Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Shadow Explorer, YOU ROCK!

I got my file back!! If any of y'all use Windows Vista, download Shadow Explorer, now!

And for any of you who care to listen mid-week to a new podcast from last week, here it is!

(And let's keep the ass-toot commentary going and the opinions flowing here.)

09/05/08 Podcast


Anonymous said...

what a great surprise!! you made me night ashley, i can't wait to hear the podcast, we were all really really sad!

Norn Cutson said...


now im gonna do a li'l dance!!!!

Anonymous said...

YAY! Thanks JordAsh! Hope you guys enjoyed your break from podcasting and the show last week- hope AMC takes a turn for the better so it's not a chore for you.

I was away all last week, so I'm bummed I missed the death of Fletcher. That actor needed to go!

Laura said...

Yeah, I am happier for you than for us. I know what it is like to loose all your work to technology. I downloaded Shadow Explorer, then the podcast. I am so excited so of course that makes it go slower than ever. Can not wait to hear my JordAsh.

Can the Josh storyline be anymore stupid? Send Thorsten over to OLTL to rescue Marty from Todd ASAP!

I can't find the link now but I hear Aidumb is in the 2008 ABC hunks calendar, but no Ricky Paul.

Thanks again Ashley for all your hard work and for watching so we don't have to!

Anonymous said...


At first I saw "Shadow You Rock" and thought "hey, what'd I do?" Ha!

I can only imagine how you worked to resurrect this file. It looks like you posted in the middle of the night. You are so great to care so much.

I have a question. Who are Taylor and Pedro and all these people everyone is talking about? I've heard one or two other cohosts, but mostly only Jordan. The JordAsh team is fantastic! As someone recommended in the last blog, I wrote a short review and gave PVP the highest Itunes rating while I was downloading the podcast.

So we got TWO podcasts this week. Cool!


Anonymous said...

Hey Shadow, Taylor was the original co-host along with Ashley. He did a mean Josh impersonation and looooved Dr. Madden. (Fun fact: the first times I listened to the show, Ash was on vacation and only Taylor was on the show- but when the dynamic duo came together: Pine Valley magic!)

Pedro (or Peter) is another guest host who sometimes fills in. He wears socks with sandals and I think lives in Ash's building.

How about this: write of Josh, bring him back as another role: Dr. Madden CLONED Josh too!

Norn Cutson said...

the new podcast is a *SCREAM*...literally!
i fell on the floor when Ashley was doin RANDI's crow scream!

i am so glad that this episode wasnt covered a *LOT* of ground!!!

well done!

Norn Cutson said...

OH & didja hear the rumor on DAYIME CONFIDENTIAL that OLTL is in secret talks to bring back Roger Howarth as TODD?!?!?!?!?!

TSJ is a good actor, but Roger Howarth can make me laugh, cry & get moist all at the same time!

Anonymous said...

Ashley I will still agree with you.. Randi is a model, too DBTE as an actress! oohh well, I'm getting used to her.
i LOVE Taylor! She is saving the show right now. Have you guys heard of StarDish radio? They've had a bunch of AMC people on their show.. most recently Daniel Kennedy (Petey) and I think Chrishelle is supposed to be on tonight! Check it out..

Laura.. yes, Aidum is in the 2008 Hunks Calendar. Superposter had the link a little while ago. And yeah, there are a lot of people that love him.. I'm not one of them :/.

Thanks for all the hard work that you do, JordAsh! This podcast was definitely worth the wait!

Anonymous said...

(My first comment in a long time...I've been listening though, I promise!)

> OH & didja hear the rumor on DAYIME CONFIDENTIAL that OLTL is in secret talks to bring back Roger Howarth as TODD?!?!?!?!?!

Considering the Roger left because he specifically didn't want to play Todd anymore, I'd be very surprised if that happened. Heck, wasn't this rumor circulating before, earlier this year?

The show has been a little better since Chuck Pratt started. I'm not buying Josh's send-away at all, though. At least they dispatched the troublesome teens.

I would like InsAnnie to kill Greenlee, but only if she offs herself as well. ;) In the meantime, Ritchie's ghost is a hoot.

Anonymous said...

hey guys remember like 2 years ago when Taylor Crawford did that song "Annie's got a gun" ? LOL. That's what today's show (wednesday) reminded me of. I'm loving Insannie!!

Anonymous said...

I miss Taylor. Will he ever be back on the PVP? ... even for a guest appearance like the person from Erica's past who is going to rock AMC very shortly?

Terry in Toronto

Kona said...
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Norn Cutson said...

i just talked to Chrishelle on STARDISH!
i had to hang up coz i was blushin so bad!

some notes from Wednesday's episode:


• GREENLEE's actin' her little heart out!

take a lesson, RANDI & COLBY...any screentime you have is an opportunity to show some personality!

• i love when INSANNIE does that big wide smile...she looks like a character from PEANUTS!

• do you notice the lighting in FUSION is different?
warmer & more flattering.

• i am so glad that KWAK & TAD are getting help.
i still think their marriage is doomed, but at least now maybe KWAK wont get killed by PSYCHOKATHY.

• ADAM is so chipper!

i bet ADAM wishes he had a son like PETEY.

• INSANNIE's *losin it*.
she's talkin to RICHIE right in front of everyone @ FUSION!
...i was actually gettin nervous about her waving those scissors around!

• GREENLEE's gonna watch DR. TERROR'S HOUSE OF HORRORS, The Anniversary Edition!

• KENDALL:"I want everyone to be happy."
*sigh* i know how ya feel, KENDALL.


• uh, how does INSANNIE get up to GREENLEE's penthouse window?!?!
how did she get up there?
did she fly up there? climb? with rappling hooks? did i miss the scene where she got super powers?

i've got to rewind that coz i cant even believe i saw that.

how did she get up there?!?!?!

• i enjoy seeing CRYAN pissed.

