Monday, September 08, 2008

This Week, On All My Children!

As some of y'all know, the computer program that I use to record my podcasts broke down around 2 in the morning last night and corrupted my file. (At 2:01 a.m., Ashley broke down.)

But hey, they are bigger things in life to blubber about, so let's talk about The Kids!

Affter being away for a week and not getting a new PVP this week, your ass-toot commentary is needed now more than ever. So come on, listeners -- do your thing like only you can, here!

(And here's a golden oldie to tide you over, too!)

5/26/06 Podcast


Anonymous said...

Yeah! Thanks Ash. I commute a lot and I rarely listen in one sitting unless I listen while I run. The podcast is a treat for myself that savor for as long as I can, and I'm happy to have this.

If you and Jordan have time and don't mind sharing just a few quick thoughts on the show, I'm sure it would get us off to a blazing start!

Thanks again!

Ashley said...

Sure thing, Shadow!

One thing I railed about when J & I taped (and Jordan feistily disagreed on!) was on the freshman writing efforts of Chuck Pratthole.

While I agree with Jordan that lots more is happening -- the catfights at Fusion, "real" workplace issues (I use that world real lightly), Fletcher the turd is gone, Kathy and InsAnnie continue to delight, and Adam and Kendall are back to their scheming, nasty selves, I am not amused by the character's *voices.* Chuck seems to have no clue how these characters sound, and I felt for Erica trying to spit out way corney lines with some sort of natural feeling! I felt like Cryan's talk with Emma was lamely written, and Jesse's revelation about being committed was a joke. I also agree with many of our ass-toot bloggers who say that Jesse is being written like a Private Dick (emphasis on that last word) rather than a true chief of police, and an a-hole one at that.

But I LOVED LOVED LOVED Taylor's turn - loved the flashbacks when she killed that turd Fletcher, and I loved how her storyline is fleshing out. I also think she is very talented, and I'm looking forward to seing more of her - something I haven't felt with many of the new characters AMC has introduced (Randi anyone?).

Feeling better this week, but I think Esensten and Brown had a better feel for realistic dialogue than this guy is showing so far - do we really have to hear Erica say, "I wouldn't date Adam if he were the last man on earth! If he was, I'd look for alternate life forms!" Ugh.


Anonymous said...

Ashley, it is doubtful that Pratt writes any of the dialogue. I don't know if he's heavy-handed like that or not, but I do know that Rebecca Taylor was the scriptwriter for one of the episodes recently, and her stuff is usually redundant and weak.

crs 17

Norn Cutson said...

some notes from Monday's episode:


• i like ANGIE & FRANKIE working together as a team.

• is it my imagination, or is COLBY actually getting worse?

do you like how evenly placed the thorns are on PETEY's shirt?

• all charges have been dropped against DRE...does this mean that the whole RICHIE mystery is just fading away?

• shadow, i see what you are sayin about AIDUMB. his skils *are* improving. but i guess its too little too late.

• i have no sympathy for JOSH.
i mean, its not like he even had a good reason. he stole the money because he thought he could get away with it.
& then he tries to make KENDALL feel guilty?!? hell with that!

• i guess this goodbye to SAM WOODS.

• i really like the friendship between ANGIE & JAKE (i'll never forget when he told her about LIZA! ha!)

• whooooowheeeee, INSANNIE's gonna go THROUGH THE ROOF now!!!
& i cant wait to see what she's gonna do!


we didnt have to wait long for that!

• what the hell?!?!?! does this mean they fired CARMEN?!?!!?
what the hell!?!?!?

oh gooooooood, it was just ERICA's fantasy! shooooo, what a relief.
coz if they had actually written CARMEN out like that, i would have to quit watchin for quite a while.

some notes from Monday's episode:


• BLAIR: "We both know how to get down and dirty!"

• REX is handling this ***all wrong***. its distressing.

• SHANE referred to ADRIANNA as "UGLIANNA"! ha!

