Sunday, September 07, 2008

Well, We Felt *Something*

  • Fletcher was killed by a chick! (We loved it, and I, for one, am loving me some Taylor.)
  • "Bella" stunk up the room, but our precious Amanda still came out smelling like a rose.
  • Turns out, Jesse couldn't call Angie all those years because he was in the loony bin and couldn't find any quarters lying around.
  • Crazy Kathy lights up our lives, and Baby Jenny is a joy.
  • Suxtet who? InsAnnie what? (Okay, Jordan will feistily disagree with me on that one!)
  • Jerkson and Carmen, however, still make both Jordan and me want to hurl.
I have not been reading the spoilers, but I'm starting to think I should because I'm a little nervous about where our little show is going, and I don't like surprises. What do y'all think? I know you'll let us know, here.

09/05/08 Podcast


Anonymous said...

The show is so much better, but finding the right balance is clearly difficult.

For example, I’m glad to see Zach back at the office. He had turned into a rather dull soccer dad for a while. I like Zach tough, a little ruthless, and morally ambiguous. However, I wish someone other than Josh was the object of his ire right now. I know Josh is a part timer but why did they have to turn him into a thieving wussy who hides behind his sister? Even the scheming Josh of yore was a chivalrous sort. He wouldn't have tried to hide behind the women he loved. I hate it when a character 180s for no apparent reason. Too bad, Josh is one of the few characters Kendall has chemistry with these days. The only thing I can figure is that TPTB are trying to reestablish the character of Zach.

TPTB are finally trying to flesh out the Hubbards as well. When they returned, it was like they were just thrown on screen without much explanation. I don’t know about ya’ll but I didn’t really get that stupid Robert Gardner FBI story and I’ve already forgotten most of it. I’m glad the Hubbards are back and glad someone else is writing for them. I don’t really care why they were MIA or dead anymore. Now I just want to know what they were doing to keep themselves occupied for 20 years and how that is going to affect them going forward.

Aidan is getting slightly better now that he has his own storyline. He must be taking voice/diction lessons because I swear he is more understandable. They must be intensively coaching him and Randi with acting lessons around the clock because they are sucking much less. Like Annie, Aidan is much better as an A-hole than friendly schmo. His story is iffy, but at least it’s an improvement and he and Greenlee are pleasant to look at. Say what you will about the lasagna dress, but Greenlee still looks hot.

Randi and Franki are heating up. I don’t mean to sound like a pig, but I could see where the virtual virgin thing would piss him off. After all he’s been through you know he’s ready to get a first hand introduction to Randi's inner HO. Personally, I’m conflicted. I’m starting to like them. I see some chemistry, but I just hate, hate, hate the hooker backstory. I just don’t see a doctor like Frankie having a roll in the hay with a disease sponge. And I just can’t believe the Chief of Police and his wife who is an INFECTIOUS DISEASE specialist would condone their relationship. Could there be a faster way to catch a really nasty case of the itchy scratchies? Don’t think so.

I like how Taylor. I believe her as a guy’s girl, but they can tone it down a little. If they aren’t careful with the Private Benjamin story, they risk overdoing it like Petey's Major Dorkness. The other risk is that they will trivialize her trauma. Post war trauma doesn’t just go away because you get some good lov’in. She’s going to have to live with this for a while. It should pop up when she least expects it. I think she’s snapped enough necks for now. She is 2-0 so far. Also, I didn’t know soldiers who are married or engaged to each other could fight together. Wouldn’t that jeopardize the others safety? Same problem I have with Randi and Frankie. I am starting to like the people but the situation is hard to believe.

The InsAnnie/Adam scenes are really great. Don't know if they should hook up, but love them as scheming allies.

Anonymous said...

Shadow said: "After all he’s been through you know he’s ready to get a first hand introduction to Randi's inner HO."

Shadow I choked on my drink on this line. I need to be warned! LMAO!!!!

And I agree I love the dark side of Zach! He is sooooooooo sexy!!!

Anonymous said...

Good Evening,Ashley and Jordan! :-)

This isn't actually a complaint, but was it just me or was the podcast only 0.56 seconds?...I know, I pulled up the latest one-- #pvp090508.

Oh,shadow... I don't think the writers were trying to turn Josh into a "... thieving wussy who hides behind his sister?...."

I think, they wanted us to see Zach acting like a 'lost Corleone'--and would lead us to believe he wanted Josh to 'wear cement shoes'.

My interpretation was that Josh didn't want to reveal vulnerability to the man who asked him, if he believed in GOD and that he should start praying, if Zach couldn't reach that other guy by phone--after Josh was accused of 'loosing' 20 mil... If I was Josh, I to would be far more comfortable telling my sis' about the situation, than Zach. Especially, after he sent his minonions out to track me down, like a good for nothin' criminal! Personally, I'd like to think, there'll be more to the story...Josh did say, he thought someone hacked into his computer, afterall...

I know, we'll have to wait and see. But, why would Josh feel the need to embezzle, in the first place??? Erica is a famous (and lest we forget, rich!) celebrity/mougal. Basically, the same can be said for Kendall,business woman and top selling author, that she is supposed to be...When you get down to it he could have asked Zach, for the money, outright, if nesessary. JMHO.


Anonymous said...

I’m stumped. If Josh is being written off the show, then why not send him away on Cambias business? According to today’s scenes he still has ‘family issues’ and sees himself as a ‘mistake’—One would think, if Josh had identity problems, there would have been numerous opportunities to bring this up in the past.

Up to now, Josh has been a Wall Street trader, a doctor, a television producer and a trusted Cambias employee. All of these things would make him far from a failure, The writers have just succeeded in sucking the KANE right out of him!---Arrrg!