• the *t-t-t-t-trembling g-g-g-gun-n-n*!!!!!


some notes from Wednesday's episode:


• Christian is all chained up in the hull of a freightship and its still more sex than ya get in Pine Valley!

• LANGSTON is all the sex in her itty bitty bikini!
mmmmm, maybe MARKKO will drop by for a visit!

• that Bree Williamson is *OUTRAGEOUS*!!!
*nothing* is too much for her!
& I LOVE IT!!!!
*she* makes the most of every scene she gets!

• MATTHEW's voice is changing!

• NATTY's eyes all poppin' out, HA HA HA HA!

• love STARR & LANGSTON jsut hangin out with their popcicles.

•...& here comes CRUZ CASTILLO i mean RAY MONTEZ!!!
he still has beautiful eyes.
but if he's that old i must be old too!

• its interesting how we havent had any glimpses of JESSICA trying to get out since the risotto. that seems so long ago. when she comes back, it must be with a bang!

• also love MATTHEW hangin out with COLE. its scenes like this that are gonna make me like COLE again...coz i just cant take *anyone* being mean to STARR!

• CHRISTIAN has more chemistry with CARLO than with SARAH. it like he's woken up after years of sleepwalking.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see them use the hospital for a purpose other than Greenlee and Annie’s hospitalizations--the bus crash, the therapist for Crazy Kathy, Tad and Kwak.

Oh Ashley, I can’t wait to hear your Hubbard impressions this week. Your Jessie and Angie have become my faves. I almost coughed up my spleen laughing at your Jessie this week.

I keep saying this, but Erica needs a house. Everybody that goes to see her has to talk to her in front of or on her bed-Josh, Jerkson, Sam, Opal. Erica is supposed to be a rich, powerful media mogul like Oprah. Oprah wouldn’t live in an efficiency.

Kendall did call Zach’s men Goons. It’s good that their trying to reestablish characters, but all of a sudden it’s at warp speed. Zach has been a soccer dad for most of the past two years and now all of sudden he has goons and talking about killing Josh? Let’s don’t get carried away. If AMC wants to do something really fast, how about firing Trolby the turd of an actress?

If the reason they canned Josh is because fans didn’t accept the unabortion, why are they reemphasizing it with this stupid storyline? Kendall is screaming at Zach that Josh is family, blah blah blah. Considering that Josh kept Ethan alive after the explosion, I don’t think the Zach we know now would go all Brutus on him with the goons. AMC could have reaborted him as Ashley suggested and made Josh Madden’s son or just sent him to Paris to stay with Bianca for a while. Let’s have some new storylines and forget and not even try to readdress the McTrash stuff. Something about this doesn’t add up. Seems like they are sacrificing Josh to reestablish Zach’s casino persona and put Zach and Erica back at odds. That would be fine but they could have done it with some fresh material.
The whole thing is too bad. Josh was great with Erica and Kendall. Everybody had pretty much accepted him as Erica’s son. All they had to do was explain it away. They just let one of the best actors get away. It’s amazing how in three episodes they reduced him to a lying, thieving, pathetic weasel. I don’t even know how he was able to mouth that stupid sh%t they made him say yesterday. It’s not too late for AMC to turn this around.

I LOVE TAYLOR! Drinking beer and hanging with Hub. AMC is supposed to be progressive and these two have real possibilities. BTW I love to run and she looks HOT in a pair of running shorts and shoes. I’m starting to find her sexy. Anyway, I appreciate the differing viewpoints on the service. It would be easy to show focus on just the merits of the war. Instead, I like seeing Angie’s maternal reaction, Taylor’s commitment to service, Frankie’s perspective that he’s done his time, and so on. The complexity of the characters emotional reactions to the reality of war are much more interesting than their political opinions of the war.

InsAnnie just walks outside at a mansion she just moved into, dropped her robe and swam naked. Does that really happen? And how long has Pete been in that bush in that Tuxedo? And how come this time he didn’t get any stickers on him? Thank God InsAnnie got him to take off those dumbass glasses. He may be a dork, but he’s smart and rich. You would think he could come up with a decent doctor and get Lasik.

Loved it when he said to Adam “Dude, you and me-total synchronicity”. Maybe JR should tutor with Chompers.

Kendall said “Crud”. Nobody says that. I hate it when they fake-cuss! The way they throw around “bitch” what’s the big deal with an official “crap”? Even Adam told Pete he was a pain in the ass today.

FUSION: Why is everyone working except Amanda? And why doesn’t anyone notice InsAnnie talking to the white wall?

I have a feeling Annie's going to end up shooting herself accidentally. Loved the scary music that was playhing when Super InsAnnie bounded thru Greenlee's window. What is it about open windows? Do any of you ever leave a window open with the curtains blowing in the wind, especially when you are home alone? My guess is most of you lock up and set the alarm. Man, I bet Erica wishes she lived in a place like that.

Anonymous said...



1 - You don't miss your water:
Missing the podcast so much and then getting it mid-week... SUCH a joy!!

2 - I'm listening now, and I'm at the point when Jordan airs his suspicions that TPTB are afraid of doing an interracial storyline.

Yes! Yes! They so are!

And I am missing out!!

I, for one, was REALLY looking forward to Frankie + Colby (Ambyr of course). And even now, though I agree with other bloggers that Randi is improving and her chemistry with Frankie is moving along, still, when I watch them I think to myself, "This is so contrived: a hooker + a doctor... why?" I long for the simple, important Frankie + Colby that I was promised! Oh, Ambyr would've turned it OUT! And the age difference, and the animosity between their familes... that is drama enough. TPTB, hel-lo, it's Romeo and Juliet! You don't get more romantic than that!

And, also, Erica and Sam Woods. I liked them. I still remember his monologue in solitary when he reflected on the day he lost his wife and he and Erica kissed and I cried. (sniff sniff)

Oh, but bye bye old Colby, and bye bye Mario van Peebles, and bye bye compelling storylines. We have to watch Trolby, and Randi, and Carmen with Jack?!


