but if you subscribe it should usually work when you click refresh.
i keep every podcast on my ipod (it is filling up fast!) so i can listen to them again to refresh my memory. i love listening to the old songs...

n69n, i haven't watched the show at all this week so thank you for your recaps!

Norn Cutson said...

notes from Tuesday's episode


• some sleazeball is having lunch with ERICA @ The Yacht Club.

• ZACH sounds more like Ashley's impression than he does himself!

• mona, you are totally right!!!!
tellin ERICA to whip up a tornado on NEW BEGINNINGS!

ERICA: "I don't need to STUNT anything; I'm Erica Kane."


• JR gets a little smart & sneaky.

• i wanna see ERICA rip this LOU guy in half!

• ok, i admit it...i am a big sap.
and i am chokin' up over CRYAN & INSANNIE tallin EMMA about the baby.

• oh man, i cant believe KENDALL is *still* goin on about JOSH. there is never gonna be any resoloution to this story so LET IT GO.

• ok, maybe JR aint that smart.

• PETEY - adorable.

• ok, KENDALL vs ADAM, this could be good!

• THE LAVERYs griveing ritual was very touching. sweet and life-affirming.

(we'll all just pretend to not know that you would get arrested for planting a tree in Central Park)

notes from Monday's episode


• you know, i quit AMC last time when all those awful things were happening to BINKS. if they put STARR thru the same pain and heartache, i will quit OLTL.
i'll have to, i cant take the hurt!

• wow, Ms MONTEZ has some serious eyebrows!

• i'm gettin kind of scared with this RAY MONTEZ storyline. even tho we all know A Martinez is a kind warm person, this character really puts out that menacing vibe!


• JARED: "thats why i call her Sparky"

uh, when has he ever called her "Sparky"????

• oh i love ADDIE speaking spanish to RAY!

• Ms MONTEZ sucks.

• *finally* TINA is mixin it up out & about Llanview!!!
*LOVE* her flirting with BO...and he seems to like it too!

• DORIAN is gettin piiiiisssssed about LANGSTON & RAY speaking to each other in spanish!

• tell them the truth, TINA! you can do it! they already know, you can tell them!

TINA, i *love* you...but you gotta be the worst liar in Llanview!

Norn Cutson said...

oops i meant TUESDAY's OLTL!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that Ryan is finally recognizing his patterns with women and hopefully he will do something about that. I still want an explanation about what happened to his love for Annie. He loved her unfailingly (I wasn't buying it), he got shot and lost his memory (didn't buy that either) and he regained his memory but doesn't love Annie any more. What happened? Am I the only one who thinks that is wierd. He remembers loving Kendall and Greenlee but not Annie? What the double hockey sticks! I'd be pissed if someone who I loved pulled that number on me. I see Annie more as desperate and hurt and confused than crazy. I bought her "crazy in love" explanation hook line and sinker. ... and I wasn't an Annie fan before all this. In fact I was a huge Blandie haterater.

Terry in Toronto

Laura said...

Can't wait to listen for the blog. Back from Dubuque, is Taylor still there? Think of him everytime I drive there.

I agree about the tree planting. I don't think you can plant a tree in any park without approval. Do they have a backyard?

Erica looked amazing. Can't wait to see her on DWTS.

Jordan sorry about your bad summer. I've had a bad summer, hell a bad year. This group has been very supportive. Hope your tan is coming along nicely. The only thing good you've missed was Adam and Erica together.

I think it's true about black actresses and their hair. Probably true at the View also. I know Rosie had her own stylist, Star and Sherri did wigs, and Whoppi has the dreads.

Tiki has beautiful hair, that girl can wear a weave. I think Angie has a wig. I learned a lot from my black friends about hair. I am a white girl with thin boring wavy hair. I could use a weave myself!

I've got the podcast to listen to tonight yeah!

Anonymous said...

Hi,n69n! :-)

Speaking about Jared on OLTL, He's pretty much called Natalie "Sparky", from the begining, when he was first hired at BE. Initially, the writers were sort of going for that "annoyed with but attracted to" dance soap characters, clasically, do. At first he called her "Sparky" to bug her or try and flurt---But, gradually. it became a term of endearment.

And hello to you, anonymous! :-)

"...I still want an explanation about what happened to his love for Annie. He loved her unfailingly (I wasn't buying it), he got shot and lost his memory (didn't buy that either) and he regained his memory but doesn't love Annie any more. What happened? Am I the only one who thinks that is wierd. He remembers loving Kendall and Greenlee but not Annie? What the double hockey sticks! I'd be pissed if someone who I loved pulled that number on me...."

OK, Ill give it a try. But forgive me if a bit of a bias shows here--IMHO, the "Ryannie" romance went from 0-60 in nothin'flat!:-(
There was no "slow simmer", no "gradual build" for these two characters---But, yes, we were supposed to believe they fell madly, for each other. All it was supposed to take was a hand full of sand and a dance lesson?!--Not! Heck, he told her he loved her ---after he proposed!---Bah! I maitain, initially, Ryan fell in love with the idea of Annie, Emma, and him becoming a family--(What's not to love about Emma? Awww!)