• i think TINA's little rolls of back fat are so cute!
but that fluerescent green is not a flattering color for her.

• right now i am hating both BRODY *&* REX. i guess i have my own father issues, and these scenes are making me sick to my stomach.

• it totally looks like CARLO HESSER is gonna *mount* CHRISTIAN!

i read this morning that Nelson Branco feels that OLTL is imploding on itself, and i kind of see his point...all the storylines have gotten so dark, all at the same time.
and it was so fun just last week!

to be honest, *both* shows, judging by today, seem to have the lost the momentum they've been building up.

• well, at least we get a little bit of BLAIR & McBAIN action!

Anonymous said...

I really like how Ryan is an issue in Aidan and Greenlee's marriage. I thought it was perfect that Aidan would tell Greens that she needed to leave with him and I liked that she went with him leaving Ryan alone and moping like the loser they're writing him as now. I also liked that Greens and Aidan really talked about their marriage and what one spouse can ask of the other and what's too much to ask. I know I've hated hated (did I say I've hated) Aidan for years but finally I'm liking a storyline that he's in.

The whole Josh mess is STOOPID! RIDICULOUS! INSULTING! to both poor Colin Egglesfield who has to act it as best he can and the viewers who have no reason to buy any of this. Why would Josh steal $20 million from Zach?! It's one thing that they want to get rid of the character but dumping him this way takes us right back to poisoned pancakes all over again. Lazy, shiftless writers!

I agree with Ashley about Taylor. So far the character is interesting and the actress is doing a terrific job of making her multi-dimensional. I'm interested in her ... just not her with Jake. She has so much more chemistry with Frankie who doesn't really have any with Randi. I also love Jake and Amanda together. The fit is just right. I want to see more real scenes of Jamanda in bed not just teasers. ... and Jake is not a therapist. Taylor needs to see a licenced shrink and keep her private thoughts far away from Amanda's man. Oh-Kay.

That's it for me right now.

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

If the Richie murder is being sidelined then that means our lovely insAnnie gets to stick around and cause more grief for the clueless fusionistas, and that is just fine with me. She won't be the only person in PV with blood on her hands. I'm loving the way MCE is chewing up the scenery.

Aidan demanded that Greenlee stay away from Cryan, and of course, she refused. I gotta take Aidan's side on this one. I don't see my exes, mainly because the SO doesn't think it's appropriate. Aidan, however, was stupid to make demands of Greenlee, so of course shes gonna stomp her feet and disregard his feelings.

I think AMC is mostly improving, but I feel there is a clumsy transition to Pratthole's reign.

Hope you get your computer fixed Ashley Mendoza, cause we love your observations here and your podcasts!

Kona said...

Would Zach really kill Josh? I love dark Zach but this is just weird. Poor Collin! If he is leaving I wish they would let him have sex with someone for one last time!

You know I thought I was being hard on MonGrief but NOOOO! I cannot take it anymore. I like Petey but she ruins it for me.

Charges dropped. I hope this means that Dre is leaving with his dad. He is useless.

Team Insannie all the way! In real life she would be DEAD wrong for what she is about to do but on AMC, I love her for it!

For you OLTL watchers!

Am I the only one that found Rex reaction to being Shane dad bizarre. He was all like lets be a family in all of two seconds. I am confused!

I was loving Rex and Gigi at first and now they annoy me!

Anonymous said...

n69n I love your recaps! Ashley and Jordan don't worry we are your devoted fans we won't abandon you just because computers are Aidumb.....

Annie is wonderful! I must have rewound my DVR like 5 times watching her slap Ryan YES HE deserved it (Anyone else think she was gunna makeout with Petey on the balcony???) I was a little disturbed by that
but liked her being guided by UnDead Richie...

The writer's need to watch themselves though I mean they had Josh saying how he has no family then suddenly he begs Kendall to save him which she did by pepper spraying Zach's goons (Priceless!) then he runs to mommy Erica. KANE FAMILY ASSEMBLE!!! Next we need Bianca to fly in to take Josh back to France or wherever she is....