P.S. All the good things about AMC that I am loving (insAnnie, Zendall, crazy Kate) - saved for another post. Love all the bloggers here!

Anonymous said...

Becky IA completely.

I do not understand why TPTB are scared of interracial romance.
How do they expect to get this new younger generation audience they strive for. We are the MTV generation. What are they scared of? Get over it! It is 2008.

Would the majority of fans really revolt if an interracial couple was on the show?

I know we watch AMC here, but Victoria Rowell (ex. Drucilla on Y&R) did an interview with Daytime Confidential. The hosts were literally speechless with some of the things she had to say about Machelle Stafford (Phyllis) and Peter Bergman (Jack Abbott, ex. Cliff Warner).
I was drop jawed! You all should listen to it, it was Hott.

Norn Cutson said...

BROT...there's only one reason i can think of for a guy to be named after a sausage.

Ashley said...


(I'm a little jealous, though -- I wish I had made that joke on the 'cast!! ;) )

And Shadow - just like the title of this week's post, you rock, too!

Ash xo

Anonymous said...

I finished the cast this morning. The opening voice overs was hilarious. At one point I looked at my timer. It was on 32 minutes and I still had 52 to go! It was great from start to finish!

I see both your points about the characters right now. As ya'll said, InsAnnie, Crazy Kathy, and Taylor are legit because we have reasons and understand why they are acting like they do. That isn't the case for the sudden turn around in the behavior of Josh, Zach, Aidumb. All of a sudden they are just acting totally different from their portrayal for at least the past year, and it's tough to believe. Even the characters who we still enjoy for the most part aren't quite acting or sounding like themselves-JR, Carmen, Erica. And I do think Jordan is giving them a certain amount of credit for things we know as viewers but that shouldn't be a consideration in the moment. So you're both right. My take is that AMC is all about reinvention right now. It was a mess, so while they take a fair amount of time rolling out new characters like Taylor, they are fast forwarding the reimagining, reinvention, reemphasis-whatever you want to call it, of the current cast. Some with more plots require characters get refocused more quickly than others and some that they can't figure out what to do with get used and abused (Josh) in furtherance of the progression of the other characters. Could that be the deal or just total crap? I don't know. I seems a little frenetic and I'm just trying to figure out why.

I also notice that while Pratt is listed as the head writer, there are several other credited writers. I wonder if any of them are responsible for the bad stuff we still see? Is this an entirely new staff of writers?


Anonymous said...

Good Afternoon, Ashley & Jordan!

Wow, once this weeks podcast was up and running you were definately on a roll!

Jordan, I have to say, I agree with your comment about Kendall being like Erica--and having two men in her life. Kendall may be married to Zach, but Ryan is still her 'go to' guy, in a pinch. If you think about it, she's somewhat similar to "Carly" on GH. Carly may be married to Jax,Sonny, or whoever, but she likes having Jason on speed dial. LOL! Kendall does the same thing with Ryan. And for some fans, that's not a bad thing! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Pardon the back to back, but about Jessie-- I'm assuming the PV Police Dpt. had to do a background check on Jessie before they hired him. Seems like faking death, the 20 year gap in his background report, and/or being committed to a mental institution would have posed some obstacle to his career path as Police Chief or at least carrying a gun. Granted Derek wasn't the brightest but that's pretty rough to get the axe in favor of a formerly dead mental patient.

Kona said...

Shadow, Thats Pine Valley for you!

Jesse was going to be a professor at PVU with no education before he took the police job. Dumb!

i think Pratt is going to have trouble writing the stories that were there already for a while. But Taylor and the war story is his baby so it may be the only one that will make sense for a while until he can find his niche with the other characters and stories.

I guess we have to be patient! MEK said to hang in there in his interview.

Kate said...

I'm listening to the podcast right now, and I love your discussion about the Jake & Taylor scenes.

BUT...JORDAN... I do not think Taylor is jealous of Amanda; I don't think she's interested in Jake (yet). I believe while jogging she saw them and was thinking about her and Brot. She's jealous of their relationship since she and Brot were suppose to return to the states and be together. Brot & Taylor were suppose to have what Jake & Amanda have, sort of.

Also, Brot is probably some weird nickname. It might not have anything to do with his real name.

Laura said...

This week's podcast was like a favorite piece of jewelry that I lost and found. I loved it more than ever because I thought it was gone forever. Thanks for voting for this podcast, that's how Daytime confidential got so popular. They kept advertising at the end of their podcast, and it showed up in iTunes.

Nothing wrong with a little self promotion Ash!

They have a good segment on the couples you like, Jake/Amanda and Taylor/Frankie.

"Gus and and Taylor who? I don't know many Guiding Light fans made the hop to All My Children when Ricky Paull Goldin and Beth Ehlers jumped ship but needless to say lightening hasn't struck twice. I can't pinpoint exactly what it is that is missing but to be sure, something is.

Don't get me wrong, both actors are still doing a great job but Goldin's Jake Martin has smoking hot chemistry with Amanda Dillon (Chrishell Stause). Meanwhile, Ehlers' Thompson has unexplored potential with Frankie Hubbard (Cornelius Smith, JR). Maybe, instead of trying to catching lightening in a bottle twice The Powers That Be should consider pursuing what is so obvious on our screens"

Sounds like they listen to your podcast!

I did hear the Victoria Rowell podcast and it was awesome. I have been a fan of hers for a longtime. She did burn some bridges but I respect her opinion.

Is A Martinez going to be hooked up with somebody? I could see him and Taylor together.

Brot "Boyfriend RIP of Taylor"

Anonymous said...

I don't think TPTB need to put BE and RPG together and try to recreate the Gus/Harley dynamic. These actors are so good, they just don't need each other to be interesting. I think they are better right now w/o a romantic entanglement. It's too soon for that. Maybe a few years down the road, but right now there are too many other possibilities for these two great talents.