Anyway, once Ryan got amnesia (the way it was written by then) and was going to counciling, Ryan discovered that he gradually remembered events w/ Annie--But, not the emotion, behind them. Because the feelings weren't there to begin with (according to the direction the writing had taken at that point).

Apparently, from reading Raven Beauty's spoiler page, at the time, the writers decided during the amnesia story line, that Ryan would end up in one of the 3 parings (Rendall, Rylee, or Ryannie) whichever turned out to be the most popular with the fans. So, really, no one initaially knew who Ryan would end up with.

That's why he seemed to be 'in love' with first Kendall and then Greens, after his relationship with Annie, was in full swing and abruptly stopped.


Anonymous said...

brtedi -


I read Raven's spoilers, too, and I never caught that bit about ryan's amnesia.


They honestly did not know who they were gonna put him with?! That just seems wrong!

Terry in Toronto -

I agree with you, it makes no sense. And it should be explained. However, I don't see any rush. Explain it to me later.

I agree with you about insAnnie. She is *amazing.* It is for this reason that I am happy to see Ryan just float for a while. Let him work for Zach. Let him fade into the background. Blandie needed Ryan to prop her up. InsAnnie doesn't. She should be front row center every day.

And Kendall should be back in bed with Zach.

And Graidan should be somewhere far, far away from Pine Valley. Aren't those two going to honeymoon?

Becky :)

Norn Cutson said...

good mornin, brtedi!

well, i feel silly that i missed that "Sparky" just sounded so cutsey and out-of-the-blue.

to be honest, i glaze over during NATTY scenes. i liked her back when she was mean, but that was almost ten years ago. notice that no one in town is missing her...except JARED!

Anonymous said...

I never cared for Natalie on OLTL to either. I've only been watching off and on for a few years, but you bet when she was in the John/Evangeline/Christian/Natalie square I was routing for Evangeline!

Anonymous said...

Awww man, the podcast is Josh.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning, Anonimous! :-)

My appologies, if I gave you the wrong source. My intention wasn't to mislead. I mentioned Raven's column, since generally is a synthesis of all popular soap publicatins. It may have been Carolyn Hindsley's column in the NY Daily News... But,more to the point, the outcome of Ryan's amnesia storyline was set to be determined by fan response.


Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or does "Mrs. Montes" remind anyone else of Tish Adams?" LOL!


jerrica76 said...

nope still no love getting the poddie to download...I'm in SERIOUS withdraws;)

Norn Cutson said...

via Superposter!

BREAKING NEWS: Bianca Is BACK... Is Dixie NEXT???

Newest headwriter Charles Pratt told ABC Soaps In Depth, in reference to Eden Riegel's "Bianca", that she is "probably the most loved character of the last 10 years that's been on AMC." Eden confirmed to the mag that Pratt has backed up those words with action, saying her latest return will be under contract. While the length of the deal has not been announced (ABC never does) fans will be happy to note that her return will be for more than the usual two episode "Zendall propping" that we have become accustomed to. Bianca's return will be brought on by the upcoming tornado storyline and it's devastating aftermath.

Now, fans wonder, will a return by another beloved character - Dixie in earthly form - follow closely behind? Stay tuned! -- SP

Laura said...

n69 Good news about Bianca but what about her little podcast Imaginary Bitches! It was really good. If Pratt would bring back the trifecta of Bianca/Brooke/Dixie I will worship the ground he walks on. I think Babe may die, that's why the rumors have David coming back, but let him bring Dixie back.

Petey is as good as Coldby is bad. A young Matthew Brodrick as I have stated before. Coldby a young corpse or like the dreaded Page on OLTL. Boring.

I am thinking of Jordan on the beach now in his little speedo flagging down his hot cabana boy for a little sex on the beach. I meant the drink of course. He probably looks like Ryan next to some pasty fat white guy (think of Tad in the pool in a shirt!)

So glad to hear our Petey on the podcast. When is the official time to put on the Birken Socks? Is it the first day of fall, or do you go by weather?

I saw lined Crocs the other day. Maybe you could write the company and have them make lined Birkenstocks! You'd have to buy them someplace other than the Bronx I am sure. They would probably sell well in the Midwest.

Love to all the posters. Shadow is especially Astute. Loving your comments.

Laura said...

Coldby - Please go with Dread - Please. Run Coldby Run - Catch him and go!

Anonymous said...

Best lines today...

Wait, before I post this, let me say that maybe this is what Ashley is talking about when she says she doesn't hear the characters' true voices speaking.

I think I forgot what the characters' real voices sound like, after years of McTrash and then the other writing changes.

All I know is I heard this and I loved it and I bought it bought it bought it because I wanted to!!

As seen on today's AMC:

Erica: Kendall, you astound me, that you would wish Adam Chandler on me in any way!

Kendall: Well, it's not the worst thing posible.

Erica: The worst thing possible? The man is vile. He's repulsive. He's vindictive.

Kendall: Mother, I know, I know... Can you please seduce him?

Becky :)

Ashley said...

First of all, I'm having server problems, so I'm sorry about the podcast. SHould be fixed by now.