Angie and her light blue crocs..anyone else notice those? I too like her friendship with Jake (I also laughed at her reaction to Liza awhile back)

Are they trying to make Zach like Sonny from GH?? I'm confused???

Jonathan from S.I.

Norn Cutson said...

hee hee hee, i just called into stardish radio & talked to PETEY!

i only flirted a little bit.

Arizonagal said...

Not sure I'm thrilled about Zach going all godfather on Josh. That is typical Zach though, always seeking his own form of justice. I absolutely HATE that TPTB are making Josh some immoral weasel who'd con his own sister's husband.

I'm still pissed off at the way this character was first brought on and then unceremoniously trashed and ruined. What a waste of a ground breaking storyline. Josh was brought on board during the McTravesty years, but since her departure, others have continued to ruin his character, and why? What a waste of a talented actor, when others are still there who should have been gone years ago.

Anonymous said...

Ash-love the title!

It's like I was saying in the blog before, the show is much better generally, but Pratthole (Ash made me laugh out loud) is clearly struggling a little with the characters and the transition out of the old storylines to the new. To a certain extent I think he’s trying too hard.

Obviously, everything is going InsAnnie’s way. What a great save by Pratt and MCE. They are making crazy seem effortless. I think it works because they have done such a good job of setting up the reasons why she’s being driven over the edge. It isn’t about mean ol’ Richie anymore. That was dumb. It’s about how her ‘happily ever after’ has been ripped away from her by her Prince Charming himself. Who wouldn’t feel desperate and bitter after all she’s been through with Cryan? It was bad enough he forgot her. Now he’s just a totally unsympathetic a-hole. Jordan was right. Cryan is a turd and it’s no wonder Blandie went InsAnnie on him. Today she tried to be apologetic and sincere, at least civil, but he was a jerk. She apologizes and offers truce and his only reply is “I’m gonna need that in writing”? She’s not supposed to get worked up and he mentions Greenlee? Ryan is a douche bag. I’m ready for someone to just totally jerk his chain. Go Annie Go.

BTW, how many times in the past 3 weeks has InsAnnie called the Fusionistas “bitch” or “bitches”? It just rolls off her tongue like buttah. She should just stop referring to them by their names altogether. I would love it if Kendall or Greenlee retortted with "InsAnnie"!!

Where InsAnnie’s turnaround has been a delight, Josh’s demise is a real disappointment. This is what I mean by trying too hard. It seems like they are trying too hard to explain him leaving and they came up with this contrived subplot. Josh was written so poorly before that I think Pratt is trying really hard to go back and address issues that should have been addressed long ago. He did it successfully with Annie after all. Bringing up the Madden stuff and Josh’s lack of self worth now is pointless though. We’re all past that pathetic storyline. On the strength of Collin’s sheer talent as an actor, we’ve accepted him. To go back now and revisit a storyline that we all loathed isn’t smart. Josh is a busy man. He was a nomad before. We would have accepted that he just went away some where. There was just no need to try this hard to explain him away especially since he isn't involved in anything now. If they wanted to give him some screen time, they could have just given him the job of a life time somewhere and sent him on his way. He could have simply accepted a really cool job and Paris near Bianca, the sister he would like to get to know better. Any time he wanted to come back, all he had to do was show up.
The only thing I can guess is that they are trying to reestablish Zach as the tough, ruthless, flawed, slightly scary dude that he was when Ethan died. They had turned Zach into a rather dull soccer dad for a while. He is in the casino business. There are so many ways they could have accomplished this without ruining Josh. It’s kind of a disservice to those of us who suffered through that Madden crap and made it out the other end liking Josh. I guess they are sacrificing him to give Kendall and Zach something to do other than fight about Ryan.