Ashley, it's such a treat to find the podcast after you were so bummed about losing it. What amazes me about you, girlfriend, is how much you really care about the quality product you put out every week. Ashley, you rule. And, bloggers, you guys all rule too!

N69n, you cracked me up with your ass-toot sausage observation.

Kate said...

Laura, A Martinez is coming to One Life To Live, not AMC.

About Ricky and Beth's dynamic... I think their romantic chemistry has yet to show itself. Right now Pratt's taking them slow. There doesn't seem to be any romantic interest between Jake & Taylor, but yet they have this bond. They've got a good relationship going, and I think a romantic one is progressing VERY slowly. Now should be the time they are with other people, and it should be MONTHS before they're a couple. Ricky & Beth's chemistry isn't smoking hot like it was on GL, but I say give it some time. Something's not there now, but eventually it might be.

I realize that lately Ricky & Beth, Jake & Taylor are all I talk about. That's just because I'm more interested in them than anyone else on AMC right now. I've been watching AMC for 12 years; I know it well. But most of the show is boring to me at the moment. Or most of it is boring to talk about.

Norn Cutson said...

DAYTIME CONFIDENTIAL has posted their Top 10 Ways to Improve One Life to Live podcast!

it is fascinating...& i am especially glad that they recognize that TINA is being written all wrong... she is *not* dumb!!!

Laura said...

Kate, sorry brain freeze or wishful thinking. I saw the ad when I was watching soapnet when I posted it.

Song to the music of I love this bar by Toby Keith - I love this blog, come as you are!

Norn Cutson said...

some notes from Thursday's episode:


• woo, KENDALL's all bow-legged after her & ZACH's desktop delight.

• ok, my mind is still reeling over pregnant INSANNIE climbing up the side of the building to GREENLEE's apartment..

now we are supposed to believe that INSANNIE, in the midst of a miscariage, somehow snuck past GREENLEE, back out of the building, climbed back up to the second floor of Chandler Mansion, got back in bed before CRYAN opens the door?

you know, i can suspend my disbelief to crazy extremes, but what nutcake thought that was plausible, even in the world of Pine Valley?!?!?!

• do you think that was the end of the JOSH story? if they never show JOSH again, just talk about him ...there is gonna be no payoff for all this fretting. its just a waste of time.


omg, is this *all* that they are gonna use our beautiful talented Elizabeth Rodriguez for?!?!?

what a criminal waste.

• the scene of JR & BABE reading the storybook to EMMA was very sweet.
if this was a scene with characters i care about, i would've gotten all teary-eyed.

•i'm gettin whiplash watchin JERKSON's head.

some notes from Thursday's episode:


• whoa, CARLO in a wig!

• something is not working with these DORIAN scenes. i love DORIAN & usually i would be loving these scenes....but somethin aint comin together today. oh well, they cant all be winners. or maybe i'm just in a mood.

• i guess i must be in a mood...or else today must be the lull before an action-packed friday.
coz my mind is wandering. i just couldnt take it seriously after CARLO in that wig.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Kendall and Zach made some hot jungle love. Too bad we didn’t get to see even 5 seconds of it. Soaps are supposed to be all about the sex not the suggestion of sex! Must have been good because Poof! Zach is over Josh.

I can’t figure out what they’re doing with Adam right now. On the one hand he’s plotting against everyone he knows. On the other hand he’s dispensing relationship advice like he’s Dr. Phil. When has Adam ever had good advice for anyone? I’m glad JR is wising up and calling him on it, but even that is a little odd. I’m sort of glad it’s a mystery but I’m hoping they don’t screw this up.

What exactly is Jake’s specialty? Jenny might be hurt—KWAK calls
Jake. InsAnnie has a cramp, Ryan calls Jake. Taylor’s foot hurts, Jake to the rescue! He’s a pediatric gynecological podiatrist I guess.

I loved it when Carmen asked Erica if she needed to kick some ass for her, but then Jerkson spoke and sucked the life out of the scene. He drags down every moment no matter how hard Carmen tries to spice it up. Ugh, he’s like Trolby with a sack. Bobblehead and 5Head be gone! I counted 6 frown lines on his forehead BTW. Made me really dizzy.

I read SOD at the grocery store. It reports that the mystery person returning temporarily this fall to shake up Erica’s life is a female. Who would that be? Bianca? Miranda? Goldie? Maria? Brooke? Barbara? Alex/Anna? Janet? Too bad they can’t stick something in Janet’s head to stabilize her and end up bringing back the Natalie persona!Kate Collins is heaven sent.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous -

I'm gonna check out that Victorial Rowell interview. Thanks for the tip!

Shadow and n69n -

Y'all crack me up with the Zex comments! Zendall sex sure must've been good... But dang, if it's that good, like you say, why don't we see it?

And why doesn't even one little hair on Alicia Minshew's head get displaced? Couldn't she fuss it up a little?

Remember back in the day when Zach first came to town and he and Maria were having sex all the time? I think it was always flashbacks, but still - they were naked! Every day!

Now Zack's married to Kendall, they're gettin' down at his office, and... not one hair misplaced?


Becky :)

Anonymous said...

"...• whoa, CARLO in a wig!...

Hi,n69n! ;-)
That thing was so bad...It stood out to the point where I think, it should have been listed as a character, in the closing credits! LOL!

Loved Ryan's expression/body language, as Pety tried to stop him from going upstairs!--("I don't think so, Pete!")


Norn Cutson said...

yeah, JERKSON's got his sixpack on his forehead!

Anonymous said...

I have to give Kendall a little bit of credit. Those spread legs were pretty suggestive. But they still had ALL their clothes on.

Norn Cutson said...

shadow said...

I have to give Kendall a little bit of credit. Those spread legs were pretty suggestive.

yeah, i think i saw a little puff of smoke come out.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! You guys made my Friday Morning!