Second of all, I do think the writing for each character was much better this week. I loved that particular exchange, Becky!

I'm enjoying the week, so far. Loving MCE's performance - that girl turned it OUT on Monday!!!!!!

Ash xo

w3w said...

Thanks to everyone for all the comments and updates. Being in Houston, I am just now getting power restored after 5 days. I am one of the lucky ones. Many still do not have power. Needless to say, I have missed a whole week of AMC and just reading the posts tonight has caught me up!

I am downloading the podcast now and can't wait to listen!

I'm excited to hear about Bianca returning. Do any of you think there is a real chance that Dixie may be coming? I love her and truly hope she will be back. I agree with Laura - bringing back Bianca/Brooke AND Dixie would be a grand slam for Pratt!!

Norn Cutson said...

notes from Wednesday's episode


Happy Birthday, CARMEN!
we love you!

but you know what?
if this is all they are gonna do with her, then i wish greener pastures for Elizabeth Rodriguez.
her talent is being wasted, and thats depressing.

she can handle a real story, not just being a prop for ERICA & JERKSON!

...and hearing JERKSOn go on about her jsut grosses me out.

• COLDBY & DRE....why?
why the hell do we need scenes with COLDBY & DRE?
did any of *you* feel the need for closure with DRE? least, i *hope* this is closure.

and just think, DRE had more of a goodbye than BROOKE ever got!

• ok, now PETEY is scaring me.

• i wouldnt want ADAM & CARMEN to get romantic, but he brings out more life in her than JERKSON ever will!

• OPAL, all in purple!

• love PETEY & CARMEN!

"a dumpa dumpa dumpa dumpa..."

• COLDBY: "this isnt it, is it, for you and me?"


• well, i am happy that we had so much CARMEN today but i hate her being played as a joke.
but if its paying Elizabeth Rodriguez' rent, then thats ok.

• now we're gonna see the AMANDA & PETEY combination!

notes from Wednesday's episode


• see, NATTY's been missing longer than Christian...but people miss him. not me, i wouldnt miss either of 'em.

• did ya'll hear the STARDISH RADIO interview with LANGSTON last night?
she's majoring in biology @ NYU while she's working on OLTL. thats a smart hardworking girl!

and she really is Columbian!
and raised in a very catholic household!

* VANESSA looks like a CHARLOTTE'S WEB, except evil.

• look, NATTY is "acting".

(aka "throwing pillows")

• it looks as though RAY felt some remorse about playing LANGSTON.

Dorian's confronting RAY! here we go, now we're gettin down to business...

Norn Cutson said...

w3w, glad to hear you made it thru ok!

Anonymous said...

My DVR is screwing up this week so I’ve missed a few eps. Thankfully ya’ll are keeping me up to speed.

Thanks for the shout out Laura! Right back at ya.

I don’t really care for the parallel universe thing with Kendall and Greenlee—juxtaposing Aidumb and Greenlee’s happiness with Kendall and Zach’s misery. I’m assuming that Pratthole is trying to slowly reestablish them as frenemies, but it’s taking too long and it’s stale. At least a quarter of every show involving the suxtet is the same sh%t, different day. Annie lost the baby and Kendall is STILL obsessing about Annie and Ryan. Give it a rest already!

Every time I hear Aidumb and Greenlee’s smooching noises, I get a little bile in my throat. In fact, JR and Babe had some noisy kisses too. Ick.

Can somebody help me out with Annie and Ryan? What did she NOT confess to him on Monday?

The scene with Annie and Ryan explaining the miscarriage to Emma was touching, but I was distracted with the contrast of how white Emma is compared to how orange her parents are. Plus, Annie is all lips. Ryan can’t move anything but his lips.

The tree planting was poignant though. So simple and sweet. Moments like that make Kendall’s obsessive bitching seem that much more absurd.

Susan Lucci looked hot on the DWTS promo. Are we all going to vote for her?

Lou is a classic, clueless MBA marketing douchebag. Nice to see Erica bone up and put him in his place. I love confident, savvy Erica.

I read some more about the tornado. It’s supposed to be state of the art CGI. Desperate Housewives did it already. A few years ago they had that Twister movie I hated. I’d rather them put the money in actor salaries (Brooke) and sets (Erica’s house). AMC shoots its wad every year on some big extravagant “very special episode” like the explosion at the gala a while back. It always comes off as cheap and derivative and seems to miss the whole point of what a soap is all about. It’s just about the relationships! Genie Francis returning to GH got way more press and did way more to bring viewers back to that show than any CGI special effect will ever bring to AMC. It’s a waste of resources. Imagine the press and publicity the show would get if just Brooke came back? And Brooke is an asset that will keep generating a return long after everyone has forgotten the stupid tornado.

Speaking of Brooke, if I had to pick between her and Dixie, I’d vote for Brooke. It would be so easy. No evil twin. No resurrection of the dead. No plastic surgery. Just “Hi Brooke, where have you been? Seems like I haven’t seen you in forever?”. They didn’t ruin her character when she left the way they obliterated Dixie’s character. Brooke just hasn’t been on the scene lately.