The Hubbards have been a such a gift. Their stories are meaningful and realistic—aside from the hooker thing. Angie worrying about Frankie’s redeployment is a universal truth. Parents worry about their kids no matter how old they get. War is scary. Frankie is his own man though and a man of his word. Even if he is conflicted about the war itself he committed to his country and will honor the commitment. Even though Angie is scared for him to go back, she's got to be proud of him and wants to respect the choices he has mde. Good stuff.

Aidan and Greenlee talking it out was refreshing today. He acknowledged his jealousy. She acknowledged her feelings. They tried to make an accord. They are both still hurt. They aren’t just reacting, they are acting! Good for you Aidumb! Still a little dull but at least they are trying to go back and give them some real basis for the way they have been acting. Here, it's helping the story and the characters.

Randi and Franki are heating up. I feel for Pratt inheriting this one. She can barely act. He’s got to work thru the whole hooker thing. I’m assuming that is the reason for the virtual virgin thing –so we will forget she is a sex worker. After all he’s been through you know Frankie’s ready to get a first hand introduction to Randi's inner HO, but he’s a squeaky clean doctor and she’s got the herps. That’s a tough sell, but Pratt’s doing as well as anyone could I guess.

But then there is Trolby. I guess he’s just a writer not a casting director so we shouldn't expect a recast. It’s obvious they are going for some funny here. I see shades of David and Maddie from Moonlighting—talking over eachother, witty banter, slapstick, loveable doofus, beautiful rich girl. Thing is, she isn’t witty or beautiful in this role. She may end up Meryl Streep some day, but Gary Coleman in drag couldn’t do worse as Colby right now. At least he would be interesting and could play a convincing drunk. There is only so much Pratt can do as long as 5head continues in the role. They are going to recast Colby if it's ever going to work.

Thank God Sam is leaving. Man the guy is stiff, dull and dweeb. I don't see what a girl would ever have seen in him. I’ve never seen anyone have less chemistry with La Looch. Glad to see him off with a simple exit storyline. Why couldn’t Josh have had something as simple? I’m thrilled to hear him say Dre will accompany him. Hopefully that’s another dud out the door. Whatever they were paying Josh, Dre and Sam ought to be enough to bring Opal back full time or lure Brooke back or build Erica a home.
IMHO it’s looking up, but there is so much left to do!

Anonymous said...

Anyone catch Chris Lawford, ex Charlie Brent, on Intervention last night? Wow, he has aged well, he looked damn good. I didn't catch the beginning of the show, but I take it he is recovered from some sort of addiction.

Which leads me to the question, WEHT Charlie Brent? Wasn't he at one time involved with Cecily? Jordan, I bet you know the answer to that.

Kona said...

Ashley, according to the promos Annie's going after Greens!

In honor of Annie this week, Ashley maybe you should have Pedro sing (Annie's got a gun) Janie's got a gun by Aerosmith on the podcast. LOL!

Ericka said...

Wow! We've waited and waited for Josh to appear, only to see him be punked by Zach. When he went to see Erica today I was hoping he wasn't going to fla out lie to her about what happened. It started off sounding like a lie but I'm glad he did tell her about the money. I wish tptb let Josh leave on a high note, or at least higher than a thief. It's so sad that Josh feels worthless because of the "un-abortion".

Ericka said...

I agree Ashley.. I'm SO HAPPY they gave Taylor life. They are supposed to be casting a real life Iraq vet to play the role of her "deceased" fiance. The one she told Jake about. She said he died in Germany a week or so later but I bet she never saw the body. I wonder if they cast this guy for sake of flashbacks or will he actually be alive. What do you all think about beautiful Frankie going back to Iraq?

Ericka said...

Sorry I keep posting back to back, but one question: What does everyone think of La Lucci being on my FAVORITE show, Dancing with the Stars? I'm surprised they let her go. Didn't Stars want her a few seasons ago but Frons wouldn't let her do it? Which i thought was weird that he turned around and let Cameron MAthison do it and he was in the middle of a front burner story line, in addition to doing all the other hosting jobs and shows he was contracted to do. I'm excited to see what she can do

Anonymous said...

ericka, If Frankie leaves I will not be amused at all!!!!!