Anonymous said...

I am finally catching up on this week's episodes and I have to say... Annie keeps me going. Her scenes with Petey were great and I LIVE for the Novak sibling scenes. Oh I LOVE Annie. I love the progression of the character. While I know it's been discussed Annie was nothing like this before, she's been pushed to the edge. I'm routing for Annie- TEAM INSANNIE!

PS While TOTALLY justified, do you think the actress playing Angie gets tired of only whining and yelling? How about something else for such a talented actress?

Colby is still HORRIBLE. Please recast her for the sake of Petey. He's too good to be acting versus a piece of cardboard.

w3w said...

SOmeone please recap Friday's show for me!! i am in Houston and all that is on TV today (and yesterday) is Hurricane Ike coverage. I will catch SoapNet tonight if we still have power!!

Thanks Bloggers!

Anonymous said...

Hello,w3w! :-D

You asked here's your recap, from SOD/SOW online!

Friday, September 12, 2008
At ConFusion, Tad grilled Jake about the nature of his relationship with Taylor. Jake denied that there was anything going on between them and told Tad that he is seeing Amanda. Jake excused himself; Jesse met up with Tad but quickly departed after a mysterious call (for the station, he said).

On the yacht, Amanda asked Taylor point-blank if she was interested in Jake. Taylor said Jake is interesting but that is it. The ladies bonded as Amanda set a romantic table for Jake. Amanda forgot a critical component to the dinner she was preparing so raced out to the store, leaving Taylor in charge of finishing the set-up. She put on some music, lit some candles and fantasized about sharing a slow dance with her beloved Brot. Jake walked in and his eyes met Taylor's.

At the Hubbards' loft, Angie and Frank got into it over Frank's decision to return to Iraq. She tried to persuade him to fake a condition in order to avoid redeployment but he refused to entertain the idea. A weeping Angie maintained that Frank going back into the services would kill her. Angie went to Fusion to talk to Randi about Frank and Randi reeled from the news that Frank had been called back to Iraq. Randi then met up with Frank and pleaded with him to reconsider reenlisting. Frank noted that he had many important reasons to stay, Randi included, but that he couldn't skirt his responsibilities to the army. She proposed that they run away. "I'm serious," she said. "I won't let you go."

Angie met up with Tad at ConFusion and he explained why Jesse was absent. Jesse's phone rang and Angie answered; it was another hang-up, sparking Tad's suspicions. Angie fretted that someone might be after her husband.

At the hospital, Annie and Ryan had a calm discussion about the recent heat between them (the restraining order she filed, the way he barged into her room). Ryan, Greenlee, Kendall and Zach convened in the hallway, where Ryan updated them on Annie's condition. Richie appeared to Annie and praised how perfectly her plan was going, riling her up. Kendall and Greenlee squabbled over Kendall's conviction that Ryan needs to leave Annie for good. Kendall crept in to see Annie, who told her to leave. Kendall refused and tried to force Annie to admit that she was faking her health problems in an effort to "beat" Kendall and Greenlee. She collapsed in pain again, which Kendall initially scoffed up, but ultimately screamed for help.... Zach took Ryan aside for coffee and a chat. Ryan expressed his fear that he didn't deserve to be a dad but Zach reassured him that he's a great father.... Ryan and Zach ran into Annie's room when Kendall summoned medical attention for Annie. The doctor confirmed to Annie that she had miscarried.... Zach scolded Kendall for accusing Annie of faking. Greenlee was the next to come down on Kendall for her behavior. Kendall countered that Greens wanted Ryan with Annie to protect her own marriage to Aidan. "Admit it!" she barked. Aidan arrived just as Kendall was hissing that up against Ryan, Aidan wouldn't stand a chance.... Annie broke down crying in Ryan's arms. "What did Kendall say to you?" he hissed. "It's not her fault," wept Annie. "It's mine. I did this. All of it." She told him that she had done horrible things and kept them a secret. "But now I need to tell you everything," she sighed.

Amanda said that Jake and Taylor have what in common?

Anonymous said...

I have a request since you seem to know everything about soaps! Can you give us a synopsis of the Gus/Harley relationship? Were they married, kids, etc?

I am actually really liking them right now, to my utter amazement!

Keep up the GREAT podcasts!!!

Anonymous said...

On a side note. reguarding Ryan's conversation with Zach about being a dad--Ryan basically said, if the baby was lost, then it was a sign that he shouldn't be a dad!

I sat watching (as a Ryan fan),thinking Oh, heck no!...Not the tainted/abusive past history--again!? Akkk! The audience had to sit through this mess, before...TBTB have got to be flippin' kiddin'! Honestly, I didn't know to laugh or yell at the tv--and I was glad no one heard me! LOL!

I was quite glad Zach talked Ryan down. Whew!


Anonymous said...

I hope everyone hates Kendall now for being such a bitch. I think Jordan is right that she's only in Annie's business because she wants Ryan to be in love with her. She is going right back to the spoiled, selfish brat she was before Zach. It's interesting to see Greenlee grow up and Kendall regress.

I don't want Angie and Jessie yelling anymore. Can't they have a real conversation? and just get rid of Randi already. She's an awful character and a terrible actress, only Coldby Mongrief is worse. Why can't they be the dead duo in the tornado. Randi dying would be the perfect device to bring Taylor and Frankie together as she consoles him over losing Randi and he makes her feel better about not getting to return to Iraq and then they make sweet jungle fever lovin' ... onscreen.

It would even be great soap for the family since momma Angie already hates Taylor's guts for being all army gung ho and she'd hate her more for being a cougar and grabbing young, hot Frankie.

The actor playing Petey is great! I like him with Adam and the jealousy that's coming out of JR. Hope the writers are aware enough to explore that.

I'm shocked that Insannie is as good as she is but lovin' it. MCE is working it with everything she has and keeping me rooting for Annie even though I know she is disturbed and has done less than admirable things. Ryan is such a loser and like Jordan said "Not A Man!".