I guess it would be nice to see old Babe come back, but I’m convinced the character of Babe is a goner anyway.

Nice to hear Bianca is returning. I hope TPTB give her something interesting to do beside prop Erica or Kendall, be victimized or promote an “issue” (transgender equality). I’d just like to see Binx work and play like everyone else and maybe even settle into a healthy, happy, sexy relationship with another hot lesbian. Maybe she and Taylor will hookup. Ha!

Anonymous said...

"...Susan Lucci looked hot on the DWTS promo. Are we all going to vote for her?...."

Hi,shadow! :-)

Oh, I hope so! If nothing else, if she starts off 'slow' we can at least buy her some time, until 'she finds her grove'...It worked for Cameron, last year.

The members of DOTE (Dancing on The Edge --a Rendall fan board and it's now defunct sister board Haunted: A Lavery Family Fansite) had a blast! :-D

Every Monday night-- 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern there'd be an 'almost live' thread at DOTE.

For example, "Mombolicious Monday", etc.--The eastcoast fans would let the "westcoasters" know how it was going...Depending on the time zone, you can vote, anytime, during the hour the show is on, in your area.

You can vote also vote by computer, as many times as you want if you clear out your cookies, after the maximum number of votes have been cast for the night. Your computer is the one that keeps track of your votes, not some remote ABC computer.--Also, if you have more than one ABC account, say ABC Daytime, or any Disney related account, those can each be used separately to vote, via the internet.

Fans can and do, indeed, make a difference....


jerrica76 said...

YEAH!!!!! the poddie is download with no 404, Thanks for the fix Ash

Anonymous said...

Tamara Braun is going to be Bianca's love interest.

Royse City Teen

Laura said...

Just read about Tamara Braun coming on myself. She was just on Days and was Carly 2.0 on GH. A good actress, and probably not cheap. So much for Dixie and Brooke coming back. I would like to see who is skinnier her or Kendall. Maybe they could have an eat off and see who finishes a grape first.

Okay I am jealous.

I hear A Martinez is only on OLTL for 5 weeks. But he may be back. OLTL is not as good as it used to be, GH is bad, AMC has problems, so I've gone back to Y&R. Liz Hendrickson ex Maggie is great on there. I watch on the CBS website on my laptop. I can't wait for Billy Miller to show up. the writing is good, good character development. CGI can't take the place of any of that stuff.

Erica Kane said...

I had not heard about Tamara Braun. Is she post surgery Zarf??? For anyone interested tommorrow the 19th is supposed to be Billy Miller's first day on Y&R!! I for one cannot wait!!!

Norn Cutson said...

i want BINKS & CARMEN to hook up!!!

BINKS doesnt need some skinny balinky, she needs a big-hipped earth mama!!!

...& think what *that* would do to ERICA's mind!

Erica Kane said...

Hey everyone I just realized something!! Bianca can now take back her rightful place in the flyaway picture at the end of the opening credits from Trollby!!!!Oh Happy Day!!!

Anonymous said...

Erica, that was exactly my first thought when I heard Bianca is coming back.No more flyaway turd shot!
I still haven't heard if Alicia M worked out her contract issues yet.have any of you heard anything?

Anonymous said...

Reflections on the ep I watched today:

I paused the HD and counted the lines on Jerkson's forehead. He has 8 of them when he raises his eyebrows.

Erica is telling Kendull how vile and repulsive Adam is but as recently as a few months ago they were perfectly cordial to each other. Where did this come from all of a sudden?

Hey Mom, I know you think Adam is a pig, but he's bugging me so could you have sex with him?

Carmen looks pretty, but what happened to her accent? Her calling him Jackie only makes him seem like that much more of a dork.

Dang, Turdby is on today. I hope she drinks the entire brown bottle of lethally potent Blast Pete just randomly sat on the table in the entryway. Guess not, Adam just picked up the random unmarked bottle off the entryway table and dowsed it on Carmen's finger. That was all very convenient and lazily written.

Dre is short for DREadful.

Opal said "cooture" ne' couture. Ha! Seeing Opal is like getting a a big hug from the TV.

Erica just imitated Carmen. Sort of funny, but suddenly she seems really bitchy in a Kendall way. Zen Erica was boring, but I don't know if this Erica is believable anymore. Erica is confusing me.

I like this "Whatever Kendall!" Amanda so much better that the pitiful "I agree Babe" Amanda. I hope Bella flies and somehow Charm tanks.

Granted, no one would ever have accused Adam as being nice, but poisoning a product for mass distribution is an act of terrorism. Adam is a terrorist now. Never would have predicted that one. That dress Erica gave Carmen is heinous.

Kona said...

Did anyone else notice Jesse's tone on Thursday? Him being private Dick is one thing, but he do not need to bring that mess home. WTH. Why is talking to Angie like that?

It is like when Zach told Kendall to shutup last week. I hope Pratt does not make these men jerks to the women because we all know how women get treated on GH and I don't want Port Charles in Pine Valley!

jordan hudson said...