Did Zach call those men his Goons? Lmao!

Maybe Josh (CE) can go to General Hospital.
When exactly did Josh start feeling like he had no family, (When he was wiping butts and singing happy birthday)? Random!

At least Annie's breakdown has happened on screen.

Ericka said...

Exactly! I know they have to write him off some kind of way but make it make sense! He has referred to Zach brother, Kendall & Bianca sister, Tad as uncle and Erica as mom. Need I go on? He's called Joe grandpa a few times and Kathy as his cousin, even though he hasn't spent time with her. It's just really weird. Annie is getting on my nerves though. I was glad Ryan finally said he doesn't love her and it was funny when Annie was so shocked! Where has she been?? But for Ryan to want his marriage to end mainly b/c of how he feels about Greenlee (he said that yesterday) when the girl is married and doesn't appear she's ready to throw that in just yet, it's just crazy

Kona said...

Oops! Dang, I did not put my name but the anonymous post about Josh random change is Mona!

lucyb24 said...

The only reason I'm watching lately is I'm really enjoying Insannie's new deviousness and Ghost Richie there by her side egging her on. Unfortunately I fear they are painting her into a corner and they will have to get rid of her because she will get caught. Besides, Richie is on another soap now and he can't keep haunting her forever-making her do some of the things she does. This would be a real shame because she's gotten so interesting. If she would just stay away from trying to kill people--she might have endless possiblities of doing damage. Ryan is ticking me off so much I really rooting for her!

As for OLTL, I'm feeling really bad for Brody right now-and shocked at the way Gigi is handling this. Take care of a kid, love him, spend quality time with him, give him a college fund, protect him, and then be told matter of factly to just hit the road.

Anonymous said...

According to the stuff I've ready La Looch is doing DWTS and a front burner story at the same time just like Cameron did. I'm sure ABC will get maximum mileage out her crazy schedule. Hopefully all the exposure will pull The Kids up in the ratings. Whatever the have planned for Erica, I wish they would get on with it.

I haven't seen anything to suggest that Frankie is leaving the show. He's probably going to be the one who finds Taylor's undead husband and brings him back. Gee, I wonder what Randi will do to occupy her time while he's gone? I guess that is when we'll find out more about her connection to Carmen.

Pratthole did say that InsAnnie is here to stay which is good. Zombie Richie was great the other day, but time to put it to rest. They barely make him look dead anymore. What happened to his big head wound? It's almost healed.

The only one I wonder about is Dre. Sam said he was going to help him with his campaign. I'm praying that it's the end of another one of the Scooby Gang. Too bad Trolby isn't into politics.

Laura said...

Loving me some Annie. When she tried to pretend she was beat up I yelled out Oh you she didn't! Why did they kill Richie, he could have joined forces with her and helped her evil inner self come out. But I have been watching Young and Restless lately. Looking forward for him to start there.

Anyone else watch Y&R? It's good now, it was bad for years.

Let's show the love to Ashley this week by rating our favorite podcast on ITunes. I did it a week or so ago.

Can't wait for the return of Pedro. Enjoy your time off Jordan. Is Taylor still in Dubuque. Going there Tuesday. Look for me Alex

Anonymous said...

Laura u will be in Dubuque cool. Im actually in Davenport right now, close to the Illinois border. Ashley we still love u, next weeks podcast will be awesome and extra long i hope. I hope Taylor will be there to celebrate Josh's last week on amc, what a shame, i love his impressions. If Jordan is on we need some more fake slapping and i want a lot of it, i love it! Im loving Petey right now. U gotta listen to his interview on stardish radio, it was so good and funny,
hes a great Petey his energy u can feel off the screen and he is just a breath of fresh air, i just wish Pratt would hire back Ambyr, should we start a write in campaign. Their chemistry would be awesome, does Jordan's source know the real story behind Ambyr's exit, we wont tell. Can u believe how much we love Insannie, last year we hated her, but now we cant get enough of her, it was all about the writing. Im on Team InsAnnie.