Can't wait for the podcast this week.

Terry in Toronto

jordan hudson said...

#1daisyfan Gus and harley were GL Last super couple. They started off hating each other and fell in love but were good old fashion star crossed lovers. They did eventually get married, never had kids thou Harley has two kids with different baby daddies. The last few year were choppy storylines that slowly destroyed the credibility of this super couple and the characters. A drug addiction storyline that should have given ricky paul golden and emmy but was badly written, choppy and then rushed. Then an old teeneage love of his character returned again could have been a heart wrenching triangle but was rushed and so choppy and then the characters were no longer acting as themselves hence the reason B.E. & R.P.G. lef and to pay them back for their departure the P.T.B at Gl really destroyed the characters for fans by making Gus a crooked cop after his death and Harley a woman who would abangdon her children. Not cute GL.

Arizonagal said...

I haven't seen the rest of the week, but I was truly relieved that Kendall set up the goons so Josh escaped. I hope that in the near future Josh will return.

And what about those final Josh scenes. Colin E showed his acting chops and he was just so good that although I enjoyed him thoroughly, I was truly pissed off for the way he was written off. Again I have to say, what a friggin waste of a good actor and what could have been a great character. Why wasn't he the one who married Greenlee and Aidumb was the embezzler who was taken out by godfather Zach.

I hope Colin goes on to find a show that deserves his talent. Here's an actor who I hated when he first came on board, but he really won me over with his combination of talent and raw sex appeal. sigh....

When TPTB screw up, they do it big time.

Oh and that conversation between Greenlee and Aidumb where she's trying to explain her unfinished business and feelings for Ryan. Barf! First she credits Ryan for bringing out the best and worst in her. Then she credits Aidumb for who she is today. WTF? Does she accept responsibility for anything that she is today? This is the writers saying to us all that women need a man to define them. That b.s. really pissed me off and I did not buy one word of what she said. She was feisty and nasty and all those things when she first came to PV and not because of some guy.

JordAsh, you guys have a great weekend!

Norn Cutson said...

some notes from Friday's episode:


• WHOAH, those opening shots must be the new look Chrishelle was talkin about!

• JAKE & TAD out for a drink..that is so cool. JAKE is lookin extra fine. RPG works so well off of MEK. let them hang out some more.

• i like how TAYLOR has relaxed and is genuinley nice to AMANDA.
it makes me happy.

• TAD: "Is she exceptionally bendy?"
JAKE:"I'm not dating Gumby!"

• FRANKIE:"I talked to Taylor..."

ha ha, oh ANGIE.

OMG I LOVE FRANKIE talkin about whats really goin on with the military!!! AMC just got more truth onto ABC than ABC NEWS itself dares to tell!

OHHHH this is sooo gooood!!!
i wanna climb in the tv and protect THE HUBBARDS!!!

if its Chuck Pratt that is bringing that reality to Pine Valley, then i say THANK YOU, Chuck Pratt!!!

• after a scene like that, THE SUXTET seems especially ridiculous.

• RICHIE: "You went up her fire escape like you were friggin' Spiderman!"

well, now we know!

* AMANDA is gettig a nice little scene with TAYLOR. i'm enjoying it.
one of the things Chrishelle said in her STARDISH call-in was that she used to work selling knives door-to-door.
that adds to her charm, that she has worked crummy jobs and had a real life.

• ANGIE: "I dont give a rat's BEE-HIND what anyone else thinks!!!"

oh, i am cryin *with* ANGIE!!!
Goddess Bless Debi Morgan!!!

• dang, that INSANNIE & RICHIE scene was the first time i have *cared* about her, besides as a source of endless entertainment.

but you know what? i did not even realize my feelings about INSANNIE had shifted *until* i heard KENDALL bitchin about her to GREENLEE.
just yesterday, i might have said "why wont anyone listen to KENDALL?"...but today i found myself saying "shut up, KENDALL"

its so obvious now that *she* is the one obsesed with CRYAN. do you think ZACH knows?
maybe he's agreed to bringing CRYAN in at CAMBIUS as a way to keep tabs on him.

• ooooooh, here comes ANGIE to work a plan with RANDI!!!! i've never known ANGIE to scheme before!

keep your senses open, little Denise Vasi, you are about to get a masterclass in the theatrical arts!

• AMANDA: "I forgot the crab dip!"

honey, JAKE doesnt want the crab dip, he wants the clam dip!

• damn, KENDALL, leave the poor woman alone!

• TAYLOR has a romantic fantasy.
i really like her, but i want JAKE & AMANDA to have a real chance!


omg, my whole feelings about both INSANNIE and KENDALL have totally flip-flopped in just one episode!!!

now, i have to step out the story and ask...does this have something to do with her contract negotiations???

some notes from Friday's episode:


hey, its LAYLAH.

& Charlie!

this is already a good episode!
look at that! two real working class people dealing with real life problems!!! I LOVE IT!!!!

• ok, DORIAN's got it goin on again!
maybe it was just me yesterday.

• hmm, they can say "ass" in Llanview but they have to say "BEE-hind" in Pine Valley!

i can see how that would cut down on the sex.

• last friday, MARTY took two steps and fell.
this friday, she's truckin' all over the house?

• i am soooo happy to see my little STARR doing something besides being sad over COLE. & she is looking so lovely!

DORIAN: "Please let me adopt you!"

adopt me, DORIAN, adopt ME!

• well, REX is just damn stupid; that was the perfect opportunity to tell SHANE the truth. blah. this is just gonna get more painful.

• welcome to the family, LANGSTON!
that was so sweet!
i'm a little misty.

•is this TODD's dream?!?! i mean, MARTY's not using a walker or even a cane...just toodlin' around the house!

• MARCIE (attempting bitchiness): "Cute shoes, Laylah. Really."