I'm Backkkkkk. Have ben trying to get caught up on a bazillion hours of television. Yet my source gave me major dish on AMC. I will not be doign any spoliers beign that we lost one listner because of it. I will say this after a long discussion with my source about what they know is coming up we both agree it's a toss of the coin on if it will work or won't. It's all about the execution. I will say this I do know of one fatality due to the Tornado. Of the appearance of a mystery child from nowhere. A pregnancy with an unexpected twist to Who's your daddy? I will say this guys, for me this stuff Chuck Pratt is doing is no better then what the previous team was doing and with the upcoming tornado it seems to be venturing into Mctavis teritory. I say let the tornado coem and bring a house down on colby and dre. And out walks Dixie and Brooke and everyone sing Ding Dong the teens are dead. Which all teens? The Talentless teens. Ding Dong the Teens are dead.

Kona said...

Welcome back Jordan! Missed you much!! Hope your vacay was FantaBulous!

Are you on the podcast this week?

Erica Kane said...

Jordan some of us want the spoilers!!! You can feel free to email me any spoilers you wish to!!!

Anonymous said...

Spoilers are great. Just put *Spoiler Alert* at the top and tell us the juicy details. It always comes out anyway from ABC or the the soap mags so I'd rather hear it from you.

Welcome back Jordan. I could use a little reality break myself!

I agree the upcoming Pratt s/ls have a 50/50 chance. With the exception of the teens, AMC has as much or more acting talent than any other show. In fact, AMC has a lot of "brand names" right now and more are on the way, but the if the material sucks or the production is lame, the actors can only do so much. It's interesting that they are taking so much time developing some characters like Taylor and Jake but with the exception of KWAK, Tad, and maybe Annie the shows frontrunners--Erica and Adam for example, have suddenly become one dimensional again.

Adam was in danger in becoming an eccentric old coot. Now they're playing him just mean and vindictive. It's one thing to be a morally ambiguous business man who ruthlessly protects his interests and family. It's quite another to resort to terroristic acts out of revenge and spite. When it came to relationships, Adam was usually misguided and hurtful, but not outright hateful to his loved ones. And he rarely did the dirty work himself. He usually had Barry or someone else do it. Similarly Zen Erica was a bit of a bore, but yesterday's spoiled Erica was circa 1970-something. She doesn't look like she's buying into the words coming out of her mouth either. Same with Kendall. She's always just bitchy. Greenlee is always so content now. IMO, Pratthole has a handle on how he wents to develop his new characters and someone seems to have a handle on Tad, KWAK and InsAnnie, but I'm not sure he's put enough thought into how to continue growing the characters of the rest of the vets. I don't want to see them regress.

So Soapcyclopedia Jordan, I have a few questions for you. Does Pratt actually write anything or does he just oversee junior writers? Do we still have writers from before or does he have a whole new team? Do certain writers only write for certain characters or does AMC have someone who consults the writers about a character's history?

The ratings haven't been good for any of the soaps, let alone AMC. Do they take SoapNet into account or just the ABC airing? I never watch on ABC. I record off of SoapNet. I read the other day that SoapNet is in 70 million households. Seems like more people would be watching on SoapNet than what the official ratings indicate.

Smiles to you all!

Norn Cutson said...

hey ya'll!
i was out late last night so i will be catchin up on mah stories this weekend!

welcome back, jordan!

Anonymous said...

An open apology to the character of Petey Cortlandt:

Dear Petey,

When you first came on, I was not excited. I thought ABC was forcing you as a dork upon us to try and create a Spinelli 2.0. Well I'd like to apologize for thinking that. You are a breath of fresh air! You are helping make AMC worth watching and one of the better casting finds they've had in years. I'm sorry for ever doubting you Petey!


Anonymous said...

Petey is good. Tad is great. Dearly departed Jenny was awesome. Maybe AMC should introduce more of Opal's family! She seems to be a good luck charm for the show. I guess they could bring back or recast her black son Adrian Sword.

Whoever the mystery kid is, I hope it isn't Jesse's. It would be kind of funny if Bobby Martin finally came down from the attic with those skis he was looking for.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Jordan!! Hope your trip was awesome!!

I was thinking today... what if Randi turns out Jesse's long lost kid? hah.. it doesn't really make sense but.. would it be interesting?

Erica Kane said...

What if Yvonne got pregnant all those years ago when her and Jesse had their affair?? Randi could be his kid if they go that route. Angie even mentioned Yvonne a few wekks back...What do you think Jordan??

w3w said...

I was loving opal today. So good to see her getting involved in a storyline now. And - CHOMPERS!!!! Loved seeing him. i wish he had been a little more "fatherly" when he learned about Petey hanging out at Adam's. Maybe his age is just preventing him from getting too worked up.

Could someone tell me - does Opal still live in Cortland mansion? Are she and Palmer still married - i didn't think they were, but I didn't watch the show when their storyline broke up, so I am a little in the dark...

Welcome home Jordan!! I would love to hear the spoliers, too!!!

Anonymous said...