Anonymous said...

I miss you Jordash!

Even though the Josh storyline is very fastly put together at least they are giving him a storyline. I love see AMAMda a lot more I hope it doesn't mean she's leaving soon. And I'm loving the Taylor storyline.

Can't wait for the next episode.

Melissa said...

Ash, I totally agree... the writing is very hurried and weak. The storylines are going so fast that the dialogue and meat of any one story can't really get going... all except for Taylor and InsAnnie.

Taylor is a three-dimensional character, and finally, so is Annie. I live for the Annie / Ritchie scenes. Too bad they couldn't have worked together when Ritchie was alive.

I was BESIDE MYSELF when I thought Carmen was gone - I don't know what I would have done if that lady was written off. I was thinking how totally silly Jackson's "call" to Erica sounded, though.

As for Samuel... what was the point of his character? He was absolutely useless except to break up (yawn) Erica and Jack. Again.

Don't sweat about the podcasts, Ashley and Jordan. You are awesome, and all this does is make us miss y'all even MORE!!!!


Norn Cutson said...

some notes from Tuesday's episode:


• DRE still in the credits

• ANGIE's goin OFF!

• i understand ya'll like JOSH.
he was introduced while i wasn't watching, and i never really warmed up to him.
but i wont say anything bad about him out of respect to ya'll...& ERICA!

• tsk, now RICHIE is sayin he got hit with the lug wrench.
i thought we established it was the tire iron?

• INSANNIE: "I'll make it be the perfect crime!"

wow, i wish i had *her* confidence!

• i like Susan Lucci's DWTS promo!

• INSANNIE's goin for a moonlight skinnydip!

• i'm glad FRANKIE's goin to see TAYLOR...but she's acting like he just won a trip to Disneyland!

• MCE seems to enjoy playing scenes with DK! good for them!

• ANGIE: "I just want to shout to the army, to the president, 'LEAVE MY SON ALONE!'"

dang, what i wouldnt give to see ANGIE HUBBARD tellin off BUSH™!!!!

i'm gonna be smiling over that mental image for a while!

some notes from Tuesday's episode:


• something tells me that this is gonna be a looooong week in Llanview.
coz you know that *if* McBAIN sees MARTY's face, it wont be till friday.

• do ya'll know the story of that picture BO is straightening on the wall of the LPD?
he was a regular day player on OLTL and a cop in real life. he died while rescuing people on 9-11.
so they keep his photo as a permanent part of the set, as a way to honor him.

• NATTY had her legs bent up underneath her and for a second i thought TESS had cut off her legs like BOXING HELENA!

i think it is funny that the secret room is so well-furnished.
if i hated someone enough to be lockin 'em up in a secret room, i wouldn't bother with installing recessed lighting.

• FISH is cute but not very bright.

• TESS:"Bo is gonna put you in jail with a bunch of scary horny women!"

• tsk, i would expect TINA to scheme her way out of this by now.

personally, i am getting vexed with how TESS keeps talking about how "dumb" TINA is. TINA has never been dumb...lacking common sense & good judgement, yes...but not dumb.

• *groooaaaaaaan* i knew McBAIn wasnt gonna see MARTY's picture!!!

• while i'm not a fan of this TODD & MARTY storyline, i was so happy for her playing her keyboard.

for a moment, i found it romantic...and then that made me feel gross.

• how long is it gonna take NATTY to figure out what's goin on?

• ha ha, BLAIR and the sour milk: "Oh, now thats just not right!"

she sure is maki herself right at home in McBAIN's place!

JSpear8 said...

Ok, I say this in love.. I love this show however the last three weeks I needed this show the most due to the fact I could not see AMC, however I have nothing current to listen to on here.. What gives? I thought the tagline "We watch so you don't have to" was gospel? I still love this podcast to death, however I need you to come through for a playa.