• LANGSTON is really nice. when i think of the monsters Julie Blind Wilson would've cast, i appreciate her even more!

• oh, my ROXY, my ROXY.

didja see that?!?!?!
she had ONE LINE...

ROXY: "Shane...Shane is my grandson?!?"

...and she put MORE DRAMA into that one line than COLBY, DRE & RANDI put together did all summer!!!!

• REX's hair looks better in the promo than on the show. sometimes it gets so woody woodpecker that its distracting.

OHHHHH if REX & ROXY get back together as a family, i will be so happy!!!!!

* i like MARCIE's sweater.

• DORIAN's gonna throw a gala! thats one of the things that DAYTIME CONFIDENTIAL said they needed!

• REX & ROXY are talking and i am *on the edge of my seat*!!!
i am *emotionally invested* in them being a family again!!!


• i liked the music playing in RODI'S. i noticed it yesterday...kinda sounds like Neil Young.

• oh my gosh, i LOVE ROXY.
i am cryin, i am so happy to see the wall between her & her son come tumblin' down!

• CLINT is a monster & NORA knows it. HBS beter *hope* they bring back some GANNONS or else she's not gonna have any connection besides MATTHEW.

• i love MARKKO, i am so happy for he and LANGSTON. i am so happy to SEE happy people, after all the nonstop anguish we usually get!


Anonymous said...

Terry, I am SO with you. I hate Kendall right now. She's been such a busybody and what she did to Annie Friday, well HORRIBLE. I've always had a love/hate with Kendall, but now it's hate. Sure I liked her saving Josh, but her altercation with Annie was at the wrong time. GET YOUR OWN LIFE KENDALL.

Friday, MCE knocked it out of the park. Her scenes with Richie, her final scenes losing the baby. I got vaklempt.

And I seriously am considering DVRing Y&R *just* for Billy Miller. "HELLO BABY!" oh he's amazing.

And while I loved the realism in Angie's scenes with Frankie, a mother wanting her son, I seriously wish she could have scenes not yelling or crying. I mentioned it in an earlie post also, but found myself lowering the volume for her scenes because they're so loud.

Randi, get fake passports for you and that drunk Colby and leave for Canada FOREVER.

PS Dr Jake, you're so dreamy!!

Tasha from Brooklyn, NY said...

Sorry Anonymous and n69n I still love Kendall because she is my favorite character

Anonymous said...

Jordan...thank you for the update on Gus/Harley. I think BE has done some very powerful work so far, so I am glad that they gave her a new direction to go in, but I think it would have been very interesting to see how she would have portrayed Liza...hopefullly Marcy Walker will come back to us, I miss just as much as I miss Dixie, Brooke and my all time fave.........DAISY!!!

Anonymous said...


You're absolutely right about Richie. Billy Miller is such a talented actor that even dead I appreciate his character more than Aidumb, Coldby and Randi combined! I can't believe AMC let a super talent like him go but I guess that's Y&R's gain. I'm surprised that Richie is still onscreen though as I heard his last airdates were to be August. Not complaining though. Every second we see Richie with or without Annie is time we don't have to block out any of the DBTE gang.

Terry in Toronto

jordan hudson said...

well as you guys know, I won't be on the podcast this week. I'm in my native homeland, NO not the South Bronx but the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. While i will miss doing the podcast and you all I have to say the hot sun and the beautiful water, the incredible food ....I wish you were all here. i'm having a well deserve blat after a very hard difficult summer. It still feels like I'm dreaming and this some Erica kane fantasy. ashley will come in doign her jesse impersonation and snap me out of it.

I will say this I have not seen the whole week. Alot of DVR when I get home but from wha I'm readin from you guys, this is the stuff my informant told me weeks agao about. I was told MCE knocked it out of the ball park with her bedside confession to Ryan and you all know Miss Kendull is dull no more as she is becoming more like her mama every day. And for you Oltl fans watch out for the Rex and brody situation to take a twist that will leav you with a bang xoxo gossip girl. Anyway here is Alejandro with my kettle one sex on the beach. toodles kids love from SanJuan.

Anonymous said...

It’s nice that there was another doctor and orderlies in the hospital to help Annie rather than Joe, Jake or Angie. It makes the hospital seem more real, and it’s a good place to use extras and introduce characters.

I love the Hubbards screaming or not. They are handling Frank’s deployment so impressively. I have to give AMC credit. AMC has always dealt with real and current issues-like Cindy with AIDS back in the day not contrived pretend issues like ZARF, and the way the have woven this Iraq story into the thread of the show is genuinely moving.

About the BEE-hind. As I said before, I hate fake cussing but Angie’s too classy to say Ass. Isn’t it interesting how dead on they are writing Angie but how inconsistent they have been with Jesse? They both perform well, but it seems like they are having a harder time coming up with inspiration for Jesse. Angie’s job, her friendship with KWAK, and concern for Frank are genuine. No way Jesse would be Chief of Police with his background. His scenes as COP are so Derek Frye (a bad thing). His mental commitment and the mystery phone calls are stupid. I think one difference is that Angie’s issues are in the present whereas Jesse’s commitment and stuff like that happened in his missing 20 years. His past is totally unbelievable. They should drop it and give him something current to deal with. Honestly, I think the job at PVU had more potential.

Zombie Richie looks more dead today than he has in a while. He really was a good actor. Too bad Pratt couldn’t save him in time.

Nice to see Annie struggle a little between her good self and InsAnnie. Don’t want her to be a one-note bitch like Kendall these days. Her scenes were inspired today.

I don’t know why InsAnnie is so worried about Greenlee. Kendall is her problem. I think it would more interesting to see her just beat the hell out of Kendall with her fists than lurking around in the background with a lug wrench or gun. At what point will InsAnnie just snap and throw a punch? Kendall actually taunts her. Time for InsAnnie to just woop her ass.