On Monday's ep, did anyone notice Angie drinking her wine with a straw??? Just finished watching all the week's episodes and for some reason, this moment stood out in stupidness. But the good kind!

jordan hudson said...

w3w Opal lives in courtland manor with petey. Her and Palmer are divorce hence Petey and Opal surprise at Palmer being there. I have to say guys that after watching the last two weeks I have to agree with Ashley. It felt like a chore. Chuck Pratt to me is not the right fit for AMC. The show is very disjointed. Characters are being forced to be together rather thne letting it happen organicaly. I don't know it is hurting me again to watch. I much more enjoyed Barbara and James at the helm.

Anonymous said...

Jordan I thought I was crazy. Because I was so bored with the show these few weeks. It is not gelling together at all.

Maybe All My Children can get 4 million head writers like Guiding light!

Anonymous said...

I am hoping Pratt is just shaking it all up like a snow globe, and everything will settle down nicely afterward.Maybe I've been hard on him this week, but I have watched this show for as long as I can remember. These characters really feel like "All My Children" and I'm protective of them. I guess we'll have to stay tuned to see how Pratt does as the guardian of the show. But if the pieces don't fall where they should, we need to make sure he knows we dosapprove. Glad we,ve got Jordan and Ashley helping us make our voices heard.

Anonymous said...

BTW, that would be pretty oogie if Randi is Jesse's kid and she's been making out with Frankie. Yuck.

Norn Cutson said...

notes from Thursday's episode


• what can we call this new phase of ANNIE's character development?

• look at ERICA rubbing her "derriere".

• i see *sparks* between PETEY & AMANDA! YEAH! forget COLDBY and get with AMANDA! (disclaimer: i like her with JAKE too but since we *know* he's gonna end up with TAYLOR, i'm thinking ahead!)

one of my favorite comics is LOVE & ROCKETS, and these scenes of AMANDA catching PETEY remind me of the character PENNY CENTURY, and how Chrishell Stause would be perfect casting for that character.

• she's not BLANDIE.
she's not INSANNIE.

• i have to say, doesnt PETEY feel any sense of loyalty towards KENDALL?

• this ADAM & ERICA business is bizarre.

ERICA: "Gentlemen ask a lady out in advance, on the phone."

• JR: "You know, I know a way to chase all those bad feelings away!
...And I'm pretty sure we have a tub of it still left!"

i'll bet he does.

• looks like a stoerm's a-brewin'.

• i really thought the storyline was gonna go that the whole town blamed KENDALL for the miscarriage
and then KENDALL did some sleauthing on her own (which would make people *care* about the character again) and then she turns out to be the one who figures out that ANNIE offed RICHIE!

i just assumed thats where the story was going.

• CRYAN tries to pick up the bartender in CONFUSION.

notes from Thursday's episode


• this is totally the gay porn epsiode of OLTL!!!

BRODY is all spraled out on the couch in just his boxer briefs and it looks like he's having an erotic dream! then they play some gun sound effects to remind us that he's got PTSD.

• first day of school, the principal is being played by Michelle Robinson! she was the warden when LINDSAY & ALLISON PERKINS were in Statesville Prison! she was also in the ensemble of CHICAGO on Broadway.

• these scenes between DORIAN & RAY MONTEZ feel historic!
look at these two vets slug it out!
Compare that to ADAM & ERICA's buffoonery earlier today.

• ROXY wants to celebrate Grandparents Day. She didnt believe it was a real holiday, but she "googooed" it.

i know we are all supposed to be rooting for VILI & CHARLIE to get back together, but ROXY & CHARLIE just seem like a more natural family.

• these scenes between REX & JARED are hot! i know they will never go there, but look how much they enjoy acting off each other!
& this is worth rewinding: the scene is all about the sound of the letter waving around, they both pkay the scene like the whoosh of waving papaer is a musical instrument!
great acting, hot and playful!

• i cant believe COLE didnt do anythign to defend/protect STARR!!!!
that is horrible!
what asshole kids!!! i cant believe they are so mean and cruel!!!

• GIGI's hair looos soooo good. thats a thousand dollar haircut, ya'll.

• here's BITCHY BANGS!

• these kids are awful!!! what the hell!!
YES, STARR is takin control of the situation!
OMG, she just gave more of a sex education than many kids get taughtn in school! thank you, ABC, for letting OLTL get some real life message out to the people!

look how brave STARR MANNING is!!!

people, we are watching her earn an Emmy right befre our very eyes!!


...and the couldve been too preachy, but the way STARR jsut blurted it out made it work!

• ADRIANNA was such a bore, but BITCHY BANGS is so entertaining!

* DORIAN is on FIRE!!!!

this RAY MONTEZ story started slow, but its hot now!
i thought maybe A Martinez was having troubke playing a villain (because he;s always the hero), or maybe just too old, but NO, he was waiting for a classic actor to define his character against...and its ELECTRIC!!!

DORIAN: "Oh, you may know the law, but you don't know me...and trust me, you dont want to!"

• its so great to see BITCHY BANGS busted! its hilarious that she just calls out of the blue and thins nothing has happened in the 4 months or so she's been gone!

* i love these school scenes and i'm impressed that OLTL spent the money to cast all these extras!
but it really makes a difference that STARR confronted a full auditorium.