Thanks! :-)

Anonymous said...

I’m stumped. If Josh is being written off the show, then why not send him away for some other reason besides embezzlement? It really bugs me that his ‘family issues’ have resurfaced, after all of this time--and sees himself as a ‘mistake’! Josh has never been short on self esteem. I liked the somewhat arrogant, cocky Josh we saw initially, then he mellowed out--and that was still fine. But this incarnation is just sad!

Up to now, Josh has been a Wall Street trader, a doctor, a television producer and a trusted Cambias employee. All of these things would make him far from a failure. With these jobs alone, theoretically, Josh could have been able to 'strike out on his own'. IMHO, the writers have just succeeded in sucking the KANE right out of him!

If Collin Egglesfield has to make an exit, then give "Josh" an addiction. How about a gambling problem, sort of like Erica's alcoholism? -- Actually, that would be ironic, considering Zach has casinos-- Or, some kind of sexual addiction, where he runs up a really big hooker tab. (Much of that could be inferred.) We know Josh wasn't exactly a choir boy, especially in the beginning. Thus, it wouldn't be totally out of the realm of possibility, IMHO.

In this way, there would be a far 'better' reason for him to steal from his family. In the end, Josh would leave Pine Valley, in order to get treatment. Thus, the essence of the original character could remain intact. (One of my least favorite aspects of soaps is when an actor leaves/ is fired and tptb feel the character must be 'dismantled', so that the audience won't regret the character/actor not being on the program.)


Anonymous said...

"...i thought we established it was the tire iron?...."

Hi, n69n! :-)

It WAS a Tire Iron--Good call! InsAnnie used the pipewrench to undo the gas line at Greenlee's appartment--and damage the hood/grill of her car, when she faked the car wreck.


Laura said...

The show today was good as long as it was the Hubbards or InsAnnie. Petey is growing on me. He still looks like Ferris Bueller. I am calling him Ferris Petey.

Alex, I have to drive my daughter back to Loras, will go thru Dav. on the way and hit Clinton my hometown on the way back. Glad to talk to another Mississippi River rat.

On a personal note my mother in law is still very weak but she pulled thru the latest crisis. For awhile she had my husband and I confused with Brad and Angelina and told the hospice nurses we had newborn twins and had adopted Maddox, Zahara, etc! She was a faithful Star Magazine reader, so she had the people she thought about the most confused. Got to laugh or else you cry.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I must say I liked that Ryan is helping Kendall make Josh 'disapear'. I enjoy, the fact that Kendall still sees Ryan as her 'goto'/'fix it' guy, in an emergency. Right now, Zach is too busy acting like a 'lost Corleone'. But, on the plus side, I'd bet Thorsten Kaye is having fun, with the changes, for his character.

And besides, Ryan has a lot of experience, when it comes to finding ways of getting younger brothers out of 'complicated' situations. LOL!


Anonymous said...

• do ya'll know the story of that picture BO is straightening on the wall of the LPD?
he was a regular day player on OLTL and a cop in real life. he died while rescuing people on 9-11.
so they keep his photo as a permanent part of the set, as a way to honor him...."

Thanks,n69n! :-)

I wondered about that. I've seen Robert S. Woods do a scene like that before, when "Bo" moved out of his office. I figured there had to be something more to those scenes. Stuff like that isn't just random, on shows.


Melissa said...

Who wears heels to sneak into a window undetected and kill somebody???


JSpear8 said...


You took the words right out of my mouth. Also I know Greenlee heard the hammer of the gun click. lol And for the record, who in 2008 leaves the big arse window open at night. King Kong could find his but up through that window.

Anonymous said...

"... 2008 leaves the big arse window open at night. King Kong could find his but up through that window...."

Excellent point, Justin!

So much for Adam's security system and guards.LOL!

On a side note, what do you wanna bet Ryan finds the open window--and climbs in to see Emma? :-D