I get the feeling Pratt sees what we see in Amanda. I like her as a front and center character. She’s obviously going to be on the losing end of Jake and Taylor so I hope that they will give Amanda some family connections. I’d love to see Janet occasionally. I think that relationship is an interesting and unique part of the character’s life that shouldn’t be forgotten.

Taylor may be the best new character in years and I agree that softening her a little is working out well for the character. She puts a lot of inflection and nuance in her performance.

Hey, if Brot IS named after a sausage, I wonder what he called Taylor?

Norn Cutson said...
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Norn Cutson said...

jordan, i so am sorry to hear about your difficult summer (i had one as well). we all care about you, and want you to be happy!
i hope your vacation is glamorous & rejuvenating!

shadow, i love reading your takes on the situation. you are totally right...they hit all the right notes for ANGIE, but they are gettin JESSE all wrong.

JESSE's scene @ CONFUSION on friday just seemed like a mistake! almost as if he had wandered on set by accident, then to cover it up he went into the bamboo!

weird...& it didnt seem *purposefuly* weird.

Anonymous said...

Why would Tad, Angie, and Jesse ever just hang out at Confusion?? What happened to the Comeback? I mean, wouldn't Tad drink somewhere he could at least get a free beer? (Well I know why they aren't going there- probably destroyed the set!)

Confusion looks like a mental institution with horrible music (like that Nelly Furtado song rip-off) and goofy drinks. And no dance clubs are open for lunch! First thing I hope Adam does when he takes over Fusion is bulldozes the stupid club!... and makes a new company logo because the Fusion logo looks like something I'd make in Microsoft Word!

PS I forgot to mention last week I thought it was hilarious how Kendall and Greenlee thought Bella would cheapen Fusion's image. Last time I checked, the only place I can buy Enchantment and Charm is in WALMART! I was at Sephora this week and didn't notice the Fusion lines next to Dior or even Britney Spears!

Anonymous said...

Thanks n69n, and right back at you. I'm still laughing over your reference to Kendall's "puff of smoke".

Anonymous said...

Thanks n69n, and right back at you. I'm still laughing over your reference to Kendall's "puff of smoke".

Anonymous said...

First- i love your podcast and have listened to it since the beginning. I am so happy you got your system back.

Second- Im starting a podcast with a friend of mine, David. Its a soap podcast which will talke current state of abc soaps. We will also include interviews that interracts with fans. I am very excited about this and hope you will listen.
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:) Eleah

Anonymous said...

Thoughts on Thursday:

Peasant Princess? Shortest book ever.

Petey? Still love.

Jake shows up for Greenlee. He says, "Smythe, you're a PITA." Greenlee rolls eyes. Cue swoon. Wake up, Pratt!

Let me say this. I like Jack. I like Jerica. BUT...LOL, I thought he was going to peck Carmen's head off, his Jerkson head was going so fast when ranting about Erica to her. ROFL

crs 17

Anonymous said...

Puff of smoke, clam dip, and Sex on the Beach? Y'all are FILTHY this week, and I am SO AMUSED!


P.S. Maybe we're all just horny, and we need Alejandro to mix us up a batch?

Tasha from Brooklyn, NY said...

Kendall maybe small but I think she could take Annie. Remember the time when she grabbed Annie's hand and Annie remarked that Kendall was hurting her. Some of Kendall's action/facial expression make me see Kendall's tough. Annie's real problem is Annie

Luis Merino said...

ASHLEY. Check your email before you do the next podcast. Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

I've been home sick for two days and bored out of my mind. The blog has been such a help. Thanks guys! I couldn't sleep last night and was messing with Itunes. I found another AMC podcast and thought it might be interesting to listen and compare. Listening to another podcast really reminds you of how entertaining and fun the PVP is. The other one I downloaded was more like Meet The Press meets All My Children. Insightful? Yes. Boring? Yes. PVP and the PVP Blog is a fun way to enhance the AMC experience with two extraodinarily talented hosts and a big, thoughtful smart family of listeners. PVP and the blog gets me ROFL with the snarky, asstoot commentary, the spot on impersonations, the blog follow-up. Ashley you have created something really unique and special. Of all the things AMC may have going for it, the PVP and its blog are the best.

Norn Cutson said...

shadow, i know what you mean...i tried to listen to a podcast for another soap that i love (not namin names coz i dont wanna hurt anyones feelings) and, as well-intentioned & sweet as the hosts just felt like PR for that soap...totally uncritical and unfunny.

i dont give a crap about spoilers, i want clever creative funny people in candid discussion!

we are so lucky to have the PINE VALLEY PODCAST...& so is AMC!

because the PVP definitley enhances my enjoyment of the show. theres been many moments that i might have turned off the tv, but knowing that we could discuss and laugh about it here keeps me watching!

Anonymous said...

Have we figured out if anyone from AMC listens to the show, be it cast, writers, crew, etc? Maybe they can ask some of the actors who are interviwed on BuzzWorthy Radio. I think they'd get a kick out of JordAsh, and really gain an insight to what fans are really thinking.

Anonymous said...

"...its so obvious now that *she* is the one obsesed with CRYAN. do you think ZACH knows?
maybe he's agreed to bringing CRYAN in at CAMBIUS as a way to keep tabs on him...."

Good Afternoon,n69n! :-)

I think, you and Jordan have made similar points, reguarding Kendall in terms of Ryan. As I said, previously Kendall doesn't mind in the least, that both Zach and Ryan are a part of her life--and for me, that's not necessarily a bad thing.

If you recall, Kendall basically said that Zach hired Ryan in order to keep tabs on him. She made a point about Zach "...keeping his enemies closer...."


Norn Cutson said...

hi brtedi!

aw dang, i missed that line of KENDALL's...& i thought i was being so smart!

Anonymous said...

Hi, n69n!

Don't sweat it...;-) With all of the notes you offer up, I'd say you keep a lot of us up to speed! :-D I just happened to catch the line. Being a diehard Rendall fan, I thought it was full of possibility-LOL!