• RAY: "Under other circumstances, I would enjoy this...pushing and shoving with you...maybe even a drink together afterwards.
but not today."

watch this, this whole scene is all about the blocking...its all done in one camera take!
Robin Strasser and A Martinez know exactly wehre to stand to maximize the drama in the camera frame!

• BITCHY BANGS pushes BRODY over the edge!

i do NOT like that the writers are using PTSD as a way of ruining a character. that is gross and disrespectful.
the only way it could work is id the character is given thw chance to rehabilitate themselves.
but it seems that they are destroying BRODY to make REX & GIGI stronger.

OH, Bree Williamson, you naughty thing!!!

Anonymous said...

OK, y'all, I am back after almost a week with no power. Therefore, I only was able to catch Thursday and Friday, so...I'm kinda liking it, guys, and I can't believe Ashley does not. And I thought Jordan was liking it, but now he posts he's not? Is this really Jordan or is it Jordan-with-one-too-many-sex-on-the-beaches? I think the humor, lightness, and fun are back. I just hope it doesn't become too silly. My hope for that lies mostly in the Iraq storylines, on both the Frankie and Taylor fronts.

Shadow, I can answer your writing questions. Pratt is the headwriter. He is responsible for outlining the show. He creates and breaks major story. If you look under the credits for writing, the next names you will see (currently) are Amanda Beall (temporarily), Addie Walsh, Daran Little, and Tracey Thomson. They are the associate headwriters and assist Pratt in breaking out stories. In the old days (read pre-strike) there was a breakdown writer position and that's all these writers did. However, now the associates both break down and write scripts, (as Amanda Beall did apparently this past Wednesday). After those four, there is a little space and then the name Jeff Beldner. He is the script editor. Once the scripts are written by the scriptwriting team, they are given to Jeff to polish and edit, check for "history". This is good, because Jeff is just about the most senior member on the writing team. Then the next page of writing credits will list a singular name; that is the actual scriptwriter for that day's episode. Currently the scriptwriters are Chip Hayes, Joanna Cohen, Kate Hall, Rebecca Taylor, and one more that is escaping my name now. All they do is take the breakdowns for the day and write the scripts. So usually the ideas go down the chain, get written into a script, then get passed up the chain again to check for history and polish dialogue. I'm not sure how much of a hand Pratt has in editing; apparently Agnes Nixon was very heavy-handed in this respect.

Other than Tracey Thomson who just came over from GH, Pratt has brought no else new on board yet. The last new addition was Daran Little, who came from British soap operas, and was working behind the scenes until after the strike when his name started showing in the credits in the associate position. Also, Amanda Beall is leaving shortly (rumored to be joining Y&R). I think Pratt will make some more changes to the writing staff eventually, but he may be just waiting for when contracts are up to do so.

crs 17

Norn Cutson said...

notes from Friday's episode


• OPAL: "Your peepers must be playin' tricks on ya!"

• ADAM: "I wish my son was as useful as you."

ha, i told ya'll that!

• Rebecca Buddig *is* a good actress.

• ADAM: " I do feel sorry for the boy, being raised by a fossil and a fruitcake."

• OPAL: "Oh Lord have mercy!"

i hear you, OPAL.


PETEY: "I'm the lone stallion among a herd of beautiful mares!"

this scene, with OPAL, PALMER & PETEY is what AMC shoud've been all along.

• ooooh she's back to being INSANNIE!!!

• PETEY!!!!!!!!

notes from Friday's episode


• i love TESS's hair today!

• i think ive told ya'll how i had never cared about MCBAIN til he hooked up with BLAIR, and that she brought out something that appealed to me.

i like his and MARTY's interaction via astral projection, and i'm excited to see what happens when they meet for real.

• uh oh..poor MARCIE!

• oh wait now TESS is back to her old hairdo.

• ROXY is gettin worried about NATTY.

•OOOOH ASHLEY i hope you are seein this love scene with REX & GIGI!!!!!
REX is goin downtown!!!

• now TESS is back to her new hairdo.

• MARCIE is all knocked out and possibly dead, and BRODY has snapped.

Anonymous said...

"...MARCIE is all knocked out and possibly dead, and BRODY has snapped."

Good Evening n69n! :-)

Forgive me for having a moment of 'brain freeze'--LOL! But, in Brody's last scene for Friday, did he leave Gigi's place with a gun, having the intent of retrieving Shane from school?! If so, Brody's gone completely postal! As if, leaving Marcie out cold, on the floor, isn't bad enough! : O

On a side note, A. Martinez is doing a wonderful job, in the role of the abhorrent "Ray Montez".


Anonymous said...

I just IMDBed that Daran Little name crs17 mentioned to see his British credits. I saw he wrote for Hollyoaks, and I think that's a good thing! I LOVE Hollyoaks. I would watch it daily on until they pulled it. *If* they are trying to make more interesting teens and young adults, he could be helpful. Hollyoaks is predominantely young adults and it was sooooo good. Their story of two best friends, one gay one straight, falling in love, but the straight one had a girlfriend, was soooooo good! But BBCAmerica cut the broadcast literally one week before the whole town found out.

But Hollyoaks is so good, so I'm hoping this Daran Little can bring some of the Hollyoaks magic over here.

OH, and let's point out Hollyoaks is more character based and not plots. I only saw one big plot which was the burning down of a local bar, but it was a fantastic catalyst for the stories to come.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info CRS!

Anonymous said...

Some store in PV had a HUGE sale on big white candles. Everybody had a house full of them!

Norn Cutson said...

hey brtedi!

i wonder if fried PETEY will wake up with superpowers?

Anonymous said...

n69n, I did read somewhere that Petey becomes chicken fried SuperPetey. That should be entertaining.

jordan hudson said...

It is me this week was hard to wtach because it is just frustarting me to no end that these so called writers are getting paid so much for so little. The show still has moments which was what Barbara and James were giving us. I just don't understand how T.P.T.B. can't see how bad the writing is. While I enjoy the humor, Erica and Adam is coming across force. The two of them will make anythign enjoyable to watch. yet it just seems force. The moments that are enjoybale and real are not focused on enough. I enjoyed, the whole Carmen, Petey, Adam, Palmer, Opal, Erica stuff. yet then we have to be forced to watch Dre and Colby. the Jessea and Angie stuff is a little too late for me.I also feel down because of the stuff I found out is coming down the road. It isn't AMC for me. I think they need a Clair Labine or Lorraine Broderick to be head writer. Chuck Pratt is better suited for DOOL or Passions. Another site is bashing OLTL and I'm stunned. I still say in comparison to the other soaps OLTL is hands down the best written show. They are telling actual stories which tie together and build to the next story. AMC seems to still be at a stand still. All the great work james and Barbara did to evolve the character Of Erica out the door. Not into deconstruction a good writer builds on what is there.

Norn Cutson said...

I posted my illustration of TINA & Li'l DAVID VICKERS on my blog!

Anonymous said...

n69n, LOVE IT! That's amazing- love your work! I think you need to do a whole series on soap vixens!

P.S. Unrelated to that, but I hated the Colby scenes more because she talked about holding a torch for Dre. Ummmm WHEN??? She kissed Dre once and it was immediately dropped. And she FORCED Cassie and Dre together all the time, so what gives?

Anonymous said...

Mel-about colby and Dre-Guess Jeff the script editor who checks facts and history was on vacation that day.

jordan hudson said...

Mel mel and Shadow This is why it is so frustrating to watch. So many inconsistencies in the history and characters. I aslo cuaght the Colby Dre comment. This is not part of the 40 year history just the last year. They have a satff of writers and producers who are suppose to ctach stuff like this. There were last writers in aggie's days and the quality was better. I can swallow a great deal, time travellign , weather machines, Erica talking down a bear in Canada. Yet bad storytelling is the final straw for me. I feel the show was better under James and Barbara. I'm so sick of the network executives thinking thye have to be creative and reinvent daytime. Why not try just telling compelling stories about characters who we can relate to and either love or love to hate and do it in a way that doens not insult our intelligence. Harding Lemay once said an interview when asked about writing Another World in it's hey day, that he tackled it like a three act play. Another World at that time often came across like watching a great play on stage. I guess it is an art that sadly has gone away with the Irna Phillips, William Bell, Douglas Marland, Claire Labine and Aggie Nixon's. It saddens me to no end.

Anonymous said...

I hear u Jordan and share many of the same sentiments. I don't think it's a disaster though. I'm hoping it is just a work in progress.the other writers were OK but it had gotten dull. Maybe I'm just trying to stay positive and give it some time. I'm enjoying you and Ash on the podcast and the blog so I want u to stay interested!

Laura said...

n69 your art is awesome. Since we won't get our wish, could you draw a picture of Coldby dead in a tornado? Like the witch with a house on her? Just kidding, I wouldn't want you to waste ink on her.

Daytime Confidential says Adam and Erica may save AMC, but I think hot lesbian sex may be the way Pratt is going. Not my cup of tea, but it could get some publicity.

By the way the PV podcast beat Daytime confidential on the news of Bianca's return with her new love.

Jordan, I agree it is hard to watch now. I think all the soaps are suffering except Y&R that went back to the basics, Victor vs. Jack and character stories. I think AMC should hire Jordan,n69, Shadow, and Jamey over at Daytime Confidential (He wants to be a writer). Maybe thrown in a vet like Claire LeBlaine to supervise. Then I could get behind the soap. I OLTL was doing this but they have a bit too much stuff over the top lately. All I can say is thanks for watching so I don't have to.

Anonymous said...

Wow n69n. You have an amazing talent! I can barely draw a circle. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Erica Kane said...

Wow n69n!! That is awesome!!!! You should totally do more!!

Anonymous said...

"hey brtedi!

i wonder if fried PETEY will wake up with superpowers?

12:16 PM"

Good Evening, n69n! :-)

You know, I actually read that in Raven Beauty's column, quite some time ago, now. When it comes to AMC, you never know....LOL!


Anonymous said...


I just looked at your illustration of Tina & Lil' DV...Outstanding...Thanks for sharing!